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Sunshine .... here I come ....

ready or not !!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The rich heritage of the wonderful Sri Lankans in Toronto

I wonder how many were accepted by our naive govt. as refugees.  What a great example of biting the hand that feeds you. I am not 100% sure, but I  am still willing to bet that all these ingrates were treasures from Sri Lanka and many if not all gained ingress to Canada as refugees.

Jason Kenney must be proud.

Sarah Palin demands an apology from Afghanistan ....

for the killing of US soldiers yesterday.

America has a prez without cojones.   America has a female prez-in-waiting with tonnes of cojones. 

The wonders of science

I regret that I was born too early.  Would have been nice to have been born a couple of centuries from now to see what other wonders come to light  ... and life.

Tom Chivers writing at TheTelegraph:
After 30,000 years' slumber, Ed Yong, a biochemist and science writer, tells me – it's more like resurrecting your great-great-great-grandfather.............

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another dry run ?

Anything is possible. Never underestimate those bent on destroying us.

....“Every guy that was in my area was ready to go,” said Mark Foster, passenger. “It was not even a thought. You can tell buckles were off and people were already leaning toward the aisles.”

The men subdued the unruly passenger while the flight attendant ran to the back and retrieved plastic handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

“It almost made me cry to see the way everybody responded because the gentlemen that could help got up and helped the stewardess; she was just a little bitty thing,” said Jeanna Wisher. “What happened should have happened, everybody got up and did a part that needed to do it.”

The passenger and his companion were taken into custody when the plane landed. The flight resumed and departed Portland around 2:05 p.m. The rest of the passengers finally arrived in Houston late Tuesday night.....

Obama the muslim prez purges all negative references made about his cult from FBI training materials

Important article and a "must read" but only if you want to be kept informed of how the muslim cult is gaining ground .... if you think that's silly  and people like me are nuts .... please move on.

....The February 8 FBI meeting was the culmination of a series of unpublicized directives issued in the last three months by top FBI officials to all its field offices to immediately recall and withdraw any presentation or curricula on Islam throughout the entire FBI. In fact, according to informed sources and undisclosed documents, the FBI directive was instigated by radical Muslim groups in the US who had repeatedly met with top officials of the Obama Administration to complain, among other things, that the mere usage of the term of "radical Islam" in FBI curricula was "offensive" and 'racist." And thus, directives went out by Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Mueller to censor all such material. Included in the material destroyed or removed by the FBI and the DOJ were powerpoints and articles that defined jihad as "holy war" or presentations that portrayed the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization bent on taking over the world—a major tenet that the Muslim Brotherhood has publicly stated for decades.

During the next several months, the IPT will be releasing a series of major investigative reports revealing the secret infiltration by and collaboration with radical Islamic organizations by the Obama administration that has spread to the National Security Council, the Dept of Justice, the FBI, the Dept of Homeland Security, the CIA and the State Department as well as local law enforcement.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part VI

This wall painting, depicting the Healing of the Paralytic, is the earliest known representation of Jesus, dating from about 235 AD.  The painting was found in 1921 on the left-hand wall of the baptismal chamber of the house-church at Dura-Europos on the Euphrates River in modern Syria.

Detail View of Torah Shrine from Synagogue, Dura Europos, Syria fresco, ca.250 CE Damascus, National Museum

Crossing of the Red Sea. From Synogogue, Dura Europos, Syria fresco, ca.250 CE Damascus, National Museum


Byzantine cathedral  converted to a mosque.


Tally-me-taliban beheads innocent civilians accusing them of spying

Keep in mind that the USA and NATO officials are already sitting at the same table with these animals trying to  negotiate a peace treaty. When did we learn to communicate with the animal world?
Afghan government officials accused the Taliban of beheading four civilians in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday.

According to reports, the victims were accused of spying for the government and international forces in the country, a statement from the Helmand provincial governor’s office said.

The beheadings took place in two areas of the province’s Washir district on Sunday night, the statement said.

“These people had no relations with the government and they were civilians and innocent,” it said.......

Canada's ally in wars, the UAE, jails people for consensual sex

Don't forget that the Liberal leader Bob Rae thinks the UAE is so wonderful that we should allow their airlines to have a bigger quota of Canadian business than our own airlines.  Don't  forget that the Conservative govt. took us to war against Libya so we could fight alongside this joke of a country  against Libya, which used to be the most prosperous country in Africa before it's destruction by NATO.

A driver was taken by surprise when his girlfriend's sponsor caught him hiding in a wardrobe after the couple were interrupted having sex.

The 40-year-old Pakistani driver was caught hiding inside the wardrobe of his 40-year-old Filipina girlfriend, a housemaid, after her Emirati sponsor banged on the door while the couple were in bed together.........

via:  Religion of Peace

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wanna see porn ... courtesy of the CBC... Canada's taxpayer funded cable network

WARNING:  Vomit inducing images and actions in the videos below.

Come one, come all ... come see how our tax dollars are spent by our glorious CBC. After the CBC porn programme was exposed by SunTV and the fun vid below was put together by the intrepid blogger  Blazing Cat Fur the disgusting folks at the State funded network went totally bananas handing out threats of legal action right, left and centre. Hard to believe we have a Conservative govt in power, isn't it ?   Hard to believe that a govt. which is presumably for family values, floods the CBC with our tax dollars so they can murder those same  family values that the same govt. supposedly nutures and protects.  Hypocrites.

CBC, please come after me too. The more you threaten, the more empowered you make us. 

Saudi Arabia blatantly blackmails the world .... cuts oil output

How blind the world is !!!   Saudi Arabia has been subtly weilding it's ominous influence on the West from the time of the senior Bush's foray into the White House.  Their satanic influence has grown stronger and stronger with each subsequent USA president's reign, whether the Prez be Democrat or Republican, is of little consequence.

Is this true depletion of the oil reserves?  Is so, that's great ... because with less oil there, there were be less dirty money coming to the West to indoctrinate children and gullible adult muslims as well as  non-muslims  residing here.  However,  I think that the Saudi clowns are playing their usual blackmail games and holding the world at ransom.  Unless NATO or Israel (Israel is always the puppet but forever made out to be the bad guy) attacks Syria and Iran and they are neutralized for the next 50 years, Saudi Arabia will continue playing these games. Oil rules the world.   Oil = Saudi Arabia.  

If Saudi Arabia's oil is really drying up, that's a good news for Canada's oil sands.   Hurrah !!!

...The world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, appears to have cut both its oil production and export in December, according to the latest update by the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI), an official source of oil production, consumption and export data.....

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Earthmen are tough

Swedish man survives 2 months in car buried under snow. Amazing.

