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Syrians ask: "Why are they doing this?" "Why are they starving us?"

The answers to those questions lie with the Presidents and  the Prime Ministers of the Judeo-Christian nations and the Sheikhs, Kings and Emirs of the Muslim countries.   They are the all-knowing gods ruling over us.   Only they know what we mere mortals in our infinite ignorance cannot even begin to fathom why.

Alex Thomson writing at TheTelegraphUK:
.... In a bazaar in central Damascus a young man approaches, clearly agitated, maybe even angry. "Here, look at this," he says. "This is for Syria."
Around his neck in Arabic script is a bold, five-inch long tattoo, so fresh that his skin is still healing. It is simply a name: "Bashar al-Assad".
The regime under whose rule Syria is steadily disintegrating still has plenty of supporters in Damascus. But few people have either the time or money for making such designer statements of defiance in this war.....

.....He takes me through the basics of living here, how everything from fuel for heating and cooking through to the basic foodstuffs has increased several hundred per cent.
Chamber of Commerce figures chart the everyday misery of war for Damscenes still in their homes or displaced by the fighting. Since March 15 2010, when the war began, the price of a kilo of tomatoes – a staple of Syrian cooking – has increased by more than five times, to the equivalent of £1.35 at the official exchange rate.
Bread has long been subsidised in government bakeries, but because of the influx of displaced people and the disruption to warehousing and transport caused by fighting, there are shortages and the queues are immense.
In private bakeries, even with the benefit of subsidised flour and gas for cooking, the price of bread has trebled during two years of war. Sugar and rice have gone up 200 per cent and 260 per cent respectively.
A system of government coupon books that allowed families to obtain sugar and rice more cheaply is back in use again – having been all but abandoned as prosperity grew before the rebellion began.
The price of gas for cooking on has also shot up: it has doubled in the state-subsidised sector and has risen even further, to £28 a cylinder – enough for four to five weeks – outside that.
At one government distribution point on a major street, people were angry to see a British television crew as they queued with coupon books – something I've not encountered before in the capital, shouting: "Go! Get out of here!"
A middle-aged man shouted in English: "You are not welcome. You are starving us. You are stopping us living here. You should report this. It is the sanctions. Go home."
It was a shock, in a country whose hospitality to foreign strangers is renowned. He would not shake hands. It was not the fighting that angered this businessman, nor the British government's apparent wish to arm the rebels, but the EU sanctions that are preventing the transfer of money.......

.....At the bazaar in the Old City, fruit seller Fadil al-Bash said he knew just who to blame. "Prices go up because only last week the rebels attacked the wholesale market. They killed five traders. It's crazy. Why are they doing this? Why are they trying to starve us? This is not a military target."..........
....."I am seeing 30 years of economic planning fall apart before my very eyes," said Elaine Imadia, shopping for fruit and vegetables with her daughter. A resident of the city for 53 years, she still has the drawl she acquired growing up in Palisades, New York. .....

.......In fact you didn't need to look far to see how the poor people are managing. They are doing something which is commonplace on the streets of London and New York but until now has been a rarity in Damascus. A middle-aged woman sat at the street corner, quietly begging from passers-by.

Foreign maids on landing in the Middle East, morph into vicious killers and criminals

Hmmmm...  I wonder why that is.   Do the Arabs have a special way of saying "Abracadabra" and lo and behold these seemingly sweet, mild, tiny, frail, thin women who have the misfortune of setting  their feet in that most unholy soil found on Earth, get transformed into raving, raging, blood-thirsty, strong as mules, killing machines ?   How is it possible that these maids become killers of their employers, their employees' babies, jewel thieves and all-round criminals?  I know how .... but do you?   The last vid is supposed to be of an Ethiopian maid who failed in her attempt to escape her Saudi employers and is forcibly taken back (or maybe to a  jail cell from where she might  never be heard of again) in a police van.

Alex Gore writing at DailyMail:
...The maids on Saudi Arabia's death row:  Scores of foreign women facing execution for child abuse, witchcraft... and killing would-be rapists. Human rights groups warn of the 'deadly risks' facing migrant workers. Workers lured by wealthy families but face abuse and exploitation. Migrants get little legal protection, with no access to lawyers or embassies 'Justice system is characterised by arbitrary arrests and unfair trials'.

Foreign workers are being warned of the 'deadly risks' they face in Saudi Arabia, with more than 45 maids awaiting execution despite growing anger at the country's mistreatment of migrants.
The death row prisoners include a domestic worker convicted of beating her employer to death when he allegedly tried to rape her.
On Wednesday, authorities in the Middle Eastern country ignored international pleas and beheaded maid Rizana Nafeek, 24, who was convicted of killing a baby despite protesting her innocence.
Human rights groups believe Indonesians account for the majority of the maids on death row and that there are Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Indians and Ethiopians also facing execution.

Campaigners say many of Saudi Arabia's 1.5 million migrant workers, around 375,000 of whom are Sri Lankan, are attracted to the country by the prospect of working for wealthy families but face exploitation and abuse.
This can range from months of hard work without pay to physical violence, in a country where legal protections are particularly weak, and access to lawyers, translators and embassies is often blocked.

Human Rights Watch's Nisha Varia told The Observer: 'The Saudi justice system is characterised by arbitrary arrests, unfair trials and harsh punishments. A domestic worker facing abuse or exploitation from her employer might run away and then be accused of theft. 
Amnesty International Saudi Arabia researcher Dina el-Mamoun said there is growing alarm at the number of migrant workers being sentenced to death, with more than 120 foriegn nationals known to be on death row.

She said migrant workers in Saudi Arabia are at great risk if they end up in the criminal justice system and added countries should be advising their residents of the 'very real and deadly' risks. 
Ms Mamoun said: 'In many cases they're subjected to whole trials where they can't understand the proceedings, which are conducted solely in Arabic, and without translation. They are often not given access to consular assistance.'
Death row prisoner Tuti Tursilawati binti Warjuki, 27, from Indonesia, faces execution for murdering her employer in 2010 when he allegedly attempted to rape her.

Her supporters say she was abused by the man since arriving in the country a year earlier and was denied legal representation for the first two months of her trial.

Siti Zainab, also from Indonesia, has also been sentenced to death after being convicted in 1999 of stabbing her female employer to death.
She confessed to the murder but the authorities appear to have dismissed concerns over her mental health.
Prisoner Satinah binti Jumadi Ahmad, 40, was arrested in 2007 for killing her female employer. The Indonesian government is prepared to pay some of the £1.6m blood money demanded by the woman's family to save her.
Reports of what happened vary from her fighting back after being attacked to the maid having snapped after suffering months of abuse before being accused of stealing.

The Sri Lankan government has spoken out against the execution of house maid Rizana Nafeek, from, Sri Lanka, after she was beheaded in public by a sword last week.
Miss Nafeek was sentenced to death in 2007 after her Saudi employer accused her of strangling his four-month-old baby two years earlier after a dispute with the child's mother..............

Israel's new invention will benefit Syria and the world

The wonderful Israelis have invented a brand new gadget that can identify and select good  headchoppers from bad headchoppers.  All the mighty Israelis have to do is keep the headchoppers in groups of   a dozen or so and  presto the machine tells them which group consists  of  "good"  headchoppers.  Israel can then give that group their stamp of approval and the Israeli-approved  headchoppers   can  be  made eligible to be part of a super Syrian army that can cut Assad and his soldiers into bite sized pieces. Wow !!  Just WOW !!

The NYTimes is stealthy inserting a few sentences here and there about Israel's "coming out"  new role  in the destruction of Syria and the doing away with a secular dictator in order to replace him with an islamist one.  What's not to love about that, eh?!   Let's all give the Israelis and the NYTimes a nice big round of applause.

