Monday, December 7, 2009

40K tonnes of carbon will be spewed ....who will pay ?

There will be approx. 1200 limos to chauffeur the AGW faithful back and forth from airports, hotels, convention centres,etc. Add that to approx.140 private planes and the conservative estimate is 40,000 tonnes of carbon will be spewed into the atmosphere.

How come countries like Saudi Arabia are boldly coming out and saying the AGW scandal needs to be investigated and putting us to shame as Canada seems to be going along with the hoax?!  I would like to see our Conservative govt  take on a far more stronger stand than they are doing at the present time.  They should  march with the rest of us, lest we forget they are there if they lag behind.

How come Russian TV is showing sensible programming on the hoax and the CBC ( I cannot even say "our CBC" because it does not behave like "ours") has the chutzpah to show Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" as their main program during prime hours yesterday. Would the Canadian conservatives who know that AGW is a hoax, have missed the slap that the CBC directed in our direction by pushing that crap into our faces ?

40,000 tonnes of carbon will be spewed in getting the faithful to Denmark for a nice expensive holiday at the cost of taxpayers. The helpless feeling of "we are being duped and cannot do much about it" is overwhelming. Even a full bottle of mouth-wash will not clear away the bile spurting in my mouth.

The Danes are loving the AGW convention. Money flowing in and the plus side is that Kyoto has not included their shipping industry which would have  tonnes of carbon footprints, in their equation. How convenient for the believers.

All is going nice and steady with the AGW faithful.

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