Monday, February 28, 2011

USA's "boos" don't scare anybody no more

When the President of the USA bows and bends and almost touches his forehead to the ground before the dictators and tyrants of lawless countries, what did you expect? Within 2 short years a weak, clueless leader has brought the USA to it's knees and destroyed the command it once used to have. Obama's skin color got him the White House. Now, wouldn't you say that was a very racist thing to do? Democrats have got themselves into this mess because they were racist. It works both ways....didn't you know ? Or maybe it was affirmative action, way up even there at the Presidential level.

....Just a few years ago the United States was genuinely feared on the world stage, and dictatorial regimes, strategic adversaries and state sponsors of terror trod carefully in the face of the world’s most powerful nation. Now Washington appears weak, rudderless and frequently confused in its approach. From Tehran to Tripoli, the Obama administration has been pathetically slow to lead, and afraid to condemn acts of state-sponsored repression and violence. When protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the Islamist dictatorship in Iran in 2009, the brutal repression that greeted them was hardly a blip on Barack Obama’s teleprompter screen, barely meriting a response from a largely silent presidency.

In contrast to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, President Obama fails to see the United States as an exceptional nation, with a unique role in leading the free world and standing up to tyranny. In his speeches abroad he has frequently found fault with his own country, rather than projecting confidence in American greatness. From Cairo to Strasbourg he has adopted an apologetic tone rather than demonstrating faith in America as a shining city upon a hill, a beacon of freedom and liberty. A leader who lacks pride in his own nation’s historic role as a great liberator simply cannot project strength abroad.....

Shame on Justice Robert Dewar

Our Canadian justice system is badly broken. We used to blame the Liberals when they were in power.... now we don't even have that outlet. This particular judge was appointed by the Conservative govt. What a disappointment he has turned out to be.

.....In explaining why 40-year-old Kenneth Rhodes will serve a two-year curfew-bound conditional sentence for a crime dating back nearly five years, Justice Robert Dewar said the "protection of society is not advanced one iota by putting Mr. Rhodes in jail.".....

....It was the insensitive and, alas, ignorant way Justice Dewar characterized the perpetrator -- who was 36 at the time -- as a "clumsy Don Juan," while describing the then-20-year-old victim as being braless in a tube top.

The judge -- who has a nerve calling anyone clumsy -- went stumbling on.

"This is a different case than one where there is no perceived invitation," the judge said during the sentencing hearing on Feb. 18, more than four months after he found Rhodes guilty of forcing himself on the young woman on a dark highway in the summer of 2006. Dewar, who has an adult daughter of his own, tried to downgrade the seriousness of the assault by calling it a case of "misunderstood signals" and "inconsiderate behaviour."

Then, tripping over his tongue and his black judge's robes at the same time, Dewar attempted not to point the finger at the victim, while pointing it at the victim.

"I'm sure whatever signals were sent that sex was in the air were unintentional," he remarked, in the process re-victimizing the victim......

Here's a vid of the women marching in protest at the foolish remarks from this seasoned person who should have known better than to think that if a woman is scantily dressed she is asking for it...his verdict tells us that that's how his mind works.

How Western countries coddle dictators for their dirty oil

When the Lockerbie bomber was released, we were stunned because  the UK govt had kicked the loved ones of the bombing victims, right where it hurts the most. Nothing new....politicians all over the world love to kick victims and their families, it's in their blood and written in the contracts that they sign when they get elected to supposedly "represent" the people. What we didn't know at that time, was how deep, dirty and demeaning that connection to Libya was.

The revealations surfacing these days are as if Julian Assange has taken control of the UK media. Below are just a few quick reads.  Why should I be the only one to feel disgusted.

Bomb scare at PM's residence

I learnt of the news about the bomb threat on the Prime Minister's residence and rushed to the Blogging Tories site, but life is as boring and predictable with those posters there. Wakey, wakey folks!!  Those two founders looking after that site don't seem to be uploading the posts more than once in every 2 hours. Sheeeesssh !!!!!!!!   That site is getting to be so borrrrriiiing !!  All of them keep talking about the same old subjects over and over and over and over and then again all over again.  Man-oh-man. 

A man is facing multiple charges after an midnight bomb threat against the prime minister's residence.

Police in Gatineau, Que., arrested a 35-year-old man early today, hours after the phone threat was made.

Const. Julie Morel, an RCMP spokeswoman in Ottawa, says an investigation by the RCMP's protective detail determined there was no bomb.

Local police and general-duty RCMP traced the call via GPS to an apartment in Gatineau, just across the river from the prime minister's 24 Sussex Drive residence..

Lt. Yves Comtois of Gatineau police says the occupant who answered the door was abusive and started throwing things at police.

Comtois says the man, "well-known" to local police, was arrested after a warrant was issued around 6 a.m.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, faces charges of assault and uttering threats with regard to the apartment stand-off; the bomb-threat investigation continues.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revolutions for Allah .... each and every last one of them. Did you think different?

1) Of all the news I have read today, this is the most troubling. If Lebanon goes islamic, there is absolutely 100% no hope for the Middle East. Hundreds of people marched in Beirut on Sunday demanding an end to Lebanon's confessional system, mobilized by a call posted on Facebook."The revolution is everywhere... Lebanon, it's your turn," chanted demonstrators, most of them young people, in reference to the popular uprisings rattling regimes across the Arab world since January. Lebanon's system of government is rooted in a 1943 power-sharing agreement along confessional lines adopted after the country won its independence from France. Aimed at maintaining a balance between the 18 religious sects, the agreement calls for the president to be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim and the speaker of parliament a Shiite Muslim. Other government jobs are also allocated according to religious affiliation......

2) Sultanate of Oman might be next. If nothing else, these revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, are hopefully teaching some valuable lessons in Geography and History to Westerners who know less than nothing about anything outside their own countries. The popular uprisings across the Arab world reached on Sunday Oman where police fired rubber bullets on stone-throwing protesters demanding political reform in an industrial town on Sunday, killing two people. According to a security official, two protesters were shot dead with rubber bullets and around five others wounded as Omani security forces opened fire on demonstrators who tried to storm a police station. "Two were killed after being shot with rubber bullets as protesters attempted to storm a police station," in Sohar, over 200 kilometers (125 miles) northwest of Muscat, the official said, requesting anonymity......

3) Al Jazeera is reporting that : In Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city, life has entered a new stage of revolutionary normal. Shops have re-opened next to burnt-out regime headquarters; the main justice building still stands, but its rooms are occupied by opposition media centres, and courtrooms have become kitchen.....

4) Your last chance to see what Tripoli looks like. In a few more days, it will be a rubble of burnt down nothing.

5) Yemen too, like Libya, poised for civil war. After popular revolutions across the Arab world toppled the regimes of Egypt’s Husni Mubarak and Tunisia’s Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh, scared of the possibility to face the same fate, vowed to defend his three-decade regime "with every drop of blood". Saleh, who accused on Sunday opponents of hijacking gathering protests in a ploy to split the nation, said that his opponents were trying to revive secessionist efforts that sparked a short-lived civil war in 1994.

6) Oh...that Ghadafi was quite generous to certain people. The motive of the visit to Tripoli by Mama Sarah Obama remained unclear, but other unconfirmed reports says President Obama got the wind of the visit and appeared to have been embarrassed as he is said to have phoned his cousin Saidi Obama expressing his disappointment at what was going on around his Kenyan ancestral home backyard. ....

