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They don't make men like Allen West no more .... sad, but true

He is the only man in the entire government of the USA who knows what he is talking about not only with regard to the moslem mentality and the situation in the middle east but on everything that is a danger to the USA.   He is a future Prez of the USA.

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The destroyer of America, Earth's best nation being demolished while we watch dumbfounded

We often wonder how one man, Hitler, could do all the damage that he did. We often say, nobody in our enlightened times of the present era will ever let something like that ever happen again. Really ? Really ? Are we blind to what another "one man" Obama is doing to not only America but to the world? The article below from the AmericanThinker should be read in full.

....His goal is "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a nation where social justice reigns and injustice is counted as fairness and equity. He seeks a nation of redistribution where those who succeed through hard work, honest enterprise, financial investment, time, energy, and risk are rewarded with government confiscation of the fruits of their labor. His is a country where communication systems, travel corridors, and private property are tightly controlled by the State. It's a country where education is state-run and curricula are state-mandated. In a fully implemented Obama-nation, it would be illegal to pass the accumulation of one's lifetime on to heirs. This is the America of Karl Marx's dreams.

Barack Obama does not sound like an American because Obama's heart and soul are not American in nature. His thoughts are not American. His attitude and philosophy are not American. He cannot speak from the heart about America because America does not reside there. With a Muslim upbringing, a radical family, radical mentor, a myriad of radical connections, radical advisors, a radical theology, and some say a radical spouse, it's no wonder.

Obama's agenda is informed by Marx and guided by years of close associations with extreme individuals and groups whose stated goals are the demise of America and America's influence in the world. When he says he wants to "fundamentally transform America," he is dead serious.

For the first time in all of American history, we are at the mercy of an un-American American President.

May God truly bless the United States of America.

Wanna go on a cruise and stay at The Grand Palace Hotel, Gaza ?

Well ... you are a little bit too late, because the best of the hardcore anti-semites have taken all the available cabins on the flotilla and are living it up, stopping at the various ports along the way, getting those golden brown suntans, basking in luxury, breakfast of scrambled eggs and omelets with olive cheese. Lunch menu to die for, dinner of divine kebabs and the most succulent of roasted lamb with a chunck of goat cheese spiced with paprika. Yummy !!

Just imagine being in Greece at this year in history ... right along your brethren the car-burning anarchists. And, after that yupping it up with the stone throwers in Gaza. Itinerary will include picking up souvenirs for the sponsors and other anti-semites back home from the Grand Gaza Mall, taking in the latest Arabic movie or a live performance at the Gaza Movie Theatre, maybe go for a swim in the cool crystal waters of the Gaza grand pool.... the stuff to do will be endless. Enjoy yourselves just like the Gazans do.

What more could one ask, right? Perfect cruise, perfect vacation.

Now mind you .... don't forget to send postcards from those exotic port cities and from Gaza to all your sponsors and well-wishers. There, there ..that's a good anti-semite, yes you are ... pat, pat.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tayyikah graduate Sobhi Saleh, Muslim Bro

Looks like there are some level-headed Egyptians brave enough  to take on the Muslim Bros and call them liars to their face.

... At one point, because he was unable to refute Montaser, Saleh snidely remarked that he was unaware the show was going to be an "inquisition" and that he wasn't even informed that Montaser would be debating him. The host Mona al-Shazly, protested, adding, "Yes, you did know you would be facing Montaser."

Saleh kept insisting otherwise, including by swearing to God—all with a very sincere look.

The host, visibly stunned, pointed out that she and the whole studio team were present when the coordinator called Saleh and told him who the other guest would be, adding in a very disappointed tone, "I have a great problem that you would swear to God on the air, when I know for a fact that you're lying."

Watching the video, it is clear that Saleh was mortified and speechless, to the point that, to break the awkward silence, the host said, "Okay, we've passed this, let's move on now.".........

h/t: Pam

RED ALERT: Canadian schools go shariah compliant under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper

Big Hurrah for the Conservative govt of Stephen Harper. Has this PM lost his mind or is he being blackmailed ?   Or should we be looking at Dalton McGuinty and his minister of the Ontario Department of Education ?   WTF is going on ????   Is this Canada or Saudi Arabia .... for crying out loud !!!!!

The entire stuff below is from blogger  Blazing Cat Fur      Please go to the link to read the comments from us helpless Canadians. We voted a Conservative govt to power only to see the Stephen Harper govt go to war in Libya without telling us and now we see the further islamization of Canada .... all under his watch and the watch of our immigration minister Jason Kenney. Things are not looking good for Canada.  If you are a non-moslem and thinking of migrating to Canada..... think twice .... in fact think a thousand times before you submit your immigration papers.


I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly @ 416-397-3000. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting.

"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.

Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.

Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school

School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday.

And there are a number of other incidents involving Islam and other anti-Christian issues that I complained about, including a white convert to Islam who was a supply teacher and who openly promoted Islam and bashed Christianity last year!"

The school's name is: Valley Park Middle School, and the address is:
130 Overlea Boulevard
Don Mills On, M3C 1B2
Phone: 416 396 2465

"Mark, my other two kids also go to a different public primary school and the snack for all the kids in this primary school is all "Halal". My wife complained about it and she was told she can prepare her own snack for our kids but the school would not drop the Halal menu for all the students. All the school kids in this primary school have to eat halal snacks whether they are Muslim or not"

Update: It is confirmed thanks to reader Munimula, the Valley Park Middle School cafeteria is turned into a mosque and a local Imam is brought in to lead the children in worshipping Allah:

"Prayer Service, the school is providing a venue for the Muslim student’s to have prayers at school on Fridays. An Imam from the neighbouring mosque comes to our school and conducts the prayers. Prior to this, students signed out early on Friday afternoons to go to mosque. By staying at school, valuable instructional time is saved for our students."

The Number One Unsolvable Mystery ....

is the phenomenon of leftish Jews being the most hateful enemies of not only Jews worldwide but also being the most dangerous enemies bent on harming the nation of Israel.  Unthinkable that it be so..... but it is.

Read this from an Israeli leftie writing in the JerusalemPost and then read the article below.

...The paper casts valuable light on the current situation in the United States. Norwood reveals that in the 1930s, leading American universities (including Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the Seven Sisters chain of colleges) helped to legitimatize anti-Semitism by welcoming Nazi leaders to their campuses. Moreover, American university administrators almost never responded to the vitriolic anti-Semitic statements made on campus by Hitler’s diplomatic or student representatives, nor did they react to American apologists for the Nazi regime.

Norwood’s scholarly paper shows how, once again, in our own day, administrative indifference has become visible on campus. Anti-Semitism intertwined with anti-Zionism (and even with homegrown anti-Americanism) is being widely propagated, whether by Nation of Islam speakers, pro-Palestinian advocates or leftist agitators. One deleterious consequence is the creation of an increasingly toxic atmosphere (sometimes reinforced in the classroom by virulently anti-Israel professors) in which Jewish students feel threatened and intimidated. In truth, this pattern (with ups and downs) has been present for many years. As a young student at Stanford in the late 1960s, I remember having being stunned by the extremely anti-Jewish rhetoric of Stokely Carmichael and other Black Power demagogues on Californian campuses. In the 1980s and ’90s, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam followers went even further in their anti-white racism and brazen anti-Semitism.......

The Grand Jihad - How Islam and the Left sabotage America by Andrew McCarthy ..... Part 8

Passages from the chapter titled: We will conquer America through Dawa 
(highlighted sentences by moi)
It is called jihad by dawa. Of  all the elements of Hassan al-Banna's blueprint for achieving universal Islamic hegemony, it is the most vital - the catalyst. It is thus the torch that Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi most prominently carried forward in today's Muslim Botherhood. Dawa is the missionary work by which islam is spread. But don't be fooled by the term "missionary."  Dawa no more resembles the Western connotation of "missionary work" than islam resembles the Western notion of religion. Just as Islamism aspires to domination rather than a place at our ecumenical table, dawa is not mere proselytism but, as Qaradawi proclaims, the key to"victory."

