Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin: "It's a stall, baby, stall"

Palin knows it's all rhetoric. You can't be so much against drilling all through your campaign and over a year in office  and then suddenly wake up one day and think different. Palin knows the reason why Obama is now throwing crumbs to the sheeple.

Many Americans fear that President Obama’s new energy proposal is once again “all talk and no real action,” this time in an effort to shore up fading support for the Democrats’ job-killing cap-and-trade (a.k.a. cap-and-tax) proposals. Behind the rhetoric lie new drilling bans and leasing delays; soon to follow are burdensome new environmental regulations. Instead of “drill, baby, drill,” the more you look into this the more you realize it’s “stall, baby, stall.”   read the whole thing

Something stinky blows in the winds

If you raise your voice about the stench, you are told to "Shut Up" because "each and every Ontarian is a part of and can take some pride in"  this green venture. I thought I was one of the millions of Ontarians, but nobody has ever asked my opinion on this. So, it stands to reason that somebody is lying when they say "each and every Ontarian".    Right Watson?    Yes, Sherlock... elementary as always.

No place is safe from these monsters. In Simcoe    ....People living close to wind turbines in other parts of Ontario have reported that noise and vibrations from the equipment cause sleep deprivation. Others have reported experiencing headaches and dizziness since the towers near their homes went up.

“These communities have had enough of the premier and his buddies in the political elite forcing their pet projects in the backyards of people in rural Ontario without any say from the local communities,” Wilson said. “In Clearview, people are sick and tired of the premier, who lives in the tony neighbourhood of Rosedale, telling them how to run their rural community. So I ask the Acting Premier: What gives you the right to ignore voters in rural and small town Ontario?”.....

In Chatham   The notion of more than 700 wind turbines dotting the waters of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair has lakeshore residents agitated these days.

They have every right to be concerned, if that concern is for the environment. SouthPoint Wind wants to install 715 wind turbines in 15 different farm clusters about 1.5 kilometres off shore on Lake Erie, as well as on parts of Lake St. Clair. There is little in the way of government regulations applicable to offshore turbine projects....

The hunt for black widows

They are also known as "brides of allah" and they have plans to walk down the aisle in designer gowns that are pure dynamite..

....Citing security sources, Kommersant reported that Said Buryatsky, a leading terrorist ideologue who was killed by Russian security services earlier this month, had prepared a brigade of 30 potential suicide bombers.

The women had been sent to Turkey for training, and then returned to the Caucasus for personal instruction from Buryatsky. mostly in the North Caucasus, Nine of the women have already been deployed in terror acts, but 21 remain unaccounted for, the paper reported...

Suicide bombers killed 12 people Wednesday in double strikes targeting police in Russia's turbulent North Caucasus, shaking the country just two days after attacks in Moscow left 39 dead

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thomas Sowell on Climate Change

Great article by one of the foremost thinkers of our times.

.....On climate issues, as on many other issues, the biggest argument of the left has been that there is no argument. The word "science" has been used as a magic mantra to shut up critics, even when those critics have been scientists with international reputations as specialists in climate science.

Stealing the aura of science for political purposes is nothing new for the left. Karl Marx called his brand of Utopianism "scientific socialism." Even earlier, in the 18th century, the Marquis de Condorcet referred to "engineering" society. In the 20th century, H.G. Wells referred to the creation of a lasting peace as a heavy and complex "piece of mental engineering." ....      read the whole thing

Why should the UN have a say in Canada's refugee intake ?

I don't get this statement from our Immigration Minister:
On Monday, Kenney announced Canada would accept 2,500 more United Nations-designated refugees each year, springing them from camps and squalid slums that most have been stuck in for years.
Will Canada accept without a question or without it's own investigation anybody and everybody from the 2500 that the UN deems to be refugees on a yearly basis ?  The UN designates Palestinians as refugees and as living in camps and squalid slums and the media keeps telling us that about the Palestinians on almost a daily basis.  Would this mean that a people who are so embroiled in violence and hatred, will flock here as refugees?

The true refugees should be the Coptic Christians in Egypt and Iraq, although they do not live in camps  and the Christians in Pakistan whose churches and themselves are being burnt to cinders as we speak. The true refugees should be Nigerian Christians whose bodies are hacked into tiny bits.  UN does not give two hoots for these people.  If they were muslim... then oh my... the hue and cry would be heard all the way to Jupiter and beyond. 

It is an uneasy feeling that Canada will now let UN-designated refugees  as being true "refugees" in the perfect sense of the word.  What a laugh.

"Too much religion rots the brain" ....

that's what my dad used to say to my mom and my paternal gran, both religious nuts, who were always in the habit of reading religious books and saying their daily prayers out loud... hour after hour after hour. My dad and I and my other siblings would keep away from their prayer sessions and make all sort of jokes about the tales my gran often told about how we would burn in hell  if we don't repent and of course moi being the most vocal against such rubbish, was alway a target for explicit description of what happens in hell to people like me. You don't want to hear the nasty things I would fling back at the old crone, but they must have been funny because my dad and siblings always went into stitches laughing aloud and my mom would struggle to keep a stern, unsmiling face.

Too much religion can really do awful things to our brains, it makes us mentally sick. It's all fine and dandy to base one's life on the good parts of the teachings from the New Testament and have Jesus Christ as a role model, but to actually believe that there will be an anti-Christ amongst us and we need to prepare to do battle with him or her?!  Boy oh boy.   The FBI raided a number of locations and arrested members of a religious group who:
A source close to the investigation in Washington, D.C. told the Detroit News that FBI agents were conducting activities in connection to Hutaree, a Christian militia group whose members describe themselves as Christian soldiers preparing for the arrival and battle with the anti-Christ.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The forgetfulness of the Lefty media

With the media harping over the tea party crowd being hate-filled protestors,etc. BigJournalism thought it would be nice to remind people what the unhinged lefties were doing when George Bush was the Prez. All those hate-filled anti-war rallies  have now all completely disappeared  with a wave of Obama;s wand.  The war has not gone away so where are the anti-war rallies?  That is the question.   Hyprocrisy thy name is Lefty.

......A year ago, the good folks at zomlog assembled a great series of photos showing the mental derangement exhibited by the human detritus at those once ubiquitous anti-war rallies that the distempered left hosted so often between the years 2003 and 2009… you know, those anti-war rallies that totally disappeared after Obama took office even as the wars rage on? Yeah, those anti-war rallies......

Canadians have had it with Unions

Enough is enough. Every which way you turn there is some Union or the other whining about their unionized members being either laid off or not getting enough. Have these people ever done a survey of how little workers outside the Unions are making but still  making a good living with nary a whine from them ?

The Harper government's decision to close down the HRC offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax have got the Union guys over at the PSAC jumping around frothing at the mouth. Maybe it's just an act they are putting on because according to this
Despite the looming office closures the CHRC’s budget is expected to grow from $21.5 million in the current fiscal year to just under $23 million in 2011-2012 fiscal year. The number of employees is set to rise as well from 197 full-time equivalencies to 203
Now that is funny, right? What can one make of such anomaly? The Harper government would do well to listen to the views below which views are in sync with the majority of Canadians. These comments are from the first link above.

PSAC, like CUPE and the teachers' thugs are nothing but a scourge to the taxpayers and law abiding citizens. We have all had enough of their greedy, selfish tactics. I can only pray to God that Toronto's mayoralty candidates who are not in their back pocket and really want to win will declare war on these vermin, and destroy the sickening grip of our thorats they currently enjoy. To the politicians I say; Declare war on these enemies of the people, and you will surely win in your next run at the ballot, any ballot. It is time to destroy these unions! Let's fight the good fight, people! Comment by: Frank G.

