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Judeo-Christian nations are paying this terrorist's salary ... enjoy the show

because  as our tax dollars are going to these  monsters, we get  to see a horror reality as it unfolds ... whether we like it or not.  Our betters have taken the decision out of our hands, so we might as well lock up our conscience and enjoy the gore.  Syria is our enemy, our politicians have said so  ... and ours is not to question why.  Obey and be damned.

from Reuters:
 New footage posted     on the Internet appears to have been filmed by a Syrian rebel who points the camera along the barrel of his gun as he shoots 10 unarmed prisoners.

The video, posted on YouTube on Thursday, shows 10 men wearing t-shirts and camouflage trousers lying face down next to a building and a lookout tower. Even before the shooting, two of the men are not moving and one has blood coming from his torso.

"I swear to God that we are peaceful," begs one of the men to the camera, which is being held by the gunman. Cowering, the man gets up to plead with rebels. As he approaches a rebel off-screen, a shot is heard and he returns holding his bloodied arm.

The cameraman then points the camera along the barrel of his Kalashnikov assault rifle as he shoots the men.
"God is great. Jabhat al-Nusra," he says, referring to the secretive al-Nusra Front, an Islamist rebel unit linked to al Qaeda that has claimed responsibility for several suicide bomb attacks around the country...........

Another attack on Christmas = Christians .... in a supposedly "Democratic" and "Judeo-Christian" Canada

The first was at Shoppers Drug Mart.  

Now, we have reports of the usual whiners and atheists showing how intolerant they have become of those who celebrate Christmas in Guelph, Ontario.  As you can see from this incident as well as what happened at SDM,  Christians keep showing their yellow streak.  When will they learn to fight back ????  Bullies only understand other bullies ... making like a coward invites more bullying.

  ....There’s no room    for a nativity scene at the mall.

After a decade of being part of the Stone Road Mall’s seasonal ornamentation, an elaborate plaster scene depicting the birth of Jesus Christ and the attending wise men, camels and angel, has been pulled from the mall’s festive season decorations. The mall’s general manager says it is a simple business decision related to space.

But the decision has ignited outrage, petitioning, and a call to boycott Guelph’s largest shopping centre. Representatives from a number of churches have inundated the mall’s management with messages decrying the decision to remove what is universally accepted as a central symbol of Christmas.

There is a place for a nativity scene in a shopping mall, many opponents of the decision said, especially given that the meaning and spirit of Christmas are what drive gift giving, and therefore shopping, at this time of year.

“Our decision was strictly a business decision,” said Tony Stapley, Stone Road Mall’s general manager.........

This is one of the reasons why atheism is growing

If it's only symbolic as some of the milder bozos in the priesthood say it is .... then why not say that the act is for showering graces to give one peace and tranquility instead of pretending (or with the prime nuts .... really believing it to be so) to drive away the devil???   I do realize that exorcism seems to be an inexpensive way for the poor Christians around  the world  to save the  fees one would otherwise have to pay  headshrinkers .... but still !!         **sigh**

The Catholic Church has established    an exorcist hotline in Milan, its biggest diocese, to cope with demand. Monsignor Angelo Mascheroni, the diocese’s chief exorcist since 1995, said the curia had also appointed twice as many exorcists to cope with a doubling in the number of requests for help over 15 years.

“We get many requests for names, addresses and phone numbers; that’s why we’ve set up a switchboard in the curia from Monday to Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm,” he told the chiesadimilano website.

“People in need can call and will be able to find a priest in the same area who doesn’t have to travel too far.” And to that end, the number of demon-busting priests on call has increased from six to 12.

The Monsignor said he knew of one exorcist who had been seeing up to 120 people a day. “But with so little time per client he was only able to offer a quick blessing. That’s not enough,” he said. ”There should be two to four appointments a day, no more, otherwise it’s too much.”...

Justice in Canada fails to Respect Democracy: More on the continuing saga of how an unelected judge played into the hands of the rabid Left in Toronto and ruled to turf our mayor from a mandate that we the 383501 Toronto voters had voted him to

Please visit  RESPECT DEMOCRACY and sign your support   here.

Lots of noise today about Injustice Charles Hackland trying to clarify his ruling and saying Rob Ford can stand as a candidate in a by-election.  We the voters don't want clarifications, we want a total and complete repeal of the ruling.

We don't want a by-election.  Why and for  what  do we need one?   Do we have millions of dollars to spare for a by-election which is a total waste because we know what the outcome will be ?  We have already cast our vote 2 years ago in an  election for a mayor and that incumbent is in his office and we the voters  expect him to continue to hold that  office until 2014.  No  judge who is disrespectful of voters rights and disrespectful of  Democracy itself  can deprive us of  what is rightfully ours.  Our chosen mayor is Rob Ford and he will  hold that mandate until the time comes around for the next mayoral race.  

Part THREE: What some of the 383501 Torontonians who voted for Rob Ford to take on the mandate as the mayor of their city are saying on how the Left is trying to sabotage our right to continue to enjoy the fruits of labor as given to us by the person we have voted to office.

What is going on at the commie TorontoStar ???   I visited them after a very long time to see how loud they were crowing about  Injustice Charles Hackland's ruling and although I found an item gloating about it, I found very few of the usual rabid lefties who dwell on the TorontoStar premises.  My jaw kept dropping to the floor with the kind of comments I found there.  What a pleasant surprise to see that the disenfranchised voters in Toronto are letting out their anger at the scum who has conspired against this rarest of  human beings....a good and honest politician.

Daniel Dale wrote this gloating article and I bet he and others at the TorontoStar were not expecting all the kicks they got from Torontonians. There are hundreds of  more comments of similar vein at the link.
In the wake of Mayor Rob Ford’s     stunning ouster from office on Monday, someone started a “Thank You Paul Magder” group on Facebook.The group would have more aptly been called Thank You Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler.Magder, a businessman, was the Average Joe face of the lawsuit that brought Ford down. Celebrated lawyer Clayton Ruby tried the case pro bono. But it was Chaleff-Freudenthaler — labour relations professional, Ryerson student, near-lifelong left-leaning activist, canny observer of City Hall procedure, 28 years old on Wednesday — who set the wheels in motion from the shadows.....

Some of the comments to the article:

scarborough miner  You guys all disgust me Ford was the first descent mayor Toronto has had. Scarborough has been getting ripped off by these former mayors when we were promised a subway when we joined the rest of Toronto. How about the cousellor who spent 12 grand on his retirement party or Adam G. who used tax payer money to take a cab to city hall so he could cheat on his girl friend on his couch on city hall. The only thing Ford did was he cared for city youth who arn't as privalged as people like Hackland. Perhaps he took offence to that which resulted in his ruling. How disgusting. I refuse to tell people I'm from Toronto anymore.

CanCrit  Nothing to be Proud of    This guy proves only that politically-based litigation is appalling and is no basis on which to seek to (let alone actually) remove a mayor. Why hide behind an "average Joe" rather than admit your Anti-Ford downtown Millerite agenda? And what Ryerson student can pay Clayton Ruby's fees? And why is the Star gloating over this manufactured conflict?

JERKY   Ford is the latest victim of a person standing between the left and their entitalments.Do you believe this vacant stare even understands the millions he just cost the poor or the fact that he helped oust the only politician who's aim was to return the city to solvency, not a chance ,you see a man who's only concern is the gravy train be continued so the lefts snout can remain firmly in the trough.

BR    So in other words this was definitely a left wing conspiracy of those who where unhappy with a democratically elected representative.

mudder   Explain how this is a good thing? The city is without a Mayor, the Left Leaning folk have cost the city another 7 Million of tax payer money, and we will go further in debt with socialist ideals. The city of Toronto was being run very well by Ford and his staff. Self righteous activists should be be ashamed of themselves for costing us more money because of a grudge. He may have had his flaws but his business sense was brilliant.