On that point, he could not be more straightforward:"Conquest through dawa, that is what we hope for." Notice the striking candor. Its stark difference from the Brotherhood's coy approach to public discussion of forcible jihad is easily explained. Islamists have shrewdly adapted to the enemy's- to America's, to the West's - incoherent posture of obsessing over terrorism while turning a blind eye to terrorism's animating ideology. U.S. experts stubbornly maintain, regardless of the evidence, that Muslim hostility to the West is a result of poverty, Israel, resentment, Israel, misinformation, Israel, or whatever other excuse we are using this week. Meantime, the Brotherhood methodically proceeds with its grand jihad-by-sabotage, and the unabashed Qaradawi openly proclaims, "We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America, not through the sword but through dawa.".....

....As Islamists see it, modern Muslims in America are surrounded by their enemies, vastly outnumbered, and incapable of mounting a realistic armed attack - the same daunting straits faced by seventy-century Muslims in Mecca. Nevertheless, Qaradawi sagely reasons that Muslims in America, just like their forebears, can advance their mission by regarding the infidel country where they reside as Dar al-Dawa. The aim remains exactly the same as when Islamists viewed infidel terriroties strictly as the realm of war: namely, to induce America to submit. But the dawa strategy adjusts to the reality on the ground, just as Banna's original "from the ground up" blueprint counseled. It recognizes that a full frontal assault on the American system would simply be crushed, but that the missionary work - jihad by sabotage -will gradually eat away from within, abrading both the system and the will to preserve it.....

....That it is a Trojan-horse cannot be seriously doubted. Qaradawi is candid: " Were we to convince Western leaders and decision-makers of our right to live according to our faith - ideologically, legislatively, and ethically - without imposing our views or inflicting harm upon them, we would have traversed an immense barrier in our quest for an Islamic state." Notice, again, the mindset: without inflicting harm upon them.....

....The United Kingdom may be in even greater crisis. There, the Islamic ascendancy dovetails with the Labour government's transnational progressivism in a campaign against cultural Britishness. As the columnist Leo McKinstry observes: "England is in the middle of a profoundly disturbing social experiment. For the first time in a mature democracy, a Government is waging a campaign of aggressive discrimation against its indigenous population." Sharia has become a key element of that campaign.

Exploiting the feature of British law that permits parties, on consent, to bring their legal disputes to voluntary arbitration tribunals" rather than law courts, a Muslim commercial law barrister named Faisal Aqtab Siddiqi shrewdly established a sharia court as the "Muslim Arbitration Council." Quipping that "these are early days," the brillant writer John O'Sullivan notes that the British sharia court "so far only handles civil cases such as divorces and inheritance disputes, since Bitish society isn't ready for such innovations as public floggings and hand-choppings."

Still, the present caseload is plenty alarming. English police officers are enforcing sharia judgements on domestic violoence complaints -meaning there have been instances of investigations dropped after the islamic authorit sides with accused husbands in deference to the Koranic endorsement of spousal abuse. There has also been at least one decision awarding an estate's male heirs twice as much as the female heir. And by granting extra welfare benefits to men with multiple families, England, like much of Euope, is giving tacit approval to islamic polygamy (Muslim men may marry up to four women, women, you'll no doubt be stunned to hear, women are restricted to one husband.) Similarly, thanks to Muslim activists and feckless bureaucrats, the British welfare state - honoring a decree from the European Court of Human Rights -forces taxpayers to subsidize suspected foreign terrorists whom the government seeks to monitor under anti-terror laws but cannot deport because of Britian's alien-coddling immigration laws...

....Islamists are taking the measure of the West and finding it to be a shallow, self-loathing husk. When Muslims riot over mere cartoons, the intelligentsia's first impulse is to condemn the publisher. After an Islamist terrorist's brutal murder of Theo van Gogh, who directed Ayaan Hirsi Ali's screenply "Submission," about the treatment of women in islam, the first impulse of the Nethelands was to encourage Ms.Hirsi Ali to leave the country.

Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh .... talk about Obama killing the Democratic party mid 2009

I don't know why I thought of what Rush had said almost two years ago .... it took me a while hunting around in YouTube to find the vid below. Actually, I think I was looking for somewhat the same thing he had said somewhere else but  in more detail.  Anyway, the essence is the same. He fears for the Democratic party as he could see Obama destroying it willfully and his fears will be sadly realized come 2012.

So here's my prediction for the 2012 presidential election down south. The Democratic party will be demolished just like our Liberal party has been buried underground over here. Palin will announce her run (July 4th perhaps?) and she will win. Even if she does not run, a Tea Party candidate will become the next Prez after which the great nation of America will begin to get out of the mess they find themselves in right now.

Socialism has brought Greece to it's knees ...

as it does with every nation whose citizens are stupid enough to vote it in. In Greece's case it took 30 years .... they were lucky. Socialism usually corrodes and collapses nations long before that. The article below from the NationalReview shows how the mighty Greece failed.

Thirty years ago this fall, on October 18, 1981, a charismatic academic with rather limited government experience and with a one-word slogan, “Change,” was elected prime minister of Greece. His name was Andreas Papandreou. Greeks may now wish that 30 years ago they had had a Tea Party movement. Things could have turned out differently.

Thirty years ago, Greece was in an enviable position on the matter of national debt, with its debt just 28.6 percent of GDP. Few advanced countries can manage that kind of debt-to-GDP ratio. By the end of Papandreou’s first term in office, that ratio had nearly doubled, with debt at 54.7 percent of GDP. By the end of his second term, the figure was in the mid 80s

The 1980s in Greece were a time of dramatic expansion of government. Papandreou and his Socialist party created a new government-run health-care system, dramatically expanded employment in the public sector, nationalized failing companies, and increased government handouts of every shape and form.

It was a government expansion so large and many-sided that in the end it generated a revolution of expectations and attitudes about the role of government in society. No government since then has been able to reverse that revolution, no matter how willing it was or how pressing the circumstances.

It is in this detrimental position that the current prime minister, George Papandreou, son of Andreas, finds himself. A sorry state of affairs created by one generation to be dealt with by another, the sins of the father to be paid for by the son — this is the material that Greek tragedies are made of.........

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Glenn Beck and family harassed by lefties in Bryant Park, NY

How utterly shameless the Left has become !!  How like a pack of animals they behave when in a pack !!

Shameful assault by the Left on Beck and family

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Anybody feeling sorry for this Canadian woman trapped in Saudi Arabia ?

I sure am not. A Christian marrying a person of the satanic ideology of islam should get what they bargained for and more. If you say that she was just a teen ... then how about her parents? What sort of morals or lack thereof did they instill in their daughter ?

Married to a Muslim, Nathalie Morin left for Saudi Arabia in 2005 at the age of eighteen. Today, she claims that she and her three children are being held captive, deprived of food and beaten............

The mother of a Canadian held against her will The mother of a Canadian held against her will in Saudi Arabia for the last six years with her children, on Friday urged the federal government to increase its efforts to repatriate her as Quebec's national assembly unanimously passed a motion backing her....

This case gets more and more bizarro worldly.

Oh look, look ... see how sweetly the moslems assimilate with other Canadians ...

even in soccer. Isn't that great , isn't that a WOW?  Give them a big applause what if they have hijabs or turbans or some shit on their heads ... it's a change we should all be happy about. After all it's all about that beautiful word "multiculturism". You can take moslems out of ther cavemen countries, but you can't take their satanic ideology out of their DNA.  White men ... just give up and admit defeat. You have lost your countries to the evil side.  Now, hit your foreheads to the ground and let's see your butts up in the air.  Good .. that's better !!

A Quebec teen who has been told she can no longer referee soccer while wearing her hijab says she’s going to fight the red card.

Sarah Benkirane, 15, said her Montreal-area soccer association informed her she could no longer referee games wearing her traditional Muslim head scarf after someone filed a complaint with the league.

Benkirane, in her second season as a ref for the Lac-St-Louis Regional Soccer Association, was told religious symbols like hijabs may not be worn on the pitch.

But the teenager insists she’s not going to give up on her summer job that easily..............

via: CIR

Take note Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration ....

your department will have to acknowledge many more failings as time goes by for the import of criminal elements in the moslem immigrants you have imported into Canada under the Conservative govt. The item below is related to the follies of the ditzy days of the Liberal govt. however, things are not any better under the Conservatives ... relating to criminals and the moslem influx into Canada. The damage done cannot be undone.

Seventeen years after a Jamaica-born career criminal awaiting deportation fatally shot one Toronto police constable and badly wounded a second, the federal Immigration Department has acknowledged its failings in the tragedy by settling a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed on behalf of the families of the two officers........

via: CIR

The Toulambi tribe of Papau New Guinea encounters their first white man

From elsewhere on the web, it seems the man in the vid might be Belgium anthropologist Jean Pierre Dutilleux and the encounter took place in the 1970s.

h/t: MF

The Daily Show on Canadian oil

Pretty funny.

