Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh no, no.... Hate Crimes in New York

So much hate directed at these people .... do they really deserve it?

Yeh ... I know what you thought I meant !

All the hue and cry about how there is that "islamonausea" you would have thought that those who bring on the "islamonausea" would bear the blunt of all that hate floating around in New York... right?
Sooooooo.... whose's been lying to you ?  Is it blogs like mine or the MSM and the wishy-washy politically correct blogs of both the Right and the Left ?  

How many hate crimes do you read about on a daily basis, hates crimes committed by those that bring out the retching nausea in many of us.... instead of the other way round?

And yet the MSM keeps insisting on using those new words like "islamophobia" a word invented by "islamobuttkissers".

We can all be inventors of words, can't we?

Systematic killing of Christians in moslem lands continue unabated .....

and what do we do in return?  We, of course, send some more bags of money to the moslem scumbags so they can organize themselves with more sharpened swords to slaughter even more helpless Christians. Beautiful world.... isn't it ?!

Have you checked with your government lately, exactly how much aid is going to all those countries spilling non-muslim blood at every chance they get ?  It's your tax money, you know.  You have a right to know what the government does with it.... even if it is a penny of your money.... you have the right to demand that your penny should not be sent to countries that carry out such atrocities.

More Iraqi Christians slaughtered by scumbags Al-Ghadir is an area with a significant Christian population, though many have fled following the massacre and in light of threats by al-Qaeda to target them. The number of Christians left in Iraq is estimated at between 450,000 and 500,000, including around 300,000 Roman Catholics (down from 387,000 in 1980).

Between 800,000 and 1.2 million Christians lived in Iraq in 2003. ......

Thursday, December 30, 2010

In which Cuban bar of soap will cost 5 pesos and Birthers crucified as usual

1) Raul Castro will change Cuba... he can see how socialism and communism makes slaves of human beings and keeps them as wards of the state from birth to death. .....Begun by his brother Fidel Castro after he took power in a 1959 revolution, the ration system has been unpopular with Raul, who says it is too expensive and encourages laziness.

Already, peas, potatoes and cigarettes have been removed from the ration book - known as the libreta. Soap will increase in price from as little as 65 Cuban cents (three US cents) to five Cuban pesos - about 22 US cents.

2) hahahhahahha Barack Obama's advisor says 'sharia law is misunderstood". Oh right !!!! Yup!!! Moslem Prez coupled with moslem loving advisors in the White House.... what else is new ?

3) The birthers will be proven right when history is written about this US Prez, or maybe even sooner   ... a Prez who has the uncanny ability to mersmerize almost everybody with the result that very few  dare to bring up the eligibility issue because doing so means they are crucified and ridiculed by both the Right and the Left.  Now, out comes a Hawaiian big shot claiming that he is a witness to "the baby Obama" being born in Hawaii ... but I thought the Birthers wanting to see the real certificate is secondary, as the foremost complaint they have is to do with Obama's father not being American, and that makes Obama "not a natural born citizen". Oh well !! Time will solve all mysteries.... we just need to have some more patience and all will be revealed eventually.

4) A little Taliban girl  tells Indians about female Taiban death squads of little girls like herself.  Unbelievable and horribly chilly.

5) Denmark court lays charges on the scumbags who wanted to blow up an office building housing the publishers of their prophet's cartoons.

On January 9th, 2011 ... a new Oil Nation will be born..... a Christian one

Some news makes me feel good for obvious reasons.  South Sudan in January. Split Nigeria when ?

In January, the Western world will welcome a new nation, South Sudan. The Islamic world will not. The coming independence of South Sudan, which holds most of the oil in the country now called Sudan, marks a loss of territory and of wealth for the Islamic world. Worse for Islam and Sudan, more losses may follow in black African areas that refused to become Islamicized.

Sudan, Africa’s largest country, is Islamic and Arabic in the north, Christian or animist and black in the south. Following an independence referendum January 9, the black south, an area the size of France, is expected to secede, taking with it 80% of Sudan’s five-billion barrels of oil and thus most of Sudan’s foreign exchange. Under the terms of an existing agreement, the revenue from oil, which is now being piped north through Sudan for export, is being split 50-50 between north and south. But Sudan, which many expect to declare war on South Sudan after the referendum, has good reason to worry that the existing agreement will be scrapped.............

New York, New York

The most yuckity yuck mayor that New York has ever had in it's entire history, is gonna be buried deep in the snow still piled up a mile high over his city.

Yippity Yip and hurrah ! The warlock's is seeing his last days, hopefully, as this fiasco should be the end of all those dreams he's been having of being a resident of the WH.

Here's more of why the dhimmi mayor will dimout soon Good riddance to the lover of moslem butts.

Of  late there have been many disclosures of the Mayor and his office's knee deep involvement in the ground zero mosque.

JudicialWatch org has the yucky details on how this money loving scumbag of a mayor and his cohorts are selling America to the highest bidders.

How can there be hope for our Judeo-Christian nations when people of these faiths are worshippers of one god and one god only.... MONEY.

Money loving Jews and money loving Christians are handing our nations to the moslem invaders on a plate filled with other frills too... the other frills being our chopped off heads.

h/t: MF

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Canadian Government sends Millions of Dollars to Indonesia to enable them

to slaughter Indonesian Christians.    Oh.... you didn't know that ?

Our beautiful, benevolent, generous to a fault Canadian government has been showering the moslem country of Indonesia with millions upon millions of dollars.

And, this is what the moslems in Indonesia do with the millions and millions of dollars  sent by the Canadian government ?

Nice, eh? Does that make you happy with the Conservative govt. of Stephen Harper and his buddies the hypocritical leaders of the opposition parties.... they don't oppose much, do they?

Canada's jingoists to the forefront

Hurrah for us !!! That's showing those arabs what's what !!

The news that UAE, that sliver of a "got too much money sans taste" slice of earth out there near Afghanistan will be charging Canadians $1000 visa fees, which is all too clearly seen as revenge due to  Canada not bending our knees to the fecking arabs' demands to give their airlines more slots than to our own Air Canada   as seen  here and whose planes were instrumental in transporting this and and snakes too for crying out loud.... and all these tantrums from the arabs have got quite a few Canadians seeing red.  Rightly so !!!

Real good to see that the Globe&Mail's article has brought out the jingoism in us when we need to show it, as is evident from the 100s of comments spearing the UAE.  Of course, the usual suspects at the G&M are there too, criticizing PM Harper's foreign policy, blah, blah and more blah. 

I pray that the UAE be full of camel dung forever and may those Canadians who still want to visit that dung heap, smell of camel dung that no body wash or perfume will hide ever.  AHHHMEN.

