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Sinfully from Sinai

From DryBones Blog  

Cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen better known as Dry Bones says:
"A picture is worth a thousand words", so look at the photo below.
In the foreground is the site of the latest terror attack on Israel. Behind the scene you can see the break in the fence through which the terrorists broke into Israel. Overlooking the entire scene is the watchtower and buildings of Egyptian Security forces!!

The Caliphate starts destroying heritage sites in Mali

Ho Hum  snooze  snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz     Wake me up when the Caliphate reaches North America.  What ?!!!!    It's almost here?!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  

From the NYTimes: 
.....Islamist militants, wielding pickaxes, began destroying the mausoleums of Muslim saints in the northern city of Timbuktu on Saturday, witnesses said.
The militants from the group Ansar Dine, which controls much of northern Mali, adhere to a strict version of Islamic law and consider the shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam idolatrous.
Just days ago, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or Unesco, put Timbuktu on its list of endangered world heritage sites, fearing damage to landmarks and cultural treasures in the wake of a coup that ousted Mali’s government in March.
A local Malian journalist, Yeya Tandina, said the Ansar Dine fighters had already destroyed the mausoleum of Sidi Mahmoud, one of the 16 shrines in Timbuktu, and had declared that they would demolish all the others.
“They are armed and have surrounded the sites with pickup trucks,” Mr. Tandina said by telephone. “The population is just looking on helplessly.”..........

It was a good thing warmonger John McCain lost the election

What does Sarah Palin see in him?  Yes, there are times when I can clearly see that Obama is better than McCain could ever have been.  It was a blessing in disguise that this senile idiot did not win the presidency otherwise by now he would have dragged not only the USA but Canada and other NATO countries into yet another war in a Muslim land.  I don't know of any Syrians flying planes into world towers, although we all know about terrorists with Saudi passports happily walking through airports on their way to killing and burning Americans  in their own land.  Saudi Arabia is still standing but this dumbfuck wants Syria destroyed?

NYTimes Feb 20, 2012
With the Syrian government continuing its deadly crackdown on its citizens, two senior American senators who were on their way to the Middle East spoke out strongly on Sunday in favor of arming the Syrian opposition forces.
The senators, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, both Republicans, laid out a series of diplomatic, humanitarian and military aid proposals that would put the United States squarely behind the effort to topple President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. The senators, both of whom are on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that rebel fighters deserved to be armed and that helping them take on the Syrian government would aid Washington’s effort to weaken Iran............

ChicagoTribune March 5, 2012
...In 2008, we thought McCain was running for president of the United States, but he was really out to be emperor of the planet. He sees no limit to our responsibility -- or our right -- to dictate outcomes when violence erupts in any other nation. Their problems are automatically our business. In his book, there are no foreign affairs. They are all American affairs....

Politico May 3, 2012
Arizona Republican John McCain on Monday became the first senator to call for U.S.-led air strikes to stop the slaughter of unarmed civilians being carried out by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
“Providing military assistance to the Free Syrian Army and other opposition groups is necessary, but at this late hour, that alone will not be sufficient to stop the slaughter and save innocent lives. The only realistic way to do so is with foreign airpower,” McCain, a Vietnam War veteran and the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a speech on the Senate floor.
“Therefore, at the request of [opposition forces], the United States should lead an international effort to protect key population centers in Syria, especially in the north, through airstrikes on Assad’s forces.”..........


Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier are simply wonderful in this1972 movie.

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Very disturbing and shocking incident in Dearborn, Michigan

In this post you will read and see what is happening in Obama's Islamized America.  

Jamie  Glazov writing at RightSideNews:
In the video below,  we see a small number of Christians who gathered holding Christian signs at the 2012 Dearbor, Michigan Arab festival being assaulted by Muslims with bottles, stones, and other objects. The police do not protect the Christians or take action against the perpetrators; in the end, they reprimand the Christians and instruct them to leave. Ever since, there has been no coverage of this outrageous event in our media. Nor has CAIR or any other Muslim organization denounced the Muslims who abused the Christians.

One can’t help but wonder: If a small group of Muslims gathered in the U.S. somewhere with a few signs depicting Koranic verses, and a mass crowd of Christians or Jews began to assault them, verbally and physically, threatening violence and mayhem, would police tell the Muslims to leave, instead of acting against the perpetrators? And would the media be completely quiet about it? Would Muslim groups be silent about it after?

What if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson gathered in a civil rights rally and they were surrounded and stoned by a mob of KKK supporters? Would the police show up and reprimand Sharpton and Jackson and instruct them to leave, all the while leaving the racist perpetrators untouched? And if this happened, would our media be completely silent about it? Would Anderson Cooper be completely silent every evening on CNN as he is at the moment about the stoning of the Christians in Dearborn?

The YouTube uploader of the video writes:
If this extremely disturbing video does not result in a Federal investigation into the human rights violations of those Christians physically attacked at the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival then we are watching the beginning of a new America, a MUSLIM AMERICA.

In this new America, a MUSLIM AMERICA, shariah-compliant Muslims have succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of the infidels. In the case of the Dearborn Arab Festival, you will see that the infidels are NOT the few, brave Christians who withstood the physical attacks by the blood-thirsty Muslims, but the fearful are those who have taken an oath to protect Americans. The fearful, are the Dearborn Sheriff and Police. Sadly, you will see the Police fearful of confronting the criminals and enforcing the law as they stand by watching "Muslims Gone Wild," attack the helpless Christians.

The United West predicts that success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt combined with the mounting fury of the "Arab Spring," coupled with the support of President Obama will result in an expansive, "strong-horse" onslaught of Muslim physical aggression, similar to this Dearborn disaster, all across the new, MUSLIM AMERICA.

Below  is Michael Coren of SUN TV Canada talking about this very disturbing incident.  I wonder if anybody from the MSM in America has even bothered to touch on this incident. In Canada, we stand with our American Christian brothers and sisters  even if your own media and your own govt. won't.

25 People to blame for the Financial Crisis, top 10 swindlers and Charles Ponzi

List of the top 25 here.    You can click on each name to read about  their blunders.

10 top swindlers here.
How did the term "Ponzi scheme" come about?
Although he did not invent  the scheme that later came to bear his name, Charles Ponzi's scam was so extensive and initially lucrative that it brought national attention to the fraudulent operation for the first time. In 1919, the Italian immigrant promised investors they could yield considerable profits by purchasing international reply coupons from other countries and then redeeming them in the U.S for postage stamps. To legitimize the scheme, Ponzi established the "Securities Exchange Company" based in Boston. A steady flow of new clients allowed him to pay existing investors, while pocketing millions of dollars himself. But soon enough, the scheme began to raise eyebrows, eventually collapsing and bringing six banks down with it. Collectively, his investors lost an estimated $20 million.

h/t: Barry

Bear Tagging in Algoquin Park

Comedian Rick Mercer helps in tagging new born baby bears.   The vid is from 3 years ago.

And, then there's   this black bear that went climbing up a ladder.

h/t: JR

Chinese plane attempted hijack by Chinese Muslims terrorists?

I am betting YES.   Ahh ... good to see alert passengers and crew foiling the attempt.  
Xinjiang, where the attempt happened is Muslim-heavy.  This is the Chinese province where the govt. is having the most problems with their Muslim citizenry.   What else is new, eh?!!   Whereever you find followers of the cult, there you will find discord and disharmony.

