Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey Canada, what's the timeline on ending slavery ?

How many more lives do we want to see shackled in slavery? How many more child pornography and slave sex stuff made in Canada do you want to see in places like Europe, Russia the Middle East and hundreds of other countries. Would you like to be known as the country that exports the best child pornography or the country that export the  best seafood?  Are we now adding child pornography to our list of exports?

Human trafficking is on the increase in Canada. The only way to fight it is to introduce stricter crime prevention laws. Most Canadians are blissfully unaware of the plight of those caught in the net of slavery and it is largely due to the media's silence on this subject.

Naomi Baker's network   can provide the basic necessities -- such as safe housing, clothing and medical assistance -- and the services that those not attuned to the flesh trade may not see as necessary, such as removing tattoos of traffickers' names or getting a plane ticket across the country.

"Things that seem insignificant to the normal populace are very important to them," Baker said. "Things like a job, a home where they are safe and loved, education."

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