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This is ART ... not bananas duck-taped to boards with lunatics buying such for 100s of 1000s ......

has anyone done any in depth research on how the kind of stuff  "artists" sell for Millions of $ssss first came on the scene of something such scammers hilariously called "ART" ?   Come on people .... you know even elephants, monkeys and your pets and 2 year kids can do this wiggly wormy shit, yet you are in awe of these charlatans and their enablers ("art" gallery owners) when they sell these pieces of garbage for  all those big sums.  Why are you deceiving yourselves??????  

The pic below is of the painting "Adoration of the Magi" by Gentile da Fabriano.  That theme was very common and the Uffizi Museum in Florence is full of such scenes from hundreds of other renowned artists of those days.  One even better than the last. 

This is Art.  This is Art by Christian men and women. There were priests and nuns also taking up painting and each and EVERY church in Italy, France and Spain has the kind of paintings and frescos that the modern menace of "artists" will never be able to hold a candle to.  Somebody somewhere is hellbent to make mankind forget how powerfully talented and inspiring were the Christians of those days.  This required talent of the right kind.  This did not require the artist to be a conman and be in cohoots  with dark forces to pull wool over the eyes of the beholders to make the beholders think they were looking at something done by a talented somebody ...the only talent such crooks have is the ability to be crooked with a straight face. 

I am not at all a religious person... at times far from it.  However, I am in awe of  all the religious themes that the artists of old gave our planet... and thus I cannot stand to look at rubbish put before our eyes to insult our intellect.

What brought this rage on?  Google or DuckDuckGo "Banana  duck-taped sold for $120,000" and you will know why. 

This large tempera on wood, also called Pala Strozzi, was painted in 1423 by renowned artist Gentile da Fabriano, at that time much sought after. The work was commissioned by a wealthy banker and intellectual Palla Strozzi for the family chapel in the church of Santa Trinita.
This is one of the greatest masterpieces of international gothic style, with its elegant and fairy tale atmosphere and figures in sophisticated poses.
The Adoration of the Magi theme was common since it allowed to hint at the economic prosperity and cultural superiority of who commissioned the work.
The procession of the Magi fills the whole composition and is a chance to flaunt plushy clothes and golden decorations. Behind the three Magi we can recognize the portrait of Palla Strozzi in the man with the falcon.
The sumptuous clothes of the characters, the refined harnesses of the horses, the description of the landscape and the even more magnificent carved wood frame make this work a veritable masterpiece.

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