March 29th 2010, 12:20pm HRC's are a joke in every way. Canadian law has always contained a component of human rights, except these rights are not dictated by the un-democratic UN, but are naturally contained in our law based on equality for everyone, no special rights for anyone.

Going outside our own laws, via the UN, has created a special breed of rights for special interests groups which in itself, discriminate against others. How is that fair? How is that equal? The sp. interests believe with special rights, they are now equal when in reality, they have attained a level of rights over and above the masses. This isn't a Cdn value at all. No one should be treated any different from the other, meaning, no sp. rights for some and limited rights for others. Comment by: Stephen in SC

Everytime i read an article its the union, the union. The union did its job for the past 50 plus years and now they want to run everything, corporations and even the government. They are getting too powerful and that is why we are losing a lot of maufacturing jobs in this country as they are leaving to the US or of shore. Maybe the union can unionize the welfare as that is all we are going to have left. There is enough laws and gov agencys to protect workers rights and the doggers who do nothing but complain to try and get out of work( these are the ones the union is there for, the 5%) I hope someday this country will wake up before it ends up the way Ont is right now, from a have prov to a have not pro with our hand out looking for charity. Comment by: mark

h/t: mooseandsquirrel blog and Blazing Cat Fur blog

Terrorists pick wrong country to play "bomb bomb"

Russia is not a nation that will sit back and "politically correct" themselves to death. No sirree!  I am gleefully waiting to see the havoc and pain that will be coming to the Muslims in Russia who had said even a "hello" to these terrorists while they were probably just infants.  The crackdown will be mighty.

Police in Moscow were tonight searching for female accomplices of two women suicide bombers who killed at least 37 people and injured 65 by targeting two packed tube trains during the busy rush hour.....

Two female suicide bombers killed at least 38 people on packed Moscow subway trains during rush hour on Monday, stirring fears of a broader campaign in Russia's heartland by Islamists from the North Caucasus. ......

via Drudge

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pat Condell tears into the Catholic Church

Okay, let's have more hate mail for posting this vid from the lovable atheist with whom I agree to a great degree. I am collecting all the hate mail and criticisms of my various posts and one day soon when I have a nice big collection (I am getting there super quick) I intend compiling all the mail into a best-seller and making tonnes of money. So bring it on and  a big Thank You.

h/t:: vlad tepes,  who never stops trying to open our eyes to reality

Obama visits Afghanistan

Under cover of darkness and deep secrecy.

Barack Obama arrived unannounced in Afghanistan on Sunday, his first visit to the war zone that could define his presidency since his election as U.S. commander-in-chief.

Air Force One landed in darkness at Bagram airfield north of the Afghan capital, and Obama was whisked by helicopter to Hamid Karzai's palace in Kabul, where he was greeted by the Afghan president and a band playing the U.S. national anthem.      read on

Sarah Palin speaks in Nevada

Looks like the campaign has started. Palin is the only person the democrats are afraid of and rightly so. Watch and then determine for yourself if you  really and truly believe that she is not US Prez material.  Someone wrote to me recently saying I was talking too much about Palin and American politics.  To that person I say:  This is my blog and within it I wrtie what I want to, not what you want to hear.  Do not visit my blog if you do not like it.  Shoo, shoo  go away.

Part I

Part II


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bart Stupak tells why he did it

in the WashingtonPost.

....Once it was clear that the House leadership would eventually obtain the 216 votes necessary to pass health-care reform, I was left with a choice: Vote against the bill and watch it become law with no further protections for life or reach an agreement that prevents federal funding for abortions.

Therefore, I and other pro-life Democrats struck an agreement with President Obama to issue an executive order that would ensure all Hyde Amendment protections would apply to the health-care reform bill. No, an executive order is not as strong as the statutory language we fought for at the start. We received, however, an "ironclad" commitment from the president that no taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for abortions.....     read on

On the Caledonia circus

Bill McIntyre muses on the downfall of the OPP to the level they are at now. Mr.McIntyre, don't you know that when you were a young lad in Ontario, the cops were not members of Unions? Moreover, they are now the darlings of the Union lover premier McGuinty?

The cops in Ontario are leftists and they do not give a hoot about crime and punishment unless it is deemed to be so by their Unions' overlords and the Unions' lover Dalton McGuinty. Don't you know Mr. McIntyre that the OPP Union is one of the strongest in Canada and anyone daring to go against them will be crushed like flies? They know that no matter what they do or don't do, their jobs are safe and secure and there is no hope in hell that even an enquiry will ever be opened to investigate any wrong doing from within their ranks.

......When I was growing up in Ontario in the 1950s and 1960s, the OPP were regarded as one of the finest police forces in Canada and possibly the world, next to the RCMP. They were noted for their training, their professionalism and their sense of fair play.

What has happened? In Caledonia these principles appear to have been abandoned. Where are the men and women in the ranks who have the courage to stand up to the goons and not tarnish this once proud police organization? Where is the integrity and the desire to uphold the rule of law for everyone? It has obviously been bred out of the current coterie of members....

American Prosperity ... a thing of the past?

Great cartoon from 1948. Works for the present times like it was made yesterday.

On the scandals in the Catholic Church

The HillBuzz guys, being gay, know and understand a lot about this issue.

....What many people don’t talk about whenever church sex scandals arise is a simple fact we see clearly: part of the reason there’s a problem with this in the Catholic Church is that for many years boys who were suspected of being gay were forced by their families into the priesthood. They were never allowed to be themselves, were shunted into seminaries, and years later they express their sexuality in destructive and criminal ways. That’s not an excuse, but an observation in terms of what’s happening with these men.....     read the whole article

Friday, March 26, 2010

Calling Jason Kenney..... where are youuuuu?

Wanna see how the immigration system can be so laughable that instead of laughing one often sheds tears of rage?   It is fine to let in 100s refugees  who are "probably" ex-murderers and terrorists from Sri Lanka and elsewhere but it is not okay to keep this family in Canada.

Cop killer Clinton Gayle has yet to be deported to Jamaica. But Citizenship and Immigration Canada is throwing the book at the law-abiding Mallozzi family?

“You must leave Canada immediately,” a stark letter declares. “Failure to do so could result in enforcement action being taken against you.”

That will be good TV if they drag Lee and Josie Mallozzi, and their young children Serea, 8, and Nico, 5, out in handcuffs to show how tough (I saw you laughing) Canada suddenly is on immigration.

“We are having trouble sleeping,” said Josie.

I don’t know how the immigration people can sleep themselves. What a disgrace. As my immigration expert colleague Tom Godfrey says “it seems heavy-handed” and it looks like the system has got “its token white family for the year.”

And to think it’s all over what amounts to a clerical errorread the whole thing

Conservatives: They want to kill women by saving their babies ......... Part III

Behold the beautiful leftist mentality. The Left wants funding for abortions of black babies in Africa and other third world countries because abortions do not kill babies but "they kill the mothers". How about starting a fund to sterilize our own abortion crazy females here in the West? I wouldn't mind paying a bit more in taxes to fund such an enterprise. Do away with the problem of pregnancy for such fems once and for all, then they can party and part their limbs all they want without fear of creating life. Yeah... how about that?  

Seductive Booby Traps and Sexy Booty Shakes

Brought to you by those lovable guys and gals from the suicide brigade. This will remind you of that Austin Powers comedy where the girls run around spitting fire from their boobs. Unfortunately, the new reality we live in today, is far from funny.

Radical Islamist plastic surgeons could be carrying out the implant operations in lawless areas of Pakistan, security sources are said to warned. Explosives experts have reportedly said just five ounces of Pentaerythritol Tetrabitrate packed into a breast implant would be enough to blow a “considerable” hole in the side of a jumbo jet.