Ann Barnard writing at the NYTimes:
....Around the square are the state television offices,  the army’s general staff headquarters, university buildings, the Sheraton hotel and the Damascus Opera House, which is a showpiece of the commitment to high culture that Mr. Assad liked to project and was where he made a rare public speech in January. Some state media said that as many as six people were killed and that dozens had been wounded.

The Free Syrian Army, the rebel umbrella group supported by the United States and its allies, took responsibility for the attack, saying it used rocket launchers aimed at the state broadcaster.

Shelling in such central areas has panicked residents, who fear that Damascus, which has largely been spared the urban warfare that has devastated Syria’s other major cities, could be next. But so far, the government has managed to keep rebels from pushing deep into the capital......

.....In Israel on Monday, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan was reported as saying his country should consider working with Syrians opposed to extremist Islamist battalions to create a “buffer zone” inside Syria to prevent extremists from controlling border areas.

General Golan told the Israel Hayom newspaper that Israel could work with “many hundreds” of Syrian fighters who share “a common interest” in checking the influence of extremists. He did not say whether Israeli troops would be involved, but compared the buffer zone to the border area inside southern Lebanon that Israel occupied for 15 years.......

Canada's Finance Minister in stealth plot to commit Cyprus-like seizure of our money IF.....

a Cyprus-like scenario would happen here too.  Saving big banks who give away credit cards like confetti and beg even kids just out of their teens to start borrowing without giving two hoots about how  they will make good on loans, is more important to Jim Flaherty and his boss Stephen Harper, than the stupid citizens who have voted them to power.

Yup .... your Conservative govt. in action, stealth action .... against YOU !!!

Brian Lilley writing at his blog:  
.....I started asking on Monday, and again on Tuesday, whether the confiscation of money from private bank accounts could happen in Canada the way it has happened in Cyprus. My argument was that yes it could, especially given that Cyprus is a modern European nation and that the decision to dip into accounts was made by finance ministers and officials from countries such as Germany, France and Italy.

This was not a Robert Mugabe theft of cash. If it can happen there then it can happen here.

Little did I know that the answer was already in the budget on page 145 (155 of the PDF) ...................

.....“Bail-in” is exactly how Eurozone officials described what happened in Cyprus (details here and here). In order for the country to get the bail-out from the EU, the banks needed to get a bail-in from their depositors. At first this meant every depositor and then just those with deposits over €100,000.
I asked officials from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s for comment on what this section means to them, here is the response from Flaherty’s Director of Communications Dan Miles.
“Bail-in arrangements are NOT ‘bail-out’ arrangements∙
Under a ‘bail-out’ arrangements, taxpayers money has to be used to save a failing financial institution∙
Under a ‘bail-in’ arrangements, a failing financial institution has to tap into their own special reserves or assets (which they have been forced to put aside) to keep their operations going∙
This keeps the financial institution in tract, without risking taxpayer money. This is what Canada is doing, in line with recent international agreements.”
No denial in there that depositors will be asked to pay up if Canadian banks fail. Some think that is a probability that will never happen but obviously the Finance Department thinks it could happen or it would not devise rules. The Big Six Banks were also recently told to ................

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Shroud of Turin

Good documentary.  Christianity is making a comeback...with a BANG !!   Happy Easter to all the true  believers and Happy Easter to also the lukewarm believers but fans of Jesus ... like moi.

Who says Jordan is not a cavemen nation?

Wherever islam is practiced, reason is either killed outright or  buried miles deep.

From AlArabiya:
 ...Authorities should charge  or release five university students in Jordan for alleged “Devil worship” allegations, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.

The students from Al al-Bayt University have been detained since March 12, 2013, after other students accused them of “desecrating the Quran.”

“Jordanian authorities should release the five students and take steps to protect them from further attack,” said Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.
A group of 200 pupils attacked the five students after a rumor had it they had been ripping and burning the Quran in the campus bathroom, a detained student’s sister told HRW.

Campus officials and student activists managed to pull the five students to safety, but local authorities then detained them and later handed them over to the security services
The day after the incident, a Jordanian news website, Ammon, posted an interview with a Salafi 
Sheikh, Mohammad Shalabi, who said it was permissible for Muslims to kill the five because they “have been marked as infidels,” adding, “We hope to see their punishment soon.”

The Sheikh, who is also known as Abu Sayyaf has not denied the interview, which still remains online.
The Sheikh remarks appear to have led to other calls for the students to be killed in messages posted on the Facebook social networking site and news websites, prompting fears for their safety and doubts about whether they will be able to complete their university studies in Jordan.

The Sheikh remarks appear to have led to other calls for the students to be killed in messages posted on the Facebook social networking site and news websites, prompting fears for their safety and doubts about whether they will be able to complete their university studies in Jordan....

Comparison: Qatar vs Detriot

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and the rest of the Sunni nations have got to where they are today as a result of the West sending them shiploads of money in exchange for their oil.  Did the West think that after the oil supplies dry out the Arabs would be reduced to the state they used to be in before they became billionaires?  What does it say about countries that would rather buy oil from the dictatorial Arab countries while turning their own cities into wastelands because they refuse to drill for oil on their own land?

The vid of Detriot is from over a year ago.  Imagine how much worse it must have gotten today. The decline of Detroit  is a perfect example of  how Labor Unions can destroy everything they touch when they have the government they have brought to power in their back pocket.

The first pic is what the Qataris are building for the 2022 world cup. Go here to see more of the stadium plans.

 More pics of Qatar   here  and here.

And now look at the the pics below  of  the dead city of Detriot.  This mess is American-made.

More pics of Detriot   here, here,  here  and here.

Cyprus ... a lesson in how countries can fall off a cliff with your money in their pockets

Liberal folly !!   And, don't think something similar won't happen in other countries of Europe.  It could happen even in the UK.  Unrestrained social funding can do it each and every time....and yet nobody learns from mistakes made by others.

Michele Kambas writing at Reuters:
 Big depositors in Cyprus's largest bank  stand to lose far more than initially feared under a European Union rescue package to save the island from bankruptcy, a source with direct knowledge of the terms said on Friday.

Under conditions expected to be announced on Saturday, depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37.5 percent of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the source told Reuters, while the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.

The toughening of the terms will send a clear signal that the bailout means the end of Cyprus as a hub for offshore finance and could accelerate economic decline on the island and bring steeper job losses.

Officials had previously spoken of a loss to big depositors of 30 to 40 percent.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Friday defended the 10-billion euro ($13 billion) bailout deal agreed with the EU five days ago, saying it had contained the risk of national bankruptcy.

"We have no intention of leaving the euro," the conservative leader told a conference of civil servants in the capital, Nicosia.

"In no way will we experiment with the future of our country," he said.

Cypriots, however, are angry at the price attached to the rescue - the winding down of the island's second-largest bank, Cyprus Popular Bank, also known as Laiki, and an unprecedented raid on deposits over 100,000 euros.

Under the terms of the deal, the assets of Laiki bank will be transferred to Bank of Cyprus........

Russia is looking more and more like a parent in a world full of unruly brats

 Putin wants Supreme Court to prepare changes to existing laws on adoption  by foreign LGBT couples.  He wants to put an end to it pronto.  A man to be admired .... secretly for some, openly for others.

I am vehemently against children being brought up by gay couples.  We have enough lunatics all around us without letting kids go mental from early childhood because of the selfishness and  the crazy viewpoint on ethics, morals and values  from the  LGBT community and their supporters.  The adoption of kids by gay couples in Canada and elsewhere is in its infancy now .... but wait a decade or so and if the statistics on these kids as grown adults ever see sunlight,  the facts will state that almost all of them have developed severe mental issues.  Also, what's to stop two paedophiles from pretending to be gay, getting married and adopting children?   Chilling, eh?   Our politicians in Canada who think nothing of adoption by the LGBT are the real culprits here for approving such depravity and labelling it "justice and equality for all".  Nobody thinks of the children.

