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Monday, January 28, 2019

On Venezuela .... Canada's utterly disgusting role in the coup attempt to install a government of white Spaniards ... Part 3

You can never beat the hypocrisy of Canada's Liberal government, especially that of its Leader, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister.

Check out the vid below where the Numero Uno hypocrite sings praises  through his maple syrup soaked lying mouth about "diversity is our strength" in Canada and how other societies "should recognize diversity as a strength and not as a weakness", 

while behind the scenes he has been planning, along with the USA to overthrow the rightfully elected government of the people in Venezuela which is made up of  diversified groups.  

Why am I bringing up the "diversity is our strength" mantra of the Liberal government of Canada?  For that, take a close look at the pics below.  See any black, indigenous or people of color in the groups surrounding the Guaido  guy hand picked by the Trump administration?  

Needless to say, the first pic shows a diverse group of the real people of Venezuela.  The other shows the opposition made up of largely colonial era white Spaniards dear to Canada and the USA.  Any questions???

It should  be obvious to those who can see, hear and can do simple arithmetic that 2+2 = 4  ... that both the US elite and the deplorable Canadian elite (be they in the Liberal or Conservative political parties ) are hell-bent on bringing the colonial era white Spaniards back into power in Venezuela and once again giving them a chance to enslave the rest.

Below is yet another pic showing those who come together to show support for the US/Canada propped up bozo Guiado.

Amb Craig Murray has been politically correct in not mentioning the skin color of the gathering but describing the crowds thus: "...designer spectacled, well-coiffed, elegantly dressed, sleekly jowled group does not know hunger. well fed and coiffered" 

The question now is:  Is Canada trying to give a boost to the colonial powers of Spain, France, USA, etc.etc. ??????

Saturday, January 26, 2019

On Venezuela .... USA Imperialism shows its blood-stained hands .... Part 2

Instead of taking pity on the working class in Venezuela and lifting some of the sanctions that would allow the government of Maduro to buy essential foods and medicines,  the dead empire walking, with its remaining last few dying breaths, is once again showing the world its monstrous face and how far it can go to manipulate, blackmail and bribe its minions like Canada and the EU to stand by its evil intentions while it starts yet another civil war on our planet.

There's no denying that Maduro AND Chavez before him have made several mistakes.  IMO, the moment the Chavistas came to the realization that the USA was gunning for them (watch the first vid below and listen to Paul Jay relate how the Canadian Embassy in Caracas, almost 15 years ago, were already in bed with Chavez's enemies (rich elite) and trying to influence reporters and media folks to their planned demonizing of the Chavez government) - they should have initiated all options for opening up avenues for self-sufficiency in their country.  They didn't.  I also feel that both China and Russia, known to be friends of the country,  also failed Venezuela because these two nations have the tools and knowledge on how to withstand the sanctions and restrictions on banking transactions and loan renewals,etc., probably didn't bother to impart those lessons to the Chavistas....or perhaps the Chavistas were too dumb and arrogant to take their advice.  We don't know the other side of the story which could come only from China and Russia ... but the optics of the empty shelves in grocery stores, the sacks of Venezuela currency sold on streets for grocery items and US dollars, remains with one and not easily forgotten and they are proof positive of the mismanagement of  the economy by the Chavistas.

The Chavistas came to power only because the inequality in  the country was out of bounds (just like how it is in present day USA and EU).  In such situations, Governments swing from one end of the pendulum to the other.  Those swings have  not been happening in USA because the main political are"Right" and "Left" in name only,  not in their fundamental beliefs which spell "We few Elites at the very top, the rest of you at the very bottom".

Whatever and however many mistakes the Venezuela government has made  and keep making, it's definitely not for anyone  but the people of Venezuela to improve or change those in power without outside interference.  PERIOD.   We wouldn't like USA or any other country dictating our destiny for us and our country,  so then how can you condone it for the peoples of other countries?