It would be virtually impossible for airport security scanners to detect the explosive if hidden inside a breast, medics have said. Joseph Farah, a terrorism expert, told The Sun: "Women suicide bombers recruited by al-Qaeda are known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery."

Plastic surgeons may also have inserted the chemical into the buttocks of would-be suicide bombers. .... read on

I feel happy, oh so happy

(sung to the tune of  "I feel so pretty"  from The West Side Story)  
Oh so happy       so very happy       happy, happy,     deliciously happy.
I don't know about you, but this has been a great week for me and it promises to get even better.
I feel happy, oh so happy,
I feel pretty, oh so pretty
I feel happy
oooh la la la

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Mr.Frum

It's all about change.  You changed.

Frum made clear in a letter to AEI President Arthur Brooks that his departure after seven years at the conservative think tank was not voluntary.

h/t: Irene

Bigotry rearing it's head at Univ. of Calgary too?

This is really and truly something to be completely ashamed of.  Whether we are right, left, black, white, blue or whatever... this is painting Canada with a dirty stinking  brush. 
Free Dominion website has the story
h/t: Judy

Conservatives: They are such haters ..... Part II

Who are the biggest bunch of babies? Take a guess. Okay... you all win.

Conservatives want to make eating fruits illegal ..... Part I

The Liberal mentality in all it's glory.  Just one minute with a cartoon character for your daily digest on how the leftists think. 

Dorian Gray lives in Ontario as Dalton McGuinty

Yup, that's right. The man has sold his soul to the devil. Am I the only one who thinks so? No... not by a long mile. Toronto Sun's Christina Blizzard thinks so too.
Somewhere in the dark nether regions of Queen’s Park, I know there is an even darker and more netherly cupboard..
In that space, tossed away and long-forgotten behind stacks of Choco-bite wrappers and political corpses of eHealth bosses and power company execs who’ve eaten too long and too large at public expense, there’s a picture of Dalton McGuinty

In it, much like Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray, the premier is grizzled and wizened. Every unclosed coal-fired plant, every broken promise not to hike taxes, is hideously etched on his face. His hair is pure white. What other explanation can there be for the way McGuinty has weathered seven years as premier so well?.....

Now, Dorian Gray wants to increase what you pay for your electricity. Oh, you didn't hear about that? You will soon... loud and clear only when you receive your bills... because that's how Dorian Gray does it.... without fear of repercussions and without an iota of guilt. Ontario is the Leftists' paradise, remember?

I wish Tim Hudak could do something more than listing the Quick Facts that Ontario's liberal govt promised and what they actually gave. Good list, though. However, we know they lie and lie and lie. The game plan now should be ways and means to get rid of the liars.

cartoons credit: Graeme MacKay,Ontario

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ah.... I like this

Let's have more of same ilk. As a Conservative,  I like  making  sense of everything and this makes sense, BIG. TIME.  Kudos to the Harper govt.

The Conservative government is promising to cut off monthly old-age security payments to hundreds of federal prison inmates, including infamous serial killer Clifford Olson.

Olson is regarded as Canada’s ultimate portrait of evil, a vile and unrepentant psychopath doing life for the grotesque torture, rape and murder of 11 children as young as nine years old.

Yet as QMI Agency columnist Peter Worthington recently revealed, every month since 2005 the federal government has been sending Olson the same old-age security cheque that the average law-abiding Canadian grandma gets.

The latest available figures indicate about 325 jailed killers, rapists and other assorted criminals over 65 are receiving up to $1,200 a month in old age security........

What kind of justice is this ....

if the body of the insurgent was never recovered. Where is the evidence that Capt. Robert Semrau executed a wounded and unarmed enemy on a battlefield in Afghanistan?

Does anybody else find this totally amazing that this soldier can be court-martialed when there is no forensic evidence of the crime and the court is depending on witnesses. People see UFOs every day of the week, does that make them witnesses  if you want to prove that there is life in outer space? Wouldn't you want to see the aliens too... dead or alive ?

This is madness. As there is no forensic evidence,  there should be no case. This should be thrown out and  Capt.Semrau should not only be released he should be reinstated without further to do.  I shudder to think what he and his family are going through because of this unfortunate turn in events.  The guy goes to fight on our behalf and then his own government holds him responsible for an act that they have no proper evidence to prove that he committed.

Man ... oh man.   Can the world get any more crazier!!

Landmark legislation introduced in Province of Quebec

Who would have thought that it would be those Frenchies who would take the first positive step on this issue? Great going Quebec. I am adamant in my stand that when muslim women hide their faces, they are not only attracting attention to themselves but are also the cause of wailings you hear from frightened children. Imagine a walking, talking, black tent of 5 ft + coming towards you and you are less than 2 ft tall yourself .... is that frightening or what?!  If you want to save our children from nightmares, get these women to stay off our streets. Halloween is not a everyday thing.

Now, can we have the rest of Canada follow suit?

Muslim women will need to uncover their faces from now on if they want to deal with the Quebec government.

The province tabled landmark legislation to that effect Wednesday as it delved into sensitive territory where governments in Canada have largely avoided treading.

The bill tabled in the legislature says people obtaining - or delivering - services at places like the health-or auto-insurance boards will need to do so with their faces in plain view.

It says people's face-coverings should not be tolerated if they hinder communication or visual identification. read further

My holdings in Canadian oil stocks would have gone up...

if only these blundering fools had been a  bit more efficient and  bombed the Saudi oilfields to volcanic cinders. Yup, I know I am bad.  Now you can go spend the rest of the day knowing you are not as horrid as  me. Happy?

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia has arrested scores of militants accused of plotting attacks on oil facilities, in one of the biggest swoops by the kingdom in several years, state media said on Wednesday.

Those arrested included about 50 Saudis and dozens from Yemen, which jumped to the forefront of Western security concerns after a failed December bombing on a U.S.-bound plane claimed by the Yemen-based regional al Qaeda wing, the media said.

The militants were organised in three cells, two of which were planning to attack oil and security facilities in the oil-producing Eastern Province. They included a Yemeni who security officials describe as being a prominent member of al Qaeda.  
"We seized belts of explosives which they were planning to use in suicide attacks," one security official said....

via: Matt Drudge

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knock, Knock .... who's there?

Khaled Abu Toameh, you can call me the Voice of Reason.

The Palestinian Authority and most of the Arab governments have not missed a chance since US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel to remind us that construction of 1,600 new apartments in the Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, as well as the renovation of an ancient synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem, would trigger a "third intifada" or, even worse, an all-out war in the Middle East -- and is the biggest threat to stability in the Middle East.

It is funny to see countries such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt condemn Israel for being an "apartheid" state and for restricting freedom of religion. These countries, along with the Palestinian Authority and predominantly Islamic countries, should be the last to talk about "apartheid," freedom of religion bad persecution of minorities........

How come the Lebanese students who recently talked about Israel's "war crimes" in the Gaza Strip during Israel Apartheid Week on many North American college campuses had nothing to say about the fact that tens of thousands of Palestinians have been massacred in Lebanon over the past four decades?.......

An Arab member of the Knesset who goes all the way to the US and Canada to tell university students and professors that Israel is an apartheid state is not only a hypocrite and a liar, but is also causing huge damage to the interests of his own Arab voters and constituents.

If Israel were an apartheid state, what is this Arab doing in the Knesset? Doesn't apartheid mean that someone like this Knesset member would not, in the first place, even be permitted to run in an election?

The Judas Kiss

or how Stupak was bought.

via Drudge: There must have been more than these forty pieces of silver.   All will come to light sooner or later, it always does.

