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Iran - report by NiteOwl for Monday June 29

NiteOwl's comprehensive report

Faces of the Dead and Detained in Iran since uprisng

from the Guardian UK June 29

Pics of Gay Pride Parade in Toronto - June 28

I wonder how much money the city made during this year's Pride Parade. Will the $400K allocated by the Canadian Govt to the Pride Parade events this year prove to be a good investment? hmmmm - I wonder. This year's parade fell far short spectator-wise compared to last year. Maybe because we had less visitors from US and maybe because the city was smelling to high heaven due to the ongoing city workers strike. From the National Post: pics of Pride Parade in Toronto June 28

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Situation in Iran - Sunday June 28

From WhyWeProtest. NiteOwl is a translator and is doing a great service giving us daily reports on the situation in Iran. NiteOwl's report

Trouble in Honduras

The other nutty pal of Ahmedinejad, the corky Hugo Chavez vows to bring down those that have ousted his leftist buddy Manuel Zelaya. Hah ! Gotta laugh at this loopy loop. Who votes for these madcaps anyway ? I believe the reason for the coup was because Zelaya was seeking another term in office. Once you are on that power trip, it must be a complete downer to give it up. military coup in Honduras

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest news from Iran - June 27

Every single day in Canada I thank my lucky stars that I am a citizen of this great country of ours. Every single day I feel sorry and pity the people all over the world who live and die under oppressive regimes without tasting the sweetness of freedom and liberty. The very latest from Iran. from WhyWeProtest website

The hypocrisy of both George Bush and Barack Obama

The pictures of Obama bowing almost double to the Saudi Arabia king have been seen by many but sadly in due course we will conveniently forget the image just as many of us have forgotten the image of the previous president being all lovey-dovey and holding hands with the same king. The most atrocious human rights violations take place in Saudi Arabia, on a daily basis, but you will never hear a peep against this country from an US President or from the UN. Oil money rules the world. In my opinion, Arafat was the father of terrorism and Saudi Arabia is THE MOST EVIL nation on earth. This country funds terrorism covertly and is the source of the funds that seem to be always in abundance for the madrasas set up in Pakistan and elsewhere. The Saudi family and the system there is the personification of evil incarnate and yet the powers of the world bow down in supplication to this evil. Read the article below and see what the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia warns visiting Americans to do/not to do in this godforsaken hole with only one thing going for it, OIL. hypocrisy of US politics

Friday, June 26, 2009

Americans are fluffier than fluff pastry !!!!

Why are these Hollywood celebrities looked on like gods? Why do Americans go all gaga over celebrities? In the last few days three of these super-rich and super-egotistical people call it a day and the MSM goes bonkers writing and talking about nothing but these 3 measly little people. What exactly did their lives mean ?!!! Did they do anything to help the dying, deprived, oppressed and downtrodden humanity of this earth ? Did they speak out against the atrocities that the fundamentalist Muslims are committing all over the world ? So okay, they gave some of us "cannot really remember" kind of shows and movies and in the case of Michael Jackson, some great memorable music. However, don't forget that they made tonnes of money for doing what they did and that should mitigate the fact that they gave the world something to remember them by. What about people like Wafa Sultan, Brigette Gabriel, Geert Wilders, Melanie Phillips, Robert Spencer, Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, Pamela Geller and a horde of other intellectuals who are trying to open our eyes to the menace of fundamentalist Islam ? Lets suppose something nasty happens to one of them, do you think the MSM will give them even a line? All this third rate news about a dysfunctional man who wanted to remain a kid forever and a woman who did not believe in the sanctity of marriage, has taken over each and every news channel. It is disgraceful, stupid and downright nauseous, especially when the young people of Iran are being slaughtered and not a single news channel has given as much coverage to a 2 week uprising than they have given to these celebrities in the last couple of days. I have put off my TV set since last evening and have been visiting the Conservative bloggers both here and in the US so I can hold on to my sanity. I am pretty mad as hell.

The News - cartoon by Bob Gorrell

Non-meddling Prez Obama - cartoon by Chuck Asay

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great source to see what's happening in Iran

The Guardian, UK, is running a blog giving updates as and when they happen. Kudos to the guys keeping us all in the loop. up to date news on Iran uprising

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amazing stuff at the Twitter sites

The things you get at the Twitter sites ! Amazing stuff This is from a Brazilian blogger who happened to recognize the doctor trying to keep Neda alive. That same doctor had to flee to London fearing for his life. Paulo Coelho's blog I am continuing to post about the many faceted Iranian uprising. Maybe during my lifetime I will see the independence of muslim women not only in Iran but in other muslim countries as well. One can only hope.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mousavi "under 24-hour guard"