7) Ah... and what do we have here? Iraqi Oil refinery bombed and workers murdered?

Can we start counting the days, weeks or months before their short-lived democracy is dead and buried. YES WE CAN.... because moslems simply can't do democracy.. and that's that. Even the few who come to democratic lands of the West are unable to stomach it. The head of Iraq's parliament has called for new provincial elections within three months.Osama al-Nujaifi, the speaker, made the announcement on Sunday at a news conference in the capital Baghdad. It comes as anti-government protests are held across the country, where local residents have rallied against corruption, a lack of basic services, and the perceived unapproachability of the Iraqi government based inside the fortified Green Zone where the US embassy is also based....
Also, have you noticed how the MSM keeps calling these revolutions "popular uprisings"?  It's like they have all been sent a memo from somewhere to use that term and that term only.  Hmmmmmm.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

In which a Hitchins brother lets off steam and so do commentors at a Globe&Mail article

Peter Hitchins gets some stuff off his chest. 

....It is not a slur to raise the possibility that the crowds may have been unconsciously manipulated, nor is it a slur to speculate on one possible source of that manipulation. These things happen. Given the hugely different nature of the regimes targeted by sudden coincidental outbreaks of 'people power' and the curious fact that equally corrupt, equally tyrannical Syria has been immune from it (as has the Hamas tyranny in Gaza), one does have to wonder. Britain and the USA certainly used to do such things. Iran intervenes constantly on the affairs of other countries, especially post-Saddam Iraq and Syria. Syria intervenes in Lebanon, acting largely as Iran's proxy. These are known facts. I resent being accused of a 'slur' for speculating reasonably on the basis of them. I also dislike the suggestion that I could conceivably be the recipient of money from a tainted source.....

.....And in general when I ask critics of Israel to explain why they single that country out for criticism, in a world full of comparable or worse wickedness, they tend to become either silent or enraged. What they never do is explain their selective rage. To do so would be to admit that there might be an unreasoning core to it. The whole phenomenon of Judophobia is a very strange one, not as far as I can see susceptible to reason. I've tried many times to hold reasoned, fact-based correspondences with persons who have this difficulty. It is quite futile. Some people just have this trouble, and there we are. One would feel sorry for them if it were not that from time to time their trouble leads to murder and other cruelty. My own solution is to try to persuade them that it is a problem, and one they should make an effort to control. But the temptation to indulge it, under the flag of anti-Zionism, is too strong for many sufferers......

The article makes the case that Canadian born visible minorities were earning less than "white" Canadians. The writer, Joe Friesen, who seems to have a Globe&Mail-given title of "Demographics Reporter" must be re-thinking a lot of things after getting bombarded by the actual "visible minority" in Canada.  Fun reading the comments. Here's a sampling:

Globally, whites are less than 10 percent of the earth's population. That makes us whites a 'visible minority'.

In the countries we built, we don't owe it to anybody to impoverish a percentage of our race to give a quota of scarce opportunities to others, just because they belong to the non-white majority.
Replace the term 'visible minority' with non-white. End this ideological game of re-engineering the look of society based on skin colour.

As one who is a visible minority I totally disagree with this multicultuism crap! People should be hired on what they know and nothing else!

The Canadian born white male is now a visible minority!

There are whole American states with majority 'Minority' populations.
NOTHING is or will ever be enough for the multiculturalist true believers. Multiculturalism as practiced from the 60's onwards is an exercise in masochism for everyone involved.

Volunteer opportunities in Brantford, Ontario

Further opportunities for Canadians to keep Canada safe from human trafficking. These are great opportunities for the young and old alike. For the young, if you are thinking of careers in the field of law enforcement, social services or the judiciary, you will be able to take away a lot of information at these mandatory orientation sessions to help make up your mind to invest a bit of your time for a good cause.

Each meeting will run from 9am to 5pm with an hour lunch break. Interviews run throughout the lunch break. Pack something to eat for lunch.

For more info email:

Also visit "Canada Fights HT" at my blogroll on the right  to learn more.

Oklahoma does Shariah

Nice going Tulsa....keep it up !! How very islamic America is becoming with each passing day.  Now police officers who don't attend islamic functions have to face disciplinary action.  Hard to believe but true. USA going islamic sooner than we thought. What kind of a buffoon would want to discipline the police captain because his beliefs did not extend going around pandering to a cult and kissing the butts of the cultists.

Something is decaying in our world, the stench is overpowering and poisonous.

via: FamilySecurityMatters

Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya or how the world is full of nuts not locked up as yet

Will the madman be replaced by someone having the same level of madness or will we see a madder version?   I am betting on a madder version.   How about you?

Here's the Telegraph UK with live updates.

The vid below has two nuts for the price of one. Ralph Schoenman, the far, far, leftie says "there is no Al Qaeda".  Firm fan of Bin Laden.  Enjoy the madness.

Oh... those Ontario Liberals ... God save us from these numbnuts

Lying through their teeth, that's what Dalton McGuinty and his harem of liars do best.  Ontario's Energy Minister, Brad Duguid thinks we are all wearing diapers, that we are either too young to know better or too old to care. Eh? Mr.Duguid. No apologies, no nothing from the Ontario Liberal govt that has wasted billions of taxpayers' money on rubbish, proofless, idiotic, lucy in the sky with diamonds kind of drug addicted decisions with regard to the wind power initiatives.

And look at what the man said a couple of days ago:

"There isn't a lot of science on freshwater offshore wind.... We need some time to review the science and we don't have it today."

So, was it okay to spend those billions of dollars on building those sky castles without proper reviews?  This is an example of the kind of people in high places we have here in Ontario. Is it any wonder that this province is now considered to be a beggar province by the rest of Canada.

Isn't it true Mr.Duguid that all you Lib nutballs in the Ontario parliament thought the science was right just like the global warming hoax. You guys played a hoax on Ontarians didn't you? How many wind energy "no bid contracts" have been awarded to the cronies of those in power?  It was fun to play those billion dollar energy experiments at the taxpayers' expense, wasn't it?

Dalton McGuinty and his team are the most inefficient or the most corrupt in the entire nation.

Wind energy was supposedly going to be more efficient and a great boon to all of us. Of course, the crafty fox, McGuinty was all mum about how people would be losing their jobs in all those plants and places where coal energy is used. Creating jobs is what I thought the politicians were supposed to do... not take them away. 

I give up. It's bad for my health to even read about these nincompoops and see what they doing to Ontario's economy.  I think I better stick to just tracking what the muzzies are up to. 
Never ever trust the Liberal govt of Ontario. Just a few days ago they were shelving those foolhardy wind energy plans and what do they say today? 

...Energy Minister Brad Duguid reinforced that the government is moving full speed ahead on renewable energy by unveiling enough wind and solar projects to light up more than 200,000 homes in the province.

“We’re creating thousands of jobs,” Mr. Duguid said on Thursday. “We’re attracting billions of dollars of investment and we’re building a cleaner, brighter future for our kids.”

Brighter arse !!!! 

