Tuesday, December 22, 2009

America is one angry country....

according to Katie Couric, the CBS News Anchor. Obama's changey hopey magic dust has been rendered useless.

h/t: Irene

........"I think more distant - I hate to say that, but I think, I think the economic situation in this country, I think, when people are struggling, that sometimes they need a place to vent their rage and to channel their rage and I think, I feel like right now in many ways, we're a very angry nation," Couric said. "Very frustrated, troubled and disappointed in many ways in terms of people feeling that the American dream just isn't within their reach. I mean I still think it's a place of incredible opportunity and entrepreneurship. But I just think that, I don't know - maybe it's because what I do for a living, I feel that the country is pretty polarized right now."...........


  1. During the last American election, the one thing that Barack Obama, John McCain, and George Bush all agreed on was that the economic recovery would take years. Not a year - years. They were correct.

  2. Balbulican,

    Whether any of those characters said what you claimed, do you really think that gives Obama some sort of free pass?

    Well, you’re wrong if you believe that. Most of the things he’s done have made things worse.

    Actually, make that a lot worse.

  3. "Whether any of those characters said what you claimed..."

    Sigh. Look it up.

    "...do you really think that gives Obama some sort of free pass?"

    Nope. What I do think is that the mess WILL take many years to clean up, and that before the election EVERY American political leader acknowledged that. To blame Obama is convenient, but silly.

    "Most of the things he’s done have made things worse."

    That's not much of an analysis.

    Tell you what. The Economist (a fairly conservative magazine) routinely tracks multiple economic indicators longitudinally, both globally and by country.

    Here's a trivia question for you.

    How many of those indicators have strengthened in the last year, and how many have fallen?


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