Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey ... add my name to the biggest ever class action suit

Here is an article on the Climategate scandal by Jim O'Neill, winner during his days as a journalism student, of the "Research in Journalism Ethics Award.”
..... If "we the people" start suing for damages, we will start an explosion that will blow apart this global takeover by Marxists/Communists, hiding behind the cloak of environmentalism.

I’ve been asked “Who can sue over Climategate?” and I reply, “Darn near anybody.”
I’ve been asked “Who do I sue over Climategate?” and I reply “Darn near anybody.”

The first reply is absolutely true. The second reply is only half tongue-in-cheek.

Who hasn’t been affected by increased costs and taxes, stemming directly from “green laws” based on the IPCC’s fraudulent “science?” Maybe a few folks in the hinterlands of Borneo have been exempt, but the rest of us have paid dearly for the bogus science behind AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming—“anthropogenic” meaning “caused by humans”).

Who do you sue? Take your pick, it’s a smorgasbord. Think you’ve seen some Climategate CYA-ing going on? You ain’t seen nothing yet. There are going to be so many people attempting to backpedal away from this explosion, that it’ll look like the Tour de France run in reverse.............


  1. And backpedal they will. just like they did when the bio-fuels fiasco blew up in their faces. You never saw so many "not me" pleas coming from the environmentalist websites as there were after that little calamity. Expect more of the same. Except for Suzuki and Gore who, if they ever 'fess up will get sued.

  2. A good place to start would be to flood Rev Canada with requests/demands that Suzuki and all his businesses, charities, whatever, lose their charitable status. All you have to do is call them and tell them you have information that he is politically active as a warmist, or words to that effect. You could refer them to articles, videos or speeches. 100 calls a day/365 would cause them to do an investigation and possible audits.

  3. Polar bears should launch a class action suit against you! Here you are advocating their genocide while there is an ad to my right saying "Let's stop global warming" with pictures of polar bears.

    Do want to personally murder baby polar bears?

    Save the Polar Bears, Save the Planet

  4. "Marx-A-Million said... " I've seen this clown all over the place today, looks someone trying to boost their blog. Best to be ignored

  5. "Polar bears should launch a class action suit against you". They would, but they're busy either drowning or eating each other right? Don't be such a dumbass Marx-A-Million.

  6. Marx the Obama lover. He thinks Obama is like Jesus Christ. What a bunch of loonies on the other side.
    He is just trolling for traffic at his site but seems quite harmless.
    The moment he uses any foul language, he will be banned.

  7. Marx - I also have an ad for Muslim dating. You in the market for a burkha clad walking tent ?

  8. My good humoured question is - which Blogging Tory is pretending to be "Marx a Million"?

    It's not a very clever joke, but it was worth a giggle.

  9. Balbulican - you are the one with the Sybil-like personality. That could be your blog.

  10. ... and you don't know it when you are the Balbulican character.


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