Friday, April 30, 2010

The verdict is in: Palin's eMail hacker

A federal jury this afternoon convicted Sarah Palin e-mail intruder David C. Kernell of felony destruction of records to hamper a federal investigation and misdemeanor unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer.

However, the jury acquitted him of Felony Wire Fraud. A mistrial on the fourth charge of Felony Identity Theft was declared because jurors were hopelessly deadlocked. Sentencing has not been  announced as yet. Could be anywhere between 1 to 25 years.   Sarah Palin comments on the verdict

Japan ... go get him ... although he might not taste as good as whale meat

but he is as big as one, anyway.
Japan's coastguard has obtained an arrest warrant for the head of radical anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd for allegedly ordering members of the group to obstruct Japan's whale hunt, domestic media said on Friday. The move comes as the International Whaling Commission tries to negotiate a compromise in the long-running row between pro- and anti-whaling countries that might allow Japan to increase coastal whaling while slashing its Antarctic hunt targets. Paul Watson, the 59-year-old Canadian founder of Sea Shepherd, will be placed on the international wanted list via Interpol, Kyodo news agency said. A coastguard spokesman said he could not confirm the report.

One of the early members of Greenpeace, Watson had a falling out with them in 1977. According to Greenpeace :
"Paul Watson's and Sea Shepherd's actions have sometimes been wrongly attributed to Greenpeace, often in an attempt by others to damage Greenpeace's reputation for non-violence." 
I let out a thunderous snort at that. Greenpeace and non-violence?!! Greenpeace's activists are as wild and dangerous as the activists of Sea Shepherd and for that matter, the same can be said of an overwhelming percentage at most protests organized by leftist groups in any part of the world.

This website has listed various kinds of damage  this man and his organization has wrought on whale and seal hunters. This link also has an interview that is worth listening to. The late Barbara Frum is heard on CBC radio in 1978 with Watson. If you listen to it, you will come away with the conclusion that he is doing what he is doing as a business, and a very successful business it happens to be.  They get millions of dollars in funds from the rich and gullible or hypocrites who want to appear to be benevolent human beings.

These kind of organizations get all those young leftists whose education is lacking and those intelligence is questionable, to work for them for peanuts. Greenpeace and this Watson character have armies of such idiots who will  do their bidding at a moment's notice. They are easily swayed with the notion of saving the earth, the whales, the seals, the worms, the maggots and  the what-have-you, and have no inkling that they are being taken for a ride by manipulative and greedy individuals who have made millions from such enterprises.

I hope Japan arrests this guy and sets an example to Canada on how we can  handle  such aggressive encounters at Alberta's oil fields and the seal hunting areas of the North.  Canada is too much of a pussy to go it alone..... IMO.

Japan... go ahead and skewer the scum.... but do it on a hot burning grill.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Increased RCMP presence in southern areas of Ontario

If you thought Canada does not have it's share of illegal immigrants, you thought wrong. I totally detest all those who come into Canada illegally and then get help and support from the Libs and NDP all in exchange for their votes. Do you have any idea what it takes to migrate here legally and how long it takes ? The paperwork itself is like doing complicated tax returns, and doing not just 1 year's returns, but 10 years in one go. After filing the papers, the prospective immigrants have to wait years and years before they can set foot in the county.  So, yes, I will say it in no uncertain terms "Ferret out the illegals in Canada and send them packing. Let them come through the proper channels like most of us did."

I have heard a rumor, but it's just that, a rumour.... that an abandoned or damaged speedboat was found on the shores close to one of the Ontario border towns less than an hour from Detroit... no owners found to date. It was either used to ferry drugs or humans into Canada..... if the rumor is true.   I could not find a single line on this story on the internet.  However, border patrols along that area have been increased as traffickers in either drugs or people can get into both Ontario and Quebec from the north-eastern US as that seems to be the easiest route for US/Canada illegal trade.  All those illegals from Arizona might be heading our way... you never know.

  Canada's federal police force is beefing up its border presence in Sarnia by adding officers,    marked vehicles and marine patrols. "The public will see an increase in our patrols along the border on both land and water," said RCMP Cpl. Mike Keegan, of the London-Sarnia Regional Detachment. "These patrols will be run in conjunction with our policing partners, including the U.S. Border patrol and the Walpole Island Police Service." ...........

The best ever cartoon on Arizona's....

new anti-illegal immigration policy I have seen to date. Cartoonist Rob Smith Jr. ....YAY Yup, he is a Rightie but even the Lefties gotta appreciate the humor in this creation. I have been laughing at the 100s of Priests/altar boys cartoons littered all over the internet courtesy of the Left and even forwarding some of them to my overtly religious relatives and friends, just so I can get their goat.   So, find your funny bone, people.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puerto Rico .... the 51st State ??     That Chicago gang in the WH take the cake.    According to Glenn Beck, democrats working in secret to make this happen.

LOL .... Powerpoint graphs and spaghetti

This will look familiar to the office goers  who are forced to attend those early morning meetings  where  you are required to look  intelligent and alert while all the time you are thinking "Man, when will I come into some money and  leave this shitty place."  

"When we understand that slide, we'll have won the war,' General Stanley McChrystal, the US and NATO force commander, remarked wryly when confronted by the sprawling spaghetti diagram in a briefing.

via: Matt Drudge

Walk in Winnipeg for a good cause

On Saturday, May 8, 2010, at 12 noon, Canadians will gather at the Manitoba Legislature to participate in a Walk to Stop Human Trafficking. If you are from Winnipeg or know someone in that city, please send them this information so they can attend if possible. There have been many women and young girls who have gone missing over the past few decades in Manitoba. Most of them were from First Nation reserves and a large majority of these victims were victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

MP Joy Smith has been diligent, alongwith the org. Canada Fights Human Ttrafficking to rid this scourge from our land and also to bring awareness of this plague to as many people as possible all over Canada. The "Walk in Winnipeg" event is organized in coordination with local women’s groups, First Nations groups, NGOs, and faith based communities. Grand Chief Ron Evans from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs will be a guest speaker. Following the walk, attendees will see a presentation by former victims of human trafficking.

For more information please visit the following websites:
Joy Smith, MP    
Canada Fights Human Trafficking Please also check this website for details on an event happening in Mississauga, Ontario, April 30.

Daniel Pipes reviews Pascal Bruckner's book

"The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism" Dr.Pipes says that the author exaggerates, "but not by much". Either buy the book or place a hold at your library.... the work  sounds very interesting.  (Emphasis mine)

....He shows how Europeans see themselves as "the sick man of the planet" whose pestilence causes every problem in the non-Western world (what he calls the South). When the white man set foot in Asia, Africa, or America, death, chaos, and destruction followed. Europeans feel themselves born with stigmata: "the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone." His pale skin signals his moral defectiveness......

....The South, in contrast, is deemed perpetually innocent. Even as colonialism fades into the past, Europeans righteously blame themselves for the plight of once colonized peoples. Eternal innocence means infantilizing non-Westerners; Europeans flatter themselves as the only adults – itself a form of racism. It also offers a way to preempt criticism.

This explains why Europeans ask what they "can do for the South rather than asking what the South can do for itself." It also explains why, after the Madrid bombings of 2004, a million Spaniards marched against not the Islamist perpetrators but their own prime minister. And worse: why they saw Spanish civilians "torn apart by steel and fire" as the guilty party.