June 9 episode

h/t: JR

I am beginning to see the good side of online hacking

Yes, I know it is an assault on privacy and secrecy .... but if the hacker group calling themselves "Anonymous" pick the right causes like the one in Orlando to bring attention to some totally stupid laws that go against common sense and decency ... then I am rooting for the hackers. Go Anonymous Go.

The hacker group Anonymous on Monday declared war against the city of Orlando, Florida, over the arrest of people handing out food to homeless people, according to a report in The Washington Post.

In a press release, the group announced the creation of "Operation Orlando" over the city's treatment of the Food Not Bombs group.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that what started as a spat over distributing food without a permit in a park had escalated, with Mayor Buddy Dyer describing the activists charged with the misdemeanor offense as "food terrorists."............

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Another notch in Honest Reporting's belt

This time, it's the anti-semitic BBC  who had to remove an article and give an explanation for the removal. Well done HR !!

More background on the above here ,   here, and here.

This is how the BBC, the AP and 90% of the media in the USA, UK and elsewhere go about on a daily basis trying to delegitimize the nation of Israel. This is the kind of trash that young impressionable minds read and take at face value and this is what they use when forming their opinions about Israel.

Kudos to Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto ... proving to be the kind of mayor we were waiting for

Family is more important than keeping in step with the lewdness that is displayed on our streets during the gay pride parade. I don't agree with Sue-Ann Levy that he should put in an appearance for at least a small part of the festivities. Why should he ?  Why should he give up his yearly traditional sojourn to cottage country just because gays want reassurance (like they do all the time with everything and anything) that he is a homo-loving mayor?  Sue-Ann Levy is not thinking straight on this one .... pun not intended.

vid via: sdamatt

Ezra Levant on Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS)

How right Levant is when he says that we know more about Palin's daughter than we do about Obama !

Ezra Levant's  June 13 segment on PDS

I wish SUN TV would add an embed button to the vids so bloggers could download the actual vids themselves instead of just the link. Is that too much to ask SUN TV?

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Blood-thirsty Saudi Arabian vampires bleeding Indonesian maids to death

Saudi Arabia bring women from Indonesia for employment in  their households and from the moment these poor women step unto their soil they are enslaved, tortured, raped and worked around the clock.  Remember how low Obama bowed to the Saudi king?  Worst president ever with the worst king of the worst country on earth.

...There are 28 Indonesian maids currently on death row in Saudi Arabia, as well as 1,000 languishing in different jails across the Kingdom for petty crimes. More than 1.2 million Indonesian workers live and work in the Kingdom.....

Indonesia has called home its ambassador to Saudi Arabia for consultation following the execution of an Indonesian maid in Makkah on Saturday.

The horrific treatment of Indonesians working in Saudi Arabia has become so dire, that:
Indonesian lawmakers on Tuesday urged the government to stop sending migrant workers to the Middle East, and especially Saudi Arabia, after the beheading of a maid who murdered her Saudi employer.  Parliamentarians said the Kingdom and other Gulf states should not benefit from cheap Indonesian labor until they agreed to protect workers’ basic rights.

Trucks and Trains


Mr & Mrs Cavemen go on a killing spree ....

so very romantic, isn't  it  .... awwwwwwwww so sweet.

Similar scenes will play out in Canada in the very near future... so all of us can have nice comfy seats for closer viewing,   all thanks to the suicidal policies of  our Canadian Immigration department.

Britian's gone to the dogs ...

the loudest bark heard recently is from Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Go read the item at the TelegraphUK.  I have never seen so many angry comments.... the last count stood at over 1900+ and rightly so. This man is talking thru his arse not his mouth.  Total asshole. What kind of  bigger assholes recruit these idiots to the HRC mandates?  What kind of hope do we have to tilt the world from this plague of  pure madness towards sanity when those who rule over us are putrid to the core?

Christians are more militant than Muslims, says Government's equalities boss Muslims are integrating into British society better than many Christians, according to the head of the Government's equality watchdog......

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slavery is alive and thriving in the moslem countries ... even in the ex-Christian country of Lebanon

Human Trafficking in the Middle East countries has escalated to a new high. Read the entire story at the link below. In this day and age, it is hard to imagine that human beings are bought and sold as slaves. Sadly, it is a reality and has always been so in the moslem countries. With the kind of mindset, upbringing and cavemen traditions found in the DNA of moslems, how can the West even contemplate that import of the moslems to our Judeo-Christian countries will mean these folks will assimilate with the rest of us ?  You have your head lodged firmly up  your arse if you think that's gonna happen.

.....Manola speaks softly, with her father Alfred sitting silently by. "Neighbors told me about the program in Lebanon, and a couple of weeks later I was sitting in a plane with 11 other girls. We talked about all the things we were going to do with the money we earned. My dream was to have my own home, and a family.’’

Before Manola went to Lebanon, she was earning a monthly salary of 30 euros in a textile factory. In Lebanon, she’d been promised just over 100 euros with free room and board. Not a lot, but a lot better than what she was getting in Madagascar. When she got to Lebanon, the police took her passport away from her and gave it to the Lebanese family she would be working for.....

Other stuff of interest

The woman at the centre of the burqa row, Carnita Matthews, has a long record of driving offences and a history of not paying her fines.

Court documents have revealed that she had been fined seven times for traffic infringements before she was stopped by police in June last year for not displaying her P-plates in the incident that sparked the row that spilled over to the District Court in NSW yesterday.
h/t: TB

Court carries out sentence. Indonesian woman beheaded in Saudi Arabia for killing her employer.
h/t: MF

Review of "The Undefeated"
h/t: Irene

New perception to predict earthquakes?   This is mind-blowing stuff.

Saudi Arabian women with cojones

What these women in Saudi Arabia are doing to escape from their shackles warms my heart. I wish them every success. The armies of the West cannot change the internal traditions of the moslem countries, only the moslem themselves can bring about that change. Our armies going there on the pretext of helping those folks is all baloney. If they care about their freedom they will bring about the change themselves.

When Maha al-Qatani settles into the driver's seat of her family's baby blue humvee these days, she goes through a familiar routine: a glance in the rearview mirror to ensure that her headscarf and face veil are on right; a whispered prayer; and a reassuring pat of her Coach handbag, stuffed with all the essentials for a possible prison stay — toothbrush, deodorant, comfortable clothes and prayer rug.

She may need them. On June 17, al-Qatani made history by becoming the first woman in Saudi Arabia to receive a traffic ticket. She sees it as a badge of honor, proving that she defied a prohibition on women driving in the kingdom and, she hopes, paving the way for more women to do the same. Still, the possibility of prison remains. "If no one sacrifices, no one will get their rights," al-Qatani said on the day of her maiden drive in Saudi Arabia.....

Ready for a long, loud, sarcastic guffaw ?

Wanna guess which countries make up the "all sides" quoted below ?

..."All sides stressed their commitment to efforts aimed at eliminating extremism, militancy, terrorism, as well as rejecting foreign interference, which is in blatant opposition to the spirit of Islam, the peaceful cultural traditions of the region and its peoples' interests," the statement said.

"All sides agreed to continue meeting at foreign, interior, security and economy ministers' level to prepare a roadmap for the next summit due to be held in .............

The continuing madness emitting from the druggies' feeding bottle city of Vancouver

One has to wonder if the mayor, police chief and the police chief's top cop are also partaking of the feeding bottles at the insite facilities. From their behaviour so far, that is a very real possibility and the only logical conclusion most people will arrive at.  What a shameful turn of events.

...“As mayor you don’t have access to those numbers?” Mr. Robertson was asked.

“He doesn’t share those numbers.”

“If you asked him he would say I’m not going to tell you?”

“Yeah,” the mayor said. “I’ve talked to him about this.”

“And what did he say?”

“ ‘I’m not sharing those numbers for operational reasons.’ It’s not something they share.”......

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moslem Crime Wave in Canada .... Part V

Thanks to the Liberal party ruling over us for umpteen years, a Liberal party that was bowing lower than Obama bowed to the Saudi slave-master, we are now in the dire situation we find ourselves in.  However, the present Minister of Immigration, the supposedly "Conservative" Jason Kenney has not learnt much from the follies of the Liberal immigration policies, because the man wants to prove he is  one up in some  kind of a macabre contest with the vanquished Liberals ... a contest that only he and his boss seem to have a sense about.... that he can do better than the Libs in the numbers game by importing yet more planeloads of moslems.

