Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why does the CBC hate Canada .....

and the Province of Alberta, in particular? See how CBC's article is so very keen to note what they themselves probably in all likelihood MADE someone say at the protests in London, UK, so they could use that line in their reporting.

The first stop for many in the march was the headquarters of BP, the large British-based oil company, because of its relationship Alberta's tar sands project. "We have to leave the tar sands oil in the ground," said one of the speakers.

CBC is hell bent on trying to get Albertans out of jobs so they can be on the Govt's teats like the sucklings in Ontario and Quebec. Are the idiots at CBC so blind and partisan that they are clamoring to shut down production at the Oil Sands and thus put thousands of people out of work? What is wrong with CBC ? It is all the more galling because we the taxpayers are paying the fat salaries of these people thus enabling them to shaft us royally.

I went through at least a dozen online media articles on the protests to see if I could find a reference to the Canadian Oil Sands or "Tar" sands as the CBC likes to tell us again and again to tarnish the image of the Oil discovery of the century, but I could find not one mention .... NOT A ONE.

CBC hunting for adverse news on Canada and on the Canadian govt makes them an entity which I consider to be traitorous and blatantly so. What are we going to do about this situation? Why cannot we call for a referendum to fire all the top brass at CBC and replace them with people who have at least a modicum of common sense.

Here are some links to some of the newspapers on the topic of the protests.

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  1. Is there anyway possible to destroy the CBC? Petitions or a referendum? When you tune into their radio station you hear two things; left wing garbage or some unknown Canadian talent that specializes in singing off key.

  2. Oxfam, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the World Wildlife Federation — called the protest "The Wave,"

    There is the answer, groups that have nothing to do with climate change are looking for money, and they smell the BIG money in climate change.

    They can bash Alberta all they want, but we will continue to develop and supply the very fuel they need to fly to Copenhagen.

    I say, let them canoe there, then I might listen to them.

  3. Do you know how much an editor makes at the CBC? How about a production assistant? Maybe you know how much an ENG camera operator makes? If you don't know, then how can you comment about the fat salaries that these people may be making?

  4. Oh Skinny Dipper, you poor soul. Is that all you could come up with that you think was amiss in my post? Does that mean you agree with the rest?

  5. Regardless what they are being paid, it is obviously too much.

  6. The CBC hates Alberta because it is a Toronto centric organization that sees the political and economic power in Canada shifting westward, and they realize that with that shift the media power will follow. Just remember how the eastern press establishment savaged the Asper media empire because it was headquartered in, of all places, Manitoba. How Ghastly, one might even have to leave Toronto to secure employment some day!

  7. The CBC doesn't deserve one red cent of taxpayer funds. Time to demand the Government abolish the anti-Canadian, extreme lefty, junk journalist, self serving blood sucking CBC.


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