Sizzling Hot Topic that's on everybody's mind but not on their lips

In under a decade, UK's moslem population jumps from 1.65 Million to 2.87 Million an increase of 74%. UK can now "boast" that they have "boosted" their moslem population to 4.6% and come another few years this will explode (no pun intended) to well over 10% at which time it will be goodbye Britian, hello Britianistan. At less than 5% of the population, the moslems are the numero uno trouble makers in that country.... can you imagine what a raving mad jihadist country that once Christian nation will become when the percentage jumps to  10% .... nothing can stop the slide now.... NOTHING.

.....Pew’s UK figure for 2010 is 2,869,000, which is equivalent to 4.6% of the population. In absolute terms, the UK has the third largest Muslim community on the continent, after Germany (4,119,000) and France (3,574,000).

In percentage terms, the UK is in ninth position, after Belgium (6.0%), France, Austria and Switzerland (5.7%), The Netherlands (5.5%), Germany (5.0%), Sweden (4.9%) and Greece (4.7%). UK Muslims account for 16.8% of all Muslims in Western Europe.....

Read the whole thing... and weep a little for England, the birthplace of many a Canadian's forefathers.

If you don't want Canada suffering a similar fate, now is the time to raise your voices  and use those muscles in your tongues for saying the right words to those you have put in power, before it is too late. Staying silent on this exploding topic will eat away at your insides as surely as a malignant cancer would.

Speak and demand to be heard.... MOSLEM IMMIGRATION MUST BE STOPPED.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AGW = "Complete Nonsense, No science in there, it's a Cult Ideology"

So says Meteorologist Piers Corbyn and I agree with him wholeheartedly.  I got a strong feeling, we will hear more from Piers Corbyn.... more true predictions and no scams  and  hopefully the  same exotic looking  hairdo.  Love the guy !!!

News floating around .... December 28, 2010

Here's how the world is moving towards mostly nothing good.

1) “How to make a pipe bomb in the kitchen of your mom” ... Christmas bomb plot in merry old England ... what else is new. Oh wait ... there was something new here. A Hindu terrorist along side the moslems. And, the reporting is way off... this Hindu guy is no brother of  another moslem guy as the news says .... I will bet on it. What's with these "paid" reporters, even at the Telegraph?  If they are so in love with multicult... can't they at least learn the differences between  Moslem and Hindu names.    The defendants, aged 19 to 28, were charged on Sunday with conspiracy to cause an explosion and conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism, having been arrested during early-morning raids in Cardiff, London and Stoke-on-Trent on Dec 20.

2) stagehand makes close to 300K a year .... very easy if you are a union member. Rob the country, stuff the pockets of the unions.

3) Is it possible for a moslem Prez to "embrace" islam .... oh... I get it.... I think they mean more fully.

4) Bloomberg the man who will sell his parents and his kids, if he has any, for money, the man who will get on his knees to lick moslem butts at the slightest opportunity....he so loves moslem money.

5) YES !!! I am for the new rule being adopted in many EU countries showing all halal and kosher foods coming from animals not stunned before slaughter.   You want to enjoy meat from tortured animals.... go ahead.  Just don't make us unsuspecting folks, not into torture of animals,  eat it too.

6) The only place in the Arabic world where Christians feel safe is Israel. Israel's report on the plight of Christians in moslem countries. It's not a big surprise, but the report coming from Israel, as with everything else, is comprehensive and meticulous. Read for yourselves and then try to see if there is any justification for the coddling and appeasment we here in the West shower on moslems when people of our faith are persecuted, harassed, tortured and murdered  over there in their lands.

7) Aung San Suu Kyi invited to Canada by Harper Will she accept ?

8) Hmmmmmmm ... the taqiyya experts are renewing their faith more so at Christmastime in fear of Christmas joy enticing their young ones from their murderous cult and towards  a truly peaceful religion like Christianity. Let's hope they had not invited a scumbag like this speaker at the conference in Toronto like they had for another islamic conference some months ago.

h/t: MF/Steve/SD

Memories of appeasement and foolhardiness ... if only they were memories

and not an ongoing process that the Left indulges in 24/7.

An article from Daniel Greenfield of the SultanKnish blog, shows how appeasement of moslems does not and never will change them over to a new leaf. Won't happen.... never ever.... ever never. Those who think that moslems who are deep into their religious cult of death will become mellow and behave and think like normal human beings are just deluding themselves and worse trying to delude others too.

Read the entire article and see if it does not make you see red..... unless of course you are one of the deluded ones, in which case this blog is not for you.... shoo, shoo.... go away, go away.... and don't come back any other day.

In 1997, Mohammed T. Mehdi, head of the Arab-American Committee and the National Council on Islamic Affairs, lobbied to have a crescent and star go up at the World Trade Center during the holiday season. His wish was granted, despite the fact that Mehdi had been an adviser to Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the religious leader behind the original bombing of the World Trade Center.

Long before the Ground Zero Mosque was even a twinkle in the eye of a violent ex-waiter and a slumlord Imam, the World Trade Center allowed Mohammed T. Mehdi to bully it into flying the symbol of Islam.

By 1997, Mohammed T. Mehdi had become an unambiguously ugly public figure. He had been fired by Mayor Dinkins in 1992 for anti-Semitic remarks. The year before he had proclaimed that, “Millions of Arabs believe Saddam stands tall having defied Western colonialism”. In 1995, the US Attorney’s Office in New York had listed Mehdi as one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the trial of Sheik Rahman. Mehdi had already published a book titled “Kennedy and Sirhan: Why?”, which argued that Robert Kennedy’s assassin had been acting in self-defense.

Considering Mehdi’s role in actively working on behalf of the Sheik behind the wave of terrorism that included the original attack on the World Trade Center, if the WTC should have turned down anyone’s request for an Islamic symbol at the site, turning down Mehdi should have been a no brainer. And yet when all was said and done, in the winter of 1997 there was an Islamic star and crescent at the World Trade Center. And another one at the park in front of the White House. No one in the media thought it at all odd, that a man who had a long record of blatantly supporting terrorists should get his way. They thought it was just great.........

via: The ROP

You gotta laugh at the CBC .... they are hilarious clowns

CBC's Natasha Fatah would like Christians in the Netherlands to ditch their Zwarte Piet or Black Peter, a folklore character that is popular in the Netherlands come Christmastime, as she thinks that this age old tradition of the Dutch is a nasty, nasty thing to do now that there are so many black and brown faces in The Netherlands.  She thinks the dolls and other stuff showing a black-faced depiction of Black Peter in both little boys and girls is not a good thing in a multicult society. Fatah's way of thinking is exactly what is  the ever-growing problem in the Western world, a Western world  that was foolishly stupid to welcome us black and brown people into their folds. As a brown person, it irks me no end that people like me escape from the constraining ideals of our own ugly countries to the richness in culture,wealth, health and freedoms of the West and within a few short years we scream, rant and throw tantrums to change things in the countries of our adoption to make them more akin to the ugliness we have escaped from.