Send Jason Kenney a big "Thank You" note for raising the possibility of Sharia Laws for you, your children and your descendants. Hurrah  for Jason Kenney....  and his boss, the Prime Minister of Canada, "Conservatives" in name only.

Just imagine folks .... for a community that is supposedly less than 3% of Canada's population, the aggressiveness, mayhem and murder from this segment of the population far exceeds beyond comparison with any other segment of the immigrant population. Something to chew on, right ?

Anyhow ..... I am off on my vacation where I won't see or hear of islam or islamists for the next couple of weeks.  Whew !!!

32) CityNews has learned that six men have been arrested in connection with the January murder of Mississauga teen Shadi Taleb.

On Wednesday, police charged four Toronto men with second-degree murder and two Mississauga men with conspiracy to commit robbery and obstructing police. The murder suspects – Shawn Cargioli, 20, Walid Omar, 18, Kendall Kamal, 19, and Famien Stephan Morrison, 23 – appeared in a Brampton court on Thursday. They'll be back before a judge on June 10th.

33) A Moroccan man accused of having ties to terrorism and links to terror kingpin Abdellah Ouzghar lost a bid to stop his deportation from Canada.

Rachid Fathi, of Toronto and Montreal, was living in Canada illegally when he met his wife, who tried to sponsor him but he failed a background check required of all potential immigrants.

Fathi was deemed a member of an Islamic terrorist organization and the sponsorship was nixed by federal immigration officials, who claimed he had misrepresented facts about his contacts in Canada.

Fathi filed an appeal to the Federal Court of Canada that was dismissed in May at a hearing in Toronto.
His Toronto lawyer Naseem Mithoowani refused to comment on the case.

Court heard Fathi came to Canada in 1992 on a visitor’s visa to compete in a Montreal martial arts competition but never left.

34) Pakistani-Canadian businessman Tahawwur Husain Rana, charged with facilitating the November 2008 attack in Mumbai, has been convicted of providing material support to the proscribed Lashkar-e-Taiba, as well as conspiring to stage a terrorist strike against Copenhagen.

Rana was, however, acquitted of charges that he played a direct role in the Mumbai attack. The 50-year-old Chicago resident now faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail, the United States Department of Justice said in a press release.

Prosecutors had charged Rana with three terror-related crimes: participating in a conspiracy to provide material support to terror in India; conspiring to provide material support to terrorism in Denmark; and providing material support to the Lashkar.

35) Somali government forces says they have killed a Canadian member of the al-Shabab terrorist group.

Photos posted to state-run radio’s website Thursday showed a young man who had been shot through the chest by soldiers after his SUV had allegedly tried to run a roadblock.

Ottawa officials are looking into the case. “At this time, we are unable to confirm media reports of a Canadian national having been killed in the Jubba region while involved in insurgent activities,” said Claude Rochon, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs

36) A jury found an Edmonton man guilty Monday of killing and dismembering his wife.

Tesfai Negasi, 54, was on trial for second-degree murder in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench for the death of his wife Selamawit, 46, on July 5, 2009. Negasi was also convicted of offering an indignity to a dead body.

37) Calgary police have helped nab a fugitive on a most-wanted list in the U.S.

In early February, Southern Alberta Integrated Fugitive Apprehension (IFA) received a tip from the public that a man wanted for attempted first-degree murder south of the border may be living in southern Alberta.

Ahmed Abdulqadir Abdi, 29, was charged with shooting a man in the face in Minneapolis, Minn., Const. Joe Hebert said.  Police began investigating to see if Abdi -- a Somalian who has used several aliases -- was actually in Alberta, Hebert said.  Through fingerprints, authorities confirmed Abdi, who is known to police, was living in Calgary under the name Ali Abdi Omar, Hebert said.....

38) Canada has asked Pakistani authorities to help find and arrest two former University of Manitoba students wanted on terrorism charges, RCMP confirmed Tuesday.

Ferid Ahmed Imam, 30, and Maiwand Yar, 27, both Canadian citizens, were charged in absentia by RCMP on a host of terrorism-related charges. Police allege the pair allegedly travelled to Pakistan in 2007 with plans to join the insurgency against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan received a request from Canada to locate Yar and Imam, who is also considered a fugitive by U.S. law enforcement on charges for allegedly training three men to blow up subway cars in New York City.....

39) Police have made a second arrest in a Feb. 11 murder at a Scarborough apartment building.

Lorenzo Martinez, 23, was found with a gunshot wound in the lobby of 70 Stevenvale Dr. near Markham Road and Lawrence Avenue. He died en route to Sunnybrook hospital.

On Feb. 15, police released the names and photos of two suspects.
Aasif Patel, 19, was charged with first-degree murder a few days later.
On Tuesday, 19-year-old Wariskhan Pathan turned himself in to police and was also charged with first-degree murder.....

40) The voice of youth rang clearest at a meeting held last week for a Dixon Road community still reeling in anger, frustration and fear at the yet-to-be-solved murder of a 24-year-old Somali youth last month.

Abdikadir Khan was gunned down in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 20 at 320 Dixon Rd. He lay in the apartment complex's stairwell for hours until he was finally discovered later that afternoon, when he was pronounced dead on the scene. No arrests have yet been made in his murder.

Sgt. Brian James of 23 Division's Community Response Unit assured those in attendance at last Thursday's meeting at Kingsview Village Junior Middle School that Khan's murder appeared to be targeted, not random. He also said police plan to increase their presence in the community this summer.

However, many in the largely Somali community still live in fear for their own lives and those of their children.

Mohamed Firin, 27, lives on the second floor of 320 Dixon Rd. Khan was shot and killed just two flights up from him on the fourth floor. While he admits he's seen firsthand violence in the neighbourhood before - Firin himself has been both shot and stabbed - this latest killing of yet another "brother" from his community hit especially close to home.

"That could have been me, it could have been any one of us young guys," he told a crowd of about 70 community members, including police, mothers, community workers and local youth. "As far as things being done for us in this community, they don't exist. There's nothing being done for us, so we ourselves need to step it up.".........

41) On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, police responded to a call for a stabbing at 2821 Birchmount Road. It is alleged that:− the accused stabbed the victim, a 40−year−old man, in the neck.The victim was taken to hospital with serious but non−life−threatening injuries.
Ahmaddin Nasry, 35, of Toronto, has been charged with:
1) Attempted Murder, 2) Aggravated Assault,  3) Assault with a Weapon.

42)  An Ontario judge has approved an extradition order for a former Ottawa university lecturer accused of being behind a deadly bombing outside a Paris synagogue in 1980, paving the way for him to face murder charges in France.

Hassan Diab, a Lebanese-born Canadian who taught sociology at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, was arrested in Gatineau, Que., in November 2008 at the request of French authorities.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger signed the committal order on Monday morning in an Ottawa courtroom, giving Justice Minister Rob Nicholson the final decision on whether to transfer Diab to French authorities..........

This will turn your stomach

Another teen tortured and killed   in Syria, while NATO makes huggy-kissy with Al Qaeda fighters in Libya against Gadhafi.
Here's a rumor for you that I came across on a forum.  According to  one poster, Gadhafi had planned or was planning to back a group operating from  London,UK,  who want to get rid of the Saudi regime.... and whatever is happening in Libya is due to NATO and especially the USA wanting to keep Saudi Arabia and thus the oil supply from there, safe at any and all costs.    Now, at least to me. it makes perfect sense.... because I have always been of the opinion that Saudi Arabia rules the world. 

Congratulations SUN TV .... we knew you would do it

First few weeks and CTV defeated!   One down, one more to go. Go get the CBC who are arrogantly of the opinion that they speak for the majority of Canadians. They don't, never did, never will. What a waste of our tax dollars.   

I love that pic of the CBC logo made to look like a drain hole .... so fitting.  I have one beef with SUN TV .... how about letting us see the women hosts in prime time, now and then. 

... Sun News is piped into roughly 5.6 million households whereas CTV and CBC's 24-hour news channels are in 8.5 million and 10.6 million homes respectively.....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Canadian of convenience?

