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Brian Lilley of SunNews talks to Steve Emerson on the Muslim Brotherhood's blueprint for North America

Why is the Left so racist while professing not to be so?

I don't get it.  
Everywhere you turn you find those on the Left saying the most nasty things, especially, IMO,  Black lefties jump at every opportunity to hit at the White population while forever playing the victim card making it look like they are at disadvantage because of the Whites' treatment of them.  What treatment?  The actual facts are just the opposite. Blacks go about "playing" knock out games on mostly non-Blacks, especially the elderly and the media throws it all under a heavy blanket. Blacks get the best spots as TV hosts from whence they can spew out their hatred. Below is just one example ... and it is all the more disgusting because mix-race Melissa Harris-Perry herself was born into a white Mormon family. 

From SandraRose blog:
....During a segment   of “Melissa Harris-Perry” on Sunday, the panelists joked about a viral photo of the Romneys sitting in an idyllic setting surrounded by their 21 grandkids including little Kieran dressed in a pink onesie.
One of the panelists, actress Pia Glenn, sang “one of these things is not like the other,” while another joked that the photo was representative of the Republican Party’s lacking diversity.
“It really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person,” said comedian Dean Obeidallah.
MSNBC host Harris-Perry joked about Romney’s grandson marrying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West............

It was good to see that the Tea Party did not sit by and let this blatant racism go by ... even if the Rinos did so as usual.  The reason the Tea Party patriots are hated so much is because the Left has become used to the Rinos (Republicans In Name Only) taking the slaps from the Left and moving on.  Not so the Tea Party folks....and that's the way it should be. If the Left can dish it out, they should also be made to eat the stuff.

What Sarah Palin said at her Facebook page: 
.....Holy unbelievable.  The hypocritical leftist lamestream media should be shamed by every caring, child-loving American. It has once again reached a new low. See the article linked below. One just can't win in their petty little games. Good thing most Americans don't play those little games! It's a beautiful thing the Romney family has done by embracing “the spirit of adoption.” What on earth is more beautiful? Shame on MSNBC for mocking this.
The LSM's pursuit of “shock ratings” is unreal. Governor Mitt Romney ran for higher office with what I believe is a servant's heart. He was saddled with some sup-par campaign tactics. That does not make him a bad person nor does it open his children or grandchildren to attacks over a year after the fact. This latest attack from the Left is despicable.
Leftist media hounds are not expressing an opinion with this attack; they are expressing a prejudice that would never be accepted if it came from anyone else but the lib media.
You really need a conscience, yellow journalists. May your 2014 New Year's Resolution be to find one.
Thank you, Romney family, for giving a child a family full of love.

What Greta van Susteren of FoxNetwork said:
How could anyone – MS/NBC host – be THIS cruel to a child?  this really is about as cruel as you can get to a child…
The Romney family adopted an African American child. The Romneys love the child. The child loves them. This is a wonderful story…but not to MS/NBC....
....In my wildest dreams I can’t understand or imagine anyone being this mean to an innocent child….this really tops all.
Of course there is also the coldness and awful motive of trying to discourage people from opening their homes to any and all children who desperately need a family to raise them and provide love.
Yes…there are some trying to help make the world better for others and then there are the others…..

And, this from the  TeaPartyNewsNetwork:
 ....In a disgusting and contemptible display of bigotry, liberal panelists on MSNBC on Sunday stooped to a new low by mocking former Governor Mitt Romney for having an adopted black grandchild.
It’s truly disgusting that ideological-driven hatred and desperation created by low ratings has driven MSNBC to this low, but alas, here we are..........

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Will Russia take action against Saudi Arabia for funding terrorists in the North Caucasus and spreading Wahhabism and Salafism in Russia?

The thinking world knows that Saudi Arabia is the banker for Muslims creating trouble at present in Russia and is also the creator of trouble all over the world..  What is Putin gonna do about it ... that should be the question now.  There has been lot of talk about how the Bandar character from Saudi Arabia ... you know the guy who's the bosom friend of the Bush family .... trying to bribe Putin and Russia with tonnes of money and when that failed, he subtly threatened to let loose his fanatics during the upcoming Sochi games. Even if you don't want to believe everything that's written about what transpired  between Putin and Bandar, remember the adage .... Where's there's smoke, there's fire?  

Russia must be in possession of clear evidence that Saudi Arabia is involved in the latest blasts in Volgograd. Putin must take action against Saudi Arabia.  There's no backing down now.   
The highlighted areas below are my doing.

 From MoneyJihad blog dated May 2013
....…According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, over 60 international extremist organizations, about 100 foreign companies and 10 banking groups participate in providing financial, material and other assistance to the terrorists "touring" the Northern Caucasus. In the U.S. alone, almost 50 organizations are raising funds for the Northern Caucasian extremists. And this is not the entire list of the Chechen terrorists’ accomplices in the U.S.; these organizations began sponsoring the rebels from the moment the bands led by Basayev and Khattab (the latter of which is known to be an emissary of Ben Laden, a staff member of the CIA, and a Canadian citizen who was stripped of his native Jordanian citizenship for his links to American intelligence agencies) invaded the territory of Dagestan.

The following groups are actively raising funds in the U.S.: the Muslim American Bar Association; the Islamic American Center, located in Washington; the Muslim American Council; Islamic Relief/Chechnya appeal, registered with the U.S. Department of State; Islamic City Relief; the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation (president I. Akhmadov); the Islamic Action Center; the Chechen-Ingush Society of America, also known as Chechen relief expenses, with a division called Chechen Relief (president Dr. Mohkammed Musa Shishani); the international Muslim organization Al-Ehsan Charitable Relief Organisation, with its headquarters in Washington; the International Relief Association in Michigan; Islamic Relief Worldwide in California; Mercy International, with its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan; and the Benevolence International Foundation. In regard to the latter organization, it must be noted that when in January 2003 U.S. intelligence agencies found the head of the foundation, Syrian (or Albanian) American Enaam Arnaut, in the course of investigating sources of financing for Al Qaeda, he admitted that the foundation finances rebels in Chechnya and Bosnia; earlier, in October 2002, U.S. attorney general D. Ashcroft charged him with financing Ben Laden, but when Arnaut stated that the money was going to Chechen terrorists and not Ben Laden, Ashcroft…dropped all charges against him................

