Saturday, September 26, 2015

The total pandering by all three main leaders vying for control of Canada ....

is truly vomit-inducing.

For the first time since my eligibility to vote in Canadian elections,  I won't be going to the voting booths for this election.  If there was an independent running in my riding, then I would have been able to throw in at least a protest vote.  But no such luck.

Harper turned out to be a total disappointment and I have gone off the Cons like so many others who used to be in the Cons camp.

Harper and his Cons are constantly on their knees slurping away for the pro-Israel, Jewish and Ukrainian vote and the Conservative party of Canada under Harper has become a warmongering party. They played a large part in the coup in the Ukraine which has since seen thousands of ethnic Russian civilians,including kids and the elderly in eastern Ukraine, killed by missiles dropped on their houses for no other reason then that the Ukrainians don't like Russian speaking citizens.  They have been giving logistic support to the "opposition" to Assad, the same "opposition" that later morphed into ISIS, and that support from the Conservative govt of Canada has been an ongoing project  from way back 2012.  Why did the Harper conservatives venture into the Syrian and Ukrainian traps?  The answer is crystal clear.  It is the Israeli influence they are under ... nothing else, nothing less.
They didn't then and don't now, put Canada first, just like the Canadian Bibi-bots who support them.  These dual-passport holders care more for the welfare of  Israel than bother to have any concern for what they have let happen to EU and hence in a few short months to North America (think refugees from the MidEast wars ... if you want me to make it any more clear).

As for the NDP and Lib leaders, they are both airheads and  very much ignorant about even the basic Islamic norms and Muslim culture.  Both leaders are under the impression that the niqab is a religious garb and as such Muslim women if they so desire to, they can wear those fucking masks.  Canada in the hands of either one of these two is going to be a haven for  illiterate Muslims just like the kind these two are now pandering to. Even the Supreme Court of Canada is illiterate about Islam.  

Intelligent and progressive Muslims know that niqab should be banned in Canada, but those kind of  Muslims are in their minority. 

Hopefully, some of us will learn to live with the incoming Muslim hordes or keep our silence.  There's nothing much any of us can do now to prevent the sequence of events unfolding.

I am off on a vacation very soon.  Will be back just in time to watch the election fiasco.
  No matter which party wins the election, we are all losers.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cartoons on Canadian Elections 2015

The only fruit you reap from illogical and harebrained concepts is complete and total failure ....

and those who planned and carried out those illogical and harebrained ideas deserve our utmost contempt.  In training one kind of jihadis to kill another kind of jihadis, the US politicians who are bought  lock, stock and barrel, by their foreign masters, have wasted millions of taxpayers' money.

From MiddleEastEye
Western backers end support for Syrian rebels    attempting to seize Daraa
The rebels' ineffective approach to fighting President Assad's forces is believed to be behind a decision to end support for the offensive - See more at:
Southern Syria’s mainstream opposition has had – and lost – its last chance at forcing Bashar al-Assad’s troops out of the city of Daraa, according to a source close to opposition backers.

A source who was inside the secretive Military Operations Centre (MOC) in Amman during a meeting this week said the opposition’s American and Jordanian supporters have “closed the folder” on any operation to oust Syrian government forces from the capital of Daraa province. The opposition’s at-times chaotic and inept approach was cited as the primary reason behind backers’ frustration.

The city of Daraa has long been a trouble spot in Syria’s south.

For more than four years, Syrian government forces have held about half of the city where Syrian anti-government uprisings first spiralled into brutal violence back in 2011. The mainly secular opposition, a collection of Free Syrian Army (FSA) brigades including the Southern Front group, has launched a series of offensives on the government’s positions in the city, but each time failed to deliver results.

The most recent offensive, dubbed Operation Southern Storm, began on 25 June. It was planned, equipped and directed by the MOC, which is staffed by senior military figures from 14 countries including the US, Europe and the Arab Gulf. The MOC provides approved rebel groups with weapons, ammunition and salaries for fighters, and in return, the MOC directs the actions of the groups it supports

Speaking anonymously as he is not authorised to discuss MOC proceedings, the source said American and Jordanian backers firmly vetoed any future operations against Daraa. Commanders in the field were notified, he said, and told not to bring the subject up again in the coming months.

"They must have really messed up,” said Washington Institute Syria analyst Andrew Tabler, using a saltier verb.

"This is more bad news for the mainstream opposition..........

Empire files

Worth a watch

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wonder of Wonders ... New York Times reports on ongoing genocide in Yemen which is supported by USA

Good to see New York Times doing some factual reporting on the ongoing war in Yemen which has also seen an exodus of Yeminis from affected areas becoming refugees in Somalia and Sudan ... for now.  Couldn't help wondering which route would be ideal for Yeminis escaping USA-made weapons used by KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and other cavemen, would be the best and fastest to reach Europe and then get themselves allocated to USA, Canada and Australia.

The first two vids are from 3-5 months ago.  You can well imagine how many more might have and will continue to get out of Yemen as the missiles keep raining down on civilian areas and the genocide continues as fast as the USA, UK and others can replenish the cavemen' artillery. 
Wars ... aren't they wonderful!! 

Arab Coalition Bombs Yemen’s Capital,   Killing Dozens
 A Saudi-led military coalition bombarded government buildings and residential neighborhoods in Sana, the Yemeni capital, overnight on Saturday, killing more than two dozen people, officials and witnesses said, and destroying homes in Sana’s Old City, a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Saudi coalition, which includes nine other Arab nations and is supported by the United States, began fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels in March, two months after the Houthis drove the government from power and took control of Sana. Coalition warplanes have sharply intensified their bombing of Sana in recent weeks, leading analysts to speculate that the airstrikes are intended to ease the way for a coalition ground incursion of the capital.