Sad that there are individuals like Natasha Fatah in plenty all over Canada amongst the immigrants to this country... tantrum-throwing, change-seeking, ungrateful immigrants.  To get accepted by Canada as immigrants, these same people would have been willing to remain on their knees before the immigration officers begging and weeping to let them in, and once they are inside the country.... lo and behold... they become like Natasha Fatah.   All in a twist and atwitter to change things and traditions and rules that they perceive as wrong in the countries of their adoption.

Sadder still that the CBC, an entity that loots the Canadian government upwards of 1 Billion dollars of taxpayers' money, seems to collect such specimen of immigrants like Fatah and massages their thinking into creating even bigger clowns than they were to start with.

Update:  And then, on another note... thank the good Lord for people like Firoozeh Dumas

h/t: SD

Monday, December 27, 2010

News from our fast changing world

1) Here we have our hero, the guy who dreams of seceding from the curse of the EU, Daniel Hannan who tells us from a link within his blog how one of the EU's laws known as the Europen Arrest Warrant (EAW) works on arrests made of citizens of the UK by authorities in Greece. Read the chilling case of Andrew Symeou, British citizen arrested in Greece and languishing there without a trial for 3 years on, and Symeou's arrest is, according to Hannan, a case of mistaken identity.

2) Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre – one of Europe’s biggest – has blocked a performance of a classic Christmas song because it claims it must be “impartial on religion”.

3) UBS dress codes Swiss banking giant UBS has issued its staff with a 44-page dress code, covering everything from the colour and size of suits to dietary tips and the length of toenails.Staff are also advised on appropriate underwear and hair dyes.

4) It's a fact !! All this extreme cold weather we have been experiencing... it's because of global warming. Yes, it is, IT IS !

5) More here from on AGW from one of the kings dedicated to exposing this scam.... James Delingpole. No matter what the Left throws at us, we will always have stalwarts on our side to turn their weapons into boomerangs.

6) Christians in Nigeria mourn their dead after the blasted moslems killed them when they were praying inside their churches. Just like Sudan will split into North and South, I am predicting here today, that Nigeria will also have to split itself and have a Christian Nigeria for Christians and a barbaric one for the cavemen. Moslems just cannot live with anybody else.... fact of life. Only the baboons ruling over us in the Government don't see this crystal clear fact and it is left to us the people to spell it out to them.

7) Why are European countries forcibly returning Christian refugees back to Iraq where they are persecuted and killed? Sweden is open to moslems... but not to Christians? Shame on them.

8) Globe&Mail on The Ivory Coast dilemma. Nobody is stressing about the rigging of the election where a moslem man and a moslem party seem to have won the election. You are given to think that the election was fair and square and that the present ruling party should step down. The pressure is on from the entire world and when the present party steps down.... Ivory Coast will become a fully islamic nation and take my word for it.... there will be death and destruction of Christians there in very short order, and Ivory Coast will become another stronghold for Al Qaeda... a strategic one. 

One has to wonder what kind of parents these kids in Kitchener have been cursed with

If they have had proper upbringing, this is not the kind of behaviour they would display. Dear Readers, behold the empty-headed politicians and lawmakers of tomorrow.... what you see today in these youngsters, you will experience tomorrow when they sit in those high offices. 

Teen pop singer and heart-throb Justin Bieber caused a stir at a mall in Kitchener, located 100 km west of Toronto, as he went shopping for items such as jeans and sunglasses on Sunday.

The singer is reportedly home in Stratford for the holidays.

His presence ignited a frenzy among fans, who pressed themselves up against the glass at the Sunglass Hut to catch a peak of the star trying on shades.

Bieber's Boxing Day shopping spree also caused hysteria on Twitter, where hundreds of fans tweeted about their run-in with the Baby singer and posted pictures and videos.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Did the Pope declare a fatwa on Rowan Atkinson ?

No !!! Christians are so confident and comfortable with our beliefs, whether they be major or minor, we laugh and enjoy ourselves with stuff like this.

More Atkinson:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I tried, I tried, I tried ... not to write about those blasted moslems today... and failed

Is it any wonder that people look down on this damned ideology and the people following the cult of islam ? I was so hoping I would not have to write anything about this cursed cult today but with the number of news items floating around and all to do with the cavemen, it just cannot be helped.

What is wrong with these people ? Why can't they live like normal human beings for once? What a horrible curse they are to non-muslims around them all over the world.

In India:
..."It is going to be a violent attack which will cause disruptions," said Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of Mumbai Police. "They have recently arrived in Mumbai. We are not in a position to reveal their nationalities now but they are LeT members." The four men were named as Abdul Karim Musa, Noor Abul Elahi, Walid Jinnah and Mehfooz Alam. ....'

In the Phillipines
A crude bomb exploded on Saturday in the roof of a Roman Catholic church at a police base on a Muslim-dominated southern island in the Philippines wounding six people, an army spokesman said. The Catholic priest celebrating the early morning Christmas mass was among those wounded, said military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Randolf Cabangbang. Cabangbang said about 100 people were at the service in the main police base on the island of Jolo, a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, a small Islamist militant group with ties to al Qaeda.

In Australia:
Three Islamist fanatics plotted to attack one of the country's largest army bases and kill as many people as possible in what would have been the worst terror attack on Australian soil.

In Afghanistan:
here's proof that Iran terrorists are involved heavily in Afghanistan.

In Bethlehem:
Crosses no longer seen on sourvenirs because they will anger the blasted moslems appeasing these cavemen does not mean that it's going to keep you safe, what a stupid wrong notion to think like that.

In Iraq:
Churches empty and Christmas decorations are put away after al-Qaida renews deadly threat

Jesous Ahatonhia .... the Huron Carol of Canada

This carol is an all time favorite on my list of  Christmas hymns.  It was written by Jean de Brebeuf in 1643. Jean de Brebeuf was beatified in 1925 and canonized in 1930.

The statue of the saint is found in the grounds of the Martyrs' Church in Midland, Ontario as pictured on the left. The lyrics are in the native language of the Huron people of Canada... the lyrics of the latter part of the hymn were written long  after de Brebeuf's death.

Merry Christmas to everybody and especially to readers of my blog... be they like-minded or not.  Hope you and yours have a safe Christmas and let us hope that we do not have to go through the hell that the famiies of Alex Zolpis and Jack Tobin are going through today on Christmas day of all days..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Byzantine Art honoring Christianity

Dear readers, last December in honour of Christmas, I had a string of posts on artists painting Nativity scenes, which I am pleased to say have become a big hit on Google search engines both in images and text. Thank you Google.

