Thursday, December 31, 2009

Those gays from Chicago can go after you tooth and nail

Those lovable gays from Chicago are at it again....either tearing people to bits or putting them on pedestals. They used to be  pretty hard-left and now they have changed somewhat and are coming into our corner with leaps and bounds. The way things are going on in the USA, whether you happen to be on the Right or on the Left, step out of line and you have handed yourself for punishment into their freshly varnished deadly claws.
...... Hey Nebraskans, how does it feel to be welfare queens?

Because that’s what Ben Nelson made you. The other 49 states now need to carry the weight for you lazy bums; while we work hard and are taxed into oblivion, your welfare rumps get to nestle on those couches, free from paying your fair share — and instead of what little you’ll be sending to Washington covering your own Medicaid increases, you’ll be picking up the tab for abortions coast to coast. Thanks to Ben Nelson. The Whore of the Senate. ........

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