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Slaughter as many Christians as your evil heart desires....the MSM is blind to the genocide

You don't believe me?  Have you ever seen any headline in the NY Times, or CNN or TheGuardian UK, or TheTelegraphUK, or the Globe & Mail Canada or any other news outlet ... even the disguised as right-leaning FoxNew but actually a slave to Saudi money ... have you ever seen them to say "there's a genocide of Christians going on in Muslim countries"? Have you ?   There IS a genocide going on and when the dust is settled and the dead are counted, it will be made clear that what's going on right now is nothing short of a genocide of Christians and shame on everybody who is turning a blind eye. This is much, much bigger than Dafur ... and only Dr.Time will be able to give the results of the autopsy because our politicians and 99.9% of the MSM has zipped up their collective lips.

Raymond Ibrahim writing at MEForum:
When it comes to Muslim persecution of Christians, the mainstream media (MSM) has a long paper trail of obfuscating; while they eventually do state the bare-bone facts—if they ever report on the story in the first place, which is rare—they do so after creating and sustaining an aura of moral relativism that minimizes the Muslim role.

False Moral Equivalency:
As previously discussed, one of the most obvious ways is to evoke "sectarian strife" between Muslims and Christians, a phrase that conjures images of two equally matched—equally abused, and abusive—adversaries fighting. This hardly suffices to describe reality: Muslim majorities persecuting largely passive Christian minorities.

Most recently, for instance, in the context of the well-documented suffering of Christians in Egypt, an NPR report declared "In Egypt, growing tensions between Muslims and Christians have led to sporadic violence [initiated by whom?]. Many Egyptians blame the interreligious strife on hooligans [who?] taking advantage of absent or weak security forces. Others believe it's because of a deep-seated mistrust between Muslims and the minority Christian community [ how did the "mistrust" originate?]." Though the report does highlight cases where Christians are victimized, the tone throughout suggests that examples of Muslims victimized by Christians could just as easily have been found (not true). Even the title of the report is "In Egypt, Christian-Muslim Tension is on the Rise"; the accompanying photo is of a group of angry Christians, one militantly holding a cross aloft—not Muslims destroying crosses, which is what prompts the former to such displays of religious solidarity.

Two more strategies that fall under the MSM's umbrella of obfuscating and minimizing Islam's role—strategies that the reader should become acquainted with—appeared in recent reports dealing with the jihadi group Boko Haram and its ongoing genocide of Nigeria's Christians....

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XVII

171) One of the city's most well-known jewellers was robbed at gunpoint and badly beaten over the weekend, police say. A gun-toting bandit walked into Harold the Jewellery Buyer on Bathurst St. Friday afternoon and demanded the owner hand over jewelry, police said. ....
.....Khan Facey is charged with robbery while armed with a firearm, aggravated assault and careless storage of a firearm.

172) Human trafficker arrested, was on the lam for 9 months. A convicted human trafficker who has been on the run from authorities for nine months was captured here Tuesday. Imani Nakpangi, 29, became Canada's first convicted human trafficker in 2008 for pimping out teenage girls from a motel room in Mississauga, Ont.

173) Yama Mokhtarzada, 22, of Toronto faces 57 robbery and firearm-related offences after a series of robberies on Friday and on April 13. (CBC)7 Toronto women robbed at gunpoint in an hour.

Police are investigating after seven women on their way to work in downtown Toronto were robbed at gunpoint in separate instances likely by the same man early Friday morning.

174) Suspected terrorist Mohamed Harkat made significant headway in his fight against deportation on Wednesday. The Federal Court of Appeal overturned electronic phone record evidence that Harkat’s lawyer said was pivotal in the case against him. The records were recorded by CSIS and were said to pin terrorist ties to Harkat, but they’ve since been destroyed.

A three-panel judge said the records could no longer be used against him because he must be able to know what evidence is arrayed against him. “My first response, my eyes started tearing down and my heart started pounding hard and I was shocked,” Hakart said. “One day, I’m going to clear my name. It gave me hope.”

But on Wednesday the Court of Appeal upheld the use of “special advocates,” who represent Harkat and are shown secret evidence denied to Harkat’s lawyers.  “While we are pleased to see that the court did find that there were some glaring problems with respect to Mr. Harkat’s case, we are also disappointed that the court did not find unconstitutional the secret trial process,” said Matthew Behrens, a member of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials. .........

175) One more badass muzzie goes to hell. Whew !!! A man shot to death outside Montreal on Saturday night was an alleged cocaine dealer in the Ottawa area. Wasseem Gebara, 32, was shot to death in a parking lot attached to a condominium in Brossard just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Gebara, who was shot several times, was pronounced dead at the scene. No arrests have been made.

176) Salauddin Choudhury and his partner Ehsan Ali owners of Oh! Calcutta fined for trying to operate restaurant on Calcutta standards.  A judge has refused to reduce the fine for one of two owners of a Calgary company that operated a southwest restaurant, imposing $64,722 in penalties for 54 infractions under the Public Health Act on Thursday.
Provincial court Judge Heather Lamoureux declined the presentation by prosecutor Rob O’Neill to cut the proposed fine to Ehsan Ali in half, because he did not provide any documentation to support his alleged dire financial situation.
Ali, co-owner of Oh! Calcutta, which operated the now-defunct Wicked Chili restaurant at 507 17th Ave. S.W., was convicted on Wednesday after trial by Lamoureux for what she called “deplorable” living conditions in two suites above the restaurant and in the basement.
“Mr. Ali has not presented any income tax statements, receipts or any other means to substantiate his claim that he is in financial difficulty,” said the judge.

177) two men were arrested while in the commission of a break−and−enter in the City of Mississauga
− the two men are part of an organized group believed to be responsible for a number of break−ins throughout Toronto, Peel Region and York Region
− flyers were used as part of a ruse during the break−and−enters
Roustam Rafiev, 28, of Toronto, and Marius Voicu, 20, of Toronto are charged with:
1. Break−and−Enter Commit and other offences.

178) More home invasions by the people imported by our Immigration Dept. to do harm to Canadian citizens. Is this a new trend? One muzzie and one non-muzzie teaming up ?  Scumbags. It is alleged that:
− a man was forced onto his bed and beaten by the two men
− the victim fought back, managing to strike one intruder with a baseball bat and pulling off the second suspect's balaclava
− the men managed to subdue the victim
− they stole his jewellery, cash and a cell phone
− the men both fled the scene.
Abdi Dirie, 21, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with:
1) Robbery while armed with a firearm
2) Wear disguise with intent
3) Forcible Confinement
Shortly after, police issued an arrest warrant for Michael Chatterpaul 22, of no fixed address.
On Sunday, April 29, 2012, Michael Chatterpaul 22, surrendered to police. He has been charged with....

179) On Sunday, April 29, 2012 at approximately 1 a.m., police responded to a radio call for two men breaking into vehicles on Wilson Avenue, near Jane Street− police attended the address and located two men in the parking lot
− as the officers approached the men, they ran
− after a short foot pursuit, the two men were arrested and a loaded .40 calibre Glock
handgun was seized
Ahmed Noor Muse, 23, of Mississauga, and Hussein Ibrahim, 18, of Toronto, were each charged with...........
180) A 19-year-old man was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years behind bars for a street race that killed his friend.
Kareem Alli was convicted of dangerous driving causing death while street racing in the crash that killed Christian "Sisco" Williams, 18, in June 2010.........

How the Persian nutcase has established Iranian influence in Latin America

It's simply amazing how leftist Christian countries ally themselves with murderers. How can one be a follower of Christ and yet support entities that are blood hungry for your Christian blood? Has Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil given up their Christian faith  or is it only greed and  corruption at the top that is playing into Iranian hands?  Whatever it is, this does not look good. Very informative report and worth your time to read in full.  Also worth your time is listening to the vid.

