Monday, May 31, 2010

Michael Coren comments on yesterday's assault on Blazing Cat Fur

By now, a big chunk of the blogging community in Canada as well as down south, are aware that BCF was assaulted yesterday by a CUPE thug. BCF was taping the protest that the palestinians and their bosom pals, CUPE,  which is filled to the brim with hard-core leftists, had organized.  All of a sudden a mad muzzie from CUPE came flying across the street and attacked the blogger. If that was not enough to turn your stomach, you gotta see what happened  next when one of the cops takes it upon himself to play tough. Michael Coren says it best here.  The important thing to remember while in Toronto is that if one is not a union member, the cops in Ontario will not give you the time of day. The police force in Ontario are union members and their affinity is to other union thugs like themselves. The general public can be damned, killed and buried.... in fact they will help with the damning, the killing and the burying. That how the police force of Toronto rolls folks... and remember that when next you decide you have to holler "Police" to help save you from arm twisters. You might be calling out for additional thugs to do away with your arm altogether.   To see the vid, visit BCF

UPDATE:  Michael Coren will be talking about the assault on his show tonight.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The conquest of New York, not by Planet of the Apes or by V .....

but by islamists, will be complete when they lay the first stone in the ground to build their mosque in the shadow of the demolished World Trade Centre. Here is Walid Shoebat, ex-terrorist, talking to PajamasTV. Politicians are helping the destruction of the countries they were elected to keep whole. Ironical don't you think, that our elected officers are themselves weapons of mass destruction of all we hold dear.

via: PJTV    Pajamas TV is becoming stronger with each passing day and will, mark my words, be a competitor to any of the MSM within a short time, including Fox.  Keep the link in your "favorites" or visit them from my list which is towards  the bottom right hand corner of the blog.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Doldrums

1) PM Harper and a Shiite muslim billionaire making nice-nice. Reminds me of  USA presidents holding hands and going kissy kissy with the Saudi tyrant.  The Shiite muslim is ploughing 300 Million into building a mosque or whatever in Toronto. Nice going Conservative govt. yippee yay yay and yahoo !! Have to re-think my vote come the next time.

2) The Harper govt. thinks nothing of spending over a BILLION DOLLARS on the G8 and G20. Canadians in their millions are unemployed and these leaders who could have just had their blasted meetings via the internet or Bell's inventions are spitting in our faces by this blatant disregard to taxpayers' money. Right !!!   Have fun while you can.   Just like Obama who keeps playing golf down south, the Conservative govt instead of working on the deficit is overspending. Great going Hon. Prime Minister. I for one am very proud of you spending the 1 Billion+ on blah blah blah which ultimately comes to a big fat ZERO, as usual when all these airheads come together. 

Lots more to add to the doldrums today, but I think I will just make a tall strong drink and hate everybody some more.  I am not happy today with PM Harper and the Conservative govt. NOT AT ALL.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Invincible Pamela Geller

Freedom of Speech fighter and Individual Rights activist, Pamela Geller speaks at the Tennessee Tea Party.

Mexican Prez wants to reduce his country's citizenry...

by sending as many as possible to Canada. Now that Arizona have introduced their anti-illegal immigrant laws, the Mexican president is looking to Canada to do away with  our visa requirements which are in force for Mexican visitors. What's up with this Mexican guy?  Instead of looking for ways to rid his country of drug lords and crime and fix it's economy, he goes  around preaching his kind of flawed logic and hoping others will see sense in his nonsense. We are not like the democrats down south who gave you a standing ovation for criticizing one of their own states Mr. Calderon. We have our rules and regulations about visa requirements which were put  in place for a purpose and nothing that comes out of your mouth regarding visas make any sense to us... so kindly Shut Up.  Moreover, if they are the kind of visitors who cannot afford to pay the very nominal visa fee, then they are not the kind of visitors who will  spend on buying Canadian things. Right?!!!

Canada is losing hundreds of thousands of visitors from Mexico because of visa requirements imposed by the Harper government to curb refugee claims, Mexican President Felipe Calderon told the House of Commons on Thursday.....

Mark Levin lashes out

Levin, the author of "Liberty And Tyranny", one of the most intelligent books I have read in a long, long time, lashes out at Glenn Beck without mentioning his name. Yes, I will be the first one to admit that Beck is becoming too big for his boots and his swollen head might explode any one of these days right before our eyes. Yesterday, on the Mark Levin show, Levin just could not keep his anger bottled up, and lashed out in no uncertain terms. Worth listening to.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As a showdown between the two Koreas is in the cards......

let's take a look at the communist side of Korea, a part of Korea that was unfortunate enough to be under the mandate of the USSR after Korea was freed from the Japanese. If only the north part of the country too had been under the mandate of the USA like the south, or if the mandate was given to the UK after WW II instead of to the communist ally, we might not have had an aggressive regime that is North Korea of today.   
Here      here    and    here are some great pics of both the Koreas and snippets of history to go with them.  I for one, had no idea that the USS Pueblo was hijacked by NK in 1968 and it's crew of nearly 100 were held captive for almost a year.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UK goes into "limit immigration" mode

Will that help to save UK from becoming Britianistan? The fact of the matter is that it's not really about the number of immigrants you take in, it's all about quality not quantity.   Highlights from the Queen's speech

Most US citizens have learnt ZERO from the 9/11 attacks

A nation this unaware of the consequences of their ignorance, is a nation in dire danger. All that hue and cry about Arizona's new anti-illegal immigrant act is appalling. It's not just Mexicans crossing over into the USA. Dangerous islamists wearing insignia depicting the 9/11 attacks on their jackets are also crossing the border into Arizona and then disappearing into the vast unknown of America.

USA's Channel 2 TV are reporting that they have in their possession a list showing the number of non-Mexican illegals from terrorists-heavy countries like Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Middle East and Somalia making their way into the USA via the Mexican border. It is a list that even members of the Homeland Security committee admit they have never seen. Unbelievable!! Makes one wonder if politicians down south are more into extramarital affairs, making like celebrities, looking for "votes grabbing tactics" and  don't give even a damn about their  country.

What can be said about a political party that gives a standing ovation to criticism heaped on Arizona by a visiting leader from a country whose citizens and others have been invading their borders? Watch the video below and judge for  yourselves  to see if the Democrats  have fallen to a new low or not. Would you have let an outsider come into your home and criticize one of your family members?  What is the difference between your own home and your country?   Why do you install those elaborate locks and gadgets on the doors of your house  but think it is racist to do it for your country ?    How senseless and devoid of any intelligence the leftists have become !!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah Palin on the oil spill disaster: "Obama taking so doggone long to get in there....."

Sarah Palin talks to Chris Wallace on Rand Paul's recent win and the media; the oil spill and other issues. The more the lefties hear her views, the more their legs are turning to jelly. Couric is probably breaking into nightly sweats .... either due to menopause or Palin's easy saunter towards the WH.   It's all good.

Other interviews and speeches of Palin found here: PalinTV

Well Done Canada.... Excellent move by a Country with a sense of Justice

At times like this, I pat myself on the back for having chosen Canada for  my home. While family members and friends were filing their immigration papers to sunny Australia, I was writing poetry about the snowy mountains and icy lakes of Canada. Here's hoping the Conservative Govt will always reign in Canada.  Today, a South Korean family residing in my neighborhood and friends of mine, are also proud to have made Canada their home.