Britianistan does it again

Hey lookee here!!  The country that released a mass murderer into Libyan hands so he would be able to spend his last few decades with his near and dear ones after killing  hundreds of  the near and dear of thousands around the world, does another good turn.

Goodbye Britian it was nice knowing you in spite of all those boundaries and borders you enforced on countries you invaded far, far away ... you were considered to be somewhat fair and decent by many folks.

Is something wrong with Canadian lottery winners .....

or is there something really wrong with me?  A woman working as a grocery store cashier wins a 20 Million lottery at Saturday's 649 draw and she tells reporters that she will keep her measly job as a cashier. Why do I keep hearing about this sort of completely odd behaviour from lottery winners? Is there something in this that I am unaware of or have aliens landed here in Canada and winning all these million dollar prizes of our earthly money means nothing to them but working to the bone does. I simply don't get it?

Will someone please tell this lottery winner that she is now a  millionairess and as such she can let go of her job so someone more "needy" than her can have one while she can enjoy an annual income of almost 800 K by just keeping her winnings in a bank?

The Talented Mr.Obama .....

and the continuing saga of his elusive birth certificate. I find it fascinating that this document is under lock and key and it would be far easier to raid Fort Knox and come away with tonnes of gold but nobody, and I mean nobody, can get even a whiff of this little piece of paper that documents the messiah's birth.  How's that for transparency?

The two-year anniversary of “Passportgate” was this past Monday, March 14. Passportgate was the covert “accessing” of passport records by three contractors at the State Department. Two of the contractors were fired. The contractor who was not fired, but only disciplined, worked for The Analysis Corporation. John O. Brennan is the president of The Analysis Corporation. He is also a former CIA official and is now Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.      read on

Monday, March 22, 2010

A little controversy = a sell-out event

I am willing to bet that the organizers of the Ann Coulter event will have to put in several more chairs at the upcoming event and will still have people willing to stand leaning against the walls listening to Coulter do her thing. The true "haters" in their usual fashion, over the controversy of Coulter coming over to Canada and giving a speech at the University of Ottawa, have given the event free PR not only in Canada but in her own country as well.

Shamefully, because of this controversy, we Canadians have been made to look more like the "country bumkins" that Americans call us behind our backs. Thank you nutty professor Houle of U of O. Nice job, keep it up. And, as for that Seamus character,  I cannot believe someone who thinks like this nut can be the Prez of the Student Fed. of the U of O, but then I believe many of our universities in Ontario are churning out socialists quicker than you can say "Jihadis" (that's my take on the old phrase). Coulter should send him a Thank You card, because he did a better job of publicizing the event  than Ezra Levant  could ever have done. The actions of the Left invariably have opposite results of what they desired.  Poor dears, they will never ever learn.

Ed Morgan of the NP has nailed it when he says:

.......Our universities encourage diversity in their student and faculty bodies, but as the Coulter case demonstrates, they often bridle at too much diversity of opinion.
Hate speech prosecutions, on the other hand, are with good reason difficult for the Crown to mount. They have also been remarkably ineffective in their results. Indeed, high profile acquittals such as the recent exoneration of the late David Ahenekew by the Saskatchewan courts have done more to bring vile speech into mainstream discourse than anything the speakers themselves could have managed. 

Update: Michael Coren blogs:
World-renowned journalist Ann Coulter is coming to speak in Canada on Monday and is giving me an exclusive one-hour interview on The Michael Coren Show. In this country our publicly funded universities regularly host speakers who accuse Catholics of being murderers and child-rapists, evangelicals of being bigots and Gay-bashers, Zionists of being genocidal madmen and conservatives of being mentally ill and sadistic. There have been calls for Christians to be killed, pro-lifers have been threatened and silenced, scientists who question global warming have been banned and Jewish students report being frightened of being publicly identified. In this context I bring you a letter written by the Vice-President of the University of Ottawa to the award-winning and best-selling author Ms Coulter. As she herself said today, “The provost of u of ottawa is threatening to criminally prosecute me for my speech there on monday before I’ve even set foot in canada!”

Sunday, March 21, 2010

List of woes if Obamacare is passed

The latest news from down south is that by hook or crook, the bill will be passed today, although a FoxNews Poll seems to indicate that the majority of voters think it will not.

Here's a list of 20 options that will no longer be considered choices for Americans when the bill becomes law.
1. You are young and don’t want health insurance? You are starting up a small business and need to minimize expenses, and one way to do that is to forego health insurance? Tough. You have to pay $750 annually for the “privilege.” (Section 1501)
2. You are young and healthy and want to pay for insurance that reflects that status? Tough. You’ll have to pay for premiums that cover not only you, but also the guy who smokes three packs a day, drink a gallon of whiskey and eats chicken fat off the floor. That’s because insurance companies will no longer be able to underwrite on the basis of a person’s health status. (Section 2701).
3. You would like to pay less in premiums by buying insurance with lifetime or annual limits on coverage? Tough. Health insurers will no longer be able to offer such policies, even if that is what customers prefer. (Section 2711).
4. Think you’d like a policy that is cheaper because it doesn’t cover preventive care or requires cost-sharing for such care? Tough. Health insurers will no longer be able to offer policies that do not cover preventive services or offer them with cost-sharing, even if that’s what the customer wants. (Section 2712).
5. You are an employer and you would like to offer coverage that doesn’t allow your employers’ slacker children to stay on the policy until age 26? Tough. (Section 2714).   read further

Most Bloggers are better than most "Paid" journalists

I read this well researched article and thought that most of my readers would like it too

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

One woman's story

Human trafficking takes on many  forms, and all of them are evil.  A woman from Kamloops who made a new life for herself  is brave enough to tell her story.

“Looking back now, even though I wasn’t prostituting, it’s sexual favours for drugs is how it started,” Cameron said. At 18, the former A-student married a man who made her work the streets of Vancouver as a prostitute.

Cameron said she had no idea what she was getting into. “When you hear human trafficking, you think it will be upfront or you’ll know the warning signals,” she said. “It’s a slow, progressive, subtle process. All of the sudden, you’re in it and you’re trapped......

In many cases, girls are lured to cities like Vancouver or across the border by lavish promises from a “boyfriend”. They’ll offer drugs or gifts, such as a free airline ticket to a vacation destination. But, in the end, the victim — often through the threat of violence — ends up being sold for sex.
“Kamloops has come up in our research as an area where traffickers have engaged in efforts to recruit Canadian victims,” Perrin told KTW.

Social-media websites like Facebook and MySpace have made it easier for traffickers to operate across vast geographical areas with the push of a button........

The audacity of the UK media

TheTimesOnlineUK which is leftish, gives the impression that  the English Defence League (EDL)   is an extreme right-wing group and quotes people calling EDL "racist", "fascist" and "nazis". It even goes so far as to quote an 89 year World War II veteran saying :
“I fought the Second World War against these Nazis. What did I fight for if we let them? The EDL are the enemy. I would say to them ’you are the guys we fought for, what are you doing?’"

All this because the EDL had organized a peaceful march in Lancashire to protest against radical muslims and sharia law. The EDL marchers were confronted by a group, almost as large or  larger than themselves, calling themselves United Against Fascism (UAF) and things got ugly with arrests being made and injuries reported.

Read the article and  see how the writer has focused throughout the article to paint a negative picture of the EDL whose birth and possible  future rise to greater heights might come about only because of the dangerous spread of radical islam in Britian. 

