Saturday, December 26, 2009

You thought slavery was abolished, didn't you?

20 year old woman sold at public auction for $3,200 in Pakistan. Yeah, how about that !
Pakistan, the completely failed state. If not for Pakistan there would be no Al Qaeda and no Taliban.  This  is the country that shielded and fed the terrorists fleeing from US attacks after 9/11.  This is the country that is largely responsible for the evil we see today.  

Woman sold at auction

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  1. No Taliban, almost certainly.

    But no Al Qaida? There are still plenty of countries in the world -- Sudan, Libya, Lebanon -- where such organizations could gain a foothold.

    That being said, it's time for the world to wake up to the reality that neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan are global security issues that will be settled independently of the other. It's time for a global multi-state solution to that particular issue -- starting with a Tri-Lateral security agreement between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


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