Canada is imposing sanctions on North Korea for the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel in March

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says in a statement issued today that the sanctions will include enhanced restrictions on trade, investment and other bilateral relations with North Korea. The government will also suspend high-level visits to Canada by North Korean officials.

The sinking of the Cheonan on March 26 near the Koreas' western maritime border killed 46 sailors. Three experts from the Canadian Navy joined the multinational team that investigated the incident, and concluded the warship was sunk by a torpedo.....

What a downer !!!

Compare the balances of the top five with the bottom five. That scowl on your face will last a good many minutes. This is the 2009 list from The World Factbook of the CIA .

Top Five
1. China $ 296,200,000,000
2. Japan $ 131,200,000,000
3. Germany $ 109,700,000,000
4. Switzerland $ 79,180,000,000
5. Norway $ 58,560,000,000

Bottom Five
186. Canada $ -36,320,000,000
187. France $ -43,670,000,000
188. Italy $ -55,440,000,000
189. Spain $ -69,460,000,000
190. United States $ -380,100,000,000

h/t: JohnR

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is there a way to describe people who ......

would rather overfeed the bloated  then  give even a glance to the real hunger-ridden people of  Africa? Greece, Turkey, Ireland and Sweden.... hypocrites all of you.

Your nations are full of anti-semites and racists. You do not care for the millions of   children going hungry in Africa, but you would rather send a flotilla of goods to Gaza to feed the non-hungry.

Shame on you all. Open your eyes and look at these pics. Are you smart enough to distinguish between those who need food and those who have too much of it?  Is it the palestinians or the African kids? 

The nations that really care for the hungry are those that send aid to Africa, to the places in Africa where hundreds of children are dying each and every day. The nations that  send goods to the palestinians are full of people that hate Jews, as simple as that, you can coat it with whatever lies you want to, the world is not as blind as you think it is.  We know why you ignore the real downtrodden of the world and abet and link with the people who want to see Israel destroyed. Shame on you.

Wow ... Nice job you got there Hon. Speaker

Let’s be clear: No one is suggesting Milliken has in any way been fiddling with his own expenses

via Bourque

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love Mr.Bean

Weekend fun.  No politics today.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Certification course in body guarding

Canada Fights Human Trafficking (CFHT) is offering a certification course in body guarding. The course is taught by professionally trained and certified Body Guards. CFHT is recommending the course for all their volunteers and also to anybody with a view to make people proactive in protecting themselves and others around them. Their first offering will be in Cambridge, Ontario in early June, however, if you would like to take the course in some other province, please let CFHT know so they can organize similar courses in your area.

For further info you may contact: or visit them at :   and if you forget the name, you can always find them at my listing at the bottom right corner.

Rex Murphy: "Leaders out to lunch, no receipts required."

Rex Murphy takes up for the AG's request to audit MP expenses  

One of Glenn Beck's Best

You will be amazed at the investigative powers of Glenn Beck and his staff.   In today's show, Beck has exposed the ..... but I will leave it to you to find out. Don't want to spoil your surprise. This is a must watch, no doubt about it.   Glenn Beck May 20   

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Financial Pundit Jim Kramer loves Canada

I don't know about his picks, but his praise of Canada and Canadian Banks is well deserved.  Does Bank of Montreal really have a 4.8% dividend yield?  Hmmmm - gotta check on that.

One of the few places that may seem safe for investing right now is, well, Canada, Jim Cramer said this week. Given the pervasive negativity in the markets, that’s certainly how it seems.

Because even despite a massive US$1 trillion bailout package from the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, there are still plenty of people who doubt Europe’s debt problems are a thing of the past. Cramer’s not one of them per se, but he knows how this foreboding weighs on investors. Factor in fears of China’s allegedly ready-to-burst asset bubble and the effect that financial regulation could have on American banks, and some of the most likely places to put your money are crossed off the list.

But there’s still Canada. In particular, the country’s banks.

“There’s no rioting in Ottawa,” Cramer said. “You aren’t constantly hearing about the weakness of the loonie or Canadian bond woes – because the loonie’s not weak … and the woes are nonexistent.”.......

Such news make me wonder how many similar goons we have in Canada

If muslim immigration is not controlled or stopped altogether, then when that fateful day comes to Canada, and it will, make no mistake about that, the Immigration Department and all those who facilitate the influx of such scum will be held responsible. Why would Canada go out of it's way to import islamists when there are millions of peaceful Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and others desperate to make Canada their home? WHY?  What kind of Canadians would want to destroy their own country by importing people who want to turn us into powdery dust.  That's what happened to the poor souls in the twin towers.  Never forget that.

A Kansas City used car and auto parts dealer admitted in Kansas City federal court this morning that he provided “material support” to the al-Qaida terrorist organization.

Khalid Ouazzani, a Moroccan-born naturalized U.S. citizen, pleaded guilty to terrorism-related charges, admitting that he sent $23,500 to al-Qaida through a bank in the United Arab Emirates between August 2007 and summer 2008.

Ouazzani, 32, also admitted in the plea hearing that in June 2008, he swore to an unnamed co-conspirator an oath of allegiance to the terrorist organization.....
more here

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The true face of Mo revealed

I cannot draw for nuts,  so I stole someone else work.  I hope they don't mind.    The word "draw" makes me think of the dreamy Clint Eastwood in this scene from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Quote from Churchill  .... the man  was a visionary for sure.

"The influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome."

This is unbelievable !!!

Are our soldiers sent to Afghanistan to commit suicide? I hope this is not true of Canadian soldiers. If this is what Obama wants, even if it is only for US soldiers, then we should bring our soldiers back pronto. Right now,  this hour, today, without delay. 

According to Michael Yon's Facebook page : An American soldier emailed from Afghanistan saying that his unit has been ordered to patrol with no round in the chamber

h/t: Irene

CBC's twin in UK under bloggers' microscope

This is a "must read" guideline that a blog has published on how to make BBC bias-free. Just read the word "BBC"  as  "CBC" instead,  and we have an effective guideline for our own biased TV station as well.  Also, there's a link within the main link to an article by the outspoken Daniel Hannan.  Another "must read"   and it will  prove to you that I am on the mark when I state that CBC's twin resides in UK.

....The BBC has been corrupted and is now misusing its immense power to manipulate its news output in order to influence political situations. It is astonishing in a modern information-based democracy that we allow a small clique of unelected, unrepresentative, self-appointed, uncontrolled and unaccountable people to control the most awesome mind-controlling and influencing power in the history of mankind and to shamelessly manipulate the only news that most people will hear.

Labour was famed for misusing power for party advantage and the BBC was no exception. By ruthlessly selective staff recruitment and promotion the BBC was turned into an immensely powerful Labour Party propaganda weapon. A political attack dog; trained to promote and protect the Labour Party at all times. Well, the master has now gone, but the attack dog is still there, and it is now completely out of control....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More bad news from Europe

Spain going the way of Greece?  Yes, all indications point that way. The green policies of Spain that Obama admires so much are not bearing any fruit because the trees are rotten to the core as are all trees planted by the Left.  Get ready for more bumps and grinds on the market.   And, while we are at it, let's build some more of those tall rotating things,  it's all  worth it for filing those bankruptcy papers. 
....This document is not a public report. Spanish media has referred to its existence in recent weeks though, while Bloomberg and the Washington Examiner have noted the impact: Spain is now forced to jettison its plans — Obama’s model — for a “green economy.”

