Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dry runs on flights ??

h/t: to my friend Irene who knows how to keep me busy.

..... In Vanderveen's article on Flight #227, he reported that bomb-sniffing dogs were brought aboard the plane, which was confirmed by the passenger with whom I spoke. The men forced to deplane were described as "attempting to change seats with other passengers," and another said "the men were trying to move luggage around while the plane was getting ready to push back." .....

.....Chronology of Pattern Behavior: Once the point had been reached where additional information is no longer forthcoming about these two flights in the foreseeable future, I didn't know where to look for more information. An experienced reporter working on these stories suggested I turn my attention backwards to seeing whether any dots could be connected to incidents on past flights...........

interesting article

Don't you find it strange that the leftists are so concerned about AGW and other unproven crap and completely ignore the looming threat from these fundamentalists who are about to break down our doors ? Who cares if the AGW demolishes the earth to smithereens, IF, we are, by then going to live in the hell known as shariah

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  1. Why it's not politically correct (a big deal among the lefties)plus it a fair assumption that the Conservatives will not shoot you, cut your throat or beat you into a vegetable state, which can not be said for the Muzzies.


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