....The Russian president has opposed the adoption of Russian orphans by LGBT foreign couples, and has instructed the government and the Supreme Court to prepare changes to existing law before July 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order will most likely be fulfilled by the Ministry of Education and Science, which is currently dealing with issues concerning orphans and adoptions, Izvestia daily reported.

The ministry has not yet commented on the news, saying that Putin’s instructions had not yet reached their office.

Tensions over the issue arose in mid-February, after the French National Assembly voted to legalize adoptions by same-sex couples. At the time, the Russian plenipotentiary for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov said he would do everything to ensure that Russian orphans are only adopted by heterosexual families.

In mid-February, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that it planned to verify the possible “psychological damage” inflicted on Russian orphan Yegor Shabatalov, who was adopted by a US woman who lived in a same-sex marriage with another US citizen, but concealed her relationship from Russian authorities when she filed the adoption request. Two years after adopting the Russian boy, the couple split and started a legal dispute over parental rights.

The head of the ‘All-Russian Parents’ Assembly’ movement, Nadezhda Khramova, told Izvestia that a total ban of foreign adoptions would be a smarter move, as “it is technically difficult to verify the adoptive parents’ sexual orientation and their legal status can be marriage of convenience.” Khramova and her NGO previously organized mass events in support of the ‘Dima Yakovlev Bill,’ which banned US citizens from adopting Russian children.

The main sponsor of the Dima Yakovlev Bill, MP Yekaterina Lakhova, earlier drew public attention to the French adoptions, claiming that only traditional families can offer their children a proper upbringing. Lakhova noted, however, that introducing new regulations could be a lengthy process, and that no one should expect the ban to immediately come into effect.

The Russian Family Code does not allow same-sex marriage, making adoption by same sex-couples impossible. Adoption by unmarried individuals is allowed; authorities do not require future parents to present proof of their sexual orientation.

Meet 8-year-old Ahmed, NATO's little terrorist recruit in Syria

Words fail me.  This is the sad outcome of what NATO nations have done to Syria and continue doing relentlessly.

Ruth Sherlock writing at TelegraphUK:
... He is too small to be able to hold his weapon properly, but this little boy, Ahmed, is already a fighter in the Syrian civil war.
The photograph, taken on the front line in Aleppo's Salaheddin district, was used by media outlets around the world in a jolting reminder of the dehumanising character of war.

Ahmed said he went from being a carefree boy with a loving family to a child soldier living on one of the most lethal streets of the devastated city of Aleppo.
"I ended up helping my uncle and his comrades because I have no other choice, there is no school, my family is dead, what choice do I have?" he said.
Ahmed's mother and father died in a mortar strike in Salaheddin neighbourhood, where his father had been working as a fighter with the rebel Free Syrian Army. Now the only person Ahmed has left is his uncle, a rebel who the boy follows and imitates as he fights against government soldiers.
In a red jumper and black trousers, Ahmed looks dressed in a uniform for school. For several weeks now, however, the front line has been his only playground.

In the video above, the boy, clutching his gun, runs across a road littered with bullet cartridges, broken electricity cables and strewn possession from the nearby homes that have long been abandoned by civilian................
......When The Daily Telegraph visited a rebel group in Salaheddin last month, the group had lost three men, two of them less than 18 years of age, in the space two weeks.
Ahmed spends some of his time helping to man one of the front line outposts.
"Weapons are heavy I still have a difficult time shooting them, I can only shoot resting on the floor," he said........

Karma catches up with pallie-loving dhimmis

Three British females of Pakistani origin who were part of  an aid convoy to Gaza get raped in Libya. How they happen to be passing  through Libya and if they were on their way to Gaza or back to UK .... I have no idea.

Libya has become a NO GO ZONE all thanks to the NATO gang and they are gonna do the same thing to Syria as well.

Lewis Smith writing at the IndependentUK
: Investigations have begun into how British aid workers were kidnapped and assaulted as they travelled through Benghazi in eastern Libya.

Details of the attack remained uncertain this evening with some accounts claiming three women were raped, while others suggested two had been sexually assaulted.

Awad al-Barassi, the Prime Minister of Libya, visited at least two of the victims in hospital  before they were able to fly home. He told media that three women had been raped and that two of them were sisters. He said the sisters had been raped in front of their father.

The Foreign Office was unable to say what had happened. The women and two male companions were understood to be travelling to Benghazi  airport on Tuesday to fly home when they were kidnapped after being stopped at a checkpoint. Mr al-Barassi said the abductors included men in military uniform and a taxi driver. It was reported that four men dismissed from the security forces several months ago had been arrested.

The five Britons had been in a mission to Gaza to break an Israeli blockade but they were stopped at the Libyan border with Egypt and turned back.IHH, a Turkish humanitarian relief organisation, negotiated their release from the kidnappers after being contacted by the aid convoy’s organisers.

The British women are believed to be of Pakistani origin. A Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, condemned the attack,m saying: “A heinous crime has been committed against these female activists.”

Friday, March 29, 2013

The UN better get used to commonsense from Canada, we have loads of it to give away

Somebody has to tell the Useless Nitwits what's what.  Canada has elected herself to that role. YAY for us !  The UN is nothing but a stinking pot of bureaucrats. It is heavily influenced by the oil-rich Muslim countries, the EU and the USA.   Everybody knows it.  It's as plain as the nose on your face.  Furthermore, the UN is always too late in taking any concrete action.... case in point: Dafur.  When the UN was created, it was created with the intention of preventing wars and genocide not dictating where and how generous countries of the world are supposed to use their funding and what and how much food intake we should be taking.

Canada will do well to spend the $350,000 (and even more) by directly allocating it to targeted areas of drought, if and when they occur....instead of using a "middlemen" like the UN to dictate where and when  the money would be best made use of.

....The United Nations has responded to Canada's withdrawal    from a UN convention that fights the spread of droughts, calling the pullout "regrettable."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said Canada was withdrawing from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification because the program has proven too bureaucratic.

He has said less than one-fifth of the $350,000 Canada contributes to the convention goes to programming, while Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird called the entire process a "talkfest'' that does a disservice to Canadian taxpayers.

But in a press release issued on Friday, the convention secretariat based on Bonn, Germany, said the convention is the only legally binding instrument addressing desertification and drought and pointed out that Canada itself is "frequently subjected to drought."

The UN body also said the convention is "stronger that ever before" making Canada's decision to withdraw from it "all the more regrettable.".........

Red hot hatred of Christians manifested especially in places devoutly Catholic

I will readily admit that The Philippines does take it a notch too high in their depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ.  I am sure there are millions of Catholics like me who are wishing fervently that  the Filipinos would tone it down and not be willing tools of the Left who want to portray us as loons and nothing but loons.  Over and besides CNN  displaying pictures of how Filipinos are getting themselves nailed to the cross and flogging themselves with wooden whips to reenact the Passion of Christ,  now we hear that the communist party in the Philippines launched an attack on the troops guarding the religious ritual, which incidentally does not take place all over the country as CNN and other lefty mouths would want you to believe.

From UPINews
Communist New People's Army members attacked government troops securing a Holy Week religious ritual in Butuan City, authorities in the Philippines said.

The attack on the Good Friday ceremony marking the Stations of the Cross resulted in the death of one member of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit. It occurred on the 44th anniversary of the New People's Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party in the Philippines, GMA News reported.

Lt. Joe Patrick Martinez, commander of the Philippine army's 42nd Civil Military Operations Company, said the morning ceremony was attended by thousands of people.