As shown by the Madrid bombing and countless other acts of violence, Muslims tend to have the most hostile attitudes toward the West, and Palestinians rank as the most hostile of Muslims. That Palestinians face off against Jews, the extreme victims of Western murderousness, makes them a perversely ideal vehicle for rebutting Western guilt. Making matters worse, even as Europeans disarm themselves, Jews take up the sword and wield it unashamedly.......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'South Park" is hilarious, right? Not any more.

says Ayaan Hirsi Ali writing  in the WSJ

Last week, Zachary Adam Chesser—a 20-year-old Muslim convert who now goes by the name Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee—posted a warning on the Web site following the 200th episode of the show on Comedy Central. The episode, which trotted out many celebrities the show has previously satirized, also "featured" the Prophet Muhammad: He was heard once from within a U-Haul truck and a second time from inside a bear costume.

For this apparent blasphemy, Mr. Amrikee warned that co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone "will probably end up" like Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh, readers will remember, was the Dutch filmmaker who was brutally murdered in 2004 on the streets of Amsterdam. He was killed for producing "Submission," a film that criticized the subordinate role of women in Islam, with me..........

Amnesty International has become Al Qaeda's mouthpiece

It's time to stop funding this organization. Each and every country that is channelling millions of dollars to this corrupt organization, should now sit back and reflect on where and how their money is being spent. Are you funding this organization to enable them in turn to fund Al Qaeda supporters who are plotting against the citizens of your  land ? Only traitors to their country and their fellow countrymen will continue to espouse that funding  Amnesty International is still a good and worthy cause.  Don't kid yourselves.

For the last two months Amnesty International has been embroiled in a bitter row over its choice of partners - particularly when it comes to defending the rights of those with suspected links to terrorism.

The former head of the gender unit at Amnesty's international secretariat, Gita Sahgai, argued that Amnesty’s relationship with Moazzam Begg -- Britain’s most high-profile and well-known Guantanamo Bay detainee -- and his organization, Cage Prisoners, “fundamentally damages” the organization's reputation.

Since Begg was released from Guantanamo Bay, he has gone on to become the director of Cage Prisoners, which ostensibly campaigns against human rights violations committed during the War on Terror. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this. The human rights of terrorist suspects have, on occasion, been violated -- it is right, therefore, that state power be checked by third parties.

But Sahgal’s concerns centered on the broader remit of Cage Prisoners’ activities, which included the promotion of al-Qaeda theorists such as Anwar al-Awlaki. Cage Prisoners popularized, through its websites, this American-born cleric of Yemeni origin, and even offered readers the ability through the websites to forward messages to him.

Awlaki has been a cause of concern to US authorities for some time. Charles Allen, former Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis in the Department for Homeland Security, described Awlaki in the following terms:

Another example of al-Qa’ida reach into the Homeland is U.S. citizen, al-Qa’ida supporter, and former spiritual leader to three of the September 11th hijackers Anwar al-Awlaki—who targets U.S. Muslims with radical online lectures encouraging terrorist attacks from his new home in Yemen.

The extent of Awlaki’s targeting of American Muslims became evident late last year when Major Nidal Hasan launched a terrorist attack against his fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Following the attack, FBI investigators discovered that Hasan had been in regular contact with Awlaki, who celebrated the Fort Hood shootings on his website.

read the whole thing     and then get your MP to divulge exactly how much Canada gives this org. and why we are doing it.

Greece's credit rating cut to Junk

S&P lowers Greece's rating from BBB+ to BB+, Portugal  loses their standing too, they are now A- from A+. Many members of the Nanny Continent pandering to the Leftists are now  on their way to the bottom of Neptune's kingdom. This is what happens when weak governments let their arms be willingly twisted by those on the Left. The predictions are not looking good for bondholders if Greece restructures it's debt. Bondholders would lose as much as 70%. Unbelievable.

Anyhow... this will put an end to Turkey's dream of joining the EU. The EU can't be that stupid after this fiasco with Greece... but then again, who am I kidding? They have proven to be complete dumbos more often than not.

via: Matt Drudge

Noah's Ark found on Mount Ararat ?

Yeung Wing-Cheung, from the Noah's Ark Ministries International research team, said "It's not 100 per cent that it is Noah's Ark, but we think it is 99.9 per cent that this is it."

via: Matt Drudge

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boobsquake, baby, Boobsquake

Hello Iranian imams. We got something for you. Girls of calibre. You ready for it?

More Tales from the Cave Dwellers

It never subsides, not even for a split second. Am I paranoid or are the cavemen becoming bolder in their craziness ?

Cavemen in their cavelands and elsewhere Islamic terrorists are always looking for new ways to escape detection and carry out their attacks. One of their latest ideas is using children as suicide bombers. The growing phenomenon may soon spread beyond the Middle East to the rest of the world.

Strategies in the global war against Islamic terrorism are taking very different roads in 2010. The Obama administration hopes downplaying Islamic extremism may help when dealing with Muslim countries. Terror groups, however, are taking extremism to new levels by indoctrinating Muslim children in the deadly art of suicide bombing.

Cavemen in Afghanistan More than 80 schoolgirls have fallen ill in three cases of mass sickness over the past week in northern Afghanistan, raising fears that militants who oppose education for girls are using poison to scare them away from school.

Cavewomen in France On Friday, the Interior Minister requested the Immigration Minister look into revoking the French nationality of the driver’s husband as information he possessed showed the man was a polygamist married to four women with 12 children. “Each of these women benefit from single parent benefits and … each one wears the full veil,” Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said in the letter seen by Reuters, adding he had asked the local authorities to look into possible benefit fraud.

Cavemen terrorising UK Hakim Benmakhlouf, who was described as a one-man ­crimewave, was behind bars last night for a violent assault on a police officer at Heathrow. Isleworth Crown Court in west London yesterday heard how the jobless Algerian had flouted immigration rules. The 28-year-old, who has a string of convictions for stealing at hotels and airports, was given the £3,000 to leave the UK. But he returned to Britain the very next day by Eurostar to continue his life of crime.

Cavemen of Iraq A series of bombings mainly targeting Shiite worshippers killed at least 69 people on Friday, officials said, just days after U.S. and Iraqi forces killed the top two al-Qaida leaders in Iraq in what was described as a devastating blow to the insurgency.

Cavemen of Gaza A group of Muslim extremists in the Gaza Strip that is opposed to Hamas has called on Al-Qaida in Yemen to target Jews there in an effort to drive them from their country - part of what the group described as its war against Jews. According to e-mails sent by a person identifying himself as Ali Hussein, who says he represents a group of Shi'ite guerrillas in northern Yemen opposed to Al-Qaida, a Salafi group based in the Gaza Strip and calling itself the "Abu Amir" group is allegedly calling for attacks on Jewish leaders in northern Yemen. As proof, Hussein sent a scanned hand-written note naming the Jewish targets in Yemen.

Cavemen terrorizing India Puja Singha, who was admitted to a local hospital Sarada Nursing Home for 2 days told the HS (Hindu Samhati) visiting team members, “I was mainly beaten up on my breast region, they stood on my breast and kicked me up.” When the correspondent asked her, who were those boys and whether she knows anyone of them? She replied that all of them were Muslim boys from Mohanpur (Chopkathalia) Masjid Para.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sick display of retardation in New Brunswick cemetery

Christians hated even in death. Maybe we should all march in protest and scream our anger at something or somebody. Why are Christians always being punched from every angle by all and sundry ?

