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Jihadi groups are planning their next step in a very logical manner

For those who mistakenly presume that the terrorist groups are all about their cavemen religion and headchopping galore, they have a nasty shock coming.  Terrorists will use religion to gain power in politics and then impose shariah on the sheeple. There's nothing like shariah to put one in chains in the best way possible .... without you even knowing about the imprisonment until it's too late to do anything to reverse it. 

The intention right now is for the Al Qaeda=ISIS=Muslim Brotherhood to bring the "secular" Muslim nations under their umbrella, which is all very well as far as most of us are concerned ... but what happens when the "shariah-ed"  nations begin broadening their borders and the immigration to the "Christian" nations continue to continue?  Unfortunately, for the Christians living in Syria and Iraq, the so called "Christians" of the West have betrayed them by arming, funding and training the killers to decimate them and all signs of Christianity from that region. 

Look no further then how it transpired in Egypt.  The sheeple readily welcomed the new dictator's clamp down on the Muslim Brotherhood not realizing that the other heads of the same beast were left unharmed on the borders of Egypt and in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, because there, those serpentine offshoots served as a thorn in the side of their Shiite enemies. Is there any concrete way to defeat jihadis if at the same time you want to use them to defeat your other perceived enemies?  

Ali Hashem writring at AlMonitor:
Al-Qaeda theorist calls   for infiltrating political systems.

As radical Islamic groups continue to pursue the imposition of their ideologies and grab for power around the Middle East and North Africa, a prominent al-Qaeda ideologue has called on groups working within the framework of the infamous radical group to adopt a new strategy to infiltrate legitimate regimes in the region and build their influence and power from within. The logic is that this approach will allow them to better establish a lasting presence and implement their vision. Abdullah bin Mohammed has written several articles on al-Qaeda's strategies and conducted research on jihad in the region. Among his works is “Strategic Diaries,” available online, and “The Strategy of the Regional War in Syria.” His Twitter account, “Strategic Affairs,” has attracted some 242,000 followers.

Abdullah bin Mohammed, an al-Qaeda member, is the ideologue representing a new path for the movement, not just a different current. Marwan Chehadeh, an expert on islamists groups, told Al-Monitor, “Bin Mohammed is an expert on security and military affairs. I believe he’s from the Arabian Peninsula and introduced some new concepts, including political guerrilla wars. Bin Mohammed calls for changing thinking about ruling in Islam. He is against jihadi emirates.”

Bin Mohammed believes the outcome of the jihadi effort of the last three decades justifies a change in strategy. In his article “Political Guerilla Wars,” he wrote, “The jihadist group’s main problem isn’t finding a way to fight the international system, as al-Qaeda provided an answer to this issue. The main problem is how to be able to rule under such a system. This needs political guerilla war.” He clarified his thinking, stating, “The military calculations proved to us that an open confrontation with a strong enemy like the US is military suicide. Therefore we had to go a different way in military confrontation, and in politics an open confrontation like declaring a state is also political suicide, as the West has the power to weaken us, pressure our societies, and at the end uproot us as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, we have to build a new strategy that can enhance our resilience.”

Bin Mohammed cited the al-Qaeda-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as an example, explaining that it was able to build solid alliances with other Islamic and revolutionary groups and was flexible toward the outside world. “They issued a fatwa that allowed them to participate in the democratic regime after they demanded that Sharia be a main source of legislation. Next they will start working on building their Islamic regime,” he explained, also using images to denounce the tendency of some groups toward beheadings, which he said gives the West a pretext to intervene militarily............

United Nations, hiding in the back pocket of USA and its allies, turns a blind eye to French "peacekeepers" who raped and sodomized kids in Central African Republic (CAR)

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The FIFA corruption scandal and its geopolitical conundrum

No matter how you look at it,  politics have entered the sports arena and they did so decades ago.  No use denying it.

Jules Boykoff, former professional soccer player who represented the US Olympic Soccer Team in international competition, talks to TRNN about the recent upheaval concerning FIFA.
Video interview at link below.

JAISAL NOOR, PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Jaisal Noor in Baltimore.

Football. The world's biggest sport, and also the most corrupt. Despite a massive international bribery scandal that's engulfed the sport, just moments ago FIFA president Sepp Blatter was reelected to an unprecedented fifth term. Fallout continues to grow after nine officials from FIFA, the International Soccer Federation, and several others were arrested as part of a U.S.-led investigation into a $150 million international bribery and corruption scheme. Blatter has maintained that he's innocent from the scandal, and has defied growing calls to step down.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the charges on Wednesday. Meanwhile, also on Friday, Palestine dropped its bid to expel Israel from FIFA for restricting the movement of Palestinian players. And questions are being raised about the role of large financial institutions, that they played in the corruption and bribes.

Now joining us to discuss all this and more from Portland, Oregon is Jules Boykoff. Jules teaches political science at Pacific University in Oregon. A former professional soccer player, he represented the U.S. Olympic soccer team in international competition.

Thank you so much for joining us again.


NOOR: So can you just, for people that--probably having trouble trying to wrap their minds around this growing scandal, and the fact that the FIFA president just was reelected to an unprecedented fifth term.

BOYKOFF: Absolutely. Well, for people who just follow soccer, the beautiful game, they've gotten a rude awakening at how actually there's a real ugly underbelly to the beautiful game. We've been seeing that all week long with these corruption allegations being leveled against FIFA, and this president who, as you said, has just won a fifth term in the presidency. And he's been involved in all sorts of unseemly aspects of the corruption. Though for the time being he seems to have insulated himself enough where they can't exactly press charges quite yet against him.

NOOR: And so this has been a front page story, as you've said, for this whole week. But what is the mainstream media really missing? What is not being discussed in the coverage that we've seen so far?..........

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Journey to concentration camp Auschwitz

Worth watching.  RT's Paula Slier discovers that 119 members of her family were killed in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. 

It's horrifying the stuff humans did to other humans during WW2,  but have we learnt anything from that war and that misery?  No, nothing, zilch, nada!!!  Even the descendants of those who escaped the concentration camps, inflict malicious pain on other humans in this our present day and time.  Think Netanyahu and his gang in Israel.  Think Jewish overlords in the Ukraine.

Jihadis are winning because that's the strategy planned for them by the powers-that-be

You know who those powers are, don't you?  Unless your head has completely solidified in the sand you hid it into, you know!

Why Islamic State Is Winning

Exclusive: The Saudi-Israeli alliance and U.S. neocons have pressured President Obama into continuing U.S. hostility toward the secular Syrian government despite major military gains by the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, leading to an emerging catastrophe in the Mideast, as Daniel Lazare explains.

By Daniel Lazare

President Barack Obama and his foreign policy staff are not having a very merry month of May. The Islamic State’s takeover of Ramadi, Iraq, on May 15 was one of the greatest U.S. military embarrassments since Vietnam, but the fall of Palmyra, Syria, just five days later made it even worse. This is an administration that, until recently, claimed to have turned the corner on Islamic State.

In March, Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of U.S. Central Command, assured the House Armed Services Committee that the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL or Daesh) was in a “defensive crouch” and unable to conduct major operations, while Vice President Joe Biden declared in early April that “ISIL’s momentum in Iraq has halted, and in many places, has been flat-out reversed.”