967PontiacGTO  It's a bad law that allows a few malcontents to disenfranchise people who voted for Rob Ford......over money raised for a boys football team. The law was probably aimed to address politicians with secret business interests from voting on contracts that would benefit those interests. Nothing of the sort happened here. The debate and vote were all out in the open, and it was about money raised for what was essentially a charitable purpose. The law should be tossed out, not Rob Ford.

Greenteadrinker  Good for you Adam, put this on your resume, you cost Toronto more than 20 million , waste  You fools, you undermined a leader for all the wrong reasons. Toronto cannot afford your welfare demands, so you undermine the leaders. How stupid. YOu left wing nanny state unions can do damage, no doubt about it, but can you work, can you add value to a province? City? No, you just take, take and do damage. You think proud? You hurt your city measurably you fools. Point blank fools. Idiots.

LIBERAL LEECHES  Rob Ford for Premier of Ontario.  Thank you Adam, NDP and Government Unions for obstructing  Democracy and ignoring  the taxpayers who still believe that they have rights to choose and vote for mayor.

-Sn   "Ford and Ford alone stood in that room and cast his vote, take responsibility!" Yes, that is true. It is also true that at no time did Rob Ford hide.
It is true that nothing secret occured and that everyone was well aware as it unfolded. It's also true that Ford's vote made no difference. Further, it's true that "repayment" is really not the city's business because the parties involved gave and did not want it back (it wasn't city money). But mostly it's true that this is not appropriate scale punishment, and it's not a cue to change direction

coolcanuc   This is proof that it was in fact a witch hunt by the left. Somehow the left in this country have become so entitled that democracy only works when it is in their favour, otherwise it is not convenient.

vishalrye  Karma   It is honestly very sad to see Rob Ford being kicked out of office. After a judge's decision he is being kicked out, the voters wanted him in office for FOUR years; he has no right to kick him out. Left wingers have always been part of MANY scandals, have they been kicked out of office? NO! The voters decide! Especially after Ford did this for kids and not for himself? You gotta be kidding me...

Chris Duncan  A crime of caring for underpriviledged youth. So if helping and caring for disadvantaged youth is now a crime I guess leftists and special interest groups will have to bring most of Toronto to court. Compassion for others should not be attacked just because of the political leanings of those giving the gift. Attacking someone for caring is attacking all of us. This court case was purely a political move by the left. Shame on you all.

kevinbrown   So Ford was right after-all - this was a left wing conspiracy. Was Judge Hackland aware that Adam Chaleff Freudenthaler - a man with a history of attacking Ford for political reasons - was the REAL force behind this lawsuit? Was Judge Hackland aware that this was not a lawsuit brought forward by a "concerned citizen" but that Madger was used as a proxy for Chaleff-Freudenthaler a person with ties to David Miller?

Elbee56   Pot calling the kettle black  The left-wingers are totally out of control, not to mention out of their minds. Where were they when Kyle Rae spent $12,000 of taxpayer money to throw himself a retirement party at the Rosewater Supper Club? If that isn't corruption, I don't know what is. Joe Mihevic thinks Chaleff-Freudenthaler will be remembered as a hero. I've got news for you Joe... he won't be remembered at all.

Sn Third time trying to make a point...Why is this the first we are hearing of this guys involvment? Why did he not bring the complaint forward? Why the need for Madger (third party). And being as he stayed "in the shadows" why is he being spotlighted here. Heros don't hide snakes do. Funny, Ford's conflict was far more up front and transparent than the tactics used to nail him for it.

johnner26  So if I understand correctly... because Rob Ford improperly accepted $3,150 to his football foundation and voted to excuse himself of the obligation Toronto is willing to pay $7 million for a by-election? How does that make sense? Are any of the people behind the complaint going to benefit financially if a by-election is held? If so isn't isn't that a much bigger conflict of interest that will cost the city a lot more?

The Right Choice  procedure procedure  Sometimes procedures are wrong. Sometimes common sense is required. A sledgehammer of a law should be set aside when it makes no sense. Even the judge recommended in his statement that the law should be changed to reflect commonsense

alpha_1 The left should be deeply ashamed. Make no mistake, Mayor Ford will be sorely missed.

Interceptor  Yep This thing reeks of political partisanship The judge was blind not to see it. This Adam Whats-hisname should have his butt hauled up in front of the appeal judges, if I was Rob I wouldn't settle for less.

mark333  What? Torontians voted in favor a mayor who did exactly what Rob has done, "cut the fat out of our local government" yet he is so hated?

a1965o  Hence the conspiracy theory that has a ring of truth! We knew magder wasn't doing a 'good" deed for mankind in Toronto - he had someone behind him - and it was a leftover miller fan who from day one couldn't stand ford - really he should be doing something more worthwhile with his life - maybe help the homeless? We know he won't become mayor because he won't win.....

NoNameBrand Sounds like sour grapes to me Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler. Now, go raise some money to replace the millions spent on lawyers and the millions more that will be spent to elect a new mayor.  I would like to know who is behind financing this travesty you created.

SilObserver Did you prove Mr Ford have got any benefit from the donation or the football foundation ? Yes or no is the main point to classify you have the merit or not. If you claim he voted for any issue with his own financial interest, you might sue all the city councilors sitting inside the city hall also. Why ?

Charles Adler on our so called "Justice" in the case of Mayor Rob Ford and others

Part 2 here talking to Sue-Ann Levy

Part TWO: What some of the 383501 Torontonians who voted for Rob Ford to take on the mandate as the mayor of their city are saying on how the Left is trying to sabotage our right to continue to enjoy the fruits of labor as given to us by the person we have voted to office.

The entire stuff below is what  I myself,  as someone who voted for Rob Ford. is saying:

One more name to add to the gang of far-left in Toronto, a far left that is filled to the brim with some of the leftest  Left from the Canadian Jewish community.  Besides Paul Magder and Clayton Ruby  we have a Adam Chaleff-Freundenthaler.

Toronto is a city bustling with fairly new immigrants from China, India,  South Korea,  Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh,  Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, the Middle East and countries from that region.  Almost all these immigrants have arrived here on family status.  Almost all these countries (exception is the Caribbean) believe in strict family values .... meaning marriage +  children not children without marriage.  A heavy percentage of the immigrant communities are also anti-abortion and anti-gay.  To almost all the immigrants, religion is very important.  The main religions of the new immigrants:  Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Two years ago, when Rob Ford won the mayoral race by an impressive margin, the Left was very much surprised.  They never expected someone who didn't look like a model,  someone who was not very articulate, someone who was a bad dresser, someone who was far too fat ... had won.   And, had won by more than 90,000 votes.  What they failed to understand, and still don't and never will .... is so simple that it is apparent to only those of us who believe in true family values.... and never to those who think family values don't matter in elections.  Rob Ford's opponent  was George Smitherman, a gay man married to  another man and they had an  adopted child and the media in Toronto  was full of  sugary stories about this  "family" and went to all pains to tell us how natural  this was.   The immigrant voters didn't think so. That and the fact that Rob Ford was a "family man"  in the true sense of the word and he spoke in  bursts of  short  fast sentences like did the immigrants, endeared this man to all of us... and still do very much.

The Left never forgave nor forgot what they thought was their rightful right.... the right to have George Smitherman the gay guy as a mayor of this immigrant city.   They can't understand how and why the city's demographics have changed all of a sudden and changed against them.  If a horribly failed Liberal premier of Ontario in the person of Dalton McGuinty can get the immigrant vote why not Smitherman.  Dear Lefties ... Smitherman is not only gay, he is also Jewish.  Most Muslims, even if many of them tend towards the Left, they would still think more than twice before voting  for  a Jewish man .  For the other religious immigrants, the "gay" thing would surely stand in the way.