The 300 headstones found knocked over Saturday night is possibly the worst case of cemetery vandalism ever seen in Saint John, N.B., say police.

Ezra Levant on the Solomon show

Just saw this on UTube. Levant really pounds it to these guys. I am glad he is on our side.

Mark Carney talks sense

but will the world listen to the Bank of Canada's Governor?

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney warned on Saturday of the need to tackle growing fiscal deficits around the world, saying some people underestimate the scale of action needed to bring public finances under control.

Carney, speaking to reporters following G20 and IMF meetings in Washington, said the Greek debt crisis had served as a stark reminder to policy makers of the dangers inherent in their massive, globally coordinated stimulus plans, widely credited with preventing a depression.

The Canadian economy could take a hit if other countries were forced to make bigger-than-expected fiscal adjustments or implement exit strategies sooner than anticipated, he said.

"That would have a knock-on effect on demand in our country," he said.

"What we're seeing with Greece, and we've been seeing it in the last few weeks, are the indications the limits of fiscal stimulus depend importantly on the initial conditions countries had when they embarked on programs," he said.

Both Carney and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty called on governments to present "credible" exit strategies to the world.........

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shake your Boobies Monday

Wear the shortest skirts possible and rummage in your wardrobes for the deepest plunging, tightest fitting tops. Let's show these blasted clerics what's what. If someone at work looks at you askance, point them in the direction of the mad imams of Iran.
New York women are ready to move heaven and earth to join the "Boobquake." A worldwide protest against a wacky Muslim imam -- who claims that scantily clad women cause earthquakes -- is getting magnitude-9.0 support in the Big Apple, where women told The Post yesterday that they will flash some skin Monday as part of a female rebellion to fight back against the holy man's loony pseudoscience.

The campaign to trigger a 'Boobquake' was begun by American student Jennifer McCreight who has so far got 40,000 people to sign up to the idea on a special Facebook page (where another 150,000 have been invited) and has attracted a large following on Twitter.

Voices of the righteous should drown out the voices of the murderous rabble

When someone shows their mettle and speaks out against terrorists, they are slapped with death threats by  murderous vermin.  Lib. MP Ujjal Dosanjh is now on the list of these murderous and uncouth Canadian sikhs who are no different from the murderous and uncouth islamists. The extremists in Canada have such a loud voice because they are given free rein  on any number of  megaphones  by the NDP and the Lib parties of Canada. The rise of  extremism we are seeing in Canada today is solely because of the policies of the past Liberal govt and the sanctimonious hypocrites in the NDP who pander to the extremists.  That's the bottom line, take it or shove it.  Even India has stated that Canadian Sikhs are more prone to violence in Canada than in India. Take that in your pipes, NDP and Lib terrorist apologists, and try smoking it.  Hope it chokes you.

Officials from India have noted Sikhs in Canada are often more extreme that those in India, which raises the uncomfortable possibility that Canada can be an incubator for people who immigrate here and nurse hatred for political opponents in their native countries

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mohammed Day .... May 20 .... mark your calendars

Wow........ I love it. This is the way to go. Enough is enough. We have had it with the muslim threats and nonsense 24/7/30/365. My hat's off to the person who thought about this move. Let the bloggers do what the useless MSM will never have the guts to do.

Mohammed Day, submit your cartoons

h/t: LynnB

Rush Limbaugh: Anger and Violence is found in the Leftist DNA

HAHAHAH ...... so true. When you want to picture someone frothing at the mouth just look at the nearest leftist. No stretch of the imagination sirree !!!!

The latest liberal meme is to equate skepticism of the Obama administration with a tendency toward violence. That takes me back 15 years ago to the time President Bill Clinton accused "loud and angry voices" on the airwaves (i.e., radio talk-show hosts like me) of having incited Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. What self-serving nonsense. Liberals are perfectly comfortable with antigovernment protest when they're not in power.

From the halls of the Ivy League to the halls of Congress, from the antiwar protests during the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq to the anticapitalist protests during International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, we're used to seeing leftist malcontents take to the streets. Sometimes they're violent, breaking shop windows with bricks and throwing rocks at police. Sometimes there are arrests. Not all leftists are violent, of course. But most are angry. It's in their DNA. They view the culture as corrupt and capitalism as unjust..........

And, if you want to see how the Left make threats and have protests to RAISE TAXES ..... yes, you read that right, they want to INCREASE taxes so their own union members can afford all those things that you and I can only dream about, then watch this video that I came across at the Canadian Sentinel's blog.    This is a recent event.  Listen to the open threats  the union leader is uttering for all to hear and these are the same people who have the nerve to say the tea partiers are a violent and angry breed.   Man.... !!!

Dalton McGuinty laments he did not get sex education .....

when he was 6 years old.  He did not get the sexual know-how that he thinks children of that age onwards should get, and that happens to be the crux of the matter. The man probably thinks that if he had been "lucky" enough to get that kind of  education when he was a toddler, then it might have alerted him to an alternate sexual identity and he would  not be "saddled" with the life style he has now, the life style of a married man, joined to a spouse of the opposite sex.  He is probably unhappy with that situation and does not want something similar happening to others.  I cannot think of any other reason that this nitwit of a Premier would want children, starting from the age of 6 years, to get explicit sex education taught to them in the classroom. What is wrong with this man and his advisors?  Is he not happy  taxing Ontarians to the bone, now he wants our children to become obsessed and confused with sex?  Dalton McGuinty, listen .... if you are unhappy with your present sex life, there is still time for you to get an alternate one. You are not dead yet. Go for it. Leave our kids alone.

Ontarians are mad as hell with the blatant disregard for family concerns that this premier has shown and here's what some are saying:

"Little eight-year-olds, they're going to be taught they look one way  on the outside but they may be the opposite on the inside," McVety said. "This is so confusing to an eight-year-old ... these are children in the strongest sense of the word -- they're innocent, they're clean, they're beautiful -- and to corrupt them by imparting a question of gender identity is beyond the pale."

“There’s a big reaction in Muslim community,” said Suad Aimad, president of Somali Parents for Education. “We believe basically that sex education may be taught by the parents to their children. It’s not public, it’s a private matter and that’s why I don’t think [sex] should be part of education, especially at such a young age.”

“A six-year-old should be learning how to tie their shoes and playing with Barbies,” said Lisa MacLeod, a Tory MPP and mother of a five-year-old daughter.

And, now he backs down because of the pressure brought on by the Catholics and Muslims of Ontario. These two communities will not forget come voting time that it is only the Conservative Party that stands for family security and personal morals and integrity. You are done, McGuinty. DONE. Dalton McGuinty is backing down

Patrick Glemaud writes to the committee chairwoman

"After the grilling from the committee, I was approached by several respectable citizens from various visible minority groups who expressed their feeling that racism seemed to be the underlying logic for such harsh treatment of two young new Canadians that have not been found guilty of any crimes,"

Did you watch the video at Hunter's blog? Why was Glemaud not given a chance to have his say. Everytime he tried to explain his short answers to the committee's questions, he was told to "shut up" in not exactly those words, but pretty close. I was stunned to see the NDP representative pounding into Glemaud and further appalled to see the chairwoman not letting Glemaud finish his sentences. The fact that she is from the same community as Jaffer, probably makes her think, stupidly, that in order to appear fair and just, she has to go the extra mile to be nasty to prove she is not biased.