This year round, I thought I would pick the brains of a "know it all" art freak in my family and do another series or at least one post on icons and painting depicting the life of Jesus Christ. The art freak, knowing about my pet peeve against the cavemen's book, said something about "Byzantine art was killed by the Ottoman Turks and arabs"... that did it for me.   I started reading up on this particular form of art and artists with the intention of writing at least one little article on Byzantine art. So, this is it.

Byzantine art was rampant in Greece and surrounding areas from approx 310 AD to approx. 1455 AD. How did such a cultural, powerful economic and military force die off? The invading moslem forces of the Ottoman cavemen did them in, that's how.

We must never let history, the horrible parts of it, repeat themselves ever again. Some of us have donned that cloak of "duty" on ourselves and hope to remind people that the moslems, from time memorial, have been destroyers of everything and anything of beauty and intelligence.... and come what may, it must never ever happen again.

A short synopsis of Byzantine art: It is the oldest form of art venerating the birth of Christ, his life and his mother. Byzantine art set the trend to show the new religion Christianity in various painting and icons and this was later followed up by the Italian painters and others who have now become household names.

If only the Greeks and the Syrians had better PR with Rome, then those great Greek and Syrian artists would have been as recognizable as Michelangelo, Raphael and the rest whose works have become priceless.

Byzantine art laid great emphasis on faces and expressions, as should be the case. They tended to show less images and were inclined to focus on full length figures, and often showed figures floating in the air. Byzantine painters were also fond of the color gold and you are bound to see either gold jewellery or gold thrones in their works.

The thing that saddens me about Byzantine paintings and other art is that many of the paintings which have survived are from anonymous artists and that's a total shame. Such great masterpieces and their descendents have no idea if they have that artistic gene running in their veins. The most credit for popularizing the advent of Christianity should go to the early Christians of the areas now shown as Greece, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and even Iran. Hard to believe, eh?!  All these nations used to be Christian, Judea or Zorastrian .. what are they now ?

Students and lovers of Byzantine art would be wise to keep in mind the following:

1) The Byzantine work is easy to identify and is an easy style to adopt... it needs rigid formality of the figures, especially the main figure or figures.  You will see that the artists almost always kept the figures to a bare minimum.  The main  figure took all their focus  and they were extra meticulous  in painting the symmetrical folds of the figure's clothing and other accessories like sandals on the feet or the halo over the head.

2) Byzantine works often do not have exceptional or skillful design or effort with the backgrounds.  The details are minimal and the landscape or trees are like an afterthought to fill up the space.
All you need to do is study in depth about 20 to 30 Byzantine works and you can walk into any musuem in the world and will be able to point out confidently all the pieces belonging to that era.

Byzantine art and artists helped Christianity to gain more popularity and it would have been hard to find a single artist of that period that did not focus his efforts more on Christian themes than on any other subject.

I am proud to be a Christian.  I am proud that talented people for hundreds of years have given us these beautiful icons, paintings, images, manuscripts, jewellery, tapestry, souvenirs and other beautiful items ... all springing from the eternal sunshine of their Christian minds.

Here's a listing where students of this art form can get more material:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh..oh ... what's going on with the sleeping dragon?

Have you noticed that many incidents having to do with China that would throw an unfavorable light on that country are kept under wraps by the MSM?  I have a couple of far-left friends who are staunch admirers of China and no matter how many times and in how many different ways I try to expose how China's policies and their government is very devious, underhanded and are still in the business of  suffocating  it's citizens' basic human rights of speech and assembly, these two lefty friends of mine vigorously insist how great that country is and how at long last it is rightfully taking it's No.1 spot on the world podium. The fact that the MSM seldom ever point an accusatory finger at China is ample evidence that most of our media is tilting heavily on the Left.

Check out the following story from Forbes and judge for yourself the kind of tricks China seems to be playing not only in their own backyard... but as we have been seeing of late... their tentacles are all over the map... whether it's in the financial, military, trade or whatever... they are prominently there.

On Saturday, a Chinese fishing trawler sank after colliding with a South Korean coast guard vessel. The incident occurred 170 miles southwest of Seoul near Eocheong, an island in the Yellow Sea.

The South Koreans rescued eight of the Chinese after their vessel capsized. One fisherman died, and two remain missing. South Korean authorities have detained the eight survivors for questioning.

Seoul released video showing Chinese sailors on the 63-ton vessel fighting a pitched battle with iron rods to prevent the boarding of their craft. Four South Korean sailors were injured in the fracas.

About 50 Chinese boats were illegally fishing in South Korean waters at the time. Seoul maintains the Chinese craft intentionally rammed the 3,000-ton coast guard ship to permit the other Chinese trawlers to escape. Seoul has not shown footage of the fatal collision.

The incident this weekend recalls the intentional ramming of a Japanese coast guard vessel in early September by a Chinese fishing boat near the Senkaku islands, which are controlled by Japan. China claims the islets and outcroppings as its own and calls them the Diaoyus. Japanese authorities detained the vessel’s captain, who Tokyo believed to be a Chinese naval officer.......

Christmas cartoon .... 16 .... Just another Christmas

To secede from the EU ....

that's something that occupies  Daniel Hannan's mind all the time. Many of his countrymen realize, a little too late,  that it was a mistake to have joined the  failed concept  of an united Europe. A concept that was doomed to fail from the word 'go'  and only the truly intelligent could see it.  Hannan gives us a little history lesson on states in the USA that were in like situation, whatever may have been their reasons for their quest to secede. When one looks at a given issue from all possible angles, like Hannan seems to be doing, there are umpteen number of examples and reasons for breaking away from rigidly held former concepts and ideals that have failed to work as expected.  Keeping up the pretence of normalcy, just like in many a failed marriage,  makes for more grief all around. 

I hope Hannan and others like him will be successful in their endeavors to pull UK out of the strangling grip of the EU.

.....As a localist and a Eurosceptic, I am sympathetic, in principle, to the argument that states have the right to break away from unions. But one point cannot be stressed too strongly: the eleven secessionist states were not representative democracies. According to the 1860 US census, there were 3,953,761 slaves as against a free population of 27,167,529. When the representatives of South Carolina and, later, the other ten states of the Confederacy, proclaimed their independence, they could not fairly claim to be speaking for the majority: slaves accounted for around 40 per cent of the Southern population. Add their numbers to the Union loyalists and there might very well have been a majority against withdrawal......

In which Venezuela welcomes Iranian missiles and how Anna Nicole Smith bribed in the Bahamas

1) Iran ships missiles to Venezuela.... Obama skipping about with leis around his neck having fun in Hawaii. The world getting loonier every minute. The Monroe Doctrine is dead. Missiles now endanger America like nothing has ever had before. Remember guys, if America goes down we do too. It's one thing to envy your neighbour, it's quite another to wish a thunderstorm hits your neighbour's dwelling and at the same time leave yours without a scratch.

