Monday, December 28, 2009

What exactly do the protestors think they will get with these pranks?

Downright stupid punks. If these kind of situations were  left in the hands of people like me, these punks would never again venture out in the streets on their feet, they would have to use wheelchairs. Who puts up the money and who organizes these protests? Will the Olympics be cancelled because these idiots are screaming like banshees in the streets? These protestors are only demonstrating the futility of their futile minds and not doing an ounce of good to either their reputation or their cause(s).

In Vancouver: Even the police know they've had an easy go so far, with only one major protest on the first day.

"I think we can already reasonably predict a couple more areas across the country where things will get a little more interesting,'' said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer, who is in charge of Olympic security.

Today in Guelph, Ont. A woman carrying the Olympic torch in Guelph, Ont., this morning was knocked down by a protester.

Police say it happened as the 28-year-old woman from Milton was carrying the flame and was approached by a group of protesters just before 8 a.m. She was treated by Olympic Torch Run medical staff at the scene. The flame was not extinguished during the incident, which happened as about 1,000 people had gathered to watch the torch relay. Brittney Simpson, 19, of Kitchener, has been charged with assault and will appear in court in February.
In Kahnawake,PQ Fears of a large protest against the RCMP presence on this Mohawk reserve during Tuesday’s Olympic torch relay shortened the run but did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of hundreds of people who turned out to cheer on the torch, which was carried proudly by hometown hero and Olympian Alwyn Morris.

In Victoria,BC  Protesters agitating for years against the 2010 Olympics took their first chance to disrupt Games planning Friday and forced a diversion of the torch relay just before the Olympic flame was to be triumphantly presented at a community celebration wrapping up its first day on Canadian soil.


  1. They are trying to achieve Heaven on Earth, and it will happen, oh yes, it will be achieved!

  2. I wonder when theres going to be counter demonstrations that knock the protesters down. Sounds fair to me.

  3. MariaS,

    You have truly stooped to a new low. You profess to be a Christian yet are anxious to wish harm and pain upon others. Condoning violence is reprehensible and absolutely non-Christian.

    I would suggest that if you were a Catholic, that you seek your priest and make a confession of your sins and then seek counselling. If you aren't Catholic, I would still advise talking to your minister and seeking counselling. It is crap like this that makes the world an ugly place.

    Where's Waldo?

  4. Patsplace makes a damn fine point.

    but that aside, what should be done from now on is that they just dart them to sleep when they try to pull any stunts like this again.
    Have them wake up the next day in a cell.

    Essentially they forfeit their civil rights when the trample on the rights of others. Why not practice they freedoms of speech over the net as a means of "protest" and make their arguments known in a civil manner?

    It's clearly beyond them and their positions are clearly mindless. Why else would they stoop to such lows?

    Violent protesters are really nothing more than rioters... who should always also be DARTED if not dispersed.

    I think the world has seen enough turned over cars and broken store windows to realize the value of my position. :D

  5. I think it is time to use a little bit of Kent University response on these protesters.

  6. Where's Waldo - my priest and I would both break the legs of morons who have it coming.
    How's that?!!


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