 ....Passengers and crew foiled a hijacking attempt   by six people on a plane in China's far-western Xinjiang region Friday, a regional airline and state media said. An overseas rights group, however, denied a hijacking attempt took place and said a seat dispute triggered an in-air brawl.

The Tianshan regional government's news portal said the alleged hijacking attempt was made just after the plane took off from Hotan in southern Xinjiang for the regional capital of Urumqi and the six suspects were detained after the plane returned safely.

Tianjin Airlines said on its website that the plane returned to Hotan 22 minutes after takeoff. Tianshan did not give further details, such as how many passengers were on the plane or what was known about the suspects.....

....The government says China faces an organized terrorist threat from radical Muslim groups in the region and that it has invested heavily to raise living standards in Xinjiang. The investment into developing the region has led to an influx of Han, which has been one source of the tensions there.....

On Hindus, Muslims and shrines

This is for the person who sent me a comment about how much of a "retard" I am on matters concerning Kashmir and that it is widely known that the Hindus are destroying Muslim shrines in India.   

Very few Muslims will ever acknowledge that their own brothers are to be blamed for everything wrong with the islamic cult or anything else.   Below two of them have decided to tell the truth, at least a little part of it.  The writer of the article and a Sufi preacher.

... Sahibzada Amir Muhammad, a Kabul-based Sufi preacher, claims that although suppressed by the Taliban, Sufism is re-emerging in Afghanistan.

Experts link attacks on Sufi shrines to the arrival of Arab militants in Afghanistan; a large number of madrassas funded by donors in Arab countries are also seen to be in conflict with local Sufi Islam
"Thousands of Arab militants who arrived in Afghanistan under the leadership of Al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden brought with them foreign ideologies, especially Wahabism," he said. Wahabism's hard-line interpretation of Islam sees Sufism and its practices as un-Islamic. During the five-year rule of the Taliban, many Sufis and their followers were compelled to go underground or abandon their faith, he added. The December 7 attack comes despite orders by Taliban supreme commander Mullah Omar not to attack civilians, and indicates Al Qaeda-linked militants are not under his direct operational control....

Security experts and Sufi leaders in Pakistan also link the attacks on Sufi shrines with the arrival of Arab militants in Afghanistan and their alliance with Afghan and Pakistani Taliban. A large number of madrassas funded by donors in Arab countries are also seen to be in conflict with local Sufi Islam. The Taliban see the attacks on shrines and other cultural symbols as attempts at constructing a new culture and a new identity.

The attacks began many years ago with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Islam's targeting of tombs of great Sufi saints in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. The shrines of Hazrat Rehman Baba, Abdul Shakoor Malang Baba, Hazrat Abu Saeed Baba, Mian Umer Baba and Malang Baba were attacked and desecrated, while that of Hazrat Sayyad Ali Tirmizi, commonly known as Pir Baba in Buner, was locked. The mausoleum of famous freedom fighter Haji Sahib Tarangzai in Mohmand Agency was captured and converted into Taliban headquarters.

Soon the militants also started targeting shrines in urban Pakistan. These attacks were timed and planned to kill as many devotees as possible. More than 25 shrines across the country have been attacked since 2005, and 200 devotees have been killed. In July 2010, the shrine of Sufi saint Data Ganj Baksh Hajveri in Lahore was attacked by two suicide bombers. At least 45 devotees were killed and dozens others injured. A suicide attack on the shrine of Sufi saint Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi killed another nine people in October 2010. An attack on Baba Farid Shakarganj's shrine in Pakpattan in October that year left another seven people dead........

Syrian Girl on the downing of the Turkish jet

If war breaks out between Turkey and Syria over the incident,  it's important for us to hear both sides of the story to make individual judgements.  Depending on the MSM for enlightening us has dumbed us down.  Accepting that whatever action NATO takes is a mandate from God himself, is deluding ourselves.

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Pakistan's slow but steady entry into their own civil war

Was I right, or was I right??  It does not take a genius to figure out these things.  One needs to just look at the nature of the beast (Muslims) and with  a bit of commonsense and a few active brain cells,  voila will arrive at the correct diagnosis each and every time.
Pakistan's biggest folly was to open wide their borders to the Taliban scum fleeing USA's bombing of their caves in Afghanistan. With that influx of Wahhibism, plus all the millions of  Saudi  puppets in the citizenry of Pakistan, it was a foregone conclusion that Pakistan would become a hellhole of even bigger proportions than it ever was ... and that's saying a lot.
As you can see from the 5-day tally below ... Pakistan already has it's toes in the bloodbath of a civil war.

2012.06.25 Iraq Hillah 'Insurgents' set off a bomb near a soccer field, killing nine young Shiites..
2012.06.25 Thailand Pattani  A 17-year-old is among three innocent victims pulled out of a car and machine-gunned in cold blood by Islamic 'separatists'.
2012.06.24 Nigeria Bauchi A 3-month-old baby is among the casualties of a Boko Haram blast at a beer garden.
2012.06.24 Kenya Mombasa  At least one person is killed when religious extremists throw a hand-grenade into a bar showing a soccer game.
2012.06.24 Pakistan Upper Dir Muslim hardliners murder six border guards. Seven others are captured and beheaded.
2012.06.24 Afghanistan  Jalalabad Fundamentalists bomb a market selling music, killing two participants.
2012.06.23 Pakistan  Quetta  Islamic militants are suspected in the target killing of eight men at a laundrymat.
2012.06.23 Yemen Zinjibar Thirty-five people are killed in a series of al-Qaeda landmine blasts.
2012.06.22 Iraq Baghdad 'Insurgents' set off a nail bomb at a crowded market, killing at least a dozen innocents and leaving over a hundred more injured.
2012.06.22 Pakistan Laddah Fundamentalists capture and behead seven local soldiers.
2012.06.22 Pakistan Karachi  Two seminary teachers are assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.06.21 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa Two very young children are among the dead when Islamists bomb a Sufi shrine.
2012.06.21 Pakistan Quetta Religion of Peace rivals bomb a mosque, killing two worshippers.
2012.06.21 Afghanistan Qargha Lake At least twenty people are massacred by fundamentalists at a hotel serving alcohol.

via:   TROP

Pyro-Terrorism in Colorado?

The vid below is from May 2.   The forest fires raging in Colorado,  what are the chances that they are the work of terrorists?  This is what you get when naivety makes you import murderers in their millions to live amongst people they consider to be infidels and lands they want to destroy with a desperation not ever seen before in human beings.  Remember the forest fires in Australia of a few years back?  Those were suspected to be the acts of Al Qaeda not only by their supporters but others as well... although as usual the MSM threw a black cloak over everything  because who wants "racists" to go on a rampage against the destroyers, eh?!  More here on pyro terrorism with Australia as target. 
Good info on pyro terrorism at his blog too.  Unfortunately, the blogger stopped posting in 2008  
" Because I felt the threat of pyroterrorism was diminished with Barack Obama running the show in the White House."
Oh really?!!   The Heavens opened up and  white and pink flowers were showered all over mankind and planet Earth became one big Utopia because Caliph Obama had come to power?!!!  

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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More on the Elliot Lake Mall collapse that has thrown light on Canada's wimpy men

What did you expect?  Did you expect the rescue team or those in control of it or the Labor Ministry  to show an iota of manliness after decades of  Liberal rule?  Our men in Canada  have become so feminine and European sounding and acting,  that  women's boutiques all over this land would do a roaring business if they turned themselves into outlets for "men only".