Yup .... the way to full ruination of Ontario, courtesy these numbnuts. What a great way to get hydro bills to jump sky high. What a great way to bring Ontarians to their knees? Send your eternal love and kisses to that blasted Dalton McGuinty without delay.

Can you really and truly trust these people ? Only those who are pissed drunk on cool-aid might. 

h/t: DT

A bonfire of Canadian lawyers on a cold winter's night would be so very welcomed

Our Immigration Minister, the Hon. Jason Kenney finds his cohones, holds on to them tight lest they go wandering again, and lashes out at our judges who cry buckets in their flowing robes... so many buckets of salty tears for criminals, and mind you ...only for those that do wrong...never for the victims, that they have turned into pillars of salt.  Our Canadian judges, lawyers and the entire justice system works on behalf of criminals and never gives a hoot for the victims, ever.  When the Immigration Minister pointed out a few home truths, out came a horde of vampiric lawyers criticizing the Minister.

In a letter to Kenney sent Feb. 22, CBA president Rod Snow said Kenney's comments undermine confidence in the judiciary.
"Your public criticism of judges who follow the law but not the government's political agenda is an affront to our democracy and freedoms," Snow wrote
Mr.Snow.... for your kind information, the Canadian public has long lost all confidence in the Canadian justice system. In the name of "democracy" many lawyers and judges have been instrumental in letting criminals get off scot free or with the minimum of prison terms.  Don't try telling us that Kenny's comments would be responsible for undermining the public's confidence. That confidence, dear sir, has been undermined by lawyers like you.

On another note, the Canadian Immigration Minister seems to be coming of age. It's never too late to remove the blinders from one's eyes, as he seems to be doing of late.  Kudos to him.

The children of immigrants must join mainstream society if Canada is to avoid the multicultural collapse now plaguing parts of Europe.

That was the notion presented by Jason Kenney, federal minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, Tuesday in a meeting with QMI Agency's editorial board, where he said Canada needs to focus on reducing the amount of ethnic enclaves locked out of mainstream society for generations.

"I would say by and large Canada's approach to managing diversity has been pretty successful," he said, but added: "We can't take that success for granted."

With Britain and Germany recently declaring multiculturalism at failure in their countries, Kenney said it is crucial immigrants to Canada be provided the education and opportunities needed to integrate themselves into society here.

"There's a natural, inevitable pattern in the settlement of newcomers," he said.
"It only concerns me if we end up seeing ethnic enclaves persist into two or three generations.'

And for that he has my admiration. As for his comment:

"It only concerns me if we end up seeing ethnic enclaves persist into two or three generations."

I would suggest that he visit Thorncliff in East York, Toronto,  and see the birth of Canada's Malmo.  If something is not done pronto about the monster growing in leaps and bounds in that area, then  that part of Toronto is headed towards becoming a  "no go zone"  in the very near future.

via: CIC

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The real HOPE is what Sarah Palin will bring

My friend Irene says that the lefties in the USA are jubilant after hearing the news that Sarah Palin is making a trip to India in March.   According to the blasted lefties, that proves that she will not be a contestant in the Presidential race.  Hogwash.... hogwash and more hogwash ! Palin does not need the endless months that other hopefuls will be putting in the race. By now, she has made herself and her policies known to the vast majority of Americans.  Anybody who thinks different has a nasty shock coming their way. Moreover, by not opting for a long campaign, she will have saved millions of taxpayers' dollars. She is all about saving money... and that's a good thing.... as Martha Stewart would say. dear sweet Irene.... never fear.... she is running and she will win. After India, maybe she should stop by South Korea too and maybe China once again. Kill three birds with the same stone and let them all see and feel the awesome persona, drive and a vibrant, peaceful future that she will bring to all of us. Why am I so confident that Palin will win the Presidency... read Solway's well written thoughts below and see for yourself.

Let me begin with a paradox. The more Sarah Palin seems unelectable, the more electable she may actually be. The media blitzkrieg launched against Palin may be interpreted not as a sign of her unfitness for office but precisely as a measure of her eligibility. As I’ve written elsewhere, “Palin’s electability can be reckoned as an inverse function of the virulent campaign intent on her delegitimation. … The greater the fury … she is met with, the greater the likelihood that she poses a genuine threat. One does not raise a mallet to crush an ant.” Conversely, the beatification of Obama by the same leftist media is an infallible indication that they are arguing in partibus infidelium. Indeed, the media is almost always inversely reliable, providing an ironic touchstone for the facts of any matter. Just cross out and write in the opposite and we can be confident of a more accurate approximation to the truth........................

h/t: Irene

About Lara Logan

Mark Steyn ponders over exactly the kind of stuff I was trying to wrap my head around. Thank God for the clear thinkers like an ever increasingly weird world.

....For the less deluded, many questions remain: How exactly did Miss Logan "become separated" from her crew? How can even 200 savages perpetrate group sexual assault on a naked blonde western woman in a square filled with hundreds of thousands of "peaceful" "freedom-loving" "democrats"? And, bearing in mind that photograph of poor Lara from moments earlier, let's not overlook the most obvious question of all: How could her bosses at CBS News be so stupid as to believe the we-are-the-world sludge they pour down their viewers' throats?........

Arabs can't do democracy

That's a fact and you can bank on it !!!!     However, let them try.  It will be fun to watch them falling off the cliff time and time again. 

David Cameron has attacked the idea that Middle East countries “can’t do democracy” or that they need “highly controlling” regimes to ensure stability.

In a speech to the Kuwaiti parliament, the Prime Minister dismissed the belief that Arab or Muslim countries cannot cope with free and fair elections, and said: “For me, that’s a prejudice that borders on racism.”

That’s a curious phrase. The dictionary describes “prejudice” as:

a. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.
b. A preconceived preference or idea.

No Arab country has ever produced a democracy, or at least a lasting democracy; none of the 22 member states of the Arab League are classified as “free”, and all do badly on press freedom and other indicators. In fact, there is only one Arabic-speaking country in the world where elections are free, the press is free, and Arab citizens are free, and that’s Israel. So to believe that Arab states cannot “do democracy” is not a judgment based “without knowledge or examination of the facts”, but the opposite..........

The greediness of Wisconsin's Union members .....

and their blatant lies of why they are protesting, does not shame them in the least. They are Labor Union Members and anything goes.... more so if they are sucking the taxpayers dry, the taste is extra yummy. "Vampires" should be another name for these leeches protesting in Wisconsin.

....Roget's Thesaurus lists moral as: virtuous, honorable, conscientious, righteous, upright, and good; and unions will no doubt claim those qualities for themselves. But is it righteous for garbage collectors to walk off the job and allow filth to pile up in the streets? Would you call it virtuous for striking policemen to give crime a holiday? Or honorable for firemen to desert their posts? And teachers -- can they be seen as conscientious as they organize against children and abandon their classrooms and their obligations -- as we are seeing in Wisconsin? Or could we call legislators upright when they skip out on their legislative duties? Undoubtedly, all this is what FDR foresaw, and what Pennsylvania union leader Gerald MacIntee meant when he urged his workers to "close down this God-damned state."...................

Another roach ventures out and gets nabbed

Saudi man arrested in Texas suspected of planning an attack on USA targets. Saudi? or Palestinian? Lots of pallies have Saudi passports and live in Saudi Arabia, alongwith their aggressive natures and their habit of biting the hands that feed them. Nothing new.