The airstrikes hit the headquarters of the Interior Ministry and a military honor guard, killing at least 17 security and military personnel, according to government officials and witnesses. But several of the targets appeared to have no military value, witnesses said.

One set of airstrikes crushed a group of houses, killing at least 10 members of one family and destroying at least two other houses, all in the Old City, which has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years.

Other bombs struck an underpass, damaging a passing truck, as well as a four-story residential building.

The aerial campaign has helped coalition forces advance in parts of Yemen, but has been marked by a persistent imprecision that has led to the deaths of more than a thousand civilians, according to human rights groups. The warplanes have bombed homes, markets, refugee camps and hospitals, but the coalition has consistently refused to acknowledge any culpability for the deaths.

Errant airstrikes have become so frequent that critics of the coalition say they are part of a deliberate policy intended to terrorize the population and turn public opinion against the Houthis.

On Friday, Unicef said that an airstrike in Dhamar, south of the capital, had destroyed a warehouse the agency used for water supplies, imperiling more than 11,000 people. Last week, the United Nations human rights chief called for an independent inquiry into violations by the coalition, as well as by the Houthi rebels.........

Airstrikes Take Toll    on Civilians in Yemen War
The airstrike slammed into Al-Sham water-bottling plant at the end of the night shift, killing 13 workers who were minutes away from heading home.

Standing among the strewn bottles, smoldering boxes and pulverized machines a few days after the airstrike here, the owner, Ibrahim al-Razoom, searched in vain for any possible reason that warplanes from a Saudi-led military coalition would have attacked the place.

Nothing in the ruins suggested the factory was used for making bombs, as a coalition spokesman had claimed. And it was far from any military facility that would explain the strike as a tragic mistake: For miles around, there was nothing but desert scrub.

America's most dangerous enemies are the Neocons ....

and they are all the more dangerous because they operate in the guise of patriotic citizens.
Robert Parry writing at ConsortiumNews:
Are Neocons an Existential Threat?
The neoconservatives arguably have damaged American national interests more than any group in modern history. They have done more harm than the marginal Communists pursued by Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, more than the Yippies of the 1960s, more than Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglars in the 1970s or the Iran-Contra conspirators in the 1980s.

The neocons have plunged the U.S. government into extraordinarily ill-considered wars wasting trillions of dollars, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, and destabilizing large swaths of the planet including the Middle East, much of Africa and now Europe. Those costs include a swelling hatred against America and a deformed U.S. foreign policy elite that is no longer capable of formulating coherent strategies.

Yet, the neocons have remained immune from the consequences of their catastrophes. They still dominate Washington’s major think tanks as well as the op-ed pages of virtually all the leading newspapers, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. They hold down key positions in the State Department, and their “liberal interventionist” pals have the ear of President Barack Obama.

Clearly, the neocons are skilled operatives, knowing how to arrange a steady stream of funding for themselves, from military contractors donating to think tanks, from U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, and from ideological billionaires set on aligning U.S. foreign policy with hard-line Israeli desires.

The neocons are adept at writing op-ed articles that twist any set of facts into support for their ideological cause; they supply just the right quote that fits into the news cycle’s latest narrative; and they host policy conferences that attract powerful politicians and fawning media coverage.

But are the neocons a force that can coexist with the American Republic? Have they become an existential threat not only to the constitutional structure crafted in 1787 but to continued life on the planet? Are they locked on a course of action that could lead to a nuclear holocaust?

Clearly, the neocons’ commitment to Israeli interests violates a key principle established by the nation’s early presidents who all warned against “foreign entangling alliances” as a fundamental threat to a citizens’ republic that would transform America into a warrior state that would inevitably sap the nation’s liberties...

Weekend viewing of some videos that show the folly of Western-instigated coups, regime changes and wars ...

AND all because of the warmongering bastards in the Bush and Obama administrations.  Now, mixed with the genuine refugees, be prepared to welcome a big dose of jihadis.  Did you think you were far, far away from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and making a profit off wars and obeying the powers-that-be controlling you, would keep danger from ever touching you or yours personally?  Think again.

Mixed with the "refugees and migrants" are young Sunni men from all over the world, the type who flocked to Syria from late 2011  and are now fleeing the "can't handle anymore" war areas of Syria and Iraq. They are, of course, without any documentation and if at all they possess Syrian passports,  those kind are being churned out in the same areas where you will find the printing presses that have given the world  jihadi magazines. Let's hope the EU authorities will be able to detect the rotten apples from the genuine refugees.  BUT ... don't hold your breath.

USA-created wars have given the world USA-created refugees and they are now invading USA puppet countries of Europe.  Invasion without any blood shed nor a bullet fired. 
This is  Karma, dear Watson ... nothing but Karma!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Map of Europe's Refugee Crisis

Where are the refugees coming from and where are they going?  Are they all genuine refugees?  Are they all running away from wars? 

No matter how we look at this situation, the end result is crystal clear.  Europe is finished, that's very clear to see.  It's downhill from now on for Europe.

See for yourselves what wars can do not only to your own present state of security but to your future and the future of your family and all your descendants....and all because you chose to side with countries not your own (Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia) and because you refrained from criticizing your government and getting it to move away from the disastrous stance it was taking ... in fact you encouraged your govt to bomb, bomb, bomb away ... didn't you.