Canadian of convenience? : News : SunNews Video Gallery

The slave-owning country has a revolution coming ........

one I will be cheering for the loudest.   I predict that this is the start of a new movement in Saudi Arabia ... the world's worst abuser of human rights.  Go for it ladies ... don't let the blasted mullahs keep you behind your black walls from birth till death. Better to die than live in slavery. You have it in you to become race-car drivers .... GO FOR IT !!!  Mow down the mullahs and anybody else standing in your way.

....Six women said they were briefly detained in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, after they drove two cars in the northwestern part of city.

As we've reported before, the ability for women to drive legally gained international attention after Manal al-Sharif was arrested twice for getting behind the wheel. Her story has inspired a movement.

The six women arrested Thursday say they met each other on Twitter a few weeks ago, and for some of them it wasn't the first time challenging government and social restrictions. As NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reported, in an effort to champion women's voting rights, some in the group decided to go to registration centers and demand voting cards even though the government prohibits it.

Rasha Alduwaisi, a woman rights activist, told us this time around, they decided to drive around so one woman in the group could teach others how to drive. They chose an empty block with no traffic, a spot they used the week before to do the same thing.

"I love driving," said one of the women, who asked we not use her name because she feared for her safety. "I used to dress like a man and drive in the streets of Riyadh."

On Thursday morning she tweeted: "I gotta feeling that this afternoon will be a great afternoon."

She said they managed to drive for roughly 15 minutes before they found themselves surrounded by six police cars. She and the other five women were then taken to the police station where they were held for two hours in what seemed like a storage room, she said. The women were asked to call their male guardians to come and bail them out. The women and their guardians had to sign an affidavit saying they will not drive or even attempt to learn to drive again.

In Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy, women are subject to a male guardianship system, which requires they show proof of permission from their guardian — father, brother or husband — to travel, work, or sometimes receive medical treatment at a hospital.

Senior Saudi officials have said in the past that whether women are allowed to drive is a social issue and it is society who should decide when women can drive. But society remains divided around the issue. After traffic laws were updated in 2008, Fahad al-Bishr, director of the Traffic Department in the Kingdom, said there is nothing in the law that bans women from driving.

But Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz, deputy minister of interior, recently said in a press conference that for women, driving is against the law.

Alduwaisi, 30, a stay-at-home mother who has been actively involved with an online effort to promote women's rights in the country, was one of the six women detained on Thursday. "We're waiting in a tiny dirty dusty room!" she posted on Twitter. Waiting in that room for her husband to come bail her out, she was nervous, thinking about her two children.

The 23-year-old woman who requested anonymity said a feeling of injustice started to sink inside her while in detention.

"Why are we being dragged like drug dealers over something that is not big of a deal?" she asked. Women cannot simply wait for the government to give them the right to drive cars, she said. "We have to fight for driving."....................

Canada's immigration policy has become a menace to it's freedom and democracy

Are we headed towards the kind of mess we are seeing in the UK and the rest of EU.    You betcha !!!

via: BlazingCatFur who has the entire background on this issue.

How do you safeguard a country from those who are supposed to guard it ?

A B.C.-based drug ring smuggled at least 208 kilos of cocaine and three firearms into Canada with the help of a corrupt border guard, B.C. Supreme Court heard Monday.

Crown prosecutor James Torrance said former Canada Border Services Agency guard Baljinder Kandola conspired with smugglers Shminder Johal and Herman Riar for more than a year before his arrest in October 2007 at his Pacific Border crossing booth.

via: CIR

Knock, knock !! Who dares ??

Only the outspoken truthsayers who make up a high-powered group dare to debunk the Canadian immigration policy.

Most Canadians will not criticize the country's high immigration rates, at least publicly. For fear of being called racist.

But an impressive collection of Canadians, some of them retired, has been gathering together to do what most politicians, academics and corporate leaders dare not do: Question what they believe is false thinking behind Canadian vigorous immigration rates, which are the highest per capita in the world............

via: CIR

Friday, June 10, 2011

While Syrians are killing each other and Obama's jets fly over Yemen ... the lame-stream-media combs through Sarah Palin's emails

That's how low and irrelevant the media in the USA has become. They would rather focus all their time, energy and resources on trying to destroy a good and decent individual while shielding a socialist president and his socialist cronies, they would rather become China's slaves for life then ask why the Obama administration is blundering from day one of his presidency.

Read this and see how far and beyond a nightmare the Syrian issue has progressed.  Now,  it's coming to light that Iranian soldiers are killing Syrian protestors. Also, the 120 police officers killed in one of the towns and the killing blamed on townspeople .... was false, at least according to the report below.  Just cannot believe anything anymore from anybody .... you know the story of  "The Boy who cried Wolf"  don't you. 

The following is from a Turkish daily: Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey   had horrifying stories to tell Thursday about what they went through over the last week, especially in the northwestern town of Jisr Al-Shughour, the site of numerous killings.

A Syrian security officer who fled with the civilian refugees told the Hürriyet Daily News that they received an order by phone Friday to kill all the protesters in the town.

“We received a phone call from the center, and they ordered us to shoot and kill all the protesters,” said Ahmad Gavi, 21, a Syrian soldier who fled to Turkey following the deadly clashes in Jisr Al-Shughour.

“Five soldiers who refused to follow this order were killed immediately in front of me. Then commanders and some soldiers started to shoot each other,” Gavi said. “There were 180 soldiers at the security check post and 120 of them were killed.”............

What other pigsty will the Left think of wallowing in next ....

will we be entertained with the number of times Palin and her family make trips to the rest room on a Monday through Sunday and what they consumed at breakfast and for lunch and so on. What the Left has done today concerning the emails from Palin during her tenure as the Governor of Alaska, will backfire on them BIG TIME. This maligning and foul treatment of a person, never before seen in the entire history of the USA, will spell out in additional fans for Sarah Palin which in turn will materialize in tens of thousands more votes for her .... if she decides to run.  The presidency is hers .... I hope she comes to that realization.  The Left is in it's dying throes and it's beautiful to watch them writhe and groan all over in the pigsty of their own making.   Die Lefties Die.

Even CNN the numero uno tool for the socialist Obama were unable to come up with the kind of dirt they should expect only in their lefty domain  and nowhere else.

via : TheRightScoop and thanks to the new Conservative answer to the other video site that was getting too big for their lefty boots ....

Canada Fights Human Trafficking has volunteer opportunities in Barrie, Ontario

The orientation is tomorow, June 11.   Please register by responding to:

The session will run from 9am to 5pm with an hour lunch break. Interviews run throughout the lunch break, therefore  everyone is asked to bring their lunch with them. Volunteers will be notified of the location of the orientation upon registration.

Orientation expands on Canada Fights Human Trafficking's operations, roles, expectations and job descriptions for volunteers and will allow everyone an opportunity to ask questions.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soros buys himself sex slaves from the lefty media

Who wants to buy Amanpour and Huffington ... come on guys ... these old hags still look good .... if you have the Soros kind of moolah they will perform any number of tricks for you.
Lou Dobbs broke the story weeks ago about Amanpour and Huffington joined at the hips with Soros, however,  besides FoxNews nobody else wants to touch the dirty powerful man who bought Obama and then bought the WH for Obama.  

The Grand Jihad - How Islam and the Left sabotage America by Andrew McCarthy ..... Part 7

Passages from the chapter titled: Rigging the numbers

In northern Virginia alone, "we boast about 250,000 to 300,000 Muslims. In the Washington metropolitan area, about 400,000." This information was gleefully broadcast by the US Department of State, through its official website, "" It was summer 2009, and our customer -friendly foreign service was out to show the American people and the world the vibrant, moderate breed of Islam in Barack Obama's America.

State's vehicle was a short video called "Eid in America" that focused on the feast that ends "the holy month of Ramadan," as our government takes pains to call it. The feast was the occasion, State exclaimed, for "more than 400,000 ethnically-diverse Muslims" to "celebrate" right here in Washington, D.C. State's source for this inflated estimate of the Washington area's Islamic population was Johari Abdul Malik, a prominent Virginia iman - and Islamist. For Abdul Malik, it's all about the numbers ... and the conquest. He has insisted, even more speciously, that Islam is now 'the second largest religion in America," trailing only Christianity. 'Soon, before Allah closes our eyes for the last time,' it will move "to being the first religion in America.".....