If someone is protesting against the intolerance of the intolerable, they are now called fascists. Remember that. Now, in the new world we live in, the intolerable are painting themselves as "anti-fascists" and hoping you will stick to the old meaning of "anti-fascist" in a world that has now given completely opposite meanings to words used in bygone eras. One of those words is "fascism". The Times UK just like the NY Times are on their way out. The sooner the better. What a load of bull they try to feed their readers. It is not just TheTimesUK but the general media in Britian is labelling the EDL as "extreme right wing", "fascist", "racist" and everything negative and not a single journalist dares to even touch on the issue why such a group would appeal to a lot of Britishers under the oppression of  blossoming radical islam. Not one.

Here at the Daily Mail UK, you can watch a vid of the protest.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Palin talks to Hannity on the healthcare fiasco

Lookee here - no teleprompter and no "er, er, er, er" like you know who. Maybe she had it all written down on some dust particles floating around in front of her face. Right lefties?  

"It’s against the will of the people. It’s undemocratic. It’s un-American, this process, and if we don’t stand up and become very, very enthused about calling our politicians on this, then more of this is going to take place."
"We’ve learned through America’s history that the government that governs least governs best. And that all political power is inherent in the people. Government originates just from the will of the people. It’s implemented according to the will of the people."

Human Trafficking - preventive measures and training seminar

If you are from the Ottawa area or vicinity or even from here in Toronto and would like to attend the "Not For Sale" two-day training conference taking place from March 24, please contact Anne Lowry of Canada Fights Human Trafficking at the contact given below. Anne is putting together a car pool to encourage people to attend this conference and learn about the evils of human trafficking in Canada and elsewhere.

Moreover, if you are planning to make a career in law enforcement or social services, mention of this training conference on your resume will carry a lot of weight.  Give it a thought.

For more info on the conference and for car pooling or affordable accommodation during the conference, please contact:

CFHT website

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cuban voices rise again

I have been to Cuba and seen what communism does to a people and place. It is not pretty. There are people who will tell you that the Cubans are very happy with their communist government and that Cubans get the best medical treatment in the world, blah, blah, blah and more blah. Those are blatant untruths from the mouths of leftists. I have seen and I have talked to the natives and the picture is just the opposite of what the media feeds you. The only people who are doing well in Cuba are those in the government who are the oppressors. Their houses are beautiful, they have plenty of food and top-notch medical care and the cream of things. That's just a mere 10% or less of the populace.

If you visit their shops, shops where the natives go to buy their groceries,etc, you will see that they have hardly any stock on their shelves. Everything is rationed and you need to have an "allocation" on the "ration card" even to buy a shirt or shoes. People who visit Cuba and stay at those luxury hotels and come back after a week's vacation, will never ever know the terrible state of Cubans in that communist hole.  Tourists are taken only to areas which are approved and whose upkeep is in the government's hands, so the average tourist is never going to see any evidence of the misery in Cuba under a harsh communist regime.  And, with so many people preferring to keep their heads buried underground ostrich-like, that is not surprising at all.

At last some brave women have taken it upon themselves to raise their voices. Bravo!!! Here are a couple of bloggers talking about the situation in Cuba.

One: Some 75 Cuban journalists, librarians, human rights activists and other dissidents were arrested and imprisoned during the "black spring," which started March 18, 2003.

Fifty-three of them remain in Raul Castro's gulag, as of March 12, 2010.

There are hundreds, if not thousands more political prisoners jailed in Cuba because of their opposition to tyranny and dedication to freedom. Their suffering is no less that that experienced by those arrested during the "black spring," and they are no less deserving of your prayers and solidarity. (You can read about many of them by clicking on the names on the right side of this page.)....

Two: I’m not going to sugarcoat or editorialize or plead or try to tug at your heartstrings today. Enough has been said and written about the the Black Spring Crackdown of 2003 and there is plenty of evidence out there to serve as absolute proof of what I am about to shove down your throat:..........

Make a note somewhere....

all you lefty numbskulls who read my blog and then run headlong for your blood pressure meds, make a note.... that the new development in the Israel and Hamas saga now spells "rockets"  with the terrorist organization firing a rocket into Israel and killing a farm worker. Make a note you utter dumbos that that retarded, mudfish, repulsive, hideous, brainless, dumb  Dodo Can Spell, said on March 18, 2010, that the terrorist organization Hamas fired the first shot at a civilian area of Israel knowing fully well that the rocket would find a civilian mark. What follows from the Israeli quarters will be fully justified. Maybe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the other turds who support this terrorist organization thus giving it legs to stand on should now be made to live in those areas where Israeli civilians live in constant fear. The victim this time was not an Israeli but that does not make it any less deplorable.

And, this has not been the first rocket fired into Israel by Palestinians.  It has been the first one that has killed. Since the beginning of 2010, at least 30 projectiles, including rockets and mortars, fired from Gaza have landed in Israeli territory.    Furthermore, out will come the terrorists' supporters to say that this was carried out by hard-liners,etc.etc.etc. and not by Hamas or the  PLO.  Yeah right!!!

Shameful that the leftish Canadians would put their support behind Palestinians instead of the only democratic nation in that part of the world. Give your empty heads another shake, maybe some brain cells lodged in hard to get places inside those empty domes on your shoulders that you mistakenly think  houses your brains,  might find their way to the area that can actually think.    Rocket fired from Gaza strip into Israel

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glenn Beck on the proposed healthcare bill

He was on a tear today. Worth watching.   March 17

Cars can be hacked too....

who knew?

More than 100 drivers in Austin, Texas found their cars disabled or the horns honking out of control, after an intruder ran amok in a web-based vehicle-immobilization system normally used to get the attention of consumers delinquent in their auto payments.

Police with Austin’s High Tech Crime Unit on Wednesday arrested 20-year-old Omar Ramos-Lopez, a former Texas Auto Center employee who was laid off last month, and allegedly sought revenge by bricking the cars sold from the dealership’s four Austin-area lots

Toronto the Province ?


Tory MPP Bill Murdoch’s call for Toronto to separate from Ontario — in effect to become its own province — is a great idea.

The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP says rural Ontario is frustrated by the political “mentality that is coming out of Toronto” from Queen’s Park.

That’s only half the story.

Many Torontonians are frustrated by rural MPPs who have no idea of the challenges we face over everything from our huge concentration of social services to our ethnic diversity.

Maybe it’s time for a friendly parting of the ways.

With 2.5 million people, Toronto is larger than six provinces — Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. read on

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sarah Palin is a priceless therapy session

Without a doubt, Palin has her feet firmly rooted even though her country is rocking to the worst kind of loony tunes.  Palin speaks out about the Obama gang's criticism of their ally Israel while mollycoddling with the world's worst dictators and America's enemies. Palin is a beacon of hope for the Jewish people in this new era of  "fashionable to hate Jews" world. 

Those leftists will debate until they are blue in the face and will sweat buckets of poisonous perspiration while they try to make their case against Israel in their sputtering stupid ways, that it is the Israeli government's policies that they have a beef with not the Jewish people, but guess what... they are not fooling anyone. The old, old hatred is back but cleverly disguised. I know how pissed off the leftish bloggers get when I write about this phenomena, the phenomena of the Left and the muslims acting as one against the Jewish people. Sticks and stones and name-calling will never stop me from speaking the truth the way I see it.  

The Obama Administration reaches out to some of the world’s worst regimes in the name of their engagement policy. America and our allies watch as sanctions are eased on Cuba. Letters are written to Iran’s mullahs only to see that regime start killing protestors in the streets of Tehran. Envoys are sent to North Korea as they continue to defy the world’s demand to give up their nuclear weapons. The Burmese military junta’s representative is allowed to travel to our nation’s capital. The President’s envoy for Sudan talks about giving that genocidal regime “gold stars,” while the President shakes hands with Venezuela’s tyrannical leader. In the midst of all this embracing of enemies, where does the Obama Administration choose to escalate a minor incident into a major diplomatic confrontation? With Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea or Burma? No. With our treasured ally, Israel.