These days I am following the Iranian uprising and hoping the will of the people will reign supreme. However, even if Mousavi comes to power, I am willing to bet things will not be very different. He is a die-hard politician and we all know what excellent oscar winning actors all of them happen to be. Maybe the strangling Islamic hold, especially on Iranian women, might loosen a bit. There's some hope of that happening as he seems to be married to a strong woman who might influence her husband towards independence for Iranian women. This from The Independent, UK. Iran uprising stronger than ever according to film maker Makhmalbaf

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Bullet fee" of $3000 demanded of victim's parents

I have no words to describe the horror of the demonic regime in Iran. An innocent man is killed and the morgue demands a "bullet fee" from his poor grieving parents. How can we watch and read these horror stories and not be moved ? How lucky we are to be in a sane and sober country like Canada. From The Wall Street Journal 19 year old killed just one week shy of becoming a groom

List of Iranian Politicians and Journalists arrested since June 13

This list is from the website TehranBureau Iranian Politicians and Journalists arrested since June 13

Sunday, June 21, 2009

North Korea - truly an axis of evil

Read what a postgraduate student at a Virginia university has uncovered with the help of Google Earth. Very interesting. From The Independent UK North Korea's palaces, labor camps and mass graves

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brave man, Australian Pastor Danny - reminds me of our Ezra Levant

How I wish we could do away with political correctness. It is stifling and killing us slowly but surely.

Former Gitmo inmate is prime suspect in the recent Yemen horror

This monster was released during the previous President's watch in 2007. From Fox News: Former Gitmo Detainee suspected in Yemen Slaughter

More from V.S.Naipaul's "Among the Believers"

The author continues his journey of Islamic countries between 1979-1981. In the extracts below he is in Pakistan.

Pakistan: The Salt Hills of a Dream. Page 115: Ahmed said, "The world is mixed up now. People are confused. There is no longer any symmetry in many people's lives." I put to him Khalid Ishaq's point about the emotional rejection of the West. How much of that rejection was self-deception? Could a civilization so encompassing, a civilization on which people here depended for so much, be truly rejected? Ahmed was divided. He said he himself didn't like being abroad. He was always "under tension". It was because of 'the time factor'.

When he was abroad, in a big city, he was ruled by the need to be on time. It weighed on him; it tormented him; he ceased to feel master of himself. The said, "But when people here talk about the emotional rejection of the West, they usually mean one thing, Women." Page 157: The Pakistan Times man could not hide his rage about the mullahs. They were politically ambitious; they had 'shrewdly entrapped' the government by framing laws that couldn't work and then blaming the government for not operating these laws; they had divided Islam into conflicting sects and made Islam a mockery. The answer was to by-pass the mullahs, do away with the sects, and go back to the holy book. Do that, and "we find the light all around. But once we wriggle out of the Koran, there is nothing but darkness and confusion in store for us." But was it as easy as that?

To raise just one point: how old was Aisha when she married the fifty-year-old Prophet? Was she six or nine or nineteen? Did she, as in one tender story, take her dolls and toys to the Prophet's tent? The Koran doesn't help; Aisha's age has to be worked out from other sources. The question was gone into at length one Friday sabbath in the Pakistan Times; and the question is of more than historical interest, because Aisha's age at marriage - and there are nine different opinions - can fix the legal marriage-age for girls. In Islam, and especially the Islam of the fundamentalists, precedent is all. The principles of the Prophet - as divined from the Koran and the approved traditions - are for all time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

PETA never goes after a genuine cause.

Only one dog per household - new rule from July 1 for Chinese dog owners. What will China think of next ? sheesh !!! here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oklahoma City bombing, TWA flight 800 and Cliff Kincaid.

There have been numerous articles about the involvement of Al-Qaeda in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. I have also read articles that supported the theory that the crash of the TWA flight 800 was an act of terrorism and not some mechanical failure as was claimed by the authorities. This article here by well known journalist Cliff Kincaid is in support of another journalist, Peter Lance, whose book "Triple Cross" raises too many questions. Please also look here to see the journalistic calibre of Mr.Kincaid before dismissing what he has to say as hogwash.

The UK's "pigs at the trough" scandal continues.

Now Tony Blair, ex-UK PM is the latest addition to the ever growing list. Gets taxpayers to pay for a new roof for his second home just days before leaving Downing Street. How low can one get !! Story here from the Daily Mail: here

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EI - a misplaced feeling of entitlement.

Frankly, I am appalled at those Canadians who think they are entitled to claim EI after just 9 weeks of 40 hrs/week work or 360 hours. I have been a recipient of EI after the end of a 2-year contractual assignments, where I had put in 2500+ hours and being unused to the largess of Canadian benefits, the fact that I received EI for close to 7 months, was simply unbelievable. India, the country I migrated from, does not have EI or anything even remotely like it.