Labor Unions and the most stupid laws thought up by the most stupidest bureaucrats have made Canadian men into pussies... no wonder Canadian women are now seen taking on the kind of tasks that the wimps, once born as males,  have let go.   So disgraceful, so embarrassing.
Margaret Wente writing at Globe&Mail:
....I have no idea what difference that equipment made. But it seems fair to assume that if matters had been left in the hands of the rescue team and bureaucrats, those two bodies would still be lying in the rubble....
....Who was in charge at Elliot Lake? I’d love to know. The whole effort smacks of confusion, timidity, lack of foresight and reluctance to take any risk at all. Absent a clear chain of command, people were more focused on process than on getting the job done.

...Not that this would be the first time. Last fall, an 82-year-old woman fell down and broke her hip in the entrance of a hospital in Windsor, Ont. (She had been visiting her dying husband.) Instead of carting the poor old lady to Emergency, hospital workers told her family they’d have to phone an ambulance to come get her. People stepped over her in the entrance as she lay waiting.
Then there was the man who fell out of a boat into a lake in England. The lake was three feet deep. Emergency crews were summoned to the scene, but refused to rescue him because they were not trained to enter water that was more than “ankle deep.” By the time the specialist water team arrived, the man was dead.

As I said, emergencies don’t necessarily require heroes. What they do require is common sense and initiative – as well as leaders who have the skills and smarts to get the job done....

Commonsense at it's best from Charles Adler of SUNTV ...

Even Egyptian honcho's dissertation available online ... Obama's in outer space

The MuslimBros's prez of  Egypt got a degree from the University of Southern California and his dissertation on  "High-temperature  electrical conductivity and defect structure of donor-doped A123" is available online.

More transparency in Egypt's elected officers?
More than the almighty USA?
YES !!

Saudi Arabia's favorite hobby: Headchopping

A foreign news agency has claimed that Saudi authorities have beheaded 44 people during six months of current year; meanwhile Saudi authorities beheaded four of its citizens on Tuesday after they were found guilty of murdering two men in separate cases, the interior ministry said.

A Saudi national, Khaled bin Saeed al-Asmari, was executed in the town of Abhaa in the kingdom’s southern region of Asir for stabbing to death fellow Saudi, Abdullah bin Saad al-Masmaa, after a dispute, the ministry said in a statement carried by state news agency SPA....

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Ron Paul on Syria, Libya and Egypt

I am beginning to like the guy.  Too bad he is not the nominee for the US Presidency.

You wanna know how the "liberated" Libya is doing now that "dictator" Gadhafi is no more?

The lawyer acting for Libya's former prime minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, who was extradited to Tripoli from Tunisia at the weekend, claims his client has been tortured.
Marcel Ceccaldi, a French lawyer, said on Wednesday Mahmoudi had been badly beaten by Libyan security officers and left with broken ribs and a punctured lung.
"According to the information I have, it seems that he has been beaten," said Ceccaldi. "He is in hospital, under guard."...

Other news from the Libyan Utopia, the product of the almighty NATO:

According to a Libyan  blogger, this is a pic of weapons seized in the coast city of Salloum on the Egyptian-Libyan border.

And, the blogger also reports that:
TINISIA/LIBYA border - A Tunisian fishing boat was attacked by a NTC criminals  in international waters, causing 17 injured people. 
= TRIPOLI AIRPORT - Zintan Militia are still holding on To International airport and moved into other streets as well. dispite many clashes.= MISRATA Militia's in #Misrata were killing each other again. Repeating pattern at the port of Misrata and its city center.
= KUFRA - NTC's battalion17 is arriving in Kufra. About 100 with armed NTC bandits cars arrived today. [yesterday] New fighting erupted after sunset today between Shield of #NTC brigade and the tribes [before2 days] Kufra residents say they can't hold election
= BBC's unimpartial report on its "impartiality" in regards to war on Libya
They put as a little convenient addition that they didn't cover human rights abuses by the rebels. But they don't mention the scale of those abuses and that in fact this omission meant that the BBC did not seek out the voices of thousands of pro-Gaddafi people who were being persecuted in rebel held areas.

Lovely stuff eh?!  And all the above events within just the last couple of days?  So much happening in Libya but strangely none of the media outlets seem to think any of it is of any concern.  Gadhafi was murdered, sodomized, done.   Onwards to Assad.  You gotta wonder who comes next after Assad... or is that a foregone conclusion?

Allen West on the Trojan Horses already inside the USA Military

via: RightScoop  

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Shameful! Canada can send millions of dollars to save citizens of other countries but...

when it comes to  rescuing Canadians who are probably trapped under the Elliot Lake Mall wreckage ... the all powerful Canada is totally helpless?

How disgraceful!!  How shameful !!   We all know that the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty is busy teaching kids how to go down on each other and how to cross-dress, besides encouraging a Muslim takeover of school cafeterias for Allahu Akbar  .... but what about the Federal govt?  Where the fuck is the Federal govt if the Premier of the Province is totally useless in a crisis.  Part of the mall collapsed four days ago and people (nobody knows for sure if any or how many are trapped besides telling us that they can hear tapping  from the wreckage) might be still trapped and alive but  as yet  no proper rescue operations have even been commenced by this supposedly First World country.  Is Canada  not prepared for such incidents????   Totally Shameful.

TORONTO — One day after authorities stopped  — then quickly restarted — search and rescue operations after a roof collapsed at a northern Ontario shopping mall, questions turned to the speed and adequacy of the provincial response to a disaster that has claimed an unknown number of lives.

Rick Hamilton, the mayor of Elliot Lake, said Premier Dalton McGuinty didn't call him until late Monday, two days after the roof at the Algo Centre Mall collapsed, killing at least one and trapping an unknown number of others. Hamilton said the provincial emergency co-ordinator also arrived two days after the collapse.

But McGuinty, who has yet to visit the site of the disaster, steered clear of that criticism Tuesday.
"Some may want to engage in some kind of blame game," he told reporters in Toronto. "I just don't really think that's appropriate."

"I think we need to be focused right now on doing everything we can to help those people."
On Monday, search and rescue officials suspended operations mere hours after reporting signs of life from the rubble. The decision followed engineer reports saying the structure was in imminent danger of collapse.

That decision prompted an angry response from the local community, many of them former miners.
"We're all devastated, because as far as we're concerned, there's someone alive in there," said one resident, Catherine Timleck-Shaw.

"They should be brought out, and not left in there to die. In our eyes, that's murder."......

The effects of radiation can last several generations

Ask the Japanese ... they have proof.

....Tokyo police are investigating whether a man who cooked his own severed genitals and served them to five paying diners committed a crime, the force said Tuesday....

.....Sugiyama, a painter in his 20s who defines himself as "asexual", did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In an email to AFP in May, he confirmed the event had taken place and said it was organised to raise awareness about "sexual minorities, x-gender, asexual people".

In tweets on May 18, the artist said steps were taken so his act met all relevant laws, including a ban on organ sales, processing of medical waste and even food sanitation requirements.
Sugiyama said his genitals had been removed by a physician and certified free of infections....

via: Drudge

Turkey's letter to the UN

on their downed jet.  
Syria apologized.  What more do they hope to get now if not outright war at all costs?  

"I don’t mind dying. Really, I don’t. But I don’t want to die of ignorance and stupidity."

What a great common-sense blog from the Rev Dr Peter Mullen  of the Church of England and former Rector of St Michael, Cornhill  at TheTelegraph.  It's so heartening to know that there are other like-minded people watching from afar the hypocrisy of the MSM viz the "Arab Springs", the lunacy of the politicians, the sheer stupidity of the  masses and the intensified danger from the Left.

