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France's Yellow Vests/Gilets Jaunes protest by the have-nots goes into its 20th week ....

while the MSM owned by the filthy rich won't talk about the protests.  By playing dumb, the MSM is slowly but surely bringing the have-nots of our world to a boiling point.

Yellow Vests Protest

Tear gas, skirmishes: Yellow Vests flood streets of France in Act XX  (VIDEO)

Thousands of protesters are rallying across France as Yellow Vest demonstrations show no sign of abating on their 20th week despite authorities banning many locations. A heavy police presence can be seen throughout the country.
In Paris where more than 4,000 went out to the streets, protesters gathered in two locations, forming a joint column and marched towards  towards Trocadéro square.
Several skirmishes broke out between protesters and police present in large quantities in riot gear. A thick plume of smoke was observed occasionally but it's not immediately clear what was its source.
At least 32 people have been detained in Paris, according to official figures from the city’s police.
Authorities say 33,700 demonstrators were out in the streets throughout the country, while protest organizers say over 100,00 people were present. 
Minor clashes between riot police and the Yellow Vests occurred in the city of Avignon, where protesters were allowed to demonstrate only in one location. Following the brief scuffles, the protest continued peacefully. Police detained 21 people in the city.....

Looking at the "day the dinosaurs died" with a fresh new perspective

This is a fascinating article and I highly recommend you read it in its entirety. 

Douglas Preston at
The Day the Dinosaurs Died

 "A young paleontologist may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth."

 If, on a certain evening about sixty-­six million years ago, you had stood somewhere in North America and looked up at the sky, you would have soon made out what appeared to be a star. If you watched for an hour or two, the star would have seemed to grow in brightness, although it barely moved. That’s because it was not a star but an asteroid, and it was headed directly for Earth at about forty-five thousand miles an hour. Sixty hours later, the asteroid hit. The air in front was compressed and violently heated, and it blasted a hole through the atmosphere, generating a supersonic shock wave. The asteroid struck a shallow sea where the Yucatán peninsula is today. In that moment, the Cretaceous period ended and the Paleogene period began.....

......Some of the ejecta escaped Earth’s gravitational pull and went into irregular orbits around the sun. Over millions of years, bits of it found their way to other planets and moons in the solar system. Mars was eventually strewn with the debris—just as pieces of Mars, knocked aloft by ancient asteroid impacts, have been found on Earth. A 2013 study in the journal Astrobiology estimated that tens of thousands of pounds of impact rubble may have landed on Titan, a moon of Saturn, and on Europa and Callisto, which orbit Jupiter—three satellites that scientists believe may have promising habitats for life. Mathematical models indicate that at least some of this vagabond debris still harbored living microbes. The asteroid may have sown life throughout the solar system, even as it ravaged life on Earth......

....Earth itself became toxic. When the asteroid struck, it vaporized layers of limestone, releasing into the atmosphere a trillion tons of carbon dioxide, ten billion tons of methane, and a billion tons of carbon monoxide; all three are powerful greenhouse gases. The impact also vaporized anhydrite rock, which blasted ten trillion tons of sulfur compounds aloft. The sulfur combined with water to form sulfuric acid, which then fell as an acid rain that may have been potent enough to strip the leaves from any surviving plants and to leach the nutrients from the soil.

Today, the layer of debris, ash, and soot deposited by the asteroid strike is preserved in the Earth’s sediment as a stripe of black about the thickness of a notebook. This is called the KT boundary, because it marks the dividing line between the Cretaceous period and the Tertiary period. (The Tertiary has been redefined as the Paleogene, but the term “KT” persists.) Mysteries abound above and below the KT layer. In the late Cretaceous, widespread volcanoes spewed vast quantities of gas and dust into the atmosphere, and the air contained far higher levels of carbon dioxide than the air that we breathe now. The climate was tropical, and the planet was perhaps entirely free of...........

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Interactive graph showing how countries' financial status has changed since 1980

I love looking at this interactive graph. 

From the YouTube poster: Just to clarify things up. This video is about GDP (PPP) not nominal GDP. China had in fact surpassed both US and EU in recent years, the data sets can be retrieved at:

About the nothing burger known as "Russia collusion" aka "Russiagate"

 Do you think the crazy side of the Left that because of  their red-hot hatred of Trump let go of the stupidity that was Russiagate?   I doubt it.