....Reliable, readily available data show the sparseness of the Muslim sector in America and its dubious ties to our society. The islamist figures are widely known to be a gross distortion, and the Islamist purpose in inflating the numbers is easily knowable. Yet those islamist figures create the party line dutifully channeled by the legacy media and the US government. "nearly 7 million Muslims in our country today" enjoy the "promise" of "opportunity," President Obama declared in his Cairo speech. He and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton make rote references to the magic, Jew-supassing number, our purported "7 million Muslims Americans."

In a June 2009 interview with French television, Obama even contented with a straight face "if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." Maybe the president meant to say he had "created or saved" seven million Muslims. Obama obviously knew, in any event, that his numbers were of by a mile because when his fraudulent count sparked a mini-uproar, he - in a flash, and without any explanation - down-shifted the number to (the still bloated) five million American Muslims.

The science of counting Muslim Americans is evidently as rigorous as that for counting "the uninsured" (which plunged from sixty million to forty million with dizzying speed once questions were raised about subsidizing illegal-immigrant coverage), or for tabulating "climate change" (a term that is itself a change from "global waming" thanks to the inconvenience of global cooling.

(The video above is from 2 years ago.)

If you thought only the moslem males were loons ....

what do you say about this?  It's all the more disheartening because these depraved thoughts come from a former parliamentary candidate turned political activist of today.

Last week witnessed popular Muslim preacher Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini boast about how Islam allows Muslims to buy and sell conquered infidel women, so that "When I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her."

This week's depraved anachronism comes from a Muslim woman—Salwa al-Mutairi, a political activist and former parliamentary candidate for Kuwait's government, no less: She, too, seeks to "revive the institution of sex-slavery."

A brief English report appeared over the weekend in the Kuwait Times (nothing, of course, in the MSM):

Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants "casting spells" on them, would be better to purchase women from an "enslaved maid" agency for sexual purposes. She [Mutairi] suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids. "We want our youth to be protected from adultery," said al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.
The Arabic news website, Al Arabiya, has the sordid details, including a video of Mutairi addressing this topic. I summarize and translate various excerpts below (note: I am not making any of this up):....................

h/t: Pam

Obama the socialist just cannot help it ...

all his actions are written in the socialist DNA ... so give the man a break for not going against his natural instincts. Siding with Argentina and Venezuela on the Falklands issue and giving the bird to England is what a good socialist would do .... so how can you criticize him America? You voted him in and you might vote for the socialist prez yet again. And, Britian should not be surprised. What did they expect him not to ? Trust the British to get it wrong every time.... wrong with the division of countries, wrong with the import of moslems, wrong  with the EU-ness,  wrong with Obama, wrong on every front.

President Obama was effusive in his praise for the Special Relationship when he visited London recently, but his administration continues to slap Britain in the face over the highly sensitive Falklands issue. Washington signed on to a “draft declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” passed by unanimous consent by the General Assembly of the Organisation of American States (OAS) at its meeting in San Salvador yesterday, an issue which had been heavily pushed by Argentina. In doing so, the United States sided not only with Buenos Aires, but also with a number of anti-American regimes including Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua.

The declaration calls for Argentina and Great Britain to enter into negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falklands, a position which London has long viewed as completely unacceptable. It also comes in the wake of increasing aggression by the Kirchner regime in the past 18 months, including threats to blockade British shipping in the South Atlantic.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The idol of the Left goes prancing into another war .... in Yemen

Canada better stay out of this one if we know what's good for us.  We should not let the hypnotist entice us into another conflict of his choosing. I am rather taken aback that it's the New York Times reporting on this.... this rag that is joined at the hip with the moslem Prez.  How many of us even knew that the US was involved in Yemen ??????        Now, it's out in the open.

UPDATE:   Obama's propaganda machine CNN and Anderson Cooper are  doing their best  to make this look like it's not "breaking news"  that the US is now into a 4th war.

The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, according to American officials.

The acceleration of the American campaign in recent weeks comes amid a violent conflict in Yemen that has left the government in Sana, a United States ally, struggling to cling to power. Yemeni troops that had been battling militants linked to Al Qaeda in the south have been pulled back to the capital, and American officials see the strikes as one of the few options to keep the militants from consolidating power......

What the conflict in Yemen means to the world

Dr.Daniel Pipes talking to Theo Caldwell of SUN TV and writing in detail on the threat of Yemen to the world at the WashingtonTimes:

For the first time in its exceedingly long history, Yemen now threatens the outside world. It does so in two principal ways.

First, even before the current political upheaval began there on Jan. 15, violence out of Yemen already impinged on Westerners. As President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s weak government controlled only a small part of the country, violence had emerged both near to Yemen, such as attacks on American and French ships, and distant from it, like Anwar al-Awlaki’s incitement to terrorism in Texas, Michigan and New York. With Mr. Saleh’s apparent abdication on June 4, when he traveled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, the central government’s writ will further diminish, leading to yet more attacks being planned inside Yemen for execution outside the country.

But it’s the second danger that staggers my mind: An unprecedented emptying out of Yemen, with millions of unskilled and uninvited refugees, first in the Middle East, then in the West - many of them Islamist - demanding economic asylum.

The problem begins with an increasingly cataclysmic water shortfall. Gerhard Lichtenthaeler, a specialist on this topic, wrote in 2010 how in many of the country’s mountainous areas, available drinking water - usually drawn from a spring or a cistern - is down to less than one quart per person per day. Its aquifers are being mined at such a rate that groundwater levels have been falling by 10 to 20 feet annually, threatening agriculture and leaving major cities without adequate safe drinking water. Sanaa could be the first capital city in the world to run dry.

And not just Sanaa: As a London Times headline put it, Yemen “could become first nation to run out of water.” Nothing this extreme has happened in modern times, although similar patterns of drought have developed in Syria and Iraq.

Scarce food resources, columnist David Goldman points out, threaten to leave large numbers of Middle Easterners hungry and one-third of Yemenis faced chronic hunger before the unrest. That number is growing quickly.

The prospect of economic collapse looms larger by the day. Oil supplies are reduced to the point that “Trucks and buses at petrol stations queue for hours, while water supply shortages and power blackouts are a daily norm,” according to Reuters. Productive activity is proportionately in decline.

If water and food were not worrisome enough, Yemen has one of the highest birthrates in the world, exacerbating the resource problem. With an average of 6.5 children per woman, almost one in six women is pregnant at any given time. Today’s population of 24 million is predicted to double in about 30 years..........

h/t: Pam

The Grand Jihad - How Islam and the Left sabotage America by Andrew McCarthy ..... Part 6

Passages from the chapter titled:  Muslim World Traveller   (emphasis by moi)

...Shortly after divorcing Obama Sr., Ann Dunham married an Indonesian Muslim, Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo. She had met Soetoro, just she had met Obama Sr., when both were students at the University of Hawaii. At some point, Soetoro almost certainly adopted Dunham's son, who became known as "Barry Soetoro." Obama's lengthy, deeply introspective autobiography does not adddress whether he was adopted by the stepfather whose surname he shared for many years, but in all likelihood that did happen in Hawaii, before the family moved to Jakarta.

Under Indonesian law, adoption before the age of six by an Indonesian male qualified a child for citizenship. According to Dreams from my Father, Obama was four when he met Solo Soetoro. His mother married Soetoro shortly thereafter. Obama was already registered for school when he and his mother relocated to Jakarta, where Soetoro was an oil-company executive and liaison to the Indonesian government. That was in 1966, when Obama was five. Obama attended Indonesian elementary schools, which, in Suharto's police state, were generally reserved for citizens (and students were required to carry identity cards that matched student registration information). The records of the Catholic school Obama Soetoro attended for three years identify him as a citizen of Indonesia.

Given the president's adamant refusal to address issues related to his birth and citizenship, it is fair to infer that Obama obtained Indonesian citizenship through his adoption by Soetoro in Hawaii. That inference is bolstered by the 1980 divorce submission of Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro, filed in Hawaii state court. It said "the patries" (Ann and Lolo) had a child (name not given) who was no longer a minor (Obama was 19 at the time). If Soetoro had not adopted Obama, there would have been no basis for the couple to refer to Obama as their child - he'd have been only Ann Dunham's child.

