Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Matchmaker's Catalog for female lefties

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes;
Find me a guy, no Right guys please.
The guy I am dreaming of must have a springy bed;
and tomatoes meant for Sawah must pelt a cop instead.

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes;
Find me a guy before I go on a freaking fizz.
He should be well-trained in using the can
And be able to throw pies at Coulter Ann

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes;
Snap to it please, I need a man.
He might look a bit like Balbulican;
But must punch cutouts of a President.

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes;
Put me in a straitjacket quick
But the guy I want is the cooke;
Who takes a power tool to a Cheney book

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes
Get me a guy who looks like this --------------->
His brains might be on the leak;
But he should have wrecked  somebody.

Matchmaker, matchmaker MariaS Nunes;
I want a guy who looks like Brad Pitt.
His knuckles might be full of glass bits;
But my Medal of Honor will be his

Geez.... I could go on and on, but I will save you from my bad verse.... and let you just read this


  1. "He might look a bit like Balbulican..."

    Hah. I can assure you you don't want that. Set your sights a bit higher.


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