Remarkably, these items have received virtually no media attention.

An item which has been covered widely, however, is that President Obama is now pressuring Spain to turn off its spigot of public debt in the name of averting a situation similar to that of Greece.

Also covered widely is Obama’s promotion of the American Power Act — the legislation which would replicate Spain’s current situation in the United States.

Put simply, Obama is currently promoting a policy in the U.S. which is based on a policy that he wishes to see Spain abandon. Welcome to Obamaland, the particulars of which are explained in a fashion grandly more illuminating than this Obama-Zapatero dance in Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America.......

Burka Bouts ... better than watching boxing matches

I would pay to watch these encounters. You know who I would be rooting for !!   Police were forced to break up a fight in a French clothing shop after a female lawyer ripped the Islamic veil off a muslim convert

A 60-year-old female lawyer ripped a Muslim woman's Islamic veil off during a row in what French police described as the first known case of ‘burqa rage’.

The astonishing scene unfolded in a clothes shop in France when the pair came to blows before being arrested. It came as racial tensions grow over of the country's plans to introduce a total ban on burqas and other forms of religious dress which cover the face.

The 26-year-old Muslim convert was walking through the store in Trignac, near Nantes, in the western Loire-Atlantique region, when she overhead the lawyer making ‘snide remarks about her black burqa'. A police officer added: ‘The lawyer said she was not happy seeing a fellow shopper wearing a veil and wanted the ban introduced as soon as possible....

If MPs have been dishonest, there should be consequences

No question about that, none whatsoever. These are the people who are the lawmakers in our country and we look up to them to be above all the thievery we see around us and to be fair and honest. It is extremely shameful that these well paid representatives of the people of Canada can stoop so low as to get taxpayers paying for their patio furniture and their generators. Where is their love for their country and for doing the right thing. Why is it that weasels are more attracted to political positions than good, honest human beings ? Why are some MPs having "secret spending clubs" in Ontario?  Now we have this scandal in Nova Scotia. Very soon, something similar is bound to happen in Ontario and in Ontario it will be explosive.

Nova Scotia's auditor general has asked the RCMP to investigate four former and one current member of the legislature for possible criminal wrongdoing involving their expense claims.

In a report released Tuesday, auditor general Jacques Lapointe doesn't name names or provide any other details about the five cases in an expense scandal that has dominated the province's political scene for months.

"Based on the results of my investigation, I believe four former members and one current member of the house of assembly may have committed illegal acts related to their constituency expense claims," Lapointe said in a two-page letter to Charlie Parker, the Speaker of the legislature.

"Due to the serious nature of my findings, I determined it would not be appropriate for my office to continue to do additional work in regard to these specific individuals. Accordingly, we referred our investigation files for these five individuals to the RCMP for criminal investigation."....

Monday, May 17, 2010

PM Harper will push G20 to focus on fiscal issues

This is exactly what the G20 should be talking about and nothing else. Everything else should be kept on the back burner. PM Harper is rightly concerned with the present financial mess that so many of the world's countries are mired in up to their necks. Talking about any other issue would be like putting on a comedy act at a funeral.
The PM told reporters:

"We now need to reassure markets not just that we've been prepared to intervene when we had to, but that governments can run responsible and sustainable balances over the long term.The levels of deficit and debt in many countries are reaching levels that markets judge to be unsustainable."

What Russia does with pirates is a shining example ....

that pussy nations can follow if only they have the guts to give up on those useless halos they love to wear. Did you know that the "Somali" pirate gangs have other rogue muslim members amongst them?  If I am not mistaken I can see middle eastern and south asian men in the vid.  Let's play Russians & Pirates    Russia wins.  Yahoo!!!

h/t: Irene

Oh oh ... big earthquake expected in Hezbollah's Lebanon

Canada should keep those planes and ships all set to go full speed to the rescue of those vacationing "Canadians of convenience".

Not even a full day has passed after Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA, but it looks like the next beauty pageant scandal is already brewing.
Photos have surfaced from 2007, when Ms. Fakih won a different kind of contest; she took the top spot in a stripper contest that was hosted by local Detroit radio show Mojo in the Morning. According to TMZ, her prizes included “jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use.”.....

And, from Daniel Pipes Dr.Pipes has an array of Arabic beauties   who have won beauty contests in the recent past and he wonders if we are seeing affirmative action in these crownings.

Okay.... what are the bets that Rima Fakih will give interview upon interview about how devote she is to the book of lies and blah, blah, blah.  By now the girl must be shivering violently and unable to stand tall in those spiky heels and her mother must have gone shopping for a burkha already.  Any takers?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Atlas Shrugs' Pam Geller on the Mike Huckabee show

Talks about the "slap in the face" proposed 13-storied mosque building within a stone's throw from Ground Zero. On another note, how come Conservative women are so beautiful and articulate whereas the other side have people like Rachel MadCow and Ariana Whatever.

more here.


Dust My Broom ... hacked

or in the process of getting hacked.   Be careful if you are a visitor to their site.  I closed my tab instantly but caught a glimpse of  codes flashing by and I think I caught the words  "hacking by coders in Indonesia"   not sure.

Did the atomic bomb play havoc with the Japanese genes ?

I really wonder about the kind of good ideas coupled with utter nonsense that's coming out of Japan. Something is deadly wrong over there, at least with the new generation. For example, this idea here, as a gimmick, succeeded as it got publicity for the makers of the robot. However, if this is going to be the norm in Japan, then we have a whole country turning into a weirdo museum worth visiting only to laugh at.

Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair.

The nuptials at this ceremony were led by "I-Fairy," a 4-foot (1.5-meter) tall seated robot with flashing eyes and plastic pigtails. Sunday's wedding was the first time a marriage had been led by a robot, according to manufacturer Kokoro Co.

"Please lift the bride's veil," the robot said in a tinny voice, waving its arms in the air as the newlyweds kissed in front of about 50 guests.

The wedding took place at a restaurant in Hibiya Park in central Tokyo, where the I-Fairy wore a wreath of flowers and directed a rooftop ceremony. Wires led out from beneath it to a black curtain a few feet (meters) away, where a man crouched and clicked commands into a computer........

via Drudge

The hypocrisy of Comedy Central

In a world gone mad, it is perfectly okay to appease the cavemen and abide by their wishes because we are gutless under the guise of pretending to be defending the muslims' sensitivity. That's the truth, isn't it?   How is it okay to display games on your website, games where the association is created of Israel being a hateful murdering nation?   The cartoon has characters and dialogues which are clearly anti-Israel. There is a robot depicted in the cartoon who is named Israel and the robot destroys anything and everything in it's path, including children.   What more can be said?

