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Killers of men go scot free but we destroy dogs for nipping. Justice - Canadian Style

The Yukon Supreme Court is to hear its first capital case in living memory when a judge decides the fate of a dog who supporters say stands unjustly accused. If they win, the German-shepherd-Rottweiler cross named Trevor will probably go to a new home in the bush outside Whitehorse. If they lose, he will be destroyed. "He's on death row," says Kevin Sinclair, the Whitehorse man who's already won one injunction to save the two-year old male with big brown eyes from that most dreaded of all vet visits. "Trevor just got a raw deal," says Gerry Steers, president of the Yukon Humane Society. "That's why we're fighting to save his life." Trevor the Dog on Death Row

Bosnia: Capital of Islamic terrorists

According to this article "Bosnia has become a haven for Islamic terrorists who feel protected by local authorities and are planning terrorist acts in various countries, experts on terrorism said on Thursday. Dzevad Galijasevic, a Bosnian expert on terrorism, told Tanjug news agency that there was a “developed network of support for Islamic terrorists” in Bosnia. “There are about 80 prominent names in the world of terrorism, protected by a new identity,” Galijasevic said. Bosnia came under the spotlight this week after a convicted criminal and terror suspect of Tunisian origin, Karray Kamel bin Ali, known as Abu Hamza, escaped from a Bosnian jail. “Bosnia is a base for Islamic terrorists who live here in safety, operate training camps and prepare cadres for attacks in third countries,” said Galijasevic. Galijasevic, himself a Muslim, recently formed a team of experts to combat terrorism. The team includes a Croatian colleague, Domagoj Margetic, and Serbian expert Darko Trifunovic. Thousands of militants like Bin Ali, came from Islamic countries to fight on the side of local Muslims in 1992-1995 civil war. But after the war, many married local women, acquired Bosnian citizenship and remained in the country under their own or assumed names, Galijasevic added. read on

The Rorschach Inkblots Test controversy

I thought I saw something on the Rorschach controversy in either the National Post or the Globe and Mail yesterday, but for the life of me I just cannot find the article anymore to link it here. After seeing that article yesterday, I had jotted down in my "book of jots" to write something on it for my blog so here goes. I believe there is a huge controversy going on re.disclosing on the Internet, how the test works. Wikipedia, according to some comments I read on a forum, has been threatened with a lawsuit by a horde of shrinks, if the tests become available online. Wikipedia has put up this notice on their "Rorschach inkblot" search page: This page is currently protected from editing until August 6, 2009 or until disputes have been resolved.This protection is not an endorsement of the current version. See the protection policy and protection log for more details. Please discuss any changes on the talk page; you may use the {{editprotected}} template to ask an administrator to make the edit if it is supported by consensus. You may also request that this page be unprotected Wiki page on inkblot test,very informative Many consider the Rorschach inkblot test to be just pseudoscience. Inkblots cards used to be a kind of game that was a favorite at parties and in my opinion it is nothing but mumbo jumbo used by shrinks in order to determine the mental state of a patient. Wrong method. Psychologists and psychiatrists are not only going after Wikipedia, they are on the warpath with several other websites that have analysis on these inkblot tests. One such website posted this on their search page: "After repeated letters from dozens of outraged psychologists and psychiatrists claiming that this page "violates the copyright on the Rorschach Test", we feel compelled to post this notice: The information presented here, including the outlines of the Rorschach inkblots, is not in violation of copyright law. Please don't waste your time writing us to complain or threatening to "turn us in to the publisher". Followed by a Disclaimer. see here If you feel like taking the test, for fun purposes only mind you, then go here. test I did, but you don't want to know the results. :} :}

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Found guilty and not jailed but living it up in Lebanon !!! Justice, Canadian style

What is wrong with our justice system? What has happened to the judges in this country? I wonder if this judge now regrets her decision or maybe she just does not care. What a bad, bad decision. Gone are the days when the word "judge" itself stood for justice and integrity. Nowadays, when a decision is in the hands of a judge, it's like playing Russian roulette. You just don't know which way these judges will go. Well done Justice Polowin. Here's to many sleepless nights - if you have a conscience that is. from Ottawa Citizen: -A man who convinced a judge not to send him to jail after being found guilty of sexually assaulting two children has been sentenced in absentia to three years in prison after disappearing. Ibrahim Farhat, 34, received the sentence Tuesday after being found guilty by a jury in March of sexual assault and sexual interference for repeated incidents of sexual touching on two sisters between 1998 and 2003. Crown prosecutors had been seeking to have him put in jail immediately following his conviction, but Farhat was released after his lawyer convinced Ontario Superior Court Justice Heidi Polowin that he was not a flight risk. Farhat was “a man who had broken the law and walked away with it,” one of the sisters told the court in her victim impact statement. “What were once my memories of childhood and adolescence are now his. What should have been some of the happiest, most freeing memories, he holds hostage,” said the now 23-year-old victim, who can’t be identified due to a publication ban. “He has robbed me of them and turned them into his own. And now he is free. He may be running, but he is still running with freedom … his, mine and my sister’s,” she said. read further News release from Ottawa Police Services June 1

American Idol without Paula Abdul would be like Chilli Chicken without the Chilli

The recent antics of Paula Abdul's agent proclaiming that she is thinking of not returning to the show, made me recall this parody from Mad TV.

Rules of Engagement - Part VII

Slay the heroes of the Left and take pleasure in trampling them into the ground. When engaged in combat, never take the high ground if your opponents are showing a preference for the gutters. Your integrity and morals are like sharpened blades in the enemy's hands. When going into battle, lock up those characteristics, as they will not serve you well on the battlefield. Curse your opponents in thunderous bellows and use your sword to lay bare the false gods they pay homage to.

The quotes below are from a long tirade that Karl Marx wrote dissecting some work of Proudhon's that had just been published. You can see from what he states that Marx thought slavery was good. I bet Leftists who have placed Karl Marx on a pedestal and pay homage to him on a daily basis, wish he had never written those lines or maybe they will twist and turn the facts to suit their purpose and come up with a completely new meaning to the statements - they are so adept at those tricks. If you find anything appealing to you in the second paragraph, remember this: Marx considered Proudhon to be a rival and would say anything to refute Proudhon's philosophy, even those views of Proudhon that he agreed with secretly, became at all times, subjects unworthy and deserving of condemnation. So don't be deceived with his "capitalistic leaning" tones.

  Letter from Karl Marx to Pavel Vasilyevich Annenkov Written: December 28, 1846 Rue d'Orleans, 42, Faubourg Namur; Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 38, pg 95; Translated by Peter and Betty Ross;

 Freedom and slavery constitute an antagonism. There is no need for me to speak either of the good or of the bad aspects of freedom. As for slavery, there is no need for me to speak of its bad aspects. The only thing requiring explanation is the good side of slavery. I do not mean indirect slavery, the slavery of proletariat; I mean direct slavery, the slavery of the Blacks in Surinam, in Brazil, in the southern regions of North America. Direct slavery is as much the pivot upon which our present-day industrialism turns as are machinery, credit, etc. Without slavery there would be no cotton, without cotton there would be no modern industry. It is slavery which has given value to the colonies, it is the colonies which have created world trade, and world trade is the necessary condition for large-scale machine industry.

Consequently, prior to the slave trade, the colonies sent very few products to the Old World, and did not noticeably change the face of the world. Slavery is therefore an economic category of paramount importance. Without slavery, North America, the most progressive nation, would he transformed into a patriarchal country. Only wipe North America off the map and you will get anarchy, the complete decay of trade and modern civilisation. But to do away with slavery would be to wipe America off the map. Being an economic category, slavery has existed in all nations since the beginning of the world. All that modern nations have achieved is to disguise slavery at home and import it openly into the New World. After these reflections on slavery, what will the good Mr Proudhon do? He will seek the synthesis of liberty and slavery, the true golden mean, in other words the balance between slavery and liberty.