I wonder how many Canadian student visas have been issued to such roaches by our lovely immigration minister the Hon.Jason Kenney. 

...Aldawsari allegedly attempted to have the phenol order shipped to a freight company so it could be held for him there, but the freight company returned the order to the supplier and called the police. Later, Aldawsari falsely told the supplier he was associated with a university and wanted the phenol for "off-campus, personal research." Frustrated by questions being asked over his phenol order, Aldawsari cancelled his order and later e-mailed himself instructions for producing phenol. The affidavit alleges that in December 2010, he successfully purchased concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids.

According to the affidavit, legally authorized electronic surveillance revealed that Aldawsari used various e-mail accounts in researching explosives and targets, and often sent emails to himself as part of this process. On Feb. 11, 2011, for instance, he allegedly e-mailed himself a recipe for picric acid, which the e-mail describes as a "military explosive." He also allegedly sent himself an e-mail on Oct. 19, 2010 that contained information on the material required for Nitro Urea, how to prepare it, and the advantages of using it.

The affidavit alleges that Aldawsari also e-mailed himself instructions on how to convert a cellular phone into a remote detonator and how to prepare a booby-trapped vehicle using items available in every home. One e-mail allegedly contained a message stating that "one operation in the land of the infidels is equal to ten operations against occupying forces in the land of the Muslims." During December 2010 and January 2011, Aldawsari allegedly purchased many other items, including a gas mask, a Hazmat suit, a soldering iron kit, glass beakers and flasks, wiring, a stun gun, clocks and a battery tester. .........

h/t: Irene

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Libya breaks into civil war

How this madman could have been in power for so long is something to wonder about.

Libya: civil war breaks out as Gaddafi mounts rearguard fight. Forces loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi made good on threats to trigger a civil war in Libya on Wednesday night, by taking up positions across the capital, Tripoli and launching a rearguard fight against rebels in major cities.Residents of parts of the capital were trapped in their homes as "thousands" of soldiers patrolled the streets accompanied by African mercenaries.........

Useful Idiots

In Canada, we have useful idiots in plenty too. Visit blogger Blazing Cat Fur blog from my blogroll and he has tonnes of stuff to show you how our Canadian politicians love the smell and taste of butts whose owners want to make mincemeat out of infidels.

Below is another example of how useful idiots from the USA dance around kissng those same butts

The term “useful idiot” is believed to have been coined by Vladimir Lenin. It originally described liberal Communist sympathizers in Western nations who, as the Soviet leader explained, would “sell us (Soviet Russia) the rope with which we will hang them (the West).”

Today’s useful idiots are a swath from that same politically correct cloth. They comprise: secular “progressives” (to include the liberal media); pinko anarchists and other Berkeley-types; President Obama and his motley stable of cracked czars and policy advisors; and the majority of Democrats in Congress.

Only the role of “international-villain-bent-on-world-domination” has changed. We’ve gone from the Soviet hammer and sickle to the Islamic crescent moon and star.......

Pakistan is another lawless country, just like the other moslem hellholes

At long last the USA and NATO are coming close to accepting the fact that Pakistan is the ENEMY and always has been and not even for a nanosecond has Pakistan ever thought of  the infidels as their allies. We could have told them that at the outset of the war against the Talibs.... but of course everybody with the power to make wars and what not, always think they know better.

Pakistan gave refuge to the murderous Taliban when they crossed the border from Afghanistan with their tails between their legs when the war started. It was the ISI, which is full of fanatical islamists (it is believed that elements within the ISI were responsible for Benazir Bhutto's murder) who continue to give succor and weapons to the Talibs to continue their mayhem on the infidels and on their own people. Pakistan is a cancerous sore on God's good earth and always has been.  Don't forget that the ISI were the masterminds who trained, controlled and carried out the terrorist attack in India.  Scum is a better word and more descriptive for Pakistan's ISI.

Do you really and truly think that the powers-that-be in both Pakistan and the USA, don't know where Bin Laden is hiding? Pakistan is protecting that scumbag and Pakistan wants the casualties to continue. Pakistan wants a long lasting war because they are getting billions in aid money, not only from the USA but also from other NATO countries. Without that support, and support from Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich  islamist countries, Pakistan's economy would dwindle down  to nothing and  would dance in step with any of  the worst in  moslem states of  Africa. 

....The ISI official said his agency knows and works with "the bona fide CIA people in Pakistan" but is upset that the CIA would send others over behind its back. For now, he said, his agency is not talking with the CIA at any level, including the most senior.

To regain support and assistance, he said, "they have to start showing respect, not belittling us, not being belligerent to us, not treating us like we are their lackeys."

NATO and U.S. operations in Afghanistan could be adversely effected by a split between the ISI and the CIA. Washington complains bitterly about Pakistan's refusal to go after the Pakistani-headquartered Haqqani network, which is believed to be the strongest fighting force in Afghanistan and closely allied with al-Qaida.

The ISI official said Pakistan is fed up with Washington's complaints, and he accused the CIA of planting stories about ISI assistance to the Haqqani network.

Relations between the CIA and ISI have been on a downward slide since the name of the U.S. agency's station chief in Pakistan was leaked in a lawsuit accusing him of killing civilians in a drone strike.......................

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In which chicken wings play a role

1) How long will our justice system deem it okay to hold this guy? A day, a week, a month, a year ?

2) Wanna play "doctor doctor"?

3) Here's some delightful comedy courtesy BigGovernment

4) Ezra Levant on chicken wings, birds falling out of the sky, the oilsands...and the oilsands-hating NDP.

5) Strike when the iron is hot. USA is on it's knees, courtesy the appeasement of Obama and his leftish cronies .....and so the moslem world is drawing nearer and nearer to the kill. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday called on Muslims to "remove" the US from the Islamic world. "The main problem in the Muslim world is the presence of the United States. It is the biggest problem. We need to address that," he told a gathering of Shiite and Sunni scholars in Tehran for an international conference on Islam. "It is necessary to remove the US from the Islamic world," the all-powerful cleric and Islamic republic's commander-in-chief said, adding that the country's arch-foe was currently weak.........                                          h/t: MF

6) Earthquake in New Zealand.

More vids here and here

7) And in Libya. Gadhafi's son tries to calm down the Libyans.  Not gonna happen. Too little too late. USA accuses Britian of being goody goody towards the Libyans. "Pot & Kettle" parody, eh?  Gotta laugh at some of the stuff the USA's democrats say without thinking twice.  Rumors fly that Gaddafi has left Libya but it looks like he is standing firm and in fact calling for his supporters to take to the streets against the protestors. Civil war looming and there's sure to be plenty of bloodshed if his supporters listen to the madman.

8) Protests going on in Iran. If all eyes were not on Libya, we would have been giving this more attention.  Also, there are rumors on Twitter that key govt.officers are resigning or switching sides.

9) Tunisia gone to the extremists as we expected it to. Now they are burning dowm brothels. Places of worship, other than mosques, will be next.             h/t: Irene

10) Look at the kind of hard-core lefties our Canadian universities are churning out these days.          h/t: RO

11) Kuwait too?