Since Ahmadinejad was elected president in August 2005, Iran has extended and solidified its relations with several Latin American countries, especially Venezuela and Bolivia, and increased its efforts to obtain a political foothold in the others. According to findings brought before the American Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Iran has significantly increased its diplomatic representation in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. It was also reported that since 2005 Iran has increased the number of its embassies in Latin America from five to 11, and set up 17 "cultural centers" as well.

The common factors in the increasingly close relations between Iran and some of the Latin American countries are their anti-American ideologies and policies, and their desire to present a revolutionary alternative to what they perceive as American imperialism. Iran exploits those relations to strengthen its foothold in Latin America (also employing Hezbollah), to establish a presence and gain political, economic, cultural and religious influence. As in other areas of the world, in Latin America Iran employs terrorism and subversion, and works to instill radical Shi'ite Islamic ideology into the local Muslim communities.....

Necrophilia is no laughing matter

Links lead to graphic images and descriptions. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you know anything about Barnhardt you know she doesn't cut any corners just so you can find what she has to say a bit  more palatable. Read the whole thing, it's worth your time.

Ann Barnhardt writing at AmericanThinker:
.... Within Part 4 I discuss the specific ratification and encouragement within Islamic culture of necrophilia, which is sexual intercourse with a dead body. I cite a fatwa issued in May of 2011 by a famous and respected Imam in Morocco which states the following:

"Since a good Muslim couple will meet again in Heaven, and since death does not alter the marital contract, it is not a hindrance to the husband's desire to have sexual intercourse with the corpse of his (freshly) deceased wife." -Imam Abdelbari Zemzami

I noticed right away that during this part of my presentation, those present would react to this with laughter. This is a common psychological defense mechanism. When sane human beings are confronted with something as horrific and evil as necrophilia, the mind attempts to dilute the horror of such evil by painting it as comedic -- a joke, something to be ridiculed and laughed at, because facing the thing itself is simply too painful. This is what was happening at my presentations. And so, I decided to correct this.

At my next delivery of this presentation, the audience again laughed at the reality of necrophilia in Islam. I asked if there was a widower in the room. There was. A man, who looked to be around seventy, had lost his wife to cancer a few years earlier. I stepped over to him. At this point, another man in attendance, seeing what I was about to do, very quietly groaned, "Oh, God no. Don't.".....

In Life there are no coincidences

What Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador writes about below is about one coincidence. How about the recent news about a LA coroner meeting his end by arsenic poisoning?  Was the guy involved in the autopsy results of Andrew Breibart?  Was that another coincidence?   I for one,  am definitely not in the least bit hesitant to say that I am convinced that the Seals helicopter was a sitting duck for the Taliban because it's whereabouts were already leaked to them. What did the Seals know that is now most likely sealed with their deaths? 

....Bush handed over the power to Obama. Now, we can appreciate how they are not so different, they share a striking affinity: their love for the Muslim world. Bush’s love was in line with his family business interests, and Obama’s is in line with his religious-political inclinations.......

..........Sure enough, by some strage “coincidence,” last August 2011, a month before 9/11, we got information that in an helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Among the victims, there were 25 Navy SEALs from SEAL Team Six, the unit that carried out the raid in Pakistan in May that killed bin Laden. But, in life, there are no coincidences.

A month later, as the commemoration of 9/11 took place, instructions were given to remove any mention of “Muslim terrorism” and instead speak of “attacks” and ordered a “reevaluation” with the aim to remove any and all references to Islam as a source for Muslim terrorism, including Islamic Jihad. 19 Muslim terrorists massacred over 3,000 people and left countless orphans and mayhem in the country, but their allegiance to Islam had to be erased. ......

Hmmm ... Syrian opposition groups have mighty missiles ...

if this pic is not a fake.
I wonder how they got their hands on heavy weaponry.   Could it be that the Saudi money and USA's weapons stockpile have started  looking after their needs?   Nah... can't be.  Those two nations are known to never interfere in other countries. Have you ever known the USA to interfere in civil wars?  Mystery of mysteries, eh?!!

  ...At least eight people     were killed in three blasts that rocked the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib on Monday, state media and opposition activists said.

"An explosion shook the university neighborhood in Idlib," the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.The group said up to 20 people had been killed, mostly members of the security forces. Authorities put the death toll at only eight and said some 100 people were wounded.

State news agency SANA said "terrorists" were behind the attacks that were carried out by "suicide bombers" in residential neighborhoods...........

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ukraine becomes a terrorism target

The usual suspects of course.  Safe bet. 

  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird     called for "a fair and free" investigation into a series of explosions that rocked the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk Friday.

“This is a sad situation and our thoughts are with the victims and their families," Baird said in a statement. "Canada condemns these cowardly acts without reservation and supports efforts to bring those responsible to justice swiftly.

“We also strongly encourage the Ukrainian government not to use this unfortunate situation as a pretext to curtail basic freedoms like freedom of expression."

On Saturday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich promised a swift investigation into the bomb blasts that injured 30 people just weeks ahead of the European soccer championship which Ukraine co-hosts.
Four bombs planted in trash bins in various downtown locations exploded at short intervals in the city of 1.3 million on Friday afternoon, in what prosecutors said was an “act of terrorism

Germany's muzzies want to replace "man-made" democracy with "divine" Shariah Law

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!    The freaks are becoming freakier with each tick-tock of the clock.

Soeren Kern writing at RightSideNews:
....Muslim representatives insisted instead that the German government amend its "misguided" approach to Muslim immigration. Many want to establish a "Koran-state" in Germany; they believe Islamic Sharia law is a divine ordinance that will replace democracy, a man-made form of government.

The main topic for discussion at the conference, however, was not on the official agenda: it was the unprecedented nationwide campaign by Islamic radicals to distribute 25 million free copies of the Koran, with the stated goal of placing one Koran into every home in Germany.

Muslim representatives attending the forum this year were in no mood for compromise, and refused to accept responsibility for any of the myriad irritants in German-Muslim relations, insisting instead that the German government amend its "misguided" approach to Muslim integration....

Do you live in a bubble or outside it ? Take the quiz to find out.

Ezra Levant wants people to take this quiz. I took it and am glad to report that I live way outside the bubble.... not that I had any doubts. 

To read comments go to BlazingCatFur BCF also has vid of Ezra talking to Charles Murray.

A story of Revenge

This one made my day.

Revenge is sweet tooth-less

h/t: Irene

Scumbag Muslims in Nigeria and Kenya make Church day a "kill Christians day"

The islamized UN's pants must be pleasurably dewy.  What's better than seeing Christians killed and at the same time milking the Judeo-Christian countries out of more moollah?  It's a cum, cum situation all the way. If the govts. of either country decide to come down hard on the murderers, the UN will scream so loud their cries will be heard way up there on the moon. "Don't kill our sweet little teddy bear muzzies, you dirty so-and-so" the almighty UN will decree.  In any conflict involving Christians and Muslims, the Saudi- owned United Nations is sure to side with the muzzies. That's a given.  We all see it happening every time, but our lords and masters in our Western govts. have super-thick blinders stuck to their faces.

Nigeria and Kenya are supposed to be Christian lands in a continent that is largely islamic. That makes these two countries prime targets for the scumbag muslim murderers.

KANO, Nigeria (AP) - Gunmen attacked church services on a university campus Sunday in northern Nigeria, using small explosives to draw out and gun down panicking worshippers in an assault that killed at least 16 people, officials said.

The attackers targeted an old section of Bayero University's campus where religious groups use a theater and other areas to hold worship services, Kano state police spokesman Ibrahim Idris said. The assault left many others seriously wounded, Idris said....

.....Boko Haram is waging a growing sectarian battle with Nigeria's weak central government, using suicide car bombs and assault rifles in attacks across the country's predominantly Muslim north and around its capital Abuja. Those killed have included Christians, Muslims and government officials. The sect has been blamed for killing more than 450 people this year alone, according to an Associated Press count.

Diplomats and military officials say Boko Haram has links with two other al-Qaida-aligned terrorist groups in Africa. Members of the sect also reportedly have been spotted in northern Mali which Tuareg rebels and hardline Islamists seized control of over the past month.....

