Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sarah Palin: The key to win hearts and minds

is to be yourself. But the "yourself" must be essentially a good person or it will never work. Palin does not even have to try to make people feel warm and  welcomed, it just happens again and again and again. Conan O'Brien and his staff of the Tonight Show are now her fans, even if they will not voice their sentiments aloud. Backstage pics here .

Palin says: The Conan visit was fun – the best part was that we had Wounded Warriors with us in the audience. I can’t express how proud I am of their courage and patriotism.


  1. She's a nice dame, but she should never be President.

  2. Maria,

    Your choice for the next US President certainly does not act presidential...

  3. WW - first off, sorry about the sadness in your family.

    About this KOS gossip column, look at the bright side. The previously unknown hairdresser will now become famous as very Mary, Jane, Lois and also Tom, Dick and Harry will want her to touch their own hair only because she had the chance to touch Palin's top.
    WW - people circling the top strata of the "celebrity" circle, seldom carry money on them. They expect their assistants will take care of such minor details.

    Also, I am willing to bet that Palin's advisors have told her not to keep babbling to all and sundry, because she is a chatterbox, and if the hairdresser had uttered even one sentence, Palin would have wanted to know everything about her, her family, her life... you name it. Obama has the same habit I have read, he wants to talk to everyone he sees. Knowing what the press can make of anything falling out of these people's mouths, I am not surprised that the hairdresser was told "speak only when spoken to".

    This might be news to you, but sources close to Palin have revealed that she wants to play a role similar to Hillary's or Rahm/' . If she runs for the main job, then it is because the Reps could not find anyone more charismatic.

  4. Wow. I would love to be famous by having a failed politician short-change me for services I had provided in good faith too. Please madam, can I have another one. I think not. The arrogance is astounding.


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