What a load of crap the committee chairwoman and the rest of the members were shovelling into the faces of Canadians by not letting Glemaud finish his sentences!!!!!!!!!!!   What a shameful display of power at work in high places.

Nobody ... and I mean nobody.... can beat Thomas Sowell ......

when it comes to pure unadulterated logic and intelligence. Another great article from Dr.Sowell.

When I first began to study the history of slavery around the world, many years ago, one of the oddities that puzzled me was the practice of paying certain slaves, which existed in ancient Rome and in America's antebellum South, among other places.

In both places, slave owners or their overseers whipped slaves to force them to work, and in neither place was whipping a slave literally to death likely to bring any serious consequences.

There could hardly be a greater power of one human being over another than the arbitrary power of life and death. Why then was it necessary to pay certain slaves? At the very least, it suggested that there were limits to what could be accomplished by power............

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crook v/s Crooks

Fun, Fun, Fun. It's so much fun to see one crook going after other crooks. Chicago's Blagojevich is a crook who has graduated at the top of his class from the (CUCC) Crooked University of the Chicago Crooks. I thought I would be able to dredge up some sympathy for the messiah,  because I happen to be a nice person at heart, whether you want to believe it or not -  and knowing Obama was in deep pooh what with all the "eligibility" suits filed all over the USA and Sarah Palin getting under his skin and now Blago wanting to subpoena the One  as a witness for his upcoming trial, I really tried to  feel sorry for the man.  But nothing happened.  Not even one iota of pity could find it's way to my heart.... not one.

Attorneys for former Gov. Rod Blagojevich today filed a motion asking a federal judge to issue a subpoena to President Barack Obama as part of Blagojevich's upcoming corruption trial.

The court filing contained numerous blacked-out sections, but a computer glitch made them visible. (Here is an unredacted version of the motion. Click on the blacked-out sections; the unredacted material will appear below.)

Blagojevich is charged with using his office to enrich himself and close associates, including allegations he tried to sell the U.S. Senate seat that Obama vacated in 2008 with his election to the White House......

The Left = Worrywarts

Earth Day has become a religion with the leftish worrywarts.  Here is George Carlin making fun of the nitwits and  showing how intellectually bankrupt  the Left look with their  grandiose notions that they and they alone know how to save the Earth and the species therein.

Update:  Related:  Interesting article from The Atlas Society on a British court's ruling on an environmental belief being akin to a religious belief. You have to read this crap to understand what's happening to our society.

h/t: Irene

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cavemen: "death to South Park creators"

What else is new.    "There is one religion claiming to be above criticism." Ayaan Hirsi Ali.    I wonder why Anderson Cooper looks all surprised. Maybe he just woke up from a 10 year hiatus.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome pics

 of the Icelandic volcanos from Boston Big Picture      

h/t: BarryH

The woman behind the Cairo speech

Remember the appeasement speech given by Obama in Cairo? Guess who has claimed "credit" for that load of misinformation and grovelling? None other than one of Obama's countless councils. Her name is Dalia Mogahed and she is the executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, a center that was set up by George Gallup.  Mogahed is now nicely ensconced in Obama's nest of snakes as Council for Faith-based matters and from that lofty perch she transmits her islamic rays of darkness and is perceived by those whose heads are ostrich-like, that her role in the Obama administration is benignant and harmless. Big mistake.

Here is a long, well-documented report which people who understand the threat of the incoming islamization to our part of the world, on reading it fully, will comprehend how the ground work is being laid firmly, rapidly and in ever widening circles with tentacles that are stronger in the time of Obama than they have ever been before. This is something that only a change of the Obama regime can fix, and the sooner the better for all of us. If America goes, Canada will drop like a stone.  UK is on the chopping block and so also is the entire European continent.  At the way things are going, Sharia Law will be a part of life all over Europe within a decade or less. Mind you, this report is long with a myriad of links, so delve into it when you have at least a couple of hours reading time.

.....Since joining the White House council, Mogahed has worked quietly to ensure that CAIR and ISNA are active participants in its work. And she has reached out to radical Muslim groups like the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) as well.

Viewed in isolation, these efforts may seem innocuous. But that line of reasoning ignores the harm that stems from such policies, which permit radical Islamist groups to ensconce themselves as the sole representatives of the larger Muslim community – to the exclusion of Muslims with alternative views.

Zuhdi Jasser, head of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), says Mogahed's collaboration with CAIR, ISNA and other like-minded groups is harmful to Muslims seeking to provide a non-radical alternative for their co-religionists.

"The damage is immeasurable," he told the Investigative Project on Terrorism. Muslims "are going to say, 'Why bother?' "The government has chosen sides in the conflict."....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Toronto Terrorists Plotted to capture CBC TV station?

They wouldn't need to capture it. They would have been welcomed with open arms by one and all at the Conservative Hating Channel (CHC).  You would have thought that CBC would report about someone plotting to capture them and that that someone is being heard in a court of law as at this very moment, detailing a plot that thankfully never materialized.  However, CBC, the totally useless TV station goes on their usual Harper hating, Conservative hating, Left loving spree that they are on without a pause, day in and day out.

It would not matter to CBC  even if muslim terrorists  were to bomb the Parliament building. CBC being an islamist apologist, you can bet your bottom dollar, that the talking heads would say something along these lines: "The frustated young men had only one course open to them, we need to have more programs and services to get to the bottom of why these young men are so depressed that they think of carrying out such acts. It is our responsibility and our collective duty to help these young muslim men. Your ideas on how we can accomplished this  would be welcomed by CBC, we stand for Constantly Backing Christian-haters, that's what CBC stands for dear viewers. Help us to continue with our work with your tax dollars."

We had heard about the plot to capture Parliament and to behead our PM, but did anyone hear how they wanted to announce what they had done on a "captured" CBC?  The less we hear about radical muslims in Canada and the more we hear about Helena Guergis, the CBC's  plot is a success. CBC plots to keep us in the dark about the rapid advancement of radical islam in Canada and the entire organization of "plotters" do this with taxpayers' money. Why are we funding CBC ?? So they can keep showing us pictures of the terrorist Kadr and keep spewing Hollywood-like gossip? Why????    Our own Prime Minister is interviewed and shown on TV stations outside Canada more often and in a more positive light than  our  Canadian TV stations and one of  those  gets $ 1 Billion+ taxpayers funds.  Does it make sense to you?

Working at the behest of Al Qaeda, these men had planned to target civilian, military and nuclear targets, storm parliament, behead the prime minister and others and then announce their mission by capturing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) headquarters here

via : Atlas Shrugs

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Secret Spending Club of MPs

Politicians ... they are all of the same ilk. Forthing at the mouth and at each other's throats in public and behind closed doors they are a circle of buddy-buddy fun and plotting to shaft us taxpayers without a care in the world.  If what this writer says is true, we have a sorry lot looking after our interests.

While ordinary Canadians are being forced to tighten their belts, federal MPs recently helped themselves to $5.1 million from the public purse — wait for it — for more political junk mail.

While they were at it, those elected to ensure the prudent expenditure of tax dollars stuffed another $2.7 million into their own travel budgets, and gave all their staff a raise.

Of course, no hogfest on the Hill would be complete without the Members of Porkville pigging out on another $3.2 million to fatten their already overbloated pensions.