NAIROBI – A grenade attack on a Nairobi church Sunday killed at least one person and injured more than a dozen, the latest in a series of such attacks since Kenya sent troops to fight an al-Qaeda-linked militia in neighboring Somalia.

The attack unfolded during Sunday service at God’s House of Miracles International Church in Nairobi’s Ngara enclave, police officials said. It came days after the U.S. Embassy here issued a warning of an impending attack in the Kenyan capital. “Timing of the attack is not known, however, the embassy has reason to believe that the potential attack is in the last stages of planning,” the embassy said in a statement......

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coffin makers are ever so grateful to the Religion of Peace

Makers of coffins must be rolling in the dough. Coffin-making must be a great business in muzzie lands. Suppliers of white sheets must be also making wads of cash. Both businesses will never see a recession.
The Winner of this round is Nigeria with 19 points, runner-up  Iraq got 15 points.   This was a 4-day match.  Some contestants preferred to play off-stage. 

2012.04.27 (Abu Garma, Iraq) - A Sunni mother and her four children are brutally shot to death in their own home by Shia gunmen.
2012.04.27 (Damascus, Syria) - A suicide bomber detonates across the street from a mosque, leaving a grisly scene and about ten bodies.
2012.04.26 (Garma, Iraq) - A Shahid suicide bomber murders ten Iraqis at a coffee shop.
2012.04.26 (Abuja, Nigeria) - A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four innocents at a second newspaper office.
2012.04.26 (Kaduna, Nigeria) - A Boko Haram car bombing at a newspaper office leaves four people dead.
2012.04.25 (Riyom, Nigeria) - Four women and a 4-year-old child are among members of a Christian village hacked to death by Fulani raiders.
2012.04.25 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Religion of Peace militants
2012.04.24 (Bara Qadeem, Pakistan) - A child dies from splinter injuries suffered from a Mujahideen grenade attack.
2012.04.24 (Gwa-Rim, Nigeria) - Suspected Boko Haram attack a village and massacre five residents.
2012.04.24 (Jos, Nigeria) - Fundamentalists bomb a bar where locals gather to watch a soccer match. One person is killed.
2012.04.24 (Lahore, Pakistan) - Islamic militants bomb a train station, killing three bystanders, including a 9-year-old child.


What's gonna happen to protestors in certain "designated" areas

It's now a felony to protest in certain areas that Obama and gang deem to be "protest free areas". Actually, I like this law. You know why?  Because, 99.9% percent of the time it's the lefties who scream and shout and get up to all kinds of mischief like unruly and dangerous kids. I have never, NEVER, seen a protest by the right in America or Canada where the protestors broke the law and commenced throwing things at police authorities and generally making asses of themselves like the Left wind up doing every single time.

So, my hat's off to Obama and his arm-twisters in this round of mafiaso tactics. I don't care that FoxNews is against this ... they are islamized anyway in many other areas ... so their opinion is worth zilch ...IMO.

I hope, the Harper government takes a cue from this new regulation imposed down south and bring it into our legislation too.  Righties should not get their panties in a twist over this ... you know a similar measure is needed over here.

h/t: Barry

60 Minutes lapse in memory or wilful forgetfulness?

Hey, what do you expect when most of the MSM is full of lefties and anti-semites?  The reporters are so in love with pallies that their favorite fashion accessory is the checkered scarf ... that is like a  "in your face" kind of   anti-semitism, IMO. 

Prof. Paul C. Merkley writing at ICEJ, Canada
A question NOT asked by the champions of gotcha television who put together the item on the situation of Palestinian Christians that aired on the CBS Sixty Minutes programme on Sunday April 22, was this fairly obvious one: Why are Christians fleeing from every corner of the globe INTO Israel?

Israel is the only polity in the entire Middle East in which Christian numbers are growing absolutely. They have in fact increased 400 percent since 1948. Today there are about 163,000 Christians in Israel -- about 2.1% of the total population of around 7 million. This number is growing as Christians flee into Israel from all the nearby African states, such as Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia Somalia, Kenya and beyond. They are fleeing also from the states of the former Soviet Empire and from Muslim-majority communities around the world.

Incidentally, the Muslim population of Israel is also growing – from 100,000 in 1948 to 900,000 today –from 9.5% of the whole in 1948 to 14.8%. These Muslims vote in Israeli elections and have always held a significant role in the brokering of interests that go into forming Israeli governments. How can this reality be squared with the Arab cartoon-denunciation of life under the Israeli boot? It would have been good to hear Bob Simon ask this fairly obvious question.

Among many other realities that were overlooked is that Israel does not rule in the Palestine Authority. The Palestine Authority does. The State of Israel does assume responsibility for keeping individuals dedicated to liquidation of the Jews out of the Jewish state. Some of these are local Palestinians; others are Muslim zealots who have come to the bosom of the PA on commission from al-Qaeda, from Iran, from Hezbollah and other terrorists organizations. The wall* is certainly an eyesore, and inevitably it has made life significantly more difficult for everybody. But it has served its purpose: since it was completed, loss of civilian lives by terrorist deeds has been reduced by at least 80%.......

h/t: Pam

Two opinions: Phyllis Chesler and Salim Mansur

Phyllis Chesler writing at Arutz ShevaWill Obama Stop the Bomb. ...This was the first time that Dr. Small spoke about this publicly.

He is Canadian and grew up in Montreal. Therefore, Dr. Small speaks in a restrained and reasonable way about outrages and injustices. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

I was privileged to have met him in 2003 and to have worked with him while he was at Yale. I have also written about his work and its tragic demise at Yale.

This time, Dr. Small named names.

But, he first wondered whether “Israel,” which is being blamed by everyone for every conceivable wrong, is really also to blame for whatever problems American Jews are having in terms of communal identity or “renewal.” He also wondered how different American Jews and Jewish leaders are today when compared to the American Jewish leaders in the 1920s and 1930s, as economic problems worsened and a virulent anti-Semitism arose. Sound familiar? He asked:

“Were the American Holocaust-era leaders trying to save European Jews? Or were they nervous about bringing over shtetl, Yiddish-speaking people who might increase anti-Semitism in America?” Were their efforts too little and too late and were their efforts also met with great resistance?.........

Salim Mansur's latest column: .... The inaction of the Obama administration is a reflection of American opinion to stay distant from the interminable conflicts of the Middle East.

American opinion is right on Syria. This is the natural and logical response of a people after having reflected on the lesson learned from their involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was worse, if this could now be imagined or explained, than the Syrian despot. His removal was earnestly desired by most Iraqis.

Yet when Saddam Hussein was removed, the Arab-Muslim world in unison denounced the American liberators of Iraq for meddling in Arab affairs, and then held them responsible for the terror unleashed by Islamists against Iraqis.

It was an Orwellian turn of logic. American soldiers were turned into criminals while criminal thugs from across the Arab world, swarming into a post-Saddam, free Iraq to cripple it with their wanton and indiscriminate terror, were turned into freedom fighters.

It was even worse to follow the liberal-left opinion in the West – led by such disgusting demagogues as George Galloway, Noam Chomsky, the late Edward Said, and including then senator Obama, all posing as men of virtue — piling up on George W. Bush, while Arabs murdered Arabs in the manner in which they have done such killing going all the way back to the massacre of the Prophet’s family.............

h/t: Pam

Oh-Uh .....what sweet hell is this?

Someone somewhere in Egypt has something nasty in mind for Saudi Arabia. I like it. I like it very much !!See how quickly they "temporarily closed" their embassy before the incident became like it did with the Israeli embassy last year. They always avoid world attention on themselves and an Israeli-like attack on their embassy would have done that .... so they slither away in the dark.  Manipulators extraordinaire.  No other nation can come even within a mile of Saudi Arabia for craftiness and pure unadulterated evil.

....Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Egypt for “consultation” and temporarily closed its embassy and consulate in Cairo, Al Arabiya television reported.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that the reason behind the diplomatic move was “unjustified protests” in Egypt and attempts to storm the Saudi embassy and consulates which “threatened the safety of its employees.”

Egyptians have protested outside the embassy over the arrest of an Egyptian lawyer and human rights activist, Ahmad Al Gazawi, in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia said it he was arrested for smuggling drugs. Egyptian activists, however, said Gazawi was detained for filing a complaint against Saudi Arabia for its treatment of Egyptian citizens in Saudi prisons.

A Saudi embassy statement had said Gazawi has not been convicted or sentenced in any case. Instead they said he was being questioned by authorities after airport officials in Jeddah found more than 20,000 anti-anxiety pills hidden inside his luggage. It also said he was not wearing pilgrims' clothes, which they said indicated he was not making a religious pilgrimage as his family maintains.....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Allen West on Obama's weapons of mass destruction

What a pity that this man was deprived of the privilege of being America's first black president by the gullible Americans who voted  for the flashing smile and lies of the present resident of the WH.

to read comments go to TheRightScoop

Human Trafficking new bill C-310

Good news for Canadians who are concerned about human trafficking with the kingpin slavemasters maddeningly way out of our reach. Not any more. That's changing .... and all thanks to MP Joy Smith and the dedicated Senators and others, not only on the Hill, but in the various groups made up of mostly young activists who have taken up the cause and are running a campaign of awareness.

If you are a Canadian (Canadian of convenience, of course) and you have set up shop outside Canada and you are dealing in the lowest of trades known to men, you won't escape Canadian justice. Let's hope this Bill is passed into Law pronto.

MPs unanimously approved a Conservative private member's bill to combat international human trafficking, sending Bill C-310 off to the Senate on Friday.

Winnipeg MP Joy Smith said if her bill becomes law, it will "reach the long arm of the Canadian law into other countries" by allowing Canadian police to go abroad, slap handcuffs on a Canadian citizen or permanent resident suspected of trafficking people, and bring the suspect back to Canada for trial.

Smith said traffickers and pedophiles usually try to collect desperate boys and girls in poor countries with weak legal systems, often in Southeast Asia, and force them into prostitution there.

"Canadians are going abroad and they're setting up brothels," said Smith. "They do this with great abandon because they know the likelihood of being discovered is almost impossible."...........

Suicide bombers the most favorite sportsmen of the Sunni Muslims reach Damascus

Say what you will about the Shiites ... they are not into suicide bombing.
The vid below is from a month ago.

From TheTelegraph on today's attack ... they have a vid of the aftermath. ...The explosion under a flyover occurred as worshippers were leaving the mosque in the Medan district of the city, which was under heavy security due to its reputation as a launchpad for anti-President Assad demonstrations after Friday prayers.

A resident who spoke to security officials at the scene said they reported a man in military uniform walking towards the area from a nearby street.....

The vid below gives you a vague idea of the situation in Syria and what it has done to the infrastructure and the industry.

Muzzieland-made Danish Pastries puffed up with poison

....Danish intelligence officials arrested three men in their twenties suspected of "having been in the process of preparing a terrorist act," according to a statement from PET, the country's Security and Intelligence Service.

A 21-year old Danish citizen who lives in Egypt and two Copenhagen residents -- a 22-year-old Jordanian and a 23-year-old Turk -- were picked up from two locations in Copenhagen and charged with illegal possession of automatic weapons. ...

On Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Margaret Sanger .... remember her?

Very interesting viewpoint at :
BoldColors ....Things are going to get worse before they get better. Mitt Romney has a high probability of choosing Senator Rubio as his running mate. He is going to run on a pro-life and pro-gun platform, regardless of his true beliefs, which are virtually indiscernible. And Hispanics will support Romney/Rubio in record numbers.

Eventually, blacks will figure out that the real threat to young men like Trayvon Martin was not a white Hispanic named George Zimmerman. It was a white supremacist named Margaret Sanger.

Dhimmi Ohio judge rules banning of pork in prison because of muslim inmates is justified

USA is being eaten up raw by the multitude of traitors within it.

In a ruling that is becoming more and more common, a federal judge says an Ohio prison forcing all inmates to adhere to a strict Islamic diet is not an establishment of religion simply because everyone eats the same food....

Glenn Beck's blockbuster documentary .... Rumors of War III

Glenn Beck's documentary on how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the government of America is going to be talked about and spread around for a long, long time. Hopefully it will wake up even the dead and save America from the traitors within her borders.

Also, listen to Rep.Michele Bachmann talking to Glenn about the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in the Obama administration here. You will be amazed at what she has to say.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Escape from Islam ... the dangerous journey worth taking

Remember the father and daughter from Egypt, both in fear of losing their lives because they converted to Christianity?   The journey out of the cult of islam is difficult as are the journeys from any kind of a cult .... but there are churches everywhere  who can help people get out of the murderous, primitive cult of islam.  Better to die free than be a slave to the devilish ideology of islam.  My own local church in Toronto was proud to announce during the Easter weekend that we have inducted new Christians within our fold.... and I suspect they were all former members of the cult of islam.

Here's the latest about  the Father/Daughter apostates. Read the entire thing. It's a tale of endurance, determination, faith, hope, fear and nightmares. And, the nightmares have not ended. Although they are out of Egypt, the threat on their lives from other muslims in Europe hang heavily over them.

...Q: Can you tell us what happened to you in passing months when you decided to left Egypt, and how your lives looks like now?

Maher: We have the bad memories since 3,5 years before we got away from Egypt. Somebody tried to killed me, somebody tried to throw acid on my daughter Diner. There are many fatwas on us, saying that anyone who would ever see Maher al-Gohary, must kill him. The Police follow us from place to place, because the Islamists want to kill us.

When the revolution begun we got out to Syria, because all the embassies in Egypt were closed after revolution. When we arrived to Syria, we went to the United Nations because we had to find a safe place. Where the revolution begun we went to the embassy of Vatican and we asked for visa to France. The meeting there went well. They knew me and my daughter. They know our case and gave us the French visa.

After some days being in France we found out that there are many Islamic people on the streets. Dina was scarred. Church could not help us because of the many Muslims living in France. We decided to take a train to Germany. We found out that there also many Turkish Muslims are living. We were looking for any place with not so many Muslims, we decided to the take train to Sweden. Now we don’t have any place to stay. My daughter needs go to school but she cannot do it here.

We need to live a normal and peaceful life. The government did not promise us to let us stay in Sweden, they said that they will talk with French and maybe we will come back to France again. Why these people don't remember what we had suffered in our country? All the World knows about us, they wrote about us in newspapers, BBC, Fox News. In Germany and Holland there was made a big movie about us. We are in danger. We are afraid of Islamists. We suffer because of discrimination. We hope that one day me and my daughter Dina will live in peace and safety.’

Q: How do you feel now?

Dina: I would like to have a normal live as any girl in my age. I would like go to school and to church. I would like to come back home without being afraid that somebody would kill me.

Q: Do you remember the last time when you could meet and play with your friends, other kids?

Dina: I haven’t had a normal live in Egypt. The Christian girls were afraid that Muslim girls can kill us.

Q: Did Swedish authorities promise to help you?

M: No, but now we want mercy. I believe in Christ. We were discriminated a lot, they want push us back. We know that Saudi Arabia gives a lot’s of money to make trouble for us. Jussuf Al-Badri said during the TV program: ‘anyone who meet Maher al-Gohary must kill him’.........

Paging News Releases team at Toronto Police Services

Name and shame should be the name of the game.

22 people have been arrested in a drug investigation project but where are the names of those arrested?

We want to see the names. We understand that  the laws in Canada prevent you from naming underaged arrestees. Are we to presume that all 22 people arrested in downtown Toronto were underaged????

