Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's happening in Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi Arabia: As reported in EarthTimes
Manama - The foreign ministers of Bahrain and Egypt Tuesday reaffirmed their support for Saudi Arabia as it continues to battle Yemeni rebels on its southern border. "The security and stability of Saudi Arabia is a vital matter for both our countries and we stand side by side with our brothers in Saudi Arabia as they defend their borders and citizens," Bahrain Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed al Khalifa said at a joint press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Ahmed Aboul Gheit in.

Both ministers expressed concern over Iran's nuclear programme and Aboul Gheit warned Tehran that the secrecy surrounding the programme represented a provocation to the international community.

He said that that by not adhering to the terms of the Non- Proliferation Treaty, Iran risked facing military action by the West or Israel, something that would affect not just Iran but also all the people in the region.
Proxy wars - GuardianUK

IRAN: Twitters say many students have been arrested. Tweets are coming in with the names of the arrested, but whether these students were arrested since Monday or months ago, is not clear. The tweets are mostly directed to Human Rights. Some names of the students arrested: Payamenour UNI student Mohamad Mehdi Mansori 22, arrested atFerdowsi, Amir Reza Sadat-Razavi 18, arrested on Hafez St. Mohamad Ebrahim Fathali 35, arrested on South Karekar , Mohsen shojaie 28, arrested in front of Sharif UNI, Behnam Mahoutian 24, arrested on Valiasr,Amir Tavasoli 24, arrested on Vesal St.Mohamad Pishkar 18, arrested location unknown,Sorosh Rezaie 21, arrested in front of Arts Institute,Amirhousien Mousavi 29, arrested at Valiasr intersection,Ali Ziaedini 32, arrested location not known,Abolfazl Golmohamadi 28, arrested Vesal St, Bahareh Khademi(F) 20, arrested at 16 Azar St, Zaynab Mohamadi(F) 32, arrested at Valiasr,Fatemeh Abdolahi(F) 47, arrested at Valiasr St, Sara Alipour(F) 23, arrested at Fakhrerazi St, Parisa Zarezadeh(F) 28, arrested at Valiasr intersection, Aida Rezaifar(F) 23, arrested at Abourayhan st Zahra Rajabi-Aghapour(F) 25, arrested at Valiasr intersection

According to this article more than 200 students have been arrested since Dec.7

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  1. No worries,BHO, has put the cowboy boots on,has a big nobel bling thing around his neck,looking for a "just war" and has finally admitted he is the CIC. what could go wrong,except maybe the mom jean thing but with Tiger Woodsy as a caddy things can only go par or better.


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