More at MoneyJihad dated April 2013:
North Caucasus jihadists’ money traces back to Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden.

USA quietly allows known terrorist-funding organizations slip money to Russian jihadis

Wayne Madsen writing at GlobalResearch:
....Through a myriad of "civil society" organizations, the United States has been financing Chechen groups inside the autonomous republic, in Russia, and abroad. However, large portions of U.S. assistance money has «bled» over to support Chechen and other North Caucasus terrorist groups, which the U.S. State Department and U.S. intelligence agencies insist on referring to as "separatist guerrillas", "nationalists", "insurgents", and "rebels", instead of terrorists.
The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has continuously refused to refer to Chechen and Islamic Emirate terrorists operating in Russia as "terrorists". NSA analysis reports of signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts of Russian police, Federal Security Bureau (FSB), Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and Russian military communications, including radio, landline and cellular telephone, fax, text message, and fax, have, since 2003, referred to Chechen and North Caucasus terrorists as "guerrillas". Prior to that year, TOP SECRET Codeword internal NSA directives stated that Chechen terrorists were to be called "rebels".................

From ZeroHedge dated August 2013
....So what are some of the stunning  disclosures by the Saudis? First this:
Bandar told Putin, “There are many common values ??and goals that bring us together, most notably the fight against terrorism and extremism all over the world. Russia, the US, the EU and the Saudis agree on promoting and consolidating international peace and security. The terrorist threat is growing in light of the phenomena spawned by the Arab Spring. We have lost some regimes. And what we got in return were terrorist experiences, as evidenced by the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the extremist groups in Libya. ... As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.”........

Paul Hellyer, staunch Liberal, former Minister of Defence, staunch believer that aliens from outer worlds are residing here on Earth

Whether you want to believe it or not,  this man used to be the Defence Minister of Canada during the reign of  Pierre Trudeau's Prime Ministership. It's more than probable that many of his brothers and sisters in the Liberal party believed in the same nonsense he does.  

The part that scares me the most about this sordid tale is the fact that this man was  not only the Defence Minister of Canada he was also one of the topmost Liberal politicians at that time and almost beat Trudeau to the party's leadership. What does that say about the other Liberal members ?   

Go to the link to watch the interview  with RT's Sophie Shevardnadze which aired last night. Below is part of the transcript:

"If we down at least one UFO we'll   be facing an interstellar war"  - Former Defense Minister of Canada

He was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War – and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Today we ask the man who says UFOs are a serious business – Paul Hellyer.

Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada, and he believes that life forms from space are present on Earth. It’s great to have you on our show. Why do you say that UFOs are as real as airplanes flying over our heads?

Paul Hellyer: Because I know that they are. As a matter of fact, they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the “Panic” button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species - at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years. We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb and they are very concerned about that and the fact that we might use it again, and because the Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well.

SS: No serious scientist has ever publicly confirmed evidence of an encounter with extra-terrestrials – why would scientists not confirm the facts if they exist?

PH: I’m afraid they must go out of their way not to find out. Even if they do 10 percent of the amount of research I’ve done in the last 8 years they would be as convinced as I am. I mean, they could do it even faster. Might take it a little longer, when they didn’t have military background, but there are so many wonderful books that tell these stories and they’ve been authenticated; the sightings have been authenticated by more than one witness and also by radar, and they have landed in various places around the world, including Russia. There’s famous case there, I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was widely reported at the time, a man wrote a book about it and then the French bought the book rights so it wouldn’t be circulated around….....

Wahhabi bastards in Saudi Arabia buying massacred Syrian-Christian blood at $100,000 a bottle

Sr. Hatune Dogan is a brave nun who also doubles as a psychotherapist, nurse and teacher to Christians in the countries undergoing a holocaust of Christians. What follows below is only a small part of the horrors visited on Christians by "rebels" who have been armed, funded and trained by our own governments of the West.

A holocaust of Christians going on in our own day and age and yet the head of the Catholic Church has the audacity to preach love and understanding?  Where are the Crusaders when we need them?

Joseph Parker writing at Examiner:
...A Turkish-born Orthodox nun,   Sister Hatune Dogan, recently presented her findings, of atrocities against Christians in Syria, to a conference in Germany. She conducted an independent investigation of how Christians were being treated at the hands of radical Muslims.....

..........The video has a radical Muslim towering over a kneeling hostage, who we find out is a Christian from Baghdad named Joseph, as a statement of hate and rage is read over him. The nun explains, "it's their (radical Muslims) ceremony when the jihadists slaughter people."
The video has the extremists saying the usual things like, "you will be sacrificed for God" and "we only fulfill the word of God," before they behead Joseph. The video was given to the nun by Joseph's sister.....

......Toward the end of the Youtube video, the nun says she asked the man, "what do you do with the blood you collect?" Dogan then drops a startling revelation by saying the man told her, "that's a big business." The man tells her, "a small bottle of Christian blood sent to the fanatics in Saudi Arabia is worth $100,000.".........