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Internet Course in Knowing Your Enemy

“Know your enemy as you know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”
quote attributed to a General in the Chinese army circa 500 BC

Frank Gaffney, IMO, is one of the foremost Americans who is an authority on the dangers of Shariah and the influence of  Islamic madness that is taking hold of the West, all at breakneck speed.  He is offering a free internet course, and I am posting vids I and 2 of the 10 vids course.

The full course is at

I cannot stress strongly enough that you should make yourself find the time to go through all 10 vids.  Please also send the link to others.  The more people we can educate about this danger, the better armed we will be  to tackle it.
Frank Gaffney writing at the WashingtonTimes informs about the free offering:

...Have you ever asked yourself why, despite more than 10 years of effort - involving, among other things, the loss of thousands of lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, well over $1 trillion spent, countless man-years wasted waiting in airport security lines and endless efforts to ensure that no offense is given to seemingly permanently aggrieved Muslim activists - we are no closer to victory in the “war on terrorism” than we were on Sept. 11, 2001?

Thankfully, we have been able to kill some dangerous bad guys. The sad truth is that by almost any other measure, the prospect of victory is becoming more remote by the day. No one seems able to explain the reason.

In an effort to provide the missing answer, on Tuesday , the Center for Security Policy is making available via the Internet a new, free 10-part video course titled “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within” This course connects the proverbial dots, drawing on a wealth of publicly available data and firsthand accounts to present a picture that has, for more than a decade, been obscured, denied and suppressed.

In addition to the threat of violent jihad, America faces another, even more toxic danger - a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”

The Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, that would be the same organization to which President Obama recently transferred $1.5 billion of our tax dollars in a lump-sum payment. For him to do so, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had to waive congressionally imposed restrictions born of fully justified concerns about the nature and direction of the Shariah-adherent government the Brotherhood is birthing in Egypt.

Mrs. Clinton’s presidentially directed waiver came despite the following: the Brotherhood-dominated government’s hostage-taking of American democracy activists; murderous Islamist rampages against Coptic Christians and other religious minorities; the toleration and abetting of escalating violence against Israel in and from the Sinai; and official threats to jettison the 1979 peace treaty with the Jewish state. Matters have only gotten worse since the president’s largesse was made available in an unusual upfront lump-sum payment......

h/t: Irene

TSA = a failed operation from get go

There must be many more of these facilators at countless other airports.
Multiple airport screeners have been arrested for allegedly taking handsome bribes to look the other way while loads of illegal drugs slipped through security at Los Angeles International Airport, federal officials announced today.

Two current and two former officials at the Transportation Security Administration were arrested in the last 48 hours in connection with at least five incidents from February 2011 to July 2011 in which on duty screeners took payments of up to $2,400 to allow suitcases filled with drugs to pass unimpeded through X-ray machines at LAX, U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr.'s office said in a statement.

According to Birotte's office, the scheme was uncovered after a member of the alleged conspiracy accidentally went through the wrong security line and was busted by TSA screeners who were not in on the plot. In another case, a TSA screener unknowingly arranged with a confidential source for the Drug Enforcement Administration to receive $1,200 for a shipment of methamphetamine to pass through security.....

Many more charitable donations from the Religion of Peace

Oh look ! We have joint winners in this round.  Hearty congratulations to both Pakistan and Iraq.  Good work scumbags.

2012.04.23 (Tikrit, Iraq) - Two children are machine-gunned to death in their school by Jihadis.
2012.04.23 (Baghdad, Iraq) - A young girl is among two Iraqis killed by terrorists with silencers.
2012.04.22 (Adezai, Pakistan) - Four cousins are ambushed and murdered by machine-gun wielding Islamists.
2012.04.21 (North Waziristan, Pakistan) - Two grandchildren of a tribal elder are kidnapped and brutally executed by Sunni hardliners.
2012.04.21 (Quetta, Pakistan) - Two religious minorities are killed for their faith by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.21 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Sunni bombers take out three people near a Shiite place of worship with bombs planted on a minibus.
2012.04.20 (Baghdad, Iraq) - A mosque imam is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.19 (Jerusalem, Israel) - An orthodox Jewish pilgrim is stabbed outside a tomb by two Arabs.
2012.04.19 Afghanistan Lagrai A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Afghan souls to Allah.
2012.04.19 Nigeria Maiduguri Five day laborers at a bakery are brutally shot to death by Boko Haram.


The mad, mad, mad world of muzziedom

A comedian gets  jail term for insulting the cult of islam in the roles he played in films.

An Egyptian court has sentenced one of the Arab world's most famous comedic actors to jail for offending Islam in some of his most popular films.

Adel Imam was sentenced to three months in jail and fined 170 dollars for insulting Islam in roles he played.

Muslim comic book heroes insipid as the Muslims themselves

Those tall tales from the islamic world just don't cut it with us anymore.

 I would prefer to read Frank Miller's "Holy Terror" instead of the slop from islamic propagandists and their tools here in the West. His "300" was great and I hope someone has the balls to make "Holy Terror" into a movie too.

Dr.Pipes on the muzzie comedians infiltrating with comics .... the paper kind.:
....Comic books as a method of missionizing for Islam (dawa)?
Yes. One year ago, Harvard University hosted a workshop to teach comic-book artists how to address Americans’ “unease with Islam and the Middle East.” And later this week, Georgetown University will air a PBS documentary, Wham! Bam! Islam!, celebrating a comic book called The 99.

The 99 sounds innocuous. Adweek describes its topic as “a team of multinational superheroes [who] band together to fight the forces of evil.” The American children’s network Hub more fully explains that, “created by noted Middle East scholar and clinical psychologist Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, [it consists of] superhero characters who must work together to maximize their powers. Each member of The 99 embodies one of 99 global values such as wisdom, mercy, strength or faithfulness, and they hail from 99 different countries on seven continents. The series’ superheroes portray characters designed to be positive role models, representing diverse cultures, who work together to promote peace and justice.”

Who can object to the promotion of “global values . . . representing diverse cultures”?

But a closer look reveals the Islamic nature of the comic book. The title refers to Islam’s concept that God has 99 names, each of which appears in the Koran and embodies some attribute of his character: the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Kind, the Most Holy, and the All-Peaceful — but also the Avenger, the Afflicter, and the Causer of Death........

h/t: Pam

Useful Idiots ... even amongst those Christians who are supposedly victims of muzzie hate ...

and suffering untold harm under muzzie rule.  Must be something in the waters of the Nile.

Ashraf Ramelah writing at RightSideNews
....Days before the holy weekend hundreds of church members disregarded the longstanding prohibition issued by the late Pope forbidding all pilgrimages by Copts to Jerusalem’s holy sites. They were wrong to perhaps believe that, in the few weeks since their Pope’s death, their bishops and priests would overturn or overlook church policy set by the Pope. To the chagrin of many Copts, the church remains in the grip of the Pope’s unsettling anti-Semitic 1979 edict prohibiting Copts to visit Israeli “occupied” Jerusalem.

Their story was reported by the Egyptian newspaper, Al Youm el Sabeh, as well as Egypt which stated that the Saint Helena Chapel Priest Misael stood his ground against Copts attempting entry, indicating that the Pope’s order barring visiting Copts must be respected. The late Pope’s political and longstanding pro-Muslim bias remains intact with the current acting Pope, Bishop Pachomius, who is reported as planning to continue to “follow in the footsteps” of Pope Shenouda III with regard to “national and Arab causes” (see Ramadan Al Sherbini, Egypt, 4/8/12).

The late Pope Shenouda III was the out-spoken spiritual head of the Coptic Orthodox Church for the past forty years who curiously positioned the church against Christian teachings when he sided with the Egyptian Arab-Muslim point of view regarding the “liberation” of Jerusalem. His well-known quote “Copts will only enter Jerusalem hand-in-hand with their Muslim brothers” injected an unfortunate and inexcusable rationale which resulted in coldness toward Jews and has led to a deep divide between Copts and Jews....