Now for the usual Confucius quote: When you say something, say what you know. When you don't know something, say you don't know. That is knowledge.

Recession shrinks racial gap in unemployment

so says USA Today. The article also claims that "older white males see jobs fade". Dean Canaris, 56, a quality engineer for a Honda automotive supplier, was laid off in April and out the door in 30 minutes with no severance. Harry Jackson, 55, an airline pilot and supervisor, lost his job in 2007 and, to his surprise, has found it nearly impossible to get another job. Mark Montgomery, 53, was let go from an Owens Corning insulation factory in April and can't afford his $575 monthly mortgage payment. Recession USA style

Moon the Balloon .. No cheeks will be turned away

A Sarnia man is planning a “moon the balloon” demonstration to protest the surveillance camera a private security company has aimed at Sarnia from a dirigible hovering 1,000 feet over Port Huron, Michigan. “Canadians are known for their sense of humour about stuff and I think a good old touch of mass mooning is the way to deal with this,” said Eli Martin, a 49-year-old city musician. via CanadianNewsReader: mooning the balloon

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From Footballer to Jihadist is a short span for a defensive lineman

Daniel Patrick Boyd, once a defensive lineman at T.C. Williams High School, is an unlikely symbol of the homegrown terrorist threat. The son of a Marine, Boyd spent his early years in the Washington suburbs living a typical American childhood. Recently, he blended with his family into a picturesque suburb of Raleigh, N.C., where he gardened and was friendly with his neighbors. read further

Pass the word around please....

My apologies if someone else at this aggregrate has already posted this. I just saw the newsletter from Tim Hudak's office and am doing my part to spread the word around. The new leader of the Ontario PC Party says: Have You Joined The Fight Against The DST? Since Dalton McGuinty announced his plans to add an 8% tax hike on dozens and dozens of items through the "Dalton Sales Tax", Tim has been leading the charge to inform Ontario taxpayers about the negative impact the DST will have on farmers, renters and drivers, among others. Petition to stop Dalton's sales tax. Ontario businesses will suffer if Dalton succeeds. The petition is also on FaceBook. petition here for your signing Additionally from the newsletter: On Monday, Tim Hudak announced the appointment of his shadow cabinet to hold the Dalton McGuinty government to account in the key areas of job creation and economic renewal. “We need a government that gets the fundamentals right and lays the foundation for private sector job creation to bring jobs back to this province”, Tim said. “With so many of our energetic and talented MPPs focusing on jobs and the economy, we will be able to hold this government to account.” Tim also named a strong team of Caucus Officers and additional Critics. Key among those appointments includes Christine Elliott (MPP Whitby-Oshawa) as Deputy Leader of the PC Caucus and critic for Health and Long-Term Care. Veteran Bob Runciman (MPP Leeds-Grenville) will be House Leader for the Official Opposition. Norm Miller (MPP Parry Sound-Muskoka) will take on an important job as the new Finance Critic.

Betelgeuse ... in all its splendour

This is a July 29, 2009 artist's impression from University of Western Ontarrio of the supergiant star Betelgeuse, the second brightest star in the constellation of Orion, a red supergiant, one of the biggest stars known, and almost 1,000 times larger than our Sun. from the Ottawa Citizen: Betelgeuse Thanks to about half a million photographs, researchers now have a clearer picture of one of the universe's most prominent known stars. Two groups of astronomers at the European Southern Observatory — including Dr. Jan Cami at the University of Western Ontario's Department of Physics and Astronomy — have gained some insight into Betelgeuse, the second brightest star in the Orion constellation and one of the biggest known stars. It is nearly 1,000 times larger than the Sun.

Lubna Hussein: A Woman of Substance

Lubna Hussein is the true woman of substance. Emma Harte cannot come even within a mile of her. I am rooting for you Lubna and so are millions of women all over the world. A Sudanese female journalist facing 40 lashes for wearing trousers in public in violation of the country's strict Islamic laws told a packed Khartoum courtroom Wednesday she is resigning from a U.N. job that grants her immunity so she can challenge the law on women's public dress code. Lubna Hussein was among 13 women arrested July 3 in a raid by members of the public order police force on a popular Khartoum cafe for wearing trousers, considered indecent by the strict interpretation of Islamic law adopted by Sudan's Islamic regime. All but three of the women were flogged at a police station two days later. But Hussein and two other women decided they wanted to go to trial and Hussein invited human rights workers, western diplomats and fellow journalists to Wednesday's hearing. Some of her women friends showed up in court Wednesday wearing trousers in a show of support. read further here

Indian students' market slowing down in Australia

student market collapsing in Australia hmmmmm could it be because of this?

Will someone please run this by the esteemed Mayor Miller of Toronto

I would have, but my emails to the Mayor's office are responded to after months, and usually with trite remarks that make sense only to the esteemed one. What the New York City is planning to do with their homeless, should be copied here in Toronto. solution to the homeless problem in NewYork city I saw a blog at Blogging Tories yesterday from The and I fully agree with that blogger. The homeless and the panhandlers in Toronto are now seen even on the outskirts of Toronto and are fast becoming a menace to the general public.

Please contact the City of Mississauga, URGENTLY

Here is the link to Mayor Hazel MaCallion and the Council of Mississauga. Mayor's office Those of you who care about your country should write to the City officers to prevent this organization Hizb-ut-Tahri from spewing their hateful ideology. We DO NOT WANT THIS in Canada. Please see my previous blog on this group here:Another Hate group wants Shariah laws

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Liberal-Islamist Alliance is wreaking havoc all over the world

There are a vast number of eloquent voices from the Muslim quarter, people who are practising Muslims, they speak to us with clarity and hope. Their hope is that the Liberals amongst us that side with and apologize for Islamic fundamentalists, will hear their voices and change their ways. Will it ever happen? Will the Left come to their senses and realize that the people they are apologizing for are criminals and are not a product of the society treating them as non-equals, as the Left claim? If only the Left could grow up and see the world without their blinders.
  Amil Imani is an Iranian-born American citizen and pro-democracy activist residing in the United States of America. Imani is a columnist, literary translator, novelist and an essayist who has been writing and speaking out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran.

 Here is his article on Liberal-Islamist Alliance and the havoc it is wreaking over the world with the false premise that the Islamists are the product of the ills done to them by the rest of us.