If USA had not initiated coups, civil wars and unrest in far away countries on behalf of their "client states" what we see today would have not come about. These are the consequences of narrow and short-sighted foreign policy makers who will never be brought to justice for their horrendous crimes inflicted on the citizens of the now broken countries of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

If Canadians and Americans are feeling snug and relieved that the refugees won't find their way here, at least not in hundreds of thousands, all I can say is "HAH!".  They are coming and along with them is coming the fierce, aggressive, intolerance of anything non-Muslim.  Bet all of you clamoring to drop bombs on Assad, Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein and the mountains of Afghanistan are now happy and singing merry songs to your hearts' content.

From BusinessInsider:
This map shows   the routes of Europe's refugee nightmare — and how it's getting worse
More than 150,000 refugees entered the European Union in August, increasing the total to more than half a million for the year, the European Union border agency announced.

Though the number of refugees entering Europe had steadily increased over the past 10 months, European leaders were slow to respond, leading to what the EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos called the worst refugee crisis facing Europe since World War II.
Where the refugees are coming from — and where they're going.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harper Conservatives make sense whereas Canada's Supreme Court has gone gaga mad

Ugh!  Who the fuck are the bastards and bitches sitting in power in Canada's Supreme Court?  Whoever they are, they will now be partly responsible for having brought up the subject of the niqab and given the Cons a chance to show that they speak logic on this topic unlike the other parties and the Supremes.   I would have thought that the Supreme Court would research a little further and come to the realization that the face covering  has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION but was a mode of dress which was a necessity in the sand dunes of most of  Arabia and parts of Africa and the reason for the face cover was because the regions had constant dust storms which affected everybody venturing outside their homes.  Even the men there, at one time, covered their faces because of the elements. And, even to this day, when the desert conditions turn nasty, the men cover their faces to shield their eyes from the flying sand.  NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

The latest polls are sure to show the Cons at the top again ... thanks to the three doddering, brainless Supremes. 
This misstep by the Supremes is going to ensure that the progressive Muslims who were probably averse to Harper because of his constant kneeling and bowing to Israel and taking Canada into Syria, will now re-think their stance .... because believe you me ...  they have not left their own countries to come here and be confronted with the same medeival, illiterate cavemen thinking they thought they had escaped from.
Libs and NDP have dug their own graves.  Well done idiots!

From CBC
Niqab ruling   to be appealed to Supreme Court, Tories say
Conservatives vow to reintroduce niqab ruling within 100 days of re-election

Conservatives doubled down on their position that women should not wear face coverings during citizenship ceremonies, saying the government would take the matter to the Supreme Court, while vowing to reintroduce the niqab ban within 100 days of re-election.

On Tuesday, the Federal Court  of Appeal dismissed the government's appeal of an earlier Federal Court ruling that declared the ban on face coverings at such ceremonies was unlawful.
The decision stemmed from the case of Zunera Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman with devout Muslim beliefs who came to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008. She refused to take part in a citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face under a ban introduced in 2011.
The three-judge panel ruled from the bench, saying they wanted to proceed quickly so that Ishaq could obtain her citizenship in time to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.........
One of Ishaq's lawyers, Marlys Edwardh, said the Immigration Department would be contacted this week so she could attend a citizenship ceremony — accompanied by her lawyers "just in case."​ ..........

Declassified: Human Experiments which were carried out in secret by the US govt

More vids on this topic are found here

Russia the Peacemaker v/s the senseless war machine in Washington

Normal peace-loving people are unable to make sense of the doomsday policies that the USA churns out on a daily basis. The exact opposite is the case with Russia. If one looks under all the "hate Russia" propaganda which is thrown at us by the powers-that-be, you will be forced to admit that Russia is acting as a wise adult in a room full of vicious, unruly brats.

Melkulangara Bhadrakumar writing at RonPaulInstitute:
Russia Exposes US Hidden Agenda in Syria 
The Syrian refugee problem was maturing slowly steadily and would have provided the perfect pretext for a US-led ‘humanitarian intervention’ in that country. But Russia is there first and the best-laid American plan may have gone awry.

The US Middle East policies have been fixated obsessively on ‘regime change’ in Syria for at least a decade ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. (The original neocon agenda had envisaged regime changes in Iraq, Iran and Syria, but it got derailed as the killing fields in Iraq began dictating the geopolitics.)

It stands to reason that Russian intelligence has caught on to the US diabolical plot to create a fait accompli in Syria on the ground. Washington’s Faustian deal with Turkey and President Barack Obama’s authorization for air strikes in Syria (including against government forces), the haste with which Britain and Australia joined the US bombing mission on Syria, NATO statements, the behind-the-scenes undercutting by the US of Moscow’s robust efforts to kickstart an intra-Syrian peace process – the tell-tale signs on the politico-military plane were there aplenty.

But the clincher would have been the Russian intelligence input. In a rare public disclosure on Sunday during an interview with the state television – probably prearranged with deliberation – Russian Foreign Minister hinted at the hidden American agenda in Syria behind the so-called fight to "degrade and defeat" the Islamic State. Lavrov said,

I hope I would not fail anyone by saying some of our counterparts, members of the coalition, say they sometimes have information about where, at which positions are the IS certain groups, but the coalition’s commander /in the U.S. naturally/ would not agree to deliver a strike.

Our American counterparts either from the very beginning were establishing the coalition not enough thoroughly, or the idea was .......