...Doctors at the hospital said humans would normally be able to survive for about four weeks without food. Besides eating snow, the man probably survived by going into a dormant-like state, physician Stefan Branth told Vasterbottens-Kuriren.

"A bit like a bear that hibernates. Humans can do that," he said. "He probably had a body temperature of around 31 degrees (Celsius) which the body adjusted to. Due to the low temperature, not much energy was used up."...

Autocrats vs Despots

Great read from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Steve Coll writing at the NewYorker. He has a good grip on the politics of the Middle East ....if you read only one article in it's entirety today, make it this one.

Early on during the NATO intervention in Libya, air-traffic controllers in Cyprus received an unexpected call from two armed fighter jets. The pilots reported that they were out of gas and needed to land. Reluctantly, the Cypriots granted permission, according to military officers who described the incident to me late last year. A pair of Mirage 2000 fighters from Qatar, loaded with weaponry, soon landed at Cyprus’s main civilian airport and taxied to a parking spot amid commercial airliners full of beach tourists. The Qatari pilots, it turned out, were on their way to Italy to join the air war against former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. This was their first military mission; the officers did not know how to seek clearances for warplanes, and they had miscalculated how much fuel they would need.

Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan all participated in the air campaign over Libya. (Jordan did not publicize its action.) They joined an international coalition led by France and Britain, and supported by the United States and the United Nations, that justified its intervention on humanitarian grounds, based upon a “duty to protect” civilians that has evolved as a principle of international law.

Qatar is a Sunni Muslim monarchy whose emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, asserts a divine right to rule. It seems safe to assume, as Hugh Eakin has described, that the expansion of global democratic rights was not among its motivations in the Libyan campaign. The country’s chief of the armed forces, General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah, outfitted himself in a C-17 and jetted around the war zone like a swashbuckler, handing out money to rebel factions, including to some Islamists with disturbing agendas. For Qatar, the Libyan intervention seemed akin to its successful bid to host the World Cup in 2022, or its construction of a Formula One racetrack: it was a fun thing for wealthy people to do with their money, certainly better than sitting around in air-conditioned diwans watching the Arab Spring on Al Jazeera. (Al Jazeera is also a disruptive Qatari creation......

h/t: Irene

Obama and his witch Hillary, bitch-slapped yet again by Egypt

Ah .... the Muslim Bros, beloved to Obama and gang ... they haven't even started on the First Act but many of know what the play is about.

Egyptian authorities on Saturday deported a US citizen with a diplomatic passport for not having a visa...

So, the US citizen was sent packing back home with his tail between his legs, although when tourists come calling without visas they can gain entry.

.... Egypt, however, allows tourists from the US, Europe and particular countries to buy a visa at the airport upon their arrival.

Wow ... are we loving this or what !!!  
I for one get immense pleasure when appeasers, apologists, useful idiots and shariah enablers get slapped by the very cavemen they love to distraction.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taqiyyah = breathing

The taqiyyah masters in Pakistan knew all along. Who else knew? Did the Pakistani ex-honcho know? Of course, he did.  If you believe otherwise, you are sweetly naive.

The architect reportedly was told that a "highly placed VIP" was coming to the compound, Mr Ignatius wrote in a column posted on the daily's website.....

via: Religion of Peace

Saudi Arabia gets the Pakistani boot and Iran is in ?

I love this !!!! Let the fireworks begin.  If Pakistan and Iran form closer ties, then take it for granted that the manipulative cavemen in Saudi Arabia will pressure the USA and NATO to drone away at Pakistan even more then they have been doing of late.   Saudi Arabia is probably the biggest funder of tainted money to Pakistan and they are gonna be hopping mad if Pakistan takes the offered 1.5 billion from Iran ... to start up the gas pipeline project  ... and that money would be just a little something to begin with.   Loverrrlly !!!   For added fun throw in the opium addled Afghan honcho and we can have barrels of laughts at the antics played by monkeys in those hellholes.

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has quietly offered to finance the Pakistani portion of a multinational gas pipeline project opposed by the United States, in a strong signal of Tehran's intent to build closer ties with its neighbor.

Ahmedinejad left Pakistan Friday after meeting with Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari and Afghan president Hamid Karzai, a trilateral summit seeking a formula to stabilize conditions in Afghanistan.

A joint statement issued by Pakistan's foreign ministry after the meeting said the three countries agreed to "develop mutually beneficial cooperation in the energy, mining and minerals, agriculture and other sectors" without providing further details.

But an Iranian official in Islamabad who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity said, "The IP [Iran-Pakistan] gas pipeline is very close to our heart. President Ahmedinejad indicated Iran's intent to finance the project on the Pakistani side if Pakistan has difficulty with finding the money".

Though an exact cost is not known yet, the Iranian official said that "Iran was ready to start from financing $1.5 billion for the project and build it up further if needed.".........

Dhimmitude in Egypt

Raymond Ibrahim's long article on dhimmitude in Egypt will give you a feel of what the Coptic Christians  are going through at the hands of their tormentors there, while we here in the West bend over backwards to place muslims on pedestals. The kind of incidents that Ibrahim has included in his piece, with links, raises fear  that Christianity will be wiped out of Egypt within a few short years. 

Syria will be next.

.... As usual, it took the army an hour to drive two kilometers to the village. "This happens every time. They wait outside the village until the Muslims have had enough violence, then they appear."....

.......Currently, 2012 appears to be unfolding as the "Year of Dhimmitude" for Egypt's Christians. Consider the following incidents from just last January alone, all of which demonstrate an upsurge in the treatment of Egypt's Copts as dhimmis -- the legal term for Islam's "protected," barely tolerated non-Muslim minorities—"protected," that is, as long as they agree to a number of debilitations, such as those that follow, that render them second-class citizens:

Insulting Islam:
According to the Pact of Omar (also one of the earliest sources banning the construction or renovation of churches), dhimmis must "respect Muslims" and never insult them or their religion. Accordingly, a prominent Christian, Naguib Sawiris, is charged with "contempt of religion," for twittering a cartoon of a bearded Mickey Mouse and a veiled Minnie: "The case has added to fears among many that ultraconservative Islamists may use their new found powers to try to stifle freedom of expression." Nor are the double standards in Egypt's "contempt of religion" law set aside: Christianity is daily disparaged in Egypt with impunity.

Similarly, a 17-year-old Christian student accused of posting a drawing of Islam's prophet on Facebook—which he denies doing, saying it was posted without his permission—triggered days of Muslim violence and havoc, including the burning of three Christian homes to cries of "Allahu Akbar" ["Alah s the Greatest."] The student, who was beaten, is to be "held" for fifteen days, "pending investigation." Muslim leaders agree "that priests should publicly apologize for the images, and that the student, as well as his family, should move out of the governorate."..........

