Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrorists are the scum of the earth

I spend an average of 30 hours in planes annually. These new restrictions which are going to be the "new normal" from now on gare going to make me think twice about taking long flights. What are travellers going to do if they have stomach flu and need to use the washroom in the last hour of the flight. It is so stupid to restrict passengers only during the last hour as if that will prevent determined terrorists  from carrying out their plans. They will just move the plans  two hours before the landing..... so there!!!  Do you see the utter stupidity of the whole thing ? What exactly are they not telling us? It's not a stretch of the imagination to conclude that there is more to this "last hour of flight" new rules they have flung at us.

Now, here comes news that hundreds of al-Qaeda militants are planning terror attacks from Yemen, the country’s Foreign Minister said today.

Also, there are rumors that there was a small cell on the same flight with the Christmas Day terrorist. Another passenger was arrested after the plane landed and the authorities are now looking for the third.


  1. So, in the absence of 'profiling' (otherwise known as effective use of resources with minimal general disruption) all the rest of us are extremely inconvenienced. At some point there has to be a reaction against the refusal to profile as the irritation level just has to get too much at some point given that the story about the frog and incremental boiling is a myth. As more people select not to fly the terrorists will have achieved both the terror and the economic impact objectives simply by virtue of political correctness necessitating irritating those innocent of anything but wanting to get to where they are going.

  2. 30 hours on planes? Only elitist scum fly on airplanes. I only travel by unicycle.

  3. True enough that the terrorists tally a win via their intimidation factor and the public's ensuing paranoia. Political correctness and human rights have accommodated these people since the days of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Now it is the basis of free society's epitaph.

  4. I recall flying out of San Antonio in late July after the threat level had been raised on account of the Somali-Americans who had reportedly been recruited by terrorists.

    Fortunately, all I was bringing back with me was a few books and my clothes -- although, as I flew down with just the clothes on my back, and bought what I needed while I was down there, the fact that I was carrying a greater volume of materiel could have aroused some suspicion, but didn't. But the airport in San Antonio reported the threat level approximately every fifteen minutes, and it took longer to get on the plane -- although not much longer.


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