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's out in black and white .... USA created the jihadi army of ISIS to transform parts of Iraq and Syria into Salafi territories in order to dampen Shiite Iran's growing influence in the area ....

which ultimately boils down to handing over on a golden platter, parts of Iraq and Syria to religious extremists who are a thousand times worse than the Iranian Shiite extremists.  Well done dear USA and allies of USA.

Nafeez Ahmed writing at Medium:
Secret Pentagon report reveals West saw ISIS as strategic asset
Anti-ISIS coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to ‘isolate’ Assad, rollback ‘Shia expansion’

A declassified secret US government document obtained by the conservative public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

The document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of the strategy, but described this outcome as a strategic opportunity to “isolate the Syrian regime.”

The revelations contradict the official line of Western government on their policies in Syria, and raise disturbing questions about secret Western support for violent extremists abroad, while using the burgeoning threat of terror to justify excessive mass surveillance and crackdowns on civil liberties at home.

Among the batch of documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit, released earlier this week, is a  US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document then classified as “secret,” dated 12th August 2012.

The DIA provides military intelligence in support of planners, policymakers and operations for the US Department of Defense and intelligence community.

So far, media reporting has focused on the evidence that the Obama administration knew of arms supplies from a Libyan terrorist stronghold to rebels in Syria.

Some outlets have reported the US intelligence community’s internal prediction of the rise of ISIS. Yet none have accurately acknowledged the disturbing details exposing how the West knowingly fostered a sectarian, al-Qaeda-driven rebellion in Syria.

Charles Shoebridge, a former British Army and Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism intelligence officer, said:

    “Given the political leanings of the organisation that obtained these documents, it’s unsurprising that the main emphasis given to them thus far has been an attempt to embarrass Hilary Clinton regarding what was known about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in 2012. However, the documents also contain far less publicized revelations that raise vitally important questions of the West’s governments and media in their support of Syria’s rebellion.”...................

Cartoons of our present time .... May 2015


Thursday, May 21, 2015

World War 3 ... news and updates May 21

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania, Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam, Myanmar, Georgia, Burundi, Senegal, Macedonia

From Salon
The New York Times does its government’s bidding:   Here’s what you’re not being told about U.S. troops in Ukraine
U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine. The "paper of record's" "coverage" is an embarrassment, per usual
As of mid-April, when a Pentagon flack announced it in Kiev, and as barely reported in American media, U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine.
Now there is a lead I have long dreaded writing but suspected from the first that one day I would. Do not take a moment to think about this. Take many moments. We all need to. We find ourselves in grave circumstances this spring.

At first I thought I had written what newspaper people call a double-barreled lead: American soldiers in Ukraine, American media not saying much about it. Two facts.
Wrong. There is one fact now, and it is this: Americans are being led blindfolded very near the brink of war with Russia.

One cannot predict there will be one. And, of course, right-thinking people hope things will never come to one. In March, President Obama dismissed any such idea as if to suggest it was silly. “They’re not interested in a military confrontation with us,” Obama said of the Russians—wisely. Then he added, unwisely: “We don’t need a war.”...........

It's so very clear that the West's vendetta with Russia = the shortsighted scumbags of the West doing their best to  destabilize countries that are aligned with Russia without giving two hoots about these countries falling into the hands of  shariah lovers.  Is the West so blind or is this done deliberately?  In Macedonia, the Albanian minority are panting for a revolution and the West is helping them in a big, big way
From Sputnik 
Macedonia Unrest: West Giving Balkan Country a Lesson of 'Democracy'
After Russia's Stroitransgaz announced it will build a gas pipeline across Macedonia, Skopje has come under heavy criticism from Washington, Brussels and numerous US-funded NGOs, which blasted the government for violating "European values."
It looks like the West is going to give Macedonia a lesson of "democracy," noted American writer and researcher Michael Collins, drawing a parallel between the current situation in the country and dramatic events which took place in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.
"The announcement of Russian pipeline deal on March 12 put the small nation in the cross hairs of the Obama administration and Congress. Allowing Russia a backdoor to sell Europe natural gas challenged the economic and political war against Russia. The US and its puppet governments in London, Paris, and Berlin give lip service to free markets. But, when it comes to Russia, political goals trump commerce," the researcher underscored.
Macedonia's Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was accused of taking bribes, shortly after the Russo-Macedonian deal had been announced......

From CNN
ISIS seizes key Iraqi city of Ramadi:  What happens next?
ISIS forces pushed east Monday from their fresh victory in Ramadi as the Iraqi government rushed reinforcements to shore up defensive lines meant to stop the terror group's advance.
Iraqi and U.S. officials promised eventual defeat for the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but the loss of the strategically and symbolically important city of Ramadi -- just 110 kilometers (70 miles) west of Iraq's heavily fortified capital of Baghdad -- had taken its toll.
"This is a huge setback to Iraqi forces and to the U.S. strategy to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS," said retired U.S. Army Col. Peter Mansoor, a CNN military analyst.
That effort Monday was focused east of the city, where tribal and local forces had set up defensive lines west of the cities of Khalidiya and Husaybah, said Ibrahim Hassan Khalaf al-Fahdawi, head of the Security Council in Khalidiya, and Mahmaoud al-Fahdawi, a leader in the Albu Fahad Sunni tribe......

From ABC
  Macedonia's political crisis compounded by police deaths in armed border clashes
Five police officers have been killed in clashes with unidentified gunmen in Macedonia, which is already struggling under the weight of a deep political crisis.
The country's interior minister, Gordana Junkuloska, told reporters the officers were killed in a shootout with "terrorists" and 30 were injured in the northern town of Kumanovo..........
"There are victims among the terrorists but for the time being we cannot give the exact number," Ms Junkuloska said.
Meanwhile, local papers in the Albanian language reported that five members of an armed group were killed in Kumanovo.
Police said earlier that the armed group illegally entered Macedonia from a neighbouring country, without elaborating.
Local media suggested they came from neighbouring Kosovo, populated mostly by ethnic Albanians....

........The former Yugoslav republic is also battling an economic crisis, with unemployment running at 28 per cent.
Many in Macedonia, regardless of ethnicity, are frustrated at the slow pace of development and integration with the West, with the country's bid to join the European Union and NATO blocked by a long-running dispute with Greece over the country's name...........

Jurgen Todenhofer is the German journalist who ventured into the poisonous nest of jihadis in Syria and Iraq.  Very, very interesting .... what he has to relate.  A must watch.

From PressTV
ISIL sends prettier virgins to Raqqa to sell them at higher prices: UN envoy
The ISIL Takfiri terrorists send “prettiest virgins” to the northern Syrian city of Raqqa to sell them at higher prices there, a UN envoy says.
Following her investigative mission to Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan to gather data on the ISIL sex crimes, Zainab Bangura, the special representative of the UN secretary general on sexual violence in conflict, told online news portal Middle East Eye on Monday that the Takfiri group is committing horrendous crimes against women, particularly against the Izadi community.
After the Takfiris attack a village, they strip the girls naked, conduct virginity tests, evaluate their physical attributes, and send them to slave auctions, with those considered the prettiest and youngest being sent to ISIL stronghold Raqqa, she said......

