Monday, October 31, 2011

Bahraini women tortured by Saudi Arabia's puppy dogs

Shiite community treated like shit in Bahrain but  our media will keep it quiet for as long as possible because we are in bed with the Saudis.

Halloween .... Ooooooooooooooooo Scarrrrryyyyy !!

Human Trafficking ... a major crime, largely unseen and undetected

A 27-year-old man is accused of trafficking underage girls after a south end brothel was busted earlier this month, police say.

Reza Moazami of Vancouver was arrested at a house on Oct. 7. Two of the girls were located inside the house and have been taken into care.

“Moazami was formally charged by the provincial Crown (on Tuesday), with a total of 18 criminal offences,” said Sgt. Rich Akin......

related: PR release for new book by Lucia Mann on the plague of human trafficking.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In which the ghouls from the House of Saud let off another stinkbomb, a hypenated American tries his hand at bombing foreign places and rotten potatoes gets a Canadian farmer seeing the inside of a Lebanese jail

Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary! Now 1 kidnapped Israeli soldier = 1 million dollar award   to the kidnapper after a member of the House of Saud contributes to the kitty being set up to set up the kidnap of Israeli soldiers.

I smell something rotten with this tale. New Brunswick farmer sitting in a jail in Lebanon for exporting rotten potatoes? Something is not only rotten it smells fishy too. There's a lot more to this story that we are not being told ... what else is new, eh?

Defunding the UN gains support in the USA.

Railway workers, dishonest doctors and pension frauds. The more you get the more you want.

Muslim gratitude is beautiful to behold. Yankee go home.

Muslim Bros visit their fan club in Gaza.

Something is happening in Iran and we are not able to  put our finger on it.  What is going on between the honcho Ayatollah nut and Amamadjacket?

A team of suicide bombers and gunmen disguised as soldiers assaulted an African Union base in the Somali capital on Saturday, sparking a two-hour gunfight that left at least 10 people dead, security officials said. The al-Qaida-linked Islamist militant group that claimed the attack said one of the bombers was Somali-American.....

Ed Driscoll writing in PJMedia has shown a new twist and a brand new positive way of looking at the OWS.

h/t: Irene/Simon/MF

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Ohio University

Great responses to questions and comments from the audience. Wish we had more outspoken people like her here in Canada.  She certainly does not skirt around the issues that our Canadian "moderate" muslims usually dance around  ... maybe being an apostate gives Ayaan Hirsi Ali an advantage over the rest of the "moderate" muslims still abiding by their book of lies.

Afghanistan and NATO .... marriage on the rocks.

As many had predicted, this venture was doomed to failure from get-GO.  The divorce negotiations are bloody and highly messy. If there's a poll taken today, I am willing to bet that 80% in both the USA and Canada will want to see us out of each and every muslim land. Three more years in the Afghanistan hellhole is going to turn a lot of young NATO soldiers into permanent patients sitting the rest of their lives on the psychiatric couches when they get back to their own countries. You can't expect to expect these young people who are constantly seeing human beings turn into gooey messes right before their eyes to come back home and continue with a "normal" life like we understand "normal" to be. Most of these young people are not coming back to the arms of a loving family like the guys from WWII  because liberal culture has done away with loving families and the family unity is now mostly a thing of the good old past.

Why are we not able to accept a partial defeat and just try and save our own citizens from the muslim ghouls? WHY ????

1) 17 lives lost in an inferno in a country far, far, far, far away. WTF are we doing there when most of the people in that hellhole want to see us gone?

2) What a total waste of brave young Canadians.... for what ???? RIP Master Cpl. Byron Greff.

3) Afghan soldier goes on a shooting spree killing Australian soldiers.

4) Two British contractors among the soldiers killed.

5) A teenage girl also blew herself up as she tried to attack an Afghan intelligence office ......

6) Great news. Pakistan feeding critical info of NATO visits and moves to the Taliban.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cartoons on OWS



Friday, October 28, 2011

Lack of an accurate map of the Middle East lead to invasion of Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia

Majority of the 911 murderers were from Saudi Arabia ... and yet American missiles found their way to Iraq. 