 I look at this morning’s   front page: “Arab Spring spawns new generation of UK terrorists”.

Are we supposed to be surprised by this? I was called all the rude names under the sun for mocking these velvet revolutions in Egypt and Libya. All those bright Westernised kids on their mobile phones preaching the gospel of “democracy”, while the serious revolutionaries – the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Salafists, Sunni fundamentalists and other armed-to-the-teeth totalitarians – were biding their time.

It brought back recollections of our Romantic poets’ enthusiasm for the French Revolution. Coleridge, Southey and their barmy ideas of a utopian “pantocracy”. And above all, weary Willie Wordsworth’s approbation, “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive; and to be young was very heaven.” He changed his tune in 1793 when the reign of terror broke out and Madame Guillotine toured the land, cutting off heads, under the auspices of “The Committee for Public Safety.”

Why has it taken the Western media so long to wake up to the fact that there is a fundamentalist religious and political uprising in a score of countries? And that this is an existential threat to the West? Why do The Guardian and the Today Programme and the rest of the ignoramus bien pensants laud the “activists” in Syria, as if the terrible events taking place there are so easily polarised between nice rebels and nasty Assad?

Events in Libya have already turned sour with attacks on British officials by the same people we were aiding and abetting just a few months ago. Egypt is firming up ties with Iran. No wonder the Israelis have posted tanks on the edge of the Sinai. Yemen is a no-go area for everyone who is not a paid-up member of al Qaeda.

Meanwhile this hideous reactionary revolution across north Africa and the whole of the Middle East is being appeased by Western statesmen who are really the successors of Baldwin and Chamberlain. And no one dare criticise this religiously inspired thuggery for fear of being thought politically incorrect.

I don’t mind dying. Really, I don’t. But I don’t want to die of ignorance and stupidity.

Examples of how the Left ridicules people who are against Agenda 21

The Left are blessed with superior knowledge, didn't you know?  The rest of us are circus clowns.
The writer of the article in TheEconomist is such a fucking coward, he/she  has given just the initials of his/her name.  J.F. ... what are you afraid of moron?

...And a former candidate for governor  now running for commissioner of Cobb County, just north of Atlanta, condemned plans to build a jogging and biking trail alongside a highway because, "That's Agenda 21. Bicycles and pedestrian traffic as an alternative form of transportation to the automobile." Hear that, hippies? Every time you walk or bike somewhere instead of driving your car, U Thant wins.....

...are Atlanta's Democratic mayor, Kasim Reed, and Republican attorney-general, Sam Olens, both agents of the United Nations determined to advance the cause of one-world government and outlaw private property? Before you laugh (well, okay, after you finish laughing), this is not a joke. Such concerns come not from the LaRouchey fringe, but from mainstream Georgia Republicans....

And, Jim Galloway of AJC
....The tax and the people behind  it are part of a United Nations plot called Agenda 21.

Laugh if you like. The topic is now center stage in Cobb County, as part of the debate over the penny sales tax, and the contest for chairman of the county commission as well.

Those who aren’t hardcore GOP will need a bit of background. Agenda 21 is also known as the “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development,” and was adopted in 1992 at a conference in Brazil.
In most languages, the report is a vacuous U.N. document that declares the need for a “sustainable” world environment. But to a certain segment of those who speak Republican, it is a secret declaration of war....

I have posted the vid below because Edward Griffin tells us how the US government officers are members of the Council for Foreign  Relations (CFR) and these members are working hard for a one world govt.  It's not a conspiracy theory.  If you like the idea of OWG ... okay, happy.   But, it's not fine to ridicule people who are against Agenda 21.

Islamized Britain thinks new breed of homegrown Muslim terrorists will attack it ... DUH !!!

Can the Brits get any more ridiculous?  Yes, they can.  They have let  Muslim immigrants enter the country in such great numbers that  their cities now  look like the bazaars of Pakistan and the fish markets of  the Middle East and yet they think they still have control over the land?  Yet they think they will be able to deflect  a terrorist attack(s) or  Muslim revolutionaries bent on taking over the UK once and for all?  That's the "mightier than thou" attitude of the Brits that make many of them think they are still in full control of the situation, whatever the situation may be.  What a laugh !!  A whole lot was revealed by the Intel chief ... go read the whole thing.

The Arab Spring has spawned a new generation of British-born terrorists after al-Qaeda lured dozens of would-be bombers abroad to train for possible attacks on the UK, the head of MI5 warned.

Jonathan Evans said the terror network has taken advantage of the unstable region, in the wake of last year’s revolutions, to spread its influence and create new bases for attacks.
British would-be jihadis are known to be receiving training in the likes of Libya and Egypt, mirroring what has already happened in the Yemen and Somalia.

And they could return to attack the UK in what is a “new and worrying development”, he said...........
... Revealed that the intelligence services and police are preparing for a potential threat from extremists and even lone wolf terrorists should the Eurozone collapse.

Warned State-sponsored and criminal cyber attacks risked “real world damage” including one British company which has suffered estimated losses of £800m after being hacked...............

Most amazing of all is his statement that:
 it would be “extraordinary and self-defeating” if the Government’s proposed new email and phone snooping powers did not go ahead.
This is how the State takes away our individual freedoms.. centimetre by centimetre, inch by inch until we get so immune to the assaults on our freedom that we just take whatever the State does as something done for our own good.

And, he also said:
“In back rooms and in cars and on the streets of this country there is no shortage of individuals talking about wanting to mount terrorist attacks here,” he said.“We see them regularly in our intelligence investigations. And others in various parts of the world have the same ambitions.”...

More evidence that Islam has made major inroads into the USA

How could this happen and so soon ??    Thank the good Lord that there are patriots who are fighting this evil but the patriotic  army is not big enough and neither is it very effective because the corruption at the core of the government itself is facilitating the invaders and suppressing those who would throw light on this major disaster already half-way to fruition. 

...June 21, 2012 Fairfax County, Virginia  – The head of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) called on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to reject any attempt at continuing the lease of the Islamic Saudi Academy building after it expires in July.

VAST Chairman James Lafferty said the Islamic Saudi Academy continues to be “an incubator for a new generation of domestic terrorists” and the Saudi government which leases and operates the school has shown “no interest in cleaning up the pro-violence, anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian teaching and textbooks.”

“Rumors are rampant that the Saudis will move the ISA to the Fairfax Station site or to the new enclave site in Merrifield,” said Lafferty.“But this could be just another smoke-screen.”
“The one thing which has changed is that Fairfax County citizens are now better-informed and more vigilant. We know which politicians are taking money from which radical groups and we have proven that we are not going away.”......

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wanna listen to a Saudi fuck in a white gown and kitchen cloth cap ?

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Unbelievable dhimmitude raging down south

Have you noticed that most of the stealth jihad is concentrated where  the muzzies get easy access to young minds?

The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced today that it submitted a letter to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette asking that he conduct a grand jury investigation into the Farmington Public Schools sale of Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA), which has ties to terrorist organizations.

The Law Center informed Attorney General Schuette that “a fog of corruption has indeed enveloped the Farmington Public Schools relating to its 2011 agreement to sell Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association, and that this fog of corruption can only be pierced by a grand jury investigation and the use of other investigative tools in the law enforcement arsenal of the Attorney General’s Office.”  ..........

The Dictator in Australia

So funny !!

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Bias, Bias and more Bias from the BBC

How do these people live with themselves???