I am betting that in the next few months, Canada, the USA, the UK and the EU will see 1000s of well-heeled Yemenis fleeing the war and making the West their new home and if they are "good" Muslims they will work diligently to eventually make the West shariah-compliant.  What's not to love about that, eh?  The more Muslims, the merrier our nations. Think samosas, biryani, bombs,  etc.  Let's not forget to thank Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the USA and USA's Western allies for the cultural enrichment we are gonna get whether we like it or not.
Ceasefire Expires, Saudis Resume Airstrikes on Yemen
UN officials were desperately pushing the Saudi government to agree to an extension of the five-day humanitarian ceasefire, hoping to allow a bit more aid to flow into Yemen before the resumption of hostilities
The push was unsuccessful, however, and with the 11 pm deadline Sunday evening, the Saudis immediately resumed strikes in force across Yemen.
While a fair amount of humanitarian aid was transported to a UN hub in Djibouti over the course of the five days, it’s not clear how much actually made it into Yemen.
Iran’s own cargo ship of aid never even made it close to Yemen, and as of Sunday night they were still said to be at least four days away from the Yemeni port of Hodeida, their intended destination.......

From RT
Washington is losing its weight in the international arena and this makes it target Russia and Venezuela, as well as attempt to curtail China’s growth, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT's Spanish-language channel in an exclusive interview.
In March, the US declared Venezuela a threat to its national security which is usually the first step in starting a US sanctions program. Maduro said the country found great support in Latin America after this attack, which forced Washington to backpedal on its pressure.
“All those countries stood against it even before the Summit of Americas started exactly a month ago and demanded that [US President] Barack Obama repeal the executive order that declared Venezuela a threat. It was very convincing,” he said. “President Obama realized that Venezuela was not alone, that it would have help and support. We were united in our multiplicity.”
The Venezuelan president, who continued a policy of opposing the influence of the US in Latin America that his predecessor Hugo Chavez started, believes that Washington is unnerved by the growth of political and economic power in countries it does not control. .........

From TheAustralian
Libya the beachhead   for ISIS push into Africa
Islamic State has sent money, trainers and fighters to Libya in increasing numbers, raising new concerns for the US that the militant group is gaining traction in its attempts to broaden its reach and expand influence.

In recent months, US military officials said, Islamic State has solidified its foothold in Libya as it searches for ways to capitalise on rising popularity among extremist groups around the world.
“ISIL now has an operational presence in Libya, and they have aspirations to make Libya their African hub,” said one US military official, using an acronym for the group. “Libya is part of their terror map now.”
Islamic State’s growth as a powerful anti-Western force has militant groups throughout the world trying to latch on to its ­notoriety. But until recently, affiliates have operated with a great ­degree of independence and there was little evidence they were taking orders from the group’s core leadership in Syria and Iraq, US officials said...........

From DailyO
An insider's view  on surviving Taliban attacks in Afghanistan
Indians are now in the terrorists' crosshairs and one must be careful to not question local traditions.
The May 13, 2015 attack on the Park Guest House in Kabul where Taliban terrorists shot dead four Indian nationals among 14 other people, marks the continuation of a dangerous trend that began in 2010. Indians are now in the Taliban crosshairs. In 2010, gunmen attacked two guest houses including the Park, killing 18 people including nine Indians. Last week’s attack saw Taliban gunmen going from room-to-room, specifically looking for Indian nationals to kill. One of the key targets was Indian ambassador Amar Sinha who was to attend a music reception at the guest house that evening..........

From Sputnik
NATO Uses Clashes in Macedonia to Undermine Russia's Gas Pipeline Project
Ethnic Albanians involved in recent violent clashes in the northern Macedonian city of Kumanovo were used by Washington to threaten construction plans for Russia's Turkish Stream gas pipeline, a Serbian political scientist claimed.
Macedonia witnessed violent clashes between police and an armed group in Kumanovo, a city bordering Serbia and Kosovo, which claimed the lives of eight Macedonian security officers and 14 gunmen.
According to the Macedonian Interior Ministry, the group was led by five former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).
"Albanians are used to hinder [the implementation of] the Turkish Stream [project] and as a US method of putting pressure on Europe by fomenting a new conflict in the Balkans," Dusan Prorokovic told Sputnik Tuesday.............

Buddhists and Hindus in Thailand better beware.  Your politicians and army generals are selling out the country to shariah lovers.  I predict huge trouble brewing in Thailand.
  .........Evidence showing this unnamed military official's possible involvement in Rohingya trafficking was found during a raid at a suspect's home in Ranong's Muang district last Wednesday, a security source revealed...

From Tass
According to the intelligence available   to the Donetsk republic, Ukrainian forces have been using hospitals and other social facilities in Volnovakha and Kurakhovo for military purposes
The reconnaissance of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has spotted multiple rocket launchers at the positions of Kiev-controlled forces, the Donetsk Republic’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Eduard Basurin, has said.
"The Donetsk Republic’s reconnaissance has identified the deployment of Grad and Uragan rocket launchers in the village of Peredovoye," the Donetsk News Agency quotes Basurin as saying. "It is noteworthy that the launchers are targeted at the city of Volnovakha."......

This is the nun who was denied an entry visa by US Home Dept before pressure was mounted by the internet community asking WHY.  Listen to her testimony about the plight of Christians in the lands that the US and allies have torn asunder.

From EnglishAhram
Despite US strikes, IS advances   in Syria, Iraq
The Islamic State jihadist group has made several high-profile advances in recent days, despite a US-led air campaign against the movement in Syria and Iraq.

Here are answers to some key questions about the group's progress and the international effort to stop them:
A: On Sunday, Islamic State group fighters seized Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's largest province of Anbar, in their biggest victory since a major offensive in Iraq last summer.
The group has also moved to within a kilometre (less than a mile) of Syria's Palmyra world heritage site, and has seized the town of Al-Sukhnah and two gas fields northeast of the ancient city.
The advances expand the existing territory the group holds across Syria and Iraq -- land it has labelled an Islamic "caliphate".

A: The fall of Ramadi is a particular blow to Iraq's government, which only last month was touting its recapture of the city of Tikrit from the jihadist group.
In Syria, Palmyra has key symbolism as both the home of world-famous Greco-Roman ruins, but also the site of one of the regime's most infamous prisons.
Homs province, in which Palmyra lies, also holds several large gas fields, including two -- Arak and Al-Hail -- that were captured by IS on Monday.
IS has proven adept at filling its coffers by exploiting captured oil and gas resources in Syria and Iraq.
Jessica Lewis of the Institute for the Study of War think-tank said the two offensives could be linked, and be a bid by IS to consolidate its territory in eastern Syria and western Iraq.

A: A coalition led by the United States has been carrying out air strikes against IS since last year in both Iraq and Syria.
The strikes have targeted IS's military equipment, oil fields and refineries and fighters on the ground.
The raids have had some notable successes, including preventing the group from advancing on the capital of the Kurdish region in northern Iraq, Arbil.
They have also managed to push back IS from the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane on the Turkish border, and were key to the recapture of Tikrit by Iraqi government forces.

A: Analysts note that the coalition's victories against IS have come in areas where its strikes have been backed by allied ground forces.
"It's a basic truism of counterinsurgency that success requires boots on the ground," said Max Abrahms, a political science professor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.
In Kobane the coalition worked with Kurdish ...........