2) Parcel bombs explode at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome.  2 people injured. This is either the work of leftists or moslems. It's getting pretty hard to distinguish between the two.... both mind sets have dead batteries.

3) Anna Nicole Smith and the devastation she left in the Bahamas.   She might be dead, but the devastation she left behind in the Bahamas in high places, according to Wikileaks,  is something else. 

4) Are you a scientist and would you like to work for mad mullahs in Iran?    You are badly wanted in Iran. Iran is busy recruiting nuclear scientists from around the world as the ones they had/have seem to be going up in smoke.

5) Strange heist of copper in Quebec.

6) Statscan results get some giving high fives on Population Growth ... but isn't it Quality that should matter, not Quantity?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boycott Aqua Condominium, Queen's Quay W, Toronto .... management hates Christmas

If you are thinking of buying or renting a condominium in or around the waterfront, give Aqua Condominium a miss   unless you are also against Christmas like the management of this condo building.

Now, let me make a safe bet. The BOD of this condominium must be full of leftish scumbags or moslem dirtbags. Any takers ?

Wayne Bradshaw is forbidden to hang a Christmas wreath on the door of the unit he owns in a west-end Toronto condo.

The building’s board of directors has prohibited such decorations. And Bradshaw, not understanding why, is furious this holiday season.

“I notice that people here in Canada hang a wreath, so why shouldn’t I be able to hang one?” said Bradshaw, who moved to Canada from Barbados 30 years ago. “I just want to be like everyone else in Canada. Everyone else can put a wreath up at Christmas, so why can’t I?” ...............

Faster, faster Britianistan ....speed towards your death ..... part Twenty Six

Blasted moslems in the UK are at it again. Their hatred of Christians and Jews is like a volcano spewing out lava all over our world, constantly, non-stop, never letting up.  Spokesman for the EDL get arrested for hate speech but these bloody lepers can put up hateful posters all over London and nobody can question them? Civil war is coming and it will start with the UK... I don't see a way out of this moslem hell without bloodshed.

Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil.

Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

They hope the campaign will help 'destroy Christmas' in this country and lead to Britons converting to Islam instead............

Christmas cartoon .... 15 ... Elvis, Elvis, Elvis


I had no choice but to use that title for this post... I tried to think of something more appropriate but simply couldn't... hehehehhe

Yup ... Christmastime brings out the best in moi.

The CIA has launched a taskforce to assess the impact of 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables. Its name? WikiLeaks Task Force, or WTF for short.

The group will be charged with scouring the released documents to survey damage caused by the disclosures. One of the most embarrassing revelations was that the US state department had drawn up a list of information it would like on key UN figures – it later emerged the CIA had asked for the information.

"Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it's mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: WTF," the Washington Post reported..........

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Midnight Cowboy is more than Smart about SMART

Jon Voight is unlike most of the Hollywood loons he is forced to pally around with.  For America to adopt the SMART treaty is not smart and he knows it.... albeit the fact that even Republican presidents before Obama have been for it in one way or another.  When you have two capable arms attached to a fully functioning body, would it not be madness to tie one arm behind your back, willingly, and  insist  that the rest of your body make do without the use of that arm ?
....."Every American citizen should be up at arms, calling their senators to reject this dangerous START treaty. Without our nuclear might, we are subject to becoming a very weak nation, and what will follow is something more severe than what our nation is experiencing now with unemployment at 9.6 percent.

"In addition, our allies are very concerned for their safety, and they have warned America not to reduce its nuclear power because we serve as their protectors......

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another politician with cohones .... No, sadly ... not from Canada

Another vid of another outspoken member from the UKIP. This is Paul Nuttall. "Global warming is a scam and you are scamming people"

Christmas cartoon .... 14 .... Santa gets Obama's request

Nobody becomes a Somebody

A police officer has been charged in the assault of Adam Nobody during the G20 summit in Toronto in June. I notice that Toronto Sun has a pic of the police officer on their Home page but it is not embedded into the article itself like done with other news items.  Hmmmm.... I wonder why.   

Update: One of my readers was quick to point out that the photo is not of the police officer but of Adam Nobody and that it is now embedded in the story.  Thanks MF

A Toronto police officer is now charged with assaulting G20 protester Adam Nobody.

The provincial police watchdog Special Investigations Unit said Tuesday that Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged with assault with a weapon.

The charge follows the SIU saying Nov. 25 that excessive force was used on Nobody on June 26 at Queen's Park but were unable to identify anyone in the video evidence, which was shown on YouTube.

The case regained momentum after Chief Bill Blair said on CBC Radio One on Nov. 29 that the video had been tampered with, and suggested Nobody was violent.

He said that the police were arresting a violent armed offender and that a segment depicting the use of a weapon had been removed from the tape, the SIU said.

The following day, videographer John Bridge told the SIU there was a gap of a few seconds in the tape because he thought the police were about to catch up to him. He turned off his camera and turned it on again when he saw Nobody arrested. There was no tampering or editing, he told the SIU.

The SIU took Bridge's sworn statement and reopened the probe into Nobody's arrest...........

Terrorists targets now include the food we eat

Nice, eh?! Thank your government for their wonderful immigration policy which flies in planeloads of illiterate moslem immigrants each and every day into our country and also thank the meat processors.... you know, all those big brand names... yeah those that have halal meats and halal foods. What a great idea to poison non-halal foods so the infidels will then be forced to eat the safe halal crap. Nice, nice, nice !!! Islamization of non-muslim lands coupled with the dhimmification of our moronic governments make for a rainbow speckled Utopia.  I wonder if I will get my very own unicorn for a pet.

In this exclusive story, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports the latest terror attack to America involves the possible use of poisons - simultaneous attacks targeting hotels and restaurants at many locations over a single weekend.

A key Intelligence source has confirmed the threat as "credible." Department of Homeland Security officials, along with members of the Department of Agriculture and the FDA, have briefed a small group of corporate security officers from the hotel and restaurant industries about it.

"We operate under the premise that individuals prepared to carry out terrorist acts are in this country," said Dec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Dec. 6, 2010.

The plot uncovered earlier this year is said to involve the use of two poisons - ricin and cyanide - slipped into salad bars and buffets.........

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Lunar Eclipse Dec.21 ... beautiful !!

The vid above is from a contributor at YouTube.

The first one looks a little fake to me, so have posted the second which is definitely authentic.

NASA has not yet posted a vid.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Interesting stuff to keep up with the world around you

In a way, I am sort of glad that I am amongst the millions of jobless this winter. It's so lovely to just sit tight and read, play games, read some more, snack some, check my stocks, play more games, yawn a bit, nap a bit, read a bit more, check my stocks, snack some and keep repeating the same thing over and over again joyously and tirelessly. During the weekend, I visited the library and came back laden with books and vids ... so an abundance of  happy lazy times are ahead.

