Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lord Moncton: On the final day at the summit

Talks to Dr.Jacek Szkudlarek about the malignant left-wing media.  There's lots more at UTube.


  1. Thanks for that one. I really like Lord Moncton. You can feel the shift happening, but it's because of bloggers that it is occurring, not because of the lame stream media, they truly are dying.

    We need to make sure that PM Harper hears our applause for a job well done at Copenhagen. Funny how the LSM are stuck in a hard spot because they want to cheer for Obama, and denigrate PM Harper, but they can't because Obama was parroting exactly what PM Harper has been saying for years.

  2. Don't you find that Obama walks out of Copenhagen looking ridiculous? On the last day he pimps this landmark treaty where nobody has to do anything? Personally I find it to be a victory, but how can he spin this as accomplishing an objective that he supports? That makes no sense.

  3. I you are going to fawn all over this guy, shouldn't you are least spell his name right? I mean DoDo Can Spell...right?

  4. Southerne Quebece - I guess it is beyond you to understand that just like my name Nunes can be spelled Nunez, so also Monckton's name can be spelled Moncton. Yes, he likes to spell it with the inclusion of "k", but I like to spell his name with or without because I like choices, several of them, in fact.
    Being a lefty you will not understand about choices.

  5. Maria, when dealing with SoQue, all you need to know are three words: "Fuck. Off. Douchebag."

  6. Oh, and just for the record, Maria. It turns out that SoQue is an all-man, manly man. He offered to bet $40 on a fight between Robert Peter John Day and Steve Janke if he'd beat you up during the same fight.

    Aren't these just charming people?


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