From LaStampa (Google translation from  Italian)
....Hatune said the images  showed at the conference, relating to acts of cruelty committed by Islamic fundamentalists from over 80 different countries who are fighting against the government in Syria of Damascus and says: "I met this woman in Aleppo, Syria. She and her nine year old daughter were raped in front of her husband .... I met this woman in Damascus, his family, six people were slaughtered before his eyes, and I use the word deliberately slaughtered. She is the only one left alive, and we're trying to help ... This girl ... she and her sister were kidnapped, held for months in a room and raped. And in the end they cut off the left breast because it was not paid enough money for the ransom ... In total I talked to 218 girls who were abducted, raped and then redeemed. Thirteen of them have cut their lips, and three have cut off her breasts. I do not know how many there are cases where there is no news, I only speak of the ones I know personally. "  
Then shows the execution of a Christian slain: "I had 174 videos like these from their families." And then he says again, and this is the most amazing part: "I met one of the killers had serious psychological problems, he left everything and became a Christian. I asked: 'What do you do with the blood of the victims, you collect?'. He replied, 'It's a big business. A small bottle of Christian blood in Saudi Arabia is paid 100 thousand dollars. Who washes his hands with the blood is as if they were participating in the sacrifice. '" .............

Russia's Volgograd rocked by second blast ....

in less than 24 hours.

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The New York Times proves once and for all that it's rightly earned death is drawing near

Benghazi in the news again after one of the most ridiculous outpouring of nonsense from NY Times delusional "journalist" David D. Kirkpatrick.

....The other, favored by Republicans,    holds that Mr. Stevens died in a carefully planned assault by Al Qaeda to mark the anniversary of its strike on the United States 11 years before. Republicans have accused the Obama administration of covering up evidence of Al Qaeda’s role to avoid undermining the president’s claim that the group has been decimated, in part because of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
The investigation by The Times shows that the reality in Benghazi was different, and murkier, than either of those story lines suggests. Benghazi was not infiltrated by Al Qaeda, but nonetheless contained grave local threats to American interests. The attack does not appear to have been meticulously planned, but neither was it spontaneous or without warning signs........

Denver Nicks writing at Time:
...An in-depth New York Times investigation published Saturday sheds new light on questions surrounding the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. Questions surrounding the attack have become a major political flashpoint in Washington, but the report reveals a truth much murkier than either the Obama administration or its critics in the GOP-led Congress has grasped upon.

Here are five major revelations from the report:

1. Al Qaeda was not involved in the assault. It has become an article of faith for some in the GOP that the Benghazi attack was a highly orchestrated terrorist attack led by the same group that carried out the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. “It was very clear to the individuals on the ground that this was an Al Qaeda-led event,” said Michigan Republican Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in an interview on Fox News in November. But according to the Times report, there is no evidence to support this assertion.

2. Anger at the “Innocence of Muslims” video motivated the initial assault and fueled the anger that powered the attack. After the film appeared online dubbed into Arabic in September 2012, media in Cairo played a major role in stoking the rage that led to an assault on the American embassy in Benghazi. Witnesses on the ground at the attack recount numerous ways in which leaders of the assault used the video to stoke the rage of militiamen.

3. The spontaneous response to the video stoked another attack that was already in the works, planned by smaller militia not affiliated with Al Qaeda. Evidence suggests that hardline elements within the complex web of Islamist militias operating in Benghazi, including an uneducated loner and contrarian named Ahmed Abu Khattala, had been planning an attack, though it’s unclear when they had intended to strike. The U.S. government has sought to have Khattala apprehended in order to press charges, but authorities and powerful Islamist elements in Libya have closed ranks around the hardliner..............

Jumping off buildings is still a hot favorite with the suicidal filthy rich

Simply cannot understand why the filthy rich  can't get hold of some arsenic or some other effective poison to do themselves off with instead of splattering their insides on sidewalks jumping off building.

From IndependentUK:
.... A renowned Wall Street tycoon gave away his entire $800 million fortune before falling to his death in a suicide jump this week.
Hedge fund multi-millionaire Robert W. Wilson, 87, leapt from the 16th floor of his luxury San Remo apartment building (pictured above), a prestigious address in New York’s Upper East Side which has been the residence of Steven Spielberg, Demi Moore, Glenn Close, Dustin Hoffman, Bono, Steve Martin, Bruce Willis and Steve Jobs in the past.
According to the New York Police Department, he left a note at the scene. He had suffered from a stroke just a few months before.
“He always said he didn’t want to suffer and when the time came, he would be ready,” close friend Stephen Viscusi told the New York Post.
"His plan was to give all his money away. He told me recently, 'I only have about $100 million to go.'"
He has since been praised as a "legend" by his peers, after pledging his entire worth to charity some years before he ended his life.
He gave the last $100 million of his money to not-for-profit environmental advocacy group the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).
Fred Krupp, the president of the EDF, said of the group’s biggest benefactor: "Robert W. Wilson was a Wall Street legend who became a prominent philanthropist.....

Docu-Movie: Hawking

Very interesting .... especially the part where Hawking discovers how radiation escapes via particles from a dead planet or star or mass known as  "black holes" thus erasing themselves out or ceasing to exist even as black holes.  Of course, there are many other scientists who are fiercely disputing his theory.  If you don't want to invest in the time it will take to watch the whole documentary,  just watch  the explanation  here.

What does the female archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden have in common with Francis the dhimmi Catholic Pope in the Vatican?

They both love Muslims .... the very people, who given a chance, would cut both to bite sized pieces are loved to pieces by both these mega dhimmis. 

The madness of Pope Francis:

From RadioFreeEurope:
....On Islam, Francis said  closer ties to Muslims are of "great importance" to the Catholic Church. He added that Christians should embrace Muslim immigrants "with affection and respect" as Christians would expect to receive in predominantly Muslim countries......

From ChristianToday:
....Church relations with Islam have so far been positive under Pope Francis' leadership.  In his apostolic exhortation he underlined the importance of Catholic-Muslim relations, and highlighted their common Abrahamic roots.
"We must never forget that they profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, who will judge humanity on the last day," the Pope wrote.....

The stupidity of Church of Sweden's archbishop, over and besides the below, this woman sent out to those around her, a book on Islam... was it as a Christmas gift? ... I don't know.