Russia stops transit of NATO military cargo to Afghanistan
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has revoked a decree that allowed delivery of NATO military equipment to Afghanistan through Russian territory.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has been ordered to inform all the countries involved. .......

From HuffingtonPost
Saudi-Led Airstrikes On Yemen Resume After Ceasefire Ends
Saudi-led air raids hit the Yemen capital Sanaa overnight, targeting forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the east and south of the city, residents said on Tuesday.
The strikes are the first to hit the capital after a five-day ceasefire ended late on Sunday, although military operations resumed earlier on Monday in northern Saada province and in the southern city of Aden.
Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Muslim allies have been conducting an offensive against Iranian-allied Houthis and units loyal to Saleh for more than seven weeks, part of a campaign to restore exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power..........

From NBC
A U.S. warship  has begun shadowing an Iranian cargo ship approaching the coast of Yemen with Iranian military escorts, raising concerns it could be delivering weapons for Houthi rebels in violation of a United Nations arms embargo, Defense Department officials said.
Iran says the cargo ship, "Iran Shahed," is carrying humanitarian relief to war-torn Yemen. It is being accompanied by a pair of Iranian warships, the "Vosper" and "Bandar Abbas." .....

From AtlanticCouncil
Recent developments in Sinai   have once again raised the specter of a “tribal awakening” to rid the region of jihadists. Talk in recent years of armed tribal action against jihadists is not new and has generally gone nowhere, but a number of dynamics may make this moment different. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, (ABM), an Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) affiliate seems to have overreached and some families belonging to a major tribe, the Tarabin, are urging mobilization. These families seem motivated by a fear that their economic interests may be threatened by ABM, and thus believe they have a bone in the fight. This presents a unique opportunity for the Egyptian military. If it fails to on it, the army risks further alienating tribes who have stuck their necks out and even the possibility that ABM takes over these “collaborators” lands. ..........

From RT
Turkish intelligence ‘aided shipment of arms’ to Syrian rebel areas
Turkey helped deliver weapons to rebel-controlled Syrian territories, according to testimony from prosecutors and gendarmerie officers, Reuters says. It contradicts Ankara's denials that it sent arms to rebels and thereby contributed to the rise of ISIS.
Testimony from gendarmerie officers, seen by the agency, allege that rocket parts, ammunition, and semi-finished mortar shells were carried in trucks accompanied by the country's state intelligence agency (MIT) to parts of Syria under Islamist control. This occurred more than a year ago, according to the testimony.
Meanwhile, testimony from prosecutors backed up the story of Ankara sending weapons across the border.
The prosecutors said that four trucks were searched in the southern province of Adana in raids by police and gendarmerie – one in November 2013 and three others in January 2014 – on the orders of prosecutors acting on tip-offs that they were carrying weapons.
While the first truck was seized, the three others were allowed to continue their journey after MIT officials accompanying the cargo threatened police and resisted the search, according to the testimonies and the prosecutor's report. ........

From RFI
Nigeria’s Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) is urging banks to do more to understand who is behind Boko Haram. The DIA chief, Rear Admiral Gabriel Okoi, told journalists on Wednesday that he expects more cooperation from Nigerian banks. Speaking in Abuja, he said: “We told them how they should go about intelligence gathering so we expect positive results from them.”

Okoi's comments came as a new book on Boko Haram highlights the group's many sources of funding. In Boko Haram: Nigeria’s Islamist Insurgency, Virginia Comolli explains that the sect had benefited from many sources – from northern officials to Internet scams.

"During the early stages of Boko Haram [around 2002] there had been a number of officials and northern businessmen who were involved in providing support," she said in an interview. "It is also possible that in the early days a number of local politicians would have hired the early Boko Haram members as their political enforcers, basically local thugs used to intimidate political opponents."

Oh yeah ... now that the USA has been assured a foothold in Nigeria, what was probably started by the USA and her allies, will quieten down a bit.
From Guardian
How Nigeria turned a corner   against Boko Haram
The Nigerian army has recaptured all of the major towns occupied by Boko Haram in recent months, and rescued nearly 1,000 kidnapped women and children. It claims to have destroyed several of the militants’ camps, pursued the group into the Sambisa forest and arrested those suspected of supplying thme with food and fuel.

Isolated attacks have continued, but after more than five years of torment, the insurgents seem to have been transformed from the hunters to the hunted. It is now Boko Haram fighters who are fleeing, with the army in pursuit. Recently released footage shows militants running away in disarray from aerial bombardments by the Nigerian air force.

Only five months ago Boko Haram was wreaking havoc in the north east, seemingly able to launch attacks at will after having captured an area about the same size as Belgium.........

Meanwhile in Canada......
From GlobalNews
RCMP in Quebec arrest 10 youths on suspicion of planning to join jihadist groups
RCMP in Montreal arrested 10 young people over the weekend who were suspected of wanting to leave Canada to join jihadist groups.
In a statement released late Tuesday, RCMP said the arrests took place at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and the persons arrested were released without charge.
In a statement released late Tuesday, RCMP said the arrests took place at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and the persons arrested were released without charge.........

From GlobalNews
Does Quebec have a young extremist problem?
Ten young people accused of trying to leave Canada to join extremist groups have had their passports seized after authorities arrested them before they could depart Montreal.
RCMP didn’t reveal the ages or genders of any of the individuals arrested last week, none of whom are facing charges at this time, nor what information led to the arrests. But, the arrests come only months after police revealed they suspected seven other young people, who attended Montreal-area colleges, had travelled abroad to join up with jihadists and add to a growing list of suspected extremist travellers coming out of Quebec.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just one of many tales from Apartheid Israel and its despicable butcher of Gaza and his cabinet of ghouls

Netanyahu, the  bosom buddy of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has done more to make people from all over the globe hate Israel and by extension even the Jewish diaspora in countries worldwide.

If you thought racism was a thing of the past, think again.  It's alive and thriving in Israel and exported from there to the USA police forces and ... God forbid .... probably even into our own Canadian law enforcement body or elsewhere.  If the Israelis were contracted to train the US police, you honestly think that Harper, best buddy of apartheid Israel would not use his influence to throw some juicy contracts Israel-wards?  Come on!

The latest in Israeli-crimes is the attempt by the ghouls to bring segregation to the transit system whereby non-Jews would have to travel separately.  Some  claim that this is a needed move because non-Jews might knife the Jewish princes and princesses while they are sitting pretty in the  buses with the unclean non-Jews AND ... wait for it ...... to save the Jewish princesses from being "harassed" by non-Jews.

What should never be forgotten, dear folks, is the fact that the leader of Israel made the US Senate bob up and down 27 times like the Israel-tamed lapdogs they have become.  One comedian called that shameful event "...the  longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received..." 

Does Jon Stewart still have his job? Doesn't he know that criticizing "God's chosen people" spells doom?

Also, keep in mind that out of almost a million Gazan children alive today, 373,000 kids are in dire need of psycho-social first aid because of the butchery inflicted on Gaza  by the latest Israeli genocide on the Palestinians.

This is our disgraceful world today in 2015.  A world that sits back and watches Israel commit the worst of crimes with full license and complete impunity.

From CBC
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu   on Wednesday called off a proposed plan to segregate Palestinians from Israelis on West Bank buses, overruling his own defence minister following a flurry of criticism in an attempt to avert the first crisis of his new government.