This is what the Left does, dear readers. While their one hand is trying to choke us off, their other hand is busily engaged in empowering the muslim segment of our society to aide and abet in their hateful goals, without realizing that, that segment of our society will one day choke the chokers themselves.  And, what do we do?  We  bring out our very best behaviour, we pull it out by sheer force, and put on a great "politically correct"  farce.  Suicidal..... that's what most of us have become.  Have you thought of  what your inheritance to your kids and grandkids will be?  It will be slavery. no doubt about that.  Is that what you desire for your descendants?  Your silence  on the craziness going on around us is like breathing in toxic fumes which will kill your identity faster than any virus known to man.  Without your integrity and self-worth, you are just an empty shell.

What are the chances, that the link to the cartoon which is within the link above, will either not work or Comedy Central will have pulled the game off it's website ? 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wow..... our fighter jets were ready in a jiffy

We are efficiency itself in every which way. Cathay Pacific flight to Canada reported a security threat and our fighters dashed without losing any time to escort the flight to a safe landing in Vancouver.
Canadian fighter jets escorted a Cathay Pacific airliner incoming from Hong Kong to a safe landing in Vancouver International Airport on Saturday due to a potential unspecified security threat, a North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesperson said.

The Canadian Press news agency cited Canadian Defense department officials as saying there was a bomb threat aboard the plane, which originated in Hong Kong, but they could not provide details....... more here

Can we ban Ban Ki-Moon ?

He dares to scold our PM and criticize our government ?  This man should be  persona non grata and damn the diplomatic relations with the UN.  Begone Ban Ki Moon, off to the moon with you and the Useless Nonsense that is the UN.  Rex Murphy has the grace to call him a "nice guy". Not in my books, no sirreee !! Ban Ki-moon is so loony, I can picture him leading the loonies in a psychiatric ward ... but then, that's true of most members that make up the UN too.... so my perception of this loony leader leading the rest of the nutcases in the UN is far from wrong.

His Eminence, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, seems like a nice guy.   This week, he was in Ottawa, and apparently chastised the Canadian government, more particularly Stephen Harper, for Canada’s shameless failure to meet its carbon-reduction obligations under the Kyoto protocol.

Then again, this is what we expect Mr. Ban to do. He is, after all, the highest functionary of the world’s most useless transnational organization, and sermonizing is mainly what its Secretary-General does. But I surely hope — within the bounds of diplomatic courtesy, of course — that Mr. Harper paid no attention to him. Or rather, since an air of candour seems to have prevailed at their tète-a-tète, Mr. Harper, as it were, returned serve..........

Australian teenage girl circles the globe in a pink yacht

Yeah baby !!! We have come a long way ....and we are going even further. An Australian girl of 16  spent 7 months on a yacht circling the globe, solo and nonstop and with no help from anybody. Many had doubted she would be able to complete her journey and that midway or even sooner she would cry her lungs out screaming for rescue. Did not happen. What a proud moment for her parents after enduring the anguish of the past seven months.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: "Don't mess with Mama Grizzlies"

So speakth the First Woman POTUS in waiting. via: Drudge

Palin also spoke recently to a packed auditorium of more than 4000 in Rosemont, Illinois, fundraising for Conservatives running in the November races. Hillbuzz has the details and vids here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My, my.... bank balances are almost invisible ....

but the smarty pants in North York is organizing a dinner for the Leader on Monday night which will cost the Liberals wanting to get a sniff of the Leader's cologne a neat $1100. And, what's with the "$550 for those under 35" ? Stinks of discrimination. Yeah, it's Martha Finley, the Leader's favorite party girl, organizing another fund raiser. I still get all these invites, because.... horror of horrors.... I used to be a card carrying Lib before I shed the patina from my eyes and bid them goodbye forever.

Actually, I sort of like Martha Finley. I happen to know that she is a good person. But, Martha baby, you are fluffing up a lost cause, sweetie.  Just give up, gracefully.

The Leader's Dinner is a great opportunity for the Liberal family to join together to celebrate our achievements and our shared vision for a more prosperous Canada. Liberal MPs from the GTA and around Canada will be in attendance for the evening.

1. Dinner and VIP Reception: $1100 for those over 35 and $550 for those under 35. By purchasing a ticket to the dinner and VIP reception, you will recieve membership in the Laurier Club for the year.

2. If you are a Laurier Club member already, tickets will only cost $95 - the actual cost of the meal.

(As a Laurier Club member, you will also be invited to attend the Laurier Club member’s exclusive Garden Party at Stornoway in Ottawa on Monday, June 14th)

3. Dinner only tickets are $500 per person.

Yup... She can punch alright

Ann Coulter socks it to the Justices. Why is it that these days women have all the guts and men just play golf or diddly doodle do ?

Supreme Court To Face Mecca Americans can thank the Supreme Court for the attempted car bombing of Times Square, as well as any future terrorist attacks that might be less "amateurish" and which our commander in chief will be unable to thwart unless the bomb fizzles.
Over blistering dissents by Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, five Supreme Court justices have repeatedly voted to treat jihadists like turnstile jumpers. (Thanks, Justice Kennedy!)

That's worked so well that Obama's own attorney general is now talking about making massive exceptions to the Miranda warnings -- exceptions that will apply to all criminal suspects, by the way -- in order to deal with terrorists having to be read their rights as a bomb is about to go off.
Let's be clear: When Eric Holder thinks we're being too easy on terrorists, we are being too easy on terrorists.

Either the five liberal justices demanding constitutional rights for terrorists are out of their minds, or the religious worship of President Franklin D. Roosevelt has got to stop. According to liberal logic in the war on terrorism, FDR was a bloodthirsty war criminal.......

Guess who's jumping with glee because he thinks ......

Israel and USA are having disagreements.

Q: Who said the following?

It has been an unusual and enjoyable new experience to be able to look on as the Israelis argued with their most important ally. The fact that the dispute is over Jewish settlements is even better for the Palestinian.

 1. Khaled Meshaal (Hamas leader)

2. Hasan Nasrallah (Hezbollah chief)

3. Jeremy Bowen (BBC Mideast Editor)

4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian President)

5. George Galloway (extremist former UK politician)

read further to find out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rally to protest Islamic Jihad

UPDATE: May 13: It has been pointed out to me that the march was to protest against Jihad in general all over the world. The rally to protest the proposed mosque is supposedly at some later date, if at all.  

Pics of the rally from Atlas Shrug Yesterday, at long last, the victims and citizens of New York city marched against the proposed building of a mosque in the vicinity of the Twin Towers where thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Can you believe the audacity of these islamists goons? First they kill all those innocent folks, who if they were "lucky" died instantly and if they were not, got splattered on the concrete sidewalks hundreds of floors below, ending their lives via that route instead of the horror of death by fire. Those dropping bodies are  giving those who saw the  massacre first hand, nightmares to this day. Adding sacks of salt into the wounds of the victims and the near and dear of those who lost their lives on that fateful day, should have called for such rallies from the day it came to light that  plans were afloat to build a mosque near the twin towers. Anybody and everybody in the City Planning departments who are stupid enough to put down their signatures approving of such a construction so near to the horror of 9/11 are as guilty as islamists wanting to kill us. Unthinkable, the things that are happening in the USA.

I have always maintained that one should do to evil what evil does to you, because evil can understand no other language. Trying to douse the flames of evil with appeasement and flowery words and deeds will only feed the fire. I hope the American people will hold these rallies continously and in every city in every State.. and if need be, make them as violent and loud as the rallies seen coming from the Left. Fight fire with fire. That is the only way islamist brains can understand that you mean business. This is one Canadian standing with the enemies of evil incarnate wherever and whenever they bravely stand their ground.