Bruce Bawer writing at VirtueOnline:
....Sweden is the gift that keeps on giving - to Islam. In recent weeks, for those of you who are keeping score at home, Swedish feminists mounted a nationwide "hijab campaign" in "solidarity" with a Muslim woman whose veil may or may not have been yanked off her head in a parking garage, and the government announced its intention to grant automatic permanent residency to refugees from Syria. Now comes the news that the Church of Sweden has chosen as its new leader a woman who, judging from recent statements, does not care to recognize much of a difference between Jesus Christ and Muhammed.

But first a little background. Unlike the Church of Norway and the Church of Denmark, the Church of Sweden is no longer an official state church, having been cut loose in the year 2000 (a fate which will probably befall its sister Scandinavian churches before too long). But although its pews, like those in Norway and Denmark, are pretty empty most of the time (while most Swedes are church members, only 2% attend services regularly), the church in Sweden continues, like its Norwegian and Danish counterparts, to receive generous cash subsidies from the government, and still enjoys a high public profile. Scandinavians may not go to church, and most of them may not be devout believers in much of anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't identify, perhaps even strongly, as Christians - or, more specifically, Lutherans.....

Volgograd train station targetted by jihadi suicide bomber scumbag

I have pinned my hopes on Russia fighting the fight against the Caliphate on behalf of the dhimmi world.  I hope Putin and his government will come down hard and sure on those responsible for senseless killing of civilians going about their daily lives.  In war zones like Syria and parts of Africa,  civilians going about their daily tasks are aware that their lives might end at any given moment as brutality rages around them .... not so in countries where the percentage of Muslims and the danger that percentage poses is thought to be of not much consequence. That's where the tragedy lies.... the unpreparedness.

From RTNews:
...At least 16 people were killed in a blast at a railway station in the city of Volgograd, southern Russia. A female suicide bomber is suspected to have carried out the attack, says the National Anti-terrorism Committee.....
....Another 37 were injured, 8 of them more critically, including a girl of 9. The child has been taken to a local hospital.
At the same time, the Health Ministry confirms that 45 people have been taken to hospital.....
......The power of the explosion at Volgograd’s station was equivalent to at least 10 kg TNT, according to Markin. The explosive device was stuffed with pieces of scrap metal. The Committee said that an undetonated F-1 grenade was also found at the scene.
Interfax’s source said that “the blast happened near the metal detectors located at the entrance to the station.”......

Hollywood star wannabe pope showers love on Muslims, meanwhile Fr. Dall'Oglio is still missing, kidnapped or killed by Muslims

We Catholics have been "blessed" with a dhimmi  for a pope.  **sigh**  **sob**  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Mind you,  Fr.Paolo Dall'Oglio is/was a dhimmi himself .... perhaps as big a dhimmi as Pope Francis is proving to be. Is Fr. Dall'Oglio still among the living? Nobody knows and very few really care.

Francesca Paci writing at VaticanInsider:
....Exactly five months have passed since the kidnapping of Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio, the founder of the monastic community of Mar Musa who embraced the rebel cause after living under the Damascus regime for 30 years. In return he was issued an expulsion order.

Abuna Paolo, as the members of his community call him, ignored Vatican advice, returning to Syria on more than one occasion after his expulsion in June 2012. In the end he was kidnapped in the city of Raqqa while he was apparently trying to negotiate the release of the Orient TV crew with the infamous Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis). Orient TV is a dissident television channel based in Iraqi Kurdistan, which Fr. Dall’Oglio had worked with in the past. “We are working hard on the ground and on a diplomatic level with both institutional and other partners,” the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Crisis Unit stated. The Unit has secured the release of 37 Italian hostages over the past two years but Fr. Dall’Oglio and Giovanni Lo Porto are still being held prisoner.

After months of no news from the 59-year-old Jesuit, the Secretary of the Syrian National Front, one of the many names given to the opposition, denounced his execution but the director of the Arab Reform Initiative, Salam Kawakibi, confirmed that the news was false after receiving information from “reliable sources”. The Dall’Oglio family said that the less people talked about the kidnapping the more chances there were of a positive outcome particularly given the situation in the part of the world where he was kidnapped............

GLAAD garbage bags

full of stink waiting for the garbage truck to roll  by.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food Stamps Fraud all over in the USA in the era of Obama and gang ....

and those committing the fraud are as usual the usual suspects.

From Breitbart:
Arizona authorities have broken  up a massive food stamp fraud ring in Phoenix and seized almost $700,000 in cash. 
K&S convenience store workers Kameel Sweiss, Ameer Sweiss, and Faday Sweiss were arrested on Wednesday on charges of suspicion of illegally conducting an enterprise, fraudulent schemes and artifices, money laundering, unlawful use of food stamps, and computer tampering. 
"People were essentially selling their cards to [the] store," said spokesperson Stephanie Grisham. .....

From CBSLocalCalifornia:
 It’s a welfare fraud scheme costing U.S. taxpayers $750 million a year. People are illegally selling their electronic food stamp cards on Craigslist and other social media sites for cash.
CBS13 found two people here in Sacramento, both with the same idea, using Craigslist as free advertising to blatantly and illegally sell their state benefits.
Our hidden cameras were rolling as a woman, who we’ll call Lorie, told our undercover producer about her brilliant idea to game the system for a quick buck.
“Everyone said I was crazy, but I thought they’d say, ‘that’s freaking brilliant, man,’ ” she said.
Another man, who we’ll call Joe, rolled up on a skateboard. He showed us his CalFresh card he illegally put up for sale on Craigslist.
“See, right now it still has $116 on it,” he told our undercover producer.
Rather than use that money for food like he’s supposed to, Joe offered to sell us the card for just $60 cash......