If all this sounds like the makings of a taxpayer revolt, it darn well should be.
But don’t ask what the heck the politicians are thinking.

In the amazing republic of Canuckistan, the nation’s elected parliamentarians are still allowed to raid the treasury for their own creature comforts without any effective public scrutiny or transparency.

Instead, a small group of MPs from all four political parties periodically gathers in private with the Commons speaker to decide how to help themselves and fellow parliamentarians at taxpayers’ expense, all without a single word of public debate or justification.

They call themselves the Board of Internal Economy — not to be confused with doing anything the least bit economically — and are likely the deepest black hole of unaccountability in all of government.
Last fall, this secret society of MPs approved a 3.2% increase in this year’s Commons budget that will suck a whopping $440 million from taxpayers’ pockets.

Yet, the board’s meetings are always held behind closed doors, its books are off-limits to the auditor general, and its filing cabinets cannot be pried open by reporters requesting documents under the access to information laws that are supposed to ensure the public knows how its money is being wasted, er, spent.

For instance, two weeks after the board approved $5.1 million more for junk mail, the opposition parties voted to limit the program, but don’t ask what happens to the money.

We asked Liberal MP Marcel Proulx, the unlucky spokesman for the board, how any group of elected representatives could possibly justify locking the public out of deliberations involving taxpayers’ money.  “Oh, well, it’s always been like that, and there’s no intention of opening it.”...............

Crazy Cavemen Chronicles

Bring back the cold war and the Russian threat, we can deal with that. Take away this murderous muslim threat and the islamist craziness that's like a plague, festering, purulent and oozing bloodshed and mayhem malevolently.

From the caves of Egypt: “In a recent TV sermon, Egyptian cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi extolled the virtues of corporal punishment to keep wives in check. Using stories from the early days of Islam to support his argument, Al-Sawsawi said that when there are marital problems, ‘the solution is to give the man a free hand to discipline his family members and to control them. ....

From the caves in Iran An Iranian cleric has proclaimed that inappropriately dress women leading to extramarital affairs are the resons behind the devastating earthquakes that frequently rattle the country....

From the caves in Indonesia: From January 10 last at least 10 Protestant and one Catholic church were forced to halt services because of protests by Islamic extremists. The last case occurred on the occasion of Good Friday, in the sub-district Parung when a mob blocked the rites of the vigil. The faithful had to move to three different places, finally coming together in a "restaurant" to pray in safety.

From the caves in Pakistan Two burqa-clad suicide bombers attacked people who had fled a Pakistani offensive against the Taliban close to the Afghan border, killing 41 as they lined up Saturday to register for food and other relief supplies.

From the caves in Nigeria: Sectarian tension is rising in a Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria state following the murder of a pastor and his wife as Christians call for revenge, residents and officials said.The couple were allegedly abducted and killed by some Muslims in Boto village in Bauchi State, they said. The burnt bodies of the pentecostal pastor, Ishaya Kadah, and his wife, Selina, were discovered on Thursday by the police in the village, located in the predominantly Christian Tafawa Balewa district, two days after they were kidnapped, they added.

From the Turkish caves: Turkish police Friday detained an unmarried mother and six other people near Istanbul for their suspected role in the so-called "honor killing" of a 2-day-old baby girl, state news agency Anatolian said. The baby was suffocated by her grandmother after the family learned the 25-year-old mother became pregnant out of wedlock, Anatolian said. "My family decided to kill my baby," the mother told the police, according to Anatolian. "My 55-year-old mother choked the baby with a cloth. Then, my brothers buried the baby in a hole in the garden and covered the hole with cement."

From the caves in Somalia Somalia's Al Qaeda-linked militia on Thursday banned the ringing of bells in schools because Christian churches also sound bells.......Another drastic religious edict by the Shebab's allies, Hezb al-Islam militia, saw Mogadishu's 14 private radio stations stop playing all music Tuesday because the extremist group said it was evil.

From the caves in Afghanistan A gunman lying in wait shot and killed an 18-year-old woman as she left her job at a U.S.-based development company Tuesday, casting a spotlight on a stepped-up campaign of Taliban intimidation against women in this southern city where U.S. troops plan a major operation in the coming weeks. Although there was no claim of responsibility and police said the motive for the attack was unclear, Taliban militants have been particularly harsh with women who work for foreign organizations or attend school. Bands of thugs are increasingly harassing women who want jobs, education and their own style of clothing, women and aid workers say.

Cavemen in Christian countries strive to pull others into their caves Muslim militants disguised as policemen and soldiers detonated bombs and opened fire Tuesday in a series of coordinated attacks in a southern Philippine city, triggering clashes that killed at least 12 people.


Israel Alone .....but unafraid

Israel is preparing itself for an attack from their murderous neighbours. Yeah, those same neighbours that our Canadian Left has no problem supporting. Yeah, those same violent neighbours that Obama and his administration are in love with. Yeah .... those same neighbours that the UN goes to bed with.

Israel has delivered a secret warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad that it will respond to missile attacks from Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese-based Islamist group, by launching immediate retaliation against Syria itself. ....

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has warned in a secret three-page memorandum to top White House officials that the United States does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability, according to government officials familiar with the document.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh oh.... another one for a brain scan ?

Things are heating up and about to blow like the volcano in Iceland. Did Obama and his supporters think this issue would just go away?

When a man with a video camera at a tea party protest asked Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart what he thought of President Barack Obama, the three-term Republican didn't hesitate.

"I don't think he's American, personally," the mayor said Thursday in a video that's been posted on YouTube. "You know, if you're not willing to produce an original certificate like a birth certificate, then you've got something to hide."The 71-year-old Schweighart told The Associated Press on Friday that he stands by the statement.

"Oh, sure," he said. "My stand, and I don't understand why everybody is so upset, is he's never shown the original birth certificate."..........

Friday, April 16, 2010

Palin has a simple question for Obama

Mr. President, is a strong America a problem?

On another note, Sarah Palin was in Hamilton, Ontario, yesterday. Dr.Roy has the whole story with photographs and links. Something I read at one of the links needs checking out, which I will do at a later date..... one of the links report that Palin's grandfathers came from Canada. One came from Manitoba and another from Saskatchewan. I think she said "ancestors", but the link reported it as "grandfathers".... maybe something someone can latch on to at a later date and say "she lied about her grandfathers."


When last Eyjafjallajokull blew it's top ....

it took 2 years for it to calm down. Right now this is getting to be a problem for the entire airline industry but can you imagine what's in store for them and for Iceland,  if  this volcano continues spewing it's guts. New flight routes would have to be charted and if the airlines are on their toes, they have already started laying the groundwork airwork. BTW, does this eruption of a volcano within the parameters of Iceland, would it mean the rest of the world can charge them something on the lines of "cap and trade"..... just wondering .... because the more far-fetched an idea to tax anything and everything, the better the Left likes it.

Satellite images from NASA  here   and    here.

h/t Irene


The Great Escape

that's what we should be calling Canada's flitting brush with the recession according to this article. The Harper government's arm was twisted into ploughing all that stimulus money and even if we had spent only about 50% of the $46 B that was pumped into the economy, we would have still arrived today at the same results. The rest was good money down the drain to stop the tantrums from the opposition.