David J. Rusin writing at PJMedia
Media outlets tiptoeing around Islam are a dime a dozen, but the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stands apart for the egregiousness of its self-censorship and bias. Even more striking than the number of controversies involving suppression of Islam-critical speech on its channels are the frank acknowledgements that BBC policy is shaped by fear.

During a recent interview    (full transcript) for a University of Oxford project, BBC director general Mark Thompson provided the most in-depth admission yet of the BBC’s double standards with respect to faith. Christianity, he explained, receives less sensitive treatment because it is “a broad-shouldered religion, compared to religions which in the UK have a very close identity with ethnic minorities.” Specifically, Islam in Britain is “almost entirely a religion practiced by people who may already feel in other ways isolated, prejudiced against, and where they may well regard an attack on their religion as racism by other means.” Thus, when asked whether the BBC would run a Muhammad-mocking program on a par with the Jesus-ridiculing Jerry Springer: The Opera, which it aired over Christian protests in 2005, Thompson answered that it would not. Depictions of Islam’s prophet, he maintained, could have “the emotional force” of “grotesque child pornography” for Muslims.........

h/t Pam

Bullies from the gay community and legal officers from Useless Nitwits ....

if you don't like Canada's Bill C-31 .... just fuck off somewhere away from Canada where you can do that 24/7.  Idiots !!
...Refugees’ rights advocates say a law proposed by the Harper government will increase the likelihood that gay asylum seekers will be rejected, deported or imprisoned.

“C-31 is designed to make Canada quite an unattractive option for people seeking protection. And it certainly will make it very difficult for anyone, whether or not they have good grounds for protection, to have their claim fully and thoroughly assessed,” says Lesley Stalker, a former legal officer for the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, who addressed a May 30 forum on the bill in Vancouver. 
Under the new process, claimants from designated "safe" countries of origin would face accelerated timelines and be denied the right to appeal a decision. Sharalyn Jordan, of the Rainbow Refugee Committee, decries the designated country provision as profoundly unsafe for queer refugee claimants.

“A list cannot accommodate the current complexity and flux in protection and persecution for LGBTQ people,” she says. “For example, the Ukraine has an elected parliament, an independent judiciary, and civil society organizations. Based on Bill C-31, it could be designated, and yet this week its parliament is considering a law banning speech or writing that promotes homosexuality, and neo-Nazis are attacking LGBTQ people in the streets of Kiev.”...

via:   CIReport

Hypocritical MSM. A Black man is a hero and the White guy is a bigot ... for the same opinion !!!!

A commentator said of the hypocrisy:
"Baltimore legislator Pat McDonough says black people are terrorizing Inner Harbor.
Media and politicians say he is a racist.
The Mayor of Philadelphia says the same thing about his downtown -- and media and politicians say he is a hero."

Let’s say thousands of people riot in your upscale downtown neighborhood. And it happens a few dozen times in just a few years: Not just partying, but violence, destruction, theft and serious injuries.
Question: If people notice that most of the criminals were black and most of the victims were white, does that make them racist?

Depends. In Philadelphia, it makes you a hero. In Baltimore, a bigot.

Let’s start with Philadelphia: For three years, the black mayor, Michael Nutter, said race had nothing to do with the dozens of violent episodes of black people marauding through older neighborhoods, stealing, beating and destroying property.
“There is no racial component to stupid behavior,” Nutter told the New York Times in one of the few stories to even raise the topic – if only to dismiss it.
Despite their denials, the violence continued. Sometimes daily. Injuries mounted. So did the explicit videos on YouTube and pressure to confront the obvious.
Finally, Nutter changed: The rioters were black and “they were hurting their own race,” Nutter told a crowd at his neighborhood Baptist church.
At his side: the head of the Philadelphia Branch of the NAACP, J. Whyatt Mondesire. Nutter’s comments were “courageous,” he said. “These are majority African-American youths and they need to be called on it.”...........

Turkey's once greatest monument to Christianity to morph into a mosque

Turkey will be the first Muslim country to be part of the EU,  if admitted ...  and with the naive and suicidal USA backing it all the way,  I fear it's gonna happen.  This is the kind of foothold the Caliphate's devious architects are hoping they will be given.  With Turkey's inclusion in the EU, the entire group of countries in the European Union will be taken over by Islam within a decade or less.  With the Hagia Sophia, the once great church, now a museum and soon to be a mosque, the Muslims there and everywhere else have taken to slapping Christians with every kind of insult, and what are we doing about it????    **sigh**  
Raymond Ibrahim writing at MiddleeastForum
....Ostensibly dealing with a building,  a recent report demonstrates how Turkey's populace—once deemed the most secular and liberal in the Muslim world—is reverting to its Islamic heritage, complete with animosity for the infidel West and dreams of Islam's glory days of jihad and conquest.
According to Reuters:
Thousands of devout Muslims prayed outside Turkey's historic Hagia Sophia museum on Saturday [May 23] to protest a 1934 law that bars religious services at the former church and mosque. Worshippers shouted, "Break the chains, let Hagia Sophia Mosque open," and "God is great" [the notorious "Allahu Akbar"] before kneeling in prayer as tourists looked on. Turkey's secular laws prevent Muslims and Christians from formal worship within the 6th-century monument, the world's greatest cathedral for almost a millennium before invading Ottomans converted it into a mosque in the 15th century..........

....Even though Hagia Sophia is a Christian center under Islamic domination, several Christian authorities are content seeing it remain a museum, including the Ecumenical Patriarchate, spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians: "We want it to remain a museum in line with the Republic of Turkey's principles," adding, "if it became a church it would be chaos."

True enough; one need only recall how back in 2006, when Pope Benedict was scheduled to visit Hagia Sophia, Muslims were outraged. Then, Turkey's independent paper Vatan wrote: "The risk is that Benedict will send Turkey's Muslims and much of the Islamic world into paroxysms of fury if there is any perception that the Pope is trying to re-appropriate a Christian center that fell to Muslims." Before the Pope's visit, a gang of Turks stormed and occupied Hagia Sophia, screaming "Allahu Akbar!" and warning "Pope! Don't make a mistake; don't wear out our patience." On the day of the Pope's visit, another throng of Islamists waved banners saying "Pope get out of Turkey" while chanting Hagia Sophia "is Turkish and will remain Turkish."

All this is yet another reminder of the Islamic world's double standards: when Muslims conquer non-Muslim territories, such as Constantinople and its churches—through fire and steel, with all the attendant human suffering and misery—the descendents of those conquered are not to expect any apologies or concessions. However, once the same Muslims who would never concede one inch of Islam's conquests, including buildings, are on the short end of the stick—Palestinians vis-à-vis Israel, for example—then they resort to the United Nations and the court of public opinion, demanding justice, restitutions, rights, and so forth. (See this 2006 LA Times Op-Ed for more on this theme.)...

Ezra Levant's 5-ingredient recipe for a spicy mince-pie

Just add  a drop of common-sense essence to the other ingredients listed and voila ....... you are all set for a hearty meal.

Here's how to cook it  to perfection.


This vid is from 2 years ago. The poster of this video titled it "If this is England, where are the English?"    So fitting!  The English have lost the race .... literally.

Arson suspected in gutting of Indian religious shrine revered by both Muslims and Hindus

The Wahhabi killer sect just cannot bear to see Hindus and Muslims living in peace in the India controlled part of Kashmir State.  Those pointing a finger at the Saudi funded terrorist groups from Pakistan creating trouble in India are more than just taking a guess because every time there's trouble between Hindus and Muslims in India, the instigators prove to have come from Pakistan.

