Thursday, December 3, 2009

If you want a treeful of monkeys going stark raving mad.......

and falling off the branches, vote for Dodo Can Spell. Yours truly has been nominated in 4 categories for the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards. According to Adrain of Umambiguously Ambidextrous this is just a "bragging" kind of award amongst bloggers.

In the "Blog Series" category you guys have nominated me for :
"Human Trafficking" and also for "Rules of Engagement" but why, why, why didn't more of you nominate "Lepers of Sickoland" ? sniff...sniff    
I have also been nominated in the "New Blog" and "Political Blog" and also in the "Overall".

Thanks to everyone who nominated my blog.  It is all the more appreciated because it is driving a lot of crazies, on the other side, even crazier.

Life is good !!!!

There are many others from BT on the nominations list. Let me very humbly acknowledge here that I know you guys nominated my blog because I am " a different kind of voice" and not because I am better than countless others on BT whose knowledge of politics and their skill in the English language makes me feel like the tiniest of ants.

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