In most of the world it's still known as The Great Recession, but in Canada it may go down as The Great Escape. While the rest of the world reeled from an economic and financial tsunami that threatened to spiral into the worst disaster since the 1930s, good policies and good planning appear to have sheltered Canada from the worst the downturn had to offer.

Statistics Canada's official report on the 2008-2009 slump shows it was a most ordinary recession in Canada, in fact, even milder than the two previous economic dips.

Exports fell, more than 400,000 jobs were lost and company profits plunged, but it could have been so much worse, the agency concludes.

"I think you can make a good case it was the Great Recession in Japan and probably the U.S. ... it just doesn't apply here," said Philip Cross, the federal agency's chief economic analyst. For some economists, the findings have rekindled the debate about whether the federal government was wise pumping $46 billion into rescuing the country from what turned out to be a normal slump. ......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

UK Elections..... first debate

According to  the news media and consensus from people who watched the debate, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg was a clear winner.

Nick Clegg broke the duopoly in British politics with a strong performance in last night’s historic first televised election debate between the three main party leaders.

The Liberal Democrat leader seized the moment by matching Gordon Brown and David Cameron blow for blow during 90 minutes of lively exchanges which confounded expectations that the 76 strict rules of engagement would produce a sterile discussion. .........

Fireball in the sky

Never knew that meteorite showers could change night into day with their brillance. Thanks to the new technology and the internet, we can now get to see these chunks from other space and marvel at their power and wonder what else is out there that we are lucky enough to avoid hitting us... thus far.

"A large meteorite could have caused the brilliant fireball that has been reported," the National Weather Service said.

via Drudge

Who knew that the Canadian Left hated muslims

with such a vengence, while all the time pretending to be their bosom buddies? They hate men of color who marry white girls..  And the Left hates the white girls who marry men of color even more. See how the nicely "hidden and kept under piles of wraps" venom comes out in big splashes of poison aimed at Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis. In my opinion, this is nothing but hatred of an inter-racial couple and I am sticking by my opinion. Throw your darts, I care two figs. I have said my say.

Embattled Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis and her husband Rahim Jaffer will be hauled before MPs to answer questions about whether Jaffer lobbied his former colleagues for government grants.

The pair are among several witnesses being called to appear before the government operations committee. That list includes cabinet ministers such as Christian Paradis and Lisa Raitt as well as Jaffer's business partner Patrick Glemaud and Nazim Gillani, a Toronto businessman who is reported to have boasted that Jaffer could help them obtain government funding.

Boston Tea Party ... Year 2010

Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773 and now ..... April 14, 2010.

UPDATE: Romney/Palin ticket in 2012?  hmmmmmmmm There has been a lot of talk about Romney adding lot of new staff members to his entourage. Everybody knows he will run for the presidency and if this "Romney/Palin" stuff is true, then Obama's had it. No brainer there!!!

If you want to see the hatred from the Left spewed at Palin in Boston and fake Tea Partiers infiltrating the grass roots movement go here and watch the first few minutes of the tape. These are the tolerant Left, these are the people who will inherit the earth in a few short years, and you thought "the meek shall inherit the world" right?   Scary stuff. 

Michelle Malkin has given a short list on how to spot an infiltrator
1. Ask them what the 10th amendment says.
2. Two letters: B.O. (and I’m not talking about the president’s initials).
3. Glaringly obvious lack of subtlety. (one infiltrator had a sign saying: " I am gay " and other stuff)
4. Upside-down flags

The Left are a violent lot and they are getting way out of hand.  In New Orleans protestors beat up Governor Jindal's fund-raiser so badly that her leg was broken and her boyfriend had concussion and a broken jaw.   The hatred from the Left towards conservatives is spilling over.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad guys v/s Bad guys

Khaled Abu Toameh, man you better watch your back..... I fear for you.
The fight between Hamas and Fatah is not a power struggle between good guys and bad guys: it is a rivalry between bad guys and bad guys.

Governor General confirms she will say her goodbyes come Sep

I liked her very much, that's for sure. 

Michaelle Jean has confirmed that her five-year term as Governor General will not be extended beyond its scheduled end in September.

There are indications that despite Jean's popularity among Canadians, the federal government has been actively seeking a successor.

The Governor General, who arrived Wednesday in Senegal for a 10-day state visit to sub-Saharan Africa, said she intends to keep working until her term is up Sept. 27.

"I'm very focused right now on what I want to achieve until the end of my tenure, which will come at the end of September," Jean told a small group of Canadian journalists who are accompanying her on the trip.

"Normally, I was appointed for five years. And the end comes at the fifth anniversary of the installation, which is the end of September." ..... read on

Charity organizations are rich, rich, rich .........

if their people at the top are making the kind of moolah we expect to see only the top employees at Banks, IBM and Microsoft to be taking home.

"Canadians open their hearts and wallets to donate billions to worthy causes. It is time charities open their books, disclose their top salaries and accept a salary cap that amounts to five times the average donor's income."

says Liberal MP Albina Guarnieri and I definitely agree with her. Would you have thought that the charitable organization SickKids Foundation, to which I am sure countless millions of Canadians donate to regularly, would be so stocked with donors' money that they let their head walk away with $2.7 Million in salary and severance in a single year?  That's what happened according to the article the MP read in one of Canada's newspapers and it got her thinking that this was definitely not right and gave birth to the bill she has put forth to demand more transparency from Canadian charities and to limit the pay of any employee to not more than a quarter mil/year.   more here

Sarah Palin: Ex-Commander of the Alaskan National Guard and Defence Force

So.... after getting used to the Left's delirious criticism of Palin, some of us now have to endure the same from our own side as well, eh?  All those who think that Palin is dumb, would you mind telling me what sort of employment you are in or what exactly was it you did before you retired? Any scientists and nobel prize aspirants among you?  No?  I didn't think so.  Perhaps the job you hold/held came close to this one, which was just one of the duties that Palin performed as Governor of Alaska. No? Not even this type of work? Then why throw stones at Palin when your own achievements and accomplishments might be direfully wanting?  Why would it be okay to say that "yeh, she quit as governor and she won't cut it as a president." Why is it okay to "sometimes" give her credit for being intelligent and then turn around and say "oh... she is so dumb and so polarising and she is anti-abortion and too religious."

What sort of a job did the present Prez of the USA hold before he found himself where he is today? Is he not polarising?  Everybody is "polarising", here I am polarising those of you in my own camp who think Palin is unelectable because I don't agree with your take and don't mince my words in telling you so. Have any of you seen Obama's records as a community organizer or as a Senator? What exactly did Obama achieve before he won the presidency? Why is it, suddenly, so very important that people are now looking at a potential presidential candidate and thinking " hmmmmm ... she is pretty, so that's not good .... she looks more like a movie star and oh, oh.... she's not a man."  Deep down, isn't that one of the  issues?  That Palin is the wrong gender to claim the WH?  I find that if you really tear apart and analyze the various negative stuff people say about Palin, it all boils down to either one or all of these conclusions:

a) She is not a male ... and it's a stretch of one's imagination to visualize a female in the world's most powerful seat. Isn't that the reason Hillary, a far, far better candidate than Obama, lost the nomination?  Or do you want to acknowledge that the "race card" too had something to do with it?

b) She is overtly religious ..... and some strange religious stuff she has said and done has been documented for all to see and laugh at;

c) She looks, sounds and talks like an ordinary stay-at-home housewife .... so shouldn't she be home baking cakes for the church fete instead of making national and international decisions;

d) She wears her love of family, country and religion on her sleeve .... and that's not okay. These are all  very private things, like the stuff you do in your bedroom. Heaven forbid that you are frank and open about your love, beliefs, hates and ambitions. Big "No" "No"

e) She sounds too frank and matter of fact ...... and we are so used to seeing politicians lie to our face, we cannot get used to this new kind of clarity of thought and openness and "tell it like it is" attitude... it's pure torture.