12) Malpensa airport in Italy was closed for several hours and timetables for incoming/outgoing flights were put out of sync. Why... you ask? "Mad muzzie" is the answer.                     h/t: Irene

Allen West .... extraordinarily awesome

via: TheRightScoop   and SharkTank

The blogosphere is ablaze with this vid.  Sarah Palin/Allen West 2012  PLEASE

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who is Gene Sharp?

Could this be the man to be credited for the toppling dictatorships in the Middle East and North Africa?

....His central message is that the power of dictatorships comes from the willing obedience of the people they govern - and that if the people can develop techniques of withholding their consent, a regime will crumble.....

Volunteers needed to keep Canada safe from Human Traffickers

Please give a bit of your time and expertise, your passion and your general sense of "goodness" to save the innocent from the wolves preying on them.

Mandatory orientation is needed to qualify for these positions. Counselers and lawyers are also needed. These are great opportunities for law students too.

The orientation is scheduled for Feb 26, in Toronto and will be for the entire day. Interviews will  run during the lunch break so pack something to eat instead of walking out to find a restaurant.

Canada ... begging for trouble

Canada, comparatively, has been almost free of radical moslems compared to the USA or the UK and the EU. That's not going to be the case for long.... not when thousands of refugees without identification and with authorities here having  no inkling to  their past,  are given refuge here by our "we know what's good for you" politicians.  We might  be able to make a noise about Canadian murderers, paedophiles, rapists, drug dealers and other criminals .... but how can we start even a pip of an uproar over refuges that we know nothing about. They could be serial killers and yet we would know nothing about them and would welcome them to be our next door neighbours and new found friends....until too late.

Good going, Jason Kenney, our sweet Immigration Minister. Keep it up.

A detention review hearing is expected Monday for a pair of stowaways aboard a container ship in Halifax, said an advocacy association for refugees Saturday.

Julie Chamagne, executive director of the Halifax Refugee Clinic, said the men speak Arabic and it's possible they are from North Africa.

She said they have claimed refugee status and are being detained at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility on immigration grounds as there is no immigration holding centre in Halifax.

Next week's hearing will determine whether the men will remain detained or be released on conditions.

While any foreign national can be detained for a variety of reasons, including posing a danger to the Canadian public, Chamagne said she suspects the two men lack identification.

"Usually when people arrive by container ship like that, they've told by smugglers or by community members overseas to not bring identification," said Chamagne, whose association provides free legal services to people claiming refugee status.........

Sunday, February 20, 2011

In which Iran's Green Movement comes alive again, US lefties go berserk and Libya Gaddhafi import foreign thugs to kill his citizens

1) According to Con Coughlin, the Telegraph's foreign editor, there is a revival of the Green Movement in Iran and many officers from Iran's Revolutionary Guards have sent a joint communication to their commander requesting that restrainst be applied when dealing with protestors, unlike the last time. Will the Green Movement be successful this time round? Let's hope so.

2) Madness and greed of the American lefties. And, they keep saying it's not about money. Yeh, yeh we all believe you!!  Lefties who want to do nothing or almost nothing for the kind of big bucks that hard working people like you and me in the private sector can only dream about. Michelle Malkin's blog is also keeping up with the Wisconsin madness which is expected to spread to other States that are heavy with Union presence.

2) Rex Murphy on Obama's handling of the Egypt crisis

4) This news is hard to believe. Only an Obama's admin would really go this far to control online media and create propoganda.

5) Morocco too on the brink? I always thought the Moroccans were proud of their royal family.

6) Libya's Gaddaf imports killers from neighbouring African countries to kill his fellow Libyans. Moslems killing and killing,  what else is new ?

7) Good read from someone who knows what he is talking about.

8) Revolution in China? A couple of my leftie friends who are in love with the Chinese govt must be feeling pretty down today.                         via: Drudge

Saturday, February 19, 2011

USA in secret talks with the Taliban

Hahahahhahah .... I knew this would happen. "Up yours"  to all those Canadian conservatives and others, you know who you are, who thought our continued presence in Afghanistan would be bringing democracy and a better future to the people of Afghanistan. If Afghans want their freedom from cavemen and cavemen mentality....they have to fight for it themselves, not depend on NATO and the USA being there to baby-sit them and their corrupt govt.

Once  NATO and USA are out of Afghanistan, back it will roll to the cavemen era in the blinking of an eye.

.....Confidentiality has its place in statecraft, and if Afghanistan’s war is to be resolved it will require some quiet dealmaking, but there is something unsavory about secret talks as a mechanism for drawing the Taliban into politics. Afghanistan has suffered heavily enough from the covert designs of outside powers. Negotiations with the Taliban must eventually be transparent, so that the Afghans themselves can examine them. And more than a deal with Taliban leaders will be called for. American efforts to calm the violence will succeed only if they are part of a broader strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia, one that gives priority to economic development, energy links, water, and regional peacemaking, including in the conflict between India and Pakistan.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

In which even a patient in hospital is groped by a muzzie and Saudi Arabia might be next

1) Ahhh, they so love their baza boys or whatever they are called. Jason Kenney our Immigration Minister keeps bringing them in and they keep bringing in their vile habits. When will our fecking lawmakers learn that moslem immigration has to be put an end to, like yesterday.

2) Those mad lefties, doing their best to live life outside the loony bins where they rightfully would belong if people like moi had our way. Lefties think it is okay to protest outside homes of people they target. That's how leftie politics work. Shout, scream and talk over everybody else.        via: Drudge

3) No country in the moslem world is immune to the unrests going on. One of the "thousands" of Saudi princes has advice for the Saudi king.

4) 10 yr old Heather Russell from Toronto. Great future for this talented girl. Simon Cowell knows how to keep making money.                 h/t: Lynn

5) You are a naughty, naughty girl. So.... sit in this freezer.

6) Things really hotting up in Libya. Twitter messages are claiming that 100s have been killed and 1000s arrested.

7) Now Al Qaida also puts in their two-cents worth on Egypt. What else can go wrong. Goodbye Egypt, and goodbye to all those beautiful Egyptian women. We won't get to see your lovely faces much longer.

8) Iran challenges everybody and his uncle with their warlike moves. Imamadjacket is hoping fervently for a world conflict where there will be so much death and destruction that his blasted iman or whatever will come back to earth and do some dance numbers like the baza boys from Afghanistan. Mad, mad, mad, mad world of Imamadjacket

Hmmmm ... Hezbollah trained thugs protesting in Bahrain

Told ya yesterday !!  The protests going on in Bahrain are Iran and Hezbollah instigated.  Dictators will be replaced by religious fanatics. Look at it any which way  .... the muzzies want war with the infidels.

 King Hamad of Bahrain reportedly said in July 2008  that Bahrainis were receiving training from Hezbollah in Lebanon according to a cable released by Wikleaks and published in The Guardian newspaper

The king who made the comment to US General David Petraeus, admitted he had no definitive proof.  The King also said that the Syrian government was complicit with the training of Bahrainis by Hezbollah, and was helping them with travel arrangements..................

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More than 500,000 Palestinians slaughtered

Did that catch your attention?

What I meant to write was something about people less well known than the kissable and huggable teddy bears of the Lefties. However, as my blog seem to be a beacon for more lefties than righties, I had to use a magnetic title to pull them to this item.