VICE videos: Dispatches 2 and 3 on the refugee deluge in EU

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stephen Harper's economics

Isn't this simply great?!! 
Here we are,  officially in a recession, but the Harper government is bestowing taxpayers' hard-earned money on a country that has a Nazi party in its parliament and is run by oligarchs who have looted the country and keep looting it. Ukraine has a government that's hell-bent on ethnic cleaning parts of Ukraine from Russian-speaking Ukrainians and our blasted Canadian government is helping those in power there to carry out their unholy task because we are all supposed to hate Russia and Russians????!!!!!!


From NationalPost:
‘Most efficient option’:  Canada paid $1.6 million to ship $5 million worth of military goods to Ukraine
The Canadian government spent $1.6 million to ship $5 million worth of surplus tents, sleeping bags and other military goods last August to Ukraine, according to figures obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

The equipment, sent by Canadian Forces aircraft, included sleeping bags the military estimates are worth $437 each and four-man tents worth $420.

Helmets, and ballistic eyewear, as well as medical supplies, were also transported.

The shipment proved to be a public relations bonanza for the Conservative government which is courting the Ukrainian-Canadian vote in the upcoming federal election.

The Canadian Forces paid for much of the transport price tag out of its budget. The figure was in addition to the regular cost of personnel and equipment. Some of the transport cost was also covered by the Foreign Affairs budget.

“To expedite delivery of these items, the Government of Canada concluded that using its military aircraft was the most efficient option,” Foreign Affairs spokesman François Lasalle stated in an email about the August 2014 shipments. “Canada is committed to standing with the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s military aggression,” he added.

In November the Canadian government spent another $485,000 to ship some surplus coats, pants, boots and gloves to Ukraine by military aircraft.....

Requiem for the Canadian $

*sigh* *sob* ...  I am planning my vacation to parts unknown and now with our $ slipping towards who knows where, everything looks way beyond the budget I had set for myself.  *sigh* *sob*

Wanna-be-Caliph Erdogan's dreams are falling apart

At first, there were doubts about Turkey ever being able to join the EU, but now that the EU itself is failing apart and the likelihood of a civil war in Turkey, that item is no longer on the agenda ... in fact it's dead, totally dead.  Erdogan, the man who helped fuel the civil war in Syria from its very inception, is now faced with a similar fate in his own country.  Karma, dear folks.  It gets you when you least expect it to.

Semih Idiz writing at AlMonitor
Erdogan continues to stir the pot in Turkey
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is continuing to make his less-than-democratic ambitions clear, and in doing so increasing social tensions in a Turkey already torn asunder along ethnic and ideological lines, with the animosity between Turks and Kurds, and Islamists and secularists, increasing daily.

The rekindled war with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which broke out shortly after the Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority in the June 7 general elections, and the daily killing of soldiers and policemen by the PKK are pouring fuel on a potentially explosive brew that promises little other than political chaos for the country.

Opposition politicians and analysts are united in their belief that Erdogan is trying to manipulate rising social tensions resulting from daily attacks by the PKK to the AKP’s benefit, in the hope that the electorate will be scared into returning the party to power on its own Nov. 1 for the sake of stability in the country. That is when early elections are due to be held after the AKP’s failure to form a coalition government with any of the opposition parties in parliament following the June elections.

Erdogan’s remarks show he has little time to spare for the political correctness required of him as a president. Constitutionally, the president, as the head of state, has to remain above party politics. Erdogan refused to do so in the lead-up to the June elections and campaigned actively for the AKP, calling on the electorate to return the party to power with 400 deputies so that it can write a new constitution for what he refers to as “New Turkey.”

Erdogan and his supporters have made no secret that the priority project for that Turkey will be to change the current parliamentary system into an executive presidential one where the president, or rather the “leader,” will be penned in with as few constitutional restrictions as possible. Erdogan continues to display few qualms about openly reflecting his desire to become Turkey’s supreme leader and is relying on the AKP, which he led until being elected president in August 2014, for this. He does not appear perturbed that his interference in the political domain is agitating an already tense country.

During a joint interview the night of Sept. 6 with ATV and A Haber — both pro-government channels that act as his mouthpieces — Erdogan said that if the electorate had given a certain party the required 400 deputies, the troubles Turkey is experiencing today would not have come about. He was speaking shortly after news broke.........

Foreign Policy boondoggles of the USA

Bibi-bots will tell you that there's no such thing as an Israel Lobby in the USA.  No politicians are bought and sold by any such lobby ... no sireee!  It's all your horrid imagination and your anti-Semitism that's playing tricks on you.  "Begone, you vile creature" they will say because they never look into their own mirrors.

From ConsortiumNews:
Israel Lobby Stops Iran’s Help on Syria   
Despite the worsening Mideast crisis, President Obama can’t escape the tight policy constraints imposed by neocon thinking. The obvious move to work with Iran to save Syria from an Islamic State or Al Qaeda victory is blocked by the influence of the Israel lobby, writes Gareth Porter for Middle East Eye.

By Gareth Porter
By the logic of geopolitics, the United States and Iran ought to be cooperating to contain and weaken the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh). Both countries have declared that the group is a very serious threat to their own security and to the security of the entire Middle East.

Indeed, it has become evident to all – besides those who are determined for their own reasons not to see it – that the Islamic State’s intent on setting up an Islamic caliphate has the potential to dissolve the basic international order that has governed the Middle East for a century. So the logic of Iran-U.S. strategic cooperation against Daesh (as the group is referred to in Arabic) is no less compelling than was the logic of the Nixon administration in reaching an understanding with Maoist China to counter-balance their common Soviet adversary.

