Friday, December 11, 2009

Suddenly, Tony Abbot saw the light

We can only hope that a few others groping in the darkness of Copenhagen will see it too. Abbot listened to his voice of reason which also goes by the name "conscience" and did the right thing.  Deep down he knew that AGW was a farce.

.....Abbott, until that point Turnbull's main defender on the ETS, became increasingly blunt. According to many in the room, he left no doubt that he was a climate change sceptic. He ruminated there had been many changes of climate over the millennia not caused by man. Finally, he said the science behind climate change was "crap", at which stage Wilson snapped awake.

"I think I was nodding off down at the back of the room when all of a sudden he came out with the comment that the science around climate change was `absolute crap' and I kind of jumped back awake and wrote down his quote," Wilson says......
.....The next morning, Abbott was feeling his usual sprightly self. "He came in here bouncing," Cox says. "He was a different boy." He read the papers, made some calls, had a coffee at Angel's Cafe with Bain and met local councillors.

About midday, Abbott left Beaufort for Melbourne in a government car. On the way, he writes in his new afterword to Battlelines, he had the long phone conservation with Minchin that crystallised his new thinking, after which he had decided that "the politics of this issue really had changed".

Town of Beaufort changed Abbot's view on AGW

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