Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When will the opposition parties stop lying through their teeth ?

All that strain on their teeth will make them go toothless very soon. They are not fooling the voting Canadians, not one teeny weeny bit.... they can accuse the Conservative govt  re. prisoner abuse all they want, but when it comes to voting time, everyone will remember that the opposition parties played dirty politics by accusing Canada of mistreating prisoners. In their zeal to heap muck on the Conservative govt. they are blind to the fact that by doing so, they are maligning their own country as well. Canadians will not forget that traitorous part of this  whole sorry affair.  Soldiers vote too, remember ... and so do their families and friends.

All allegations of mistreatment of Afghan prisoners by Canadian troops investigated so far have been unfounded, the Canadian Forces Military Police said Monday night.

In a release, the military police said troops "acted appropriately when interacting with the detainees."

The military police said it received about a dozen allegations of mistreatment of Afghan detainees in Canadian custody in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, which were turned over to its investigative arm, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

"Examples of the allegations received include complaints from detainees of having been forced to adopt a new religion, of not having been afforded the time to go to the washroom or the ability to perform ablutions for religious rituals," the statement said.....

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