Salah ad Din‘s provincial council symbolically declared its autonomy today in order to protest an ongoing crackdown on alleged Ba’ath Party "insurgents." Although the province cannot secede without a public referendum first approved by the Iraqi parliament, the council hopes this will "send a message" of discontent to the federal government. Over 500 Iraqis have been detained for alleged ties in recent days, while 140 faculty members were also sacked at Tikrit University. Many Iraqis believe the timing of the arrests, just ahead of the U.S. military withdrawal, points to a Shi’ite government tightening the reins on its power. The army also detained six Sadrists in Basra.

In Baghdad, a double bombing at a music store in Ur killed 32 people and wounded at least 71 others; as often happens, the first blast drew first responders to a second, deadlier explosion. Separately, a sniper killed a traffic policeman and wounded another in Saidiya. A bomb in Mowasalat wounded four civilians. Three people were wounded during an explosion in Habibiya. A blast on Palestine Street wounded another three people. In Za’afaraniya, four more civilians were wounded in a bombing. A policeman was killed in a grenade attack. Gunmen wounded a general.

A booby-trapped car in Amiriya killed a Sahwa member and wounded two companions.Three gunmen were killed in a clash near Mosul. The body of a kidnapping victim was discovered. A roadside bomb killed two people, including a child, and wounded two others in Iskandariya. A bomb in Falluja wounded six people. In Jbela, a man was wounded in a blast at his brother’s home. A grenade killed a soldier in Samarra. A man was wounded in Kirkuk when a magnetic bomb blasted his car....

Protests within protests? Dissidents within dissidents? OWS presents the "Comedy of Zombies"

Will reality never cease to slap these nuts endlessly without so much as teaching them even an iota of what real life entails and a bit of common sense? Every life lesson they encounter in this "tenting" episode in their lives, is like water on a duck's back. I am hoping these nuts will continue with their mindless occupation tactics for many more weeks and even months to come... firstly, there's the entertainment value which is priceless and additionally don't forget the reality check for everybody all around. In cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver to name a few, the residents are largely bent double to the Left ... so let them see what the outcome of their stupid mentality and their constant pandering to these zombies is doing to their cities and their routine.

According to the Post, OWS’s Finance Committee (!) has amassed $500,000 in donations, and the cash continues to pour in. Yet like the wealthy 1% whose greed they so revile, the OWS leadership refuses to spread the wealth. Bryan Smith, 45, a TV producer from Los Angeles who joined OWS three weeks ago, is quoted as saying:
F--k Finance. I hope Mayor Bloomberg gets an injunction and demands to see the movement’s books. We need to know how much money we really have and where it’s going.
Smith, the Post notes, is a member of the Comfort Working Group, one of 30 small collectives that have sprung up within the greater Occupy Wall Street movement. Responsibilities of Smith's group include determining what basic necessities campers need, like thermal underwear, and then raising money by soliciting donations on the street............

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In which muslims claim toys insult their whatever and the world's best inventors make yet another contribution

This bit of news on the anti-islam toy guns  is me shamelessly  fishing for your derisive snort of the day.

..."After the massacre of the congregation of Our Lady of Deliverance Church on October 31, 2010, and other attacks in Iraq, the ratio of Iraqi Christians went down from 8% to 2%; in Palestine to just .5%, and in Lebanon from 75% to 32%. If emigration of Christians, who constitute nearly 16% of the Egyptian population, continues at the present rate, it may reach 250,000 by the end of 2011, and within ten years a third of the Coptic population of Egypt would be gone."....

Sari Nusseibeh has done it again. In an article titled "Why Israel Can't be a 'Jewish State,'" published on the Jewish New Year of all dates, the supposedly moderate president of al-Quds University goes to great lengths to explain why Jews, unlike any other nation on earth, are undeserving of statehood.