But that logical development isn’t happening, contrary to the fears of some and hopes of others, and it isn’t likely to happen any time soon, despite the nuclear agreement and the Obama administration’s success in beating back the unprecedented campaign by the Israel lobby to defeat it. The reason is that it is not the logic of geopolitics, in the end, that is governing the problem.

It isn’t the Iranian side of the equation that is failing to follow the geopolitical logic. Contrary to the constantly reiterated propaganda theme of the anti-Iran forces in the region and in the United States that Iran’s ruling elite simply wants “death to America,” Iran has publicly signaled to the Obama administration repeatedly that it was open to such cooperation. But the Obama administration has refused to reciprocate, for the simple reason that it is not capable of formulating a regional policy on the basis of an objective analysis of strategic interests.

To understand the why the international politics of the Middle East are now so profoundly dysfunctional, one must begin ......................

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

USA's cavemen ally KSA's war on the poorest nation in the Middle East

Almost all the weapons, including the cluster bombs used by Saudi Arabia and the Sunni nations bombing their "brothers" in Yemen are made in the USA and in the countries of USA's bosom pals.  Why is the Western media largely silent about the ongoing death and destruction in Yemen? That's the burning question asked in the vid below.

Iona Craig writing at TheIntercept
Yemen’s Hidden War:    How the Saudi-Led Coalition Is Killing Civilians
IN THE ISLAMIC CONCEPT of qadar, your divine destiny is inescapable. If you try to cheat death it will find you. For two women on a dusty road in mid-June on the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula, their repeated attempts to dodge fate ended in tragic failure.

Leaving the war zone of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on June 10, the women headed north in a Toyota Cressida driven by a male relative. The pair were escaping the violence that had already turned entire streets in Aden to rubble, left hundreds dead and thousands of civilians under siege, struggling to find food, water and medical care....

.......In March, the Saudis — aided by U.S. and British weapons and intelligence — began a bombing campaign in an attempt to push back the Houthis, who they see as a proxy for Iran. Since then, from the northern province of Saada to the capital Sanaa, from the central cities of Taiz and Ibb to the narrow streets at the heart of Aden, scores of airstrikes have hit densely populated areas, factories, schools, civilian infrastructure and even a camp for displaced people.

From visiting some 20 sites of airstrikes and interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, survivors and relatives of those killed in eight of these strikes in southern Yemen, this reporter discovered evidence of a pattern of Saudi-coalition airstrikes that show indiscriminate bombing of civilians and rescuers, adding further weight to claims made by human rights organizations that some Saudi-led strikes may amount to war crimes and raising vital questions over the U.S. and Britain’s role in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen..........

Pink Sunset

From my balcony a few minutes ago.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nethanyahu is the most repugnant and the most dangerous politician in the world

Yes, no doubt about it. Only the brainless Bibi-bots will continue defending the maniac.  The man has done more harm to the Jewish diaspora around the world than any other Jewish politician but will the Bibi-bots even think a bit below the surface about that?  Never! Their vocabulary is limited to just three words and one hyphenated  word  .... "You are an anti-Semite"  ... that's the only sentence these brainless baboons can come up with when critics tell the truth about Nethanyahu and his cabinet of warmongers.

Matt Carr writing at StoptheWarCoalition
Netanyahu: one of the most repellent and dangerous politicians in the world today  

Netanyahu has repeatedly manipulated Israeli public opinion into supporting ferocious and strategically meaningless slaughter in Gaza.
THERE IS no polite way to say this, but Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most repellent and dangerous politicians in the world today.

He is a man who trades on fear and war, a cynical and amoral manipulator without a trace of honesty in his entire body, who lies as easily as he breathes.

In 2012 he warned the United Nations that Iran was a year away from manufacturing a bomb, even though his own security services had told him something entirely different,

Last year he deliberately used the murders of three Israeli teenagers to manipulate Israeli public opinion into supporting the ferocious and strategically meaningless slaughter in Gaza.

He also manipulates his most powerful ally. In public Netanyahu never ceases to express his love and gratitude to the United States, which props up Israel’s military machine.

Yet in private he’s not always so respectful. Back in 2001 he told a group of settlers in the West Bank ‘I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.’

Netanyahu cannot be ignored entirely, not as long as Israelis are crazy enough to keep voting for him. But no country with any respect for truth or even its own national interest would actually invite a man like this to speak to its own elected representatives if it didn’t have to, let alone invite him in order to undermine the policy of its elected president.

But this is exactly what happened when Netanyahu went to Washington, following an ‘invitation’ arranged between Republican speaker of the House John Boehner........

Incoming genuine refugees along with a large dose of ISIS jihadis? I bet !!!

Refugees from Syria, Libya, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and very soon from Yemen too, heading towards EU and then millions from those, onwards to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

These are the consequences of USA & Co's illegal wars in the MidEast.  Mission Accomplished ... but the big question is "Whose mission was it?"  

Has anyone noticed how there are less families in the migration groups but plenty of young able-bodied men?
What our wonderful politicians, all who went into Libya thumping their chests and overthrew Gadhafi, didn't have the required number of braincells to fathom that Gadhafi was the  benefactor for millions of North Africans in the countries around the Libyan borders.  These people now have no employment and no Gadhafi to fall back on.
  So ... onwards they come to the EU and to the rest of the world.  Welcome!!