  Presently, fanatical Islamists are lashing out with mad fury before their own final demise. The “infidel” world has been complicit in the surge of Islamism through its mistakes, complacency, and greed. Our academia leftists even engage in willful misinformation and deception when it suits them. Terms such as “Political Islam,” or “Radical Islam,” for instance, are contributions of our leftist intellengtsia. These terms do not even exist in the native parlance of Islam itself, simply because they are redundant. Even a cursory study of Islam and its charter—the Quran—will clearly reveal that it is a radical political movement. It is the socialist leftists and paid-for-media and politicians who sanitize Islam and misguide the populace by saying that the “real Islam” constitutes the main body of the religion; and, that this main body is non-political and moderate. Our liberal professors claim that Islam is inherently good, the majority of Muslims are good and only a small minority has hijacked the good faith of Muhammad by engaging in acts of intolerance, hatred and violence. I agree, it is not uncommon to observe Muslims, anywhere in the world, who are indeed exemplary in many ways. They are kind, generous and much more. But these are the Cultural Muslims who are, in effect, only part Muslim. The question is: why is it that the good Islam is not ruling in the world and the bad Islam is engulfing it in fire? Some clear instances of the rule of the real Islam are seen in places such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, parts of Pakistan, Sudan, and Somalia. Iranians are completely suffocated by the real Islam and that is one reason they are revolting against the rule of Sharia (Islamic Law) and that is why they are being butchered by the representative of Allah on earth, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who considers himself the shadow of “Allah.” Human nature is also the culprit, in part. We humans are attracted to hate like flies are to honey. Hate is an easy sell. It is appealing and little effort is required to hate. Hate gathers up the person’s or the group’s frustrations, anxieties, fears, paranoia and many other negative emotions in one handy bundle and hurls it at a convenient target. History is replete with instances of hate energizing the masses into commitment of small and large scale atrocities. All one has to do is to read the history of Islam and find out the truth for himself. Mainstream Islam has been outright genocidal from inception. Their own historians record that Ali, the first imam of the Shiite and the son-in-law of Muhammad, with the help of another man, beheaded 700 Jewish men in what is known as “massacre of the Banu Qurayza” in the presence of the Prophet himself. The Prophet of Allah and his disciples took the murdered men’s women and children in slavery. Muslims have been, and continue to be, the most vicious and shameless practitioners of slavery. The slave trade, even today, is a thriving business in some Islamic lands where wealthy, perverted sheiks purchase children of the poor from traffickers for their own sadistic gratification via Religion of Peace: globalpolitician july 27

Cronyism is the order of the day with the US President

The American public has never before seen this level of corruption. Philip Klein in The American Spectator writes: Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a listserv of his classmates at the Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. The email, written by Time reporter and fellow Columbia grad Jay Newton-Small, said Briscoe would be serving as deputy associate director of public affairs for the Office of National Drug Control Policy as of Monday. Obama and cronyism

Cartoons of our times

Tom Stiglich
Journal Register Newspapers
Jul 28, 2009
Randy Bish
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Jul 28, 2009
Joe Heller
Green Bay Press-Gazette
Jul 28, 2009
Charlie Daniel
Knoxville News Sentinel
Jul 28, 2009
Paul Fell
Artizans Syndicate
Jul 27, 2009

Designers have designs on the White House

Recently, nine interior designers were inspired to create designs for the different rooms in the White House, interior decor which they think, would be in keeping with Obama's image. According to them, these rooms will have "environmentally friendly materials", will "glow with soft colors", will have "water-related multicultural colors", will "serve as a symbolic nod to the international community that the new President is embracing" and a lot of other crap and nonsense like that. Click on each room to see the "before" and "after" that the designers envisage for the First Family's abode. My question is: Come 2012, will Sarah Palin like the new decor, just in case these daydreaming designers get their way ? Just asking. plans for White House redo

New Brunswick Daily apologizes to PM Harper

National Post has this item which made me feel good. Now, how about CBC, CTV and the other MSM doing the same. A New Brunswick daily newspaper issued a front-page apology Tuesday for a July 8 story that claimed the prime minister pocketed a communion wafer during the state funeral for former governor general Romeo LeBlanc. The Saint John Telegraph-Journal apologized to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the story which the newspaper said "was inaccurate and should not have been published." The story created a national controversy that lasted for several days while Harper was attending a G8 gathering in Italy and preparing to meet the Pope. apology from paper

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The cancer spreads to Chechnya

Where there are Muslims, there will definitely be some Muslims with irrational fundamentalist views. Where there is Muslim fundamentalism, there will be killing and mayhem. Goes with the territory. Am I being "politically incorrect" or just logical? Just over a month ago a female suicide bomber blew more than 15 innocent people to smithereens in Chechnya and yesterday another suicide bomber takes out 6. And, it might have been much worse if the 2 security guards had let him into the concert hall which was filled to the brim. suicide bomber kills 6

Rules of Engagement - Part VI

Be like Diane the Huntress and go looking for the larder where your opponents have secreted away some choice meats. When you find the hiding place, raid the entire stash. Tear into the meat like there is no tomorrow. Bury the bones deep or throw them far away. Do not feel even an ounce of pity that you leave your opponents with nothing to chew on. A hungry opponent can be easily squashed like a drunken fly.

P. J. Proudhon was born in January 1809 in France. He is another god being worshipped by the lefties. Although, he was not a believer in the kind of Utopia that most leftists dream about, Proudhon, however, firmly believed that wealth was to be shared by the society at large regardless of who accumulated it, and it was to be shared by whatever means possible. He considered himself a "moderate" anarchist. Don't laugh.

 From the 1000s of web pages devoted to this nut ball, I have taken some quotes of his for your disgust and yuck up:
 ...dissolve, submerge, and cause to disappear the political or governmental system in the economic system, by reducing, simplifying, decentralizing and suppressing, one after another, all the wheels of this giant machine... the State.
We should not put forward revolutionary action as a means of social reform because that pretended means would simply be an appeal to force, or arbitrariness, in brief a contradiction. I myself put the problem this way; to bring about the return to society by an economic combination, of the wealth drawn from society... 
 We desire a peaceful revolution... you should make use of the very institutions which we charge you to abolish... in such a way that the new society may appear as the spontaneous, natural and necessary development of the old and that the revolution, while abrogating the old order, should nevertheless be derived from it... 

This guy believed that if you were an owner of a property, be it land or something else as tangible, then you were a thief. Sounds maddish? Of course, it does. But, this nutcase is someone who is looked up to by the leftosphere as they consider him to be a philosopher of high standing.

This fruitcake was a fast buddy of Karl Marx, until they fell out over some silly nonsense like little girls, as lefty philosophers in those days and now, usually do. Here's a quote from him about his belief that "Property is Theft". Judge for yourself whether we are dealing here with a sane person or someone who needs to be in a strait-jacket pronto and on his way to the nearest loony bin.

 "If I were asked to answer the following question: What is slavery? and I should answer in one word, It is murder!, my meaning would be understood at once. No extended argument would be required . . . Why, then, to this other question: What is property? may I not likewise answer, It is robbery!, without the certainty of being misunderstood; the second proposition being no other than a transformation of the first?" 

 When Karl Marx accused him of stealing the "property is theft" notion from another philosopher and that the term was confusing, this madcap made it even worse with this explanation:

 "In writing this memoir against property, I bring against universal society an action petitoire [a legal claim to title]: I prove that those who do not possess to-day are proprietors by the same title as those who do possess; but, instead of inferring therefrom that property should be shared by all, I demand, in the name of general security, its entire abolition." 

The land of the leftists' gods is full of mad hatters. I hope to bring you more peeps into the leftist madness as we go along. Now for the usual feel nice quote. "Men in the game are blind, men outside see clearly." (Chinese proverb)

Is USA taking cues from Saudi Arabia ?

"While protesters rallied in his support, the owner of a Concord Mills kiosk that sells conservative merchandise said he met with the mall's manager Sunday to see what arrangements can be made for him to remain after his lease expires Friday. Nothing was agreed to, except that the two would meet again Monday, said Loren Spivack, owner of Free Market Warrior. Spivack has contended that he's being kicked out of the mall for political reasons. He's traced his exile to a letter to the editor in the Charlotte Observer criticizing his business, saying it promotes “ideas such as racism, sexism and even slavery.” This via Drudge Report: Bumper stickers And then compare the above news to this from a country that we label "backward and primitive". Religious police in Saudi Arabia are banning the sale of Valentine's Day gifts including red roses, a local newspaper has reported. The Saudi Gazette quoted shop workers as saying that officials had warned them to remove all red items including flowers and wrapping paper. Black market prices for roses were already rising, the paper said. Saudi authorities consider Valentine's Day, along with a host of other annual celebrations, as un-Islamic. Saudi Arabia and Obama's USA same same

Graeme MacKay's take on the eHealth scandal

On June 9th The Star reported: "The Liberal government is tightening the leash on eHealth chairman Dr. Alan Hudson in the wake of the spending scandal that cost the president of the electronic health agency her job." June9 which inspired Mackay to create this cartoon Then on July 24th the Canadian Press reported:"Ontario's opposition parties were fuming Wednesday after the Liberal government quietly dropped a promised independent review of scandal-plagued eHealth Ontario." July 24 and here is Mackay's take on that. Can we at least pretend to be surprised at how the Liberals keep changing their minds on each and every little thing ?