Intercourse with your child-wife when she's 10 is all fine and dandy says muzzie lowlife

Come ... meet the full blown madness of what goes on in the putrid house of Saud and the Kingdom of SAtan.  Every insane devilish evil going on in Sunni lands is because it is decreed by those fatwa spewing fucks in Saudi Arabia or written in their book of lies.  Every time you read or hear about Saudi Arabia, don't forget you are learning more about our ally in the war against  Gadhafi and his regime ... and what's more, this satanic ally will  probably be our ally in future wars because the islamized UN will wield it's power over us and our limp-wristed politicians will submit to the UN's muslim might.

Happy with how our overlords take us to war fighting side by side with scum against other scum ?
All Hail the mighty Harper .... the all knowing wise man with the best foreign policy moves ever !!!!

Daniel Greenfield writing at RightSideNews:
....The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has ruled that ten year old girls can be married off, because in his words, "Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties at that age." The Mufti, who also recently called for destroying churches in the Arabian Peninsula, is descended from Mohammed Wahhab who gave birth to Wahhabism and his descendants have controlled the Saudi religious establishment, which has given them control of Islam around the world. For all his power and influence, the Mufti is blind and hasn't seen a thing in the last 52 years, an apt metaphor for his entire religion.....

Fresh breast milk anyone? Direct from the burkha babes into your mouth

Yummy !!!

What a mad, mad, mad world of the muzzies !!!

Update: More at the link below ... if it the above is  hard for you to swallow.... pun intended.

SEC going after Hollywood studios

Aww .. so not fair!  What's poor Obama to do now that there might be a few dollars less coming to his reelection coffers from  Babylon?

From the EconomyWatch:
The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States are investigating the financial dealings of some of Hollywood’s biggest movie studios in China after information leaked that studio executives may have been making illegal payments to government officials in order to gain a stronger foothold into the Chinese market.

20th Century Fox, the Walt Disney Company and DreamWorks Animation are reported to be among the first major five companies that have been contacted by the S.E.C. on Tuesday, reported the New York Times – with a number of the larger, and some smaller, studios expected to soon receive notification, or at least be made aware, about the inquiry.

Though neither the SEC nor the movie studios chose to comment on the investigation, the NYT’s source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that the inquiry had been launched after the government agency became wary of recent activity by movie studios in China – including a recent landmark deal by Dreamworks to build a production studio in Shanghai....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

London College of Business Management, UK .... churning out more than Business Managers

Yup ... all Western institutions of learning that are brimming over with muslim students, churn out a good number of undesirables.... but hey what the heck, eh?   One must never say "No" to those wads of money coming from those who wish to take over the learning institutions in the West.

...Two ‘despicable’ sex predators who raped a woman after she fell asleep on a night bus have been jailed for a total of 18-and-a-half years.

Pakistani students Rizwan Ahmad, 24, and Hassan Siddique, 19, targeted the 20-year-old as she made her way home from a night out in central London.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how Siddique got off the number 55 bus while Ahmad began chatting to the woman when she realised she had missed her stop......

....The two men lured their victim down a secluded alleyway off Leabridge Road in Leyton, east London, and took turns to rape her in the early hours of June 4 last year.

During their trial Ahmad and Siddique insisted their victim had encouraged them, but the jury found both defendants guilty of rape and attempted rape.....

I predict an upcoming war between Tunisia and Libya

One of these days we will hear of a war breaking out between the now fully shariah-ed Libya and the newly more islamized Tunisia. Won't that be nice?!!   I wonder which side PM Harper and his CINO buddies (if they are still holding sway when it happens) will be hugging to their bosoms then or will they have the good sense to let muslim kill muslim for the betterment of the world?

150 Tunisians working for an oil company in Libya are being held by gunmen.

Remember Blago of the lotta hair?

Blago the arm-twister blackmailer serving time for doing what most Chicago politicians think is the "order of things"  but won't say so out  loud.  Here's the latest on the fall guy.

Ever since Rod Blagojevich reported to the Englewood Federal Correctional Center outside Denver five and a half weeks ago, it's as if he vanished from the face of the Earth. Nothing has been heard about his life behind bars.

But on Sunday, FOX Chicago News learned exclusively that Illinois' former governor is now washing pots and pans, and could soon be teaching Shakespeare and Greek mythology to other inmates.

That's what we heard Sunday from Sam Adam Jr. and his father, Sam Adam Sr., who spent 90 minutes with Blagojevich inside the prison Sunday morning. "All things considered, he looked good, he's still got a headful of hair, it's gone from black to brown, not gray, as everyone predicted," Sam Jr. told Fox Chicago News. "It's gone from black to brown but he looks good."

It was just after nine a.m. when the two attorneys arrived at Englewood. They entered through the same entrance used by Blagojevich 38 days ago.The father-and-son legal team rode the rails on AMTRAK to Denver. Sam Adam Jr.'s son, four-year-old Parker, came along for the ride, although he did not visit Blagojevich, whom Sam Sr. views as another son...........

Monday, April 23, 2012

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XVI

162) ...“I hope you f—ing die!” Those were the emotional words of a daughter, screamed at a man being led away in handcuffs who now stands accused of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of her mother on Wednesday night (April 11).....
.....She added that one of the daughters told the officer to go into the house.
“The girl was screaming at him, ‘Just go in the house and see for yourself.’”
Ten minutes after police went inside, Ashford said, officers came out escorting 53-year-old Chawki El-Birani, who was wearing pajamas and was handcuffed. Not long after, she added, a woman — who was later identified as El-Birani’s wife — was brought out on a stretcher.
Sonia El-Birani, 50, was taken to London Health Sciences Centre where she was pronounced dead. Her death marks the city’s first homicide of 2012......

163) Abdikani Warsame, 19, of Toronto and Hassan Mohamed, 19, of Toronto have been charged. On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 1:40 p.m., police responded to a call for a shooting in the
Burnhamthorpe Road/The East Mall area.
It is alleged that:
− the accused men met the victim, in the Burnhamthorpe Road/The East Mall area, to purchase his iPhone 4
− one of the accused men pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the victim's head
− the men stole the victim's phone and fled the scene
− one of the men who fled the scene accidentally shot himself

164) The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit has laid charges in connection to multiple March 2012 robberies....
.....Stemming from these investigations, Mohamed Mahamud, age 22 of Ottawa, is charged with the following:
* Seven counts of robbery
* Six counts of possessing a weapon to commit an offence
* Two counts of pointing a firearm
* One count of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence
* Five counts of breach of probation
* Five counts of possessing a firearm while prohibited
* Two counts of wearing a disguise
* Three counts of uttering threats
* One count of forcible confinement ..........

165) ....On April 12, 2012, an arrest was made in connection with these two robberies. The Ottawa Police Robbery Unit has charged Ahmed Al-Fadli, age 22 of Ottawa, with two counts of robbery. In addition, the Gun & Gangs Unit has charged Mr. Al-Fadli with single counts each of possession of a schedule I substance and possession of a schedule III substance. Mr. Al-Fadli appears in court this date. .....

166) This guy is either a muslim or a Hindu from the SriLanka refugee scam boatload. Thayaruban Mylvaganam, 29, of Toronto has been charged with:
1) Sexual Assault
2) Sexual Interference
3) two counts of Assault
4) two counts of Fail to Comply Probation

167) Jury finds Mohamed Nasrallah, 24, guilty.... It was the third time Nasrallah and his friends had stolen from gas stations, and the second time in three days they had ripped off Peter’s Gas Bar. Nasrallah pleaded guilty to three counts of theft. The jury seemingly rejected Nasrallah’s testimony at trial that he never saw Armstrong, and only learned he had hit someone when he was arrested by police a month later. A sentencing hearing has yet to be set.

168) ...A Mississauga man accused of killing his landlord chose not to testify as his trial wrapped up this week in Brampton court. Crown prosecutor Alex Cornelius and defence lawyer Jennifer Penman will be back in court tomorrow to give closing submissions in the judge-alone trial before Justice Bonnie Wein.  Court has heard that Penman's client, Salik Bin Sajid, a tenant living in the basement of a home, attacked and killed his landlord while he was repairing a window because Sajid didn't like the way he looked at him.
Cornelius said Sajid, 25, delivered two "lethal" stab wounds that killed Mustaeen Siddiqi, 45, a married father of three....