The woman is talking rubbish and the BBC host is letting her!!  She's probably from one of the Gulf countries. The Gulf countries don't want these refugees in their countries they want to only bomb them to watery messes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

World War 3 News and updates ... Sep 1

The countries in it, either in major or minor roles:
USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria,France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic,Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg,Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran,
India, South Korea, North Korea, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, ThePhilippines, Egypt, Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan, Bukina Faso, Palestine,Georgia, Chad, Spain, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, Congo, Uganda, Romania,Mexico, Gambia, Haiti, Cameroon, Chad, Algeria, Venezuela, Thailand, Argentina, Vietnam,Myanmar, Georgia, Burundi, Senegal, Macedonia, Armenia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala

From FirstLook
Yemen’s Hidden    War: How the Saudi-Led Coalition Is Killing Civilians
IN THE ISLAMIC CONCEPT of qadar, your divine destiny is inescapable. If you try to cheat death it will find you. For two women on a dusty road in mid-June on the southwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula, their repeated attempts to dodge fate ended in tragic failure.
Leaving the war zone of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on June 10, the women headed north in a Toyota Cressida driven by a male relative. The pair were escaping the violence that had already turned entire streets in Aden to rubble, left hundreds dead and thousands of civilians under siege, struggling to find food, water and medical care.
Driving ahead of them was a family of four in a Hilux pick-up truck, slowing at the numerous checkpoints along the road and weaving around potholes in the asphalt. Between 4:30 and 5 p.m., seemingly from nowhere, the first missile struck. The Hilux flipped into a cartwheeling fireball, killing the two children and their parents inside.
Before the women in the Toyota had a chance to compose themselves an ominous whistle........

From Bangkokpost
19 killed, 123 hurt  as bomb blast rocks Bangkok tourist attraction
A bomb explosion inside one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions killed at least 19 people and injured 123 others – mostly foreign tourists – on Monday. Of the 19 dead victims, 12 died at the scene. The figures were based on information released by the Royal Thai Police Office as of 11.20pm on Monday.....

From NPR
Thai Prime Minister Says 'Main Suspect' In Bangkok Bombing Arrested
Police in Thailand have arrested a second foreign man — who Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said is the main suspect — in connection with the deadly Bangkok bombing on Aug. 17, Michael Sullivan reports for NPR.
Prayuth told reporters the man arrested Tuesday was taken into custody in eastern Thailand, near the border with Cambodia, and that the suspect may have been attempting to flee the country, Sullivan reports.
"Prayuth said the man is not Thai and is believed to be the main suspect in the bombing" Sullivan says. But officials don't know whether he is the yellow-shirted man seen on surveillance video leaving a backpack at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine on the day of the bombing.

VICE News Condemns  Turkish Government Over Detention of Its Journalists on Terrorism Charges
 A Turkish court leveled formal charges of terrorism at two VICE News journalists and their colleague on Monday, as global rights groups have called for the reporters to be released.
The two British journalists, Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury, have been detained since late Thursday evening local time in Turkey. The two were taken into custody in the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir along with their fixer — a local journalist who serves as a translator and guide — and a driver. The driver has now been released.
Kevin Sutcliffe, VICE's Head of News Programming in Europe, condemned the detention of the journalists in a statement Monday.
"Today the Turkish government has leveled baseless and alarmingly false charges of 'working on behalf of a terrorist organization' against three VICE News reporters, in an attempt to intimidate and censor their coverage," he said. "Prior to being unjustly detained, these journalists were reporting and documenting the situation in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir......

Germany and EU's migrant problem

From CNN
ISIS claimed responsibility    for a car bomb attack that wounded at least 29 people in Cairo early Thursday, saying it was retribution for the execution of six men in May.
The car detonated near the National Security Building in the northern suburb of Shubra al-Kheemag, Egypt's Health Ministry said. The driver had parked it then was picked up by a motorcycle and fled before the explosives went off.
Among the 29 wounded were six police officers, the Interior Ministry said.
The blast echoed through the capital for miles, waking residents in predawn hours, London Times reporter Bel Trew told CNN.
Video revealed at least one building facade nearly defaced, cars mangled, and heavy concrete street barriers knocked over near the bomb site. ........

From NYTimes
Saudis Said to Kill More Than 65 Civilians   in Yemen Bombing
Doctors Without Borders said that Saudi-led airstrikes killed more than 65 civilians early Friday in Yemen’s southwest province of Taiz, including 17 people from one family.
If confirmed, it would be one of the largest tolls from airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and its military coalition partners since they began bombing Yemen five months ago in a campaign to crush the Houthi insurgency in the country, the Arab world’s poorest.
A statement posted on the website of Doctors Without Borders, the international medical charity that works in many conflict zones, said the bombings left extensive damage in the area, with a population of 600,000.
“Those who survived the bombings are searching through the rubble with their bare hands in the hope of finding survivors, as well as the bodies of victims of the attack,” Salah Dongu’du, the Doctors Without Borders coordinator in Taiz, said in the statement.
He said many survivors, as well as the charity’s staff, had been unable to reach the seven hospitals still functioning in the area, which originally had 20.
“These seven hospitals are totally overwhelmed with wounded patients and have run out of essential medication,” he said..........

From Guardian
Libya urges Arab allies    to launch air strikes against Isis
Foreign minister asks for arms but does not expect Britain or other western countries to intervene militarily in north Africa
Libya’s internationally recognised government is calling on fellow Arab states to carry out air strikes against Isis targets but it does not expect Britain or other western countries to intervene militarily, its foreign minister has said.
Mohamed al-Dayri requested arms supplies to help the Tobruk-based administration fight “barbaric terrorists” who have crucified and beheaded Libyans and Egyptians as the north African country continues to suffer “catastrophic violence” four years after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.
Dayri told the Guardian in an exclusive interview that he had asked Philip Hammond, the British foreign secretary, to expedite the delivery of ammunition and night-vision equipment, which are banned under the current UN arms embargo.........