Furthermore, Wahhabism does not allow shrines or tombs dedicated to any person or saint because that would mean a watered-down Islam, so of course, they would want to see such edifices  destroyed.  The poor uneducated Muslims in Kashmir don't understand that and will be made to think by the terrorists that the Indian govt. carried out this crime.  Some reports seem to indicate that  mobs attacked the police thinking that the Indian army is responsible for the arson.

A fire has broken out at the more than 100-year-old shrine of Dastgeer Sahib in the Khanyar area of Srinagar. Fire tenders have been rushed to the spot to bring the blaze under control at the shrine that is mostly made up of wood. However ancient relics of the saint, housed in the Shrine have been saved and retrieved. Officials say since they were kept in a fire-proof safe they remained unharmed.

Down the drain goes the credibility of the Angus Reid polling pundits

With the following sentence, both Angus Reid and the Globe&Mail  have shown us what utter fools they are   or maybe they are just dreamers ... dreaming of getting  rid of Harper and the Conservatives.
After removing those who said they would not vote or were undecided, fully 50 per cent of Canadians surveyed said they would vote for a joint NDP or Liberal candidate. 
Or could it be that they are manipulators of the truth. Seasoned politicians like Stephen Harper, who is known to never take polls seriously, is absolutely right.  With pollsters like Angus Reid ... everything polls tell you is suspect.  Angus Reid lost their reputation for unbiased polling long ago ... when was the last time they were proven correct or even somewhere near the actual outcome?

Time and time again I see results of polling in  the Globe & Mail or the CBC and everytime I find that neither moi, nor anybody in my family, nor any of my friends were polled.  That's missing out on the input of close to 100 potential every single polling.

I am sure others too wonder how these pollsters can come out with bullshit percentages .... do they have a ready-made list they use time and time again and are the people on that list known to give them the kind of input they are looking for or have some of  them fine-tuned a list from other listings of people they know from previous surveys to be left-leaning?

Me thinks ..."YES".

Ami Horowitz ... remember the name ...

you will be hearing  about him more and more.  Ami Horowitz gave up his job as an investment banker to make a movie about the United Nations.   "When good men do nothing, evil triumphs"   ..... Ami Horowitz will never be accused of doing nothing. He is spearheading a movement that should have been started long ago. He is bringing awareness of the utter uselessness and the unbridled corruptness of the United Nations.

His movie U.N. Me was released June 1.  I haven't seen it yet but intend to.

About the film:In a film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmaker Ami Horowitz takes us on a harrowing, yet often hilarious, trip through the farcical world of the United Nations.
Horowitz exposes how an organization created to ennoble mankind actually enables chaos and global discord. As disturbing as the picture painted by U.N. Me may be, Horowitz manages to keep us laughing throughout the film. And just when you’re left shaking your head at one outrage or another exposed in U.N. Me, Horowitz reliably enters with comic relief.

From CommentaryMagazine's   review of the film  

...In “U.N. Me,” Ami Horowitz and Matthew Grof have done just that. Horowitz, the on-screen personality and narrator, takes his audience on an international tour intended to show that the United Nations is a corrupt talking shop that has made a mockery of the ideals that it was created to promote. As “U.N. Me” makes clear, the world body has criminal peacekeepers who fail to protect the innocent, purposely-blind nuclear inspectors, thieves in charge of food programs, and has a Human Rights Council that is a forum for tyrants and murderers.....

....To get past the prejudices of filmgoers predisposed to dismiss criticism of the U.N., Horowitz concentrates his fire on the causes that most appeal to liberal sensibilities, such as the genocide in Darfur. That means the number one object of U.N. perfidy — the state of Israel — is conspicuous by its absence in the film. Though so much of what is wrong about the U.N. is illustrated by the widespread anti-Semitism given a hearing in its halls and the double standard by which the democratic State of Israel is subjected to most of the resolutions adopted by the institution, the Jewish state is mentioned only in passing throughout “U.N. Me.” Though this may disappoint some viewers, it’s not a mistake. While it eliminates many of the most egregious instances of U.N. misbehavior, the tactic also allows Horowitz to make his point about its failures without miring his narrative in the rhetorical battlefield of the Middle East conflict.....

....And though the documentary doesn’t go into the bizarre way the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) has helped perpetuate the plight of the Palestinians (the U.N. has one agency for all other refugees and one devoted to the Palestinians), it is shown as employing terrorists in Gaza and allowing their ambulances to be used as getaway vehicles.....

the above vid is from more than a year ago.

h/t: Irene

Further on the apostate beheaded in Tunisia

Raymond Ibrahim at MiddleEastForum on June 5:
...I just received an email from the editor of a large website, who posted my story from yesterday about the slaughtered apostate. He writes:

The story generated a huge number of commentaries from readers, some of them originating from Muslim Countries. They harshly dispute and deny the veracity of the facts you mention in your paper. Some argue that this abomination did not take place in Tunisia—and I do believe so—but somewhere in Iraq, that the young man is not a Christian but a Shiite, that he was not slaughtered for apostasy but for being a spy of the Americans, and so on… It's true that the facts are not properly documented : we don't know even the date of this event, the place, the name of this unfortunate young man… Do you have any additional details and data to help answering ? Many thanks for your kind and urgent attention.

I responded with a quick list of facts, which I repost here, enlarged and augmented, for anyone else interested:
Fact 1: The Egyptian TV host, who recently aired this video—which went viral on the Arabic blogosphere on Sunday, when I wrote my report—said this occurred in Tunisia. Yes, others have subsequently said that this was in Iraq, others in Syria; but, from what people have sent me, the only "evidence" is the same video—but with a title that indicates Iraq or Syria. Personally, I am inclined to believe a formal Arabic current events program devoted to the topic than an anonymous Internet posting with no further details. Either way, the issue is less which country, and more why the man was slaughtered. Read on.

Fact 2: The Muslim narrator who speaks while the man is being slaughtered specifically names and continually condemns "apostasy"—the crime of leaving Islam—and even calls the executed man an apostate, i.e., the man is being slaughtered for apostasy, a capital offence in Islam. If the world is not surprised that the actual "government" of a Muslim nation, Iran, is preparing to execute a man simply for converting to Christianity, are we supposed to be surprised when roaming bands of jihadis take it upon themselves to execute apostates to Christianity in their midst?

Fact 3: The Muslim narrator specifically names and condemns al-mushrikin, and calls the executed man a mushrik—i.e., a "polytheist"; in fact, he calls him a mushrik murtadd, an "apostate to polytheism": this is the standard appellation for Christians, who are regularly called polytheists for "associating" Jesus with God. Yes, there are other religions deemed polytheistic in Islam, such as Hinduism, but one rarely if ever hears of Muslims in the Middle East converting to, and dying for, Hinduism, whereas conversion to Christianity—with all the attendant consequences—is a regular occurrence. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of apostasy cases, from one end of the Muslim world to the other, cases of attacks, imprisonments, etc., deal with Muslim converts to Christianity (see my monthly Muslim Persecution of Christians reports for an idea).

Fact 4: My contacts in the Middle East, many well-connected with the doings of the region, regularly see and hear of such things, and are confident that he was beheaded for converting to Christianity. The reader is free to hold their opinions as biased or subjective; but if so, why hold the protests of Muslim apologists, equally biased and subjective, as more authoritative, especially in light of history, doctrine, and ongoing current events, which support the former opinion?