Here's some stuff to keep up with the world around you

1)Real Estate bubble in China... no, can't be ... ain't we told time and time again that they are the know-all and the do all masters of the universe? China's ghost towns viewed by satellite

2) Soldier lucky to be alive after Taliban scum uses child as shield and soldier opts to take a shot rather than shoot the scum holding the kid as shield. Mad, mad, mad, mad war going on in a madder world.

3) Where your hard earned tax dollars are distributed by the Ministry of Heritage on your behalf... do you agree that this is where your money should be going ?

4) Child molesters hide in plain view.

5) Miracle in toronto. This lady has lots to celebrate this Christmas.

6) PM Harper now has a Conservative  majority in the Senate with today's appointment of two more senators.

7) Al Qaeda keeping track of Canadian Christian arabs. Hmmmm.... and who is helping them keep track, may I ask? Could it be the Canadian moslem arabs?

8) Air Canada's flight attendant gets 8 years for trafficking in drugs.

h/t: MF/Irene/ and via BigBlueWave and BC Blue

AGW theory was born in 1975, North Carolina, USA

Mother: Margaret Mead, loony anthropologist 
Father:  Bag of  Macadamia Nuts

Mead’s keynote to the 1975 climate conference set the agenda: Mankind had advanced over the years to have international laws governing the sea and the land; now was the time for a “Law of the Atmosphere.” It was a naked solicitation of lying formulations to justify an end to human scientific and industrial progress.

Mead stated: Unless the peoples of the world can begin to understand the immense and long-term consequences of what appear to be small immediate choices— to drill a well, open a road, build a large airplane, make a nuclear test, install a liquid fast breeder reactor, release chemicals which diffuse throughout the atmosphere, or discharge waste in concentrated amounts into the sea—the whole planet may become endangered....

At this conference we are proposing that, before there is a corresponding attempt to develop a “law of the air,” the scientific community advise the United Nations (and individual, powerful nation states or aggregations of weaker states) and attempt to arrive at  some overview of what is presently known about hazards to the atmosphere from manmade interventions, and how scientific knowledge coupled with intelligent social action can protect the peoples of the world from  dangerous and preventable interference with the atmosphere upon which all life depends....

What we need from scientists are estimates, presented with sufficient conservatism and plausibility but at the same time as free as possible from internal disagreements that can be exploited by political interests, that will allow us to start building a system of artificial but effective warnings, warnings which will parallel the instincts of animals who flee before the hurricane, pile up a larger store of nuts before a severe winter, or of caterpillars who respond to impending climatic changes by growing thicker coats....................

Bring our troops back home as promised by mid 2011

Canadians troops were supposed to be home by mid 2011, that's what was promised by the Prime Minister of Canada who has now gone back on his word. 

I so hate to agree with the far left NDP  leader Jack Layton... however, the man is 100% on the mark with this statement:

I think a lot of people, as they see the level of corruption in Kabul and Kandahar, are asking themselves more and more, what are we doing there with our troops?” 

Our Prime Minister is making the biggest mistake of his career by letting Canadians remain in that hellhole until 2014. This is one decision that will come back to haunt him time and time again throughout his life. Every death in that hellhole after the previously agreed to exit date, should be a hard hit at the PM's conscience.... and make no mistake.... there will be deaths. That's a given... whether there are combat troops or just training personnel there... there will be young Canadian men and women dying because our politicians did the dirty on them.

Jack Layton and his party should be making a louder noise but only a whimper comes out now and then. Even Michael Ignatieff the leader of the Liberal party is speaking volumes by his silence on this volatile issue of extending our stay in the cesspool of  that continent.  The three main political parties in Canada are more in  sync with Barack Obama's stance and desires than  with any thought to the well-being and wishes of their own citizens.   
Training personnel are in the line of fire even more than combat troops and these links here will show how needlessly these young people's lives are taken away because our politicians are as proficient in taqiyya as the enemy we fight and are moreover they have become experts in breaking their promises at the drop of a hat.

I feel very strongly that Canada has done enough to show our support to the USA and we have stayed a member in good standing of NATO by fighting over there and  shedding Canadian blood in that hellhole at the other side of the world.

The Afghans should be left alone to either fight their own battles or die trying. The corruption, betrayals and hypocrisy which are the trademarks of  people following the ideology of that insane creed  are simply not  palatable to non-muslims, not  for long anyway,  and the wisest thing Canada can do now is to call it quits and get out of a war that can NEVER ever be won.  You can try straightening  the curve of a dog's tail by putting it in a pipe for years on end but when the pipe is removed the tail will curl up again... it's the natural order of things.  And it speaks true of  those murdering scum out there in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and elsewhere in the moslem world.

Let the moslems  kill one another.... the less of them walking around, the better for the rest of us.

Christmas cartoon .... 13 .... TSA molesting Santa

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's behind Obama's dislike of the UK

Daniel Hannan, Conservative MP from the UK thinks he knows why Obama does not care much for his country. Judging from the hundreds of comments to his article in the Telegraph, the Brits don't care much for Barack Obama either.

Let’s review the evidence. President Obama received from Gordon Brown a pen-holder made from the timbers of a Royal Navy anti-slavery vessel, and reciprocated with DVDs. He silkily downgraded the UK from “our closest ally” to “one of our allies”. He gave the Queen an iPod full of his own speeches. He used the Louisiana oil spill to attack an imaginary company called “British Petroleum” (it has been BP for the past decade, ever since the merger with Amoco gave it as many American as British shareholders). He sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to the British Embassy. He managed, on his visit to West Africa, to refer to the struggle for independence, but not to the Royal Navy’s campaign against slavery. He has refused to acknowledge our presence in Afghanistan in any major speech. He has even come dangerously close to backing Peronist Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands. There’s no getting away from it: Barack Obama doesn’t much like Limeys.............

Why gays love being in the army

Doug Giles of ClashRadio deduces why gay guys want to be openly serving as killers in the army.

Number one: It’s Dude Central.

Number two: The military lends itself to the gays’ fastidiousness over everything being orderly because everyone, from top to bottom, is required to keep their clothes, boots, room and gear nice, neat and shiny.

The third—and probably most important reason why I’m guessing that homosexuals would want to join our armed forces—is that they get to kill al-Qaeda and their murderous Muslim ilk. ...............

As for the gay gals, according to Giles, here's why:

In regard to why lesbians join the military, this is also an easy one: no heels, no makeup, no chatty chicks on cell phones, you can cart a few extra pounds without being shamed into looking like Lindsay Lohan by Michelle Obama, and … you get to blow crap up and wear camo. I can empathize. .......

h/t: Irene

Christmas cartoon ... 12 ... Walt Disney's classic of 1933

The night before Christmas

Saturday, December 18, 2010

From in and around the net

1) The Telegraph's intrepid reporter Andrew Gilligan has ferreted out where the vast sums of aid money ultimately wind up.