Last October, Secretary of State Clinton recognized Israel’s desire for peace in the Middle East and praised Israel’s “unprecedented” concessions for agreeing to halt settlement construction in the West Bank, a concession that did NOT include halting construction of apartments for Jews in Jerusalem. Even last week after planned construction was announced, Vice President Biden still expressed “appreciation” for the “significant” steps taken by the Israeli government to address this minor issue. Now, however, we see the Obama Administration has decided to escalate, make unilateral demands of Israel, and threaten the very foundation of the US-Israel relationship. This is quickly leading to the worst crisis in US-Israel relations in decades, and yet this did not have to happen. More importantly, it needs to stop before it spirals out of control. Vice President Biden should rein in the overheated Obama Administration rhetoric and chill the political spin masters’ fire as they visit the Sunday media shows to criticize Israel....    read further

Lawfare is a double-edged sword

In other words, do unto your enemies as they do unto you.

85 American, Canadian and Israeli victims of Hezbollah rocket attacks are suing The Central Bank of Iran and others for $1 Billion in compensation due to death, injuries and damages. This is an unprecedented lawsuit against Iranian banks and is being filed in Washington, D.C.. The plaintiffs who were themselves injured or their family members killed are alleging that between July 12 and August 14, 2006, Hezbollah with the help of the Iranian government provided support to the terrorist org. and they have documented proof of monetary transactions to the terrorist org..

In this vid, PajamasTV talks to  one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs

Doug Holyday will get my vote if he runs....

for the job of taking back the City of Toronto from lunatics.  If that  happens, Torontonians should seriously consider this man to replace the blonde wonder you keep seeing on the idiot box. Just the  few paragraphs below tell me that he is  far above the slimy George Smitherman or the other windbags trying to craftily lay another stranglehold  on the city's vulnerable neck. (emphasis mine)

Last Wednesday at one of the few meetings they’ll hold to review this year’s $9.2-billion operating budget, councillors spent a mere four minutes dealing with the costs to manage the city’s homeless files.

In fact, none of the left-wingers on David Miller’s hand-picked budget committee asked a single question about the homeless budget — which tops $161 million this year.

That $161 million — which includes $14.7 million for the Streets to Homes program with its battalion of 70 social workers — does not include the tens of millions of dollars that will go into affordable housing projects.

I didn’t expect for a minute that any of the socialists would question the expenditures on the homeless file seeing as they’ve been responsible for ensuring it truly has become an industry at City Hall.

But — other than Coun. Doug Holyday — not a single councillor representing the right was there to poke holes in this, or any other budget, making me wonder whether members of council’s Responsible Government Group have decided they no longer intend to be responsible for keeping their NDP compatriots’ fiscal feet to the fire.

It’s rather obscene that they care so little about how our tax dollars are spent.

They should have been questioning why if, as city officials claim, 2,800 hardcore homeless have found homes since 2005 under the mayor’s Streets to Homes program, there are still street people parked on grates all over downtown Toronto and sleeping on Nathan Phillips Squareread further

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sarah Palin chalks up one more new believer

After seeing Palin in Calgary, Monte Solberg writes his views in today's Toronto Sun. At the rate Palin is collecting new believers, very soon those non-believers are prone to become an endangered species best left to the mercies of the environment, which is becoming pretty harsh, mind you. 

.... Having now seen her in action, what I now see is that her conservatism is in her bones, people relate to her and most of the mainstream media will never get her.

She has radar for the aspirations of regular people, causing her to speak past many journalists and what she probably thinks are their dorky questions. Many in the media could spend hours listening to Barack Obama pontificate about Copenhagen or his outreach to the Muslim world. Palin couldn’t care less. She’s all about controlling spending, lower taxes, safe streets and borders and practical solutions for the environment, healthcare and education. That’s it......

Dear President Obama

We the People have stated resolutely we reject your visiion for our country.... vid with over a million views.

h/t: BarryH

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hitmen from Mexican drug gangs kill US Consulate staffers

According to  Reuters there are indications that the victims were "specifically targeted".

Gunmen in the drug war-plagued Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez killed two Americans and a Mexican linked to the local U.S. consulate, an attack U.S. President Barack Obama said "outraged" him.

An American woman working at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas, and her U.S. husband were fatally shot by suspected drug gang hitmen in broad daylight on Saturday as they left a consulate social event, U.S. and Mexican officials told Reuters.

A Mexican man married to another consulate employee was killed around the same time in another part of the city after he and his wife left the same event, a U.S. official said.    read further

Again I ask: What is ACORN doing in Canada ?

Can somebody please enlighten a dodo like me why we need ACORN here in Canada.  Don't we have hundreds upon hundreds of ever-ready volunteering bodies and agencies to help those who need help in their tax returns and anything and everything else?   I don't  like the presence of this shady organization on our shores and you should also be at least a shade uneasy about them if not a lot more. Who or what is funding them and what exactly are they doing here and why exactly do we need them?

Today they might be helping out with our tax returns, tomorrow they will be scouring our cementaries for names of dead people to take on the ghostly roles of voters in Canadian elections. Are you comfortable with that?

Read here     here    and   here .
And, here it looks like they even lobby the Canadian govt.
Also, see their interference  recorded here when they did their  song and dance routine   crying on behalf of TTC users.

As you can see from the first three links, Ottawa Citizen is not only a fan of ACORN Canada. it  is also giving subtle  but  complimentary publicity to this org. Remove the blinders from your eyes folks and see the danger signs written all over this intrusion into our political field  and just in case you are thinking that they are talking on behalf of  Canada's poor, remember this from Alinsky that the Left has learnt by heart:
"you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral argument"
"Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action whether to justify the selection or the use of ends or means."

Anybody up for a coffee session?

This coffee has an opposite effect of what coffee usually does. This one will send you off to a snoring slumber within a minute. Try it. It comes from the house of : "Support Obama"

h/t  Irene

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blondes do not prefer gentlemen

If any of you white guys wondered why all those blondes you never get tired of hitting on gave you a cold shoulder, wonder no more.
  Proof # 1      Proof # 2

Dubai: The new tourist destination where One Kiss = 30 days in jail

Want to go on a safari where the animals you will come across walk upright on two legs? Here's your chance to sample the rich white sands of the Dubai beaches for a week or two and then get the vacation of a lifetime seeing the inside of a Dubai cell for that extra special fun. That's what that holiday region of the muslim world is all about, FUN FUN FUN. Come one, come all. We cell you our oil and we cell you too.
British couple gets jail time

Wow ... A miracle in Toronto ... David Miller mysteriously finds $104 Million surplus

The tricks and scams played in Ontario by Premier Dalton McGuinty and then followed up by David Miller, mayor of Toronto, would put those Chicago politicians to shame. These two guys could  write a bestseller which would be  a users' manual for all politicians on how to hoodwink taxpayers and still look and sound like they are doing their best for the same people they have skewered on a red hot skewer over fiery hot coals without feeling a pang of guilt or shame.

Both these men are devoted to the bloated Unions of Ontario. They keep on adding more and more benefits, more bonuses, more wage increases, more this, more that, more of everything for Union members and the rest goes to public servants and those on Ontario government's handouts. The people who get shafted in this province are the taxpayers from the private sector and the helpless retirees. And what do we get in return.... oh yeah, we get to stink up our homes hoarding our garbage for weeks on end while the mayor pretends to negotiate on our behalf with the garbage collectors' unions, like he did with Oscar winning skills last year. Such sham and chicanery from any two individuals choking the life out of Toronto at one and the same time has never been seen in the history of this city.. Never.

