Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another terrorist with almost identical chemicals was caught Nov.13

while trying to board a flight from Mogadishu to Dubai. The Somali terrorist was armed with almost the same type of chemicals as the Christmas Day terrorist and additionally had a hidden syringe.

So.... a third world country was more vigilant in catching a potential mass killer than The Netherlands, eh?!  

A SOMALI terror suspect armed with hidden explosives and a syringe was caught trying to board a commercial flight, it emerged yesterday.

The man was caught with equipment almost identical to that of ­Detroit bomber Umar Farouk ­Abdulmutallab on a flight from ­Mogadishu to Dubai. The arrest in November lends weight to Abdulmutallab’s claims to the FBI that he is just one of many Al Qaeda-trained terrorists willing to kill themselves to destroy Western targets.

And it came as it was confirmed the US was aware a Nigerian in Yemen was being readied for an attack weeks ­before the Christmas Day jet bomb.............

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