It's "Merry Christmas" and "Christmas Tree" and not "happy holidays" and definitely not "holiday tree" !!!!

Just thought I would put this in my blog so when Christmas comes along I can look at it again and be reminded of the follies of politicians from the Left as well as the Right.

Yesterday, I happen to meet a family who migrated to Canada in 2002, a couple with 2 kids now in their teens. And, as a habit, I usually manoeuvre any conversation with any new person I am introduced to, towards their political leanings. This family being Roman Catholics and staunch ones at that, I was sure they would be Conservative. Imagine my disbelief when they said they always vote Liberal. When I picked my jaw off the floor, I had the temerity to ask them WHY. Both of them were adamant that the Conservatives were against Christians !!!

After picking my jaw once again from the floor, a jaw that was now begging for first aid in a hurry, I timidly asked why they thought so.

Here's their tale of anger/disappointment and naivety with the political scene in Canada and I am willing to bet that naivety must be common with many new immigrants: This family migrated to Canada in mid 2002. The couple both managed to find jobs fairly quickly, their 2 kids were enrolled in public schools and by end 2002 they were ready to celebrate their first Christmas in Canada. The first "odd" sensation that they felt was when they bought some packs of Christmas greeting cards and they found that 50% of the cards had "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". The real blow came when they were happily planning to celebrate their first Christmas in Canada by visiting the square where the Christmas Tree was standing in all its glory. Lo and behold, they were aghast to learn that it was no longer to be called a "Christmas Tree" but a "Holiday Tree". And, to add insult to injury, the TV ads from the RCM were blaring tunes into their house about "On the first day of giving my true love gave to me...a coin from the Royal Canadian Mint!", replacing the word "Christmas" with "giving". Mel Lastman, a Conservative, was the mayor of Toronto at that time. This family associated the "murdering" of a tradition that they held dear to a Conservative mayor and drew the conclusion that "conservatives are against Christians".

Do not be hasty in judging this family in the negative. If one is not a political junkie (and how many people do you know within the immediate circle of family/friends who are?) many silly incidents that politicians get into, remain in one's memory and the brain makes a deduction from which it rarely dithers. The deduction might be wrong but one will tend to stand by it, and all because of a single mishap by some politician.

I hunted around the web for an article that I could send to this family and have sent it on with a listing of the good things that Conservatives stand for and how one silly little thing by a silly little mayor should not put them off Conservatism. Here's the news item:Holiday tree

The first woman president in waiting: Sarah Palin

On Sunday, Palin took on old foes in the media, Hollywood and the Lower 48 states. As her audience shouted its approval, she scolded reporters for making things up, mocked Hollywood stars who have opposed wolf-control programs, and complained that "outside special interests still don't get it." Palin, 45, said she was resigning with more than a year left in her first term to take her political battles to a larger if unspecified stage and avoid an unproductive, lame duck status. "With this decision, now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, and for truth. And I have never felt that you need a title to do that," the former Republican vice presidential candidate said. read further: Sarah Palin takes a swipe at the brain dead media and others Now I am waiting for all the "hate" comments which never see the light of day. Men who hate Sarah Palin are lying. They fantasize about her every night and curse their luck for having been saddled with the sad sack sleeping next to them. Women who hate Sarah Palin know that their men are fervently wishing that they had at least 2% of what Palin has. That's just my humble opinion and I am sticking to it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ouch !! That's the cry from the White House and from lefties all over the world

According to the Rasmussen daily report, President Obama is now dwelling, for the first time ever, in double digit negative territory. Obama goes minus 11

Euthanasia: The RCN of UK drops its opposition

The Royal College of Nursing, Britain’s leading nursing union, dropped its opposition to assisted suicide yesterday. The switch is the first on the matter inside the medical profession. The RCN’s decision to drop a stance it has held since 2004 comes after 49 per cent of its members backed legal assisted suicide in a consultation while 40 per cent were opposed. While it carries no practical implications, it is a landmark shift in expert opinion. assisted suicide

"After so many decades, it must be exhilarating to tell the truth" Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes is an American academic, author, writer, and political commentator who focuses on the Middle East and Islam.Pipes has taught at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and Pepperdine University, served as a member of the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and is the founder and director of the Middle East Forum, a think tank, as well as the founder of Campus Watch, an organization which critiques those who it characterises as sources of "poor scholarship" concerning the Middle East. Quote from Daniel Pipes Contrary to the established Palestinian line that Israeli forces expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948-49, these voices agree that Arab emigration from the nascent Israel was done at the behest of orders from Arab leaders. Some snippets: "The radio stations of the Arab regimes kept repeating to us: 'Get away from the battle lines. It's a matter of ten days or two weeks at the most, and we'll bring you back." "The 'Arab Salvation Army' came and told the Palestinians: 'We have come to you in order to liquidate the Zionists and their state. Leave your houses and villages, you will return to them in a few days safely. Leave them so we can fulfill our mission (destroy Israel) in the best way and so you won't be hurt'." "The leaders and the elites promised us at the beginning of the 'Nakba' in 1948 that the duration of the exile would not be long, and that it would not last more than a few days or months, and afterwards the refugees would return to their homes." The Arab leaders announced that "The Jews attacked our region and it is better to evacuate the village and return after the battle is over." "Our District Officer issued an order that whoever stays in Palestine and in Majdel [near Ashkelon in southern Israel] is a traitor." A letter from a Palestinian to the leaders gathered at an Arab summit in 2001: "The armies of your predecessors in the year of 1948, … forced us to leave [Israel] on the pretext of clearing the battlefields of civilians." Unquote Daniel Pipes July 23 Read the admissions from Palestinians here and here

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VIA Rail lays off hundreds of workers - Good Move

via Canadian News Report Via Rail confirms hundreds of layoffs "If there are no people to serve, trains to fix, we have a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do and we can't afford to do that," explained Andrews. "The second that we resume service they will all be recalled to work." This is the kind of action that the mayor of Toronto should have taken. But why would he? He is in bed with the Unions and everyone knows it, no matter how much he lies when he comes on City TV. Shame on him and shame on CUPE. CUPE and the vampires therein are sucking the blood out of Torontonians.

Terms of Engagement - Part V

In the political arena when your opponents deride and belittle you and your efforts, imagine them to be like wild dogs who hunt in a pack or like a cult that is heavily under the control of one bully. Ignore the barks, growls and the rabid froth dripping from the lesser pack/cult members as they are like vermin that get fed occasionally on leftovers thrown to them by the pack bully. Focus on the forerunner himself and gauge the various areas on his furry body which come into view as he makes his move towards you. Stand firm and sharpen your lance for deep penetration. Victory can be easily and quickly achieved. Here are a couple of quotes from Dennis Tourish who is Reader in Communication Management at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He has published and lectured widely on the issue of cults and has published articles in Cultic Studies Journal. He has also addressed the annual conference of the American Family Foundation, which pioneers education and research on cults in the Unites States.