From day one of Rob Ford taking on the mantle as the  Mayor of Toronto,  the supporters of Smitherman and the far left have gone on the attack against one of the best mayors this city has ever had.   They think they have succeeded to boot him out of the office to which we the voters voted him to ... but they have very badly undermined the power of the immigrant vote, the changing demographics and the power of the immigrant voice in the city of Toronto.

Mayor Rob Ford said that what's happening to him is  a Left-wing conspiracy.   I will go further, because I am an immigrant who is immune to the dreaded disease of political correctness which is ravaging the West, and call this what it is:  This is a Canadian-Jewish Left-wing conspiracy....let's not make any bones about that glaring fact.

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Nigerian Christians being slaughtered. So what?!! Who gives a fig !!

 The Judeo-Christian nations have better fish to fry through the Islamist terrorist gangs ....Christians in Syria.  They taste a lot better because the bombs killing them are made from spices grown and packed in Judeo-Christian countries... and they are cooked by better chefs too,  Judeo-Christian funded Islamists.  Yummy !!

The national leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN,    yesterday in Awka berated Southern governors over their continued silence on the constant killing of Christians in the North by the Boko Haran Islamist sect.

According to CAN, it is time for the Southern governors to confront their Northern counterparts on the issue.

CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in an emotion-laden address he delivered at the opening ceremony of the National Executive Committee, NEC, of CAN in Awka, described as improper a situation where Southern Nigerian leaders, especially the governors, had continued to shy away from the issue of Boko Haran insurgency in Nigeria when innocent people were being massacred on a daily basis.

Pastor Oritsejafor's call came as Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State advised Christians in the South to block all Government Houses to force the governors to do something without further delay.

Pastor Oritsejafor said: "Those of us who receive daily distress calls from relations of victims of the sect members and our men on ground know how it feels.

"Since July 26, 2009, when the sect members had their first clash with security agencies in Bauchi till today, Nigerians and in particular, Christians, have been subjected to all sorts of harm.

"The barbaric activity of the sect is the reason why I am calling on the governors of the 17 Southern states to come together to hold periodic meetings where issues affecting their people as they concern Boko Haram, would be tackled."

What some of the 383501 Torontonians who voted for Rob Ford to take on the mandate as the mayor of their city are saying on how the Left is trying to sabotage our right to continue to enjoy the fruits of labor as given to us by the person we have voted to office. Part ONE

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with  a neighbour of mine who I believe is a  4th or 5th generation Canadian "always proud Lib voters" as he says  ... and he said something which might turn out to be truly prophetic.  He said:  "I can see that Rob Ford is liked a lot by the new immigrants to this city like yourself.... Harper should consider making him run for the Premiership of Ontario. Scary, he would win too because of  the Toronto and Mississauga immigrant vote."   Wow ... just wow !!  Imagine that .... woweeeeee !!  Think about that folks !!  Hope some lefties will fall to the floor with that thought.

Oh, by the way .... Injustice Charles Hackland was originally appointed by a crony of  Chrétien's and his latest mandate to the Superior Court of  Ontario is through the Harper appointed Governor General.  So  ... the disenfranchised 383501 voters in Toronto should now also distribute some of the blame on the Harper govt. for empowering  a judge appointed by them to burn our votes to ashes.
The following  comments are gleaned from  Christie Blatchford's article at National Post titled: Controversy grows over why  judge took ‘nuclear’ option in Rob Ford ruling.
 Many of the comments are in reply to previous comments which time does not allow me to post in full ... however,  you will get a picture of  how we the voters who elected Rob Ford to the title of His Worship  Mayor of Toronto  are feeling today and how totally mad we are growing with this situation as come a new day and we  see more and more names and history of those who plotted and planned and executed this manipulative, vile, disgusting chain of events and a judge who played into their hands.... I suspect, willingly.

TOdowntowner       So was it wrong for the Integrity Commissioner to ignore the complaints filed about Councillor Kyle Rae in using $12,000 of public money to pay for a retirement party for himself? He knew it was wrong and publicly stated so, but did it anyway. Sandra Bussin used tax dollars to pay for uniforms for sports teams in her constituency that bore her name on them. That too is against the rules but nothing was done. These were PURPOSELY done and publicly flaunted yet they got away with it.
This shows that what was done to Ford was politically motivated by the Integrity Commissioner and friends of certain councillors. I am certain that if we look further into councillors actions and activities we will find a lot of misdoing by them that go against the rules but are constantly ignored.

Fred_001     Yes - this is the point that seems to be lost in all the posturing and wailing. This circus is a sad sad commentary on the state of politics in Toronto - perhaps even in general.
Try to imagine a similar scenario in normal life. Employee Bob sends out a call for donations to fellow employees on compnay letterhead. In a normal, rational world, the boss calls him in and says "Bob, please don't use company letterhead for personal projects. Here's five bucks for your charity.", and it's over.
Only in the vicious, petty world of politics does any little transgression become inflated up ever escalating levels into an assault on democracy itself that must be sanctioned with extreme prejudice in a court.
And while the dogs tear at each other's necks, the real business they were given stewardship of goes untended. The people of Toronto should be up in arms at the priorities of some people.

dismayed71     All lot of fuss over the petty vindictiveness of one voter I don't see much integrity in Clayton Ruby acting pro bono for a small minded downtown resident. The MCIA was never meant to deal with such an issue.
Can someone explain why councillors are allowed to spend public money on a retirement party ? Surely a councillor voting for a budget which provides for the spending of public money on a personal event is also in breach of the MCIA.
Time for a report from the Integrity Commissioner.

From an article at TheGlobe&Mail by Stephanie Levitz titled Federal Tories still see ally in beleagured Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Lord Athol Layton       Rob Ford stole nothing. He used the wrong letter head trying to help kids play football. Kyle Rea used public funds to throw himself a party, Jean Chretien used public funds to help his Liberal party, Joe Fontana ...nuff said. Yet its Ford who is kicked out of office. Nice one lefties. Well done. You've accomplished what you set out to do. Democracy has been bypassed. Ignore the will of the people who gave Ford a 4 year mandate. Obviously you know better. Democracy means nothing to the left. Its all fine and good as long as its a left wing politician in power. When a right leaning politician wins they will plot and conspire to rid him. They cant get to Harper because he's to smart for them. Unfortunatly Ford is not.

keating gun     This story fails to mention that Mayor Ford apparently has the full support of provincial conservatives who will move toward:
1) subways over LRTs, and
2. amending the Municipal Conflicts Act so that it cannot ensnare innocents if elected early in 2013.
Given that Torontonians really want subways, and are fed up with Liberal mis-spending, plus the fact that provincial Conservatives dominated ridings outside of Toronto in the last election, they are a good bet to win the next one, these are key considerations.

pokey46    I really hope this backdoor method of attaining power and subverting the electorate does not become a trend with the left whining class.

Echad     We let you rob the province blind, with your democratic vote
We let you tear down power plants and all kinds of crime, 191 million fraud bill!
Then we let you go back in power for a 2nd run at killing Canadians off!
Then you hammer a charity for donating 3K
And take out a democratically elected mayor!

Further on what Injustice Charles Hackland did on Monday, November 26, 2012 when he hacked to bits the votes of 383501 Torontonians who voted for His Worship Rob Ford

Sue-Ann Levy ... bless her heart !!  I take back what I said about lesbos being usually ugly.  Levy is beautiful ... both inside and out.  Yesterday she appeared on TheArena with Michael Coren and something she said struck the right chord with me because that speaks so loud for Mayor Rob Ford's character.  She said Rob Ford  "is somewhat naive. He thinks everybody has the standards and the  integrity that he has and these people don't..."   By "these people" she meant his enemies.  That about sums up the difference between a good, honest person and a vile, manipulative, conniving leftie.