169) Syed Raza, 18, of Whitby has been charged with:
1) Robbery while armed with firearm
2) Disguise with intent
3) Possession prohibited weapon
4) Robbery while armed with firearm
5) Disguise with intentand

170) On Saturday, April 21, 2012, at 10:43 p.m, a man was arrested and charged.
Suleyman Demirbas, 60, of Woodbridge, was charged with:
1. two counts of Attempt Forcible Confinement
2. two counts of Assault

Saudi Arabia's lapdog Bahrain in deep doodoo

The trouble there is because a minority of Sunnis are weilding their power and might over the Shiite majority. Many of the Shiites in Bahrain have pally roots (the very "best" troublemakers are the pallies), still others have Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese origins. Then off course, there are the countless muddled muzzies from the mixed Sunni/Shiites marriages and those poor souls don't know who or what is pulling their strings ... but they march on as all useful idiots do.

I am thrilled that Bahrain is going through this hell, a hell caused mainly by the pallies.  No matter what the propaganda fed to us, don't forget that Saudi Arabia is the main culprit for keeping the Israel/Gaza/WestBank issue burning bright.  If not for their manipulation in keeping the surrounding countries from letting the pallies become full citizens of the countries they were in as "refugees" .... this point in time for Bahrain and other Arab nations would have never come about. The pallies would have been well settled and if given equal opportunities with the Arabs they would have been equally rich and content. But the Saudis didn't want the pallies to "invade" their pristine Arab lands  as full citizens.  

It's the Palestinian misfortune that they have been shafted from each and every Arab land although their pride will not let them acknowledge it even to themselves.... not that anybody is pitying them. One gets what one deserves. Their anti-semitic lifestyle might be endearing to other anti-semites around the world but it's a lost cause and totally out of fashion.  If the money trail is followed religiously, all donations and funds to the TV shows and education material that young Palestinian children are fed day in and day out, will prove to have come from Saudi Arabia and their lapdogs Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Oman. The Arabs have created the Palestinian problem because they do not want pallies in their own lands. What's happening in their lands now is what they always suspected the pallies would one day bring about if they were welcomed within their folds.... and in that they are proven correct.  What the Arabs refused to give the pallies, the pallies took by force ... by inter-marriages.

The problem in the Muslim world is not Israel. The problem is Saudi Arabia. One big nasty Dr.Evil with the pallies as the character Scott.  Only when we recognize the evil for what it is can we prepare ourselves to confront it. Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars on public relations firms to squash and dissipate anything written, spoken or implied about that hellhole and that is the main reason why most people have no inkling about their dangerous influence,  all thanks to their oil revenue.  If not for their endless money, we would see this nation for the evil it is and see it in it's ridiculously naked vomit-inducing state.

Dutch PM and cabinet resigns

More power to Geert Wilders.   The Netherlands PM Mark Rutte with a minority govt. has thrown in his towel much to the chagrin of their masters at the EU.

....The Dutch crisis came after Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party, withdrew support for Mr Rutte’s minority Liberal and Christian Democrat government, after accusing it of bowing to Brussels demands to “bleed” the people.

The decision by Mr Wilders, whose anti-Islam party has switched its focus to campaign against the EU, came as Dutch opinion polls on Sunday found that 57 per cent of voters are opposed to the cuts.

The European Commission repeated its demand for the Dutch government to submit measures to balance the budget in line with euro spending rules to Brussels within nine days....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Donald Trump vs Scotland's dizziness for Wind Turbines

Ohh.... those Scots !!  How did they become so leftish and harebrained?  Most nations are dumping any plans they had for additional turbines, but the Scots are proving to be  late learners.

From the NewsScotsman:
...US tycoom Donald Trump will warn the Scottish Parliament this week that his plans to build a luxury hotel alongside his Aberdeenshire golf course will be axed if ministers back a series of “insane” wind turbines nearby.

The billionaire property developer will appear at Holyrood on Wednesday to attack the Scottish Government’s renewable energy proposals, accusing Alex Salmond of “destroying” the country’s natural heritage.

His championship golf course, ten miles north of Aberdeen, is scheduled to open as planned in July, but the entrepreneur’s senior representative said additional plans for a major hotel and housing development could not “co-exist” with an offshore wind farm planned for the coastal waters nearby.......

While the world does a jitterbug around Syria, Christians and their churches are destroyed in Sudan

The bodies of Christians are piling up. The remaining Christians in Sudan are living in a nightmare. The imams are instigating the muslims to do away with Christians. The Christians are fearful of venturing into the streets. The Christians are accused of distributing Bibles in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the Christians are accused of anything that the imams feels will make their muslim congregation go out and hunt them down and they do.

The muslim prez of the USA and the islamized UN are unable to take on anything more than the agenda set before them for immediate action by their boss Saudi Arabia.  Thus, the focus remains on Syria and Iran.  Obama's messages to both Sudan and South Sudan are here. You can hear for yourselves how he is dumping both the Sudans in the same pot. This muslim prez will never ever blame his muslim brothers. The ethnic cleansing going on in Sudan is done by his muslim brothers so he prefers to ignore it.  What's happening in Sudan is the most underwritten and the  most ignored of conflicts going on in  our present time.

Listen to the vid below to learn why South Sudan tried to reclaim the oil area at the border.

...The witnesses and several newspapers said a mob of several hundreds shouting insults at southerners torched the church. Fire engines could not put out the fire, they added.

One newspaper, Al-Sahafah, said the church was part of a complex that included a school and dormitories. Ethiopian refugees living in the Sudanese capital also used the church.....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obama's Pentagon bullies USA Today

Muzzling of the Press is a trait of socialism and yet most people hesitate to call Obama and his gang Communists with a capital "C".  And, please don't tell me that there's a difference between Socialism and Communism. Two sides of the same coin .... in my opinion.

....The timing of the online harassment coincided with stories by Pentagon correspondent Tom Vanden Brook, who has written about the military's "information operations" program that spent large sums on marketing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program has faced criticism in and outside the Defense Department as "ineffective and poorly monitored," the paper said.

The false online accounts, including a fake Wikipedia entry, started appearing only days after the reporter first contacted Pentagon contractors for the story, the newspaper wrote.....
via: Drudge

Here's the article that the Pentagon and their Contractor got mad about. Wartime is a great way to make wads of money, as long as you are well connected to the corrupt regime.  To be clear, the Contractor won the Pentagon's business before Obama came on the scene, but it's under Obama's highly unprofessional presidency that the tentacles of corruption and bullying as practiced by his devotees are now to be found  even at the Pentagon.

Our Western govts. ignore what the Polls tell ... therein lies the tragedy

Someone please send the link below to the Honorable Jason Kenney, PLEASE.  I am so tired of writing to our CINO in the Canadian parliament.  My correspondence seems to fall like water on a duck's back.

If only our overlords removed their blinders, for even a second, they would pay more heed to the islamic threat.

I am not as yet ready to believe that those we have elected to high office are deliberately turning this country into a muslim-heavy hellhole. I would prefer to think that they have not done a good job of educating themselves on the gigantic problem of the Muslim culture  and not made themselves familiar with the deadly consequences of  what happens when the Muslim immigrant population reaches a certain percentage and beyond. 

Muslim migration to the West is for the sole purpose of a modern day "colonization" of the lands they migrate to.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

How Saudi Arabia is hell bent on using the USA and Israel against Iran and Syria

After they neutralize Syria and Iran, then they will turn again Israel. Wanna bet ???  It won't be via direct war but by stealth jihad.  It's the nature of the beast, there's no getting away from it.  Like I have always maintained, Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world.  They dig in their claws in the topmost reaches of the world's most influential organizations and governments and all with the power of money, a never-ending supply of it.  Saudi Arabia is the sole culprit for the indoctrination of children of Muslim immigrants to the West and it does this by funding Islamic Study courses and sectors in the schools and universities of the West .... while our govts. lick their chops at the prospect of the  influx of huge amounts of money from that country without giving a damn about where it goes and what it does.

