Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The despicable Left manifested in all their reprehensiveness

in the Canadian Cynic blog. If you want to know how much the Left loves the Taliban and how little they think of our soldiers, you should dose yourself with a drug stronger than Dramamine and step into that cesspool for just a couple of minutes. I do not recommend that you linger there for more than 2 minutes because spending your time  beyond that allocation will make you wish you had taken a double dose of the drug..

This blog has been haranguing bloggers and journalists who talk about the good our  boys and girls  are doing in Afghanistan. The last several days, this blog has taken upon itself to talk about the Afghan detainee issue and of course at the cost of belittling  our  mission in that country.

This blog uses the most foul language, especially when referring to Conservative female bloggers and journalists. C**t  is almost a daily occurrence either in the posts put out by this team of bloggers (and you will be further amazed to know that the team of four contributors has a female on board) or by the commentors to the posts therein.  When referring to Conservative bloggers and journalists, their vocabulary has such high flung words as: retarded, brain-dead, douchebag, stupid, dummy, dumbf**ks, deranged, whackjobs and any word that will demean and insult  Conservatives is adopted and used at every opportunity.

Having visited there today, I left some comments showing my displeasure at a couple of their posts on the detainee issue. This same blog has often had the gall to boast about how the Lefty blogs never monitor the comments but that Conservative blogs do, etc.etc.etc.blah, blah, blah.  My comments were deleted and a blog issued to say :

Yes, comments are now fully moderated. But only briefly. I'll explain why when I get back
It was a good thing I had saved a couple of my comments. Like the saying goes, "When in Rome, be like the Romans" and that is exactly what I was doing. These were my remarks:

Comment 1:
Ah hah - mispelling alert, mispelling alert:
Geneva conventions should read "Godiva Confections" for the box of chocs laced with arsenic you should get. Disgusting morons so concerned for one Taliban detainee while 100s of our brave soldiers are coming back in coffins. You are beyond contempt, miserable bastard.

Comment 2:
You stupid f**ked up s*b. You are so concerned about one taliban detainee? Have you given a thought to the 100s of soldiers coming back in coffins. Like I left a comment earlier at some other post on this same freaking subject that you have embraced to your heart, you are beyond contempt. How anyone can live with
themselves with such hate for one's fellow Canadians like you have is beyond me.
You would prefer to have a Taliban monster as your fellow traveller than a Canadian soldier? You are a f**ked up bastard of the worst sort.

Guess what?! My comments have been deleted. Yup... give them a spoonful of their own medicine and they get all contorted and writhe on the floor like they are in their death throes.

Here's hoping this Christmas season ... oops ... Holiday season as is the right thing to say in the lefty world, I hope your mommies will buy you lefty snarks a bag full of ballistic cups because .... baby.... I have just bought myself a dozen pairs of high heel pointy boots and they are  made for kicking.


  1. You give CC entirely too much credit. Just thank him for the exit links, collect your add revenue, and go buy yourself a nice Christmas gift at his expense. He's helping you pay for it. Buy yourself one of those blankets with sleeves. If all clothes were made from blankets, wouldn't the world be a better place?

    I love capitalism.

  2. Don't care about the non-existent ad revenue or the exit links... Google a/c has $30 something waiting for me since I started blogging 6 months ago. I have cut cheques this month 10 times that amount towards charities. I believe in doing the right thing and the right thing is telling it like it is. The man is a slimeball of the worst kind and I want everyone to know it. I give a f**k about money.

  3. Do you kiss your mother with that foul mouth, you slattern?

  4. Do you kiss yours with that fork-tongue, hypocrite?

  5. Hey, Ti. Do you kiss Robbie Day's feet with yours.

    Maria, my advice to is this: don't write about Canadian Cynic under his alias. Write about him under his real name.

    Let's give any potential employers -- or friends and family -- who Google him an interesting search.

    But if you think any of this is bad, just wait until you arm up to PleaseTortureOurSoldiersgate.

    Yeah. This guy deserves to be known for all the wrong reasons.

  6. the box of chocs laced with arsenic you should get
    Counseling murder eh? Just as PR does.
    Typical fascists.


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