....Of all places, why would Obama travel to Pakistan at that time? And how did he enter the country? Did he use an American passport to enter a police state in which it was dangerous for Americans? Or did he have travel documents from another country -which would raise the question also posed by his Indonesian years: Was Obama a citizen of an Islamic country? Those questions weren't pursued. Apparently the press didn't find anything newsworthy about the college friends involved in Obma's trip. Mohammed Hassan Chandoo, for example, became a New York financial consultant and a major Obama fundraiser. His brother, Mohammed Askari Chandoo, reportedly ran a crudely anti-Bush website and, besides raising money for Obama's successful 2004 Senate campaign, also organized voter registrations drives in mosques.

Nor was there media interest in the most intriguing (known) aspect of the trip: Obama stayed for part of it in the Jacobabad home of one of Pakistan's most prominent political families. He was hosted by the Soomros, members of the Pakistan Muslim League (a political party that is now split into several factions). Obama's host, Ahmad Mian Soomro, was a longtime Pakistani parliamentarian. His son, Muhammad Mian Soomro, who is about ten years older than Obma, not only became a very successful international banker; he was also chairman of the Pakistani Senate, became a caretaker prime minister in 2007, and served as the country's interim president when Pervez Musharraf was ousted in 2008 - holding the office for a month, until the election of Benazir Bhutto's widower, Asif Ali Zardari.

Nothing very interesting about that, right? Just move along.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The harmful effects of the lying socialist media

Only Palin knows how to handle the journalists from those lefty rags. She has learnt her lessons well and will not let any of them take the upper hand.

The following is a well researched article on how journalists get stuff wrong time and time again and how some of the mud they fling at people stay attached to those individuals forever. Andrew Malcolm of LATimes also notes how "Gore invented the internet" came about because of a what a journalist wrote and gives other instances too. As this is the LA Times, the lefties have come up in droves and are self-combusting all over the comment pages twisting and turning in throes of painful lies and frothing seizures.

You may have heard recently something about that Sarah Palin telling a reporter that Paul Revere warned the British on his famous rousing revolutionary ride.

Now, that so many Americans have wallowed in their smug confirmation that Palin is an idiot unqualified for anything but repeating sixth-grade history, how far, wide and fast do you think the contradictory news will spread that the former governor of Alaska was indeed correct?

That the Republican non-candidate, in fact, knew more about the actual facts of Revere's midnight ride than all those idiots unknowingly revealing their own ignorance by laughing at her faux faux pas? How secretly embarrassing this must be, to be forced to face that you're dumber than the reputed dummy.

As it happens, though, such phenomena are regular occurrences in American politics, reminding consumers of news to be wary when some fresh story seems to fit contemporary assumptions so absolutely perfectly.

The well-known fable is Revere's late-night ride to warn fellow revolutionaries that the British were coming. Less known, obviously, is the rest of the evening's events in which Revere was captured by said redcoats and did indeed defiantly warn them of the awakened militia awaiting their arrival ahead and of the American Revolution's inevitable victory.

Palin knew this. The on-scene reporters did not and ran off like Revere to alert the world to Palin's latest mis-speak, which wasn't.

Like a number of famous faux gaffes in American politics, the facts of the situation no longer really matter.

The initial impression was eagerly grabbed by so many, starting with the reporter and millions of others gleefully sharing the story that reinforced their beliefs and/or desires.

This phenomenon is actually not a new one in American politics, although its immediate spread is obviously hastened by the Internet. Speaking of which, Al Gore did not invent it. Nor did he claim to, as often as you've heard otherwise................

h/t: Irene

Who will fall first to the crafty invaders .... Germany or England ?

I am placing my bets that England will go down first because the large majority of Englishmen have turned into wavering pansies of both kinds. I can see first hand, here in Canada, the kind of English blood that has been watered down from the heroes who fought the Nazi regime .... and the new generation of men descended from England are ill-equpped mentally to handle the moslem hordes. Yup ... you might not like it coming from a new immigrant like moi ... but I know what I am seeing in Canada .... and it does not look good. If things are looking that bad in Canada .... how can England withstand what's bound to happen there pretty soon. Their will have been eroded by at least two decades of stealth jihad.

Robert Spencer sends out a warning to Germany after his visit to that country.  Very interesting.... visit the link and read the entire article.

Spencer says: Germany is on the Brink: In Stuttgart, Germany, last week, violent Leftist and Islamic supremacist demonstrators violently menaced anti-jihad activists – giving a sobering picture of where Germany, Europe, and the U.S. as well are headed if we don’t stand up and resolutely defend our freedom now.

Thursday afternoon I spoke in Stuttgart at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.

About a thousand protesters from the frequently violent hard-Left Antifa group showed up, along with around 500 German riot police. “Antifa” stands for “Anti-fascism,” but if any fascism was on display, it was from the “anti-fascists,” who did their best to destroy the Pax Europa event. They were menacing people, starting fights, banging drums, blowing whistles, and chanting Leftist and Communist agitprop slogans. One young man from Antifa came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, "You're lucky there are so many police here today." He was not expressing solidarity..............

h/t: MF

Monday, June 6, 2011

Unbelievable ... The things liberals say

So .... now the weiner-showing Weiner's wife is "partly responsible" for the mess he has got himself in, according to Matthews. How disgusting can these people get ?

And, the walkie talkie, botox filled Barbara Walters says "If Sarah Palin can be considered for President, Weiner can stay in Congress."  What a low-down over the hill bitch !! Ethics be damned .... that's the Lefty way.

DummieFunnies has all the goods on this story and it  will make you laugh aloud.

h/t: Irene

The Secret of Canada's success

So true.... kudos to us.

....We very cleverly situated ourselves next to a superpower with a love of freedom similar to ours, one that we count on to protect us militarily. While we can – and sometimes do with great courage – participate in international missions, it is hardly required. We haven’t had to spend nearly as much (proportionately) on our military as has the United States, nor do we have to take the endless grief and criticism of the rest of the world if we A) act too much, B) act not at all, or C) act incorrectly. Free-riding is good.

.... We have clung to the quaint notion that banks should be regulated and that one should have income in order to buy a house. Canadian mortgages are “full recourse,” meaning that if your home is under (figurative) water, you cannot simply walk away from payments. This is where our Scottish heritage has come in handy and this is where we are truly conservative. Gays can get married here, but if they want to buy a home and make it fabulous, they had better be able to afford it..........

How Hollywood is responsible for dumbing down the world

Go to the link and listen to some of the tapes. It will confirm to you that Hollywood joined forces with the university professors and the socialists to slowly but surely turn the new generation into zombies not able to think for themselves.

In clips that will hit the Internet to promote a new book, producers including "Friends" co-creator Marta Kauffman and "House" creator David Shore say Hollywood discriminates against and belittles conservatives.

Some of TV’s top executives from the past four decades may have gotten more than they bargained for when they agreed to be interviewed for a politically charged book that was released Tuesday, because video of their controversial remarks will soon be hitting the Internet.

The book makes the case that TV industry executives, writers and producers use their clout to advance a liberal political agenda. The author bases his thesis on, among other things, 39 taped interviews that he’ll roll out piecemeal during the next three weeks.

The Hollywood Reporter obtained several of the not-yet-released clips, embedded below. Each contains a snippet of an interview, usually some historical footage of the TV shows the interviewee was responsible for and, naturally, a plea to purchase the book, “Primetime Propaganda” by Ben Shapiro and published by Broad Side, an imprint of HarperCollins...............

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UK's fate is written in stone .... they wrote it themselves

Further to this in the Telegraph UK there's more today on the same issue but this time taking aim at the universities where radicalism festers and grows.

A little bit too late wouldn't you say?

The UK has been sleeping blissfully while oil-rich moslems from the middle east bought their castles from bankrupt lords, barons, dukes and what not and even their churches were sold to the highest bidders so they could be turned into either mosques or residences for moslems. Something like this does not happen overnight .... the cancer was eating away for at least two decades and now it's too late to save England without an all out civil war and much bloodshed.

We here in Canada should take heed and acknowledge truthfully the sole reason why they have a bleak future ahead of them.

Will Jason Kenney and his boss come to their senses soon enough to save Canada from the  fate that awaits England?   Will they put a stop to moslem immigration to Canada or will they vacillate and go uh..uh...uh... and preen and pander for moslem votes and throw the country to the wolves... literally?  That's the question every patriotic Canadian should ask of their govt.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The lame-stream-media is left limping again ...

by another wallop from Sarah Palin. The  incomplete knowledge on almost all matters, that the LSM seem to possess, gets them in trouble time and time again. Palin loves her country so she researches everything that has made America great ... the socialist media down south does not give two hoots about the USA or it's history, all they want to do is find fault with everything that Palin says. Knuckleheads don't have a clue who they are dealing with when it comes to Palin.