Palin as Commander of the Alaskan National Guard and Commander of the Alaskan Defence Force was privy to highly classified issues dealing with Homeland Security, Counterterrorism, Foreign Policy, world leaders,etc.   Also, as an elected Governor, the FBI would routinely brief her on national and international affairs. Palin is a fast learner and the knowledge she must have acquired during her briefs with these government bodies must be truly impressive.  Hey, but why give her credit for that.  We are all very much up there on world affairs,etc. maybe more so than Sarah Palin, right?!  And, Katie Couric showed us that she does not read anything of value, right?! 

Don't belittle Sarah Palin. Her credentials make your criticism look and sound very immature.....let's leave that part to the Left... they don't mind looking and sounding like new-born babes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

US Prez outdoes all other US Presidents in naivity

Here's a listing of 10 reasons why this journalist thinks Obama has outdone Carter in every way possible.

In honour of this week’s cringe-inducing nuclear summit in Washington, which represents yet another step towards American decline under the current US administration, here is a list of ten key reasons why Barack Obama qualifies as the most na├»ve president in US history.

Despite some strong competition from Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter, President Obama has spectacularly blown the opposition out of the water, on almost every level, from appeasing America’s enemies abroad to building the foundations of a European-style welfare state at home. The end result is an America that is weaker, more vulnerable to attack, and mired in mountains of debt. No other president in US history has done more to undermine the original vision of America’s Founding Fathers, while replacing it with a reckless and risky agenda that threatens America’s ability to lead the free world...........

To Abort or not to Abort

The paradox of abortion peddlars and the hyprocrisy of same are nicely show-cased  in this article.

......But how does that make sense? In order to support "a woman's right to choose," you have to believe that a fetus is not human in the moral sense. This judgment -- or lack thereof -- is encoded in Canadian law, which permits abortion for any reason, or no reason at all.

If you believe a fetus is not a human life, the fetus becomes no different from any other unwanted appendage on a woman's body. There is no moral difference to removing it than there is to removing an unwanted mole, or an unsightly wart. It's just a bunch of flesh, with no human soul or spirit to it, so what's the difference?.......

Sarah Palin: Dimwits refuse to see that she has what it takes

The experience and know-how on how to get things done in a mature and common sense way are second nature to a woman like Palin. It was Sarah Palin's never-ending and never-relenting stance on making Alaska a self dependent state that got the ball rolling on the Exxon Mobil-TransCanada Pipeline Not many people know that the construction of this pipeline is the world's largest project in this kind of engineering.

And how did this come about? It's all thanks to Palin's insight and determination that got the green light for this project some months ago. This is a feather in her cap, and in her cap alone. Anybody who tells you any different is lying. I have been a follower of  the TransCanada Pipeline as a small time investor and I, alongwith others who know about this project ,  know that it was Palin who made this possible. There were the usual naysayers who thought this was just a "pipe dream" of Palin's and would never happen, just like similar naysayers are now blowing their horns about her non-electability. 

She never gave up and she cut through the mile-thick bureaucracy tape to make this project happen.   Those who think that Palin is not electable are probably in awe of the man in the WH who does not have even 5% of the accomplishments that are a merit to Sarah Palin's acumen, intelligence and proof of leadership.  

The link above has an updated map of the pipeline project.

Exxon Mobil's surprise decision to join Trans-Canada on a vast Alaska gas pipeline project is a big step toward making the U.S. self-sufficient in domestic energy. By defying naysayers, Sarah Palin is now vindicated.

It must be sweet vindication for Alaska's governor. Against critics who said her 1,712-mile natural gas pipeline project would never get off the ground, who should the project bag but the "big gorilla" of American energy — Exxon Mobil.

In a major surprise, Exxon announced Thursday that it had forged a partnership with TransCanada, the Canadian pipeline company that holds the state license for Palin's $26 billion Alaska Gasline Inducement Act project.

It's a big vote of confidence in Palin's top project from a by-the-books company known for its rigid investment standards.

"We evaluated all the options and it came down to our belief that this approach with TransCanada and Exxon Mobil was going to be the most successful project," said Marty Massey, U.S. joint interest manager of Exxon Mobil Production Co. He said Exxon might look at expanding its participation.

Rival oil firms had whispered to IBD that it would never happen. "It's gonna happen and we're very excited about this development," Palin told "Good Morning America" on Friday.

Doubters of Palin's pipeline plan were numerous...............

.....“I think it’s very shortsighted” to assume that “market conditions are going to stay as they are today,” Palin told CNN. In an interview with IBD last July when gasoline hit $4 at the pump, she noted that if drilling had started in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge just five years ago, when policymakers were dismissing the idea of $100-a-barrel oil, “we wouldn’t be in our predicament today.”.........

..........If there are any doubts left, note that it's Alaska's officials giving Palin the most credit. As Deputy Natural Resources Commissioner Marty Rutherford told IBD, Palin relentlessly drove this project, walking the process through the bureaucracy, asking questions, even going to Texas on Thursday to hear from Exxon itself.

"We're sitting here and in a short two-and-a-half years we have two premier companies in the world moving this process forward," said Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin. "Thank you Gov. Palin, thank you participants and thank you Alaskans."

With praise like this, maybe it's time Palin started getting some attention for helping to secure America's energy future — and less for having to defend herself from the dirty jibes of over-the-hill comics..........

If you are a fan of Palin's you will like to  read the whole article here from Investors' Daily if you think she is a nitwit, kindly get away from this blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Someone has to step forward to investigate WHO

for pressing panic buttons regarding the swine flu "pandemic" that never happened. At a time when the economy was licking the floor, Canada and countries around the world were forced into spending billions of dollars on vaccines which were ordered in countless millions and were rendered useless within weeks. Only the pharmaceutical companies and their lackeys within WHO came out on top.... no brainer there. A review has been called on how well or not the "epidemic" was handled   but many want  WHO itself to be taken to account for  creating such full scale panic all over the world.  WHO should be the subject of  a full and thorough investigationm,  but is that ever going to happen?

In Canada alone, the waste of money on a manufactured or imagined disaster was far more than categorized here:
a) Government figures obtained through a federal information request by The National Post showed the Canadian government spent $37 million on advertising and other communication about last year's flu outbreak.

b) The newspaper quoted an estimate showing the Public Health Agency of Canada spent $322 million on pandemic campaign. Hundreds of millions more were spent by provinces and their health units on vaccine and advertising, the report said, putting the total federal and provincial H1N1 spending at a minimum of $1 billion.

c) Canada will donate one-tenth of its H1N1 vaccine supply, worth about $40 million, to the World Health Organization to help poor countries battle the pandemic.And further donations are not being ruled out, said a spokeswoman for the Public Health Agency of Canada, which has a vaccine glut on its hands as the second wave of the influenza virus winds down. The government is also donating about $6 million to the global H1N1 effort.