An official in the prime minister's office said Netanyahu called Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon to tell him he found his proposal "unacceptable" and the two then decided to freeze the plan.

Yaalon had launched the three-month pilot program following repeated complaints from Jewish settlers who ride the buses and say the Palestinian workers constitute a security threat and harass female Jewish riders.

Thousands of Palestinians enter Israel for work each day from the West Bank and often return home in buses alongside Jewish settlers. The Palestinian labourers all have security clearance and special permits, but the proposed change would have forced them to return home through the same checkpoint they entered and prevented them from riding West Bank buses alongside Israelis.

Critics derided the plan as racist and said it would harm Israel's image, which has already been under pressure because of its continued settlement activity in the West Bank. Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war and Palestinians want it as part of their future state.........

From RT
U-turn? Netanyahu   suspends Israeli bus ban for Palestinians within hours
sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended a ban on Palestinians from the West Bank taking Israeli bus routes to return home, just hours after the plan was approved by his defense minister.

The new regulations restricted Palestinian commuters to using the same crossings for entering and leaving Israel.

“Under a three-month pilot project, Palestinians who work in Israel will, starting Wednesday, need to return home by the same crossings without taking buses used by [Israeli] residents” of the occupied West Bank, an Israeli Defense Ministry official told AFP earlier Wednesday.

Thousands of Palestinians take the bus to go to work in Israel from the occupied West Bank. For the time being, Palestinians could enter Israeli territory through one check point and return via another one.

The new suspended plan includes just four checkpoints – at Eliyahu, Eyal, Hala and Rayhan – separated one from another by considerable distances. The new pending regulations imply that all Palestinian workers should return to their homes every day for security reasons and now cannot stay in Israel for the night. ..........

German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer on ISIS in Mosul, ISIS in Syria, etc.

The CNN vid is from late December 2014.  The RT's Sophie Shevardnadze interview is from 2 days ago.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Armenian Genocide: Pope Francis called it as he saw it based on evidence in Vatican vaults

When will Turkey make amends?  When will the allies of Turkey speak on behalf of the Armenians and force Turkey to make amends?  Not likely, right?  Reason being that most of Turkey's allies are themselves killing human beings without mercy just like the Turks did to an entire population based on their religious beliefs.

Diane Montagna writing at Aleteia...April 15:
Secret Archives Show Vatican Tried to Stop Armenian Genocide
The evidence for Pope Francis' condemnation of Turkey's extermination of Christians

Why did Pope Francis’ controversial comments on Sunday about the “Armenian Genocide” cause such a furor in Turkey?

To help understand the true history behind the 1915-16 atrocity, Aleteia interviewed the German historian and author, Dr. Michael Hesemann, who was in Rome for Sunday’s Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica commemorating the 100th anniversary of the genocide, otherwise known as Metz Yeghern [the Great Evil].

The atrocity involved the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of its minority Armenian subjects inside their historic homeland which lies within the territory constituting present-day Turkey. The total number of people killed in what is also known as the Armenian Holocaust is estimated at between 1 and 1.5 million.

In a new book entitled, The Armenian Genocide [Völkermord an den Armeniern], Hesemann reveals for the first time the content of never-before-published documents on “the greatest crime of World War I,” and how Pope Benedict XV and Vatican diplomacy tried to stop the deportations of the Armenians into the Syrian desert, save the victims and prevent the massacre of an entire people.

In this interview, Hesemann shares his findings, which include evidence of Masonic involvement, and expresses both his admiration for Pope Francis for drawing attention to the genocide of Christians and ethnic minorities, and his disappointment over the absence of the German Ambassador to the Holy See at Sunday’s commemorative Mass.

Dr. Hesemann, what led you to write a book on what documents contained in the Vatican Archives reveal about the Armenian Genocide?

Actually it was a kind of coincidence. I work as an historian for the “Pave the Way Foundation” in an intensive study of all the aspects of the life of Eugenio Pacelli, the man who eventually became Pope Pius XII.

From 1917-1925, Pacelli was Nuncio in Munich, so I went through the files of the Apostolic Nunciature in Munich, only to discover one folder with the title “Persecution of the Armenians”.

I opened it and found a letter of the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal von Hartmann, to the Chancellor of the Reich, Graf (Count) Härtling, in which he calls the persecution of the Armenians “not less brutal than the persecutions of the Christians in the first centuries of Christianity.” The Archbishop requested an urgent German intervention, unfortunately in vain.

In the same file I found a copy of a letter written by Pope Benedict XV to the Sultan, asking for mercy for the innocent Armenians. These documents both touched me and aroused my curiosity. I felt I had just touched the tip of an iceberg and was sure I would find more data, and indeed I did — some 2500 pages so far.

I soon realized that no historian had ever worked with most of these documents, and that all this information was obviously unknown even to the leading experts on the Armenocide.

Given the importance of their content, I decided to write a book, putting the documents in the context of what we already know about the events of 1915-18.

What was the most surprising and unexpected insight you discovered in the Vatican Archives about the Armenian genocide?

The most surprising insight was that the Armenian genocide was in fact just part of a bigger plan — the extermination of all non-muslim minorities in the Ottoman Empire.

The ruling “Young Turk” movement came in contact with European ideas of nationalism and the concept that only a homogenous state can be a strong state. That is why..........

Friday, May 15, 2015

The utter shamelessness of those who think they rule our world because they have the capacity to drop bombs on easy targets

NATO bigwigs croak out Michael Jackson's "We are the World" looking and jumping around like delinquent teenagers drunk on power and cocaine.  A disgusting sight you will hopefully not seen again for a long, long time.

From RTNews:
NATO foreign ministers got their rocks off  and sang karaoke at the end of a meeting in Antalya, Turkey. Perhaps the song choice - “We Are The World” – was poor though. They got roasted on social media for their perceived peace-promoting hypocrisy.

Since the millennium, the military alliance’s troops have been involved in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, which has seen many thousands die in the conflicts. NATO has also used drone campaigns and bombing raids in its war on terror.

Those taking to social media certainly made their feelings known about NATO’s performance, with the words “warmongers” and “killers” used regularly................

At the YouTube comments, someone by the name of T.SD wrote this:·

1...2...3....All together now.....sing the NATO song...... 
We are the clowns,
We are the war...mon....gers,
We are the ones to bomb your country.....then steal your f___'in resources.
We are controlled by the lets not fight it
We are the clowns.......

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why is terrorism on the rapid rise?

Former  CIA Unit Chief Michael Scheuer hits the nail right bang-boom where it belongs.
"....the more we are there (Middle East) the more terrorism there will be....."

Ron Paul Institute interviews ex-CIA Unit Chief Michael Scheuer:
Despite the 14 year US "war on terror," last year saw more terrorist attacks than ever. And most of these attacks have taken place in countries with US military presence or where US intervention was creating instability. The Ron Paul Liberty Report is joined by former CIA bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer to look at why more war on terror is creating more terror:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Obama lied with a straight face as did John Brennan and all others in the USA's government about how Osama bin Laden was tracked down, how he died and what happened to his remains

Talk about lying through their teeth!! At this rate, each politician should have a dentist assigned 24/7 to be their very important constant companion or they need to wear iron-clad dentures.