Fact 5: Muslim apologists always deny anything and everything that makes Islam look bad and will, naturally, try to put the best spin on this video—turning the victim into the aggressor, portraying him as a "traitor," a "spy," etc.—just like the Iranian regime, after unequivocally stating that Pastor Nadarkhani is to be executed for converting to Christianity, began backtracking by saying he is to be executed for being a "Zionist spy," an "extortionist," etc.

At day's end—and here is the most indisputable fact all apologists and detractors need contend with—we are left with a man having his head sliced off while his murderers scream Islamic slogans and accuse him of apostasy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The abundance of stupidity from the Useless Nitwits is unbelievable

If only America would come to it's senses and exit the United Nations, this damn entity would collapse like a house of cards that it really is.  If it wants to stay upright, let the Muslim nations and communist countries who are it's real masters anyway, support the monstrosity.  
Canada, PLEASE EXIT from the UN.
Anthony Wile writing at RightSideNews:
UN-Water Survey Examines Water Law Reform ... Twenty years ago this June world leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro for an Earth Summit to develop an action plan for sustainable development.

They discussed a wide variety of topics including climate change, alternative sources of energy to replace fossil fuel and the growing scarcity of water. This June, world leaders will gather once again for the Rio+20 Conference to examine the progress that has been made. – WaterWorld

Here we go again!

Leading proponents of "leveling" are preparing to descend on Brazil for the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit, hosted by the United Nations, and one of the items on the menu will be a re-valuation of the UN's muddled Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) initiative.

The results will doubtless be a further weakening of property rights around the world under the guise of communitarianism and outright socialism.

IWRM is part of the UN's overall infamous Agenda 21 "Sustainable Development Initiative" – basically a rhetorical cover for a global abrogation of private ownership. It's a way to impose top-down governmental/elite control of water resources by maintaining that water belongs to everyone.
UN bureaucrats have seized the opportunity to conflate the phony crisis of "water scarcity" with the equally phony crisis of "global warming."

UN officials are forever discovering crises that can only be solved by the UN itself. But there is no world water crisis – except that which is imposed on people via corruption, neglect or outright maliciousness. The world is 70 percent water. And there are plenty of compact water purification devices – more every year as technology advances – that can purify as much water as needed.
Private-market solutions to the water crisis are evident also, to well-meaning people, and have been for centuries. Nothing has changed.

One simple – non-radical solution – is to let individuals bid on water leases. Once people have an investment they have an incentive to keep water clean and maximize the resource. Don't want multinationals involved? Don't let them bid....

Judge Liam O'Grady ... A "No Nonsense" US Judge ... Yes, we can still find a few of this fast disappearing breed

 ...A convert to Islam who helped promote death threats against the producers of the animated television show "South Park" after it featured a character representing the prophet Mohammad will serve 11½ years in prison, a federal judge ordered Friday.

Jesse Morton pleaded guilty in February to conspiracy and two counts related to issuing threats in connection with actions after an April 2010 episode of the comedy. He asked the court for a sentence less than half of what he received, arguing he never tried to carry out the threats and since had moderated some of his extreme views to the degree that he hopes "one day help build bridges between the West and the Muslim World."

He apologized in court, the Associated Press reports, saying he "justified atrocities by Muslims simply because they were carried out by the weak against the powerful."

Regardless of Morton's current attitude, his actions in this case and through a radical website he helped launch inspired a host of others to plot terror attacks, prosecutors said.  They will haunt the victims for the rest of their lives and stand to let threats silence public discourse.

U.S. District Judge Liam O'Grady seemed to agree with the prosecution argument that the threats will live on indefinitely for those targeted, and that a strong sentence is needed to stand against such brutal assaults on free speech.

"You were rubbing elbows with some of the most dangerous revolutionaries of the past few years," O'Grady said Friday, adding "there has to be religious tolerance in the world. There has to be freedom of speech."

Co-conspirator Zachary Chesser received a 25-year sentence last year. As he did with Chesser, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg wrote a forceful sentencing memorandum for Morton detailing the perpetual nature of the threats conveyed.....

Women would-be-leaders and the Muslim world

Canadian  activist  Raheel Raza writing at GatestoneInstitute:
....In much of the Muslim world today, when a Muslim woman speaks out or is qualified to take a leadership role, she is called "militant." In a propaganda trap doubtlessly intended to cripple one politically – like so many others of its kind, such as "racist" – if a woman speaks in ways expected of a woman, she is seen as an inadequate leader; if she speaks in ways expected of a leader, she is seen as an inadequate woman. If you can dismiss the person, you can dismiss the issue.

During the revolutions and uprisings across the Arab world, violence targeting women has been reported frequently as committed by police, soldiers, and militia. There have even been accounts of violence against women by demonstrators.

The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in psychological harm or suffering to women." Prohibitions on participation in the political, economic, and social decisions which will affect oneself and one's family are a form of violence. Decisions about women made without consultation with women create psychological harm and suffering. Refusing women the right to support or oppose laws concerning them is a violent act against them.....

Turkey is drooling for a big bite of Syria

According to Dr.Pipes there is a very real possibility that Turkey might invoke Article 5 of the NATO agreement.  I sincerely hope that if that happens, Canada stays completely out from getting sucked into that NATO blackhole yet again .... if not, I predict the Conservative govt will be totally defeated in the next election.  Canadians have had it with Muslims and their blasted kill, kill, kill.  If Harper takes us to war in yet another Muslim country .... then goodbye Harper and a long goodbye to all the CINOS.  

Dr.Daniel Pipes writing at NationalReview
There appears to be agreement on the basic facts: a Turkish F-4 violated Syrian airspace and the Syrian military shot it down over its territorial waters. Further, there is no dispute that the AKP-led Turkish government has for months offered sanctuary and armed the Syrian opposition forces in what amounts to a civil war in Syria between a hideous, brutal tyranny and an increasingly Islamist opposition. The Turkish leadership, even while accepting that its plane violated Syrian airspace, is growling about retaliation.  The Syrian government has done its best to tamp down Turkish anger....

Muslims want to Islamize America while the Americans slumber in dhimmiland

What does it take to make a nation sit up and take notice of what's happening in their land?  You would have thought that the events of 9/11 would wake up even the deadest of pacifists.  But for a few thousand die-hard anti-Jihad activists, the rest of America, especially the politicians occupying those comfy looking chairs in the GOP are stupidly unaware or pretending to be unaware of the steady inroads that Islamic groups are making in the country.  So many cities are already so Muslim-heavy that within a few short years these cities will be no-go zones for non-Muslims... just like the no-go zones in Muslim dominated areas of Sweden.

Extremely sad state of affairs. Good people never want to believe that bad things can happen to them ... because they are so good, they haven't harmed anybody so why would anybody want to harm them.  Sheeple living in dhimmihood of their own making.

Tufail Ahmad writing at RightSideNews dated June 18 has a detailed and well documented article:
Hizb Al-Tahrir America, held a Conference In Illinois today, titled Revolution: Liberation by Revelation, Muslims Marching to Victory. 
This group, Advocates Jihad, Says Iran And Saudi Arabia Are 'Modern Non-Expansionist Nation States' And Have Thus Abandoned 'The Definitive [Islamic] Obligation Of Jihad' As Stipulated In The Koran.

