Saturday, December 5, 2009

And then we have those subtle "journalists"

via Bourque comes this piece from TheStar a very middle of the road article. IMHO the writer does not know whether he is coming or going and whether he should stand solidly with one party or keep wishing the other was better. Mr.Travers, when writing for The Star, just stick to the the fading star's favorite point of focus: "Bash Harper, Bash Conservatives".   Why  even bother to put in a couple of  sentences of well-deserved praise for the PM ?  Just continue on your merry way of  subtly bashing the Conservative movement and hoping no one will notice.

......After learning the tricks of a dirty trade from the Liberals, Conservatives are now taking political gamesmanship to the next level by doing almost anything to win, even if that makes democratic practice the loser.

Prime ministers are constrained by convention and courtesy to leave domestic bickering behind when they go abroad. Parliament's defining duty to protect taxpayers is eroded when political theatre overwhelms economic disclosure. Public respect for MPs is lost when message management leaves them begging for information that's already yesterday's news.....


  1. I considered Travers' article to be coaching to Peter Donolo: More examples that Harper is a scurrilous tyrant and how the Liberals should better react. Poor Mr. Travers! Why doesn't his beloved Liberal Party listen to his sage advice? Perhaps he should ask Ignatieff for Donolo's job.

  2. Marx-A-Million - I published your silly comment and read your link because I needed a laugh. You sir, are a buffoon.

  3. Don't let Murray Dobbin see this. He insists that it's all the Conservatives' fault!

  4. Travers, both Martin's, Taber, O'mally, Fife, Oliver, Clark, CBC, CTV and a host of other loved ones of the LPC are consistent with their bias.
    Always whining, griping, and crying the blues.
    They should speak well of their enemies, after all, they made them.
    The normal man on the street can distinguish this lot, just by the company they keep.
    Ethics is not their best quality.


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