Lots, lots more

Friday, February 17, 2012

There's no end to these scumbags

The only solution is to stop importing muslims.... or you may as well  get used to the idea of being blown up into tiny little watery red  messes.  All it needs is for just one scumbag to escape all detection .... and it's bound to happen sooner than later. 

A 29-year-old Moroccan man was arrested Friday near the U.S. Capitol as he was planning to detonate what he thought was a suicide vest, given to him by FBI undercover operatives, said police and government officials.

Amine El Khalifi of Alexandria, Va., was taken into custody with an inoperable gun and inert explosives, according to a counterterrorism official.

El Khalifi made a brief appearance in federal court in Alexandria, Va., on Friday afternoon, wearing a green shirt and black pants and holding his arms together behind his back. A judge set a bail hearing in his case for Wednesday at 2 p.m.

A criminal complaint charges him with knowingly and unlawfully attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against property that is owned and used by the United States.

El Khalifi expressed interest in killing at least 30 people and considered targeting a building in Alexandria and a restaurant, synagogue and a place where military personnel gather in Washington before he settled on the Capitol after canvassing that area a couple of times, the counterterrorism official said. During the investigation, the official said, El Khalifi went with undercover operatives to a quarry in the Washington area to detonate explosives.

El Khalifi came to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and is unemployed and not believed to be associated with al-Qaida. He had been under investigation for about a year and had overstayed his visitor visa for years, according to the counterterrorism official and a government official briefed on the matter who spoke on a condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.........

Mosques in Canada funded by the cavemen from Saudi Arabia

What are the bets that almost all moques in Canada are getting dirty money not only from Saudi Arabia but from Iran, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and every muslim govt. that wants to undermine the Western world .... and is there any muslim country that does not want to undermine the West ?

The decades of Liberal rule in Canada has brought on this unholy mess to our shores.  However, now that a Conservative govt is in power, let's hope they clear this mess once and for all.... and rid us of Saudi Arabia's poison as soon as possible. 
Canada has to send a message to Saudi Arabia which is loud and clear: 
"Stop interfering in the lives of Canadian muslims and stop interfering with Canadian oil."
To read comments and know more on what's happening in mosques all over Canada and the CSIS report on how our muslim youth is radicalized   visit Blazing Cat Fur

According to SunNews report:
....So far the Government of Canada has not commented on the out-of-country investment.

Immigration and Public Safety officials have worked tirelessly in the past eight months to deport known war criminals in Canada illegally and have cited concerns about young Muslim students from being recruited at high schools into the world of radical Islam......

Wake up Ottawa .... and smell the islamization.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saudi fuck Bin Taqiyyah flooding universities with blood money

We are fucked and don't even know it.... sort of like date raped with conflict oil....  the kind of oil that is not labelled  "erotic" but "hypnotic".

Visit the Campus Watch link below and read the whole gory details... but before you do that, keep a bucket handy for the vomit, because you will realize how deeply rooted the Saudis with their God-damned money have gained influence and bribed the elite in Western countries and there seems to be no escape from this evil plaguing us.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal--million dollar benefactor of Middle East studies programs at Harvard University, Georgetown University, and beyond--spoke at Harvard this past Wednesday. The prince touts himself as a model of liberalism in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia--in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, he advocated for reform among Middle Eastern monarchies in response to the demands of the "Arab Spring"--and he has always claimed that his funding for Middle East studies in the U.S. springs from nothing more than a desire to promote cross-cultural understanding.....

h/t: Pam

Brigitte Gabriel on our education system: "Children are being sent to the lion's den"

She gives details on how much tainted money from Saudi Arabia is flooding  the educational system in the USA to corrupt our children.   I wonder how many millions are given to our own universities and middle schools here in Canada on a yearly basis to change Canadian kids into rabid lefties when they reach maturity without realizing that they have become useful idiots for shariah and muslims.

This speech was given in Tennessee in mid November 2011.

h/t: Pam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

India drafts new laws for it's muslim population

Congratulations to the Indian muslim community.   India, known as a "third world country" (really?) and it's muslim population makes progressive changes, whereas, a "first world" country like Canada looks for additional ways to appease muslims and keep them  rooted in their cavemen ways.  An upside-down world.

.....As reported by TNN writer Mohammed Wajihuddin, a recent meeting of Islamic scholars and activists has produced a "revolutionary" Draft Muslim Personal Law that would prohibit "triple talaq" divorce, in which a husband may reject his wife by a thrice-repeated oral declaration, and would require that all nikahnama (marriage contracts) be registered with state authorities. The minimum marriage age would be 18 for females and 21 for males. Polygamy would be disapproved.

The meeting that produced updated standards for Islamic Personal Law was called in New Delhi by the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) and the Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), both created by the Muslim modernizer Asghar Ali Engineer. It was co-hosted with the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (Indian Muslim Women's Movement – BMMA), launched in 2007. Dr. Engineer, who originated in the Dawoodi Bohra community of Ismaili Shia Muslims, has become an international personality in his criticism of the current state of Islam. BMMA, according to the Indian daily Pioneer, has 25,000 members.

The Draft Muslim Personal Law corpus supported by the New Delhi convocation emerged from consultations with Muslim women and legal experts at the state and regional levels. Noorjehan Safia Niaz, a founder-member of BMMA from Mumbai, described the Draft as "a law based on Quranic principles to help women." A representative of the IIS, Qutub Jehan Kidwai, clearly denounced "triple talaq" divorce, stating "it must be abolished."

As noted, the new Draft would discourage polygamy. Retired Kerala High Court Justice P. K. Shamsuddin said that "the spirit of Islam" supports monogamy. He argued in conformance with the conventional Sunni Muslim account of Muhammad's life, which holds that many Muslim men were killed in the battle of Uhud, leaving a great number of widows and orphans. The scriptural reference to polygamy (Qur'an 4:3), as Shamsuddin pointed out, states "if you risk dealing unjustly with orphaned girls, you may marry those pleasing to you, two or three or four. But if you risk treating them unequally, marry only one." The same verse (aya) legitimizes marriage with slave girls, which is already deemed unacceptable in many Muslim countries. But the sense of the verse, as Justice Shamsuddin indicates, favors marriage with a single partner......

h/t: SF

Jordan wants to grab Al Qaeda jihadist Qatada

The Jordanian authorities say Al Qaeda jihadist Imam Abu Qatada will get a fair trial if Britian extradites him to Jordan. A fair trial and a fair ruling would be to give him life in prison and not elevate him to the status of a "saint" like the Libyans did with the Lockerbie bomber. Will that happen ? Time will tell just like it did with the Libyan murderer was sent back by the leftish Scots.