....Reports indicate that between 500,000 and 600,000 people have been killed in the genocide so far, and over 4,300 villages have been wiped out. Children are being used as mine sweepers, women are raped, men are killed; the U.N. has even labeled the violence as genocide. And yet the international community has remained suspiciously silent..........

Where is the fecking media? Where is the fecking BBC? Where is the fecking CNN ? Where is the fecking FoxNews? Where is the fecking Canadian media? And, above all.... where are the fecking lefties and where is that fecking Romeo Dalliare? All tears and what not only after the fact, eh?  Canadian leftie values killing everything good and decent !!!!     part II     part III

h/t: Irene

Another ally of the USA is about to bite the dust

All Hail the All Omnipotent King of the Cavemen ... O Obama we bow before your stupidity.

I have friends who once worked and lived in Bahrain. According to them, Bahrain is the most civilized of the sheikhdoms in that part of the world and most of it's citizens, both Sunni and Shiite are highly educated and progressive. According to my friends the rabble seen in the streets of Bahrain, happens to be just that ... rabble. These people are more into their book of lies than democracy. So, what's happening in Bahrain is Iran-instigated.... make no mistake about that.

The New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof is caught up with his own perception of what the demonstrations going on there  actually are all about. These are the kind of half-arsed reporters that everybody listens to and think they know everything that's happening in the places they report from. Here's his article in the NYT and here's his twitter page. He's under the impression that the Bahraini royal family wants to get him fired.

Piping Hot Stuff

1) Our Canadian Justice system What's not to like about our laws, eh? Kill today, jail tomorrow, out to kill again the day after. Beautiful !!!

2) Bahrain tries to curb protests

3) Caught this in one of the Google ads showing up at my blog. Might be worth watching.

4) Ezra Levant exposes yet another interference in our Canadian politics from the usual suspects from down south.    We should file a formal complaint with the US Govt. on this one.

5) Trouble in Libya. Casualties escalate.

6) Want cheap airline tickets?

7) Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff will be written about in history books. Very few bravehearts like her fighting for the good cause.

8) Trouble brewing in Turkey? Imagine what's going to happen if and when they get to join the EU.

9) CTV  learns to remove  the burkha from their own faces to give show us faces of the suspects. Toronto Police have issued arrest warrants for two suspects in the shooting.death of a young Toronto man.

10) Protests growing in Yemen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lara Logan speaks of her ordeal in Egypt

Can you believe she would be willing to go back even tomorrow if she can interview Mubarak ?!!!  Her first interview  after the assault and rape.  Gutsy and brave.

The enfolding power of Sarah Palin

Nice article.

...The more I thought about these conflicting emotions, the more it became clear to me. If this had been a poster of George Bush five years ago, I would have been excited and stimulated by it. What had changed? What had changed me?

I am gay. I live in San Francisco. For the last few years I've had a terrible secret, one I felt necessary to hide from hateful and intolerant people. Who would these people be, and what am I hiding? I am hiding from the Liberal Left. I am hiding that I'm a conservative.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Curveball" throws another curve

Moslems are so adept at taqiyya.
Q: What are Westerners adept at ?
A: Being A+ suckers.

An Iraqi defector code-named "Curveball", whose statements convinced the CIA and the Bush administration that Iraq had secret biological weapons, has admitted for the first time that he lied.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, who fled Iraq in 1995, confessed that he made up the stories of mobile bio-weapons trucks and clandestine factories in an attempt to bring down Saddam Hussein's regime.

The defector said in an interview that he watched in horror as his claims were lapped up by the Bush administration and used to justify the invasion of the country in 2003.

"Maybe I was right, maybe I was not right," Mr Janabi said. "They gave me this chance. I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime. I and my sons are proud of that and we are proud that we were the reason to give Iraq the margin of democracy."...........

2011 will see the re-birth of the caliphate and other stuff that infidels should decipher and ingest

Obama got the ball rolling. All is good !!! Now that the moslem countries will embrace sharia more fully, will the Canadian moslems who love it so much, please leave and go back to your shariah hellholes and leave us in peace? PLEASE.

1) Egypt: Not good enough that the "dictator" is gone and it won't be good enough until the MB takes over. They are already forming a political party in readiness for the elections in Sept. Any predictions on the election outcome? hahahahahahahhahhaha

2) Bahrain: Prostestors take over main square.

3) The only bright light in all this, is the possible revival of the uprising in Iran. The Iranian govt, however, is making it look like these are demostrations to show solidarity with Egypt. Yeah.... right !!!!

4) Guess how many rockets were fired by the lefties' favorite people from start of this year into Israel. You won't find CBC or CTV or the Globe&Mail or The Star or even the National Post thinking this warrants even one line in the media. 

5) ...."When I look at what is happening in the world ...and you see that people are scared of Islam and Islamists, it makes me ask the question; was Mubarak ruling Egypt with Islam? They were ruling Egypt with secularism that came from the West," said Vice President and Professor Waleed Basyouni in a recent interview. "Isn't it the right of people that they live with Islam, their religion and allow it to guide them? The failure of these systems is an excellent example that these secular systems don't work. It created corrupt dictatorships in these regions." Yasir Qadhi, the institute's dean of academics, said that the tradition from Islam's prophet could be seen in the events of Egypt and the coming reckoning for inhuman, non-Muslim states...

6) Virus imported from France and Malmo to Canada? 3 vehicles firebombed in Villeray, Quebec.

7) Did the US Customs find something deadly but a heavy lid is placed on everybody concerned to keep their traps tightly shut?  Yeh... why not. Let the infidels die in ignorance,  as long as the muzzies are not offended, all is okay, all is fine.

8) With more than 2000 islamist schools in the UK what did you expect?

9) Gaddafi to pallies: "revolt against Israel".    How come the Libyans are not going after this guy?

10) Lost city of Atlantis off African coast ? Thanks to Google we get some great pics of an underwater formation. Could it really be the lost city's streets? Intriguing.

h/t: Irene/MF/John

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eugenics and Leftism make a merry couple

The left are so tolerant !!!!

We the people on the right are bigots, racists, warmongers and a blight on humanity. Those on the Left are saintly, demure, loving, peaceful and above all, tolerant.  Oh you didn't know that ?   Come on !!!

A woman with learning difficulties could be forcibly sterilised after she gives birth this week, to stop her becoming pregnant again. The report says: “The secretive Court of Protection will rule on the woman’s case on Tuesday, in a rare open hearing scheduled because of the overwhelming “public interest” in understanding the case.

“The woman will be represented by the official solicitor, a government lawyer who represents those who cannot instruct their own legal team because they lack capacity.

“The patient’s local NHS trust and council have made an application to the Court of Protection to decide whether she lacks the capacity to make decisions about contraception for herself – and if so, whether she should be sterilised by means of ‘tubal ligation’.”

This is a complicated and highly unusual case and, whatever the comments made below, it is not the first step on the road to Auschwitz. Neither is the 2005 law eugenics by the back door; but it is true to say that the arguments put forward to sterilise those who “lack capacity” are essentially very similar to those used to justify forcibly sterilising 80,000 Americans in the 20th century – that it is a kindness.

And what is striking is just how much support there is for such procedures among the public, and this cuts across class and political lines. (People immediately reach for the Nazi analogy whenever anything of this kind pops up, but eugenics was practiced in many, many countries and was championed by many on the centre-Left.) So could it happen again? In fact there are several reasons why eugenics may return in some form............

