Friday, December 18, 2009

The failed state of Pakistan falls further into the abyss

All sort of rumours are abound. Zardari and his admin are denying that there has been a coup attempt. The opposition are renewing their cries for Zardari to step down.

The USA, all of a sudden, has changed its tune, from "our ally and friend"  to "there are tensions in our relationship with Pakistan."

Also the Pakistani courts have barred authorities from handing over to the FBI or to any foreign agency, six American Muslims who were detained in Pakistan on their way to join the Taliban against US soldiers.

More news from Reuters.

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  1. I have been adamant since 2005 that NATO must be allowed to conduct military operations inside Pakistan. This was supposed to happen under Bhutto, but the radicals shot her. We need NATO boots in Pakistan, preferably with permission, but without permission if necessary.


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