 1) Although a commitment to political action by many people is a necessary feature of a normal democratic society, cults make unethical use of the major techniques of social and psychological influence (sometimes called thought reform), sidetracking political commitment into an environment dominated by a guru bent on self-promotion. Such groups are characterized by intense levels of destructive activity and extreme conformity based on a handful of basic ideas, and, since the central concern of all cults is to recruit other members and raise money, they prioritize this agenda in their dealings with others.

 2) There is a dearth of literature documenting the existence of cults in the political sphere. This paper suggests that some left wing organizations share a number of ideological underpinnings and organizational practices which inherently inclines them to the adoption of cultic practices. In particular, it is argued that doctrines of `catastrophism' and democratic centralist modes of organization normally found among Trotskyist groupings are implicated in such phenomenon. A case history is offered of a comparatively influential Trotskyist grouping in Britain, which split in 1992, where it is suggested that an analysis of the organization in terms of cultic norms is particularly fruitful.


Confucius quote for today: By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Gates' Liberal College Town no stranger to racial dust-ups

The arrest of an African-American professor at his home near Harvard University gives a rare view into racial tensions in a seemingly unlikely place: America's ivory tower and its liberal environs. via Canadian News Reader abcnews

Very few like Nonie Darwish.

These 2 videos are a "must see", especially after the Kingston horror we have been hearing about the last couple of days, and the news in the blogosphere about the Islamic conference in the US where Muslim mullahs openly declared that their aim is to change the Constitution of the USA to Shariah Laws. Nonie Darwish is one of my heroes.

The children of Guantanamo Bay

A school unlike any other. There is no vandalism or theft. Bullies and gangs don’t exist. Class sizes are small. There were two scuffles in the 2007-2008 school year that probably don’t qualify as fights. kids of Guantanamo Bay

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Airport madness - but we have to live with it

I will never again be impatient at the airport check-ins. I have just been told by a friend that there was "something found" incident yesterday at one of the airports down south near us.

China wants to boost its population growth. Don't laugh.

Shanghai is to urge eligible couples to have two children, as worries about the looming liability of an ageing population outweigh concerns about over-stretched resources. The Shanghai policy, reported by the China Daily, marks the first time in decades that Chinese officials have actively encouraged more procreation. China's famous "one child" policy is actually less rigorous than its name suggests, and allows urban parents to have two offspring if they are both only children. Rural couples are allowed a second child if their first is a girl. But since the late 1970s worries about developing an already highly populated country without straining scarce land, water and energy supplies has meant the government has always pushed to keep families as small as possible. This is still the official line in most of China, but Shanghai is now apparently rich enough to focus on a new concern - the burden of an ageing population on the generation born since the one child policy was unveiled. The US-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies warned in April that by 2050 China will have more than 438 million people older than 60, with more than 100 million of them 80 and above. The country will have just 1.6 working-age adults to support every person aged 60 and above, compared with 7.7 in 1975. Read further: China needs bigger population I think that China does not want to acknowledge the fact that it has been sitting on a demographic time bomb for some time now because of the gender imbalance. China's rule of "one child" per family made the Chinese abort their female babies, as China along with countries, primarily in that part of the world, believes that a son is more valuable as traditionally sons look after their aged parents.

The Burkha kills the Feminist Movement. Inshallah for small mercies

Why do I say that? I will tell you why. I can type faster when I am angry. 1) Where are these scum of the earth when our Canadian Muslim women are getting killed ? 2) Where were these rotten smelly females when that nitwit Barbara Hall wanted to introduce Sharia Law ? 3) Where were these degenerates when more than a dozen females were buried alive in Afghanistan ? 4) Where are these ugly beeches when females in Pakistan are daily victims of acid throwers ? 5) What rotting corpse have these maggots crawled into from whence they cannot see the atrocities committed on females all over the Muslim world ? I have this "feminist movement baloney" on my list of things to write about sometime in the near future. Need to do more research. In the meantime go here Henry Makow

Pressure tactics to curb settlement development will embolden Israelis - and rightly so

Obama and his court jesters should know when to keep their pieholes shut. If they think Israelis are pushovers, they are sadly mistaken. "Mayor Benny Kashriel is a friendly, aggressive defender of Maale Adumim's right to expand. He says the last 450 units that have prior government approval are under construction and will soon be occupied, with no immediate plans for further expansion. He says Obama's pressure tactics will bring a backlash from settlers in the West Bank, for which he prefers the Biblical names Judea and Samaria. "And now 280,000 people in Judea and Samaria will be together against him, will demonstrate together, and will not let our government compromise with him," he says." A lefty friend of mine sent me this today. Maybe he is starting to agree with me on my stance re. Israel or maybe not.

So many things I don't know !!!

I was spending some quality time this morning watching videos that umambiguously ambidextrous has put up on his blog, and came across a long comment that ends with:

  "Three females drown in a Hotel pool, 4 females drive into a canal and die rather than fight to get out of the car. GEE????? All females, all Muslims,all victims of Aqua-cide Jihad honour killings. Do you think that islam and the Quran might be tied to this? Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm?" Go to UA's blog and read the comment. Something to mull over.

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Australian held for ransom by Somali pirates .. 11 months on

The mother of kidnapped photographer Nigel Brennan met with the Australian PM Kevin Rudd and asked him to rescue her son from Somalia. Nigel Brennan has been a hostage now for 11 months. VIDEO: Mother's plea to PM

Rules of Engagement ..Part IV Find a dissident and you find a goldmine

Rules of Engagement Part IV
 To better know your opponents, venture into their camp to find the dissident who has crossed over to your side. He will tell you all you need to know and knowing is life-blood to the pen in your hands. You can now throw away your sword and let your pen show its might.

 Emphasis mine.