Osama bin Laden died with, hopefully, 100+ bullets inside him, and his body so torn up into pieces that many of those poisonous pieces were probably strewn from a helicopter flying over the terrain of Afghanistan or Pakistan.  So fitting for a mass murderer and former employee of the CIA.
  But why lie about how he died?  We are killing Muslims in their 1000s anyway ... so why bother about caring two-hoots about their sensibilities.  How two-faced is the US administration?!!

From ZeroHedge
Seymour Hersh: Obama's Entire Account Of bin Laden's Death Is One Big Lie; This Is What Really Happened
The last time famed US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh made news in the global media was with his massive, 5000-word expose from December of 2013 "Whose sarin?" revealing the true motives behind the Syrian near-war of 2013 including what we had said from the very beginning: the very professionally created YouTube clips showing the consequences of what was said to have been an Assad poison gas attack, were nothing but a fake (subsequent reports identified the propaganda source as Rami Abdul Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, whose entire operation has been funded by an unidentified European country.)

Fast forward to today when in a report whose word count doubles his previous record for the London Review of Books, Hersh targets a topic near and dear to the hearts of many Americans: the story of the capture and death of Osama bin Laden. Or rather the completely false and, according to Hersh, fabricated story, one made up entirely by the US president and spoon fed for popular consumption with the aid of a Hollywood blockbuster whose entire plot line is, if Hersh is correct, one big lie as well.

In a nutshell, and one really needs to read Hersh's magnum opus as no amount of abbreviation will do it justice, Hersh accuses Obama of not only taking credit for the al Qaeda leader's death, but fabricating the story that resulted from what has been widely reported to have been a Navy seal incursion into bin Laden's Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. As a result the military and intelligence communities were forced to scramble and then corroborate the president’s version of events.

Hersh uses several sources for his refutation of the official narrative, including Asad Durrani, who was head of the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence agency in the early 1990s, as well as various American sources, of which the major source "is a retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad. He also was privy to many aspects of the Seals’ training for the raid, and to the various after-action reports."

Hersh also uses two other US sources, who had access to corroborating information, have been longtime consultants to the Special Operations Command, and also had information "from inside Pakistan about widespread dismay among the senior ISI and military leadership – echoed later by Durrani – over Obama’s decision to go public immediately with news of bin Laden’s death."

Needless to say, the White House did not respond to Hersh's requests for comment.

Among the many allegations of Hersh's report are that:

    bin Laden had been a prisoner of the Pakistan intelligence at the Abbottabad compound since 2006 (something revealed previously in "Osama bin Laden 'protected by Pakistan in return for Saudi cash")
    that the two most senior Pakistani military leaders knew of the raid in advance and had made sure that the two helicopters delivering the Seals to Abbottabad could cross Pakistani airspace without triggering any alarms;
    that the CIA did not learn of bin Laden’s whereabouts by tracking his couriers, as the White House has claimed since May 2011, but from a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer who betrayed the secret in return for much of the $25 million reward offered by the US,
    and that, while Obama did order the raid and the Seal team did carry it out, many other aspects of the administration’s account were false.

Hersh notes that the Obama administration originally agreed to announce bin Laden had been killed in a drone strike rather than shot during an active ..........

And, wouldn't you know it .... of course, the liars in the White House won't stop lying.  That's how they got themselves into the powerful jobs they hold and that how they intend keeping those jobs. Lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies

From ZeroHedge:
White House Denies It Fabricated bin Laden Killing, Says Hersh Report "Riddled With Inaccuracies And Falsehoods"
If anyone expected the Obama administration to admit that, as Seymour Hersch alleged last night, it had openly lied and fabricated the entire account of Osama bin Laden killing - perhaps the most defining narrative of Obama's entire first term, we have some bad news: it won't.

Instead, as AP reports, the White House has decided to continue its reality challenged ways and has dismissed as "untrue" Hersh's entire 10K plus word report on what really happened in Abbattobad.

It gets better: according to that paragon of honesty, White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, Hersh's piece in the London Review of Books is "riddled with inaccuracies and outright falsehoods."

It was not immediately clear if Earnest referred the press corp to some fabricated YouTube clip as evidence it wasn't lying about lying.................

John Kiriakou's experiences as a CIA counterterrrorism officer

Watch all 10 vids of the former CIA officer being interviewed by the Real News Network and you will come away a lot wiser than you were about the CIA and their bag of evil tricks.

The continuing vids can be found here.

Below Bio of the ex-CIA officer and a bit from the Transcript:

John Kiriakou is a former CIA counterterrorism officer, a former senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a bestselling author. He was recently released from prison after serving 23 months of a 30 month sentence for exposing the CIA's illegal torture program.

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay. And welcome to Reality Asserts Itself.

John Kiriakou is in his house waiting for another 40 days before he's free to walk out the front door. He's under house arrest after spending 23 months in jail.

John Kiriakou was born on August 9, 1964. He's a former CIA analyst and case officer, a former senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a former counterterrorism consultant for ABC News. He was the first U.S. government official to confirm in December 2007 that waterboarding was used to interrogate al-Qaeda prisoners, which he described as torture. On October 22, 2012, Kiriakou pleaded guilty to disclosing classified information about a fellow CIA officer that connected the covert operative to a specific operation. He was the first person to pass classified information to a reporter, although the reporter did not publish the name of the operative. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison on January 25, 2013, and he served his term from February 28, 2013, until 3 February 2015 at a low-security federal correctional facility in Loretto, Pennsylvania.

When John joined the CIA in 1990, he was 25 years old. He was a true believer in Americanism--American exceptionalism, as some people call it. And now he's not. And that's what this interview's about.

And now John joins us..............

Thursday, May 7, 2015

World War 3 news and updates ..... May 7

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania, Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam, Myanmar, Georgia, Burundi, Senegal

We have become jaded  by this kind of news.  Al Qaeda and their various gangs going by several other exotic names (Al Nursa, FSA, ISIS, ISIL, etc.etc.) have been/are partnering with USA on several fronts and yet the media tells us that their "top leaders are killed by US strike" The lies go on unceasingly.
From HuffingtonPost
Al Qaeda Claims Senior Official Nasser Bin Al-Ansi Killed By U.S. Strike In Yemen
Al-Qaida in Yemen has announced the death of one of its top commanders in a U.S. airstrike.
Nasr al-Ansi's death was announced by al-Qaida operative Khaled Batarfi in a video posted on the Internet Wednesday. Batarfi did not say when or where in Yemen he was killed, adding only that al-Ansi's eldest son, Mohammed, and several fighters were killed in the same airstrike......

I am gloating over this news item because I can safely predict that thousands of these jihadis who are now being even better trained thanks to the USA killers trainers will get their immigration visa applications approved when they submit them to the USA, Canada, UK, the West in general,  a few years down the road .... and then they and their extended families will be landing on our shores to enrich our glorious "diversity"  ... what's not to love about that, eh?  We have welcomed Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis who trained and fought side by side with our guys, didn't we?   What a great show awaits us all.  The attack in Texas at the Mohammad cartoon contest will be considered a joke when compared to subsequent ones to come.  The hotheads will attempt outright terrorist attacks which will fail miserably (at least I hope they will fail) whereas; the smarties will run for MP positions and other positions of power and the West will be won more effectively by stealth jihad and stealth shariah than by terrorist acts.
From SputnikNews
US Defense Secretary   Ashton Carter said that the US began combat training of Syrian opposition forces as a part of counter ISIL efforts.
The United States has started combat training of Syrian opposition forces, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said during a press briefing on Thursday.
“Combat training has begun for a company size group of new Syrian forces,” Carter said. “The program is a critical and complex part of our counter ISIL [Islamic State] efforts.”
Carter added that a second group of Syrian soldiers will begin training in a couple of weeks.
The United States and its allies plan to train and equip some 5,000 Syrian opposition fighters as part of their efforts to battle the Islamic State.