Sue-Ann Levy writing at Straighttalk in September 2012:
In his best imitation of a civil rights lawyer yet, The Great Man told court Thursday Mayor Rob Ford "wilfully" and "defiantly" disrespected the municipal conflict of interest rules during a council meeting back in February.
Clayton Ruby - in a rambling, repetitive submission that reeked of an almost visceral disdain for the mayor - said Ford's participation in a vote to rescind a 2010 council decision ordering him to repay $3,150 in donations to his kids football foundation is "part of a pattern of deliberate indifference.
"This man thinks he can do what he wants when he wants without regards to the rules," contended the Great Man, while Ford sat there stone-faced.
In fact, The Great Man puffed, the mayor admitted in his testimony that he speaks to everyone he meets about his football foundation - and even went so far as to solicit a donation from him, Clayton Ruby, when he gave his initial testimony on June 28.
Ford's lawyer, Alan Lenczner, reminded Ruby that it was he, not Ford, who invited him to donate.
But that little interlude speaks to character. Ruby's not Ford's.
Why not give just $100 and be a mensch? After all, it probably represents about one-seventh of his hourly rate.
Instead he used the exchange from June 28 to score cheap political Brownie points...
... Lock up the mayor now and throw away the key - for his, uh, crimes against humanity and for being tenacious about what he believes in.
The usual suspects sat there licking their chops for two days and lusting for more - the Twitterati, the leftist bloggers, the complainant Paul Magder and his partner in crime, that Tubby Little Twerp and the union's best friend, Adam Chaleff-Freundenthaler.
If Ruby and Co. wanted to prove the mayor doesn't do his homework, doesn't understand nuance, can be awfully stubborn and that they are smarter, more articulate, wear suits better, love culture, drink wine and mingle with the A listers - they did that.
Of course we already knew that.
We know that Ford is tenacious. We know he is a lone wolf.
We know that he has mind of his own, but then so did David Miller. He was just smoother about it.
We also know that Ford has been the only mayor during my time at City Hall with the guts to take on the powerful unions.
We know that has poked the downtown crowd in the eye not just with his win over George Smitherman two years ago but with his attempts to cut off their public teat-sucking.
Long-time lawyer Gary Clewley said while there's a "kernel of legitimacy" to the case, there's no proof these guys "didn't act out of altruism.
"The money went for helmets and jock straps," he said.
Clewley said this is nothing but an effort to "unseat" Ford because they think he's vulnerable.
"This is the revenge of the Annex," he said.........
....Still, let's ask who is the greater fool?
A man who wastes $40,000 worth of court time according to Clewley (two days X $20,000) on a frivolous, vexatious case to get even with a man who doesn't fit with his elitist image of a mayor?
Or a man, who as his lawyer Lenczner so articulately stated, is "not motivated by pecuniary interest" and didn't believe the conflict of interest rules applied in this situation because his foundation has nothing to do with city business........

Rex Murphy on bangs, teases, shampoos, clipping scissors and a hairless Charter of Rights and Freedoms

At Murphy's article there's this great comment from a "gamaa":
 gamaa   The OHRC in the throes of an agonizing multicultural fracas, pitting two of  it’s pet protégés {militant Lesbians and righteous Muslims } in a tug-of-war.... Oh my ~!?!Will the wise Babes Hall, like King Solomon, call for a ‘ razor ’ sharp sword to split that precious baby in half { splitting hairs to save face } ?????

Another good one, in reply to a comment from someone who thinks the lesbo is right, we have this:
Thomson1     So when you walk into a female beauty salon and ask for a brazilian, they must oblige? Take off your clownshoes and get over yourself, defending such obvious stupidity simply demonstrates your own self-righteous incompetence.
..I knew it was a glaring gap    back on the day it all became official. Where, oh where, in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was the clause or reference dealing with the cardinal human right of Toronto women to have their hair cut by the Muslim barber of their choice?

It was not there! Not a word. The Charter was nude of any connection, any allusion or annotation: no references to bangs, teases, shampoos or styling, clippers, scissors or shaving brushes. Tonsorially, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a total hairless bust.

Thus, by great omission, did a terrible injustice creep into the world.

Has not the right to get the haircut you choose at the establishment of your insistence been a cry of the human heart since the age of the hairy — and I must say unkempt — Neanderthals? Haircuts, trims and shampoos have been a grand theme of freedom for all of us over the eons. On the lips of liberty has always been a prayer for just the right haircut from the barber of your choice. Patrick Henry’s great call — Give me a ducktail, or let me cut my own — still sends shivers up every waxed enlightened back.

Was it not the shout of the barons on the fields of Runnymede, in 1215 before the granting of the Magna Carta? “Trim the back, easy on the sides and a little off the top — or give us death!” And are not their names recorded in the ground-breaking Marie Clairol Book of Fabulous Perms and Human Rights?...............

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The continuing saga of how Canada still thinks it's a democratic land even though an unelected judge has ruled that a mayor who was elected to that office by 383501 Torontonians, is to be removed from that post

Ezra Levant on the farce going on in Toronto.

The world is on a Christian-killing spree ... shhh, that's perfectly fine ... they are expendable

Well done Judeo-Christian countries.  Keep arming the Muslim world. Keep funding their corrupt leaders with our tax money.   Who needs those lousy Christians anyway !!  The main link has a detailed listing which Ibrahim has been maintaining religiously for each month for the last so many, many months.  It's a depressing list.

Raymond Ibrahim writing at GateStoneInstitue:
Muslim Persecution of Christians September 2012  ...The aftermath of collective punishment for Pakistan's Christians—the inevitable byproduct of the notorious Rimsha Masih blasphemy case, concerning a possibly mentally challenged, 14-year-old Christian girl falsely accused of desecrating a Quran—was more dramatic than the blasphemy case itself. Indeed, knowing what was in store for them, some Christians even held a symbolic funeral procession, carrying a Christian leader in a coffin and digging a grave for the "deceased."

Their apprehension proved too true—especially after another pretext for Muslims to riot emerged: the YouTube Muhammad video. After Friday prayers, Muslims attacked, killed, and robbed the Christians in their midst, who account for a miniscule 1.5% of Pakistan's population. St. Paul's Church in Mardan was attacked by hundreds of Muslims armed with clubs and sticks. After looting and desecrating the church, they set it on fire (see picture here). Next, Muslims raided a nearby church-run school; they looted and torched it, as well, and burned down a library containing more than 3,000 Christian books. Although the library also contained thousands of books on Islam—making the Muslim mobs' actions blasphemous under Pakistan's law—"the attack continued for more than three hours, with minimal efforts by the authorities to stop it."

Separately, gunmen on motorbikes dressed in green (Islam's color) opened fire on the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral in Hyderabad ,Pakistan, where they murdered at least 28 people. Their immediate target appears to have been a nun, Mother Christina. Days later, unknown men reportedly threatened workers at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Hyderabad. "We will teach a lesson to the Christians," they said, and destroyed the hospital's windows and doors. Naeem Samuel, the bishop of Trinity Evangelical Church was assaulted, severely beaten, and injured as he exited his church.

Meanwhile, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, far from condemning such outrages, validated them by falsely accusing the Muhammad movie for all the violence—even as they exposed their double standards by refusing to denounce paintings offensive to Christians, such as "Piss Christ." The New York Times also exposed its bias by defending the anti-Christian "Piss Christ" as "art," while condemning the anti-Muslim Muhammad movie as hate-speech.

Categorized by theme, the rest of September's stories of Christian persecution around the world includes (but is not limited to) the following accounts, listed by theme and in country alphabetical order, not necessarily according to severity..........

Killing of Christians in Damascus is just minor collateral damage on way to vaporize Iran

So ... let's get it done with already !  Christians are just fodder because the idiots are so meek, mild and forever offering the other cheek for those stinging hard slaps from all and sundry.