Hizb Al-Tahrir America is a branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir Al-Islami, an international Islamist group that advocates the message of jihad in order to re-establish a Khilafah Rashida (a righteous caliphate). It has scheduled a June 17, 2012 conference in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, raising concerns about its ideological campaign in the U.S., especially among American Muslims.[1]

Hizb Al-Tahrir advocates radical political change and officially acknowledges that it is an Islamist party. In a statement dated May 31, 2012 about its Tunisia branch, it described itself as "a legally unrecognized Islamist party in Tunisia."[2] The views espoused by Hizb Al-Tahrir regarding non-Muslims and secular Muslims are no different from those advocated by Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other Islamist organizations across the world.

On May 27, 2012, Hizb Al-Tahrir America noted in its announcement of the June 17 Illinois conference: "With the blessings of Allah (swt) Hizb ut-Tahrir America will inshaAllah [Allah Willing] be hosting a Khilafah Conference, entitled 'Revolution: Liberation by Revelation – Muslims Marching Toward Victory' on Sunday, June 17th 2012."[3] Although the conference is expected to focus heavily on events in Syria, it is also expected to discuss the question of what forms of government are desirable for Muslims: Islamic state, secular state, or democracy. Details of the day-long conference – date, venue and subjects to be discussed – are outlined on its website:[4]

The conference announcement attracted attention in the U.S. media. As a result, Hizb Al-Tahrir America announced that the venue would be moved elsewhere in the "Chicagoland area" but that the date and time would remain the same. It added: "Other details concerning the circumstances leading to the change in venue will be updated at a later date."[5].......

On Islam, Viruses, Bacteria and killer Mutations

The link towards bottom of this post shows how Islam spread from Mecca starting  in 625 AD and encompassed the entire region by 733 AD.  Worth checking it if only to understand how something deadly can take over entire regions of advanced learning and culture.  It's really worth your time to read the entire  article.  Amil Imani  knows what he's talking about.

Amil Imani writing at AmericanThinker:
...Trauma, viruses, or bacteria cause the death of a biological entity.  Viruses and bacteria are major killers of human beings and present great challenges to medicine.  They can be deadly and have the uncanny ability to mutate.  Yet they are there for their mission of ending life.

Life exists due to balance: body and soul, good and evil, and life and death.  This holds true even to the lesser foundations of our lives, and how we spend our time.  The small, seemingly trivial ripples that we create each day eventually build into a wave -- the wave of mankind.  The moment a new entity is formed, an array of forces work to end it.  Death, in effect, is pre-birth.  Without death, everything freezes in place.  Death often provides the raw material for the new birth.  The death and decay of a tree, for instance, supplies the needed nutrients for the seed to grow; the Newtonian physics' obsolescence provided the foundation for Einstein's relativity theory....

....Poorly understood and little-appreciated are psychosocial viruses -- PSVs.....

...In the case of Islam, a special group of PSVs set out to work the minute Muhammad launched his faith, and mutation rapidly followed...

...The PSV of the time of Muhammad continued to mutate as it reached other peoples and other lands.  Each people's own ideas and beliefs -- their cognitive immune system -- responded differently to the invader.....

...Islam of today is composed of a dozen major sects and hundreds of sub-sects and schools.  Just two examples should demonstrate the fact that Muhammad's Islam has decomposed. 
One branch of Sunni Islam, the Wahhabi, has interbred with the Pashtun culture of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the result has been the Taliban version of Islam: a most reactionary, repressive, and savage "religion." 

On the Shiite side, for example, there is a sect of the Ghulat Alavi that holds only to one of the five pillars of Islam: the Shehadah, an Islamic credo that says, "I testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."  This sect does not subscribe to the remaining four pillars of praying five times a day, fasting one month a year, pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, and paying the religious tax of zakat.  The Alavi women are allowed participation in all religious events and are not required to don the hijab -- a stark contrast to the Taliban, who deny even rudimentary education to women and forbid them from leaving home without the accompaniment of a male relative.....

....None of the numerous contending Islamic sects is indeed the Islam Muhammad launched. That original Islam died with Muhammad, and the belief immediately started splintering and kept on splintering, with each splinter claiming to be the true Islam and renouncing and fighting every other splinter.  This time around, the invigorated Muslims are using the immense amount of petrodollars they extract from oil-addicted non-Muslims.  The sword is temporarily replaced by just as deadly a weapon, the petrodollar.  Before long, the fanatical Muslims running Iran aim to add a more deadly modern version of the sword: the Islamic bomb.  With the bomb in one hand and the other hand on the oil spigot, the religion of peace and brotherhood will have the power to bring the non-Muslim world to its knees.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Murderous Muslims make good use of bombs and coffins

Ahh ... nice to see Pakistan picking it up a notch in the 5-day killing spree from June 16 - 20. They are inching towards the civil war which is written in the cards.
Nigeria's Muslims  killed 90+ Christians and wounded countless others.
Iraq's civil war claimed 65+ Shiites and Sunnis and countless wounded.
As in all civil wars, it's tough to keep an accurate body count on  the deaths in places like Syria and Yemen.  Some reports filter out days after the atrocities.

2012.06.20 Afghanistan Khost Mostly civilians are victimized by a Fedayeen suicide blast that leaves at least twenty-one dead.
2012.06.20 Pakistan Karachi A Shiite prayer leader is shot to death by Sunni rivals.
2012.06.20 Afghanistan Logar Four children and two women are among eight innocents torn apart by a Religion of Peace bomb.
2012.06.19 Nigeria Damaturu At least forty people lose their lives to coordinated attacks by Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.06.19 Myanmar Yathedaung Muslims attack and kill three Buddhist villagers.
2012.06.18 Somalia Mogadishu Children are egregiously injured by a bomb planted by suspected al-Shabaab.
2012.06.18 Iraq Ramadi The lives of four civilians at a coffee shop are snuffed out by Jihadi bombers.
2012.06.18 Afghanistan Musa Qala Women and children are torn to shreds by a roadside bomb planted by Islamic hardliners.
2012.06.18 Iraq Baqubah A Sunni detonates himself inside a tent packed with Shia funeral mourners, killing at least twenty-two.
2012.06.18 Afghanistan Tagab At least six locals are exterminated when religious extremists detonate a bomb at a bazaar.
2012.06.18 Pakistan Quetta  Five Shiite students are blown to bits by Taliban bombers.
2012.06.17 Nigeria Trikania A Shahid suicide car bomber crashes through a church gate and blows up at least five Christians.
2012.06.17 Iraq Fallujah Two children are among six slain by Jihadi bombers.
2012.06.17 Nigeria Zaria Holy Warriors walk into two church services and detonate, leaving over thirty worshipers dead in the carnage, including at least ten children.
2012.06.17 Iraq Mosul Four local police are torn to shreds by Mujahdi bombers.
2012.06.17 Afghanistan Kandahar A NATO soldier is shot in the back by three Taliban in police uniform.
2012.06.16 Pakistan Landi Kotal Sharia advocates detonate a truck bomb amid a crowd at a market, sending over twenty-six souls to Allah.
2012.06.16 Iraq Baghdad A Mujahideen bomb targeting rescue personnel assisting survivors of an earlier blast ends the lives of at least eighteen more innocents.
2012.06.16 Thailand Yala Muslim terrorists ambush and kill three local soldiers.
2012.06.16 Somalia Afgoye A Shahid suicide bomber takes out two Somalis.
2012.06.16 Pakistan Kohat Sunni bombers send six souls to Allah.
2012.06.16 Iraq Baghdad A bomb targeting Shiite pilgrims leaves fourteen dead.
2012.06.16 Pakistan Quetta Two children are killed during a rampage by a mob angered over an alleged Quran desecration by a mentally ill man.

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