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In which we spend tonnes of money on false refugees but screw our pensioners and other stuff that make me see red

1) Do you know how much that boatload of fake refugees from Sri Lanka has cost Canadian taxpayers? Come on... take a guess. Could it be 2 M or 5 M or 10 Mil or .....

2) Would you have thought that refugees claiming to be refugees and arriving on the shores of Canada, would be able to pay up to 30K to the human smugglers?

4) Murdering 12 yr old  taliban. Will he be able to  perform on all those 72 virgins, at his age ?

5) With such dumbnuts in charge of intelligence gathering in the USA, you can expect them to keep making colossal mistakes in their foreign policies.

In which Sarah Palin hires a COS and other stuff that give me hope

1) Millions of Palin supporters are hopeful that this move is a sign of good things to come.

2) Daniel Hannan, one of UK's stalwarts wants his govt to withdraw from the EU's convention on HRs. Those virus-laden organizations are as plague-ridden  over there in the EU as they are over here in Canada.

3) Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney is proving to be pretty outspoken and that's definitely a good thing.  Looks like he is getting over the "politically correct" virus.                    via: CIR

4) At long last a debate on multiculturalism? Hmmmm It sure is a hot topic. The Globe&Mail's article has generated over 2000 comments proving it to be so.             via; CIR

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Montreal overtakes Toronto.... do I have to tell you in what?

Good going Quebec. Please keep it up and take some of our beloved ones from Ontario to your liberal province, pretty please.

1) ,,,,Aymar Mboula Lebala, 32, was arrested on Jan. 19 and police say they have reason to believe he may have victimized several women over the past several months.

"To attract his victims, the suspect used websites where you can post small classified advertisements ... and posted several job openings," said a release issued Wednesday by Montreal police. "He said he was looking for waitresses for private parties and offered to pay between $17 and $20 an hour.".....

2) If you are into crime... nothing can stop you coming up with amazing illegal ideas on how to make money without having to work for it. Montreal's Yasmine Auto had a good racket going until they got caught.

3) No, we don't have any terrorist activities going on in Canada. No sirreeee!!   No !!! Maybe, they are only confined to Quebec and they might hopefully say their long awaited goodbyes to the rest of Canada... when? that is the question.  You better believe that Canada is as innocent as a new born babe when it comes to terrorism. Why? you ask? Because The Toronto Star tells you that, the state-funded CBC tells you that, CTV tells you that, The Globe and Mail tells you that, every nimcompoop from the NDP party living in the gaga googa land of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds tells you that.... so you better believe it if you know what's good for you.

Algeria and Yemen maybe next ? Trouble brewing in Pakistan... but that's nothing new !!

Looks like 2011 is turning out to be a "year of revolutions" in the moslem world.   I am waiting anxiously for modernized Saudi Arabians to get rid of their mullahs and their royal pisspots and also for a revival of the Iranian uprising.  Please go do it and by so doing you will do the world a big favor.  
In Algeria, demostrations have been going on for the last so many days but were eclipse by the Egyptian roars:

In Yemen: .... Government supporters armed with traditional knives and batons broke up a pro-democracy march on Saturday by 2,000 Yemenis inspired by the Egyptian uprising.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, trying to ward off protests spreading across the Arab world, has promised to step down when his term ends in 2013, but the opposition has yet to respond to his call to join a unity government. The opposition wants talks to take place under Western or Gulf Arab auspices.....

And, could this be the start of "something" in the earth's cancerous tumour of Pakistan?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Only in Canada .... a deadly madness known as the CHRTs

It's more like a disease... a horribly deadly one.  If you are wondering how such miscarriages of justice are going on in Canada right under the nose of a Conservative Govt... stop wondering. We don't have a conservative govt in Canada. Our singing sensation of a Prime Minister has become more liberal than a flaming liberal and has given the CHRTs  a  free rein to wield their dictatorship on every Canadian they feel like whipping to the very bone.

Below is more that follows up on this that was posted a few days ago.

via: CIR
A Mississauga businesswoman whose home was ordered seized to pay an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal award to a former employee can keep her house — for now.

The Superior Court struck down the “fatally flawed” decision as so unfair to defendant Maxcine Telfer — who represented herself in the hearing — that it was “simply not possible to logically follow the pathway taken by the adjudicator.”

That October 2009 decision ordered Telfer to pay $36,000 to a woman who had been her employee for six weeks. Lawyers wanted the sheriff to seize and sell Telfer’s home to collect the money.....

Quebec's Con.MP introduces Bill which should have been made into a Law .....

long, long, long, long, long. long, long, long, long time ago.  Even after all that's happening with the cavemen and their creed,  the opposition parties will sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth ... before making a decision, and criticism is  already being aired by the usual suspects.  Did we really vote for these people to make the right decisions on our behalf?   Woe is us.

This combination of pictures shows Muslim women wearing various type of Islamic veils, a hijab (top left), a niqab (top right) a tchador (down left) and a burqa (head-to-toe veil).

A Quebec Conservative MP introduced a private member's bill Friday that would require Canadians to show their faces before they vote, reviving a debate first sparked more than three years ago.

Steven Blaney, who represents the Quebec riding of Levis-Bellechasse, said the bill would fix a "gap" in the electoral system and is not meant to discriminate against religious groups, such as Muslims. "For me it is important that we all share this transparency," he said.

"We are all proud to live in this country, we are all proud to share (its) basic principles. I think one of these basic principles is transparency through our election and democratic process, so that's why I'm presenting this bill and it is applying to everybody and treating everybody in the same way."..............

Breaking Wind ... wind-energy broken .... at least for now

In Ontario, some are beginning to see the beginning of some sense.

Once the jewel in its green energy eye, Ontario's Liberal government turned its back Friday on offshore wind energy, announcing an end to all projects until further scientific research is conducted.

Government officials said the decision was made to further investigate impacts on human health and damage to the natural habitat.

“Offshore wind on freshwater lakes is a recent concept that requires a cautious approach until the science of environmental impact is clear,” Environment Minister John Wilkinson said in a release.............

Ariana Huffington ...huffing and puffing under the weight ....

of lotta moolah. Does anyone find it strange that the richest slime around like this woman and Soros and several others are filthy rich and yet their employees are paid peanuts. However, all these filthy rich will be found at any and all charity functions and you will read headlines about them donating for this and that .... and those headlines are to be found in the media owned by the slimy ones.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

French Prez joins the chorus

Multiculturalism ( always read that as moslems) fails in Germany, fails in UK, fails in France .... but only a few have the cojones to admit it. Immigrants from other cultures have integrated and assimilated with the new country and it's people...but not the moslems and they never will.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

"My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups.

"Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want... a society where communities coexist side by side."

"If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France," the right-wing president said.

"We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him," Sarkozy said in the TFI channel show..........