I am gonna bet that Abu Qatada will become a biggie either with the Muslim Bros or the Salafis.... once he lands on the blooded soil of any patch of muslim land.  Jordan might have the best of intentions but there will be evil forces working against that little country to ensure that they release the jihadi. 

.... The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ruled last month that Britain cannot deport the Jordanian to his homeland because evidence used against him in any trial there may have been obtained through torture.

Abu Qatada, once labelled late Al-Qaeda chief bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe by a Spanish judge, was convicted in Jordan in his absence of involvement in terror attacks in 1998.

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part V

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XII

119) A 26-year-old man is facing several charges after a jewelry store near Kingston Rd. and Eglinton Ave. E. was robbed at gunpoint. The men made off with a quantity of jewelry worth $636,000. Police say the accused, along with three other men, walked into the jewelry store on Jan. 26 when one of them, armed with a gun, jumped over the counter and pushed the employees to the back of the store.

Muhammad Ishaq, a 26-year-old Toronto man, faces five charges including robbery with a firearm, possession of proceeds of crime, and assaulting a peace officer.

120) Yup ... a police officer too. On second thoughts, maybe the police force is a fitting career choice for violent muslims. They can carry a badge with licence to bully and hurt. Police officers who claim they can’t believe a fellow officer squeezed the testicles of a motorist haven’t read the judgment finding him guilty of assault, a prosecutor says.

At the sentencing hearing Thursday for Const. Salameh Marji, Crown Attorney Ian Bulmer raised credibility issues with Marji’s testimony and argued that senior officers called to testify as character witnesses were biased in their glowing appraisal. Marji was found guilty last year of one count of assault and one count of sexual assault stemming from the traffic stop and search of a 21-year-old driver on Sept. 2, 2009.

Evidence showed Marji punched the driver in the face and slammed his head on the police cruiser. He also grabbed the driver twice by the testicles and squeezed so hard as to elicit screams of pain......

121) ....Shiraz Nariman, 42, of Toronto, has been charged with:
1) Luring a Child Under 16 years
2) Invitation to Sexual Touching
3) Accessing Child Pornography
4) Make Child Pornography
5) two counts of Possession Child Pornography
Police believe there may be more victims....

122) Finding foreign terrorists on home soil should come as no shock to Canadians who may be partially to blame, says an Edmonton professor of international relations.

The arrest of Edmonton-based alleged terrorist Sayfildin Tahir-Sharif -- whose extradition hearing was recently delayed -- demonstrates the potential "that there are people self-radicalizing here, and how easily extremist predilections can go unidentified."

Tahir-Sharif - at the Edmonton Remand Centre since his January 2011 arrest - is charged with aiding and conspiring in the murders of U.S soldiers Staff Sgt. Gary L. Woods, 24; Sgt First Class Bryan E. Hall, 32; Sgt. Edward W. Forrest Jr., 25; Cpl. Jason G. Pautsch, 20; and Pte. 1st Class Bryce E. Gautier, 22.

An extradition hearing for the alleged terrorist was initially slated for Jan. 31 but was adjourned until May 14. The arrest of the 38-year-old construction worker should be a wake-up call, says Knight......

123) The Montreal police Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations Section has announced the arrest of six young men in a case of human trafficking and prostitution.

Two underage girls allegedly met the suspects in February 2011 and were forced into prostitution. The girls told police that they managed to flee to their freedom a week later.

Police have arrested Abdul Karim Nassereddine, 20, Naib Ali Soilihi, 20 and Mohammed Rami Taha, 19. Mezri Mehdi Mohamed Hamza, 21, turned himself in Thursday after being sought by authorities. The two others arrested cannot be named, as they were minors at the time of the alleged offences.

124) Mohammad Hamadeh fatally stabbed his 81-year-old neighbour Marion Lyons and left the woman in a pool of blood before shopping at her expense, a Crown attorney alleged Monday.

Elizabeth Kozak accused the father of three of stabbing Lyons 90 times and then used her MasterCard to ring up purchases while using his own Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card.

125) Black muslims like to spell their muslim names differently and often times don't have an easily identifiable muslim moniker. In the following item, read Meerza as "Mizra" and Jahmal as "Jamal". Hawks like me are not fooled ... not one bit. Four males have been charged after police seized drugs and a firearm Friday night.

Police said the males were arrested in the Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue area at 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 10. They were allegedly in possession of marijuana, crack cocaine and a loaded revolver, police said.

Jeffery Emanuel Meerza, 18; Bismark Barrett, 20; Tyrrell Jahmal Turner, 19, and a 17-year-old male face charges, including possessing a restricted firearm with ammunition. The 17-year-old can't be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.....

126) Police allege several men were drinking in the area when an argument broke out with two other people. Shots were fired. Both groups then fled the scene.

Police arrested three men. One man was released without charges. Officers seized two loaded guns, a 9 mm Ruger P95 and a .40 calibre Glock.   Abdullah Abdullahi, 24, of Toronto faces 15 gun-related charges, including weapons dangerous and careless use of a firearm. Mohamud Duale, 20, of Toronto faces 20 gun and robbery-related charges.

127) White girls are easy. ....This past weekend, however, one of those marriage fraudsters got his just desserts thanks to a spouse who refused to be a victim. Lainie Towell's ex-husband, Fode Mohamed Soumah, was by all accounts deported back to his native country of Guinea in West Africa.

He had walked out on his 2007 marriage to Towell three weeks after uttering his wedding vows, but it took more than three years for the Canadian Board Services Agency to get him on the airplane after he used every avenue of appeal.....

A stoned Stone becomes a stoner of the big stone

I really wish the collective colony of Hollywood idiots would just disappear from the face of the earth.   I pray that when the big one hits California, it will not fail to target these brainless lowlives before killing off the rest in that modern day Babylon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saudi Arabia and Arab Charter on Human Rights .... HAHAHAHAHAHAH

A comedy of headless ghouls !!!!

.... Those acting on behalf of the commission have repeatedly shown that they do not respect the people’s right of privacy, and they engage in practices that are objectionable such as chasing and assaulting people and forcing segregation between men and women.

The commission’s executive bylaws contain some provisions that fail to consider human rights issues that are acknowledged around the world. For example, commission members, pursuant to Article 13 of the executive bylaws, may interfere with a person’s private property rights, which clearly violates Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the first and second paragraphs of Article 14 of the Arab Charter On Human Rights of 2004.