2) The Nazi-like organizations of Human Rights in both Canada and the UK keep making waves... the stinky type. Of all the shocking cases that have made a mockery of the Human Rights Act which places the rights of criminals above those of their victims – few are as awful as that of Mohammed Ibrahim, a failed asylum seeker with a long criminal record who killed Amy Houston, a 12-year-old girl, in a hit and run accident, and who has won an appeal against deportation. Paul Houston, the dead girl's father, was promised by our Prime Minister last January that the Human Rights Act would be scrapped to prevent abuses such as this. However, part of the deal with the Lib Dems means that Dave cannot deliver on his promise. Those who imagine that the Lib Dems are a serious party should have this dreadful case waved in their faces as one of the consequences of their idiotic policy.

3) Pakistan is a malignant tumor that needs to be nuked like yesterday. The Central Intelligence Agency’s top clandestine officer in Islamabad was pulled from the country on Thursday amid an escalating war of recriminations between American and Pakistani spies, with some American officials convinced that the officer’s cover was deliberately blown by Pakistan’s military intelligence agency.

4) It has come to this in the era of a moslem appeasement prez of the USA. DOJ sues a Chicago school for denying a Muslim middle school female teacher three weeks of unpaid leave to abandon her students and make a pilgrimage to Mecca. You simply cannot make up this stuff.... it's happening, it's real.

5) Mark Gould, a private American citizen posing as a neo-Nazi sympathizer, spent the last four years undercover in Germany, investigating an unprosecuted Holocaust figure – allegedly the senior Nazi officer who signed the “start order” that commenced the genocide of Europe’s Jewish population. The following is footage from hundreds of hours of interviews with the now 97-year-old SS Colonel, who confirms that, on July 28, 1941, he personally signed the order allowing the first mass execution of Jews in the Pripjet Swamps near the Polish and Belarussian/Ukrainian borders. This effectively served as the flashpoint of the Holocaust.

6) Prosecutors charge that Yasrebi sought the approval and financial support for the founding of the charity from members of Hezbollah, as well as Iranian diplomats, ayatollahs and other representatives of the Iranian government. The more educated they are, the more elaborate their schemes to defraud the govt and funnel monies to places they shouldn't.

7) The mighty Obamas not invited to the royal wedding? Mark my words, long before the wedding date, the Obamas will be planning to be there.... heck, the invitation must have already reached the WH by now.... we all know by now how cowed down into political correctness the royals have plunged into ... willingly.

8) Nutty crimes committed at Christmastime. Yup... Christmastime brings out  the haters and the nuttiest of individuals. From stealing baby Jesus from a crib to stabbing Frosty.... you name it, it will have been done by a nut somewhere somehow to prove how much they hate Christianity.  They don't know that:

"A good conscience is like a continuous Christmas." 
can't remember who said that.... but it's true to a great many of us with a good conscience.

h/t:  MF/John/SusanK

Christmas cartoon ... 11 ... Christmas ListLeaks

Friday, December 17, 2010

My oh my.... look who's taking Police Foundation courses !!!!

Goodbye Canada. You are a goner just like your mistress the United Kingdom of Britianistan. No wonder the Police Services alongwith the RCMP of Canada are acting like the hooligans you would expect to find in either Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and the Middle East.... what do you expect when there is a generous  helping of those kind of elements in the makeup of the "to protect and serve the citizens" departments.  Say a big thank you to the Big Lib government of Stephen Harper and the Big Dhimmi at the Defence Ministry.

...A friend of Khaled Wehbe, who didn't want to be identified, said they were taking the same police foundations course at Algonquin College and attended the same high school, Immaculata. The friend said Khaled Wehbe also grew up in Overbrook.

Asked if he was shocked at the news of Khaled Wehbe's arrest, the youth said he "kind of" was because the accused man was registered in the policing course. "But remember, (Overbrook is) not the best neighbourhood, so getting caught up with something like that wouldn't be a surprise."...............

Want to see what the Police Foundation courses are like ?

Prez Bill Clinton's legacy ... Serbs tortured and organs harvested

Here's yet another example of the USA and the dhimmi world siding with the moslems and then learning too late that they were criminally stupid to do so. Tens of thousands of Serbs died at the hands of the barbarians and the barbarians were helped in their unholy pursuits by the USA, courtesy Prez Bill Clinton.

Here is BBC's Nik Gowing putting the Kosovo Ambassador to the UK in the hot seat asking some very troubling questions that can no longer be kept under wraps.

It is truly appalling that all indications point to the Prime Minister of Kosovo being the mastermind behind the mafia-like organization trafficking in organs obtained from mainly tortured Serbian prisoners.  The stories are so harrowing... you will get chills.... prisoners begging to be killed instead of their bodies being harvested time and time again and sewn up time and time again.

There were a few voices that tried to bring attention to the plight of the Serbs and to throw light on how wrong the USA, UN and NATO were when they decided to go with the taqiyya spewed by the moslems in Albania and Kosovo and proceeded to make mincemeat of the Christian resistance movement. One of those voices was Pamela Geller when way back in April 2008 she wrote about organ harvesting of the Serbs here.

Another person who knew that a horrendous mistake had been made when NATO under the influence of the USA went into that war aiding and abetting the wrong side, was former US Ambassaor John Bolton.

More detailed story here.
There's lots more to read on this very troubling chapter at Atlas Shrugs and Gates of Vienna websites which are found  in my blogroll on the right.

Christmas cartoon .... 10 .... Don't forget to water the Christmas tree

EU Commission kills Christmas

This is a systematic killing of Christianity as we used to know it. The governments of the non-muslim world are banding with each other to trample Christianity into the ground in the hopes that the act will appease the islamic cavemen.

The European Commission has come under fire for producing more than three million copies of an EU diary for secondary schools which contains no reference to Christmas but includes Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim festivities.

More than 330,000 copies of the diaries, accompanied by 51 pages of glossy information about the EU, have been delivered to British schools as a "sought after" Christmas gift to pupils from the commission.

But Christians have been angered because the diary section for December 25 is blank and the bottom of the page with Christmas Day is marked only with the secular message: "A true friend is someone who shares your concerns and will double your joy".

While the euro calendar marks Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivities as well as Europe Day and other key EU anniversaries, there are no Christian festivals marked, despite the fact Christianity is Europe's majority religion. ...........

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mosques in the USA are Terrorism headquarters

As if we had any doubts.  The Imams are the professors in the Universities of Terrorism.... what else is new ?

Gotta read this book.... promises to be very informative

Encounter Books recently published Italian journalist Giulio Meotti’ s gut wrenching book A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism. At first glance I thought his title might be over-the-top. Orders of magnitude more people were murdered in the Shoah—the Nazi Holocaust—than by terrorists in Israel, but that isn’t the point. What Israel’s victims of terrorism have in common with the victims of the Nazi genocide is that they were Jews who were murdered for being Jews.