 More than 50 people were killed   on Wednesday when a string of car bombs devastated a government-held suburb of Damascus in one of the bloodiest attacks to hit the Syrian capital since the civil war began.....
....The explosions are the fourth attack on the district over the past three months. On August 12 people died and dozens were wounded when bomb detonated at a funeral.
Jaramana has a large population of Christians and Druze, an influential minority whose faith is an offshoot of Shia Islam.....

From NewsXinhuanet China:
 ...At least 34 people    were killed and 83 other injured after four blasts rocked the Jaramana suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus earlier on Wednesday, the state- TV quoted an interior ministry source as saying.
The report said that 10 bags of human remains had been collected.
The blasts were caused by two booby-trapped cars and two explosive devices that went off in swift succession in several areas of Jaramana and left scenes of carnage and destruction...
....Jaramana, a suburb dominated by Christians and Druze, has witnessed a series of explosions over the past several months, in a sign of how the sectarian rivalries are evolving in Syria that has been engulfed with a 20-months-old bloody crisis.....

From TheHindu India:
....The state news agency,  SANA, said two cars packed with explosives detonated early in the morning in the eastern Jaramana suburb, a district that is mostly loyal to President Bashar Assad. The area is populated mostly by Christians and Druse, a minority sect....
....Wednesday’s car bombs went off in a parking lot located between two commercial buildings. They were detonated within five minutes of one another as groups of laborers and employees were arriving to work.
The blasts shattered windows in nearby buildings, littering the street with glass and debris. Human remains were scattered on the pavement amid pools of blood....
...Jaramana district has been frequently targeted in the past weeks, as the rebels push their way into the capital. Ten people were killed and 41 were injured when a car bomb exploded in the district earlier this month.....

Yet another "holier than thou" Conservative clown leaps out of the woodwork ...Ryan Doyle the dolt

Is there no end to these idiots?

First in line was Joe Warmington    piling on His Worship and the clown even remarked  "I created the monster"  .... really Warmington??? Really?? really??   Ah ...the ego !!

Now, Ryan Doyle says  his bloody piece on  TheArena with Michael Coren.   Instead of looking at ways on how to right the injustice done to our mayor, these banshees are instead piling on him.  How very disappointing.  Doyle has let the lefties push their viewpoint on him ... that makes him just a Straw Man.   Ugh !!   I have been fortunate enough never to have listened to his radio shows and given by his opinions here,  I know I didn't miss out on anything  important.   This man is an appeaser ....which in my dictionary also means a coward .....  he preferred that His Worship should have been extra careful not to step on the lefties' toes rather than be himself.  Ugh ... and double ugh !!


Injustice Charles Hackland, by ruling against our mayor, has disenfranchised 383501 Torontonians who voted for Rob Ford and by that act alone has thrown Canada into the same category as the nations where Canada sends our soldiers to bring "democracy".

Please sign the petition here to show your support for Mayor Rob Ford.   And, for those who asked ... no,  I am not the author and neither am I the initiator of this petition. It was forwarded to me by a family friend who heard someone speaking about it on CP24 (that's the CityTV).  From the vid below, we can surmise, probably rightly, that Stephen Taylor or someone from his group or connected to him .... has authored the petition.  Also, for those who asked why the cellphone # is required ... there's no need to fill that field.  The first three fields should be enough ... in fact  I would have thought just the first two fields should have been enough.

Please show your support ... we MUST.  Also send the petition on to everybody you know in Canada.  Activate yourself, activate others around you and get them to do likewise to everybody who believes in true democracy and who would like to see the injustice done by Justice Hackland to Mayor Rob Ford is not left to rot and fester any further, not only over this city but beyond it to encompass the whole of Canada.
What has happened in Toronto on Monday is nothing but a conspiracy hatched by the Left and a very vile segment of the Left.   I will continue writing on this issue until the wrong done to my vote and to the votes of my family ... is set right.  I might be a first generation immigrant ... but nobody has the right to trample on my vote.  NOBODY !!!!!!

More on the putrid Paul Magder and how the Left has disenfranchised 383501 Torontonians who voted for Rob Ford

The Left's vendetta against  the best mayor in Canada,  Rob Ford  the mayor of the city of Toronto and the Torontonians who voted for him, continues.  How can this injustice happen in a country that is supposed to be fair and just ??????

It does not matter from which angle you look at the situation, the fact is all too "in your face" that this was a conspiracy hatched by the Left to disenfranchise the citizens of Toronto from their right to choose and cast their vote  for the person of their choice to  run the city of Toronto FOR THE DURATION OF THE TENURE AND UNTIL SUCH TIME THAT THE CITIZEN VOTERS IN THEIR MAJORITY FELT THAT THE MAYOR WAS INEFFICIENT OR NOT DILIGENT IN HIS DUTIES AND FOUND IT NECESSARY TO REMOVE HIM by class action. 

It is 100% crystal clear that the putrid Paul Magder had a personal vendetta disguised as whatever saintly shit  he or his lawyer says it is,  against  the Ford family from way back when.

From NOW Toronto:
.....Magder has previously filed complaints   with the lobbyist registrar against Councillor Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, and has worked for Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, who is pursuing an audit of Rob Ford’s campaign finances.....

Sue Ann-Levy at TorontoSun:
 .....Still for Ruby  and the applicant, Paul Magder, to create a broyges (Yiddish for big f---ing deal, or war) over Ford’s earnest attempts to raise money for underprivileged football players (without using tax money!) shows not just the hypocrisy of the left, but their lack of character......

Magder admitted Monday that he volunteered on Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler’s failed campaign for school trustee in 2010. If there is one professional activist who’s had a hard time adjusting to life under Ford, it is Chaleff-Freudenthaler, who also has tight ties to another leftist has-been, Joe Mihevc.
The guy initiated an integrity complaint against Doug Ford and a compliance audit against the mayor. He lobbies councillors regularly on Twitter and makes vindictive comments like this one whenever the mood strikes him:

“As Don (Peat) would say, Good morning Toronto! RT @reporterdonpeat: Legal application filed to oust #Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.”

No doubt the snivelling leftist whiner was licking his chops when he tweeted that.

If only Ruby, or Magder (who is a VP for a Mississauga power company), would be as vigilant about acting for the “public good” and launch a similar conflict-of-interest suit against 90-year-old Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion.

After all, Hon. J. Douglas Cunningham found her in a “real and apparent conflict of interest” last October for intervening in a land deal involving a company in which her son Peter was a shareholder.

If only Ruby and Co. would have shrieked with the same self-righteous indignation during the last term of council — under King David Miller — when Kyle Rae spent an outrageous $12,000 on a party attended by all of his political, lobbyist and developer pals to fete himself.

I wish Ruby and Co. would have spoken up with the same passion in 2008 when council decided to foot the $6,381 legal bill for leftist Maria Augimeri to defend an Code of Conduct complaint — after she was found in “serious violation” of the Code.

Clayton, Clayton, Clayton. There were so many (now missed) opportunities in years gone by for you to act for the “public good.”.....

Christie Blatchford at FullComment:
 ....So, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford    has been given the boot from office because an opportunistic citizen hired a smart and politically savvy lawyer who found a club of an arcane statute with which to tie the hands of a judge who was willing to play ball.

That’s the short and dirty version of the bombshell that has dropped.
There was “absolutely no issue of corruption or pecuniary gain” on Mr. Ford’s part, Ontario Superior Court Judge Charles Hackland wrote in a decision released Monday.

In other words, this isn’t analogous to the cases involving other Canadian mayors where the allegations are about corruption or the countenancing of corruption — Joe Fontana, of London, Ont., who is facing fraud charges, and refuses to step down; Laval’s Gilles Vaillancourt, who quit earlier this month after a witness at Quebec’s corruption inquiry testified the mayor took kickbacks on all construction contracts; Montreal’s Gerald Tremblay, who resigned Nov. 6 amid accusations he had turned a blind eye to the corruption that was purportedly all around him.