Israel was given License to Kill by Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and others of the EU and perhaps even by the Chinese and Russian leaders.  All of them are accessories to the war crimes committed by Israel.

From WashingtonPost
Israeli veterans say permissive rules   of engagement fueled Gaza carnage
The war last summer between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead and reduced vast areas to rubble. On Monday, a group of Israeli veterans released sobering testimony from fellow soldiers that suggests permissive rules of engagement coupled with indiscriminate artillery fire contributed to the mass destruction and high numbers of civilian casualties in the coastal enclave.
The organization of active and reserve duty soldiers, called Breaking the Silence, gathered testimonies from more than 60 enlisted men and officers who served in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.
The soldiers described reducing Gaza neighborhoods to sand, firing artillery at random houses to avenge fallen comrades, shooting at innocent civilians because they were bored and watching armed drones attack a pair of women talking on cellphones because they were assumed to be Hamas scouts.....

.......The report alleges that the IDF reduced whole neighborhoods of densely populated Gaza to ruins without any clear operational justification but instead to “demonstrate presence in the area.” More than 18,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed in the conflict, and civilian infrastructure was frequently targeted.
A first sergeant in an infantry unit in northern Gaza recalled that armored combat bulldozers “didn’t rest for a second. Nonstop, as if they were playing in a sandbox. Driving back and forth, back and forth, razing another house, another street. And at some point there was no trace left of that street.” ............

From MintPress
Israel Fuels The Syrian Crisis With Aid To Al-Qaida Rebels
Media reports hammer home the notion that Israel’s borders are under new threat from fighting from ISIS and al-Qaida, but rarely explain how Israel offers direct aid to al-Qaida.
Israel Fuels The Syrian Crisis With Aid To Al-Qaida Rebels
The Israeli army reported renewed danger along its border with Syria as long-held tensions in the region reignited late last month. Yet these reports overlook the ways in which Israel is deliberately inflaming those tensions.
Historically, Israel has denied most claims of direct involvement in the conflict, but army forces admitted to carrying out an attack last weekend on what they describe as a terrorist group approaching the Golan Heights..............
.........The practice of treating wounded Syrian rebels has continued into this year, according to investigative journalist Asa Winstanley.............

From HurriyetDaily
40 US soldiers arrive in Turkey to train   Syrian rebels
Around 40 U.S. Special Forces members have arrived in Turkey to join their Turkish colleagues in training Syrian rebel groups to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), sources have told Hürriyet.
The U.S. soldiers have moved to the Hirfanlı gendarmerie base in the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir, where they will start the training in 10 days, the sources said.
Turkmens are said to be the most prominent group among those to be trained and Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) is currently selecting the rebels to join the program. The process of picking the rebels will be completed soon, according to sources.
The rebels will be trained in Turkey in groups of 400.
The start of the program was initially scheduled for the end of last year, before it was postponed to February, but the talks between the Turkish and U.S. officials continued until recently.
A U.S.-led program will start in May, Turkish Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz was quoted as saying by the state-run Anadolu Agency on March 31. ............

On again-Off again unrest continues in Turkey, the soon to be fully islamist kingdom of Erdogan. Also, the rumour today (May 7th) is that Turkish convoy of 1000+ soldiers and tanks are amassed on Syrian border and about to invade.  Let's see the progress in the coming days.

From CBC
The cellist of Baghdad plays at location of fatal car bombing
A normally busy thoroughfare in Baghdad's Mansour district was eerily quiet one morning earlier this week... except for the sound of music. Traffic was being rerouted away from the road after a car bombing the night before that killed at least five people, and maimed another 15.
The principal conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra performed an impromptu solo performance in the blast zone of the bombing.
Sickened by the bloodshed, Karim Wasfi decided he wanted to make a statement. And he wanted to make it with his cello. So the principal conductor with the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra walked down to the blast zone. He rolled a stool out onto the charred pavement, unpacked his cello ... and played.
"I was at the exact same spot, believe it or not, only hours earlier: Wasfi said about the site of the car bombing. He said his impromptu performance was meant to be both a personal act and a global act.....

From TheNation
Kabul: National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency – has arrested a would-be suicide bomber who says, he was gang-raped by Taliban commanders before sending him out for a suicide attack.
A statement issued today by NDS states that the victim of the gang-rape planned to carry out a suicide attack on the police headquarters of Bagrami District of Kabul, but he was arrested before he could reach to his target.
According to NDS statement rape cases are not unusual within the ranks of Taliban and Haqani network.
Bilal, the rape victim-turned suicide bomber has told NDS that he was gang-raped by Taliban commanders Muzamil, Hijrat alias Abuzar, Tahir and Hanzila in Bati Kot District of eastern Nangarhar province and then sent for a suicide attack.....

From Reuters
Rocket attack kills 3 at Benghazi medical center in Libya
May 1 (Reuters) - A rocket hit a medical center in Libya's eastern Benghazi on Friday, killing three people, medics said.
Seven other people were wounded when the rocket hit a center for dispatching ambulances, medics said. It was unclear who had fired it.........

Israel's blatant and rampant racism and brutality targeting Muslims and Black or colored Jews  is truly vomit-inducing.

From AlJazeera
Yemeni rebels have fired rockets  and mortars into Saudi Arabia, killing at least two civilians and reportedly capturing five soldiers in an attack showing the insurgents' ability to launch assaults despite weeks of bombings by Saudi-led coalition.
Saudi authorities said that the armed Houthi fighters carried out the attacks on Tuesday in the town of Najran, forcing authorities to suspend all flights at a local airport, and shut down all schools......

This spells nothing but trouble for Senegal in the near future.  Very, very foolish.   Some big shots there have now become millionaires many times over by agreeing to sacrifice Senegal soldiers in Yemen.

From AP
Nigerian troops who fled    Boko Haram now have them on the run
 A year ago, a dozen Nigerian troops fighting about 200 Boko Haram militants in the town of Chibok exhausted their ammunition and ran, leaving the road open for the abduction of nearly 300 girls.
Today, Nigerian soldiers are rescuing hundreds of kidnapped girls and women from the last forest stronghold of the Islamic insurgents.
The reason for the unimaginably swift shift in fortunes?
In the last three months, military forces from neighboring Chad, Niger and Cameroon have joined the battle. In addition, Nigerian troops are finally receiving better arms and weapons, as well as hazard pay that they had not received until this year.
As a result, Boko Haram's supply lines are being cut off, creating conditions for the security forces to deliver a potential knockout blow to the extremists who have created havoc in northeastern Nigeria for years.....