At another item posted by Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs, she quotes from an article: "In gearing up for the 2010 Census, the General Services Administration (GSA) leased office space throughout the country. One location is a 6,654 square foot section of a two-story building on Edsall Road in Alexandria, Va. owned by the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque. The United States government is spending $582,000, or about $23,000 per month, to lease the space from November 2008 through the end of this year."

So, it looks like, not only is the Obama administration sucking up to the muslims, the ex-Prez Bush was a lover of muslims too. I mistrusted the man from the day I saw him holding hands and kissing the Saudi Arabian tyrant. Wasn't that the reason USA invaded Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia?  Almost all the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis of palestinian origin. Go check for yourselves if you don't believe me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entire family and their home swallowed up

A country home in St.Jude, near Montreal has been swallowed up and the family of four are missing. Most of the house has almost disappeared in the ground collapse with only the roof  visible and rescue workers are struggling through the mud looking for any sign of the residents.  I believe there are huge areas of quicksand in St Jude and vicinity.  What a disaster.   

Why Amish businesses are a success

Great read from the Canadian Business magazine reviewing  a new book titled: Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive.  I loved the proverbs mentioned. If only people had lived  by them, the world  would not be in the present financial mess we are wading through.

Here’s some business advice from a venerable old leader “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: But the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” It’s a simple principle, and one almost universally acknowledged. More advice from the same guy: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” It makes sense: your name, or your brand, is everything. Here’s one more tip from King Solomon: “The way of the slothful man is as a hedge of thorns.” Can’t you just see it on one of those workplace motivational posters?

“I wish I could memorize the whole book of Proverbs,” says one Amish businessman about the Bible book from which the above verses are taken. “There’s a lot of truth in there, about business and about making money, and about using money, and handling people.” He calls it the ultimate guide to marketing. And fair enough; between the bits about avoiding “harlots” and “whorish women,” Solomon offers plenty of useful bullet points. But the question of why anybody in the secular world would turn to the Amish for business advice in the first place is answered right off the top in Erik Wesner’s Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive (Jossey-Bass). ...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama and his team = height of inefficiency

According to Big Government network, Mullah Omar, the topmost Osama Bin Laden aide has been in Pakistani custody from late March and Clinton did not even know it. The Pakistani authorities had relayed the information to their USA counterparts and to the military intelligence but given how inefficient Obama's team happens to be, the people at the top are unaware of the events that really matter. All they are concerned with is turning America into one big communist country. Whether Al Qaeda and the Taliban are thriving or dead, matters little to them.

It really boggles the mind that America with her presumably super sleuths, military might, etc. are actually like a house of cards ready for total collapse during the present administration. No wonder the grass roots movement has taken off on full steam.  This is simply unbelievable.  Either the information did not reach the top or they want to keep the capture a secret.  Make what you will of it.

Angus Reid Poll

hope the link works now. 
If it does not, go here:       the ad comes on every now and then.  The ad is very misleading.

I was jaunting along  the internet highway and found an ad for this poll at Townhall's conservative mag. online.  The results are definitely not accurate.... something fishy here.  Angus Reid poll on PM

What happened to Comedy Central and Molly Norris ?

I don't blame Molly Norris for backing down from the fantastic movement that was her brain-child. She has distanced herself so far away from the issue of Mo's cartoons that she is probably closer to planet Jupiter at this point in time and still travelling further. Bye, Bye Molly.  At least Molly showed a lot of bravery even if it was only for a week or so. But what about Comedy Central?  Or should we label them henceforth as "Cowards Collectorate"? Here's one man's take on how self-censorship trickles down to others around them.

I cannot draw for peanuts.... but I will hunt all over the internet to steal somebody else's work for posting into my blog on May 20th.  Be here to view it.

Remember that old public service ad with a father confronting his son about drug use? Asked where he learned to do such things, the son replies, "You, all right? I learned it by watching you!" A similar process applies to self-censorship. When those in positions of power and authority succumb to the temptation of muzzling their own speech out of fear, is it any surprise that the less powerful often follow suit?

Consider the case of Molly Norris. After threats prompted Comedy Central to censor Muhammad in the April 21 episode of South Park, the Seattle-based artist took a stand for free speech. Norris created a poster announcing "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," sponsored by the made-up Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor. Imploring people to sketch the prophet on May 20, the image features good-natured doodles of a teacup, a domino, and other items claiming to be his likeness. "As a cartoonist I just felt so much passion about what had happened [that] I wanted to kind of counter Comedy Central's message they sent about feeling afraid," Norris explained in an interview.....

h/t: Pam

Toronto's mayoralty candidates and their tactics

It looks like the supporters of the front runners are jumping all over the comment boards, wherever and whenever they can find them. The "comments" war has got so heated up that Globe & Mail had to warn their commentors that::
Comment junkies, beware. If you think you’ve been sparring with undercover campaign workers in the comment sections at the bottom of Globe political stories, you’re probably right.
....Now George Smitherman -- or “Slitherman” as his cloaked rivals call him on the web -- is getting into the act. We’ve obtained an internal e-mail sent Thursday at 11:53 a.m. from Colin Le Fevre, a member of Mr. Smitherman’s social media team, urging supporters to fill the comment boards with glowing mentions of their candidate and his policies. The e-mail even provides links to the right articles.....
I don't know about other Torontonians, but I am sort of leaning favorably towards Rob Ford. He seems to come across as less of a liar than the others. I am totally off Rocco Rossi since he used to be a Liberal fundraiser so his heart is in that camp and that's not good.  In my books, he is "out". As for George Smitherman, heaven forbid he gets elected. If that happens, we will be just replacing the blond wonder we have now, for a bald wonder and nothing else. Smitherman was another fundraiser and organizer for the Libs.

Rob Ford admits he's made some mistakes - and has sometimes spoken before he knew all the facts and that he understands why people are concerned about character in the mayor's race. But the outspoken mayoral candidate made it clear that no one should suggest controversial remarks he made about AIDS in 2006 indicate he's homophobic. ....

Mayoralty candidate Rocco Rossi says he'd use money raised by selling off Toronto Hydro to bury Transit City - literally - and start a program of building 20 kilometres of subways over the next decade. "Torontonians are telling me they want more than streetcars," said Rossi, perched atop the Kay Gardner Beltway Bridge over Yonge Street Tuesday morning. "Torontonians want subways, and as their mayor, I will deliver. So today I am announcing my plan for Transit City Plus." Rossi's transit plan would commit to investing $4.5 billion over the next decade to expanding mass transit in Toronto.....

Have you heard of "Good Vibrations" shoes?