From JusticeDept Maryland:
....Baltimore, Maryland - A federal grand jury  has indicted nine retail store owners or operators on federal charges of food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with schemes to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash. The indictments allege the retailers received almost $7 million in federal payments for transactions in which they did not provide any food, a fraud scheme commonly known as “food stamp trafficking.” Stores allegedly split the proceeds with food stamp recipients. The indictments were returned last week and unsealed today. Federal agents arrested the defendants and executed search warrants at the stores and related locations this morning..........

...A multimillion-dollar welfare fraud scheme  that has been running rampant in Asian communities throughout the city has been busted, authorities said.
About two dozen delis and bodegas were raided across Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan Wednesday in a joint operation between the federal Department of Homeland Security Investigations, the state Department of Health and the state Attorney General’s Office that uncovered the endemic corruption, sources said.
Sixteen store owners were charged with allegedly purchasing customers’ WIC vouchers and giving the recipient a percentage of the cash value, court documents state..........

From PortlandTribune:
....  Beaverton police detectives and U.S. Department of Agriculture and Office of the Inspector General agents arrested Mahmoud Tajgerdu, 42, Negin Tajgerdu, 23, Bahman Hoshmand, 39, Aziz Darakhshani, 38, all of Beaverton, and Rafik Korkut, 35, of Portland, on various allegations including aggravated theft, unlawfully obtaining supplemental nutritional assistance and perjury involving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Mahmoud Tajgerdu is the co-owner of the Beaverton Halal Meat and Mediterranean Groceries on Southwest Canyon Road. Negin Tajgerdu is Mahmoud's daughter, and the other three are his employees at the market and a 76 gas station he also owns.....

From TimesUnion:
Four grocery store employees face federal charges for collecting more than $300,000 in profits from a food stamp scheme.
Federal and county officials said the employees of the D&D's Grocery & Deli were indicted Monday on charges they allegedly purchased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) coupons from customers and resold or used them at a profit, according to a release from Federal Judge Randolph F. Treece and U.S. Attorney Richard S. Hartunian.
Charged with fraud and conspiracy were Mofaddal M. Murshed, 36; Ahmed A. Algahaim, 54; Faisal Q. Morshed, 34; and Ibrahim Q. Murshed, 24. They were arraigned on the charges Monday. Their jail or bail status was not immediately available.

The owners of a now-defunct mom-and-pop  grocery store in Palm Beach County ran a four-year scheme where they are accused of ripping off millions of dollars from the government by allowing food stamps recipients to withdraw cash using their benefits cards.
During the time the scheme was running at the small store, investigators say Hadi and Ali Jaber processed about as many food stamp transactions as an average Publix. They bilked an estimated $2.8 million from a program aimed at helping low-income families eat healthy. In return, the brothers, who owned Fajita's Meat and Fish in Palm Springs, charged food stamps card holders a premium of 30 to 50 percent, which the business pocketed.....

....Five people linked to a Beaverton  market face charges after an investigation that began in 2009 found cases of food stamp fraud, police say.
Mahmoud Tajgerdu, 42, of Beaverton, the co-owner of Beaverton Halal Meat and Mediterranean Groceries at 11527 S.W. Canyon Road, charged people to exchange their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits for cash, police said. Food stamps and Electronic Benefit Transfer cards can only legally be used to buy food.....

Movie: The Juror

Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin movie.

Here's another reason why employers should think twice before hiring the wrong kind of workers

Some people stick to their cult beliefs and just won't be able to cut it in environments that don't cater solely to the believers of their own cult. 

Raveena Aulakh writing at StarToronto:
.....Three Muslim workers at a popular restaurant in Leslieville have been awarded almost $100,000 after a human rights tribunal found they had been forced to eat pork, mocked for speaking Bengali, frequently referred to as sh-t and threatened with replacement by “white” staff.
In an 80-page decision, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario said the owners of Le Papillon on the Park, at Eastern Ave. near Ashbridge’s Bay, “made the workplace intolerable for each of the applicants.”
Judith Keene, vice-chair of the tribunal, said in the decision that the restaurant owners retaliated against the men after they questioned how they were treated, resulting in the loss of their jobs.
In addition to paying the award, Keene ordered the restaurant owners to take human rights training and to prominently post Human Rights Code cards at the entranceway and in the kitchen.....

.....At the hearing, the Bigues testified in their defence. They said they did not force anyone to taste pork, did not use offensive language and did not threaten to fire their employees.
Danielle Bigue also said she did not mock her former employees.
Abdul Malik, a former employee at the restaurant, said he was very relieved the nightmare was over. “I can move on with my life,” said Malik.
Malik and his two former co-workers, Mohammed Islam and Arif Hossain, approached the tribunal separately in early 2011 soon after they were fired or, in Islam’s case, quit. The case was eventually consolidated and heard earlier this year.
The three employees had worked with Le Papillon for years — Malik since 1995 when he started as a dishwasher — starting when the restaurant was at its Church St. location. Everything was fine but it all changed after a partnership split up and the Bigues opened Le Papillon on the Park in late 2009. Malik was appointed the head chef.
Soon after the new restaurant opened, the relationship between the three men and the owners became increasingly acrimonious, the tribunal heard.....

Friday, December 27, 2013

The folly of funding, training and arming "rebels"

Deputy Mayor of Toronto escapes a dark and freezing city to get a tan in Florida ... Latest on power outage situation in Toronto ... December 27

From CTVNews:
Frustration continues across   parts of Eastern Canada today, as thousands remain without heat or electricity six days after an ice storm first left thousands in the dark.
Homes and businesses in southern Ontario, Quebec and parts of the Maritimes continue to wait for electricity nearly a week after freezing rain and ice pellets snapped tree branches and downed power lines.
As of Friday morning, Toronto Hydro said more than 32,400 customers remain in the dark, while Hydro One reported 6,500 are without electricity. At the height of the storm, more than 600,000 customers in Ontario were without power........