Further, the commission’s practice ignores the international covenants of human rights regarding the guarantees of the accused during investigation, as according to Article 22 of the commission’s executive bylaws, the latter may investigate without the presence of the guarantees set forth in the Law of Criminal Procedure.

This certainly violates Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 13 of the Arab Charter On Human Rights. Furthermore, the commission’s members use force during investigation and inspection, which is against not only international human rights treaties but also the regulations of the Kingdom.......

Taqiyyah has become the weapon of choice for the Muslim Bros

When writing about the Shafia trial, Christie Blatchford said something that has stuck with me.  She wrote "lying is like breathing to this family". That's exactly what it is for not just the Shafia family but the majority of the muslim population. They are conmen to the core and their cult instructs them to taqiyyah to infidels to achieve their unholy ends.
.....The Arabic website ( predates its English counterpart and voices more conservative views that are representative of the traditionalists within the Organization. It runs op-eds by the old guard and statements by members of the Guidance Bureau. The English web portal ( was established in London in 2005 with a mission to “rebut misconceptions about the movement in Western societies.”....

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part IV

Fresco of the Good Shepherd in the Baptistry of the House Church of Dura Europos, Syria, middle of the 3rd century

Wall Painting from Synagogue at Dura Europos (Syria)
Temple of Dagon Devasted by the Ark &
Childhood of Moses (detail) ca. 2nd C CE
Damascus, National Museum

Interior View of Baptistery
Christian Church, Dura Europos, Syria
fresco, ca.250 CE

Overall View of Torah Shrine from Synogogue, Dura Europos, Syria  fresco, ca.250 CE Damascus, National Muse


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wonderful ... now Iranian navy boats being prepared as "suicide boats"

How sad that the Obama admin did not support  the student uprising and thus gave Iran the additional time to prepare for more mayhem..... or could this be just propaganda. Everything needs to be questioned .... depend only on your own analysis and not what  the media tells you, especially anything from the sunni media. They are as bad as the leftish media because they hire the best PR firms that the Saudi money can buy and they can buy the best.

Iran has built up its naval forces in the Gulf and prepared boats that could be used in suicide attacks, but the U.S. Navy can prevent it from blocking the Strait of Hormuz, the commander of U.S. naval forces in the region said on Sunday.

Iran has made a series of threats in recent weeks to disrupt shipping in the Gulf or strike U.S. forces in retaliation if its oil trade is shut down by sanctions, or if its disputed nuclear program comes under attack.....

Google has gone bonkers on blogger

I am trying to label some of my postings from way back in 2009 and the mighty Google has not only updated one of them but changed the date to TODAY.   Thus you are seeing the Daniel Pearl posting below.

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Finished reading "A Mighty Heart"

I had started on this book almost a year ago and then kept it aside as it depressed me big time. The author is the widow of the unfortunate Wall Street Journal's Daniel Pearl who was beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan. Mariane Pearl has given a very compelling and heart-wrenching account on the kidnapping of her husband and the torturous weeks that followed culminating in the death of Daniel Pearl.

Here are a few snippets

.... It is pitch black outside. There are still several hours before the muezzin's call, marking the end of the night. I would give everything I have to be with Danny at this moment, wherever he might be. I know he is not free to move as he pleases. Why didn't I pay closer attention to the nature of his rendezvous? Why wasn't I more vigilant? Why didn't I go with him? I wasn't feeling that sick. Why..... Stop, I tell myself. Stop this chain of thought. Regrets will just waste energy - don't question reality .....Again and again the doorbell rings, and yet another strange man steps into the house. How many can one house hold? Jameel's men greet their compatriots with a salute. The new arrivals, most dressed in Western style civilian clothese, wander from room to room as if the key to Danny's disappearance has somehow escaped the others. In the kitchen, they take note of the remains of last night's dinner, in the living room, they slyly open drawers and rifle through papers stacked by the phone. Why aren't they out combing Karachi for Danny? I observe the entire scene in disbelief. ......

....I flash back to New Year's Eve in Beirut four years ago. Danny and I spent a wonderful night with Lebanese friends, eating, dancing, laughing and the next day one of those friends took us to a bar, where we started discussing politics. When he discovered that Danny was Jewish and that my father had been too, our friend was dumbfounded. He'd never imagined that a Jewish person could be someone like Danny. For the rest of the evening he merely stared at Danny in disbelief. He was out with a Jew, and he had things in common with him, and he liked him. At the end of the evening he told us that he understood he'd been taught to reject a people he knew nothing about. It was simple and as hideously complicated as that.

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part III

Stephen Hawking: "Heaven is a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark"

...Physicist Stephen Hawking believes there is no afterlife, and that the concept of heaven is a "fairy story" for people who fear death.

In an interview published in the Guardian, Hawking - author of the bestselling "A Brief History of Time" - said that when the brain ceases to function, that's it.

"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail," he told the Guardian's Ian Sample. "There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.".................

h/t:   H ... who thinks I am as crazy and stupid as the muzzies against whom I rant non-stop. In fact H thinks all Christians are ignorant.   H for your info ... I am a nightbird, I love the dark.   And, you are a moron.

The Left trying desperately to destroy Ayaan Hirsi Ali ....

but we have become pretty wise to their tricks and taqiyyah. The more hopping mad they get with a person, the more we can be assured that such a person is an asset and fighting on our behalf.  Let's wish more power to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Phyllis Chesler at PJMedia: ....Thus, I am not at all surprised to see that Deborah Scroggins has just written a book titled Wanted Women: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafiya Siddiqui. Truly, she has got to be kidding. Alas, I am afraid that she is serious.

Recently, the New York Times gave a relatively glowing review to this new work. According to critic Dwight Garner, the two women are “such opposites that, as the author memorably observes, ‘Like the bikini and the burka or the virgin and the whore, you couldn’t quite understand one without understanding the other.’”

Garner continues: “If you are wondering who is the bikini (and thus the whore) in that formulation, Ms. Scroggins leaves little doubt that it is Ms. Hirsi Ali, whom her book relentlessly attacks.”

Hirsi Ali is indeed “wanted”— but by misogynist Islamists whom she exposes and opposes. Siddiqui, “Lady Al Qaeda,” was indeed “wanted” and is now in prison for attempting to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan for al-Qaeda. In 2003, the FBI “named her as the only known female operative of al-Qaeda.” In 2010, Siddiqui, a devout Muslim and a Brandeis-educated Pakistani, was sentenced to 86 years in jail...........

h/t: Pam

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sarah Palin at CPAC 2012

to read comments go to:

Human trafficking and rape are rife in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario

The criminal elements in Canada know very well how liberal minded and partial to every kind of criminal or criminal activity our premier Dalton McGuinty happens to be and so when they get an urge to rape, torture, do drugs, deal in drugs, commit murder, sell guns, do shariah, invade homes and terrorize ordinary citizens .... they head to Dalton McGuinty's Ontario.  They know they will be protected by McGuinty and his gang.