Island with muslim majority, rioting for more - what else is new, eh? ...The driving force beyond Mayotte’s insistance on being given county status was welfare. French overseas counties enjoy exactly the same rights and the same welfare benefits as mainland counties, from free medicine to guaranteed minimum wages to child-rearing allowances. As a French postcolonial dependency, Mayotte was already much richer than its neighbors. It enjoyed a per capita GDP of $4500 in 2010 according to the CIA World Factbook, greater than Mozambique’s or the Comoros’ $1000 and Madagascar’s $900. As a French county, however, Mayotte is poised to get much closer to France’s comparatively staggering $40,000.....

Wow ... 12000 year old solstice site found in Virginia. Exciting read.

Fraud commited by an employee of our Embassy in Turkey?  No, can't be, they must be wrong. We have only the good and decent in all our govt. agencies.... don't we? And, don't you know Muslims hate money. What are the chances that the "unnamed" embassy official is a Canadian of Turkish origin?

Andrew Klavan joining Beck's GBTV

Howard Rotberg writing at PJMedia:   The Europeans — who are now tolerating “no-go” areas in their cities, where radical Islamist separatist justice systems and social and human rights injustices are also therefore tolerated — are now having to reap what they have sown. I’ve dealt with it myself. In 2003, I wrote a novel about a Canadian professor whose daughter, studying in Israel, is injured in a terrorist attack. He writes a book about how anti-Israel sentiment has begun to reflect a vicious anti-Semitism. I soon ran into Islamist attempts to censor me and my novel. ....

Bloomberg's police officers make money every which way just like their mayor. Who do you contact when you want an illegal gun?  The NY police gun busters, of course.

Michael Totten does a lot of traveling. His revealing article here is simply 'awesome" and at the end of it you will start feeling sorry for a portion of the Egyptian populace whose dreams of "awesomeness" are now definitely on the chopping block given that the country will be fully shariahed in the near future.

Israel gives us the best inventors and scientists? This is why Israel should rightly get the big bucks from the USA. They sell their skills and brain power for the benefit of the world at large. Can any other people better the Jewish people in science, technology, discoveries or inventions ?

h/t: SF/M/Irene/MF and via: CIR , BruceMidEastSoundbites and ROP

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Israel's folly = more danger to the IDF

With one extremely foolish move Israel has made many fans of Israel question several other moves and motives of the Israeli govt.  If they could make this grotesque an error in their policy, what else are they doing wrong ?  It's only natural to wonder about that.

Saudis are already offering money for kidnap of Israeli soldiers.

Are you happy now, all of you who were in favor of releasing 1027 prisoners for one IDF soldier ?

I get mail from Mayor Rob Ford's office

No other mayor bothered to do so. The haughty Premier of Ontario wouldn't ever dream of doing so .... maybe because the sod has nothing good to report. Mayor Rob Ford works for us the taxpayers .... he does not bother to suck up to our lefty media and he is far from being "politically correct"  like the other hypocrites in politics ..... and that's the reason why the lefty media hates him with a vengence as you can see from the vids below where the state-funded CBC tried to ambush him into saying something stupid so they could use it endlessly to their advantage. It didn't happen ... the mayor is too smart to fall for the lefty shit and the only media outlet to tell us about it all was the SUNTV network. 

From the office of Mayor Rob Ford:
I am very pleased to let you know we are fulfilling another campaign commitment with the awarding of the solid waste contract to be approved at City Council next week. A staff report from Solid Waste Management, released this week, indicates significantly higher savings than originally forecasted. The cost savings estimate is expected to be $11.1 million or 30% annually. Upon final approval of the lowest bid by Council, the City will move to sign a seven-year contract, with two additional one-year options, to collect waste in District 2 from 165,000 homes west of Yonge Street.

Compared to the cost of City-delivered service, over the term of the seven-year base contract, the City will save approximately $78.4 million or $100 million with two one-year extensions.

There is also some very exciting news to report from the TTC. In September, the TTC celebrated its 90th anniversary and earlier this month they welcomed their 28 billionth rider since its inception in 1921. Recently, TTC Commissioners approved a progress report outlining several specific recommendations for improving customer service at the TTC.