"These NPAs disrespected the solemnity of the Stations of the Cross," the Rev. Joesilo Amalla of the city's St. Joseph Cathedral said. "They don't know when to stop fighting."......

Question for Office of Religious Freedom, Canada .... What's your take on Muslims bombing places of worship of other Muslims?

See how mired in myriad ways the  intentions of certain organizations and departments can become when we wade into the Complicated Sea of Religious Freedom?  This department, IMO, is just another  boondoggle courtesy the Conservative party of Canada.

From Reuters:
Sufi shrine blown up in latest religious attack in Libya. People inspect the damage done to a Sufi shrine, the tomb of Sidi Mohamed Landoulsi, after an explosion in the Tajoura neighbourhood on the outskirts of Tripoli, March 28, 2013......

Unknown assailants blew up a major Sufi shrine in the Libyan capital on Thursday, residents said, the first such attack since several last year in the North African country.

Ultra-conservative Islamists have targeted sites belonging to Islam’s Sufi tradition, which they brand idolatrous, since the end of a 2011 war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi. There were about a dozen attacks on Sufi shrines last spring and summer.

Thursday’s bombing took place in the early morning and struck the Sidi Al-Andlusi mausoleum in the Tripoli suburb of Tajoura, residents said. The shrine of a Sufi theologian from the 15th century is protected under law as a national monument.

“It was a bomb attack. The doors and windows were blown out, the inside is charred,” said one witness who lives near the shrine and declined to give his name...........

Muslim Crime Wave in Canada ... Part XXXVI

If you think the crimes listed here are the only ones that took place within the time frame shown,  think again.  Our wonderful Police Services all over Canada are not as efficient as the Toronto Police Services (TPS) when it comes to diligently and accurately releasing News Releases.  In the entire country of Canada, the TPS is the only Police Services department that is doing a good job (and yet we whine and complain about them) compared to many, many others in Ontario and elsewhere in the country.  The Toronto Police Services website for News Releases is A1 and it would be beneficial to the taxpaying public if other Police Service departments in the rest of Canada were to copy that model.  If you visit this website which lists PS departments all over Canada and do a comparison you will agree that I am right about the TPS's user friendly online resources compared to all other PS websites in Canada.  Would it put additional strain on  the other PS depts to follow the TPS model, at least for listing the  News Releases the way the TPS website does?????  I think not!

324) ....A man will spend 45 days  behind bars after pleading guilty to assaulting a streetcar driver. Salah Hussein, 56, was accused of spitting in the face of a Queen St. TTC operator and verbally assaulting him after the driver refused to give the man a free ride on Jan. 28.
Hussein was kicked off the vehicle and arrested by police nearby.
The suspect pleaded guilty to a single charge of assault on Thursday. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and 18 months probation.....

325) A slender, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl   suffered eight years of horrific physical and sexual abuse starting when she was just seven at the hands of the man the Children’s Aid Society entrusted to keep her safe.
A jury found Mac Bool Hassan guilty eight days ago of 13 criminal offences for sexually and physically abusing the girl — who isn’t biologically related to him — as well as assaulting her half-brother.
The verdict was reached swiftly after only fours hours of deliberations because the evidence was overwhelming, said Crown attorney Heather Keating.
Hassan, 49, will be back in Superior Court Monday to set a date for sentencing.
But the now 20-year-old woman is seething with outrage at both Hassan and the Toronto Children’s Aid Society because it granted him custody of her when she was two years old.
And the CAS kept her and her half-brother in his care despite Hassan’s drug use, criminal record and neighbours’ reports of neglect and abuse.
“I had to do what he told me to do or I’d get beaten, punched and kicked, dragged by my hair along the floor. He told me he loved me and that he would marry me, like Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter, when I was 18,” the girl recalled in an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun. “I felt like I was his wife. It’s like we’re a couple, but he’s my dad.”
She is now working two jobs, one at a retail outlet and another as a babysitter, hoping to save enough money so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant.
 “Children’s Aid ruined my life because I could have been adopted as a baby,” she said angrily. “Instead, they thought it was in my best interest ... to be placed into this man’s care. He was a single man with a criminal record who had no connection to me. Why would he want to parent me?”
The abuse occurred twice a week when she was younger but became a nightly ordeal after she turned 11 or 12, said Keating, who successfully prosecuted Hassan.
“He had no business to be basically using the victim as a vulnerable sex toy,” Keating said. “It’s disgusting.”.........

326) All say a big "Hail to the mighty Jason Kenny" for bringing more foreign students to Canada.  Good for our economy, don't you know! Who gives a fuck about what they do here... as long as there's money flowing here from abroad, all's good, all's great !!  

A 20-year-old Ottawa man faces one charge of sexual assault following an incident on a Greyhound bus bound for Ottawa on Sunday.
He was arrested after a young woman was allegedly sexually assaulted while she slept on the bus. It happened on a Toronto-to-Ottawa bus route at about 9 p.m. Sunday as the bus was travelling between Carleton Place and Ottawa.
The victim, a woman in her early 20s, awoke to find a stranger sitting next to her and sexually touching her, said Det. Randy Wagner of the Ottawa police sexual assault unit.
She started screaming and claimed she was being assaulted, leading three men and one woman on the bus to come to her aid, said Wagner.....
....The suspect is a foreign university student studying engineering, police confirmed.
Timoor Najam, 20, is charged with one count of sexual assault. He was released from custody on a promise to appear in court on April 13.....

327)   On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, police arrested a man in connection with a robbery investigation. It is alleged that:
− on Friday, March 22, 2013, at 2:06 p.m., a man entered a store in the Dundas Street West/Scarlett Road area
− the man produced a knife and made a demand for cash
− the man threatened to stab the victim
− the man fled the store with a quantity of cash
Yussef Abu−Hewaydi, 19, of Toronto, was charged with...

328)  The Toronto Police Service is requesting  the public's assistance locating a wanted man. A Bench Warrant has been issued for Hassan Hassan, 23, of Toronto.
He is wanted for:
1. Assault  2. Assault with a Weapon 3. Threatening Death 4. Intimidation
He is described as black, 6’2”, 180 lbs., with brown eyes and hair braided in cornrows. He is
known to frequent the downtown core....

329) On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, Hold Up Squad officers charged five men in connection with a series of armed robberies. It is alleged that:
− between June 2012 and March 2013, five men committed 10 armed robberies
− during each robbery the men were masked and armed with a handgun
− the accused demanded the victims to surrender their gold jewellery and cash
− the victims were bound with duct tape and some were pistol whipped
It is further alleged that:
− on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, the men committed an armed robbery at a home in the Sheppard Avenue East/Neilson Road area
− the accused ransacked the home and then fled the scene
Muhammad Ishaq, 27, of Toronto; Bismella Dost, 26, of Pickering; Schmaul Richards, 21, of Toronto; Homayoon Popal, 25, of Pickering; and Joshua Geness, 20, of Toronto; were charged with a total of 86 charges, including Armed Robbery, Forcible Confinement and
Disguise With Intent.

330) On Monday, March 18, 2013, at 2:30 p.m., police started a sexual assault investigation. It is alleged that:
− a 20−year−old woman was working as a sex trade worker
− the man arranged to meet with the woman for the purpose of conducting a sex−related transaction
− the man met the woman at a home in the downtown area
− the man sexually assaulted the woman
On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, Manan Hameed, 27, of Mississauga, was arrested and charged with:
1) Assault 2) Threatening Death 3) Sexual Assault with a Weapon 4) Forcible Confinement 5) Sexual Assault 6) Weapons Dangerous to the Public Peace

331) A 34-year-old Ottawa man  previously charged with a string of sexual assaults on OC Transpo buses has been arrested a second time on a series of similar charges.
The first set of charges against Racil Hilan, in three separate cases of sexual assaults, are still before the court, said Ottawa police.
Police had issued a public warning in December 2011 after two separate incidents in which a man allegedly sat next to a teenage girl and touched her. In both cases, the bus was crossing from the east to west end of the city and there were other empty seats available, police said. A third assault was reported on February 14, 2012.
Hilan was first arrested in May 2012 and charged with three counts of sexual assault and three counts of mischief in relation to those three cases.
Police did not issue a warning about the five more recent attacks, which took place between November 22, 2012 and January 15, 2013, because investigators were still “piecing the puzzle together,” said Staff Sgt. Angela McDade.....

