Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easier to find "Mr Goodbar" than the word "CHRISTMAS"

I am not alone in thinking that the Left hate Christmas. The knuckleheads on the left want to rid the word "Christmas" from the dictionary. They want it gone from our consciousness and our vocabulary. My hat's off to this blogger for doing research on how the lefties are trying to make people associate the word "Christmas" with layoffs.

This year when you receive an email saying "happy holidays" or some crap like that, send it right back and ask the advertiser or even your best friend, if they have forgotten to spell C H R I S T M A S.

Christmas, we stand on guard for thee


  1. Maria,

    Are you implying that anyone who is not Christian is "left"? What about fiscal conservative types who are atheists? XMas serves no purpose for them. What about those darned libertarians who belief is personal freedom to do whatever they please and are strongly against the social conservative belief structures of people like Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers you have admiringly blogged about?

    Open your mind to the possibilities of some diversity. It's not that scary.


  2. I'm about as left-wing as they get without actively being communist (I'm a proud socialist), and believe you me, I celebrate Christmas. I send Christmas cards and will be attending a church service every Sunday in Advent and on Christmas Eve. I donate my charity monies to Christian causes. Trust me, there are plenty of lefties who are Christian.

    The anti-Christmas crowd (of about 5 loudmouths) aren't necessarily lefties. They're just people who think that the government shouldn't sponsor any religion or religious event. They tend to be libertarians, actually. Hardly lefties.


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