It's not good news for  air travellers if you are wearing such shoes   A man was arrested at a Pakistani airport wearing shoes that he claims are meant to massage the feet. These would be great when travelling and sitting long hours  in an aircraft, if at all such shoes do exist on the market.  Unfortunately these will get you arrested  in the time of terrorists looking to blow us up any which way they can.   Was this Pakistani  traveller really this naive? Hmmmmmm

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lots of interesting reading for a lazy Sunday

God, Guts and Sarah Palin blogspot ... All American Mom “It’s tough,” she says. “Some days you feel like it’s a crapshoot. You raise your kids as well as you can, you teach them as well as you can, you think everybody’s on the same page and, well — look at our situation,” she continues, motioning with her hand to Bristol and Tripp and lowering her voice slightly. “One day she comes home and says she was pregnant. And it’s like, ‘That wasn’t supposed to happen! ”

DeweyFromDetroit blog : Well Maggie you were right ....These workers are paid much more than the market would bear under normal market conditions. They are paid for 14 months a year( some up to 16 months). Yes, that’s correct. Most government civil servants receive the equivalent of 14 months pay, plus exorbitant sick/vacation days. They can opt for an early retirement as early as age 45, and standard retirement is age 53 with 80% of their ending salary. All of which is indicative of the power of the civil servant unions. If they do not get the wage/benefits they want, they simply shut the country down by calling a general strike. ...

Family Security Matters: Great Britain is losing its soul as a nation. Many would say it is already lost. I certainly was not encouraged by what I saw during my recent trip there, in which I interviewed wanted Islamic terrorists who are living off welfare benefits from the state. It was depressingly obvious that radical Islam is making massive inroads with the apparent indifference of much of the British government (with the notable exceptions of Baroness Caroline Cox and Lord Pearson, to name a very select few). Some I spoke to believe that Britain will be home to self-governing Islamic enclaves in the not-too-distant future.....

Hudson NY Institute.....Goldstone was--quite literally--a hanging judge. He imposed and affirmed death sentences for more than two dozen blacks under circumstances where whites would almost certainly have escaped the noose. And he affirmed sentences of physical torture--euphemistically called "flogging"-- for other blacks. He also enforced miscegenation and other racist laws with nary a word of criticism or dissent. He was an important part of the machinery of death, torture and racial subjugation that characterized Apartheid South Africa. His robe and gavel lent an air of legitimacy to an entirely illegitimate and barbaric regime......

........"This is not going to be an open discussion. "........The conclusions of [PsychOUT] have been pre-arranged long in advance. It's very much part of the anti-psychiatry movement," said Edward Shorter, Hannah Chair of the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto. "There's all kinds of nuttiness at this conference. It's as though they tilted the continent, and all of a sudden everything that wasn't tied down rolled, not to California as usual, but to Toronto for this weekend.

....Prosecutors in the U.S. war crimes tribunal at Guantanamo replayed a video on Thursday showing Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr as a boy, .....learning to wire roadside bombs in Afghanistan. "Allah willing, we'll get a good number of Americans," an adult tutor is heard saying in Arabic, according to the subtitled translation on the video

The pic here is of something in Canada. Can you guess what it is and where it could be? A scientist recently spotted it on a satellite image taken from space.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is your kid being bullied at school ?

A couple of days ago, one of the local papers in Toronto reported about an eight year old girl whose life has become a nightmare because she is a victim of bullying in her Scarborough school. I find it truly amazing that the kid's mother made 163 visits to the school office to lodge complaints about the ordeal her daughter was going through and the school authorities were still unable to deal with the bullies. What's going on in our schools and more importantly who are these people who are in charge of our kids for the better part of the day? How does one deal with the school staff who let your repeated concerns about your kids' safety fall on deaf ears?

Many a time, children will not let on to their parents that anything untoward is happening to them while they are away from you. According to this website, these are the signs you should look for:

Wiithdrawal from family and school activities, wanting to be left alone.
Panic Attacks
Not being able to sleep
Sleeping too much
Being exhausted

Bullying is definitely not a trait that should be ignored by teachers and parents. It is not a part of growing up as you have been lead to believe. Yes, it is good to fight your own battles and to stick up for yourself, but how many have the gumption to do that as adults, leave alone when one is just a young kid?  Bullying can damage the pysche and those who were bullied as youngsters tend to have different kinds of psychological mishaps in later life. As for the bullies themselves, what are the bets that most of the murderers and wife beaters started out as bullies?


While the Fox slept soundly, the tea-bagger dipped his .......

toe in the controversy of the century.  Anderson Cooper wiggled his teeny weeny toe into the birth certificate issue, screaming and ranting on behalf of Obama.

h/t: Irene

Friday, May 7, 2010

AGW believers are Nuts

But, we knew that all along, didn't we?  These unfortunate lamebrains need our help not our ridicule.  We should help them just like we help the drug addicts with more drugs and clean needles.  Someone please come up with a plan to save these nuts from themselves. This cartoon talks volumes. Our kids have been fed so much bullshit that they are now completely unable to think outside the potty.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand Collage of Psychiatrists' Congress at SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland brings together mental health experts in a diverse range of areas; from children and adolescents to old age, mental health across the lifespan will be discussed. Here are some highlights from this morning's program.

Global warming fears seen in obsessive compulsive disorder patients....

.....Obesity in psychiatric inpatient populations higher than average.....

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Women empowering other women ... now that's a thing of beauty

Sarah Palin endorses ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina for the GOP nomination in California. If Fiorina wins the nomination, she will be vying against the arrogant Barbara Boxer of the "Call me Senator, I have earned it" fame.

The other night I was watching a bit of Steve Paikin's The Agenda and one of his guests said something that was pretty significant. The guest (can't remember the name of the person) said that Palin has become a "King Maker".  I thought that made a lot of sense.  Palin is now considered to be the most influential person in politics.

Stubby finger or manipulation ?

Today, short sellers  had a marvellous day. The DOW dropped over 1000 points at around 3 pm before recovering from the steep dip. I believe this was the second biggest drop in the DOW's history and supposedly it was because a trader punched in "B" for Billions instead of "M" for Millions when logging a  trade for Proctor & Gamble and the ensuing drop had a domino effect as the automated sell orders from all and sundry came into play. IMO, the stench of George Soros is still lingering all over the NY exchange. Some are already suspecting major manipulation.

Our TMX too dipped at around the same time by almost 500 points. Scary stuff.   If you had the guts and were lucky enough to have a good balance or margin leverage in your trading account, today was a fantastic day to buy some stocks. I bought some and I am hoping they make some grocery money for me in a couple of weeks.

links above via: Matt Drudge

More on the Times Square terrorist

Like I said earlier, the Times Square bomb attempt was probably a decoy. There are others also who think the same. In my case, I feel it was a decoy because the terrorist Shahzad is not your garden variety  terrorist found amongst the illiterate Taliban and Al Qaeda, he is an educated man and that begs the question of how he could have made a mistake in the type of fertilizer he used in the contraption. The Times Square incident was a test,  a test that was  Passed with Flying Colors.

....What crumbled this time was any sense of security. Instead of any towers being toppled in New York City, what crumbled this time was any sense of security that had been restored in America since that fateful day in September 2001.

Today, every person who walks in Times Square – or any city street in America for that matter, feels somewhat vulnerable and violated – and rightly so. New Yorkers along with every other American may not show their concern, but it’s there – deep down inside.

As the pieces of this attempted terrorist bombing are put together in the coming days, weeks and months, it will become apparent that this was not just an attempted bombing, it was a test by Islamic terrorists of America’s vulnerability and security. It’s obvious that the Islamic terrorists were more concerned about planting the bomb and gathering intelligence from Shahzad, than actually getting the bomb detonated.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Shahzad was trying to get back to Pakistan, instead of staying with the bomb and making sure it detonated? ....