 "Why are liberals such as Paul Krugman, Michael Moore, and Howard Dean so angry and aggressive? I like to think that I have insight into this matter, since I was a liberal for a long time. If you haven't been a liberal, you may be puzzled by what you hear and read from them. They may seem -- dare I say it? -- insane, or at least discombobulated." says Keith Burgess-Jackson who is Associate Professor of Philosophy, The University of Texas.
 Here are some quotes from his many, many articles published in various periodicals:
 1) As the philosopher John Kekes has pointed out so eloquently (see here ), liberals disregard or discount concepts that loom large in the thinking of most of us, such as personal responsibility and desert. Most of us believe that responsibility and desert should play a role in the distribution of benefits and burdens. Liberals disagree. Deep down, liberals deny that anyone is responsible for anything. What we are, in terms of personal character, is a function of circumstances beyond our control. How we behave depends solely on our environment. Our very choices are determined, not free. Liberalism dissolves the person. To the liberal, we are loci of movement rather than initiators of action, patients rather than agents, heteronomous rather than autonomous beings. Liberals will deny this, of course, but look at their beliefs and policy prescriptions.
 2) Deep down, liberals know that conservatives are no less intelligent than they are. It just makes them feel good to say as much. So they attribute the pervasive belief in responsibility and desert to greed. Opponents of the liberal program are greedy. They won't admit the truth because they don't want to share the wealth. They take the positions they do, on matters such as affirmative action and welfare, to solidify their social position. Greed is bad, of course, so if you reject the liberal program, you're evil. You put self-interest ahead of justice.
 3) Here, in one neat package, we have all the liberal platitudes. Conservatives are ignorant, stupid, and evil, or some combination of the three. Either they don't grasp the obvious truth or they're incapable of thinking clearly or they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. Liberals, of course, are the opposite of all these. They're knowledgeable, intelligent, and good. Note that if you believe your opponents to be stupid or evil, you don't try to reason with them. Stupid people, like animals and children, need guidance by their superiors. Evil people need suppression. It's often been remarked that liberals are less adept than conservatives at arguing for their views. Now you see why. They don't practice.
 4) Two things have happened to me as I've aged, and I'm not talking about the deplorable decreases in my bicycling and running speeds. First, I've become better at spotting ideology. Second, I've become less tolerant of it. By "ideology," I mean a hermetically sealed worldview, one that filters out all and only disconfirming data. Ideologues, by definition, are closed-minded and dogmatic. They have no reality-testing mechanism. Evidence and argument of the sort philosophers and scientists take for granted have no effect on them. Indeed, the very standards of evidence and argument they employ are calculated to reduce their cognitive dissonance and (as a result) reinforce their worldview. Nothing is allowed to count against doctrine.
 5) Another despicable misrepresentation, propounded and perpetrated even in the supposedly truth-seeking halls of academia, is that there are no races. The idea seems to be that if there are races, there will be racism (or, more particularly, white supremacism). This is a non sequitur. That something is the case is never, by itself, a reason that it ought to be the case. We have known this since Hume, but somehow we keep forgetting it. Why not disabuse people of the fallacy rather than denying the facts? Explain that evaluative propositions cannot validly be derived from factual propositions. Explain that might is not necessarily right, that difference is not necessarily dominance.
6) I wonder sometimes what explains whether a given individual is liberal or conservative. Actually, I want to focus on mature individuals, for I believe conservatism increases with age, as experience broadens and deepens. As we age, we see connections better. We grasp cause and effect (in part because we have engaged in trial and error). We understand the importance of tradition, which embodies compromises, bargains, and settlements. We come to value things like security, community, and stability as well as liberty. Young people yearn to be free. Their predominant value is liberty, understood as the absence of constraint. They care little about the past or the future. Like animals, they are riveted in the present, uninterested in what came before them and oblivious to what is to come. They think they're immortal. They do not yet have a stake in society. When they acquire a stake, as most do (some do not survive the turbulence of youth), their perspective changes. This -- an enlarged perspective -- is an important component of wisdom. Yes, I'm saying that conservatism and wisdom are directly correlated. You're wiser now than you were ten or twenty years ago, aren't you? Is that an accident?

 Confucius quote for today: Study without thought is vain: thought without study is dangerous.

The Morning Of ... More pages from "Triple Cross" by Peter Lance

By the morning of September 11, FDNY fire marshal Ronnie Bucca had long since given up trying to alert the FBI to the dangers of al Qaeda. After his brief nine-month assignment as a terrorism adviser to the FDNY had run its course, he returned to the Bureau of Fire Investigation full-time. He had recently told his wife Eve and two children, Ronnie and Jessica, that he was thinking of returning to a rescue company, where saving lives was a daily routine.

That morning he'd arrived to work early at Manhattan Base, the fire marshal's headquarters, located above Ladder 20, a firehouse on Lafayette Street in Soho. Then, at 8:46 AM, when Mohammed Atta crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Canter, Ronnie heard a noise that another marshal later described as "the sound of a dumpster hitting a pot hole." He ran to the window and asked fire-fighters in the street down below what it was. One of them yelled up, "The Trade Center's on fire."

Moments later, Bucca and his boss, Supervising Fire Marshal Jimmy Devery, were roaring south in Ronnie's Chevy, "lights and sirens" toward the Twin Towers. "Christ, you called it," said Devery, but Ronnie didn't respond. He just stayed focused and pushed the pedal to the floor. Apart from warning his firefighter "brothers" throughout the city for years that the Trade Center was "vulnerable", Ronnie had also made regular visits to "Ten and Ten" (Engine #10 and Ladder #10), the firehouse on Liberty Street at the southern perimeter of the WTC complex. On an almost monthly basis he talked to security people at the Towers, asking if there were any new means of entrance or egress that might make the Towers vulnerable.

Mindful of the blueprints that Egyptian accountant Ahmed Amin Refai had taken from the FDNY before the first bombing in 993, Bucca figured that the next attack would come from below. But just after he and Devery screeched up to the firehouse on Liberty Street, and they pulled on their turnout coats and Cairns helmets, they heard an enormous explosion above them. UA Flight 175, piloted by Marwan al-Shehi, had just sliced through the South Tower. Ronnie Bucca wasn't a member of a fire suppression unit. He had no responsibility to enter the complex. But Bucca knew the Towers better than he knew the FDNY headquarters at Metrotech in Brooklyn. So he and Devery strapped on their Scott's airpacks and headed up a side stair-well.

A five-mile-a-day runner, Bucca soon outdistanced Devery, who was a heavy smoker. By the fiftieth floor, the supervisor was ready to collapse, but just then a woman in her mid-forties came down the stairs, badly burned. Her name was Ling Young. "She practically fell into my arms," Devery told me later. "So I yelled up to Ronnie, "I'm gonna take her out.". Bucca yelled back that he was going to try and make it to the "fire floor" on seventy-eight, where the 767 had hit. "I hear people screaming," he said, and that was the last that Jimmy Devery saw of him.

Barely able to get Ms Young out to safety, as bodies dropped into the Plaza around them, Devery looked back up toward the smoke billowing from the South Tower, Radio broadcasts later recovered from that day showed that Ronnie Bucca had made it up to the seventy-eight floor. There he lined with a battalion chief named Oreo Palmer. As it turned out, the two men had climbed higher than any other firefighters in either tower. Together, Bucca and Palmer raced against time to help those trapped on the seventy-eighth floor lobby, but the flames were so intense that the tower's structural steel began to melt. Fifty-five minutes after UA 175 had pierced the building, the 110 storey tower began to collapse.

Days later, the depth of Bucca's heroism was underscored when his remains were discovered. He had taken off his fire retardant Nomex turnout coat and used it to shied some of the office workers who had huddled amid the flames. In perhaps the cruelest of all the 9/11 ironies, Ronnie Bucca, the fire marshal who had tried to warn the FBI's JTTF about al Qaeda's threat to the Trade Center, had now himself gone down in Yousef's second attack, executed by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Patrick Fitzgerald had arrived in Chicago that day. Promoted to US attorney for the Northern District of Illinois after his successes in New York's Southern District, he was being shown around town by an SDNY alumnus when he got the news that America was under attack. One can only imagine how Fitzgerald, the Justice Department's bin Laden expert must have felt. He knew that back east in some federal detention facility, sat a man who could have warned him that this latest attack in Osama bin Laden's thousand-year war had been coming.

What would Fitzgerald, the man Vanity Fair later anointed "the best prosecutor in the United States", say now to Ali Mohamed?

Note: if you want more info about this book and the author and why some people want it off the shelves, check my earlier post here .

Cartoons of our times

I loved the last one the best. Trumpet away Jumbo, trumpet away.
Chip Bok
Jul 22, 2009
Lisa Benson
Victor Valley Daily Press
Jul 22, 2009
Bruce Beattie
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Jul 22, 2009
Chuck Asay
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Jul 23, 2009
Terry Wise
Ratland Ink Press
Jul 23, 2009
Adam Zyglis
The Buffalo News
Jul 23, 2009

Honor killing? Another one?

Someone who claims to be the sister of the woman who was found dead in the car with the 3 teenage girls and the terrible tragedy that we all thought was just that, has divulged so much to Canadian authorities that evidence now "seems" to point to honor killing - thus making it a "horror" tragedy. The person who claims to be the sister of the 50 yr old woman found in the car, says she has evidence that will prove that the dead woman was the first wife of the teenagers' father.