332) Durham Regional Police have arrested  two men for their role in a break and enter in north Whitby yesterday.
On Monday, March 11, 2013, at approximately 12:45 p.m., two men were witnessed jumping over a fence in a residential area in the Thickson Road and Winchester Road East area of Brooklin. Officers quickly located and arrested two men. Investigators were able to connect one of the suspects with two other recent break and enter incidents in Whitby.
Zurab KHANDAMASHVILI, age 32 of Concord, Ontario, is charged with Break and Enter Residential x3......

333) The Edmonton Police Service  is seeking the support of the city’s Somali community to locate Hassan Isse Ismail, who is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for second-degree murder.
Police believe the 29-year-old man is responsible for the murder of 24-year-old Aden Ahmed, who was stabbed to death Nov. 19, 2012, at a downtown residence near 113 Avenue and 94 Street.
“The EPS has worked hard to establish a healthy relationship with this community, and we’re hopeful that partnership will help us in our search for this individual,” said Homcide Section Staff Sgt. Bill Clark.
Ismail is thought to have ties to the Greater Toronto Area. He is described as a black male, 6’3” tall and more than 200 pounds. ........

334)  On Thursday,March 28, 2013, the Toronto Police Service Fugitive Squad executed a Provisional Arrest Warrant under the Extradition Act for the arrest of Mohammad Masroor, 50.
He is wanted by U.S. authorities in Florida and Michigan for Criminal Sexual Contact (Person under 13). The offences are alleged to have occurred between 2000 and 2005.
It is alleged he arrived in Canada in 2008 from the United States.
He is currently held in custody, pending extradition to the United States

335) 55 Division’s Crime Management Team in its last installment of “"Wanted Wednesday" is looking for Muhammad Fahad, 25, of Toronto. It alleged that:
− on Friday, October 26, 2012, a woman was walking along Gerrard Street East near Highfield Road,
− she was sexually assaulted by a man as she walked passed him
− a man was arrested and charged
− it was later determined that the man provided false identification
− he was released from custody, scheduled to appear in court on a future date but failed to do so Muhammed Fahad, 25, of Brampton, is wanted for:...........

336) On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, police arrested a man in connection with a robbery investigation. It is alleged that:
− on Friday, March 22, 2013, at 2:06 p.m., a man entered a store in the Dundas Street West/Scarlett Road area
− the man produced a knife and made a demand for cash
− the man threatened to stab the victim
− the man fled the store with a quantity of cash Yussef Abu−Hewaydi, 19, of Toronto, was charged with:..........

337) A 30-year-old man police believe is responsible for the stabbing death of Aden Ahmed, 24, turned himself in to police last night, Wednesday, March 27, 2013.
Accompanied by his lawyer, Hassan Isse Ismail turned himself in to police at approximately 5 p.m. yesterday, at EPS Headquarters. Ismail was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for second degree murder in connection with the murder of Ahmed on Nov. 19, 2012.
“The accused turned himself in on his own accord after meeting with a lawyer, and has yet to cooperate with investigators during the interview process,” stated Staff Sgt. Bill Clark, of the EPS Homicide Section.
Ahmed was stabbed to death last November at a downtown residence near 113 Avenue and 94 Street. The victim sustained stab wounds, during an alleged altercation involving several males at the downtown residence, at approximately 8:35 p.m. that evening.
Ismail has been charged with second degree murder.

Have you heard the term "voluntary apartheid" ?

In his book "The Grand Jihad"  Andrew McCarthy uses the term for the first time.  Here in Canada we have a perfect example of this "voluntary apartheid" in our most populous city, Toronto.  That "voluntary apartheid" is found in all its glory in the Thorncliff  Park area, (and last I saw, it was spreading outwards to Overlea Boulevard and vicinity) a section of East York.  The non-Muslims in that area are moving out and even the rental offices for the numerous blocks of  high rises there are now in the hands of  Muslims.  Going to the East York mall is like visiting a suq in the Middle East.  I have been told that the United Church dhimmis in that neighborhood  are also doing their bit to spread "goodwill" and holding samosa sessions on their  premises.  Anybody wanna bet that the church premises, at present shared by RC, United and other denominations, will soon become another mosque?

On page 270 of McCarthy's book, he writes:
Move through Obama's career as a community organizer, his embrace of ACORN, his radical associations: the common denominator is a purpose to break down the Unum at its foundations, what he calls the "grass roots."  For America, he plans an atom bomb.  Or, to be precise, an atoms bomb:  countless communities in cities and townss across the land, organized along Saul Alinksy's brand of Marxism, into socialist enclaves.  It fits hand in glove with Yusuf Qaradawi's voluntary apartheid, the enclave strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Each atom smothers the individual freedom and enterprise that have defined the American character, replacing them with welfare-rousers.

To be sure, there is an Unum that Obama sees.  It is in his mind's eye - clearer on the horizon now than when he began his project twenty-five years ago.  It will arrive when the atoms reach critical mass and finally devour the hollowing carcass of our present society.  This, too, jibes perfectly with the Islamist scheme to destroy America from within, the Grand Jihad

This vid below is  from about 2 years ago.  Andrew McCarthy talks to Frank Gaffney on the  islamization of  European cities and towns.  He should try and  visit Thorncliff Park and vicinity in Toronto to gain first hand knowledge on how it must have all begun in  Malmo and other cities of  Europe while their politicians happily accepted bribes and dhimmihood and slept peacefully never caring a hoot for the ordinary citizens of their countries.  

Thorncliff Park and vicinity will be at the top of  the list of  NO GO zones in the very near future.

Saudi Arabia's logic on execution: First behead then crucify the headless body

 Just in case the headless sodomizer zombies his way into sodomizing other victims?

This is the country that politicians in the USA and EU  love to pieces.  This is the country that sprinkles gold chains like confetti on their  politicians, their wives, their mistresses, their children and even their secretaries....and every gift is given in secret and secretly accepted and appreciated.

Saudi authorities on Wednesday beheaded a Yemeni man and then crucified his body after he was convicted of murdering a Pakistani national, the kingdom's interior ministry announced.

"The Yemeni citizen Mohammed Rashad Khairi Hussein killed a Pakistani, Pashteh Sayed Khan, after he committed sodomy with him," said a statement carried by state news agency SPA

The Yemeni was also convicted of carrying out a series of attacks and robberies.

The execution in the southern city of Jizan was followed by crucifixion, implemented by the ultra-conservative country for serious crimes.

The beheading brings to 28 the number of people put to death in Saudi Arabia so far this year.

In 2012, the kingdom executed 76 people, according to an AFP tally based on official figures. The US-based Human Rights Watch put the number at 69.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia's strict version of sharia, or Islamic law......

Cranky baby North Korea crying for daddy (USA) to give it some nuclear love

Kids!!!   They are the same the world over, even if some of them are heading  their country.  Someone please shove a pacifier in Kim Jong Un's mouth !

Calum MacLeod writing at USSToday:
Lashing out at America's "reckless provocations," North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un readied his rocket forces Friday to "to settle accounts with the U.S." a day after U.S. massive B-2 bombers roared into the area for a bombing drill with U.S. ally South Korea.