From DailyStar
ISIS jihadis launched a fresh offensive Thursday against Iraq’s largest refinery, where a military official said security forces are facing one of their toughest battles.
ISIS launched “a fierce attack at dawn and clashes are ongoing,” an army major general told AFP, on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to talk to the press.
The country’s largest refinery is located near the city of Beiji, around 200 kilometers north of Baghdad......

From RT
From Ukraine to Australia: Thousands worldwide pay tribute to Odessa massacre victims
Thousands of people in Ukraine, Russia and around the world took to the streets to mark the first anniversary of the Odessa massacre. Last year, 48 activists were killed and over 200 injured as radicals set the local trade unions house on fire.
The commemoration ceremonies for those who died in the fire on May 2, 2014 proceeded without serious incident in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa.

A huge crowd, including the relatives of the victims, gathered in front of the Trade Unions building and released black balloons and doves in air. According to local media, the rally in Odessa was attended by around 5,000 people.
The people held banners reading “fascism won’t pass” and “no to political repressions,” with some carrying photos of journalist Oles Buzina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov, who were assassinated in Kiev last month.
In the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, some 2,000 people marched to honor the victims of the tragedy in an action entitled ‘Kiev Remembers Odessa.’ ..........

From AlJazeera
Protesters killed as Burundi unrest continues
At least three people were killed in Burundi on Thursday in a new outbreak of clashes between police and protesters rallying against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term.
The latest casualties bring to seven the number of people killed in the unrest that began when the ruling CNDD-FDD named Nkurunziza as its candidate for the June 26 elections, according to the Red Cross.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

USA, Canada, the EU and Australia importing millions of Muslims, but entry to one Christian nun is denied ???

When Muslims take over these countries (and you know they will ... perhaps not in our day unless you are an infant now in 2015) and impose shariah on all, who do you think your descendants will blame?  They will blame you and the politicians you supported  and they will blame the masterminds responsible for the Middle East wars and the ensuing exodus of the Middle Easterns and African workers from there ... to the West.  You know who the warmongering masterminds are but my guess is,  the sand dune you have your heads lodged into is a comfortable place to hide in from the truth.

But why worry eh?  Let's be like our Finance Minister who said something to the effect of ".... let Harper's grandchildren worry about that..." on something relating to debt. 

Nina Shea writing at NationalReview:
With Malice Toward Nun

Sister Diana wants to tell Americans about ISIS persecution of Christians in Iraq, but the State Department won’t let her in.

Why is the United States barring a persecuted Iraqi Catholic nun — an internationally respected and leading representative of the Nineveh Christians who have been killed and deported by ISIS — from coming to Washington to testify about this catastrophe?

Earlier this week, we learned that every member of an Iraqi delegation of minority groups, including representatives of the Yazidi and Turkmen Shia religious communities, has been granted visas to come for official meetings in Washington — save one. The single delegate whose visitor visa was denied happens to be the group’s only Christian from Iraq. Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena was informed on Tuesday by the U.S. consulate in Erbil that her non-immigrant-visa application has been rejected. The reason given in the denial letter, a copy of which I have obtained, is:
 You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the visa. 
She told me in a phone conversation that, to her face, consular officer Christopher Patch told her she was denied because she is an “IDP” or Internally Displaced Person. “That really hurt,” she said. Essentially, the State Department was calling her a deceiver..........

The State Department Responds to NR’s Report on Sister Diana Momeka
The State Department is apparently trying to cover up an embarrassing, politically damaging, and possibly discriminatory act. In an e-mail sent to me on Thursday, Kathryn Fitrell, press-unit chief of the Office of Policy Coordination and Public Affairs with State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, requested that I revise the text of my National Review article on the denial of a visitor visa to Sister Diana Momeka. I refused, and then on Friday — as the Department honored World Press Freedom Day — the Bureau contacted my employer, the Hudson Institute, with the same request. DOS has offered no legitimate reason for us to comply. I reported Sister Diana’s account of a conversation.............

Maryland's slave mentality lives on .... aided and abetted by possibly descendants of slaves

Yes, that slave mentality is expected from the White  population whose ancestors traded in human beings like any other commodity ... but what can one say about the Black police officers whose actions are as brutal as displayed by their White counterparts?  To understand their mentality, we should read up on how Jewish "kapos" went out of their way to join the Nazis' brutality during WW2 in the torture and killing of fellow Jews. I find the behaviour of the Black police officers more offensive than that from whom such behaviour is often expected.

From Max Blumenthal's article at RealNewsNetwork:
......mostly white cops battling the African-American youth of Baltimore captured a legacy of deeply entrenched racism that stretches back to Maryland’s Antebellum days. Though Maryland ended the slave trade in 1783, over 40,000 slaves remained in bondage in its Eastern Shore, near the border of Virginia, until Emancipation Day. When the Sixth Massachusetts Militia marched through Baltimore on April 19, 1861 on its way to protect Washington DC from advancing Confederate forces, the Union troops were attacked in the center of town with rocks, bricks and even pistols by local Southern sympathizers. Maryland’s last recorded lynching of a black man occurred in the town of Princess Anne on the Eastern Shore in 1933, when a thousand whites dragged assault suspect George Armwood from his jail cell, tortured him, hacked his ear off and hung him from a tree. It was the 33rd documented lynching in the state since 1882.

Gerald Horne, a professor of history and African American Studies at the University of Houston, sees the legacy of slavery as an underlying factor in the policing of majority black cities like Baltimore. “The origins of the urban police department lies precisely in slavery,” Horne remarked in a recent interview with The Real News founder Paul Jay. “That is to say, slave patrols that were designated to interrogate, to investigate Africans who were out and about without any kind of investigation. You fast forward to 2015 and you still see more than remnants of that particular system.”

The Gilmor Homes area where Freddie Gray was violently apprehended and later killed by Baltimore police officers is one of the city’s most heavily policed areas. Eddie Conway, a local civil rights activist who served 43 years in prison after a dubious conviction for killing two cops, explained in an interview with Democracy Now! that Gilmor Homes is “a ‘broken windows’ police area in which people and residents in that area are arrested for sitting on their own steps. They are loitering in their own community, on their own steps, and they're harassed constantly.”

“[Cops] won’t let us go nowhere,” one young Gilmore Homes resident complained to The Real News, “They’ll tell us, ‘Move, we gotta go here, you gotta move off there.’ We ain’t doing nothing!”

When Paul Jay relocated The Real News operations to Baltimore in 2013 and initiated a series of roundtable discussions with local cops, he learned about the hostile racial attitudes white officers were importing into the city. “I’ve talked to some black cops in Baltimore and one of them told me that in the locker room,” Jay said, “and when they’re getting ready to go on their shift, some of the white cops joke…’Time to go back to work in the zoo.’”

While the Baltimore Police Department recruits its manpower outside city limits, its leadership is regularly junketed to training tours in Israel, the occupying power whose hyper-militarized settlers act as some of the Middle East’s most aggressive outside agitators. In September 2009, members of the Baltimore PD “toured [Israel] and met with their Israeli counterparts to exchange information relating to best practices and recent advancements in security and counterterrorism,” according to the trip’s sponsor, Project Interchange. A separate Israel tour organized by the neoconservative Jewish Institute for National Security saw members of the Baltimore PD “begin the process of sharing ‘lessons learned’ in Israel with their law enforcement colleagues in the United States.”..............