We all know that only a small percentage of the world's communities have systems like the EI, and instead of feeling lucky and privileged to be a member of Canada's generous regulations, we seem to be screaming the loudest for more and MORE AND MORE. How and when did Canadians become such leeches ? Would it surprise you to know that many Indo-Canadians think EI is like taking charity from the Government and they are too proud to claim EI? A Chinese friend of mine, told me the same thing - the Chinese-Canadians would do their utmost to keep away from the EI offices. Both these communities would prefer falling back on their savings during tough times or else their relatives will see them through the bad patches.

I am all for assimilating with the folks of my adopted country, but there are some things that Canadians think they are entitled to, that I will never abide by. We have one of the most generous EI benefits and changing the EI so you are entitled for claims after just 360 hours of work is one of them. This will make those Canadians already hell bent on sucking at the Government's udders, grow stronger gums and ultimately sharp piercing teeth. Damage done to the udders will need painful surgery and several years of recuperation. Just my humble opinion. From today's National Post: here

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BRIC countries plotting to overthrow the US $

BRIC countries meet to discuss the falling US $. Will it really happen? Will the BRIC countries manage to topple the king of currencies ? Will our Canadian $ replace the coveted spot ? According to the article here the BRIC countries want a less dollar-centric currency.

UK's BNP - Racist party or not - they deserve more respect than given to muslim criminals by the MSM

I fail to understand how or why the so-called democratic society of UK keeps targeting and physically assaulting members of the BNP. In the EU elections, after the party won 2 seats the BNP leader was about to give a speech when a violent group of people started pelting him with eggs and calling him a racist. Is BNP not a legal party? And, check out this story here where an innocent man who was visiting a cathedral to pray for his dead mother was thrown out because he was suspected of being a BNP member. here

Page from the book I am reading "Among the Believers" by V.S.Naipaul

The author is travelling by train with his guide Behzad and Behzad's girl.

Page 74 (Iran: The Twin Revolutions) Behzad's girl read with determination, but what she was reading did'nt seem to hold her. She stopped turning the pages. She put the open booklet face down on the seat and she and Behzad talked. She took her leg off the seat, and they began to play cards again, the same simple game. We stopped at a station. And - after Behzad's rebuke at Mashhad about my attitude to the 'poor classes' which had prevented me buying the fourth bunk - both he and his girl were now gigglingly anxious to keep out strangers. He drew the curtains on the corridor side.

The train started. There was a knock at the door, and almost at the same time the door was slid open. It was the sleeping-car attendant. He slung in blue sacks with bedding: a blanket, a pillow, sheets, a pillow-case. There was another knock. Behzad drew one side of the curtain. I drew the other. It was a small young man in soldier's uniform, with a revolver. He slid the door open, spoke to Behzad and closed the door. He wore black boots. I said "Army man?" Behzad said, "He is from the komiteh. He said we were not to play cards. Do you know what he called me? "Brother". I am his brother in Islam. I am not to play cards. It is a new rule." After his shock, he was angry. So was his girl. She said nothing; her face went closed. To Behzad now fell his man's role, and it was to me, witness of his humiliation, that he turned; working his anger out in English. "I don't mind about the cards. It's the power I mind about. He is only doing it to show me his power. To show me their power. I don't see how Mohammed would have known about cards. They weren't invented in his time." I said, "But he spoke out against gambling." "He did. But we were not gambling." "The man from the komiteh wouldn't have known that." "He knew. Of course he knew." My own sense of shock was developing. The appearance of the man in khaki had altered the journey, given irritationality to a land which, while the light lasted, I had been studying with an interest that now seemed inappropriate and absurd: trucks, roads, pylons and villages were not what they had seemed. Behzad said, "You see what I've been telling you. The power has to belong to the people. The workers and the farmers. The upper classes are all just wanting to show their power." I thought that the power now did belong to the people, that what had just happened was a demonstration of that power. I said, "Was the man from the komiteh an upper-class man?" "He is upper-class. The army always serves the upper classes. That is why I call him an upper-class man." We didn't argue. Neither of us wanted it; and his dialectic would have been as difficult for me as Ayatollah Shirazi's had been in Qom.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

UK muslim man fights alongside Taliban against UK soldiers

Now this is scary stuff. A muslim man from Birmingham, UK fighting with the Taliban monsters against the soldiers of UK. He had a tatoo on his arm, the symbol of the Aston Villa football club of UK. You would have thought he was assimilated with his adopted countrymen, Right ? Wrong ! No matter how you look at it, these fundamental muslims are always wolves in sheep's clothing. story here

Aijaz Zaka Syed - if only more muslims thought like this man...

I found this article in the Khaleej Times, a publication from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Worth a read. The muslims who think like Mr.Syed should find their voices and start to confront the "enemy within" otherwise the muslim community will continue to be the most hated by peace lovers the world over. here

Pregnant news from New Zealand

From the comments of Kiwis to this article one can surmise, that countries that heretobefore laid out their welcoming mats to new immigrants, are now having second thoughts. Could it be because immigrants have been the main cause of riots we have been witnessing all over the world ? story here

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