Kim ordered the country's strategic rocket units placed on standby to hit the U.S. mainland and U.S. military bases in the latest response by Pyongyang to the imposition of new international sanctions over it for its third nuclear test. The test was a violation of international agreements signed by the North.....

Is Pope Francis a special kind of dhimmi or as conniving as the Muslim Bros ?

I am at a loss to analyse this. One of the feet the Pope kissed belonged to a Muslim woman?  Okay, I understand that there were a dozen young people whose feet he kissed .... but this act of his will give never- ending propaganda for the Muslims at large and for all the Catholic haters. Ugh !!  My first reaction on seeing this pic on Good Friday morning is  @#$%!&^%(*&^%%$#@!O(***  and much more   #$%^@!*&^^$)*&^%.  If you were within yards of me, you would have run  miles away from me.

Is the dhimmi really a dhimmi or is he hoping for muslim conversions to Chritianity?  Does the fuck really think he will do away with hatred because he loves kissing feet of all shapes, color and creeds?     %$#@*&&^^%%$#(*&^ !!!!

The caption to the pic says: Then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina washes and kisses the feet of patients of the Hogar de Cristo shelter for drug users back in March 20, 2008. (Enrique Garcia Medina/Reuters)

From AP via CBC
...Pope Francis washed the feet of a dozen inmates at a juvenile detention centre in a Holy Thursday ritual that he celebrated for years as archbishop and is continuing now that he is pope. Two of the 12 were young women, a remarkable choice given that the rite re-enacts Jesus’ washing of the feet of his male disciples.

The Mass was held in the Casal del Marmo facility in Rome, where 46 young men and women currently are detained. Many of them are Gypsies or North African migrants, and the Vatican said the 12 selected for the rite weren’t necessarily Catholic.

Because the inmates were mostly minors — the facility houses inmates aged 14-21 — the Vatican and Italian Justice Ministry limited media access inside. But Vatican Radio carried the Mass live, and Francis told the detainees that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion in a gesture of love and service.

“This is a symbol, it is a sign --washing your feet means I am at your service,” Francis told the youngsters. “Help one another. This is what Jesus teaches us. This is what I do. And I do it with my heart. I do this with my heart because it is my duty, as a priest and bishop I must be at your service.”

Later, the Vatican released a limited video of the ritual, showing Francis washing black feet, white feet, male feet, female feet and even a foot with tattoos.......

The vid above is from the TelegraphUK and the writer there has gone out of her way to title the article Pope washes feet of young Muslim woman prisoner in unprecedented twist on Maundy Thursday although His Holiness kissed the feet of 11 other people.  There won't be an end to the telling and showing of this act.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The BRICS' Summit #5 or how BRICS will be able to help the poorest countries of the world that the West has ignored while licking the feet of oil-rich Arabs

The BRICS summits to all  intent and  purpose come across as meetings of grownups in an otherwise juvenile and insane world.  With two commie countries  as the two most prominent members of the 5-nation gang, we are inclined to discard this group in our traditional "hate communists" spit out.  Then on second thoughts many of us are looking at what the other side has to offer and going "hmmmmmmmm".   I,  for one,  am liking the stance the BRICS are purposing to take.  It's high time the USA and the Rothchilds and their manipulation and plotting to keep the US Dollar as the only trading currency, if you want oil for your nation's engine, is given a rude awakening.   They have brought it on themselves by signing all those agreements with Saudi Arabia and OPEC.  IMO, the BRICS's  ultimate goal is to have a petro currency of their own.  That's what is scaring the US$ lovers more than anything else the BRICS might purpose.

Although the media in the West is undermining the BRICS and their efforts,  we can't get away from the fact that  there will be  increasingly important roles these members will be playing in the financial future of our planet and by extension to the downgrading of the American dollar.  The US $ is gonna fall folks.  Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, maybe not for the next few years, but the fall is inevitable.  I hope our Canadian dollar can withstand that storm.
The first vid below is from the BRICS #4 summit in India.

From DW
"It's done," declared South African finance minister,   Pravin Gordhan, even before the official opening of the summit on Tuesday. Later, Gordhan and his counterparts from Brazil, Russia, India and China scaled back their plans. The final communiqué mentions the bank, but details such as capitalization, scope of the bank's activities, how projects would be distributed and where the bank would be based are left unresolved. So the club of five has once again missed an opportunity to dispatch a clear signal to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Before the summit, Oliver Stuenkel, professor of international relations in Sao Paulo, had described the successful founding of the new bank as a "litmus test" for the BRICS states.
South Africa had applied to be the seat of the new bank, which would have $50 billion (39 billion euros) in starting capital and would make funds available for infrastructure projects within BRICS countries. There will be a fresh attempt to get the bank off the ground at the 2014 BRICS summit in Brazil............

From The Economist:
.....In contrast, the tentative step taken towards   pooling the BRICS foreign-currency reserves came with a figure. A safety net with an initial size of $100 billion would be “feasible and desirable”, said the communiqué—as long as there were the right “legal frameworks and appropriate safeguards.” At least four of the five BRICS countries have ample currency reserves; the issue was whether and how to lend them to other, cash-strapped emerging economies. The frameworks and safeguards to make this work might not be all that feasible or desirable. On this evidence the IMF is likely to remain the world’s lender-of-last-resort for a while.
There will be an interim BRICS meeting when the G20 group of rich and soon-to-be-rich countries gathers in Russia in September. The next full BRICS summit will be held in Brazil in 2014, the year in which the country hosts the FIFA World Cup, the granddaddy of all football tournaments. Perhaps Rio or Sao Paulo will see the full graduation of the BRICS as a global force. The Durban summit did not quite make that mark...

From Reuters:
At a summit in South Africa on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin likened the BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - to Africa's "Big Five" game beasts of trophy hunting lore - the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.

The Russian president's comparison captures the dilemma of these muscular emerging global powers, which together present a formidable potential economic and political counterweight to the developed West, but individually could hardly be more different.

The question is whether the BRICS five can run as a herd or hunt as a pack on the global stage, transforming their diverse but collective strength into real institutions and coordinating structures to project their voice in the world.

At a two-day summit in Durban, South Africa, the leaders of countries that make up more than 40 percent of the world's population and a fifth of global GDP seemed to have little concrete to show from their mostly closed-door deliberations......

Damascus University's Faculty of Architecture bombed by those who hate learning institutions

But the hypocrites around us will of course say the mortar fire came from Assad and his gang.  Were the terrorist rebels targeting the university because they want to kill the young generation of secular Muslims or were they after the Syrian News office whose building is adjacent to the university?

Now imagine this: You are sitting in the university's cafeteria sipping mint tea and dreaming of designing the next Taj Mahal or something spectacular like that and because there are regimes in this world who want to get at a  nuclear country near you by first destroying you and your country,  you and your dreams become just a number on the list of collateral damage.

All hail the beloved plotters of  NATO members going after Assad and destroying yet another largely secular country   so they can dumb down the population by replacing the secular dictators with  religious ones.  What's not to love about that, eh?!  Even a highly intelligent nation like Israel has joined the club with gusto. Let's give her and all other members a  big hand and wish them all the best.

A regime change in Iran is too difficult to achieve, but destroying entire countries in order to reach Iran is easy.  Is there something "precious" under Syria like oil and gas that we don't know anything about?  Is the story about disabling Syria in order to disable Iran really true?  How exactly will Iran be crippled if the already crippled Syria is destroyed and Assad gone?  I don't get it.  But then I am only a dodo and not one of the conniving, treacherous, malicious, cunning, murderous members of NATO.  I am glad and relieved that my country has stayed out of this disgraceful plot of nations. However,  I am apprehensive that that stance may change because of the  manipulation practiced on us by other members of NATO.