....They were able to speak to a number of the girls, who told stories of street gangs gang-raping trafficked women into compliance.

Police in Ontario confirmed that there is a veritable sex-trade route from Montreal into southern Ontario.

QMI was able to interview Ontario strip-club dancers and film them with a hidden camera..........

Syrians getting slaughtered by five different forces

Muslim against muslim duking it out in Syria.  Not bad ... not bad at all.... with the exception of innocent people caught in the crossfire, of course.

Assad's regime.  
Opposition to Assad's regime, the Free Syria Army.   They are getting a lot of weaponry.
Hezbollah fighting for their hero.
Iraq's Al Qaeda    will travel where blood baths are promised.
Iran's Revolutionary guards.  

NOW the revolution begins in earnest ... in the country where it should have started

Come on, come on, come on. Hurry up please. Let the worst country that funds terrorists, terrorism, funds indoctrination of kids to the cult of madness, not only in their own hell but in countries where their parents have escaped to get away from the madness of islam.... get it good.

A man has been shot dead by security forces at a demonstration in eastern Saudi Arabia, activists have said.

Zuhair al-Said was killed on Friday when police opened fire to disperse protesters in the town of al-Awamiya, in the Qatif region, they added.

Police said they were monitoring an unauthorised gathering in al-Awamiya when they were fired at by masked men.

Activists earlier said another man had been shot dead by police at another protest in Qatif on Thursday night.....

Nuts from Hamas and fruitcakes from Iran are made for each other

Amazing how such dangerous madcaps are not keep in chains but found  outside  loony bins.  Amazing how the blasted delusional lefties of the world still think that palestinians will live peacefully with the Jewish people if only they are given a chance.  The bastards are drowning in "chances" but are still sticking to the suicidal side of their inherent makeup.

Hamas “will never recognize Israel,” its Gaza prime minister said Saturday in a speech in Iran that is likely to complicate Palestinian efforts to form a unity government in the teeth of opposition from the Jewish state.

“They want us to recognize the Israeli occupation and cease resistance but, as the representative of the Palestinian people and in the name of all the world’s freedom seekers, I am announcing from Azadi Square in Tehran that we will never recognize Israel,” Ismail Haniyeh said.

“The resistance will continue until all Palestinian land, including al-Quds (Jerusalem), has been liberated and all the refugees have returned,” he said........

Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part II

I sincerely hope that someone somewhere is talking to someone somewhere to ensure that when the barbarians take over Syria, which is gonna be very soon,  the galleries, museums, monastries, tombs and churches of Syria where these priceless treasures are kept, are not plundered, pillaged, burned by the islamists as has happened to many important relics in Egypt and Libya. 

A painting depicting the burial of the martyred saints Cosmas and Damien (foreground), along with their three brothers (one in the background). They were buried in Cyrus (in Syria) and a basilica
was built over their tombs. Their feast day is September 27.

Samuel annoints David, detail of the mural paintings in the synagogue, Dura-Europos, Syria, ca. 245-256. Tempura on plaster, 4' 7" high.
In this time period, there were not many blatantly christian paintings sue to the persecution, yet these murals depicted biblical stories. They are done using the same style as pagan art.

Interior View of Synagoguefrom Dura Europos, Syria  ca.250 CE
Damascus, National Museum

The Consecration of the Tabernacle and Its Priests, from the Assembly Hall of the Synagogue at Dura-Europos.
245-56 A.D. Mural, 4'8 1/4" x7'81/V4" (1.4x2.3 m).
National Museum, Damascus, Syria


The bountiful bequeaths from the Bush family to the entire world

More and more I seem to agree with the Left when they say that the Bush family has been responsible for countless wrongdoings. Who can forget Bush junior pallying around holding hands and making kissy-kissy with the Saudi monarch?  Who can forget, if you think with your brain instead of your conservative heart, that Iraq was the wrong country to invade, destroy and cripple for the next 100 years? 
And, now comes this bit of news from Daniel Pipes that the UN's present power is the result of Bush senior's foolishness.

If Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor were the naïfs who foisted the United Nations on the world, George H. W. Bush was responsible for its revival as a political force.

From about 1950 to 1990, the United Nations Security Council was essentially toothless, as the Soviet and U.S. governments disagreed on issue after issue. As a result, anyone wanting to get things done generally by-passed this forum, from the Berlin problem to the Vietnam War to Arab-Israeli negotiations.

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 constituted the first post-Cold War crisis. The great powers could have handled it any number of ways – in NATO, with a "coalition of the willing," or with a new organization – but Bush (himself a former U.S. ambassador to the UN) took the matter to the Security Council for decision making.

I opposed this decision at the time, seeing it as investing unwonted authority that would long outlast the Kuwait crisis in a morally decadent and politically hostile institution. Indeed, Bush's action had this effect – and we live with the rueful consequences today. UNSC votes on Iraq, Libya, and Syria have had a major impact, permitting a semi-despotism in Moscow and a full-scale one in Peking to exert a major influence on the decisions of democratic states.....

Egyptian movie industry goes to the dogs

Not surprising when cavemen take control. The real surprise is how quickly the horror is happening..... and yet most people are still doing the Rip Van Winkle. 

Islamist students halted the filming of an Egyptian television series at Cairo's Ain Shams University protesting against the "indecent" clothing of the actresses, the production company said Thursday.

Misr International films had obtained permission from the university's management to film on site, the head of the company, Gaby Khoury, told AFP.

But "when the shooting started, the director of the engineering faculty, Sherif Hammad, came to tell us that some students and teachers were against it, because of the clothing worn by the actresses," he said.

The series, adapted from the novel "Dhat" by Egyptian author Sonallah Ibrahim, takes place in the 1970s, "when women wore short clothing." ..........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's look at Syria before all trace of Christianity and Judaism is removed from it's soil .... part I

Jesus walked the grounds of Syria before the place was grabbed by muslims .... now barbarians are about to take over this piece of historic land and turn it to dirt.

Norway declares war on Hindu culture

Indian cultural sensitivities are ignored because Hindus don't cut off heads or blow up every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane and Mary  to smithereens when they are treated with contempt or criticized all the way to the Gobi desert, whereas; the beloved islamic cultic culture is revered by leftish governments everywhere only because they are cowards of the first order. No law for islamic nuts, all laws for everybody else.  The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

India and Norway are embroiled in a diplomatic row after Norwegian social workers took two young Indian children into care because they slept with their parents and their mother fed them with her fingers – both widespread and normal in India.