Sarah Palin maintained Sunday that her recollection of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride was correct,  saying “I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere.”

Appearing on Fox News Sunday at the tail end of her bus tour last week, the former Alaska governor and potential presidential candidate said she was referring to the less well-known part of the story in which Revere is captured by the British and warns them that the Americans are ready for them.

“Part of his ride was to warn the British that we’re already there – that, ‘Hey, you’re not going to succeed. You’re not going to take American arms. You are not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have,’” Palin said, according to a transcript. “He did warn the British.”

Palin appears to be referring to a part of the story which is not in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem but is described elsewhere in historical accounts, in which Revere is detained by the British and warns them, while at gunpoint, that 500 American militiamen awaited in Concord.....

Here's another prediction from yours truly

Behold the next Prez of the USA

Here's the continuation of the above vid. Hannity keeps trying to get her to admit that she will run.  

And, here's the  next Vice-President

Here's his latest speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition held a couple of days ago.

Only after these two stalwarts are elected to take their rightful places at the helm of God's good earth, our planet will shift back to what is right and logical and all will be well with the world.

PM needs help in naming tabby cat

I am gonna suggest "Dodo" .... yeah why not?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has faced accusations of being a control freak, but he's ready to delegate at least one responsibility - naming the new kitten at 24 Sussex Drive.

The prime minister's Facebook page features photos of the tiny pet in need of a moniker.

"Happy to have a new Harper at 24, he's a grey tabby and needs a name, vote for your favourite," reads the post on the site.

The frontrunner, Stanley, was winning by hundreds early Saturday evening. The name likely captured the imagination of a country in the throws of Stanley Cup fever and would suit the obviously athletic kitten, pictured viciously attacking some string.

Smokie comes in second, followed by Earl Grey, Gandalf, Griffin and Vingt-quatre, which is French for 24.

Another popular option Canadians are suggesting in the comments is Major - short, of course, for majority.

The Facebook poll is open until Monday...

Yes .... slap him hard. Worst Prez ever !!

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Good stuff ... if only more men were like this guy

War vet foils bank robbery. Great vid.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Allah Akbar for Britian .... God save the Queen

Look what the leftists have done and what the Conservatives let happen !!! No matter what they do now, it's too late. Prevention is always better than the cure .... but does anybody listen ? What about Canada's Jason Kenney and his boss Stephen Harper .... will they open their eyes and ears to what's going on ?

A new generation of British Islamic militants is being radicalised in back streets, counter-terrorism experts have warned.

A new report shows that the success of anti-radicalisation measures in many of Britain's mosques has pushed militants underground, making them harder to detect by both community leaders and police.

Feeding the process are jailed militants, such as Abu Hamza, who is still exerting an influence from his prison cell on impressionable Muslim youngsters susceptible to his violently anti-Western rhetoric.

Details of the report emerged ahead of imminent release of a key government review of its counter-terrorism strategy, expected this month.

The review of the "Prevent" strand of the strategy – which aims to stop the radicalisation young British Muslims – is expected to make good David Cameron's promise to expel foreign "preachers of hate", such as Hamza, from the UK.

It is also set to bring in a new link between non-violent extremist groups and violent ones – building on the Prime Minister's speech in Munich earlier this year in which he vowed a tougher line and hit out at the "state policy of multi culturalism".........

The One State Solution .... that's the only solution

YAY .... I can support that !!! Why didn't someone think of this before. Makes so much sense and it will be a joy to watch lefties all over the world self-combust. Go to the YouTube site to read the comments.... lots and lots of them.

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The Grand Jihad - How Islam and the Left sabotage America by Andrew McCarthy ..... Part 5

(emphasis mine)

Passages from the chapter :  Eliminating and destroying the Western civiliation from within

It is not every day that, even as the game is being played, the opposition's playbook falls into your hands, telling you, chapter and verse, exactly how he intends to beat your brains in. Yet the United States has long been in possession of the Muslim Botherhood's playbook - in multiple iterations, as a matter of fact.

Those of us who follow such things could perhaps be forgiven for wondering, at least for a moment, if that's really much of a coup. True, the Brothers are a slippery lot, their positions often couched in ambiguity to keep critics off-balance. Yet, through the years, many Brothers have graduated to terrorist activity, and many others have been just as blunt in speaking their minds as our solons have been reliable in ignoring and suppressing what they say. Plus, "Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope," is not exactly subtle.

Still, by any standard, the Brotherhood memorandum obtained by the FBI and presented in Texas at the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing trial in 2007 was an eye-opener. The document, called "An Explanatory Memorandum on the Feneral Strategic Goal for the Group in North America," and dated May 22, 1991, had been prepared by Mohamed Akram (a.d.a "Mohammed Adlouni"), an intimate associate of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, currently Ikhwan's chief theoretician. At the time, Akram was the organization's top leader in America. Writing for what he obviously thought would be Brotherhood eyes only, he didn't mince words.

The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

In fact, this grand jihad -by-sabotage has ben underway for nearly half a century. Its bottom-up elements have stresse Islamist domination of Muslim education, community centers, and mosques. That means it is now raising, in our midst, its third generation of operatives and sympathizers.

The methodical campaign and its resulting infrastructure have been made possible by untold billions in funding from the Kingdom osf Saudi Arabia, which has been the Brotherhood's life-line since the 1950s. We hear constant clamor over alleged Saudi financial contributions to terrorism, allegations the Kingdom indignantly denies, at least insofar as they pertain to the regime the evidence of terrorism underwriting by individual Saudi citizens and institutions, like the evidence of terrorist acts by individual Saudis, is too overwhelming to be denied. Comparatively little is said, however, about Saudi, after all, are Islamists. So they are hoping you will continue not to notice while the Brotherhood continues "eliminating and destroing the Eastern civilization from within." That is, taking their lead from the US government, the Saudis figure all will be well as long as they continue keeping their fingerprints off the bombs the ideology they export makes inevitable.

As the startling 1991 Brotherhood memo elucidates, the Islamists fittingly describe themselves as engaged in a "civilizational jihad." The United States has been an express target of this jihad since the 1970s. The memo is far from the only smoking gun to that effect.

In 1977, Youssef Nada, a master organizer who has been a Brotherhood member since the 1940s, convened a meeting of Islamist luminaries, including Sheikh Qaradawi, in Lugano, Switzerland. Its purpose, the journalist Ian Johnson reports, was to "set up a structure to guide the growth of political Islam in Europe and the United States." Nada was the director of the al-Taqwa Bank of Lugano, and for years he has been suspected by Swiss and American authorities of laundering money for al Qaeda, Hamas and various other terrorist groups. As a result, he has been specially designated as a global terrorist under both American and United Nations legal procedures for the past nine years. Within weeks after the 9/11 atrocities, Swiss authorities raided Nada's posh Campione villa.

As Patrick Poole recounts:

Included in the documents seized during the raid ... was a 14 page plan written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982, which outlines a 12-point strategy to establish an Islamic government on earth" - identified as The Project. According to testimony given to Swiss authroities by Nada, the unsigned document was prepared by "Islamic researchers" associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

What makes The Project so different from the standard "Death to America!, Death to Israel" and "Establish the global caliphate!" Islamist rhetoric is that it represents a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the"cultural invasion" of the West. Calling for the utilization of various tactics, ranging from immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest, deception, political legitimacy and terrorism, The Project has served for more than two decades as the Muslim Brotherhood "master plan." ... Rather than focusing on terrorism as the sole method of group action, as is the case with Al-Qaeda, in perfect-postmodern fashion the use of terror falls into a multiplicity of options available to progressively infiltrate, confront, and eventually establish Islamic domination over the West.

The seizures of the Brotherhood's gameplan leave no doubt about its intentions. As aptly described by the former US intelligence analyst Joseph Myers, these Islamists seek nothing less than "the usurpation and replacement" of America's foundations - Judeo-Christianity and Western liberalism - by Islam. Given that reality, and the equally indisputable fact that the sabotage strategy relies on leveraging American liberties and democratic processes to Islamist advantage, the current US strategic response of embracing the Brotherhood is akin to confronting an epidemic by increasing one's unprotected exposures to the contagion. Like a pathogen or a predator, the Ikhwan won't be dissuaded upon seeing what nice people we are.