Meanwhile,  the deputy mayor of Toronto Norm Kelly, you know the one who has been allocated the powers taken away from the rightfully elected mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford ... got himself a tan in Florida.  
His ward in the Scarborough area is one of the spots hard hit in Toronto but the deputy mayor still flew out of a dark and freezing city on Christmas day to be with his family in Florida for Christmas dinner.  Nice eh?!    
And, this is the man on whom the city councillors have deemed fit to bestow upon the powers that they have wrenched away from our rightfully elected mayor Rob Ford.  Wonderful, eh?!  
Ask yourselves this:  "Would Rob Ford ever have done what the deputy mayor did?"  If your answer is "Yes"  you are a fucking liar.

From TorontoSun:
....Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly left the country  Wednesday while thousands in the city were without electricity or heat and some were forced to spend Christmas Day in a city-run warming centre.
Kelly told CP24 Thursday that he left Toronto for Florida on Christmas Day and returned Boxing Day afternoon because it was important for him to have dinner with family.
“When you have a career in politics, you don’t see family that often and with its declining numbers, especially in the senior years, I thought it was important for me to be there,” Kelly, 72, said.
The deputy mayor was given many of the mayor’s powers last month by city council after Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine.
Kelly was present in the initial response to the ice storm beginning last Sunday...........

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pics from the Ice Storm in Toronto

In my hood ...afternoon of  December 22, 2013

From my bedroom window   ... night of  December 25, 2013

For the British .... all in vain in Afghanistan ?

What was the use of hanging in there for years on end ?  Can one straighten the curly tail of a mongrel if you keep it in a straightener even for the mongrel's entire life?  Remove the pipe and the tail will curve to its natural state.  BUT, the West never learns from nature's simple lessons and never will. Trying to nation-build a cavemen country is folly of the highest order.  

Con Coughlin writing at TheTelegraphUK:
....Taliban could retake key territory, says Army head
The Taliban could retake vital territory won by British forces in Afghanistan following Britain's military withdrawal next year, Army chief warns.
Vital territory won by British forces in Afghanistan risks being lost to the Taliban as Britain completes its military withdrawal by the end of next year, the head of the Army has warned.
Key Afghan towns such as Musa Qala, where British troops suffered heavy casualties during the early phase of military operations in Helmand province, could be retaken by the Taliban as insurgents seek to regain lost territory, General Sir Peter Wall said.
So far 447 British soldiers have died and hundreds more have suffered serious injury during fighting in Afghanistan. The latest British soldier to die there was serving with the Royal Engineers when he was killed during an operation to the east of Kabul earlier this week.
In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Sir Peter warned that British forces face a tough year as they complete the withdrawal of the remaining 6,000 troops before combat operations draw to a close at the end of 2014..........

Movie: The Pope must Die

What do you see?

Fun stuff.

From NationalGeographic:
Take a quick look at the white object.  

Did you see the seahorse? Chances are, even if you didn't see the image (hint: look at the black space this time), your brain still knew it was there.

According to research published in the journal Psychological Science, our brains pick up on images that we never consciously perceive.

Volunteers were shown a series of black-and-white images while hooked up to an EEG device that recorded their brain activity. Each image was shown for just under two-tenths of a second. Then the subject pressed a button to indicate if the object was something familiar (like a turtle or telephone) or novel (a random shape that they didn't recognize).

The task was simple enough, but there was one more layer that the subjects didn't know about: On the outside of some of the random shapes, a recognizable image was hidden in the background—like the seahorse silhouette in the picture above.

The team wanted to know what the brain does with images that are right in front our eyes but that we don't consciously see, like this seahorse. That's where the EEG testing comes in. About 400 milliseconds after subjects looked at the silhouette, a wave called a N400 was recorded by the EEG device, said lead researcher Jay  Sanguinetti, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. The appearance of that brainwave suggests that the brain is processing something meaningful.....

How the taqiyyah masters deceive the Judas nations ....

and, I for one will not blame them.  The mega stupid Western nations are begging to be shafted by liars and hypocrites so why should we fault the taqiyyah masters for doing what's being beseeched of them?  The supposedly "Judeo-Christian" nations have been siding with Muslim nations for going on decades now ... and that too knowing fully well that the Muslim nations' only desire is to rid their lands of the last remaining Christians.  By aiding and supporting Muslim nations the West has sold the Christians living in Muslim lands for less than what Judas got for giving the whereabouts of Jesus to the Romans.

Eli Lake writing at DailyBeast:
....If the Treasury Department’s allegations are correct,  the story of al-Naimi, who until Thursday was the president of al-Karama’s board, illustrates how sometimes human-rights advocacy can also be used as political cover for jihadist networks.  Al-Karama has advocated for the release of Hassan al-Diqqi, the leader of a banned political party in the United Arab Emirates. In 2010, the group claimed credit for forcing the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions to criticize the Emirates for his detention. In September, however, the Washington Post reported that al-Diqqi appeared in a video earlier this year at a training camp for jihadist rebels in Syria.....

...But the signs were there for some observers that al-Naimi may be an extremist, particularly when it comes to women. A 2007 U.S. cable first disclosed by WikiLeaks described him as an “Islamist hardliner” who was “critical of women taking up public leadership positions.” On Thursday, Gulf News reported al-Naimi was arrested in 2009 for opposing co-education at Qatari universities.....

My kind of Christians found in CAR !!

May the force be with you dear defenders of good  from utter evil in the Central African Republic (CAR) 

From VoiceOfAfricaNews: 
 ...The anti-balaka, a largely Christian self-defense militia whose name means “anti-machete,” has taken up arms against the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels who seized power in March and unleashed a wave of looting, rape and massacres........

Latest on the power outage in Toronto

Woke up a few minutes ago to see lots more snow on the ground and lots more coming down.  Wow!! What a Christmas!
Being without electricity for 48 hours soon after the first flush of the ice storm,  I shiver to think how those still without power must be feeling today after 5 days.  