Why else, after all, would a suicide bomber explode himself at Café Hillel in Jerusalem rather than at a military checkpoint in the West Bank or Gaza? Why else would Hamas fire rockets at kindergartens in Sderot instead of at army bases? And why else would Hezbollah lionize Samir Kuntar, a man who murdered a four year old girl by placing her head on a rock and smashing her skull with the butt of his rifle? And why would Hezbollah go all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to blow up a Jewish community center with a truck bomb?

Meotti’s book is grim, but somebody needed to write it, and he’s the person who did. He and I spoke a few days ago.

MJT: So tell us why you wrote this book.

Giulio Meotti: What’s the difference between a Western democracy, such as France or the United States, and Israel’s democracy? It’s not the start-up nation, the job opportunities, the scientific progress, or the number of Nobel laureates. The most important difference between Israel and the other Western countries lies in the young men and women killed for what they are: Israelis living as free human beings in their historical homeland.

The Jewish state is the only member of the United Nations condemned to death. Its existence is the only one widely considered temporary by a large number of countries in the world. In 2003 I decided to investigate the great black hole that in the last fifteen years has snuffed out thousands of lives, Jews killed because they are Jews...............

h/t: Lynn

Christmas cartoon .... 9 .... Working girl confronts Santa

Web crawling finds of Dec. 16

1) Roman statue resurfaces in Israeli waters. They are calling it the Lady of the Sea. The statue is about 4 ft tall and weighs 440 lbs. Unfortunately, the lady has lost is head to the sea but has kept her toga and beautifully detailed sandals on for all to see. Long lost statue found after storm in port of Ashkelon

2)What the Ottawa police did to a young girl, Stacy Bonds, who was on her way home from a pub, not bothering anybody, not rampaging in the streets, not DUI ... just walking home, maybe a little wobbly but who isn't when they are a little tipsy... so, what the macho policemen did to her is totally unforgivable and in my opinion these officers should not only lose their jobs they should be punished and Stacy Bonds should make herself rich by suing the Ottawa Police Services by millions of dollars. Ottawa Police and democracy.   I had written on this sorry episode earlier too here last month.  What happened to this young woman should be a wake up call to Canadians to see what kind of police personnel are being recruited in those supposedly halls of "citizens protectorate".

3) The senseless murder of Sonia Varaschin from Orangeville in August remains unsolved. Now, the police seem to have given the public a "psychological profile" of the killer. They have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds episodes, I guess. Read this and see if you don't think of several of your neighbours, friends, family members,etc.etc.etc.

Police said that in the days following Veraschin's murder, the killer's routines changed and may have seemed out of the ordinary. He may have also had unexplained absences from his usual activites. There may have also been an increase in alcohol or drug use and may have seemed irritable, agitated or anxious.

4) Ed West in the London Telegraph hits the nail on it's head and drives home the real purpose of the UN's World Conference Against the Jews.... er... not Jews sorry, against Racisim. What was I thinking ? Silly me and silly  all those who thought the conference was to spew hatred and bile against Jews by moslem nations.
5) So... where is the accomplice of the Sweden bomber? Will the dhimmified police in Sweden really look for him or just make a pretence of doing so? What kind of a loony goes to his 72 virgins leaving behind a beautiful wife and three gorgeous kids? Have you noticed how most of these blasted suicide bombers are from privileged families and well educated? Just goes to prove that without a proper upbringing all those doctorates and degrees one is showered on in Universities equals to just  toilet paper ... used one.

6) Marry a Malaysian moslem, keep drugs on your premises, get caught and then before you know it your pretty little neck might be hanging from a rope. What else is new ?

7) A mad lefty loony goes shooting in a school board meeting. I have yet to read the entire thing .... but I think it will wind up showing us the other side of lefties.... the nuttier one.

Prime Minister of Canada stabs Christmas in the heart

Yesterday, I received a Christmas Card from our Prime Minister with evidence showing that he is one of the killers of  Christmas. Along with his cohorts in the opposition parties of Canada , these horrible creatures ganged up on poor Christmas and killed it dead.   That's our Canada.... gone crazy delirous with political correctness which has affected the brains of all our politicians and millions of it's populace. God help the rest of us immune to this deadly disease and unable to live with those affected by it.

There may be snow on the ground on Parliament Hill, but on many of this year's parliamentary holiday cards it's not looking a lot like Christmas.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's annual card has him posing with wife Laureen and children Rachel and Ben on the leaf-strewn lawn of 24 Sussex Drive, autumn light dappling his sweater.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is even more removed from the season, smiling with wife Zsuzsanna at a summer barbecue...........

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the madness afflicting our planet

1) News like this enforces my belief that judges and juries can no longer be trusted to do the right thing.

2) Brazil and Argentina... where a lot of Nazis escaped to when Germany fell and fathered several children who now seem to be continuing in their fathers' footsteps in displaying their hatred for Jews by recognizing a state for Palestine ... pre 1967 map. Nice, eh?! Next these nations bent on destroying Israel will come after Canadians and Americans and ask us to re-map our countries pre-Columbus. Give them a little time.

3) Shia and Sunni moslems at it again.... this time in Iran at a funeral procession. Sunni killer goes to meet his 72 virgins in 72 pieces...

4) On the question of bilingual judges.   Quebec keep threatening to separate from the rest of us  ... wish they could carry out their threat.  Can't wait.

Christmas cartoon ..... 8 .... Santa Butt YouTube worthy

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Italy's loonies copy the UK loonies

Italy's PM survives a confidence vote and the usual riff raff goes crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.  I was in Italy a few short years ago and everywhere I went there were illegal immigrants and refugees harassing you to buy things from their roadside stalls. I was aghast at the way things were in Italy and the hotel  we stayed at warned us not to go wandering in certain areas as they were the haunts of refugees and were designated as crime-riddled areas.  When governments lose control of their immigration policy, only chaos can follow.

....... Protesters set fire to cars, threw paint and smoke bombs at the Italian parliament and clashed with riot police on Tuesday in Rome's worst violence for years after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi survived a confidence vote.

Via del Corso, the main street stretching through the historic centre, near Berlusconi's office and home to some of the capital's smartest shops, was a battle scene of smoke, teargas and bloodied faces.

Smoke rose from the Pincio Hill above the famed Spanish Steps as protesters set fire to private cars, overturned heavy trash bins and prevented fire crews from putting out the flames.

At least 50 people were injured, including several policemen, and more than 40 protesters were detained, police said. The protesters were mostly students but also included workers and immigrants.

Television pictures showed dozens of people throwing stones at police, with officers in riot gear beating the protesters back and chasing them along narrow cobblestoned alleyways............

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