Now, this Union lover of a mayor wants us to believe that lo and behold he has been instrumental in finding $104 Million surplus in the city's $ 9 Billion budget, so let's give him a big hand. What does that say about the kind of accountants and auditors the city employs? How come $ 104 Million could go for a leisurely walk all this time and then miracle of miracles it all comes  back  smiley faced with hugs and kisses for the mayor ? What are the chances that the mysterious $104 Million that has materialized from thin air was actually earmarked for some equally "mysterious" project and only because of the intense criticism flung at the mayor he has now chickened out of that project and like a  conniving wizard that he is, he waves a wand and the city is suddenly $ 104 million richer. Oh the tricks our elected officers play. Boy oh Boy.
Here's another take on this story from the Toronto Sun.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quote going around the web like wildfire

An unknown person at a discussion forum has hit the nail on the head so furiously and so precisely that his words are now echoing all over political discussion forums.... according to my friend Irene.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”
h/t: Irene

On seals and rodents

Animal rights activists and the Brigettey Bardoty fems from the EU can scream all they like, but when it comes to taking a stand on seal hunting, Canadian politicians have shown the world that our political parties can think as one. Now, if only the flamboyant Sarkozy could take a bite of a nice piece of seal meat rolled in bacon, that might shut up those EU bleeding hearts and do wonders for our export of this delicacy all over the EU.

There is a beach on the island of Barra, in the Outer Hebrides, where a colony of seals lives. Last summer, I sat on a rock watching them watching me with big brown eyes. They are beautiful creatures, all sleek body and salty intelligence, and I would balk at bashing one over the head. But I’d eat a seal sausage roll.

Seal tastes like moose, apparently. As a non-Canadian moose virgin, I can’t tell you if that means it really tastes like chicken. The Canadian politicians who sat down this week for a symbolic seal lunch had it wrapped in bacon with a port reduction.

It is Canada’s annual seal cull again, and the animal rights protesters are preparing their traditional response. Yet they are strangely silent about the rat genocide in South Georgia, where millions of non-indigenous rodents will be killed over the next five years. If you prick a rat, does it not bleed? The EU has banned the import of seal produce, much to the fury of some Canadians. Why ban seal skins and not fur? How can the home of foie gras and veal crates complain about smoked seal loin?
read further

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dalton McGuinty .... stars in Alice in Wonderland

The Prez and CEO of NCC has noticed that McGuinty seems to be spending all his media time in classrooms talking to kids in public schools.

Looks like McGuinty would prefer not to have any debates with adults and is happy playing with putty in a kid's toyland. Will Tim Hudak please come to the rescue of Ontarians and save the Province. Time is of the essence as McGuinty governance has put Ontario on life support and if the patient does not show signs of life, the plug might be pulled  double-quick.

Is it just me or have you noticed that Dalton McGuinty has rarely spoken to citizens over the past several years - he seems to spend all of his media time in classrooms talking to children in public schools. He never engages adults- maybe that is because he has nothing to say!

In the lead up to the provincial election in 2011, we will be putting forward our ideas for what is required to get Ontario back on track. We also believe it is time that Opposition Leader Tim Hudak starts to flush out what his plan will be if he becomes Premier in 2011. Ontario is starved for political leadership and Hudak has a great opportunity if he can present a vision for Ontario –something that is clearly lacking right now......

And, how can we not agree with the comment at the NCC website from Gord Drimmie who says:

I want to see LEADERSHIP. I want to see the Government lead by example. And I want to see the Government make Ontario a place for private sector growth and investment. Leading by example means a 5% salary cut for all elected officials; a 10% cut in the extra stipend for cabinet Ministers; a 50% cut in the bonus pool; and a 3-year WAGE FREEZE for ALL employees in the public sector. And yes, that means Teachers….and Health Care workers!

Simply put, the Province is in trouble; and the average citizen cannot afford to “borrow” to pay higher wages and benefits to already very well-paid individuals.

Unfortunately, the devastation absorbed by the private sector precludes any major push to reduce the civil service - there is already way too much unemployment - much of it structural - in the private sector! And we cannot afford to make the unemployment lines any longer. That said, it seems to me that the prudent approach is the aforementioned wage and benefit freeze within the civil service…..accompanied by a pledge to maintain (but not increase) the civil service at current levels. Giving the private sector time to “catch up” and perhaps even close the wage and benefit gap makes perfect sense to me. And the overall “dollar restraint” is just what the doctor ordered for the deficit.

cartoons credit: Graeme MacKay,Ontario

Sarah Palin: Will she or won't she run in 2012?

That's the question on the minds of a lot of people. Long debates and opinions at Hillbuzz and Redstate can pull you from one end to the other.

For what it's worth, IMHO, she will not run in 2012.  Again, in my opinion, things will work out just fine for her  even if Obama goes into another term as I feel she has her eyes on 2016 by which time she will have tonnes of both funds and experience to be propelled into the WH on a light whispery breeze with little or no effort.

The important thing is that Palin stays in the public eye and in the public mind. She has already devised ways on how to accomplish both and her opinions are now a matter of top priority and those are always rushed post-haste by the swiftest couriers to every nook and corner of  the country. 

When she takes over the leadership of the USA, and that is inevitable, just as night follows day and vice versa, the policies that Palin advocates and her views, hopes, desires and ambitions for the USA will be a mantra that the American majority would have taken on as their own.   Palin's brain-child, the upcoming documentary about trekking across Alaska with her family will be a show with more ratings than "American Idol" or "Lost". Wait and see.

Also, by 2016, our intrepid young Conservative blogger The Iceman who likes "Palin as a person but not as a President" will be all grown up and molded into a "Palin for Prez" fan along with those Libertarians who have shown "Iceman-like" vibes.

To Palin fans, I say this: All good things come to those who have patience to wait and seize the right opportunity at the right time. Palin has been doing an excellent job of analyzing and gauging the "people pulse" and we should not be disappointed if she does not run in 2012 as expected. She knows best as only she can. We can remain secure in the knowledge that as time goes by, more and more people will opt for the sure-fire cure for America that happens to be Palin and Palin alone  and put aside all other prescriptions as pure poison.  If that was to happen by 2012, beautiful.  If not, so what.  2016 will rush in, in the blink of an eye.

Air-Canada, WestJet and others take note

If murder is on your mind and you don't give a fig about your own life, the next order of things for those crazy tunes nutcases would be to nestle right into the hub of operations from whence they can bid their time and strike out at the most opportunistic moment and from a quarter you would least expect the attack to come from.  One such loony tunes character was embedded at Britsh Airways

A BRITISH Airways computer expert who allegedly offered to take advantage of a planned strike by cabin crew as part of a terror plot appeared in court today.

Bangladesh-born Rajib Karim, 30, of Newcastle upon Tyne, faces three charges under counter terrorism legislation. He is accused of two counts of planning suicide bombings and his own martyrdom.

One charge involves the UK and the other alleges that he plotted with contacts in his home country, Pakistan and Yemen.

It is alleged that he deliberately stayed in Britain, obtaining a passport and getting a job at the airline to further the conspiracy......

Oh... Dalton McGuinty.... how sweet the grace...

that you bestow on us Ontarians.  What have we done to deserve you oh mighty one.

New allegations of corruptness. Is there no end to the long string of these blatant misdoings? This time it's NDP's Peter Kormos pointing fingers at the Premier of Ontario and alleging that the East Moratorium Land Owners lobby met with the Premier and several of his cabinet ministers in a private home for a private dinner gathering where the EMLO shelled out $5000 each for the privelege of standing close to the great one.