UK Elections 2010 .... live blogging

Here are the places to go to for all you election night junkies. A disturbing piece of news... Nigel Farage  of the UKIP was in a small plane crash.  He is reported to have suffered only minor injuries, but is hospitalized.  Guido Fawkes, UK's best known blogger has learnt that a heart specialist is also at Farage's side.

Guido Fawkes blogspot ... live blogging
The Guardian
Biased BBC blogspot ... live blogging


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In the era of Bloggers....Lefty rags going to their 72 virgins

Who will buy the lefty rags
Their necks are on the auction block;
Who will buy all the lefty lies
Their days are now numbered;
Who will buy their stupid rubbish
Now that the truth is shining through;
Who will pay the lefty journalists
"Journalists?" *Loud Snort* !!!!

Newsweek used to make me mad as hell a long time ago, when I actually used to read the mags.  Pick up any Newsweek from any week, any year, from 1990 onwards, and see if you don't find an article against conservative values. I challenge you. Also, they love the middle east. Hopefully, Saudi Arabia or the Palestinians will buy this crap... they have been good to those two for ever so long, it's about time that that region did something good for the Newsweek employees who were kissing arab and palestinian arses non-stop for years and years and years.

Time Mag and NY Times should be next. Keeping my ears pealed to hear those marvellous death knells coming from those lefty machines. Music to my ears, baby, music.

Toronto: The land of screaming Muslims and murderous Jamaicans

That's an apt description. You can brand me a Racist, I will wear the badge with pride. Yesterday, there was an upheaval in the City of Toronto with the police raiding several dozens of locations. From what I could gather from the City channel, the raids were well coordinated with more than 1000 police officers and took place at almost the same time for maximum effect and to prevent the information being relayed to other gang members around the city.

Jamaican gangs have been plaguing the city for years and are the main source for anybody desiring to acquire illegal weapons or drugs. Everybody knows it but nobody says it. Political correctness is the invisible killer of the souls and minds of all pussy Canadians. The mothers of these Jamaican gang members are all quite happy with the booty their sons get home and cry crocodile tears when their sons are arrested. You can expect CBC or CTV or even City TV to start showing you the clips of mothers crying pitifully and saying things like "the police were aggressive", "the police gave us a shock when they barged in", "my son is innocent" blah, blah,blah. These mothers should also be dragged to the lock-ups. Their terrible upbringing of their children is the reason why so many of their own kids are either getting killed or killing others in our streets.  Shame on them.

So, come visit Toronto. All are welcome. If you are lucky you might get to see a live street shooting,   involving  Jamaicans, or you might see muslims with megaphones marching in our streets. Don't forget to pack body armor in your wheelie and a good set of earplugs.

....During the investigation, police also identified a “more significant organized crime involvement,” the Chief told reporters. Investigators linked both gangs to the Shower Posse, a “well-organized Jamaican criminal organization,” said Staff Inspector Mike Earl with the Toronto Police. “We’ve actually tapped into them quite well through this investigation.”


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Energy Saving Bulbs are nothing but crap

I lost my cool today with the outlet from where I used to buy regular light bulbs because they are no longer carrying them. Now you are compelled to buy the energy saving crap at almost 4 times the price of the regular light bulbs. For something that is hazardous to our health and well-being, we are made to shell out more money?  These days it is almost impossible to find the regular light bulbs at any of the usual outlets in Toronto. One of the sales people at the outlet told me that the retailers have been told by the almighty McGuinty's gnomes and goblins that the regular bulbs should be phased out soon and only the energy saving crap should be kept on the shelves.  She said the only stores selling the old bulbs might be the Dollar Shops.

In spite of experts warning the "powers that be" that the energy saving bulbs were dangerous and can cause a myriad of ills, our lords and masters in Canada have still gone ahead and deemed it all fine and dandy to put us in danger. We are the guinea pigs for this experiment. In a few years there will be people suing their governments for the eventual harm that will be caused by these crappy bulbs. Saving energy by killing people, saving the earth by killing people, saving the environment by killing people.... that's the loony lefty thinking.    Gawd........I am so sick of this lefty rubbish.

Doctors have warned that these bulbs can be bad for your skin. They produce a more intense light and can aggravate a range of existing problems that plague people with light-sensitivity. These bulbs can also cause severe migraines and sufferers in UK have already made complaints to the Migraine Action Association in that country.

In Jan of last year, CBC reported that: Health Canada says it is testing compact fluorescent bulbs to measure potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation and electromagnetic-field exposure levels. It reportedly started the tests in December, and preliminary results are expected by late summer or early fall, Health Canada spokesman Philippe Laroche said Wednesday.  "Even though the bulk of scientific studies to date have not identified any health-related issues, Health Canada has decided to test the bulbs to acquire reliable technical data," said Laroche. "If the tests establish that there are reasons for concern, actions will be taken to force manufacturers to correct the situation."...

Be prepared Canada. Here's my prediction. In a few years from now it will come to light, (pun intended) that the energy saving bulbs have worsened certain existing ailments in people and experts will testify to that fact. There will be a deluge of lawsuits filed in all provinces that have gone ahead with this foolhardy scheme of phasing out of the regular bulbs and forcing us to buy this crap. This has the markings of the Walkerton disaster written all over it. Good luck holding on to the few pennies left in the Parliament coffers.

For those of you using the new crap, pay heed to this warning listing which was issued by the Dept of Environment & Food, UK.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.... dumb as dumb can be

The appointment of this guy as the mayor of the "greatest" city on earth actually reflects on how dumb the majority of New Yorkers have become over the years. This guy is now on record saying that the Times Square terrorist, before we learnt who was responsible,  could have been "somebody with a political agenda who doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything." Where do such politicians crawl out from? It's a mystery nobody can solve.

In other news, the terrorist of the Times Square failed car bomb was arrested late last night at the JFK airport in NY. According to the report, it was a disposable cellphone number that led the FBI to Faisal Shahazad.

I am waiting to see what kind of employment the terrorist was in, because, IMO if he was an educated individual, then the Times Square incident was a decoy or test to gauge the reaction of the intelligence forces and the swat units. If this guy is a learned fellow, then no way did he make a mistake and buy the wrong fertilizer as has been reported. My guts tell me that the next attack from the islamists will be as well-coordinated as the 9/11 one and will be at schools and universities where there is a concentration of Jewish students. That's just my opinion. No amount of appeasement towards the islamists will do any good. Can you appease and reason with rattlers when they are rattled and rattling their tails, ready to dart at you?

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Canada Rocks

It feels good when you know your government is doing the right thing.

Canada's Lawrence Cannon has boycotted a speech by the Iranian leader during a United Nations conference about nuclear proliferation. The foreign affairs minister is dismissing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's screed against the West on Monday as nothing but a "publicity stunt," adding that Iran must comply with Security Council resolutions about its nuclear program.

Cannon says he was "extremely disappointed" in Ahmadinejad's remarks, calling it "the same speech, the same aggressive tone."..........


