Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas gifts in the making

Saudi Arabia is in a "panic mode" and has requested Jordan to supply Jordanian troops and equipment to help them in their effort to fight the Shiite Yeminis who are wrecking havoc on SA's border. It looks like a great number of SA's troops are Shiite, and are refusing to fight their Yemini Shiite brothers. I fear to think what will become of those who have laid down their arms and said "No". What to do, what to do? Who should I root for? I think I will root for the North Yeminis for now. SA has been flooding the mosques and universities of the West with tonnes of dirty money with instructions that muslim youth in Western countries get indoctrinated into their loony tunes ideology.

h/t: Irene : Saudi Arabia goes begging to Jordan for additional troops

Additionally, the Iranian revolution is not dead, not yet. Student demonstrations are planned for Monday, Dec.7. Iranian authorities have given strict warnings to all foreign news journalists in the country not to venture out of their offices the next 3 days and it is reported that they have already choked off  internet access.

My Christmas wishes: A crippled Saudi Arabia  and a successful revolution in Iran. Those would be great gifts for Christmas.

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  1. We need to broadcast this in our blogs like you have just done.


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