IMO, there are countless Trump misdeeds that the Left could have gone after.  The real collusion then and continuing to date, is the "in your face" ... the big fat elephant in the room everybody pretends is invisible ... ISRAEL  -- and the clout and influence that that apartheid country holds over US politicians and over the entirety of the two parties of note in America. 

Below are two journalists from the intellectual Left who knew from day one that the "Russian collusion" was a nothing burger.
Aaron Mate at TheNation
RIP Russiagate

The implosion of the collusion theory is a humiliation for everyone who promoted it.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings should finally put to rest the “collusion” theory that has consumed the mainstream media and the political class for more than two years. The central question of Mueller’s probe was whether there was any conspiracy between candidate Donald Trump and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin to secure his election over Hillary Clinton in 2016. And after an exhaustive inquiry with sweeping investigative authority, Mueller has answered it: The special counsel’s office “did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”
The outcome is no surprise to those who scrutinized the facts as they emerged. Time and again, the available evidence undermined the case for such a conspiracy. None of the characters presented to us as Russian “agents” or Trump-Kremlin “intermediaries” were shown to be anything of the sort. None of the lies that Trump aides or allies were caught telling pointed us toward the collusion that members of the media and political figures insisted they were hiding. None of the various pillars of Russiagate—the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting; the fanciful assertions of the Steele dossier; the anonymously sourced media claims, such as Trump campaign members’ having “repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials”—ever led us to damning evidence. And all of that is likely why Mueller never charged anyone with involvement in (or covering up) a Trump-Russia conspiracy.

A minimally responsible media and political class would have acknowledged this reality. Instead, leading voices from cable news, Congress, and other influential perches promoted Russiagate by ignoring the countervailing evidence and those who pointed it out. They filled in the evidentiary holes with supposition, innuendo, and outright falsehood. That helps to explain the sizable number of discredited or retracted media reports that advanced the notion of a Trump-Russia plot, culminating in the final collapse of that narrative.

The implosion of Russiagate is a humiliation for everyone who promoted it, but it need not be a defeat for the broader anti-Trump “resistance.” Throughout the Trump era, liberal attention and energy has been channeled into believing that the president was a traitor or compromised by Putin and that Mueller would uncover the smoking gun to prove it. With that narrative no longer sustainable, those organizing against Trump have the opportunity to create an opposition centered not on a spy-thriller plot, but instead on challenging the harmful policies that Russiagate overshadowed. The task will not be easy: As some of us progressive skeptics of Russiagate warned, the faith in this.....

Canada loves apologizing for anything and everything

Here's an example.  Enough said!!! 

Alexander Quon at GlobalNews
Halifax artist apologizes for controversial cartoon of Jody Wilson-Raybould

Halifax political cartoonist Michael de Adder is taking some social media backlash for this depiction of the SNC-Lavalin controversy.

A popular Halifax political cartoonist says he will “strive to do better” after one his cartoons, depicting the SNC-Lavalin controversy, caused an uproar on social media.
“Cartoonists sometimes have unanticipated secondary interpretations in cartoons that they don’t intend,” wrote Michael de Adder in a series of tweets on Saturday evening.

"I assure people who have supported over the course of my career that I’m not tone deaf to concerns about this cartoon.”
The cartoon at the centre of the controversy shows former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on opposite sides of a boxing ring. Trudeau is being advised to “keep beating her up, solicitor-client privilege has tied her hands.”
But what had people most upset was the depiction of Wilson-Raybould tied and gagged — with some saying it draws an ugly parallel to violence against women and Indigenous women in................

Lab Rats R Us

We are being experimented upon and most always we don't know about it until too late.

John W Whitehead at Rutherford.Org
The Making of a Monster: We're All Lab Rats in the Government's Secret Experiments
“But these weren’t the kind of monsters that had tentacles and rotting skin, the kind a seven-year-old might be able to wrap his mind around—they were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don't recognize them for what they are until it's too late.”
-- Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
The U.S. government, in its pursuit of so-called monsters, has itself become a monster.

This is not a new development, nor is it a revelation.

This is a government that has in recent decades unleashed untold horrors upon the world—including its own citizenry—in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good.

Mind you, there is no greater good when the government is involved. There is only greater greed for money and power.

Unfortunately, the public has become so easily distracted by the political spectacle coming out of Washington, DC, that they are altogether oblivious to the grisly experiments, barbaric behavior and inhumane conditions that have become synonymous with the U.S. government.

These horrors are being meted out against humans and animals alike.