According to Kormos: "After that dinner we see legislation that lines the developers' pockets to the tune of as much as $30 million in new profits."

all the sordid details here

cartoons credit: Graeme MacKay,Ontario

Windbags from the wind industry whining into the winds

What a lot of hot air the wind industry's ideas are proving to be and yet they don't let up on their snake oil salesmanship and over and above they have the gall to criticize the Federal govt for cutting off some of the wind subsidies.

In areas where people have been adversely affected by these mostly useless turbines, some residents have had to take up the issue with their local judicial systems. The complaints range from effects to the landscape; killing bird life; increase in noise limits and worst of all a failure to deliver the required power during extreme cold spells. This has been another stupid idea from the Left being propped up by the Left, even after the uselessness is glaringly obvious. I am glad that the Harper government has taken a positive step in this area.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association is expressing disappointment with the federal government’s recent decision not to expand or extend the so-called ecoEnergy program — which delivered subsidies to renewable energy developers — in its new budget.
 According to the association, the program has been a success, and without it, Canada’s ability to compete with American developers in the renewables sector is jeopardized.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christians in Iraq in deep danger from Iraqi muslims

Does anybody care? These are the kind of people who should get refugee status in Canada, if they apply, and not those "most probably" terrorists from Sri Lanka making their way here illegally by boat and forcing themselves on Canada.

This video about what is happening to Christian women in Iraq will make your skin crawl. Of course, our ever vigilant MSM are wide awake with  eyes shut tight.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the vid.

More on Gore the Bore

How many of you remember that advertisement for an IQ quiz website that used to be found on the pages of the internet showing the ex-President's face and asking "Is your IQ lower than him" or something derogatory like that? That's the tolerant Left. The beautiful endearing ways of the Left have no equal. While they will point out all the various shortcomings of their opponents, which oft times are a figment of their imagination; they will conceal under a million wraps of locks and chains, the drawbacks and deficiencies of their own, like Gore for example.
Emphasis mine.

....Here is what was said about the young Gore’s attempt at handling higher education’s strictures, “In his sophomore year at Harvard, Gore’s grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush’s transcript from Yale. That was the year Gore’s classmates remember him spending a notable amount of time in the Dunster House basement lounge shooting pool, watching television, eating hamburgers and occasionally smoking marijuana. His grades temporarily reflected his mildly experimental mood, and alarmed his parents. He received one D, one C-minus, two C’s, two C-pluses and one B-minus, an effort that placed him in the lower fifth of the class for the second year in a row.”

The article goes on to point an accusatory finger at Gore’s ability to even understand the basics of how the ecosphere works, “For all of Gore’s later fascination with science and technology, he often struggled academically in those subjects. The political champion of the natural world received that sophomore D in Natural Sciences 6 (Man’s Place in Nature) and then got a C-plus in Natural Sciences 118 his senior year. The self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet avoided all courses in mathematics and logic throughout college.”.....

If you have the stomach to read more on how he has duped the world and has thus amassed a fortune read more here

While looking for a cartoon for this post, I found  this funny vid as well as the cartoon at An Honest Climate Debate

Update via Drudge: World's top scientists to review climate panel

In the blogging world when you get under someone's skin .....

you know you have arrived.  In the case of this nut the "under the skin" ailment is heading towards some serious skin disease. Think leprosy. Leprosy ... Ohhhhh ... heavens .... No No... not to a nice individual like .Robert Day. Now, why do I sort of remember writing something about leprosy at my blog some time ago?  Okay... not important... will come to me later, or I will just do a search on "lepers" at my blog or something like that.

Right now, we are talking about that shining example of a Canadian Leftist who has vagina so much on his mind that he invents new words for that part of the female anatomy. Read some of the extracts from his raging post today and let's see how many you catch. It's sort of a game. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your typical Canadian Lefty. Some of the lefty bloggers try to disguise their contempt and hatred of the Conservatives in other milder way, but in a moment of  indiscreetness, and there are many of those moments with these nuts, the vileness spews out and spews out and spews out for all to see.

In order to get the whole picture, you will first have to read my blog post and it will be easier to understand why the Left hates it when their dirty laundry is exposed to the light of  Day (pun intended).  Then you may either just glance through the stuff below and play the game of "find derogatory names by left bloggers for a woman's vagina" or if you have the time go directly to the nut's blog.

A couple of things to note: According to this lefty blogger there were only two conservative bloggers who wrote about the horrible massacre in Nigeria, not so. Here is one more. So now that we have more than 2 bloggers who wrote about the massacre in Nigeria, you can tell the nut that he is full of shit like he wants you to. It really does not matter how many times this lefty foul-mouthed blogger has been proven wrong by other bloggers, he just keeps on shovelling more shit and more shit onto his blog on a daily basis. How this nut and his fellow bloggers wade through all that shit and still carry on a presumably normal life is anyone's guess.

Not that it matters that one or more wrote about the plight of Christians in Nigeria.... the fact of the matter is that Conservative bloggers WROTE about it , and here I am talking only about those on the Blogging Tories board; whereas the Liberals and NDP bloggers were dancing on hot coals over the supposedly ill-treatment of Afghan detainees, crying over the Gitmo detainee Kadr, poking fun at Sarah Palin, criticizing every move of PM Harper and nothing else, nada, nil, zilch, zero, naught.

Now for your reading disgust,  Voila ... I give you some snippets from the nut's post to show you the magnificence and the beauty of  the Canadian left.   Enjoy.

In deference to my more civilized co-bloggers, I will refrain from describing Blogging Tory Maria "Dodo Can Spell" Nunes as one of the most hideous, vile, useless c**ts on the planet. But she is. I give you Exhibit A:

Out of curiosity, shortly after that was posted, your humble scribe (that would be me) hied myself hence to Stephen Taylor's "Blogging Tories" to catalogue the Nigerian-flavoured outrage, whereupon I found ... two bloggers who had written on the topic. Two. Maria, of course, and one Craig Smith. No others. None. Nada. Squat. Zippo.

One would think that Maria would have the sense God gave a urinal deodorizer disc to shut the fuck up and not embarrass herself thusly, but she has never had an abundance of sense. In any event, against all better judgment, some commenters show up to explain Maria's stupidity:

I have done exactly that. I have scanned the pages at the Blogging Tories over the last three days, and have uncovered precisely three posts on the topic -- two by that vapid airhead Maria, and one by Craig Smith. There are no others. See for yourself. Start on that main page and scan for the keyword "Nigeria." Move on to older pages. Keep track of the hits. Tell me I'm wrong. So Maria is, unsurprisingly, full of shit. But you won't believe what she does next. Seriously, you will not believe this:

I am seriously still trying to come to terms with someone that awesomely retarded. If you come upon me with my head on the desk, weeping quietly, you'll know why.

AFTERSNARK: It's amusing to watch Maria completely contradict herself in the space of 20 minutes. At 4:46 PM, she challenges Mr. Betts to do a more methodical search of the BT aggregator, obviously implying that he wasn't very thorough and will find more evidence if only he puts his mind to it.

Curiously, shortly thereafter at 5:05 PM, Maria changes direction entirely and explains why any further search would naturally be futile since BTs work very hard at avoiding redundancy.

Does Stephen Taylor deliberately look for the stupidest people in Canada for his Blogging Tories, or is he just on a massive run of bad luck?

AND NOW, WE WAIT ... Yes, yes, it's cruel to pick on Maria since she's easily one of the stupidest and most malignant human beings in history, but given how eye-rollingly hypocritical she's being in that particular post, it will be interesting to see if a single member of her BT circle jerk points out her awkward double standard.

No, seriously, will even one of her adoring groupies have the decency to comment along the lines of, "Uh, Maria ... you're really being a bit inconsistent there."