Ed Husain, author of The Islamist, writing at the CouncilOnforeignRelations has a great inside look on what's happening .... definitely worth a read.

........Three countries were on top of the agenda for the many Saudis I met with in Riyadh last week. Again and again, and in passionate terms, Saudi political leaders were keen to stress the importance of arming Syrian opposition players, bombing Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities, and unflinchingly supporting the al-Khalifa monarchy in Bahrain. In their minds, these are not political options, but rather realities on the ground that they worry Washington does not understand.

Car bumper stickers in Riyadh called for arming the Free Syrian Army. Such an open display of support for military intervention in another country cannot be expressed in Saudi Arabia without government and broader public backing. The Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, is on record calling for the arming of Syrian fighters. At meeting after meeting, the U.S. government position was heavily criticized by our Saudi friends. I was struck by two points: First, when asked what would happen after Assad fled or was removed, most Saudis I spoke with fell silent. Much like the Syrian opposition, their Saudi supporters have yet to put in place a concrete, viable plan to help Syrians rebuild after the fall of this deeply entrenched Baathist state. Second, no consideration has been given to what might happen if Saudi citizens were to rise in protest against the House of Saud. Does a military intervention in Syria not set a direct precedent for Saudi protesters in the Eastern Province? If those protesters were to be armed by outside powers, would Saudi Arabia’s government accept U.S. support for anti-government Saudis?...............

Michael Coren and Pam Geller on the poisoning of Afghan schoolgirls ....

and the intensity of the war against women by the Taliban which is largely ignored by our Western media.

Bahrainis protest ... but Formula 1 still prefers to keep the blinders on ...

and race for the Muslim bribes in garlands of gold and pots of cash. 

...The protesters - from the majority Shi'ite community - assembled in the Budaiya area near Manama. They say they feel sidelined by a Sunni-controlled ruling elite.

Hundreds of demonstrators broke away from Friday's march and made their way towards the main highway in the direction of Pearl Roundabout, the initial focus of Bahrain's protest movement when the uprising first began in February 2011.....

....Mr Al-Binali was also asked about allegations that there had been 100 arrests and 50 people injured in the last week. He said: "The right to protest is guaranteed in the constitution. Nobody in Bahrain will be arrested simply for protesting.

"However, I'm sure you've seen the footage of what some might call protesters assaulting police officers with Molotov cocktails .... I'm sure you'd agree that the most liberal of western democracies would draw the line at the violent assault of policemen."

Protesters said they felt the grand prix was ill-timed but speaking to the media, Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman said: "I think cancelling the race just empowers extremists....

More giveaways from the Religion of Peace ...

that too, in just four days. How many more that we don't know of ?  We don't know.  Iraq is the "winner" here, going by body count.  

2012.04.19 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Terrorists murder at least eleven Iraqis in five separate bombings.
2012.04.19 (Shawa, Pakistan) - A woman is among five villagers killed during a massive Taliban assault.
2012.04.19 (Ramadi, Iraq) - Eight Shiites are exterminated by a pair of Sunni car bombers.
2012.04.19 (Taji, Iraq) - A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2012.04.17 (Karachi, Pakistan) - A Shia school principal is assassinated by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.17 (Bagdhad, Iraq) - Four civilians are disassembled by a well-placed Mujahideen bomb.
2012.04.17 (al-Bayda, Yemen) - An al-Qaeda suicide bomber take out five local soldiers and a civilian.
2012.04.16 (Korangi, Pakistan) - Two cousins are shot to death in targeted sectarian attack by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.16 (Rashidiya, Iraq) - Four Shiite farmers are picked off by Sunni snipers.
2012.04.15 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - At least a dozen civilians and police are killed during a wave of Fedayeen suicide assaults by the Taliban.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pustulant George Soros declares war on the Euro

Watch out Euro huggers. This man is evil.   Remember what he did to the Sterling and Lira in 1992?  It's all over the net. 

From TheTelegraph:
....George Soros has launched all-out war against the Bundesbank.

In his latest Le Monde interview he said that if he were still an active investor, he would now "bet against the euro", at least until there is a change in European leadership or policy......

Dumbass Toronto lefties ... driving themselves up the wall because they can't ...

no matter how fricking hard they try, tarnish mayor Rob Ford's reputation. Fuckers just cannot leave the mayor in peace and quiet so he can continue caning their butts a bit harder on our behalf.  Go get them Mayor Ford. We stand with you. 

The Lefties have ganged up on the mayor with help from  the moronic gay community .... know why? .... because this principled mayor of ours prefers to take his near and dear ones to the family cottage every year as he has been doing for countless years, even long before he became the mayor of this city and long before the gay community made themselves "too important to ignore".   Why would he break  his  yearly vacation routine because of these whining morons?  When did the gay community become such bullies and entitlement seekers?!!!!  Sheesh !!  Why are they seeking his presence at their pornographic display in our streets?  Are they that insecure that they want a strong family man like Rob Ford to put in an appearance to give them a feeling of normalcy ?  Idiots !! 

Sometimes, I tend to think that the Caliphate is not coming soon enough. I would have loved to see a gay parade in a full-blown shariah-ed Canada.  Imagine the fun!!!  Just imagine !!!

Joe Warmington writing at the TorontoSun:
....The speculation is Mayor Ford may like his extra crispy with some KFC fries and green coleslaw too. Wow. Maybe gravy is OK, after all — as long as it's on fries or mash potatoes!


"That's the best they got on him," his pal Don Cherry mused Wednesday.

Maybe next they'll catch him mowing the lawn and blame him for killing grass.
Or eat a hot dog and then call in the humane society.
Or how about film him washing his car and then bring in Dr. David Suzuki to say he's wasting water?

With the War on Ford, all that's needed is a kernel of the truth in the effort to deep fry his chance to repeat as mayor in 2014.

Anything goes — even recording him buying supper for his family.
"I don't blame him a bit for going there," teased Cherry. "Are you kidding!
"I love Kentucky Fried Chicken."

In Ford's case, some on the vicious left were laughing and making a mockery of what is a serious problem for anyone fighting the battle of the bulge.

But sometimes fat can be in the eye of the beholder.

For example, reports show the mayor's 2011 office budget was $44,995, with $4,000 spent of his own money. From the same statistical source, Mayor David Miller's final year in office was $203,430 of taxpayers' money spent and none of his own.....

Blinders work far too well not just for the EU ...

but for the entire world as well.   We are doomed to never learn from history. Moreover, self-hating Jews will go to their graves with as much hate for their own selves as anti-semites have for them.  One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the human psyche ... the self-hating delusional Jew.


Worst Buy

Don't give your business to this traitorous entity.

Tell me, how is the West supposed to hold back the tide of islamization if there are traitors in the pay of the Caliphate every which way you turn.

via: FamilySecurityMatters

Full Monty at Oregon airport

Way to Go .... others should follow suit by getting into their birthday suits too at the TSA lineups.  The guy got arrested ... for what?  For making the TSA's task a lot easier and saving himself from unwanted touching? 

via: Breitbart

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Child Witches" ever heard of that term? Only in Britian .... the once Great Britian

Madness personified !!
....Licensed witch finders in Africa help contain what’s been dubbed ‘the standardized nightmare of the group’ within manageable boundaries.

But once exported to Britain, fear of witchcraft plays into the hands of the only available ‘safe people’: the clergy.

‘The people’s mentality is you can’t accuse anyone of witchcraft because you will be contaminated yourself,’ says Gittins.

‘The only safe people are the witch finders who are licensed, but in Britain the people who take the place of the witch finders are the clergy, because they are “close to God” and cannot therefore be contaminated.’.........

h/t: MF