On Wednesday, Toronto's Ombudsman released a report entitled Potholes, Floods and Broken Branches: How the City Handles Your Claims. The report focussed on the third-party liability claims process. I want to thank Ms. Crean and her staff for doing a great service to the residents of Toronto by shining a spotlight on this serious issue. When I served as a Councillor, I had many residents calling me to complain about the third-party liability claims process.

The City Manager now has very clear recommendations, which he has already accepted. Customer Service Excellence is a priority for my administration and this report helps us to continue on that path.

The Toronto Police Services Board passed their budget this week which included $43.1 million in savings or a 4.6% reduction from 2011. This is the first time in many years there have been reductions to the police budget. The Board also approved an external organizational review of the police service to find the balance of the 10% savings target for 2013.

Some of the areas where the Chief and the Board found savings were:
$500,000 for contracting out cleaning of police stations.
10 percent reduction in senior officer positions for a savings of $3 million.
10 percent reduction in premium pay for a savings of $5.8 million.
Other non salary items totaling a savings of $4.2 million.

Today, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board approved the sale of 706 homes, the proceeds of which will go entirely to State of Good Repair. TCHC is facing a $650-million repair bill and the demand for housing continues to rise. We must act now to tackle these challenges in a way that achieves the greatest good for the greatest number of people.Selling the 706 houses, which are all costly assets to maintain, will raise $335 million for capital repairs in our buildings.

We will take care of the tenants who are currently living in the houses we sell. These tenants will be offered the choice of another unit in our portfolio. TCHC will also pay for their moving costs and offer other supports.

This will mean improved quality housing for all of TCHC's 164,000 tenants. It will also mean shorter waits for the 79,000 households on waiting lists for affordable housing. Lastly, it will improve the value of our housing assets for the people of Toronto.

My team and I continue to work very hard for you, the taxpayers of Toronto. Have a wonderful weekend!.....

If you want to be kept informed on the mayor's progress, sign up for updates here.

all vids via:

To speak English or not .... that is the question

Have you ever used public transportation in Toronto? If you can hear one English word spoken amongst the commuters, it's likely gonna be "like". The Chinese jabber in their chowhochow, the Tamils use their own horrid sounding lingo, the Pakistanis and the BanglaDeshis chatter away in irritating Urdu, the Afghans and other muslims, if they are not assaulting your person with head chopping swords and knives, they assault your eardrums with their Arabic,  loudly and arrogantly. I wish that these immigrants would make an effort to at least speak in one of Canada's two official languages, more so  when in public places.

At long last, our overlords are beginning to realize what they and the Liberals  have been doing to Canada. Let's hope it's not too late.

....“Some people, believe it or not, have been able to take translators with them into an oral test, with citizenship judges. What's the point, exactly?” Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Monday. “I have met too many citizens that don't speak English or French. That never should have happened. Under this new system that's not going to happen any longer.” ....

It's not that I don't understand the importance of trying to hold on to your mother tongue as a link to the culture you came from.... far from it.  I agree with a lot of the opinion in the vid below. My contention is that, that immigrants to Canada MUST be able to communicate in English BEFORE they migrate to Canada. I don't give a rat's fart about knowing  French, but hey ... that's just me.

Mic check, mic check .... "I was Raped at Occupy Glasgow" "I was Raped at Occupy Glasgow"

A woman has been raped in a tent at the site of an anti-capitalist demonstration in Glasgow city centre. The 28-year-old was attacked at around 12.45am today in George Square, where a protest camp has been set up. Activists moved in to the site on October 15 as part of an “anti-greed movement” taking place around the world.

Police said an investigation has been launched into the sexual assault and officers were at the scene....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stealth Jihad ... the case of Ingrid Mattson or how ...

the taqiyyah masters dupe us gullible infidels time and time again. Bruce Bawer writes about the stealth jihad going on at Huron College:

....Only days after the Holy Land trial, USA Today ran a profile of Mattson by Cathy Lynn Grossman that was nothing less than glowing. Amazingly – or not – Grossman didn’t even mention the trial. Gushing over Mattson as the “face of Islam in America,” Grossman poured out the kind of prose that is to be found in American newspapers these days only when the subject is Islam. Mattson, we learned, was a convert who had “found her spiritual home in Islam,” a “faith she chose at age 23, drawn in, she says, by Islam’s beauty, its ethos of service and its synthesis of life and faith in which every act relates to God.” (When was the last time you read anything like that in a major American newspaper about Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion?)......