In which we could have a World without oil, kids would be chopping off hands and dimwitted dhimmis try debating

1) Nothing lasts forever.... not even Saudi Arabia's dirty oil. WikiLeaks leaks yet another bombshell. The only hope for the USA and all countries depending on oil, is Canada's Oil Sands of Alberta. Peak Oil Report The UK is preparing for the soon to be depleted commodity.                          h/t: MF

2) Homeland Security issues warning about terror threat at it's highest.                 h/t: Lynn

3) Daniel Pipes in National Post's FullComment

4) Want to see a lame response from a dhimmi?  Hard to believe we have so many of these totally emptyheaded dumbnuts all around us. Logan's Warning blogger writes to the only non-muslim employee of the taqiyya experts organization of the Ground Zero mosque and gets a response from a dhimmi with a Christian-Jewish background.

5) Republican Congressman with Liberal values trolls Craigslist ads looking for women. And, he's a married man !! Conservativism is not what it used to be.... not any more.                   via: Drudge

6) Hahahahahah The MSM just cannot do without going after Palin ...and that too errorneously as usual.

7) Wanna know how to teach kids to chop off hands of those who do not abide by the cavemen's creed ? Kids in UK schools  can grab that very, very important knowledge that all kids should be made aware of.

8) If given a choice, would you pick to be born a prince, shamelessly rich or someone with a brain? The Prince of Wales got the first two but unfortunately not the most important of the three. Dumb, dumb, dumb eco-nut.    I hope the Queen of England lives to a very, very, very, very ripe old age.  Why does madness run in royal families more often than not.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egypt .... going, going..... almost gone ... to the cavemen

From day one of the Egyptian revolution many of us knew that.... didn't we ?   These kind of predictions are so easy to make. Obama and Hillary Clinton must be so pleased with their foreign policy decisions.  Egypt will  further explode into a civil war because there will be million of Egyptians who will not give up and give in to the cavemen who are anxiously waiting like hyenas to bring about  their version of  hell.

There are rumors that the terrorist wing of the Muslim Brotherhood the dreaded Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya   will be involved in the formation of the new govt in Egypt.

This is from a study on this deadly group that was done in 2002 by the Centre for Defence Information (CDI) ....An offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya originally sought the overthrow of Egypt's secular regime and the creation of an Islamic state. However, unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, its members believe only in violent jihad with no room for diplomatic compromise. In recent years they have expanded their targets to include U.S. and allied interests abroad.

Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya formally organized in 1973 in the Upper Nile regions of Al-Minya, Asyu't, Qina, and Sohaj. At first, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat gave the group's members free reign, covertly supplying them with arms with which to defend themselves against potential attacks by Marxists or Nasserites. Quickly, they gained strong support among the university populations in both Cairo and Alexandria......

If these cavemen get any say in the future of Egypt, do you see a prosperous future for Egypt or more cave dwellings ?

Forgery Factory raided in Virginia

Now, that makes me wonder where the Canadian one is hiding. There gotta be one over here too.... let's hope that   CSIS and those who should be looking into such things over here in Canada are hip with what's going on down south.  One should never give undue credit to these policing organizations and expect them to do their work because as is crystal clear with  each passing day, the world's caretakers are becoming more and more dhimmi  every given second.

I was sent information about two news reports from a number of my friends, including a former colleague who worked with me at the INS. The news reports appeared in the Loudoun Times and the Loudoun Daily Monitor on February 4th and are important on a couple of levels.

First of all the news is significant because it provides some details about an apparently successful investigation that was conducted by local law enforcement investigators in Virginia that has resulted in the identification and the subsequent shutting down of a document mill. Document mills produce various documents that can be used to provide individuals with documentation that would enable them to create false identities for themselves. The issue of the creation of false identities is of extreme importance because the only folks who would want to alter their identities are individuals who have reasons to attempt to conceal their true identities............

Hard earned tax dollars gurgle down the drain ... courtesy your elected officers

Happy ?

$5,000 from city taxes on a haiku poetry-writing contest about the joys of riding the bus;
Former head of the public transit commission blew $2,400 on taxi chits;
City council spent $1.3 million of tax dollars to try get a Michael Jackson tribute concert to come to their town;
Thousands of dollars spent building a “fake lake” ;
$85,000 spent on  glow sticks;
$300,000 for sunscreen and bug spray and;
$17,000 for golf shirts.

Sweet !!!     Everybody and his uncle are so generous when it comes to spending other people's money.

Monday, February 7, 2011

On Hunting for cyanide, Tamils the new Palis of Toronto and moi places a bet on Egypt falling into cavemen hands

1) Cyanide anyone? He could be just an Agatha Christie fan. via: CIR

2) Don't bring your problems to Canada. Tamils as street walkers ... so what else is new! These people are fast becoming like the palestinians.... bitching and whining all over Canada.  What exactly do these idiots want the Canadian govt to do on their behalf?  Do they want us to go invade the country they have escaped from?  What refuse kind of refugees is Canada getting these days?                      CIR

3) Prepare for the worst ... viz Egypt.                         h/t: Stephen

4) Egypt's going to the cavemen. I am betting on it. PewGlobal research will show how safe my bet happens to be.          h/t: Stephen

5) Clueless on Egypt.

6) 11 Christians murdered by cavemen in Egypt. The scummy ones gained access to the Christian Coptic houses through the roofs.    Also, a church bombed in Egypt and wait and see how such incidents will accelerate as the cavemen in Egypt  get rid of the shackles that the Mubarak govt tried to keep on the mad hordes there.

EDL getting stronger

There's hope for England  now.

Canadian HRTs are flipping madhouses

Hard to believe that the Human Rights Tribunals in Canada have decision makers, that truth be told, should be strapped in strait jackets and locked up in loony bins way out somewhere at the north pole. These people are so out of touch and living in some Disneyland of their own making and are simply not fit to live and breathe in normal society.

....The case was heard by tribunal vice-chair Faisal Bhabha, who found in favour of Ms. Saadi. He ruled that the company’s dress code and its policy for staff microwave use were discriminatory against her, and that the employer failed to properly accommodate her religious attire. He slapped Ms. Telfer with a whopping $36,000 fine and ordered her to take sensitivity training......

....In fact, Ms. Saadi was no helpless newcomer. A Canadian-born young woman of Bangladeshi background, she has a degree in sociology and environmental studies from York University (a good place to pick up a sharp sense of grievance along with your degree). This was her first job. Her idea of religious dress seems to have been highly individualistic. According to her boss, on the day she criticized her newest employee for dressing unprofessionally, Ms. Saadi was wearing a jingling ankle bracelet, open-toed slippers, a tight short skirt and leggings, and a self-selected head covering described as a “cap.” Perhaps not quite the ensemble in which to counsel new Canadians seeking a toehold in the workplace......

Read the whole thing and weep for the horrid turn towards a road of  loony tunes  that your country has taken. The madness we see these days, is sadly not limited and confined to the cavemen countries.... we have similar cave dwellers right here in Canada and they are found  stocked to the brim at the HRTs.

God help us.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Magnetic Polar Shifts

Very interesting read.
....Yet Yasi may only be a foretaste of future superstorms. Some climate researchers, monitoring the rapidly shifting magnetic field, are predicting superstorms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph.

Such storms would totally destroy anything they came into contact with on land......

....The Earth's northern magnetic pole was moving towards Russia at a rate of about five miles annually. That progression to the East had been happening for decades.

Suddenly, in the past decade the rate sped up. Now the magnetic pole is shifting East at a rate of 40 miles annually, an increase of 800 percent. And it continues to accelerate......

h/t: MF