If Arizona was Quebec

Loved this article. Great reading.
Suppose for a moment that 15 million Americans -- the population of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut combined -- sneaked across the border into Quebec. Suppose that these illegal immigrants refused to learn to speak French, that they applied for Canadian welfare, that they reproduced at a rate higher than Quebec's residents, and that they bankrupted Canada's socialized medical system. Suppose that they sent their children to Canadian schools in such large numbers that Quebec's school system had to teach "French as a Second Language" courses.

Suppose that the 15 million illegal American aliens included large numbers of criminals, drug dealers from Vermont, and arms traffickers, causing Quebec's crime rate to soar; that they comprised 20% to 30% of Quebec's prison inmates; and that they routinely evaded capture by Canadian authorities by sneaking back across the border, where they engaged in gang warfare.

Suppose that the illegal Americans congregated in packs on Montreal street corners, looking for day labor for which they did not pay taxes, and drove through the streets of Quebec without driver's licenses or motor vehicle insurance. Suppose that the illegals marched openly in the streets of Montreal, waving the Stars and Stripes, celebrating the Fourth of July, and demanding amnesty. Suppose that illegal American college students formed radical pro-U.S. organizations on Quebec's campuses and demanded resident tuition discounts and affirmative-action preferences.

Let us further suppose that when the Montreal Canadiens played the Washington Capitals at the Bell Centre, large numbers of illegal Americans waved the American flag, booed, hissed, and doused Canadiens fans with beer when "O, Canada" was sung in French prior to the opening face-off...........


Sunday, May 2, 2010

What happened in Beslan, Russia

I received an email today from a reader of my blog, who upon reading my earlier post where Beslan is mentioned, wants me to write about the Beslan massacre of September 1 - 3, 2004, an event that sent shivers down the backs of each and every parent of young kids all over the world. It is important that we never forget such events, because remembrance of them makes us stronger in our resolve to prevent and overcome similar evil . It matters not if  I am branded as a fearmonger. or a muslim hater, some things are just too logical and clear as crystal to a few of us and it would be a crime not to speak about such issues for fear of criticism.

For the last so many hours, I have been reading about the atrocities on innocent children that the barbarians who are the followers of islam, committed at the school in Russia. Although I thought I knew what had happened there, I was not prepared to read the details and it has saddened me greatly. To believe that man can wrought such depravity on innocent helpless children can bring on a feeling of heavy heartedness and an abundance of renewed hatred.

The Beslan massacre at the Russian School No.1 in Beslan, North Ossitia, started when Chechen muslim terrorists took seige of the school, holding more than a 1200 people hostage, almost 800 of whom were children. It was a 3 day ordeal and more than 300 people lost their lives, again mostly children. The hostage situation lasted for 3 days, at the end of which the Russian security forces stormed the school and rescued the survivors. Initially, Russia tried to play down the situation and did not divulge the large number of hostages inside the school. Unfortunately, for the victims, September 1, happened to be the first day of the school term and that meant that the children were proudly accompanied by their parents and relatives to watch the start of the new term known in those parts as 'Day of Knowledge". This was the reason why so many parents too lost their lives. Within the first couple of hours, the terrorists killed 20-25 of the strongest looking amongst the fathers and the male teachers, so they would have no threats coming from that angle.

If you read the first few links from either Google or Yahoo searches, the raping and stabbing of children have been whitewashed as rumors and the reason for the children being nude or semi-nude is given as "the children removed their clothes because it was hot". Several accounts from survivors tell a completely different story. Although many of the kids were in almost no clothes because of the sweltering heat, many young girls and boys were dragged into rooms and raped by the terrorists.

Hostage taking of a school  in the West by terrorists is a very, very real possibility. The terrorists know that when children are put in danger, the pressure on the govt. to bend to their demand is overwhelming. Here's what tactical consultant and author John Giduck, who was able to gain access to files and Russian intelligence personnel has to say:

..."Bin Laden has never lied to us," Giduck told the TREXPO crowd, explaining that al-Qaeda has told us in no uncertain terms that they are coming for America's children. To back up that statement, Giduck repeated the oft-quoted words of al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith who wrote that the terrorist group has the right to kill 4 million Americans, 2 million of them children. "No nation can withstand the murder of its children, and they know that," he said.....

...."The harsh, sickening reality is that this is a numbers game," Giduck said. Then he brought a message to the TREXPO audience from a Russian special forces officer who fought at Beslan. The Russian officer told Giduck: "Americans are naïve; they think they can save everyone. So you make sure that the American officers understand that there is going to be a battle [to retake the school from the terrorists] and people are going to die."

Al-Qaeda's hellish scenario for America's children begins with intel, and Giduck says that the terrorists have already begun this stage of their attack. "They have analyzed American schools and determined which types would make the best targets," he explained.....

Other related articles: how some of the injured survivors are coping.

We are at a never-ending war with islamists, to believe we are not, is putting yourself and those around you in peril.

Is this sheriff paranoid or just well prepared ?

It is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. Anticipating the moves your enemy might make can keep you one step ahead of the game. To think that you have no enemies, you must have died and gone to heaven. How many Canadians can say that they remember what happened in Beslan ? Anybody? Maybe a few hundred, probably.   And, those few hundred probably did not read  about the atrocities committed on the school kids or if they did their brains have conveniently thrown a shadow over those thoughts.

......I realize that many people will not like or understand what I will say next but I will write the words anyway. There will come a time when another terror strike by Muslim extremists will hit the United States. They will not use airplanes this time; they will use foot soldiers attacking soft targets on American soil. ......

......I had one question from a reader this past week who wanted to know why I was spending time on this terror topic. I could give a long answer but in some respects I already have done that, so I will tell you to use your computer and surf the web for information about the terror attack in Beslan, Russia, on Sept. 1, 2004. You will not like what you read and if you have the reaction that it could not happen here, then I will remind you that there used to be twin towers standing in New York City. I am the guy who will be held responsible in the aftermath of any such attack and I am doing what I can to prepare for the problem...

h/t: Irene

Saturday, May 1, 2010

CBC's twin, separated at birth, found in UK

Watchdog of the BBC comments on the recent assault on the deputy Israeli ambassador to the UK, Talya Lador-Fresher, who was assaulted after she had given a political science lecture at the University of Manchester.  The leftish media is in bed with the aggresive muslim fundamentalists, and in doing so, they are  traitors, every last one of them. 

In letting the caveman mentality take root and flourish in our society by not talking and critizing their actions, the media has not only failed in doing the right thing, they have failed in protecting the liberty, freedom and individuality of thought and action for their own descendants, because islam does not have words like "liberty",  "freedom",  "individuality"  and "thinking" in their dictionaries.  However, they do have "action"  which to them means one thing and one thing only, "VIOLENCE".

What a horribly wrong turn the MSM has taken on the issue of violence coming from the muslim segment of our society? How will history judge these talking heads when  the inevitable shariah laws are clamped down on us and our children?  Will historians also deny the truth and make like the leftish media of today or will sanity return to our earth at some time in the future?

Students are renowned for their passionate advocacy of of democracy, and they regard it as their democratic right to violently attack a speaker from a democratic country in alleged support of a regime in which free speech is non existent.

The BBC has spent decades whipping up the public into the sort of righteous indignation against Israel that could only have been achieved by withholding half the story, and continually suppressing the notion that there IS another half.

This display of ignorance and immaturity may only be a small part of the bigger story that is being ignored by the BBC, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt......