Friday, October 30, 2015

Here's an example of how countries blackmail each other

Below the outcome of wannabe caliph Erdogan's tantrum when Russia sided with Assad. Erdogan threatened to withdraw from a previously signed agreement with Russia for building of a nuclear power station and that got Russia doing .......... just read the article below.
It looks like everybody has learnt a whole lot of stuff from the Italian mafia.

Zulfikar Dolgan writing at AlMonitor:
Russia puts brakes on Turkey's truck traffic

In September, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin together inaugurated the newly built Moscow Cathedral Mosque in central Moscow.

he two countries were already having serious disagreements on the Syrian crisis and the status of President Bashar al-Assad. But Turkey and Russia already had opposing views on Syria, Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula but had managed to keep their disputes away from their substantive economic relations. When Russia was faced with US and EU embargoes, it opened its markets to Turkish firms, especially in foodstuffs.

Russia, which is hosting the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament, continued building mega-facilities for the tournament and gave priority to Turkish contractors.

It was Putin’s clear support of the Syrian army and the Assad regime and attacks on the Islamic State (IS), but mostly against opposition groups deemed moderate by Turkey, that set off an era of mutual threats in Turkish-Russian and Erdogan-Putin ties. Erdogan bitterly criticized the Russian air attacks and violations of Turkish airspace and declared that he will not call on Putin anymore.

It was Erdogan who put their meticulously preserved relations on the agenda and made first reference to possible sanctions against Russia. He said Turkey can stop its natural gas purchases from Russia that supplies more than 55% of Turkey’s needs and award the building of the $20 billion Akkuyu nuclear power station to another, non-Russian contractor.

Russia did not heed Erdogan’s threats and counterattacked. Its first countermeasure was to stop issuing transit passage documents to Turkish trucks carrying Turkey’s exports to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia.

Turkish exports to the Middle East and the Gulf had already hit bottom when Turkish trucks lost transit routes because of clashes in Iraq and Syria. Now an annual $2 billion worth of exports to Central Asia is at risk with the Russian sanction.

In an announcement on its official.....

War news from Aleppo

Jihadis either running away into Turkey or getting minced by the new and improved Syrian army.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Press Release from Doctors Without Borders dated October 29, 2015

Evidence is piling up that Saudi Arabia and coalition (which includes the USA and USA's other partners in crime) should be taken to The Hague and it should be done as soon as possible.

Yemen: Denial of Hospital Bombing by Saudi-Led Coalition Contradicts All Facts 
PARIS/NEW YORK—Despite denials by the Saudi-led coalition, it is beyond doubt that it struck and destroyed a hospital supported by the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Haydan, Yemen, on October 26, MSF said today, adding that the hospital had previously been damaged by coalition attacks.

The Haydan area has been under intense airstrikes for months. During this time, MSF alerted the Saudi-led coalition on multiple occasions that the airstrikes in Haydan were destroying civilian facilities and damaging the hospital, as directly witnessed by MSF teams. On the night of October 26, MSF alerted Saudi officials in Riyadh that the hospital was under attack. "Saudi authorities are denying the evident truth of having destroyed a hospital," said Laurent Sury, head of MSF emergency operations. "This is an alarming sign for the Yemeni people and for those trying to assist them. How are we to draw lessons from what happened when all we face are denials? How can we continue to work without any form of commitment that civilian structures will be spared?"

On June 30, July 6, and July 7, airstrikes hit roughly 250 meters from the hospital, targeting houses, a school and a market.

On July 23, seven bombs fell in Haydan, hitting a market, a gas station, two houses and a school situated 75 meters from the hospital and shattering hospital windows and walls. In all cases, MSF alerted coalition forces.  No responses were ever provided.

MSF again urges the Saudi-led coalition to provide clear explanations for the October 26 attack, and insists that the coalition and its supporters must commit to respect health structures and allow the delivery of humanitarian assistance to populations cut off from all aid.

Cops in the USA have become the citizens' worst enemies

Many of the returning soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan illegal killing fields are now employed in the kind of jobs where bullies and brutality go hand-in-hand and misconduct and sadism is overlooked and goes unpunished.  Returning soldiers are no longer heroes as we once thought they were.

More here.

World honchos in Vienna discussing the inception of the new caliphate that ....

USA and her allies have helped create.

Pepe Escobar writing at AsiaTimes:
The Caliph at the gates of Vienna 
History has a jolly habit of repeating itself as surrealist farce. Is it 1683 all over again, with the Ottoman Empire laying siege to Vienna just to be defeated by the “infidels” at the last minute?

No; it’s 2015 and a Caliph simulacrum – Ibrahim, a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — has prompted a gaggle of world powers, lesser powers and assorted minions to converge to Vienna to discuss how to defeat him.

Westphalians, we got a problem. None of this makes any sense if Iran is not at the table discussing a solution for the Syrian tragedy. Moscow knew it from the start. Washington — reluctantly — had to admit the obvious. But the problem was never Iran. The problem is the ideological matrix of goons who metastasize into Caliphs: Saudi Arabia.

Back — inevitably — to surrealism. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated, “The view of our partners … was that we should test the intentions of the Iranians and the Russians in arriving at a political solution in Syria, which we all prefer.”

Translation: “Our partners” means “His Masters’ Voice,” Washington; and the beheading-addicted oil hacienda does not “prefer” a political solution; they want regime change and a House of Saud satrapy.

Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, the EU, France and even Qatar — whose mini-emir wanted to launch his own military campaign for regime change before someone told him to shut up — are keeping company to Iran in Vienna, alongside the US, Russia, Turkey and the House of Saud.

Talk about parallel lives. One thing is a polite altercation ........

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wanna know how USA and Canada helped bring more intensified madness to the Ukraine?

From NYPost:
‘Emperor Palpatine’ wins city council   seat in Ukraine
The Dark Side was victorious in Ukraine — where a man going by the name of “Star Wars” villain Emperor Palpatine claimed a seat on Odessa’s city council.

Palpatine Dmitry, 25, won 54.4 percent of the votes in Sunday’s mayoral election in Odessa, according to a mayoral candidate’s Facebook Post.

“A cartoon comrade of Darth Vader – Palpatine – received 54.4 percent of votes in Poselok Kotovskogo [one of Odessa’s neighborhoods]. Palpatin Dmitry, born in 1990, who works as an emperor at ‘LLC Palpatine Finance Group’ makes it to the city council on the Trust Affairs party list,” a bemused Aleksandry Borovik wrote.

“This is beyond my understanding,” the pol added. “People, what’s wrong with you?”

In the “Star Wars” saga, Emperor Palpatine is known as Darth Vader’s mentor and is infamous for destroying the Jedi order........

More here.

America MUST be sued for trillions of dollars by the surviving citizens of Yemen

Looking a few years in the future, I can see millions of Yeminis filing criminal lawsuits at The Hague against the United States of America for the crimes done to them by the USA via the KSA and the KSA coalition. Each and every surviving Yemeni should demand that amends be made a 100-fold.  I hope vengeance will be theirs.

Nahal Toosi writing at Politico:
Obama officials at odds   over Saudi airstrikes.
As civilian casualties mount in Yemen, some worry the U.S. is abetting war crimes.

Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen, conducted with U.S. assistance,
are alleged to have killed at least 1,500 civilians, dividing members of the Obama administration over whether the U.S. risks being accused of abetting war crimes in a bombing campaign that could ultimately strengthen Islamist militants.

Sources inside the administration say they are struggling to keep in check
the opposing sides in Yemen, one of the clearest examples of the intensifying Saudi-Iran proxy war in the Middle East. But even as reports of civilian suffering and terrorist gains pile up, U.S. officials believe that reducing American support for the Saudis could make the situation even worse.

The White House does not want to anger Saudi Arabia, a vital, oil-rich ally already unhappy with President Barack Obama’s decision to pursue a nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time, what many hoped would be a short Saudi-led campaign against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels who overthrew Yemen’s government is now entering its eighth month with no end in sight.

“The White House is increasingly frustrated with the Saudis, and they’re trying to figure out how to handle it,” said one foreign policy expert familiar with the administration’s deliberations. Private conversations seem to be having limited effect, the source said, but "the U.S. is walking on such eggshells around Saudi when it comes to the public domain that they’re not willing to ramp up their public pressure."

That hesitation appears to be deepening internal rifts in the administration. A former U.S. official said the divisions are between administration members who fear “this humanitarian toll is ultimately going to be a stain on our reputation and we’re going to end up holding the blame.......

Turkey's Erdogan is playing a dangerous game which will ultimately bring down his govt

Is Erdogan  really coming down hard on the very jihadis he was arming, funding and instigating against the Assad govt, in his attempts to please his US and EU allies or is he arresting members of the Kurdish parties and pretending he is cleaning up the jihadi nests?

How could he be cleaning up jihadi haunts if at the same time Turkish airlines are reported to be flying planeloads of ISIS from Syria to fight the Houthis in Yemen? 
Moreover, the Erdogan govt's actions against opponent's media outlets   is going to back fire.  The recent actions ongoing in Turkey have all the ingredients for the brewing of a civil war and the person to blame is Erdogan, the wannabe caliph.

Turkey arrests 44 suspected Daesh members in country wide raids
Security forces detained  at least 44 people in anti-terrorist raids carried out simultaneously across three Turkish provinces on Tuesday, Turkish security sources said.

The operations were carried out in Konya, Kocaeli and Istanbul provinces early morning targeting suspected Daesh members, the sources said.

In Konya, central Anatolian province, 30 suspects were detained, while 14 others were detained in northwestern Kocaeli province.

Security forces backed by police helicopters also carried out an operation in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli district; however, the exact number of suspects detained there remained unknown. At least one suspect reportedly got injured while trying to run away from the police and was taken to the hospital. Another suspect fled and disappeared into nearby forestland........

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just in case you thought all was quiet on the Libyan front ....

here enjoy the going-ons in this particular Utopia created by Hillary Clinton, the vixen slotted by the powers-that-be to become the next prez of the United States of America.

From TelegraphUK
Libya 'militia commanders' killed in helicopter crash
Fears helicopter may have been shot down west of Libyan capital Tripoli with senior Libya Dawn commanders on board
 At least 12 people have been killed in a helicopter crash near the Libyan capital Tripoli on Tuesday amid reports the aircraft had been "shot down".

The helicopter had been carrying cash for a local bank and was making its return mission to the capital with high-ranking militia members and bank workers among the 23 people on board, officials told AFP.

A militia spokesman told the BBC that it had been “shot down”.

The aircraft came down to the west of Tripoli in the Al-Maya coastal region, which has recently suffered violent clashes between rival armed groups in recent months.

It is thought that several commanders of the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) were on board.

Fajr Libya has been one of the groups warring with Libya’s internationally recognised government, which has taken refuge in Beida in the east of the country.

Libya has seen lawlessness and clashes between different militia groups in recent years since the 2011 overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. .......


Justin Trudeau ... good looking PM, but will he look out for Canada and Canada alone above all else ...

or will he pander shamelessly to Israel and the USA like his predecessor?  Time will tell.

Graeme MacKay's cartoons

Salient points from Russian president's speech to the Valdai Club

Putin is a good, strong leader with a clear perspective  ... at least for now.  We have to always make provision for disappointments which might slap us in the face at a later date.  One never knows when somebody we perceive to be a hero today turns out to be a zero the next day.  Hopefully, Putin will always remain a hero and not disappoint his thousands of  millions of fans worldwide.

From TheSaker:
Speech of President Putin at the Valdai Club
Full speech at link above. Below a few points from the speech and the emphasis is mine on points that spoke to me loud and clear.

...I’m sure you recalled our great writer Leo Tolstoy here. In his great novel War and Peace, he wrote that war contradicted human reason and human nature, while peace in his opinion was good for people.

True, peace, a peaceful life have always been humanity’s ideal. State figures, philosophers and lawyers have often come up with models for a peaceful interaction between nations. Various coalitions and alliances declared that their goal was to ensure strong, ‘lasting’ peace as they used to say. However, the problem was that they often turned to war as a way to resolve the accumulated contradictions, while war itself served as a means for establishing new post-war hierarchies in the world....

....With the appearance of nuclear weapons, it became clear that there could be no winner in a global conflict. There can be only one end – guaranteed mutual destruction. It so happened that in its attempt to create ever more destructive weapons humanity has made any big war pointless.......

.....We have already seen the appearance of the concept of the so-called disarming first strike, including one with the use of high-precision long-range non-nuclear weapons comparable in their effect to nuclear weapons.

The use of the threat of a nuclear missile attack from Iran as an excuse, as we know, has destroyed the fundamental basis of modern international security – the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The United States has unilaterally seceded from the treaty. Incidentally, today we have resolved the Iranian issue and there is no threat from Iran and never has been, just as we said.

The thing that seemed to have led our American partners to build an anti-missile defence system is gone. It would be reasonable to expect work to develop the US anti-missile defence system to come to an end as well. What is actually happening? Nothing of the kind, or actually the opposite – everything continues.

Recently the United States conducted the first test of the anti-missile defence system in Europe. What does this mean? It means we were right when we argued with our American partners. They were simply trying yet again to mislead us and the whole world. To put it plainly, they were lying.  It was not about the hypothetical Iranian threat, which never existed. It was about an attempt to destroy the strategic balance, to change the balance of forces in their favour not only to dominate, but to have the opportunity to dictate their will to all: to their geopolitical competition and, I believe, to their allies as well. This is a very dangerous scenario, harmful to all, including, in my opinion, to the United States.......

.....The anti-war immunity we have acquired after two world wars, which we had on a subconscious, psychological level, has become weaker. The very perception of war has changed: for TV viewers it was becoming and has now become an entertaining media picture, as if nobody dies in combat, as if people do not suffer and cities and entire states are not destroyed......

.....You know, this may not be Russia’s business, but this is a discussion club, therefore I will ask: Is that the way one treats allies? No, this is how one treats vassals who dare act as they wish – they are punished for misbehaving.

Last year a fine was imposed on a French bank to a total of almost $9 billion – $8.9 billion, I believe. Toyota paid $1.2 billion, while the German Commerzbank signed an agreement to pay $1.7 billion into the American budget, and so forth......


...We do not need wordplay here; we should not break down the terrorists into moderate and immoderate ones. It would be good to know the difference. Probably, in the opinion of certain experts, it is that the so-called moderate militants behead people in limited numbers or in some delicate fashion.

In actual fact, we now see a real mix of terrorist groups. True, at times militants from the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and other Al-Qaeda heirs and splinters fight each other, but they fight for money, for feeding grounds, this is what they are fighting for. They are not fighting for ideological reasons, while their essence and methods remain the same: terror, murder, turning people into a timid, frightened, obedient mass...

.....It is impossible to combat terrorism in general if some terrorists are used as a battering ram to overthrow the regimes that are not to one’s liking. You cannot get rid of those terrorists, it is only an illusion to think you can get rid of them later, take power away from them or reach some agreement with them. The situation in Libya is the best example here.....

.....After Syria’s official authorities reached out to us for support, we made the decision to launch a Russian military operation in that nation. I will stress again: it is fully legitimate and its only goal is to help restore peace. I am sure that the Russian service members’ actions will have the necessary positive effect on the situation, helping Syria’s official authorities create the conditions for subsequent actions in reaching a political settlement and stage pre-emptive strikes against terrorists that threaten our nation, Russia. Thus, we help all nations and peoples who are certainly in danger if these terrorists return home.......

.......Fourth, we currently need to develop a roadmap for the region’s economic and social development, to restore basic infrastructure, housing, hospitals and schools. Only this kind of on-site creative work after eliminating terrorism and reaching a political settlement can stop the enormous flow of refugees to European nations and return those who left to their homelands......

CrossTalk of Oct 21 was crazy

I totally agree with Sam Husseini.  Couldn't understand why the CrossTalk host and other guests dismissed his opinions so vehemently.

He's right in putting forth the premise that the USA's campaign in the Middle East has been very successful - but in a very devilish way, one that we are encouraged NOT to think about.

The breaking-up of nations and creating  chaos was exactly the intention. Think about it dear folks. America has managed to create a deep, deep wedge between the Sunnis and the Shiites which will continue on forever -  creating even more civil wars than we have already seen.  USA and allies have managed to break up Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now Syria into more than two pieces each and that's how they will remain - no matter what.  AND, that was the intention from get go.

The question that should be asked is: "Which other nations have fallen prey to this satanic scheme which has been successful in the Middle East but has not had so much focus?"

Monday, October 26, 2015

The disgustingly dishonest reporting from the BBC (Biased Bastards Cabal)

The MSM in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU has lost every iota of shame that they might  have ever had to begin with. 

Greenwald's article below highlights how the USA and its closest allies are supplying tonnes of arms to terrorist groups even now at this stage in the conflict when the parts of the world that have not gone insane - are hoping the conflict will come to an end with Russia now entering the scene.  Mind you, the arming has been going on for years. Watch the vid below, it's from almost 4 years ago and even as far back to that time, the terrorists were armed and trained by the West for a "Libya II" as Pepe Escobar states.

Glenn Greenwald writing at TheIntercept
BBC Protects U.K.’s Close Ally Saudi Arabia With Incredibly Dishonest and Biased Editing

The BBC loves to boast about how “objective” and “neutral” it is. But a recent article, which it was forced to change, illustrates the lengths to which the British state-funded media outlet will go to protect one of the U.K. government’s closest allies, Saudi Arabia, which also happens to be one of the country’s largest arms purchasers (just this morning, the Saudi ambassador to the U.K. threatened in an op-ed that any further criticism of the Riyadh regime by Jeremy Corbyn could jeopardize the multi-layered U.K./Saudi alliance).

Earlier this month, the BBC published an article describing the increase in weapons and money sent by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf regimes to anti-Assad fighters in Syria. All of that “reporting” was based on the claims of what the BBC called “a Saudi government official,” who — because he works for a government closely allied with the U.K. — was granted anonymity by the BBC and then had his claims mindlessly and uncritically presented as fact (it is the rare exception when the BBC reports adversarially on the Saudis). This anonymous “Saudi official” wasn’t whistleblowing or presenting information contrary to the interests of the regime; to the contrary, he was disseminating official information the regime wanted publicized. This was the key claim of the anonymous Saudi official (emphasis added):

    The well-placed official, who asked not to be named, said supplies of modern, high-powered weaponry including guided anti-tank weapons would be increased to the Arab- and western-backed rebel groups fighting the forces of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies.
    He said those groups being supplied did not include either Islamic State (IS) or al-Nusra Front, both of which are proscribed terrorist organizations. Instead, he said the weapons would go to three rebel alliances — Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest), the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Southern Front.

So the Saudis, says the anonymous official, are only arming groups such as the “Army of Conquest,” but not the al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front. What’s the problem with this claim? It’s obvious, though the BBC would not be so impolite as to point it out: The Army of Conquest includes the Nusra Front as one of its most potent components. This is not even in remote dispute; .................

Those whose lives were lost in Ankara, Turkey

More than a 100 Anti-war, pro-Peace lovers were torn to shreds on October 10, 2015  by 2 suicide bombers who were likely Sunni and pro-Erdogen and anti Kurds and Shia.  Read who some of these youngsters were.
Stories of Those Who Lost Their Lives in Ankara
We share the stories that we could find of the ones to call for peace in Ankara. 
According to latest statement, 97 people have lost their lives in the attack carried out by two suicide bombers at Labor, Peace, Democracy rally in Ankara on October 10.

We share the stories that we could find of the ones to call for peace in Ankara......

Can't help wondering which billionaires are busy buying up antiquities from Syria

Take it for granted that American billionaires have their agents scouring the haunts of  each and every place where the looters of the Syrian antiquities are selling their ill-gotten goods.
After the despicable American billionaires have sated their malicious hunger for treasures that are illegally on the market, the rest will be found in the museums of the USA, UK and EU.

America is willfully destroying not only nations that mean it no harm, but also destroying those nations' heritage and history.  A colossal crime with no comparison.

Adam Taylor writing at WashingtonPost
The Islamic State isn’t the only group looting Syrian archaeological sites

The Islamic State's looting of important archaeological sites in Syria has been well-documented over the past year, with the damage caused to ancient cities like Palmyra causing anger and outrage around the world. Unfortunately, attempts to assess the damage caused to these sites and others like them has been limited due to the conflict and chaos that has existed in Syria over the past four years.
Adam Taylor writing at WashingtonPost

Jesse Casana, an associate professor of anthropology at Dartmouth, has found a way to get around that problem, using extensive archives of satellite imagery to examine nearly 1,300 archaeological sites in the country. What his research found was surprising – while it was clear that there had been significant looting in areas controlled by the Islamic State, looting may have been even more widespread in areas controlled by opposition forces or the Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG).

“Most media attention has focused on the spectacles of destruction that ISIS has orchestrated and posted online, and this has led to a widespread misunderstanding that ISIS is the main culprit when it comes to looting of ........

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On my visit to Turkey before it too stumbles into a civil war ....

which seems to be written in the cards unless Erdogan disappears for good.

I visited a few spots in Turkey and parts of Europe near Turkey early this month.  The Ankara bombing took 

place just a day after we left Izmir after visiting Istanbul and Ephesus. 

In Izmir province we visited the world famous the house believed  to have been the abode of the Virgin Mary after she travelled with John the Apostle to Anatolia.  A little chapel is built on the site where people believe she lived after Christ's death ... but then there are stories of Mary having visited Jordan and Syria.  Not to belittle the religious fervour felt by my fellow Christians on seeing the  supposed dwelling, but I tend to take everything to do with religions, all religions, with a sackful of salt.  All the same, the place is up on a steep hill and in beautiful surroundings.


  Story has it that Paul being one of the most zealous promoters of Christianity decided to travel to Anatolia to preach to the thousands of Jews residing in those parts hoping for conversions.  His strategy was to use Mary's motherhood and femininity as a pull because people in those areas were accustomed to goddesses more than gods.

Suffice to say that Paul managed to convert a great many people.  A large part of present day Turkey used to be Greece before the Ottomans conquered city after city, town after town of this historic part of the world.
Here's more  on the subject.


The Greek and Roman influence in present day Turkey is seen and felt especially in Ephesus (ruins of the Celsus Library,   Temple of Hadrian,Ephesus, ) and of course at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

There's just too much to do, see and absorb in Turkey.  The few areas we visited had so much history, it was totally overwhelming. 

I was amazed too with the Turkish women.  Strikingly beautiful and not a single one in a niqab.  Many of the conservative ladies wear colorful hijabs but mitigate the head coverings with tonnes of makeup on their faces. The longest eyelash extensions I have ever seen were on Turkish and Kurdish women in fashionable Istanbul. Good for them!!   

I was told by a young lady that if I happen to see a niqab or burkha, I would be looking at Saudis and not Turkish women. The Istanbul bazaars seem to have become  a magnet for Saudi shoppers.  I saw even matronly Turkish women well into their 70s and 80s wearing fashionable tight fitting garments and sporting highlights in their hair.  Fantastic!!

We visited the Blue Mosque and also the Topkapi Palace among many other "must see" edifices.

At the Blue Mosque we removed our shoes and carried them in a plastic bag (provided at the doorway) and covered our heads with a scarf.  If one does not have a scarf, the mosque provides.  A family mem of mine insisted on wearing a sleeveless top and a skimpy scarf which got a hijab wearing monitor of the mosque approach her to get her to cover her shoulders but she pretended not to understand the monitor and ignored the request. Hah!  This kind of required covering for head and shoulders is also the done thing at some churches in Italy (more on that in a later post).

All in all, Turkey is a beautiful place.  I only wish the Ephesus part of Turkey was still in Greece's hands as nothing there says "Islam" or "Muslim".  I also felt  pain to see that the Hagia Sophia, although now recognized as a historic site and a museum, is in an Islamic land and one never knows what is in store for the 2nd best Christian cathedral in the world.  

All pics above are from my camera.

If the EU leaders are so dumb they fail to understand what's happening ....

then take it for granted that Pegida-like groups will spring up in all corners of Europe.

I can fully understand the fear of the Pegida spokeswoman in the vid below. This is what happens when governments take action on issues which don't have the approval of the population at large. If you think similar stuff can't happen in North America, think again.

The Muslim invasion is not going hand-in-hand with EU culture.  Sad that the EU leaders don't see what she sees and therein lies the bloody upheaval we are doomed to witness in the near future.

All this is unfolding only because the same dumb EU leaders let Obama twist them into little pieces of putty and forced them to support USA's disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East  viz the changing of the leadership in Syria for the  benefit of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar so the gas and oil pipelines could run through a new Syria - a Sunni stronghold and a clone of Saudi Arabia.  EU is a full partner with the USA, KSA, Qatar, Israel and others for the conflicts in Syria and Libya and fully deserves what's happening to it now.  Karma is a bitch.

In one fell swoop USA expected to please their clients in the Middle East and help Israel get rid of Assad which it has been panting to do for years. The  quarter of a million+ people losing their lives in the conflict has no bearing on what the Empire wants, no bearing whatsoever. 

The millions of  refugees now invading EU are not just from Syria.  The citizens of other Sunni Muslim countries have seen their chance to get out of their hellholes and move to better grounds.  Only hitch is that, as most of us know by now, once Muslims land in the West they start changing it to reflect the hellholes they have ran away from.  **sigh**

Monday, October 19, 2015

The callousness and heartlessness of the western MSM in ignoring the ongoing genocide in Yemen ...

is beyond vomit-inducing.  The genocide is being committed by the coalition of  KSA and other Sunni  govt governing states of Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan and if rumors are to be believed, Pakistan is also involved. This coalition is operating under the good graces of the American war machine - make no mistake about that.  The silence of the North American media as well as the largely silent European media  should be enough to tell you that the US influence on the media is dark and dangerous and does not bode well for the ordinary mortals of this world of ours.
Latest news (see vid at bottom) seem to indicate that the Houthis have started targeting areas deep into Saudi Arabia.  I take that as a good sign.

Samuel Oakford writing at ViceNews:
'All We Could Find Were Body Parts': America's Role in Yemen's Civilian Carnage

On the morning of September 28, two families gathered in the southwestern Yemeni village of Wahija for the wedding of a young couple.

Dozens of women were inside a large wooden structure owned by the family of the groom, Merssal Mosaibas, helping to prepare for the festivities. A few male relatives and guests, both men and boys, were outside.

At about 9:30am, the familiar roar of Saudi-led coalition jets was heard overhead. Some people fled as the planes approached, fearing an attack, but many women and children remained inside. Bombs started falling shortly after 10am, the first striking near where the men had gathered. The structure, held up by tree branches and covered with a tarp, was obliterated minutes later. Mosaibas was nearby, but survived the attack; his bride, Hanen Makhrama, had not arrived yet from her nearby village.

The women and children inside the structure, however, were killed.

Wedding guest Shadi Taha told VICE News over the phone that the attack turned what had been a scene of joy and celebration into one of horror. Body parts were scattered all over, tree branches flecked with pieces of skin.
"There were only small, small pieces," he recalled. "People were small, small pieces of meat."

For what it's worth ...

here's my prediction before the close tonight.

Trudeau wins with a majority. 

Harper loses because we don't want a party pandering to Israel and taking orders from Israel  and USA on Ukraine, Syria, Iran or any other country anywhere else in the world. We don't want a govt. bending to the will of Ukrainian Canadians, whether they be Jewish or otherwise. We don't want a govt. bending to the will of anybody in the blatant fashion that Harper and his Cons have been doing. We don't want our govt involving itself in the affairs of another country ... whether with support (like in the case of Ukraine and Israel) and war-like (like in the case of Russia, Iran and Syria).  We don't want Canada involved in any war ... PERIOD.
We don't want a govt whose leader encouraged the  butcher of Gaza to go forth and do genocide.
Goodbye Harper, goodbye Cons.  This party is over for now and for at least another decade.

NDP's downfall to the level it has slipped was to do with Mulcair's statement on the niqab.  This incident will go down in Canadian history because it shows how the communists lost their footing all thanks to an illiterate immigrant from Pakistan and how our equally illiterate Supreme Court let her stance on the niqab stand as a religious right. This should teach the far left that on some issues, especially to do with Islam, it is not a good thing to pander to islamists hoping for their votes.  Heck, most of them don't even go to the polls....but try telling that to the lefty nuts.

If my prediction is wrong, I will give up blogging on political issues.