Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help to end slavery in Canada ... Act on Bill C-268

It is disheartening to note that a woman is holding up the passing into law of Bill C-268, a law that will go at least  some ways,  to deter those amongst our population that would mean to harm and enslave both women and children.  On Nov.3, Senator Annie Cools had the reading adjourned and assured the advocates of this bill  that she would speak to it within a short time, that "short time" has now lengthened into several weeks and still Senator Cools plays it cool and disdainful.  "Uncaring" would be a better description for Senator Cools demeanour.

The bill now lies in limbo awaiting  Senator Annie Cools attention to it. The sad thing is that Senator Cools has chosen the wrong time of the year to play "hard ball".  Next week the Senate will adjourn for the Christmas holidays and will not be back until late January. The bill needed to be law before the Olympics. Needless to say, any gathering of that magnitude will not only have people involved in sports, it would also attract drug dealers and human traffickers.

Let's give the BC authorities more legal clout to deal with the human trafficking scum when they are arrested plying their trade at the Olympics. Please call or write to the following to get them to move pronto on the issue of Bill C-268  and to make that happen  before the start of the Olympics.

Audreychuk, Raynell (Saskatchewan):
Brazeau, Patrick (Repentigny - Quebec):
Dallaire, Romeo (Gulf - Quebec):
Demers, Jacques (Rigaud - Quebec):
Jaffer, Mobina S.B. (British Columbia):
Mitchell, Grant (Alberta):
Munson, Jim (Ottawa / Rideau Canal - Ontario):
Nancy, Ruth (Cluny - Ontario):
Poy, Vivienne (Toronto - Ontario):

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