From Reuters
Saudi-led warplanes   hit Yemeni port, aid group sounds alarm
Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition hit Yemen's Red Sea port of Hodeida on Tuesday, and officials there said the raids destroyed cranes and warehouses in the main entry point for aid supplies to the north of the country.
Hodeida, controlled by Iranian-allied Houthi forces, has become a focal point of efforts to resupply the impoverished Arab state, battered by five months of war that has killed over 4,300 people.

From AntiWar
Saudi Airstrike Hits  Yemen Neighborhood, Killing 17 Civilians
Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners are facing yet another round of condemnation today after an airstrike against northern Yemen’s Amran Province killed 17 civilians, including 13 teachers and four children. 20 other civilians were wounded in the strike.
The attack hit a building which houses the teachers union offices for the region, and staff were preparing make-up exams for students who had missed final exams because of the ongoing Saudi war. The children at the site were the children of teachers, who were playing outside when the strike hit.....

Ten days a fter Tianjin blasts, nine injured in explosion at chemical plant in eastern China
A chemical factory in a village in eastern Shandong province exploded on Saturday night, injuring nine people, local media and police reported.
The blast shattered windows of houses less than a kilometre away. ...........
The explosion occurred at about 8.50pm at a chemical plant owned by Ruixing Chemical in Dongfu village near Zibo city, the Qilu Evening News reported on Weibo.
Zibo city police said nine people were injured.
The incident occurred just 10 days after a series of blasts at a chemicals factory in Tianjin, 120km east of Beijing, resulted in 121 casualties, including 67 dead firefighters and 54 people still unaccounted for.

From CBSNews
Blast at U.S. Army depot   in Japan lights up night sky
An explosion at a U.S. Army depot outside of Tokyo set off a large blaze that lit up the night sky early Monday morning, but there were no reports of injuries.
The blast happened after midnight at the Sagami Depot in Sagamihara, a city about 25 miles southwest of Tokyo, Pentagon duty officer Navy Commander Bill Urban said.......

From CounterPunch
Ukrainians are Voting With Their Feet Against War and Economic Disaster
The people of Ukraine are finding new and innovative ways to avoid compulsory military service and the vigilante military recruiters who enforce it. Deepening resistance to the draconian measure is now a significant impediment to the very prosecution of the war.
Battle over public spaces
Recruiters are routinely raiding public spaces to hunt down and grab men of conscription age (20-26) who fail to answer the call to war. They block exits to shopping centers, transit vehicles, parks and other public spaces and then conduct identification checks. Those found to have dodged service or whose call-up dates are approaching are hauled away or given strict instructions of when and where to report for duty. reports on the new phenomenon by Ukrainians of creating online maps to mark the public places where recruiters commonly hunt. Men and their families use the maps as a guide to public spaces to avoid.
The first map appeared in the city of Dniepropetrovsk, reports Vesti. The phenomenon has quickly spread across the country.......

What We Learned  While Embedded With Kurdish Forces Clearing the Islamic State From Hasakah
Everyone was silent as we watched the flare spiral slowly to the ground, burning brightly, high above the smoke, noise, and flame of the burning oil refinery on the flat horizon. The Kurdish fighters then seemed to waken suddenly, shouldering their weapons and firing bursts of hot red tracer into the Islamic State (IS) positions just ahead.
Six weeks earlier the jihadist group had launched a shock offensive on the city of Hasakah, northeast Syria, capturing almost half of it and initiating a bloody three-way struggle between IS, the Syrian regime and the Kurdish YPG forces, as well their allied militias. On this August night, however, the next few hours would see IS finally expelled from the city, and the YPG in almost total control of their first provincial capital in Syria.

Hasakah is the commercial and political center of the northeastern governorate of the same name, one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse in Syria. Thinly populated before French colonial rule in the early 20th century, the flat and dusty region is home to the majority of Syria's Kurdish population, as well as Assyrian and Syriac Christians, and Sunni Arab tribes, many of whom were planted in the region in the 1960s and 70s by the Syrian regime in an act of colonial settlement to dilute the region's Kurdish majority.........

Tens of thousands   of Malaysian protesters turned out in the streets of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak following the discovery of millions of dollars worth of clandestine deposits made to his personal bank accounts.
An internal probe uncovered more than $700 million that had been deposited into Razak's accounts from entities linked with the state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). .........

From RT
'Make it a revolution!’   : Lebanon protesters give 72-hour ultimatum to government
Thousands of street protesters in Beirut are demanding the resignation of two government ministers, after hundreds were injured in a similar demonstration last week. RT's Paula Slier reports that violence has again broken out.
The organizing movement behind the street protests, ‘You Stink!,’ said it would “escalate” its public protests unless the interior minister responsible for alleged police brutality was replaced along with the minister of the environment who is in charge of the ineffectual rubbish collection service that has left the streets of Beirut lined with trash. Its spokesman Rasha Halabi went further, however, telling a crowd that the movement will be pushing for new national elections.......

Trouble brewing in Guatemala which might erupt into a civil war.  Note that the present criminal of a president has been there from the Reagan era and supported by the US govt. 