The parents were told the children will remain in foster care in Norway until they are 18 and that they will only have occasional contact with them.

Norwegian officials have so far resisted calls for the children to be reunited with their grandparents in India pending an inquiry, and now India's external affairs minister has called for the children to be repatriated. The case has provoked an outcry in India, where mothers constantly push food into their toddlers' mouths and children often sleep in their parents' bed until they are six or seven.

Sushma Swaraj, parliamentary leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, suggested the decision betrayed an ignorance of Indian culture....

h/t: SF

Rick Santorum is looking very good ....

very, very good.... especially if the Daily Kos thinks he is a  "Christian Sharia". Yes, we need a "Christian Sharia" to beat the hell out of the shariah cult.

Mitt Romney has a powerful PR firm,  just the kind of weaponry needed against the Obama machine;
Newt Gingrich can fight like an alley cat and will make Obama sweat buckets... which would be fun to watch...but will he beat  Obama?

Rick Santorum is the only true conservative on that Republican podium.... and miracles can happen.

Gay couple loses kid to state ....

after the "fathers" get embroiled in a pedophile ring which they claim they have nothing to do with.

A Queenland gay couple are fighting for custody of their six-year-old boy after they were accused by US child protection authorities as being members of an international pedophile ring.

Queensland police today confirmed they were investigating the allegations along with the FBI, after child safety officials in Los Angeles took the boy and put him into foster care nearly four months ago.

His Cairns-based parents, who protest their innocence, have made a desperate appeal to Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd to get their son back after he was removed on a holiday to the US in October.

According to a newspaper article, a report by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services says the FBI is also investigating allegations that one of the men "is suspected of sexually abusing (the child). They are also suspected of exploiting (the child) through child pornography and obtaining (the child) for the sole purpose of exploitation."

One of the gay men, who had the boy with a surrogate Russian mother in 2005, said US officials found no signs of harm to their son and they faced no charges - but they had lost access to their son....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Traitors within

Yes ... I will agree that most of these traitors gained employment in the Govt. offices during the disastrous reign of the Liberals and their love affair with multicult and diversity. However, there's much sweeping and cleaning to be done now that the Conservatives have the house and they better get going.

The lure of money and power and maybe even sexual favors, make Citizenship and Immigration Canada officers into the worst kind of traitors.

What are the chances that there are many more Diane Serres in our Immigration offices? Excellent.

If you are a muslim leader on the wrong side of the wahhabi nuts .... watch out brother !!!

A progressive muslim president of the Maldives like Mohamed Nasheed who believed that his country could be self-sufficient by being one of the world's top vacation spots ... sort of  like a non-cultish "Mecca" of fun, ruffled the feathers of lunatics in Saudi Arabia with the result that the man had to resign.

"I don't want to hurt any Maldivian. I feel my staying on in power will only increase the problems, and it will hurt our citizens. So the best option available to me is to step down," Mr Nasheed said yesterday.
"I resign because I am not a person who wishes to rule with the use of power."

Good man that Mohamed Nasheed, although he is a delusional global warming hawk ... he truly believes in the Al Gore bible, so much so that he held an underwater cabinet meeting to show the world what could happen when the waters rise. However, but he is definitely not a rabid follower of the cult of islam. There's salvation for global warmists but none for the brain-dead islamists.

His supporters have not given up. There's rioting and gun battles going on in the Maldives.

Just like Ivory Coast is now in the hands of the Caliphate, so also will the Maldives in the blink of an eye.

No baby steps no more. The Caliphate is leaping over obstacles to reach us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Escape from the vampiric Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Full movie for your viewing disgust and anger. Treat Williams has done a good job portraying the angst that the real John L. McDonald must have felt as he went through hell in the country that Canada treats as her ally in wars fought against the enemies of Saudi Arabia. Have we all forgotten that the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia ? Politicians have forgotten because they are vampires themselves, they crave votes like vampires crave blood. We the ordinary people should never forget how Saudi Arabia nutures terrorists, funds terrorists, funds terrorism and is the  # 1 pusher and funder for the worst kind of evil on this our good earth.  Oil and the dependence on it for the world's machinery is the only reason that this vampiric nation has managed to tighten it's evil grip on western nations.

After watching the movie, if you want to read more about John L.McDonald and what happened to him and his company, check out the last two links at the bottom of this post. 
Part of this movie was shot in Canada and Israel.









Newspaper article 1
Newspaper article 2

Monday, February 6, 2012

Makes no sense whatsoever .... but then what does with Obama and gang

Britain was forced to plead with the US to take part in the flotilla challenging Iranian power in the Gulf after American commanders decided the Royal Navy had nothing to contribute to the mission.

Defence sources have revealed that the Americans only relented and allowed a Royal Navy frigate to join the mission following an intervention from Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president.

The revelation that US defence chiefs saw little military value in UK participation will raise new questions about Britain’s international clout after Coalition defence cuts.

Amid rising tensions in the region, the Royal Navy last month deployed HMS Argyll, a Type 23 frigate, to the Gulf.

The ship accompanied a US carrier strike group made up of an aircraft carrier with a full complement of fighters, a heavy cruiser and several destroyers.

A French frigate, the La Motte-Picquet, was also part of the flotilla which sailed through the Straits of Hormuz. Iran has staged wargames in the area and threatened to block the straits, a vital supply route for oil exports.....

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Black muslims rounded up in Libya .... for slave trade ?

Africans are rounded up in Libya on the basis of skin color.
The new regime, which champions Islamic law, had been trying to get 'Doctors without Borders' to keep torture victims alive long enough to extract confess.

They still own slaves in the muslims countries. What's happening in the vid below is happening in a Sunni country.... don't forget that almost all the Sunni countries are our NATO allies.   Sweeeetttttttt!!   right?!!!

Most of the above via:

World's policeman and allies make ready to "lead from behind"

The crafty new war strategy .... pit brother against brother, divide and rule. What's not to like about that ? The sound of war drums is the preferred music for many.

US closes embassy in Syria, pulls all diplomatic staff back home.

Prez Obama orders new sanctions on Iran.

UK Foreign Secretary says that the govt. of Syria is "doomed'.

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister expresses great concern over happenings in Syria. Says China and Russia veto on Syria resolution "deeply disappointing".

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The New Jihadis acknowledge the power of media companies and PR firms

Media companies and Public Relations firms are now what the dot com phenomena used to be.  If you want to be successful ... whether you are a terrorist, a politician or a Hollywood star,  hire a PR firm before you start chopping off heads (in the case of Jihadis, of course).  