To quote Judge Hackland again: Mayor Ford’s case, by comparison, “involved a modest amount of money which he endeavoured to raise for a legitimate charity [his football foundation], which is administered at arm’s length through the Community Foundation of Toronto.”.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wanna know more about the individuals who mercilessly shafted Canada's best mayor yesterday?

The main two individuals from the list (it's a mostly hidden list but I wish I could get my hands on it) who are responsible for turfing our Mayor from his office are from the Jewish community.  This begs the question:  What has our mayor done to the influential  Jewish lefty community of Toronto to warrant such a horrible vendetta on us the Torontonian voters whose rights to choose the  Mayor of  our choice  has now been trampled into the dust?

Everything in this shoddy episode smells of  the Jewish left and this will go down in the history of Toronto as such....unless a Leftish Jew is writing that history.   So ... it's not just the Muslims waging lawfare when they don't get what they want or to take revenge on an individual they don't like  .... it's the Jews too.  Live and learn, eh?!

Toronto resident, Paul Magder of the Jewish community, brought the lawsuit against the mayor.  Magder is, or used to be a furrier with a retail shop in downtown Toronto.

He was represented by Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby,  a Jewish lefty whose views on "refugees" and Canada's treatment of them is laid out in an article at the Globe&Mail   here,  an article he is credited with along with two others, and at least one of them, Bernie Farber, is known to be a leftie of  some importance.

Here's the suit    Paul Magder brought against Rob Ford on March 9, 2012.

 Here's the suit Paul Magder brought against the Province of  Ontario in 1983 to fight against the Retail Business Holiday Act (He wanted to keep his furrier business open on Sundays)
Update: (I am told that this is  a different Paul Magder and not connected to Rob Ford.)  And it sure is the case as per the below link :

Paul Magder is not as "mild mannered soft spoken" as some of the articles since yesterday are purporting him to be.  Not by a loooooonng mile.  He is well versed in filing suits, going by the evidence of  just the two above. How many more out there ?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Here's a pic of the Paul Magder who deprived us of our mayor  alongside  his lawyer Clayton Ruby.  Ruby is the one with his mouth open to catch any flies buzzing around.

Another entity involved in harrasing Rob Ford... is George Foulidis   a small businessman who brought a libel suit against the mayor, claiming that he called him  "corrupt".

Christie Blatchford, one of the very few "true" journalists in Canada has this to say about the issue at the NationalPost on Nov.14:
...And in the second,   the evidence at trial pretty convincingly showed Mr. Ford never uttered the word corrupt, didn’t know the businessman, that his obsession was with the deal in question — oh, and that George Foulidis, the maligned businessman, is sitting very pretty indeed with a genuinely controversial untendered 20-year sweetheart lease with the city that gives him exclusive rights to sell food, drink and souvenirs for the vast eastern beach. 
In the conflict-of-interest case, the lawyer pushing the complaint forward, representing a citizen reportedly pro bono, was Clay Ruby. 
In the $6-million libel trial, Mr. Foulidis had two lawyers representing him — Gary Caplan, who once represented Mr. Foulidis’s father in court, and Brian Shiller, one of Mr. Ruby’s partners. 
This stunning coincidence — that of all the law firms in this lawyer-thick city, two of the three holding Mr. Ford’s feet to the fire in the courts are from the same activist firm – was actually addressed by Mr. Shiller in his opening submission. 
“Mr. Ford’s office has made statements in the press that this case is about politics,” he said. “They have gone so far as to suggest that my law firm has some sort of agenda to attack Mayor Ford. 
“This case is not about politics, and my firm seeks to represent its client with the sole purpose of putting forward his legitimate claim. Suggestions to the contrary are nothing more than baseless rhetoric.”.............
So .... there you have it folks.  This is the kind of  stuff that we can readily find via the internet on just three of the countless lefty individuals with  fully exposed and sharpened claws who went after the mayor of the City of Toronto and in so doing also set afire and turned to ashes our votes for him.

An honest man has been turfed and the Left are blowing their horns about how "when you break the rules there's a price to be paid".  Fucking hypocrites.

As for Justice Charles Hackland who ruled that  our rightly elected mayor is given 14 days to vacant his seat ....I have no inkling whatsoever  how he had the powers to disenfranchise 383501 Torontonians  who voted Rob Ford to be our mayor .... because by doing what he did to our mayor he ruled against us too.

Justice in Canada ... Lefty-style !!

"Holier than thou" attitude of Joe Warmington

Yup ... lots of loser Conservatives like Joe Warmington in every nook and corner  and therein lie the trouble with us Conservatives.  We just don't know how to fight the Left.  We are great at criticizing and pulling down people from our own camp and burying them deeper, even deeper than the Left would in many a case.   We thrive in showing how very fair-minded we are and how very truthful and honest we are, how snow white and pure our conscience is, how sinless and honest we are ....  and when someone from our camp goes a bit awry we have to bury the bloody sinner, the horrid crook the criminal of criminals.


Show your support for Canada's favorite mayor .... Mayor Rob Ford

Don't let the Left trample on your vote which you gave Mayor Rob Ford in the Mayoral election 2 years ago.  Don't let the Left get away with this injustice done to you the voter ....YES to you.  Injustice done to Mayor Ford is injustice done to you the voter,  because make no mistake folks,  the Left removing Mayor Ford from an office that we the voters voted him to, has disrespected our vote and our rightful choice.

Add your name to the petition
which was started a few hours ago.    Please also send it on to everybody you know.  We should not sit on our hands and do nothing  .... not any more.  "Alinksy's rules for radicals" can work both ways.

 Democracy Denied!

We the people of Toronto and friends in the rest of Canada who support Rob Ford for Mayor of Toronto.

Our voice was shutdown by an activists who brought Rob Ford to court on a technicality for using the wrong letterhead to raise money for underprivileged kids sports.

Those elitist Ford haters wanted to get Ford anyway they could.

Now it's time to fight back. Let's bring Rob Ford back into the mayor's office with an even BIGGER vote margin.

Sign the pledge.


Monday, November 26, 2012

How cute! how lovely! Our terrorist allies threaten families of Syrian soldiers

I have no idea what's going on in this upside-down world of ours.  Have we all gone mad and don't know it?  The irony of Judeo-Christian nations helping set up the Caliphate is far too much to bear.   Has a school of world class magicians got together and   hypnotized all the leaders of the Judeo-Christian nations and have they all become puppets of  someone or something extremely evil ?  
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

Putin's Russia ... another victim of Saudi Arabia's spread of Wahhabism AKA Terrorism

The Creeping Sharia blog  has a list of terror attacks in Putin's Russia.  According to the blog there have been 60+ jihadi clashes in the North Caucasus where we know the once peaceful Muslims have been getting wahhabism fed to them from Saudi Arabia.  Can you blame Russia for being against Saudi Arabia and siding instead with SA's enemies, Iran and Syria???  IMO, Saudi Arabia is the most evil nation on this our good Earth and is the primary cause of every single terror of the present day  as well as from well befoe the first 9/11.

Here are just some from the first few months of  2012 ... the list goes on and on:
January 8 – Two militants and two soldiers were killed and another five soldiers were wounded in clashes in Chechnya. 
January 9 – Four soldiers and four militants have been killed and sixteen servicemen were wounded in a shootout in Chechnya
February 15 – Four servicemen have been killed in a shootout with militants in Chechnya
March 4 – Three policemen and a gunman died during an attack on a polling station in Dagestan on Sunday.
March 6 – A suicide bomber in Dagestan detonated a bomb near a police station killing at least four police.
April 28 – Two policemen were killed and one injured when a police car was blown up on Saturday just outside the town of Malgobek in Ingushetia.

