Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You MSM ... never tell us the whole truth........

because we are sooooooo stupid,  we will never get it.  We can only barely understand simple stuff like Tiger Woods had several mistresses and that now his wife might divorce the scum and plus get herself millions of dollars in the bargain.  Read what the MSM wants hidden from us, something that happened on an aircraft flying from Atlanta to Houston on Nov.17. A well orchestrated disturbance by a dozen or so muslim passengers that would serve two purposes:  One... it would show them as victims of profiling; Two... it would give them grounds to sue the airlines.

...... According to one airline security official, “This was a deliberate, well planned attempt to disrupt a domestic flight that was organized in advance of the boarding of these [Muslim] passengers. The purpose of their actions appeared to be multi-faceted, not the least of which was an attempt to change their status from passengers to victims of religious profiling. The situation was handled in a manner that we believe might have avoided an incident like USAir had in 2006, where everyone from the passengers who reported suspicious behavior to the airline was subjected to legal action by the Muslim passengers.”.....


  1. I'm not sure you know this gentleman, or the "Northeast Intelligence Network".

    Doug has previously published articles on a secret nuclear explosion off the east coast of the US, secret biological terror weapons test resulting in flocks of dead birds, a huge secret cache of nuclear weapons in Iraq whose location he will not reveal, and so on.

    The guy is kinda crazy.

  2. The whole story is pure bs Maria. Seems people started calling TransAir about it,... you can read about the truth of the matter here


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