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Not done with Hegel - not yet

Rules of Engagement - Part III Finding dirt on your opponents or their heroes = Kicking butt Hegel, the semi-god of the leftosphere was an ugly rotten soul. JMHO. Emphasis mine. Irresponsible to the core. Does this reminds you of other Leftists in your life? I bet it does. His manuscripts were his main care; doubtful of the safety of his last dispatch to Bamberg, disturbed by the French soldiers in his lodgings, he hurried with the last pages of the Phänomenologie to take refuge in the pro-rector's house. Hegel's fortunes were now at the lowest ebb. Without means, and obliged to borrow from Niethammer, he had no further hopes from the impoverished university. Moreover, his life as a bachelor took an unforeseen turn when he impregnated his landlady and housekeeper. Christiane Charlotte Burkhardt (nee Fischer) gave birth on February 5, 1807 to Hegel's illegitimate son, Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer. Little Ludwig was temporarily lodged at the house of Fromann, a well-known publisher in Jena. The philosopher had insufficient funds to support himself, and now he had to attend to the needs of his child and his forlorn lover, whom he had no intention of marrying. Hegel as an Irresponsible scumbag Incest in the family? Probably. Hegel was born in Stuttgart on August 27, 1770, the son of Georg Ludwig Hegel, a revenue officer with the Duchy of Wurttemburg. Eldest of three children (his younger brother, Georg Ludwig, died young as an officer with Napoleon during the Russian campaign), he was brought up in an atmosphere of Protestant pietism. His mother was teaching him Latin before he began school, but died when he was 11. He was very attached to his sister, Christiane, who later developed a manic jealousy of Hegel’s wife when he married at age 40 and committed suicide three months after his death. Hegel was deeply concerned by his sister’s psychosis and developed ideas of psychiatry based on concepts of dialectics. Hegel and sister - Incestous? Now for a quote from Confucius: The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions

"Saudi Arabia Moves Backward" Huh? You mean more backward, don't you?

Stephen Suleyman Schwartz is an American journalist, columnist, and author. In 1997 he became a Muslim and then suddenly became a vocal critic of Islamic Fundamentalism, especially in the form of the Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam. He is seen by many as "a Trojan horse for Islam", so keep that in mind when reading his article.

Suleyman july22
Quote 1
Finally and most importantly, Abdullah had taken steps to curb the notorious mutawiyin, usually mislabeled a “religious police” by foreign observers, and to make them accountable for their frequent abuse of ordinary people.

In reality, the mutawiyin are not a police agency, but a paramilitary body similar to the Iranian Basij who spy on citizens in totalitarian countries like Cuba and China. The mutawiyin patrol the Saudi streets to enforce the rigid pseudo-moralistic habits prescribed by Wahhabism, the Saudi state religion. They accost couples they suspect of being unmarried; they arrest women who drive vehicles, and beat, with leather-covered sticks, women who allow a thin margin of the abaya, a garment covering the whole body, to slip, exposing an ankle; they harass vendors of allegedly heretical or subversive books; they raid homes where they suspect liquor is consumed; they walk the streets of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, preventing Shia and Sufi pilgrims from engaging in prayers of which the Wahhabis disapprove… and they kill people.

Quote 2
Saudi prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a nephew of Abdullah, has not been popular in America since New York mayor Rudy Giuliani correctly returned his attempted gift of $10 million after 9/11. In 2007, Al-Waleed donated $1.48 million to the Islamic Society of North America, the representative institution for “official Islam,” oriented toward Wahhabism, in the U.S. But during Abdullah’s reign, Al-Waleed also positioned himself as a critic of the establishment, especially its policies toward women.
His media company, Rotana, produced a comedy film titled Manahi, which was shown to excited crowds in Jeddah. But in accord with Wahhabi writ, movies are banned in Saudi Arabia; the mutawiyin condemned the film, with Nayef’s backing, and on Saturday, July 17, the Jeddah Film Festival, sponsored by Rotana, was cancelled. Such incidents may appear trivial to the outsider, but inside Saudi Arabia, minor frictions may produce great flames of protest.

Lose weight with your P C

A good read for those of us who keep an open bag of chips at hand. Michetti column

Abbas the puppet master has the Obama administration on strings. What else is new?

The least prepared administration since the Carter days. At least Carter knows how to make peanut butter. Abbas to Clinton: Dance for me Clinton : Sure, but I can only use one hand, the other's in a sling. Would you like to see some Indian stuff. I am pretty good in rolling my eyes, twisting my eye-brows and giving angry looks. Abbas to Oren: Sing for me Oren: Sure. Would you like me to croak some tunes on halting building projects? Abbas to Obama: Jump for me. Obama : Sure. How high? Daniel Pipes July 21

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Palestinian muslims of Jewish origins

h/t Video: Part 1/2 Part 2/2

Mockumentary out of Waterloo

a mockumentary on the serious disorder of leftism. Well done guys.

Truism: The Left feeds off the Right

So true.

Rules of Engagement: Dissect, Dissect and more Dissect for your reading pleasure

Rules of Engagement - Part II Knowing what makes your opponents tic(ks) is called learning to look at the gooey stuff without throwing up. photo of Dr.Ray.

This guy can take a subject and worry it to bits. Reminds me of me.

The following are quotes from various papers of Psychologist Professor Dr.John Ray of New South Wales University. Emphasis are mine.
 1) Leftists/liberals do nonetheless dislike neo-liberal (pro-market) change because it threatens their access to power. The old Soviet system showed that, once they have gained power, Leftists suddenly become very opposed to change. Change is just an instrument they use to gain their ultimate goal of power. And why is power sought so single-mindedly? Why the single-minded egotism? At its deepest level, Leftism appears to be psychopathic -- with the psychopathic disregard for all norms, morals, standards and ethics in the ruthless quest for personal praise and satisfaction.
 2) Leftists do in general like to engineer change as a way of making themselves look good but if any given change does not do that and in fact moves power further way from them, they with perfect ease go into reverse gear and do exactly what they otherwise have always accused conservatives of doing: They defend the status quo both at home and abroad.
 3) Leftists can defend any status quo if it suits their power needs -- as indeed they also do when they defend their welfare empires from conservative attempts at cutbacks and welfare reform.

 4) Another amusing example of Leftist moral imbecility and lack of any real principles to go with the proclaimed ones is Will Hutton. Will Hutton, Britain's foremost critic of capitalism and an outspoken advocate for affordable social housing, is married to a property developer who has made a fortune out of selling and renting inner-city properties, often at rates which local council housing officers describe as exorbitant. 
5) There does seem to be a divide there of considerable potency and generalizability and the demise of that great icon of Leftism -- the Soviet Union -- seems to have had little impact on the division concerned. Leftists may no longer have Communism to point to as a possible alternative system but they remain Leftists all the same. The banner proposal of Leftists since Karl Marx -- State ownership of the means of production or "socialism" no longer seems reasonable to all but a handful of diehards but Leftists are still Leftists and Rightists are still Rightists and never, it seems, the twain shall meet.
 6) A doctrine that flows very directly from Leftist change-orientation, however, is their usual rejection of the idea of human nature. Leftists are usually emphatic that there is no such thing as an inherited, unchangeable human nature. Since Leftists want to change more or less everything, anything that is unchangeable is anathema to them.
 7) Leftists simply reject what does not suit them -- regardless of the enormous evidence in favour of inherited characteristics. The entire academic discipline of behaviour genetics should not exist from a Leftist point of view.
 8) Conservative (and scientific) rejection of the Leftist idea that human beings are infinitely malleable does of course pose a major threat to the Leftist's assumptions, theories and programmes and it is one that the Leftist cannot really rebut so the usual Leftist response is simply some sort of ad hominem nonsense such as claiming that conservatives are less "compassionate" (As if Leftists in power such as Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were "compassionate"!). Abuse takes the place of argument.
9) A Leftist realizes that it is pretty vacant simply to be against the status quo. He has to have something a bit more substantial to say than that in order to get any attention at all. But his best attempt at finding something substantial to say is still pretty pathetic. What he says is: "All men are equal" and "The government should fix it". The proverbial Blind Frederick could see that all men are NOT equal and anybody who thinks that governments are good at doing things can only be pitied. Nonetheless, "Equality" is the Leftist's claimed ideal and government action is the way he proposes to bring it about. So given his slender intellectual and rhetorical resources, the Leftist has to make up for their emptiness by advocating them both blindly and vigorously.
 10) Whatever Rightists might want, however, wanting to change the existing system is the umbrella under which all Leftists meet. Even at the height of British socialism, for instance, British Leftists still wanted MORE socialism. That permanent and corrosive dissatisfaction with the society they live in is the one thing that clearly identifies all Leftists. That is the basic thing that they all have in common. Unquote