Someone somewhere in the Ministry of Health placed gigantic orders of the vaccine which made this surplus possible. How did that happen?

........Some have suggested the WHO made the pandemic call under the influence of experts with ties to the pharmaceutical industry, companies which stood to make fortunes from the decision to make pandemic vaccine and use stockpiles of antiviral drugs........

And, in the UK, there is severe criticism on how more than 1 Billion Pounds worth of surplus vaccines could find no takers.

The swine flu outbreak was a 'false pandemic' driven by drug companies that stood to make billions of pounds from a worldwide scare, a leading health expert has claimed.

Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation's decision to declare a pandemic. This led to the pharmaceutical firms ensuring 'enormous gains', while countries, including the UK, 'squandered' their meagre health budgets, with millions being vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.

The cavemen cometh.... Some are already here. More tales from the caves

Come, take your fill of the kind of life you and your descendants can now expect from your muslim brothers and sisters. Enjoy.

1) Five Muslim men and 5 Muslim women in Burqas (Veils) equipped with Kalashnikov rifles and Pistols attacked Chapel in vicinity of Gordon College after Good Friday Services on April 2, 2010, and desecrated Holy Bibles and vandalized Chapel. They fire shots on Church windows and damaged every thing which they found in Chapel. The armed group of Muslim men and Burqa covered women entered in Chapel at 7:45 PM and took control of Chapel, after taking over Church they moved to residential compound and started yelling on Christian children and women and took them as hostages.

2) Scotland Yard has bowed to Islamic sensitivities and accepted that Muslims are entitled to throw shoes in ritual protest — which could have the unintended consequence of politicians or the police being hit. News of the concession by the Metropolitan police has come to light amid a series of trials of more than 70 mostly Muslim demonstrators who were charged with violent disorder after last year’s Gaza protests outside the Israeli embassy in London.

3) A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down and forced to have sex by her husband, according to interviews with the child's mother, police and medical reports.T he girl's mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, told the Associated Press that before her daughter lost consciousness, she said that her husband had tied her up and forced himself on her. "She looked like she was butchered," she said about her daughter's injuries.

4) Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs.

5) The vice of offering a 'bribe' to state employees in order to accelerate bureaucratic practices is so widespread in Turkey that the government, unable to repress the trend, has instead decided to legalise it.

And in "this takes the cake" news UAE bans Indian attire in public places.

However, try banning the muslim attire and what do you get???????????/

I Love U Rex Murphy

You are amongst the chosen who can understand the Sarah Palin effect.  I know that other bloggers have blogged about this article from the delightful Mr.Murphy.... but this happens to be MY Sarah Palin week, so you can expect a lot of Palin here the entire week.  Keep away from my blog if you are not a Palin supporter.  I thank ye, in advance,  for your consideration.

Among the many delightful characteristics of Sarah Palin is her seemingly unfailing capacity to capture Barack Obama's angry attention. This week, she criticized his new nuclear policy. Obama responded by saying "I really have no response to that," which was, I think we'll all agree, an awkward prelude to his ... response. He went on with: "The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues." Well, colour me huffy.

The last time anyone else checked, neither is Barack Obama. Chicago politics is no richer in seminars on the finer points of nuclear politics than those of Alaska. Nonetheless, adverting to Sarah Palin's presumed incompetence -- not just on nuclear issues, but on anything -- will garner automatic applause and smirks of condescending approval from vast swathes of American public opinion.

Sarah Palin irritates, agitates, angers and annoys some of the self-appointed finest minds of America to a point long past reason. She has been the target, since the night she walked on stage to speak at a Republican convention, of some of the most savage commentary that the great republic has seen since Richard Nixon.

The great difference, of course, is that Nixon earned some of his venom. He practised political hardball. He was a remorseless partisan with an appetite for political vengeance.

And he received some he did not earn, by virtue of a personality -- secretive, bitter even in success, humourless, cold and anxious -- that made him, fairly or otherwise, a target for the cruellest and most unrelenting attacks. But in any event, he was the President. He had been in politics for a full generation. For those determined to hate him, there was a large field to till.

But Palin is not the president, nor has she been. She's been a presence in American national politics for only about two years. She is a cheerful human being, with a large family, an apparently easy-going and normal husband. She has a personality that would sell corn flakes -- if not grow them. What career she had in Alaska, she earned. She's at home indoors and out, radiates human warmth, seems to have some balance about herself, and has displayed over the last year or so a considerable fortitude under an avalanche of mockery and hatred. For the final stroke of this cameo I should note she is smart -- smarter than 90% of the people who make a point of how rock-stupid they know she is.

She, by rights, should be queen of the feminists. All that self-reliance, her takeover of Alaska politics, the rocket ride to a Vice-Presidential ticket, a public career she blends with her family life-- these seem gold-standard credentials for a real feminist. But official feminism derides herewith an unspeakable intensity. Her early critics were not beyond the inane claim that she was somehow not really a woman.

I know you want to continue reading the delightful Mr.Murphy, so go ahead..... indulge and enjoy, don't let dimwitted Palin haters stop you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hmmmmm..... looks like things are improving

About time I spoke to my headhunters again. Although the unemployment rate remains unchanged, the consensus seems to indicate that the economy is picking up. Now.... if only I could believe this is happening in the province of Ontario spite of Dalton McGuinty.

17,900 Net number of jobs created by Canadian economy in March.
8.2% Employment rate, unchanged from previous month.
26,000 Net number of jobs Bay Street economists expected economy to create for month of March.
179,000 Number of jobs added to economy since last July.
81,000 Net new jobs added to economy for the quarter

Sarah Palin: Next Prez of the USA ... if only she decides to run

Two speeches: One campaigning for Michelle Bachmann and talking at the GOP convention in New Orleans. The straw vote went to the straw man Romney and missed by one vote for Ron Paul, another strawman... must have been a lot of straw men voting at the gathering, figures.

Come to think of it, hardly anybody that won the straw votes at these conventions, have  gone on to win the presidency. I was keeping my fingers crossed, toes too, that Palin would not win and get swell-headed and careless because of it.  The straw polls are fund raisers and the minions of Ron Paul and Romney must have shown up in droves and paid to register their votes, because you need a pay a fee to vote.  Sarah Palin's supporters would never deem it to be necessary to put on such a degrading farce just to show a "false number" of hands for their rigged polls.  Her supporters are confident of success.   Now if only they can convincet Palin to run. That is the big Question. Can they convince Palin to run in 2012?  The straw vote winners and the straw vote nominators are just blowing in the wind...nothing new.My defination of "straw man". And this is very, very true in connection with the GOP straw votes. You betcha! 
An argument or opponent set up so as to be easily refuted or defeated


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dawkins dreams of bringing evolution to the muslim world

Now that's delusional with a capital "D". Stop dreaming prof, won't ever happen.  You can't  take away their dreams of  those 72 virgins.  According to Dawkins, the growing popularity of creationist beliefs is due largely to the Islamic influence we are seeing today.

....While most non-fundamentalist Christian traditions have largely accepted evolution, Islam was still much more hostile, he said. “It’s the fact that Islam teaches the Koran is the literal word of God, unlike most Christian sects, which say the Bible is largely symbolic. That could well be the cause.” ....

.....When I go to schools, as I occasionally do, I do get depressed when I see children coming out as evolution deniers. I don’t think they would have 30 years ago.” .... read the whole thing