From AP
One-day record for migrant rescues in sea near Libya: 4,400
 Italy's coast guard says it coordinated the rescue of some 4,400 migrants in a single day, a record-setting number, as smugglers took advantage of ideal sea conditions off Libya to launch a fleet of overcrowded, unseaworthy boats.
The coast guard on Sunday said 22 rescue operations were carried out a day earlier for motorized rubber dinghies and fishing boats, all crammed with migrants desperate to reach Europe's southern shores.
Italian coast guard, navy and border police boats pitched in, as did Norwegian and Irish naval vessels deployed in a European patrol-and-rescue force. Boats in distress use satellite phones to call coast guard rescuers or are spotted by patrolling Italian military aircraft.
So far this year, some 110,000 migrants have been rescued off Libya and brought to southern Italian ports........

From PressTV
At least 30 killed   in huge explosion near hospital in Syria’s Rif Dimashq
Dozens of people have reportedly been killed in a huge bomb explosion targeting pro-government forces in southwestern Syria.
The bomb attack on Wednesday hit a hospital in Harasta, a town located around 10 kilometers from the capital Damascus in Rif Dimashq, killing at least 30 people and injuring tens of others, Sky News Arabia reported.........

From JapanTimes
EU-bound refugee   wave rolls through Macedonia, Serbia, threatening bloc’s ‘soul’
PRESEVO, SERBIA – Thousands of migrants, mostly Syrian refugees, traveled through Macedonia and Serbia on Sunday toward Western Europe, as Italy’s foreign minister said the escalating crisis threatened the bloc’s “soul.
More than 7,000 men, woman and children crossed into southern Serbia from Macedonia overnight Saturday to Sunday alone, the U.N.’s refugee agency (UNHCR) said, with many more still expected to arrive.
The mass movement came after Macedonian police on Saturday finally reopened the border with Greece after three days of trying to hold back streams of migrants.

Macedonia had on Thursday declared a state of emergency and sealed off its border to halt the influx, leaving thousands stranded in no-man’s land.
After a tense standoff on the border, hundreds of stranded refugees, many carrying small children, forced their way through barbed wire fences in dramatic scenes on Saturday as police hurled stun grenades.
By Saturday evening, border guards stood aside to allow 1,500 migrants through unhindered, with many heading straight for Serbia, the next stop on their journey to reach the European Union.........

From Reuters
Rockets fired   by Houthi militiamen killed 14 civilians, most of them children, as fighting intensified for control of Yemen's third largest city, Taiz, residents said on Monday.
The Saudi-led coalition opposing the Houthis also launched air raids on military bases and Houthi positions in the southwestern city during the fighting, residents said, but no casualties were reported.
Fighters loyal to Yemen's exiled government have been contesting control of Taiz - Yemen's cultural capital - with the Houthis since April. Hundreds of combatants and civilians have been killed..........

Yemen: ICRC office  in Aden attacked
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) strongly condemns an attack which has taken place on its offices in the city of Aden in Yemen. Unidentified gunmen stormed the building on Monday (24 August, 2015) and held staff at gunpoint. Cars, cash and equipment were subsequently stolen. As a result, fourteen international staff members have been relocated.
"This is not the first time that we have had a security incident in Aden," said the ICRC's head of sub-delegation in the city, Samer Jarjouhi. "There have been at least ten such incidents recently. This is not acceptable and we have relocated staff until the situation improves."
It is not clear who the gunmen were but the security situation in Aden has deteriorated in recent months. The ICRC will remain in contact with the authorities in the city to discuss safety considerations.........

From Anadolu
Germany, Turkey 'coordinated'   Patriot's withdrawal
Germany has denied reports that its withdrawal of Patriot anti-missile system from eastern Turkey is due to Turkish military strikes against PKK
Germany has denied reports that its decision to end its deployment of Patriot anti-missile systems in southern Turkey is a reaction to recent Turkish military operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
Defense Ministry spokesman Ingo Gerhartz said Monday that Germany’s decision to end its contribution to NATO's Patriot system in Turkey was taken after a review within the alliance in June, which concluded that the threat against Turkish territories by Syrian ballistic missiles was very low........

From AlMonitor
Oman’s diplomatic  bridge to Syria
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem’s recent visit to Oman signals Damascus’ heightened interest in negotiating an end to its 4½-year-old civil war, an interest rendered more urgent by a series of on-the-ground setbacks for the Syrian army.
Moallem met Aug. 6 with his Omani counterpart, Yusuf bin Alawi in Muscat, Oman, to discuss “constructive efforts” aimed at ending the Syrian crisis. Syria’s state-run news agency reported the two diplomats “agreed to continue cooperation and coordination to achieve the shared goals of their peoples and governments.” Moallem’s visit, which came at Muscat’s invitation, marked his first trip to a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011.
As early as 2011, Omani leader Sultan Qaboos bin Said hosted American and Iranian officials for talks, which laid the groundwork for last month’s historic nuclear agreement. Since the six world powers and Tehran signed the deal, numerous actors have signaled greater interest in pursuing diplomatic steps to resolve the Syrian crisis and in working together to counter the Islamic State (IS).........

Nato launches  largest airborne drills in Europe since end of Cold War
5,000 troops from 11 Nato allies are taking part in exercises across Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania
 The US said Tuesday it has launched the biggest allied airborne drills in Europe since the Cold War ended, as fighting involving pro-Russian separatists escalated in eastern Ukraine.
Nearly 5,000 soldiers from 11 Nato allies are taking part in four weeks of "simultaneous multinational airborne operations" across Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania that began on Saturday, the US army said in a statement.
"Swift Response 15 is the largest Allied airborne training event on the continent since the end of the Cold War," according to the statement from the US army in Grafenwohr in southern Germany. ..........