 That's it for "fun" news for today folks as I have to now go wade through some of the ZZZzzzzzzzzzz Leftist mantras for a possible write-up tomorrow.

 Thought I would leave you with this quote from Confucius: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

No hurry... take your time....nobody will fly the coop

In late 2002 a team of FBI officers descended on the software design company of Ptech in Boston. Ptech were reportedly doing some military contractual work for the US Govt. The people reporting the story were careful to state that: "First, it's important to stress that no Ptech employees have been arrested, and authorities do not officially characterize the raid into the company's offices as a terrorism investigation. So the company, which has a number of Muslim employees, may well be innocent of any wrongdoing. But there have been some troubling questions raised about Ptech by its own employees and others close to the company. The story sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy novel on cybersnooping. Joe Bergantino is a reporter with the Boston CBS affiliate WBZ-TV. He's been working on the Ptech story for months, but he says he held off airing it at the request of federal investigators." Ptech being investigated in 2002 Now, after more than 6 years comes this news from the Boston Globe: alleged Sept.11 loan fraud Quote: Two former executives of a now defunct Quincy software company have been indicted for allegedly applying for loans to assist victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks without disclosing to the lender that one of the firm’s major shareholders had been identified by the government as a terrorist, according to the US Attorney’s office in Boston. Federal officers arrested Buford George Peterson, former chief financial officer of Ptech Inc., at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City yesterday shortly after he stepped off a plane from South Korea. A warrant has also been issued for the arrest of the company’s former chief executive, Oussama Abdul Ziade. Both men are accused of falsely representing their identities, making false statements to the Small Business Association, and making false statements to police after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In 2002, they applied to the Small Business Association to obtain a $650,000 loan, saying they wanted the money to help small businesses struggling as a result of the terrorist attacks. The loan paperwork allegedly omitted the name of one of Ptech’s major shareholders, Yassin Kadi, as well as the name of his company, Sarmany Limited. Kadi had been designated as a global terrorist by the Bush administration, according to indictments unsealed yesterday. Unquote Something very fishy here. Check out the first link and you will get a whiff. Can we label these guys "terrorist abettors" or do we have to wait another 6 years?

How fitting that the first State under Shariah Law might be Obama's own

Iman Promises to Fight "Until Islam Becomes Victorious or We Die in the Attempt" Hizb Ut-Tahrir is an international movement that is working tirelessly to re-establish an international Islamic state or Caliphate in America and elsewhere. They gave a nifty title to their conference, they called it "The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam" and it was held in Illinois. Here's a sampling of one of the discussions with the Imam. Audience member: "Would you get rid of the Constitution for Shariah, yes or no?" Imam: "Over the Muslim world? Yes, it would be gone." Audience Member: And so if the United States was a Muslim world, the Constitution would be gone?" Imam: "If the United States was in the Muslim world, the Muslims who are here would be calling and happy to see the Shariah applied, yes we would." Audience Member: "And the Constitution gone. That's all." Imam: "Yes, as Muslims they would be long gone." Had enough of a yuck up or do you want more? If you want more, read further. Shariah will take precedence over US Constitution

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Voice of Reason - Michael Crichton died too soon

He was one of my favorite writers. Who can forget books like Andromeda Strain, Coma, Terminal Man, Jurassic Park, Lost World, Rising Sun and so many others. All these were made into equally excellent movies. One of his most controversial works was "State of Fear" dealing with the debate on global warming. Here he makes a beautiful case for skepticism on global warming, a must read. Video: Michael Crichton discusses his reluctance to accept some of today's pop science conclusions Vid: Astrophysicist Dr. Sallie Baliunas (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) makes comments related to Michael Crichton's book 'State of Fear' and the modern global warming scare movement.

Cartoon: 5th Grade Logic

Terry Wise
Ratland Ink Press
Jul 20, 2009

The essential Hegel, a cure for insomnia - yawnzzzzzyawnzzzzzgoodnight

Rules of Engagement: Understanding your Opponent = battle already won -

Part I We have all tried, time and time again, to understand how the Leftist mind gives the appearance of working. In my series "Rules of Engagement" starting from today, I hope to illustrate how the "great" leftist "thinkers" garnered the sheeple and led them up the alley from which they are unwilling or incapable of finding their way home.

Today we start with Hegel who was born in Germany in August 1770. Hegel has a huge groupie following amongst the Lefties of today. In his work "The Essential Destiny of Reason" he rumbles thus:

Quote: -the State is the actually, existing, realised moral life. -the practical activity of men, and in their dispositions, should be duly recognised; that it should have a manifest existence, and maintain its position.
It is the absolute interest of Reason that this moral Whole should exist; and herein lies the justification and merit of heroes who have founded states, – however rude these may have been. -It must further be understood that all the worth which the human being possesses – all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the State -The State is the Divine Idea as it exists on Earth. -When the State or our country constitutes a community of existence; when the subjective will of man submits to laws, – the contradiction between Liberty and Necessity vanishes. The Rational has necessary existence as being the reality and substance of things, and we are free in recognising it as law, and following it as the substance of our own being. -Limitation is certainty produced by Society and the State, but it is a limitation of the mere brute emotions and rude instincts; as also, in a more advanced stage of culture, of the premeditated self-will of caprice and passion. This kind of constraint is part of the instrumentality by which only, the consciousness of Freedom and the desire for its attainment, in its true – that is Rational and Ideal form – can be obtained. -A State is an individual totality, of which you cannot select any particular side, although a supremely important one, such as its political constitution; and deliberate and decide respecting it in that isolated form. Not only is that constitution most intimately connected with and dependent on those other spiritual forces; but the form of the entire moral and intellectual individuality – comprising all the forces it embodies – is only a step in the development of the grand Whole, – with its place pre-appointed in the process: a fact which gives the highest sanction to the constitution in question, and establishes its absolute necessity. -The origin of a State involves imperious lordship on the one hand, instinctive submission on the other.

And there's lots more of this zzzzzzzz stuff if you do a search for "Marxists" at the search engines. Now for a fun quote:

"The first thing to say is that Leftism is emotional. The second is to say that the emotion is negative and the third thing to say is that the negative emotion (anger/hate/rage) is directed at the world about the Leftist, the status quo if you like. The Leftist is nothing if he is not a critic, though usually a very poorly-informed critic. And the criticisms are both pervasive and deeply felt."
from the academic writings of Psychology Prof. Dr.John Ray