Mortar fire has hit the University of Damascus,  killing 12 students, Syrian state TV says.
The channel blamed rebels for the attack, saying a number of people had also been injured.

It said the mortars had hit the university's faculty of architecture.
The Syrian capital is in the grip of heavy fighting between government and rebel forces, who have recently intensified the use of mortars in the city, correspondents say.

State-run al-Ikhbariya TV said the mortars had hit a canteen. The station showed footage of doctors trying to save victims amid a scene of upturned tables and chairs, shattered glass and blood on the floor.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-based activist group, said several rounds had hit but did not give further details, AFP news agency reported.

At least five people have been killed by mortar fire in the centre of Damascus since Monday, AFP said. Mortars landed near the university's law faculty earlier this week....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arab League plotting with blessings from the dhimmis of the world

I laughed when I read the last paragraph.  HAHAHAHAHA    Imagine this:  Muslims and others against the Syrian regime, all  watching the  dictators and their minions giving their speeches, etc. ...and all of  a sudden they see Assad's face and a warning to the Arab League.  Priceless.

From DailyNewsEgypt:
Leaders and ministers from across the Arab world   gathered in Doha on Tuesday for the 24th Arab Summit of the Arab League, with the Syrian crisis at the top of the agenda.

President Mohamed Morsi spoke at the summit on Tuesday, addressing a number of regional issues including Syria, Palestine and reforming and developing the Arab League....

...On the Syrian crisis, Morsi called for a political solution stressing the need for “a safe transfer of power” and the necessity of ensuring the “preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity and safeguarding of its institutions”....

....There were seven speakers in the opening session including Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil Al-Araby, President of the Syrian National Coalition Ahmed Moaz Al-Khatib, and Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu.....

The session began with the Iraqi Vice-President Khodair Al-Khozaei officially handing over the presidency of the summit to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. The Emir spoke about the crisis in Syria, the Palestinian issue and the need to stand by the countries of the Arab Spring, adding: “No one can forget the sacrifices made by Egypt for Arab causes.”

The Syrian National Coalition was invited to represent Syria at the summit and Al-Khatib spoke about the current situation in Syria. He highlighted the ongoing violence in Syria and confirmed the arrests of women and children by Assad’s intelligence agency. He called for “freezing the funds of the regime and giving us [the SNC] the Syrian seat at the United Nations”. He also called on the United States to provide “more than food and humanitarian support,” adding that he asked US Secretary of State John Kerry for a missile defence system in order to reduce civilian casualties. He also thanked a number of Arab states, including Egypt, for giving refuge to Syrians displaced by the conflict.

During the summit a pro-Asad Syrian internet hacking group, known as the Electronic Syrian Army, hacked the Arab League website. The hack displayed a direct message to Al-Araby, criticising him and the Arab League as whole for granting the SNC the Syrian seat at the summit. The website returned to normal service later on Tuesday.

St-upid Paddies and their Allahu Akbar in all its gooey green glory

The Irish!!  Too much boozing does nobody no good.  Catholics are stupid, especially the heavy drinkers like the Irish.  The Scots are dhimmis too and so also are the Italians. And, don't even get me started on the rest of the fucks in that corner of the world.  Have I insulted enough people or should I carry on some more?   The more "Christian" a country the more it is the magnet for allahu akbars because they know that God was running out of  brain cells when he created most  Christians and  that their suicidal attitude of "me so good, me so nice, me gonna be kissy-kissy with all God's creatures be they headchoppers or not"  is like taking candy from a baby.

Plans for Ireland's biggest mosque have been given the go-ahead  by Dublin City Council for a site in the north of the city.
The six-acre site in Clongriffin will be able to cater for up to 3,000 Muslims during festivals.
One condition of the planning permission is that there is no call to prayer audible outside the complex.
The development will consist of a three-storey domed mosque with minarets, a conference centre, primary and secondary schools and fitness centre with swimming pool.
The mosque will cater for around 550 people for Friday night prayers but up to 3,000 for the festival of Eid.
Local Labour TD Sean Kenny said the vast majority of people in Clongriffin were in favour of the development.
He said he was glad that concerns about noise, parking and access through the site have been addressed.
The planning application was made by a group called The Dublin Welfare Society and it is believed that a benefactor from the United Arab Emirates is funding the project, which is expected to cost at least €40m.
The site, which is situated between Father Collins Park and Clongriffin DART station, is owned by developer Gerry Gannon and had been empty since the collapse of the property market.......

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Absolute Rarity in Politics... Italy's Foreign Affairs Minister resigns on principle

Well done !!  Bravo !!  A man of principles.  And in Italy?  The country that lives off bribes ?

The two marines should not have been sent to a backward country like India to face trial for murder of two fishermen they mistook for pirates and vaporized in February of last year...and that too in International waters.  India might be towards the top of the pile in the financial world, but in everything else it's still languishing at the bottom.  The Italian politicians who bent over backwards to meet this stupid demand must be having plenty of business ties with India they don't want jeopardized.  Moreover, I think high-end politics are involved here because the leader of one of India's parties is the Italian-born Sonia Gandhi.  Indians involved in this mischief making for Italy are most probably not her well-wishers. That's easy to figure out....but so very shameful.

From BBC News:
....Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi   has resigned in protest of his government's decision to send two Italian marines, accused of killing two Indian fishermen, to Delhi for trial.
The case sparked a major diplomatic row between India and Italy.
"My reservations about sending the marines back to India were not listened to," Mr Terzi told Italian MPs.

Prime Minister Mario Monti said he was "astonished" by the decision. He is due to speak in parliament on Wednesday.

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone are charged with shooting the fishermen off the Kerala coast in February 2012. They said they mistook them for pirates.
The accused were shuttled back and forth between Italy and India in recent months while the two governments argued over the legal consequences of an alleged crime committed in international waters, the BBC's David Willey, in Rome, reports.

Italy then announced last week that it would send the marines back to Delhi to stand trial.

On Tuesday, Mr Terzi said he was resigning because his voice had gone "unheard" by Prime Minister Monti and his caretaker administration.

"I can no longer be part of this government," Mr Terzi said.
"I am resigning because I have maintained for 40 years and I maintain more forcefully today that the honour of the country, its armed forces and the Italian diplomacy must be safeguarded. I am resigning because I support the two marines and their families.".........

This is the reason why we implore and plead with and then criticize our immigration department for importing Muslims into democratic countries

The aggressive behaviour that is inherent in 99% of Muslims, be they male or female,  is often the main reason that other people don't like them.  According to their book, they are superior to all other human beings.  When the Muslim population in any country reaches that magic percentage,  they will often gang up on you, and, because they have an advantage over those ridden with the dreaded disease of "political correctness" like in so many of the EU countries,  they reign supreme over the original inhabitants and the police force.  See how things have turned Muslim-ward  in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Italy and in  other countries where the Muslims are  becoming the dominant demographic numbers.

Unfortunately for them, in Myanmar they have met their Waterloo.  Burmese Buddhists consider themselves to be pure and beyond the wants and desires of ordinary human beings ... thus also making them a "superior" kind of something.   So ... can we "Christian" the Myanmar clashes "clash of the superiors" ?  HAHAHAHA      

This is exactly what can happen to Muslims in other countries too if they continue with their feelings of superiority over others and their wayward  thinking that the whole world should be under islamic rule and that the duty of every good Muslim is to impose islam and shariah wherever they migrate.

What's happening in Burma can happen elsewhere too when infidels decide they have had it with the invaders.  I believe in Burma the Muslims make up about 15% of the population.

When our duly elected government bodies don't listen to the populace, the populace is forced to take action to safeguard themselves and their identity.