The vid below is part 3 of 5.   Part 1 is here,   (part 2 has been removed by YouTube citing NationalGeographic copyrights)  4 here     and 5 here.

And, don't forget the Beslan horror  either.  Russia has suffered as much as the USA, India, UK and others .... just because we are against communism does not mean we should ignore what the Russian people are going through.

Polio raises its ugly head .... in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria

I wonder if  Jason Kenney and his department should be sued in case a Canadian  gets this deadly disease which might travel here with  the planeloads of Afghans imported  under his watch.  More importantly, are the soldiers coming back from Afghanistan getting proper screening??  Polio is one of the most contagious disease and I was under the mistaken belief  that it was completely eradicated.  I know how dangerous this disease is from a personal tragedy in the family many decades ago.  An uncle of mine who had a great promising future as a football player was struck down and died within a few months of contracting the disease.  His prized possession ... his legs,  were the first to go.

People from Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan  should not be allowed to leave their country unless they can show they have been vaccinated against polio, according to the body which monitors attempts to eradicate the disease.

A report from the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative says every time a child or adult from these three countries travels abroad, they risk carrying the polio virus with them.

Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where polio remains endemic, which means transmission of the virus has never been stopped.
There has also been a handful of polio cases in Chad this year....

Brits being trained on Syria's borders for terrorist acts inside Syria

A few homegrown terrorists of the islamic kind are enough to wreak more havoc than all the  British regiments hopelessly ridden with the dreaded disease of political correctness and  it's deadlier twin "sissified war games" in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  David Cameron must be pleased that his  home-reared terrorist boys are already doing what he would have sent the "sissified" British soldiers to do in Syria ...albeit in their thousands and all of them much less efficient in creating mayhem and bloodbaths given that their hands are tied behind their backs with those super strong "political correctness" vines.

The hate preacher,   who is banned from the UK, boasted of his military-style courses for Islamic fanatics on the lawless border with Lebanon. In a chilling interview, Bakri revealed one recruit was a computer programmer in his 20s from London, while another was an Midlands-based IT worker.

And he claimed: “Others like them will follow”.

He said: “Of the four, two of them have Syrian connections. But they are all born in UK and have professional backgrounds.

“After their training they will do their duty of jihad (holy war) in Syria and maybe Palestine.”
Bakri, 52, came to Britain in 1986 and stayed until 2005, during which time he praised the 9/11 terror attacks — and claimed £250,000 in benefits.

The Syrian-born cleric claimed to have trained “many fighters” from other countries, including Germany and France, since setting up home in Lebanon......

Toronto's all time favorite Mayor Rob Ford removed by the evil ones

Evil is triumphant in Toronto today with the judge's ruling that Mayor Rob Ford  be removed from office.

Mayor Rob Ford did not take a course at Toastmasters.   He speaks his thoughts aloud just like he would with his family and friends.  There's no pretense or Oscar winning play-acting from Mayor Ford. He has his flaws too, but unlike the evil ones, he does not hide them.  Those are just some of the reasons that the major won by a huge majority just two years ago.

Sad day for those of us who are supporters of the mayor.  I hope there will be a fresh election and I  hope the mayor will be re-elected by an even bigger majority than the first one.

From the NationalPost:
An Ontario judge has given Toronto Mayor Rob  Ford 14 days to vacate his seat.
Mr. Ford contravened the municipal conflict of interest act when he spoke and voted on a matter in which he had pecuniary interest at a city council meeting in February.

“Accordingly, I declare the seat of the respondent Robert Ford on Toronto city council, vacant,” wrote Justice Charles Hackland.

“In view of the significant mitigating circumstances surrounding the respondent’s actions …. I decline to impose any further disqualification from holding office beyond the current term.”

Given the impact on the City of Toronto, the judge ruled that “the operation of this declaration shall be suspended for a period of 14 days from the release of these reasons.”

Mr. Hackland also said the mayor’s actions were “characterized by ignorance of the law and a lack of diligence in securing professional advice” which he said amounted to “willful blindness” on the part of Mr. Ford. “In view if the respondent’s leadership role in ensuring integrity in municipal government, it is difficult to accept an error in judgment defence based essentially on a stubborn sense of entitlement (concerning his football foundation) and a dismissive and confrontational attitude to the Integrity Commissioner and the Code of Conduct,” the judge wrote in his 24 page judgment.

The ruling throws Toronto’s fractious political landscape into upheaval. The mayor’s lawyer could appeal and request a stay of the order so he can remain in office until another court rules. Otherwise, city council would declare the seat vacant and within 60 days decide whether to appoint a new mayor — and the City of Toronto Act states that anyone can apply — or hold a by-election.....

Another one who thinks his "home" is not Canada ... Mark Carney

Goodbye and hope the door spanks  him hard on his backside.  

Don't forget that this is the guy who thought that the Occupy movement  was an "understandable product of the `increase in inequality'.   Don't forget that this is the guy who has kept interest rates to almost nothing, which might be a good thing for borrowers but not for people, especially retirees, who are living off the interest from their  fixed deposits or GICs.

The good citizen and "patriotic"  Mr.Mark Carney  has gone hunting for a fucking title, just like Conrad Black.   I am telling you here and now,  within a few years this fuck will be on his knees being knighted by HRM.

From TheGuardianUK:
...The chancellor George Osborne sprang a surprise     on the City on Monday after he put Canada's central bank chief in charge of the Bank of England.

Mark Carney, the current governor of the Bank of Canada, is largely unknown outside the cloistered circles of central bankers and financial regulators, but has gained a reputation as a tough operator able to confront major banks at the heart of the financial crisis............

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ibn Warraq on how Freedom of Expression is undermined by Islam with help from the UN

I am presently reading through the works of  Ibn Warraq and am compelled to post an  article of his from early 2008 which starts off with Warraq quoting  lines from Constantine Cavafy's  poem.  The poem as well as his article will speak to many of us on so many levels:

What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?
            The barbarians are due here today.     
Why isn't anything happening in the senate?
Why do the senators sit there without legislating?
            Because the barbarians are coming today.
            What laws can the senators make now?
            Once the barbarians are here, they'll do the legislating.                          
                        Waiting for The Barbarians. Constantine Cavafy [1864-1933].

The central issue, of which we should not lose sight, of the Fitna Affair is not whether the film by Wilders is good, bad, blasphemous, or offensive to Muslims, but rather freedom of expression. Human Rights begin with freedom of thought, and expression; democracy depends on it. Sixty years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, a noble document whose articles 18 and 19 guarantee freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom of opinion and expression, Islamic countries on 28 March, 2008 managed to kill it. 

The 57 Islamic States with support from China, Russia and Cuba succeeded in forcing through an amendment to a resolution on Freedom of Expression. The UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression will now be required to report on the “abuse” of this freedom. Theo van Gogh, the Danish cartoonists and Geert Wilders, and anyone criticising Islam, or the Sharia will now be deemed to have "abused" the freedom of expression. In other words, instead of protecting freedom of expression, the amendment will now be limiting freedom of expression.

The nations that created the United Nations, and promulgated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 were committed to the concepts of equality, individual freedom and the rule of law. In the last fifteen years, the UN has been taken over by the Islamic States, whose record on human rights is abysmal, and who have a very shaky notion of what constitutes democracy, and whose allegiance is to a seventh-century worldview defined exclusively in terms of man’s duties towards Allah. The Islamic States have been supported by those nations with a hatred of the United States of America, and those countries who see their future economic and political interests as being best served by their alliances with the Islamic States. .........

Bad Company

Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock are the main guys in this 2002 action-comedy.

And in other news ... a woman touching a manatee is arrested.

If  I didn't know it was a crime,  I would have done the same.  Oh, those brave police!  How diligent they all are when it comes to arresting certain kind of "criminals" compared to another kind that really needs to be put away !