From CBCNews:
Toronto ice storm: Thousands begin Boxing Day in dark.  
54,700 Toronto customers still without power
Overnight snow slowing power line repairs
Power workers from other jurisdictions here to help
It's day five of darkness for about 54,700 Toronto residents as they spend Boxing Day waiting for electricity to be restored after a major ice storm blanketed the region over the weekend....
....Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said forestry crews from other municipalities are helping clear tree debris throughout the city but the clean-up is expected to take as long as six weeks.
Meanwhile, the mayor encouraged anyone without power to go to the homes of friends and relatives who do. If that's not an option, Ford encouraged residents without power to visit one of a handful of warming centres open around the city.....

Loved this comment at the CBC article above from:
Laughing at you
State of emergency declared?
Only the entitled Toronto would think that declaration was appropriate.
It would have to be far worse before it was a required call.
If people would simply be prepared things would be far better - but for the most part they want the nanny state to look after them.
The people of 100 years ago would sneer at you complainers and rightfully so.
Get off your butts - get outside and start cleaning up the mess instead of sitting inside and whining about how bad it is.
A couple million people could do a lot of work in just one afternoon if they had any intestinal fortitude at all.
Instead they sit in warming centres with all the folks from Africa and the middle east - all waiting for someone to serve them - wait on them hand and foot - and complain about some guy named Rob Ford and some guy named Harper = both of who are obviously to blame for this whole fiasco. And they complain about the quality of the food and the lack of warm clothing.
All they have to do is look in the mirror - that person is the real problem.
Never saw such a bunch of wimps in my life! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Edward Snowden, True American Hero

Edward Snowden delivered a Christmas Message via British channel 4. 

From RTNews:
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden  has delivered his ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ via a British TV channel. The whistleblower called for an end to mass spying by governments, stating that a child born today will have "no conception of privacy."

Snowden’s address aired by the UK’s Channel 4 comes as an alternative to the Queen’s traditional Christmas speech, which is shown by the country’s other leading broadcasters.

Filmed in Russia, the address is the first TV appearance of the whistleblower since his arrival in the country, where he was granted temporary asylum in August.

The message starts with Snowden appealing to each and every family, warning them that the scope of government surveillance has gone to the extent that “a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all”.....

The fruits of the USA invading Iraq = Christians being annihilated at Christmas mass

The remaining Christians in Syria will suffer the same faith as those in Iraq .... all thanks to  the USA and the Israeli and Saudi warmongering lobbies in Washington.  

From NYTimes:
....At least 26 people were killed and 38 others wounded on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in a parking lot near St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in a southern neighborhood of Baghdad, according to police and medical officials.
The bomb detonated at the end of Christmas prayers as worshipers were leaving the church in Dora, the officials said.

The victims, most of them Christians, included women and children, as well as a number of police officers posted to guard the church.
A few minutes before the church bombing, and barely half a mile away, a series of three other explosions in a market in an Assyrian Christian neighborhood left 11 people dead and 22 wounded.....

Movie: The Perfect Host

A perfect example of how some movies might have promise at the start but fail because  the later parts are written by nincompoops. 

Navi Pillay as empty-headed as the rest of her colleagues at the Useless Nitwits organization

Perfect example below of how totally useless and how totally unreliable and stupid the world organization known as the United Nations has become.... and getting worse.  Nothing that comes out of the UN can be trusted or believed. Remember how Ban-ki-Moon was jumping around confidently and adamantly claiming that the sarin attack in Syria was the Assad regime's doing?  Turned out it was all hogwash and the Moon character was working in line with the blueprint set up by the world powers who are actually turning the screws on the nitwits within the UN and making them jump around like puppets where and when.

As for the Pillay woman,  has she ever said anything about Saudi Arabia and the lack of human rights there?

From AP via CBCNews:
The United Nations mission  in South Sudan has denied a report of a mass grave that was issued by the office of a UN commissioner for human rights.

The Berlin office of Navi Pillay had said on Tuesday that a grave of 75 bodies was found in Bentiu, Unity State.
Later the office revised that figure to 34 bodies and 75 people feared missing.

The UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said the erroneous report was an inflation of a "skirmish" in which 15 people were killed.....

Merry Christmas

The painting above is from approx. 900 years ago. I believe it's either  by an unknown painter or done by various students learning the art at a workshop in Palermo, Italy.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to get fat this Christmas .... gobble down tonnes of tricolor Rice Krispies

Wonder how and from where the South Sudanese "rebels" got their hands on heavy weaponry ?

So much we are not been told,  as usual.  The "rebels" are armed with weaponry that not only made American aircraft turn tail but also damaged the aircraft and wounded several American servicemen.  Wasn't it a few months ago that we learnt that the Syrian "rebels" were getting their weaponry via Sudan? I wonder if there's a link between the weaponry in South Sudan and the weaponry that gets into the hands of the "rebels" in Syria.  If there is, then we already know where the funds for these weapons have come from.... if not actually the sellers? The sellers are in plenty .... including the United States, Russia, China, UK, France, Ukraine and others.

Michael R.Gordon writing at NYTinmes
.... United States aircraft flying    into a heavily contested region of South Sudan to evacuate American citizens were attacked on Saturday and forced to turn back without completing the mission, American officials said. Four service members were wounded, one seriously.

South Sudan officials said the attack had been carried out by rebel forces.

President Obama had sent 45 American servicemen to South Sudan to “support the security of U.S. personnel and our embassy,” he said on Thursday. Previous evacuation flights had been organized in Juba, the capital, but the aborted mission on Saturday appeared to be the first into rebel-held territory.....

Christmas cartoon: Maxine wants to be greeted with a "Merry Christmas" and not "happy holiday" crap

After more than a decade Americans are beginning to realize that Saudi Arabia is the real enemy and deeply complicit in the 9/11 attacks

In the first vid below, go to about the 14 min.mark for the relevant story.