Also, let's not forget that this turmoil in Burma started about a year ago with the raping of a Buddhist girl by three Muslim men and the situation is getting worse with time.  It's ALWAYS the Muslim community that commences the discord in EVERY single country where their numbers get big enough to trample over infidels.

From the IslamicHumanRightsCommission:
.....Reporting from Myanmar, Assed Baig states:
“… recent violence in central Myanmar [has seen]… the displaced have been fleeing to the central city of Mandalay. Buildings were burnt down and the ‘official’ death toll stood at 32, as angry mobs roamed the streets. The reality of events is very different from what we have heard on our TV screens…The displaced are scattered across the city, accommodated by fellow Muslims and are still very scared to return to their homes in Meiktila, a hundred miles away.
“Every person interviewed said that the police stood by and did nothing whilst they were being attacked. Many here believe that this was pre-planned and that the official story, that it began with a dispute in a gold shop, is just a cover for violence against Muslims.”[3]
Report also state that local Buddhists in the massacre areas have been rescuing Muslims, even at threat to themselves......

The reality of actual $$$$$$$$$$ paid out to lottery winners

If you read just the heading, the people who report on these big lottery wins, will have you believe that the winner is now richer by, let's say... $100 million... whereas in reality the winner gets to keep only about half that.  Why not either give the exact figure or at least an approximate one the big winner will get,  instead of the bloated one.  Every news outlet will always give you the bloated figure.  I wonder why?  

David Porter writing at CTVNews via AP
A 44-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic
 is the winner of a $338 million Powerball lottery jackpot in the U.S., and he's telling reporters in Spanish that he's "very happy."Several media outlets were at the New Jersey liquor store, where the ticket was sold, on Monday when Pedro Quezada entered. They report that the store owner validated Quezada's ticket as a winner. Reports also identified his home country.
The New Jersey Lottery confirmed that the winning ticket was validated at the store.
A lump sum payout would be $221 million, or about $152 million after taxes. It's the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

How to answer putrid lefties who might ask you this

Ayaan Hirsi Ali always has the most brainy answer to anything and everything.

Saudi Arabia running scared as new generation takes to social media like fish to water

Saudi Arabia's youngsters are craving the freedom enjoyed by their counterparts in the West.  Here's hoping and wishing they trample each and every mullah and imam into the glassy sand in their quest to gain  personal liberty.

Saudi Arabia is considering a ban on several communications technology programs, including Skype and WhatsApp, local media reported Sunday.

“The Communications and Information Technology Commission has requested companies operating the applications to meet the regulatory requirements to avoid their suspension in the kingdom,” sources told Saudi news site Sabq.

Companies were given one week to respond to the commission’s demands.

The commission has cited concerns over encrypted communications, saying that such technology could not be monitored and hindered Saudi Arabia’s efforts to “fight terrorism and crime.”

Skype, WhatsApp and applications like Viber allow users to communicate for free anywhere around the globe through messaging or calling.

In 2010, the Gulf kingdom had briefly banned BlackBerry phones over similar fears.....

French Police tear gas children at march against gay marriage ....

but have you ever known them to do the same to adult Muslims when they riot and burn cars in France ?

This is our brave new world.  We better learn to live in it and keep our mouths shut, our eyes sealed and let the demi-gods sitting over us in our government put us in strait jackets.  Better to be certified as a loon then to watch these happenings and remain sane in an insane world.

update:  The title should have read "adoption by gays" instead of "gay marriage".

John-Henry Westen writing at LifeSiteNews:
On Sunday, an estimated 1.4 million people marched for traditional marriage and opposing homosexual adoption in France.  A bill which has passed the National Assembly is set for a debate and vote in the Senate April 4-12. Despite massive public opposition it is likely to pass with the strong backing of Socialist President François Hollande.
Demonstrators are demanding the matter be put to a referendum.

In a last minute change, police said they would not permit marchers to march on the Champs-Elysées, the most famous street in the nation which runs by the Presidential palace.  Moreover, when some of the demonstrators were around the famed Arch de Triomphe police began spraying tear gas and using their batons against the crowd.  While details of the circumstances remain uncertain, elderly demonstrators, and children were among those harmed by the police......

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The dumbing down of CPAC

The very fact that a man like the former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a great thinker and a man of integrity was not invited to CPAC is clear indication that CPAC has gone downhill and cannot be any longer considered to be speaking for even 50% of those who consider themselves Republican or voters of the Republican party.   I don't think even a single speaker at CPAC 2013 spoke about the looming threat of Islam and Shariah ... that should tell you the extent of the dhimmihood that has taken over CPAC.  Disgusting !!

The former AG writing at WashingtonJournal about a year ago:
The first anniversary of the SEAL Team 6 operation    that killed Osama bin Laden brings the news that President Obama plans during the coming campaign to exploit the bragging rights to the achievement. That plan invites scrutiny that is unlikely to benefit him.

Consider the events surrounding the operation. A recently disclosed memorandum from then-CIA Director Leon Panetta shows that the president's celebrated derring-do in authorizing the operation included a responsibility-escape clause: "The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven's hands. The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out."

Which is to say, if the mission went wrong, the fault would be Adm. McRaven's, not the president's. Moreover, the president does not seem to have addressed at all the possibility of seizing material with intelligence value—which may explain his disclosure immediately following the event not only that bin Laden was killed, but also that a valuable trove of intelligence had been seized, including even the location of al Qaeda safe-houses. That disclosure infuriated the intelligence community because it squandered the opportunity to exploit the intelligence that was the subject of the boast...........

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Victor Davis Hanson is very optimistic about the USA's future

This is really worth listening to if you are a fan of the mighty USA and want her to survive Obama.  I felt good after listening to Mr.Hanson especially because he was able to dispel my dread about  Russia and China becoming best buds.  I want nobody at the top but the freedom loving USA.

TVOntario uses our tax dollars to produce violent games

All us taxpayers  will be guilty of murder when such games produced by the publicly funded TVOntario inspire unbalanced individuals to blow up oil pipelines as shown in the game.   If even a single injury, or God forbid...a death is the  result of  TVO's  management giving their approval to this "terrorist" game .... then they definitely don't deserve a single penny from us.  If  they want to produce games, the kind that inspire madcaps to commit arson and murder, then let them produce them without using us as their accessories to potential future acts of arson and murder.

....A controversial pipeline is being pulled off the TVOntario website after sparking outrage in Alberta.

“We recognize the public concern regarding this game and have therefore decided out of an abundance of care to appoint individuals of experience and independent standing to review the game,” TVO said in a letter to Education Ministers Liz Sandals Friday.

TVO’s intention was to pull the video game from its website at least until a report is complete, expected to be by the end of April.

Sandals said she has serious questions about Pipe Trouble — a phone app video game in which a player attempts to build a natural gas pipeline without going so quickly that it causes livestock to die, people to become sick or an angry vigilante to blow up the project.

The game was developed in partnership with the publicly funded broadcaster.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford expressed disappointment that a taxpayer-funded game would depict the blowing up of pipelines.

“It’s exactly opposite of Canada’s interests given all of Canada benefits from a strong and diverse energy sector,” Redford said.

Earlier in the day Ontario Tory MPP Monte McNaughton called for the game to be pulled because it promotes a radical environmental agenda and has become a national embarrassment for the province.

Premier Kathleen Wynne should shut down the project and apologize to Alberta, he said.

Taxpayer-funded TVOntario put $10,000 into Pipe Trouble and $80,000 into the related documentary, Trouble in the Peace, which highlights the battle of British Columbia farmer and father Karl Mattson with gas companies in Peace River.

TVO has defended the entire project as balanced and appropriate, and well within its mandate of engaging people in important issues of the day........