Florida police arrested a woman Saturday who had been photographed riding a manatee – a violation of the state’s Manatee Sanctuary Act, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 53, was arrested at the Sears store where she worked. She came forward in October to admit that she was the woman in the photographs, wearing a white cap, red shorts and a black bikini top as she tried to climb atop a manatee in Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas, Fla.

Garcia Gutierrez told authorities that she was new to the area and didn’t know that touching a manatee – also known as a sea cow – was against the law.....

Iran says "up yours" to the world

Let's not be disillusional enough to think that it's only Iran doing the dirty.  The executions, false arrests, imprisonment without trial, rape and torture are going on unabated in each and every Muslim country.  However, at this particular point in our planet's history, as we are focused on only Shiite misdeeds, then the obvious crook is of course Iran.  Our glorious press will let you be made aware of only the "atrocities" going on in Iran and Syria at the hands of the "regimes" there.  All other Muslim countries are as innocent as new born babes .... they are not "regimes".... and we dare not forget that unless we get fresh instructions to.

Hugh Tomlinson writing at TheTimesUK:

....Iran has increased   the number of public executions and amputations it carries out, taking advantage of the international focus on Gaza to reduce prison overcrowding and to issue a warning before elections in June.

At least 81 people have been hanged in the past ten days.....

Iran executes 10 men   despite international pleas.  A shop worker convicted of a drugs-related charge was among 10 men put to death in Iran on Monday morning, despite calls on the country’s authorities by Amnesty International, UN human rights experts and others to halt their executions.

Saeed Sedeghi was permitted a “final meeting” with his mother at Evin Prison on Sunday, when judicial officials announced that his death sentence would be carried out early on Monday....

Abuse of power by "children aid" mandates

What's happening in the UK is  worse than the scariest of  nightmares you can envision for any society on earth.   The USA might have economic problems but America is a nation of the bravest  and the most determined individuals hellbent on saving their country from ruin and that itself should be enough to give us boosts of hope for that nation.  However,  we can see ... if we remove the blinders from our eyes, that the UK is made up of wimps.  Even their police force is known to run away with their tails between their legs when confronted with hooligans and mad muzzies.  Therein lies the problem of the UK.  A nation of cowards is easily taken over by those who don't give a crap about  anything or anybody but themselves.

I hope Nigel Farage will come out with a barrage of his verbal missiles on this situation.  I am eagerly waiting to see that  lashing. (I wrote that  and did a search and lo and behold ... found something. HAH)  I am sure we will hear lots more from him on the deplorable tactics to discredit the UKIP.

Andrew Gilligan  writing at TheTelegraph:
The stunning decision by Rotherham Council   to remove three children from a foster home (where they were happy) because the foster parents support UKIP shows that the “culture war” here in Britain is being waged not by the Right, but by the Left.

Joyce Thacker the council’s director of children, who said her decision was influenced by UKIP’s sceptical take on multiculturalism, is the mirror image of those mad American right-wingers who want to outlaw abortion clinics and homosexuals. Unlike them, though, she is in a position of power. Hers is the latest in a series of increasingly chilling actions of this nature taken by bien-pensant officials.

Last week, Adrian Smith, a Christian, won a High Court appeal against his demotion by Trafford Housing Trust for expressing opposition on his private Facebook page to gay marriage in church. (Even most liberals do not believe that churches should be forced to conduct gay marriages on their premises!) Somebody else was convicted of racially abusing her neighbour by calling her a “stupid fat Australian.” The week before, a bus driver won a court case against his sacking for being a member of the BNP – even though he had never acted in a racist way at work, no-one had ever complained and he was considered a “first-class employee.”

The special interest of the Rotherham case – and no doubt why Ed Miliband was so quick to condemn it – is that in five days’ time the town has a parliamentary by-election. Labour is already in a bit of .....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tommy Robinson, political prisoner of the almost fully caliphated United Kingdom

Updated Nov 25:  video of the support group rally outside the prison.  In spite of the wet and cold weather, you can see that Tommy Robinson has a huge following of patriots.
More details here.  

If those "know-it-alls"  who scoffed at people who maintained that the United Kingdom was almost completely islamized still have doubts that that country is not on the  brink of no-return, then the fucking bastards deserve what they have coming to them.  However, I do feel intense sympathy for the helpless British patriots ... their government has shafted them mercilessly.

Tommy Robinson  (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) has been thrown in  prison, without proper cause, going on for over a month now.

The EDL isn't going away   .... they are the only straw on the cliff face holding up what's left of the non-Muslim UK.  If they go, as Cameron the Conservative???? wants them gone,  then it's truly and surely a quick "goodbye" to England and a long depressing "hello" to a Shariah-ed  and Islamized caliphate of  the Queen's land (is the royal family converted as yet?  No fear, won't be long now.)

Tommy Robinson wrote this from prison (transcribed by moi from his handwritten note):
Stephen Lennon  
Hi people ... thought I'd put pen to paper on a few issues. first of to say a thank you for all the support from out there, a thank you to any one who's donated money, my main worry in here has been knowing my wife and kids are ok, knowing they can pay the rent etc.  Also a thank you to anyone travelling to Wandsworth prison on the 24th.....

read the rest here.  

As I write this, the peaceful protest outside Tommy's prison  in UK's time zone must be either ongoing or has already taken place.

The imprisonment of  Tommy Robinson is a huge travesty of justice.... and happening right before our helpless eyes !!  If this is not a shariah-ed England, then I am the Queen of Sheba.

Quotable quotes from the wonderful world of free speechers ... part 27

Edward A Van Dyck was the USA's State Department "consular clerk" in Cairo.  The quotes below are from his 1880  report to the Secretary of State which was published in book form by the Washington Govt. Printing Office in 1881 as The Capitulations of the Ottoman Empire.  

"From the Moslem point of view, the whole world is divided into two parts—“the House of Islam,” and “the House of War;” out of this division has arisen the other popular dictum of the Mohammedans that “all kinds of unbelievers from but one people.”

"In all the many works on Mohammedan law no teaching is met with that even hints at those principles of political intercourse between nations, that have been so long known to the peoples of Europe, and which are so universally recognized by them."

“Fiqh,” as the science of Moslem jurisprudence is called, knows only one category of relation between those who recognize the apostleship of Mohammed and all others who do not, namely Djehad (jihad) that is to say, strife, or holy war."

 "Inasmuch as the propagation of Islam was to be the aim of all Moslems, perpetual warfare against the unbelievers, in order to convert them, or subject them to the payment of tribute, came to be held by Moslem doctors [legists] as the most sacred duty of the believer. This right to wage war is the only principle of international law which is taught by Mohammedan jurists; …with the Arabs the term harby [harbi] (warrior) expresses not only an unbeliever but also an enemy; and jehady [jihadi] (striver, warrior) means the believer-militant."

"How different are the principles of the old Moslem common law.Looking upon unbelievers as enemies, and holding a state of perpetual warfare to exist with them, Moslem jurisprudence absolutely forbids their coming into the countries of Islam."

"The intercourse of the Christian world with the Mohammedan world is not founded upon the principles of the law of nations."

"Between the peoples of Islam and those of Europe there exists no such communion of ideas and principles from which could grow a true international law between them."

"Inasmuch as the propagation of Islam was to be the chief aim of all Moslems, perpetual warfare against unbelievers, in order to convert them, or subject them to the payment of tribute, came to be held by Moslem doctors as the most sacred duty of the believer. This right to wage war is the only principle of international law which is taught by Mohammedan jurists; it seems to have been inherited from the nations of antiquity, for whom the word "hostis"  meant both a stranger and an enemy; and with the Arabs the term harby (warrior) expresses not only an unbeliever but also an enemy; and Djehddi (striver, warrior) means the believer-militant."