Elias Marat at TheMindUnleashed
5 reasons crusade in venezuela will probably fail

Events in Venezuela shook the world on Wednesday, with many left wondering if January 23 was the beginning of the end for the government of President Nicolas Maduro and the beginning of a new chapter of U.S. interventionism.

Here are five reasons why it’s unlikely that this latest drama in the South American nation is the “endgame” that the mainstream media is hyping up......


Francisco Rodriguez at Foreign Policy  ( article from January 2018)
Why more sanctions won't help Venezuela
During the first year of his administration, U.S. President Donald Trump has taken an increasingly hard line against the government of Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro. Washington has tightened sanctions on Caracas and even suggested a military intervention to remove the Venezuelan leader from office. Twelve months into Trump’s term, Maduro seems even more entrenched in power, and Venezuela’s opposition is more fractured than ever.
U.S. foreign policy toward Venezuela is premised on a series of misconceptions. Perhaps the most widespread and serious one is the idea that Venezuela is a totalitarian dictatorship. While Maduro has certainly done many things to undermine democracy, Venezuela is no North Korea.....

......... An even more problematic idea driving current U.S. policy is the belief that financial sanctions can hurt the Venezuelan government without causing serious harm to ordinary Venezuelans. That’s impossible when 95 percent of Venezuela’s export revenue comes from oil sold by the state-owned oil company. Cutting off the government’s access to dollars will leave the economy without the hard currency needed to pay for imports of food and medicine. Starving the Venezuelan economy of its foreign currency earnings risks turning the country’s current humanitarian crisis into a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe.

That’s what began to happen in 2017. Last year, Venezuela’s export revenues rose from $28 to $32 billion, buoyed by the recovery in world oil prices. Under normal conditions, a rise in a country’s exports would leave it with more resources to pay for its imports. But in the Venezuelan case, imports fell by 31 percent during the same year. The reason is that the country lost access to international financial markets. Unable to roll over its debt, it was forced to build up huge external surpluses to continue servicing that debt in a desperate attempt to avoid a default. Meanwhile, creditors threatened to seize the Venezuelan government’s remaining revenue sources if the country defaulted, including refineries located abroad and payments for oil shipments.

U.S. economic sanctions have stopped Venezuela from issuing new debt and blocked attempts to restructure its existing debt obligations. Major financial institutions have delayed the processing of all financial transfers from Venezuelan entities, significantly hampering the ability of Venezuelan companies to do business in the United States. Even Citgo, a Venezuelan-owned subsidiary that owns 4 percent of the United States’ refining capacity, hasn’t been able to get U.S. financial institutions to issue routine trade credit since sanctions were imposed.

Ever since the Vietnam War, most American policymakers have understood that foreign policy is not just about outgunning your opponent but also about winning the hearts and minds of the people. But 56 percent of Venezuelans oppose U.S. financial sanctions; only 32 percent support them. When it comes to foreign military intervention in Venezuela, 57 percent of those surveyed were opposed, while 58 percent support dialogue between the government and the opposition — and 71 percent believe that those talks should focus on seeking solutions to the country’s economic problems.......

Friday, January 25, 2019

On Venezuela ... the trials and tribulations, all courtesy of the United States of America ... Part 1

There's so much happening with regard to Venezuela.  Below some stuff that should give you a clearer picture of the havoc wrought on that country by the usual main culprits.  Sadly, I have to use the plural ... because the last few years, Canada has joined the USA in the " main culprits" exclusive club.

Canada .... we once stood tall and firm for the downtrodden and the misunderstood ....

now we follow the world bully USA for the crumbs it throws our way.

Keith Jones at World Socialist Website
Canada's "diversity" imperialism 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his trade union-backed, ostensibly “progressive” Liberal government are playing a key role in the regime-change coup that Washington has launched against Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolás Maduro.

Canada quickly seconded US President Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday recognizing Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “interim president,” as the country’s head of state.
The cabinet Trudeau named after winning office in October 2015 was hailed as an exemplar of diversity and inclusiveness. With an equal number of women and men, newspaper columnists lauded the “gender-balanced cabinet.” It boasted an indigenous Justice Minister, an Indian-born Sikh defence minister, a former Somali refugee as immigration minister, a gay Treasury Board president, and a quadriplegic Veteran Affairs Minister.