It’s heartbreaking enough when you hear about police shooting family dogs that pose no threat—beloved pets that are “guilty” of little more than barking, or wagging a tag, or racing towards them in greeting—at an alarming rate somewhere in the vicinity of 500 dogs a day.

What I’m about to share goes beyond heartbreaking to horrifying.

For instance, did you know that the U.S. government has been buying hundreds of dogs and cats from “Asian meat markets” as part of a gruesome experiment into food-borne illnesses? The cannibalistic experiments involve killing cats and dogs purchased from Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, China and Ethiopia, and then feeding the dead remains to laboratory kittens, bred in government laboratories for the express purpose of being infected with a disease and then killed.

It gets more gruesome.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been removing parts of dogs’ brains to see how it affects their breathing; applying electrodes to dogs’ spinal cords (before and after severing them) to see how it impacts their cough reflexes; and implanting pacemakers in dogs’ hearts and then inducing them to have heart attacks (before draining their blood). All of the laboratory dogs are killed during the course of these experiments.

It’s not just animals that are being treated like lab rats by government agencies.
“We the people” have also become the police state’s guinea pigs: to be caged, branded, experimented upon without our knowledge or consent, and then conveniently discarded and left to suffer from the after-effects.

Back in 2017, FEMA “inadvertently” exposed nearly 10,000 firefighters, paramedics and other responders to a deadly form of ricin during simulated bioterrorism response sessions. In 2015, it was discovered that an Army lab had been “mistakenly” shipping deadly anthrax to labs and defense contractors for a decade.

While these particular incidents have been dismissed......

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Some of my tweets from March 21 - 25

The never-ending sins of Apartheid Israel

Susan Abulhawa is the author of  Mornings in Jenin (2010).
Her second novel The Blue Between Sky And Water was sold in 19 languages.

When Push Comes to Shoving one off the Cliff ... guess what happens

Here's a clear example of what happens when someone is cornered and pushed into a corner.  These nations have been maligned, schemed against, bad-mouthed incessantly by the MSM, had aggressive wars thrust on them through no fault of their own,  that it was only a matter of time that they would realize that their survival from the destroyers of our world, would be to get their heads together and come up with a plan to defend themselves from EVIL as well as at the same time be independent of the Banking Transactions Medusa Horror and the Terror of Sanctions the West keeps holding directly into their faces to turn them into stony nothing.
I hope their plans come to fruition.

Alastair Crooke at StrategicCultureFoundation
An Iran-Syria 'Belt & Road': A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds

As the US tries to consolidate its strategy for weakening and confronting Iran, the contours of an important geo-political strategy, launched by Syria and Iran, are surfacing. On the one hand, it consists of a multi-layered sewing together of a wide ‘deterrence’ that ultimately could result in Israel being pulled into a regional war – were certain military trip wires (such as air attacks on Syria’s strategic defences) – to be triggered. Or, if the US economic war on Iran crosses certain boundaries (such as blockading Iranian tankers from sailing, or putting a full stranglehold on the Iranian economy).

To be clear, the aim of this geo-political strategy is not to provoke a war with the US or Israel – it is to deter one. It sends a message to Washington that any carelessly thought-through aggression (of whatever hybrid nature) against the ‘northern states’ (from Lebanon to Iraq) might end by putting their ally – Israel – in full jeopardy. And that Washington should reflect carefully on its threats.
The deterrence consists at the top-level of Syrian S300 air defences over which Russia and Syria have joint-key control. The aim here, seems to be to maintain strategic ambiguity over the exact rules of S300 engagement. Russia wants to stand ‘above’ any conflict that involves Israel or the US – as best it can – and thus be positioned to act as a potential mediator and peace-maker, should armed conflict occur. In a sense, the S300s represent deterrence of ‘last resort’ – the final option, were graduated escalation somehow to be surpassed, via some major military event.

At the next level down, deterrence (already well signalled in advance) is focussed on halting Israeli air attacks on either Iranian or Syrian infrastructure (in either state). Initially, air attacks would be countered by the effective (80%) Syrian, Panzir and BUK air defence systems. More ‘substantive’ attacks will be met with a proportionate response (most probably by Syrian missiles fired into the occupied Golan). Were this to prove insufficient, and were escalation to occur, missiles are likely to be fired into the depth of Israel. Were escalation to mount yet further, the risk would be then of Iranian and Hizbullah missiles entering into the frame of conflict. Here, we would be on the cusp of region-wide war......

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Some of my tweets from March 11 - 20