Saudi Arabia's government role in the 9/11 attacks is  picking up speed.  I wrote more on this issue recently here and here.

Jamie Reno of  IBT at BrowardBullDog: 
Since terrorists attacked  the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, victims’ loved ones, injured survivors, and members of the media have all tried without much success to discover the true nature of the relationship between the 19 hijackers – 15 of them Saudi nationals – and the Saudi Arabian government. Many news organizations reported that some of the terrorists were linked to the Saudi royals and that they even may have received financial support from them as well as from several mysterious, moneyed Saudi men living in San Diego.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied any connection, and neither President George W. Bush nor President Obama has been forthcoming on this issue.

But earlier this year, Reps. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., and Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., were given access to the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry (JICI) of 9/11 issued in late 2002, which have been thought to hold some answers about the Saudi connection to the attack.

“I was absolutely shocked by what I read,” Jones told International Business Times. ”What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me. I cannot go into it any more than that. I had to sign an oath that what I read had to remain confidential. But the information I read disappointed me greatly.”......

..... It took Jones six weeks and several letters to the House Intelligence Committee before the classified pages from the 9/11 report were made available to him. Jones was so stunned by what he saw that he approached Rep. Lynch, asking him to look at the 28 pages as well. He knew that Lynch would be astonished by the contents of the documents and perhaps would join in a bipartisan effort to declassify the papers.

“He came back to me about a week ago and told me that he, too, was very shocked by what he read,” Jones said. “I told him we need to join together and put in a resolution and get more members on both sides of the aisle involved and demand that the White House release this information to the public. The American people have a right to know this information.”........

.....Most of the allegations of links between the Saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers revolve around two enigmatic Saudi men who lived in San Diego: Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Basnan, both of whom have long since left the United States.

In early 2000, al-Bayoumi, who had previously worked for the Saudi government in civil aviation (a part of the Saudi defense department), invited two of the hijackers, Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, to San Diego from Los Angeles. He told authorities he met the two men by chance when he sat next to them at a restaurant.

Newsweek reported in 2002 that al-Bayoumi’s invitation was extended on the same day that he visited the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles for a private meeting.

Al-Bayoumi arranged for the two future hijackers to live in an apartment and paid $1,500 to cover their first two months of rent. Al-Bayoumi was briefly interviewed in Britain but was never brought back to the United States for questioning.

As for Basnan, Newsweek reported that he received monthly checks for several years totaling as much as $73,000 from the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar, and his wife, Princess Haifa Faisal. Although the checks were sent to pay for thyroid surgery for Basnan’s wife, Majeda Dweikat, Dweikat signed many of the checks over to al-Bayoumi’s wife, Manal Bajadr. This money allegedly made its way into the hands of hijackers, according to the 9/11 report.....

.....The investigation, which occurred in 2002 and was not disclosed to Congress or the 9/11 Commission, focused on Saudis Abdulaziz al-Hijji and his wife, Anoud, whose upscale home was owned by Anoud al-Hijji’s father, Esam Ghazzawi, an adviser to Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the nephew of Saudi King Fahd.

In September 2011, BrowardBulldog.org reported the al-Hijji family had moved out of their Sarasota house and left the country abruptly in the weeks before 9/11, leaving behind three luxury cars and personal belongings including clothing, furniture and fresh food. They also left the swimming-pool water circulating.

A well-placed source who disclosed the existence of the FBI’s investigation went on to say that the gated community’s visitor logs and photos of license tags showed that vehicles driven by several of the future 9/11 hijackers had visited the al-Hijji home......

More here  and a whole lot more on the issue here.

Christians worldwide will be celebrating Christmas with laughter and joy while averting their eyes from the misery that's befallen Syrian Christians

That's what Christianity and being a Christian means in our brave new world.  Turn your eyes away from massacres of Christians just like you turn your eyes away from road kills.

Alex Newman writing at NewAmerican:
...World Turns Away as Rebel Massacres of Syrian Christians Intensify.  The world media is increasingly losing interest in the foreign-fueled war still raging in Syria between the Assad regime and an assortment of Islamist rebel groups backed by the Obama administration, Sunni Arab dictators, and European powers. For embattled Syrian Christians, though — most of whom tried to stay out of the conflict — reports suggest the situation is deteriorating quickly, with over 1,200 documented murders so far, and almost 500,000 forced to flee their homes to escape the escalating violence and ruthless persecution. The real numbers are probably even worse.

Experts say the end goal of many jihadist rebel groups is to eradicate Christianity in Syria as part of the effort to create a fundamentalist Islamic state. Even factions of the Obama-backed “Free Syrian Army,” receiving vast amounts of Western aid under the guise of supporting supposed “moderates,” have been implicated in the anti-Christian atrocities by refugees cited in media reports. Like in Iraq following the U.S. government’s “regime change” operation, the Christian minority in Syria — about 10 percent of the population — could face potential extinction as Western powers continue to shower arms and support on Islamic rebels.
In recent months, ghastly accounts of civilian massacres aimed at Syrian Christian communities in particular have become more frequent and more gruesome. However, despite the apparent surge in anti-Christian savagery often perpetrated by Western-backed jihadist rebels, the establishment press has largely turned away. As The New American has been reporting for years, the prospect of full-blown genocide against Syrian Christians if and when Assad falls is very real — and growing more likely with each passing month.

Indeed, what analysts and church leaders are describing as among the worst attacks thus far occurred in late October — the execution of dozens of civilian followers of Christ, including women and children, in the ancient town of Saddad. The massacre went virtually unnoticed by the outside world. According to the reports that have emerged thus far, at least 45 Christians were killed — some tortured to death — and the town’s 14 churches were largely destroyed.

“What happened in Saddad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half,” reported Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama, saying 45 innocent civilians, including women and children, had been martyred. Many were thrown into mass graves or wells. “Other civilians were threatened and terrorized,” he said. “Thirty were wounded and ten are still missing.”..........