There was further gushing praise from the liberal media, when Trudeau promoted Chrystia Freeland to Foreign Affairs Minister and proclaimed Canada was pursuing a "feminist foreign policy." Lauding these developments, Foreign Policy magazine wrote that last year Canada hosted “the first-ever meeting of female foreign ministers, as part of a package of commitments it made to prioritize women’s issues under its G-7 presidency this year.”

The meeting, Foreign Policy wrote, was “unprecedented in its display of female power on the world stage.”

“It is important—and historic—that we have a prime minister and a government proud to proclaim themselves as feminists,” declared Freeland. “Women’s rights are human rights.”
In reality, as underscored by Canada’s role in aiding and abetting the US-orchestrated regime-change operation in Venezuela, the only “identity” that matters is that all the members of the Trudeau cabinet are defenders of imperialism.

Trudeau has been enthusiastically promoted by the New York Times and Guardian as a poster boy of contemporary liberalism. That is a liberalism that has renounced all social reform, is pro-austerity and pro-war, and which privileges issues of racial, ethnic and gender identity, as a means of rallying the support of sections of the affluent middle class.

Trudeau and Freeland are recycling and amplifying the foul propaganda emanating from the CIA and the likes of Brazil’s new ultra-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, that Guaidó—a representative of the country’s traditional US-aligned oligarchy—is the incarnation of the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people.

Ottawa’s role, however, goes far beyond trying to provide a smokescreen for yet another “made in USA” coup and obscuring the inexorable connection between Washington’s current intrigues in Venezuela and the succession of invasions, occupations and coups it has orchestrated in Latin America since 1898.
Ottawa, according to news reports, will soon host a meeting of the Lima Group, a coalition of US allies in the Americas, to plot the next steps in the “regime-change” operation against Maduro and the bourgeois nationalist regime he heads.

Since its establishment in August 2017, Canada has acted as Washington’s principal agent inside the Lima Group. Last September, Canada was conspicuous in leading opposition to a Lima Group “pledge” to oppose any foreign military intervention in Venezuela—i.e. a US invasion...............

Justin Trudeau ... Man of Straw

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

France's brutal crack-down on the Yellow Vest protestors will only strengthen their ranks

Sad that lessons are never learnt by the thick-headed elite and their puppets the politicians they install to positions of power.  Forever wars, killing, dropping bombs, tear-gassing, droning, regime-changing and whatnot of Muslim nations have given rise to more violence and hatred from those beleaguered countries.  Violence begets violence.  Hate begets hate.  France,  by authorizing its police force to use "flashballs", teargas and other chemical gasses on the protestors has, IMO,  made a major mistake.  The protestors will now have revenge on their minds. This situation is bound to get worse and it's anyone's guess where it can lead.

Here's what one of the English language outlets in France The Local reported:

The "yellow vest" protests that erupted last year over fuel taxes have broadened into weekly demonstrations across France against President Emmanuel Macron, sometimes spiralling into violent clashes with police.

The "Disarm" collective, a local group that campaigns against police violence, has documented 98 cases of serious injuries since the first nationwide protests on November 17, including 15 cases of people losing an eye.

The left-wing Liberation daily counted 77 people with serious head injuries, 71 caused by rubber bullets and others by stun grenades.

In one incident that caused widespread outrage, a volunteer fireman and father of three suffered a stroke on January 10th after being hit in the head in Bordeaux, apparently by a rubber bullet.

Video footage of the incident, which was widely shared on social media, showed an officer firing at a group of retreating protesters, his rifle aimed at head level.

The footage then showed Olivier Beziade lying face down on the ground a few metres away, his back to the police. A rubber bullet was found at his feet.

"He was less than 10 metres away and they shot him in the head, there is no way that can be a mistake," his wife Cindy told AFP.