Dear  Lord, please hurry up with the pin to burst this bubble too.

On another note, a little birdie tells me that a large number of law firms in both the USA and Canada, have permanent annual retainers with PR firms. Why am I not surprised ?!!!


Egypt has become a comedy sitcom being watched by the entire world but nobody's laughing

Crazy muslim behaviour that is the norm in other muslim countries has now reached Egypt in leaps and bounds. Obama and his witch Hillary Clinton are responsible for the new Egypt.
A Cairo court has sentenced the Arab world's most famous actor, Adel Imam, to three months in jail for "defaming Islam" in several roles on stage and screen, the Egyptian comic said on Thursday.

Imam, a UN goodwill ambassador who has been described as the Arab world's Charlie Chaplin, was sentenced to hard labour in absentia, he said after being sued by Asran Mansur, a lawyer with Islamist ties.......

Egyptian investigating judges on Sunday referred 43 NGO workers, including 19 Americans, to trial before a criminal court for allegedly being involved in banned activities and illegally receiving foreign funds, security officials said......

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Caliphate panting hot to grab Syria ....

and their armies all over the world  are doing their biding .... with the help of the press of course.  Don't forget what it was like just before Egypt fell into the Caliphate's hands. The same kind of protests were synchronized all over. The Muslim Bros are pretty good in synchronizing events. 
Below is a list of some of the Syrian embassies which were attacked by the Caliphate's army, an army that has deep roots already planted in these countries having  arrived there  via. Trojan horses courtesy our beloved politicians.

The Syrian opposition takes control of the Syrian embassy in Libya. I think this was the main target and the goal.
Vid below from the attack  in London.

All the killings and atrocities happening in Syria are blamed on the Assad govt. How can that be? Is the opposition without any firearms ? What happened to all the arsenal looted from Libya, which quickly found it's way to Syria?
Don't forget that we were getting almost the same kind of rhetoric about Libya and ultimately it was found that the 1000s of "innocent" people purported to have been killed by Gadhafi were less than 150 and not all that innocent either. Why was Gadhafi neutralized? Because the man was funnelling lotta money and support to the anti-Saudi group operating from London. How many know about that? Zilch.

It's not that I don't realize that the present Syrian govt needs to be neutralized in order to damage Iran and's the distortion of facts that give rise to the bile in my throat. Why do our overlords think we are so gullible that we will believe and accept any crap they feed us ?

It's because of the constant lies that people like Julian Assange gave birth to Wikileaks.... and why hackers are doing what they are doing to lay open the layer upon layer of mistruths and propaganda that govts. keep hidden or sugarcoat because they think we the people toddlers won't understand.
It's one big nasty world out there.

Brown pervert on York University campus

The very name of the university triggers "anti-semitism" in my brain.  It's thanks to York University and the unbelievable anti-semitism incidents going on there about 3 years ago that got me into blogging to vent out my frustration with Canadian politics, politicians and everything else.  York University has the biggest percentage of muslim students in Canada and that translates to the biggest percentage of anti-semites on any campus.

Brown guy with a beard. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

The NY Times gets slapped by the producers of The Third Jihad

The New York Times's appeasement and delusion proves they are living in self-imposed dhimmihood/

....The Third Jihad producers have issued a response to the New York Times articles and subsequent removal of the film from NYPD counterterrorism training.

....What CAIR and the New York Times failed to clearly address, is that The Third Jihad is narrated by a devout Muslim, who has a significant record of serving the United States of America, as a medical officer in the US Navy and as an attending physician to the US Congress. ...

The film's message urges the Muslim community to look within itself to root out the indoctrination that affects a minority of Muslims.

The documentary is founded on credible evidence presented by the FBI of a "Manifesto" published by radicals calling for the implementation of extremist ideology-both violent and politicized-within the United States.

It is no surprise that CAIR does not like the content of the film. CAIR is singled out in the film for its direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, open support for Hamas, and links to terror financing.

CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest ever terror-financing trial in US History. As a result of these designations, the FBI has formally ceased all ties with CAIR-as should the NYPD and New York Times.

The Third Jihad producers also take issue with several inaccuracies and omissions in the New York Times articles:

Several other inaccuracies appear in the article. For example, the New York Times notes that the film includes a doctored photo of the White House with an Islamic flag atop. But the photo is one of many pieces of documented footage from Islamist sources. Yet the New York Times implies that the filmmakers were the ones to manipulate the photo.

The New York Times also inaccurately quotes the film by stating: "'This is the true agenda of Islam in America,' a narrator intones." But the actual quote from the film is: "This document shows the true agenda of much of Muslim leadership here in America."

The article intentionally omits that this narrator is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim.

The rest of the New York Times' coverage focuses on character assassination. While CAIR and others label the film Islamophobic, it is ironic that the film's detractors continuously point out that the film's producer has ties to Jewish organizations. The article inaccurately claims that Raphael Shore simultaneously works for Aish HaTorah.

h/t: Pam

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hon. Jason Kenney, with all due respect, you are colossally wrong !!!!

What's the remedy when there's a grain of suspicion that chickens have the bird flu?   All are culled to stop the disease from spreading. That's commonsense because we can't carry out diagnosis on each and every chick to determine if it is infected with the bird flu ... so we use a commonsense method and cull them all.

Canada has to take steps to stop importing muslims .... Period!!!  At this point in time, we do not know how many are infested with koran and islam.  It's total lunacy to bring in more cultists and fund their cult centres with taxpayers' money. Someone somewhere in the madhouses known as Parliament halls, should find the cojones to say so and put forward a plan to implement this.  Drastic measure ... yes .... but enough is enough.  Let those muslims who are already in our midst have a chance to recover from their malaise and assimilate with the rest of us before importing more of those stricken with the cult.

In the vid below Jason Kenney gives an extremely silly example of how the Irish immigrants were criticized when they were new immigrants to Canada.  I don't see any parallel between that and then and our proven apprehension here and now, with muslims in Canada.  I don't see or hear of any 2nd generation or 3rd generation Irish Canadians or their kids, dreaming of killing infidels like the muslims want to.

For your country's sake, Minister Kenney ... please do the right thing even if the action is controversial and even if it will shock people around the world.  People are resilient and get over shocks within a 24 hr frame. However, your inaction on appropriate action viz  muslim immigration to Canada will enable the cultists to keep us, the citizens of Canada, in a state of shock ... permanently.

Canada has to open the dialogue right away to close the doors on muslim immigration for a period of at least 10-15 years.   Some western country  has to take the first step.  Let Canada lead.