The anti-Semitic climate of late is getting to be downright scary ....

even to a non-Jewish person like me.  Something very evil is happening all around us.

More here and

Who came first, the chicken or the egg ?

You don't wanna know. NATO's mandate has been extended by a month.  HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH

Cracks are showing in the Libyan opposition that united against Moammar Gadhafi, raising concerns among the NATO nations that helped topple the regime.

Michael Rubin, a former adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, says the United States should choose the group it prefers and back that faction with money and diplomatic support.

“There’s going to be a conflict anyway,” says Rubin, a senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School. “The Saudis are going to be giving billions of dollars. The question is: Are we going to play the game for influence or are we going to forfeit? To play the game, it’s going to cost cold, hard cash.”

Others say the multitude of weapons left over from Gadhafi’s regime could allow some factions to try and dominate others. Mansour El-Kikhia, a Libyan-born professor of politics at the University of Texas-San Antonio, says the U.S. should back away from the volatile situation.

Considering that such countries as Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funneling money and weapons to extremist Islamist militias, El-Kikhia says, “the best thing the U.S. can do is say, ‘Hands off Libya; let the democratic process develop on its own.’”

Libya’s interim rulers declared the country liberated Sunday after an eight-month civil war, launching the oil-rich nation on what is meant to be a two-year transition to democracy.

“You should only embrace honesty, patience and mercy,” National Transitional Council head Mustafa Abdul-Jalil told a flag-waving crowd of several thousand in the eastern city of Benghazi, the birthplace of the uprising against Gadhafi.

Abdul-Jalil went on to announce Islamic sharia law would be the “basic source” of legislation, and laws that contradict “the teachings of Islam” would be nullified. He said the first thing to happen would be caps on interest for bank loans and the return of polygamy. The Muslim holy book, the Quran, allows men up to four wives.

Gulf News editor Abdul Hamid Ahmad said, “Mustafa Abdul-Jalil has just given an evidence to all (the) world that the Arab uprising will end up to be Islamic states.”........

The situation in Syria .... from India's perspective

Good for you India. Don't let the USA or the leftish Western media influence your thinking.  It's better to have the devil you know than the rabid "caliphate dreamers" like the muslim brotherhood funded by the overflowing coffers  from  Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.  

This time round,  let's hope that Canada will keep out of any conflict with Syria, which conflict to all accounts and optics, is being planned by the USA and some other members of NATO and interested parties.  I hope  PM Harper's close circle brings him up to date on Syria and makes him understand that the Syrian govt. is fighting against extremists, as it should.

....The government narrative seems to be succeeding within Syria, even though the media has ensured that it does not cross the boundaries to influence the world in the same manner. But as several officials said the intention is first to get the people to understand and close ranks at this critical hour. The narrative centres around two basic issues close to the hearts of all Syrians, except the Islamists and extremists, namely sovereignty and secularism.

The first argument that has clearly struck home seeks to point out that while President Assad could relinquish power and the Baath party could give up its ‘leading’ role in the country, this could be determined only by the Syrian people and not outside powers. And two, secularism would continue to remain central to Syrian polity and the government will not allow any compromise on this. All senior leaders from the Grand Mufti to the foreign minister made it clear that religious parties like the Muslim Brotherhood have no place in the country that will not give up its secularism at any cost.....

And, if the Indian perspective is not enough, here's what Barry Rubin has to say on islamists raising their heads in Syria ....

The leadership of the Syrian revolution, or at least those recognized as such by the United States and the European Union, has released the names of 19 of the 29 members of the General Secretariat and five members of the Presidential Council. A lot of research should be done on the individuals, but let’s do a quick ethnic and political analysis based on this information.

But first let me give you my analysis: I believe that the Turkish Islamist regime deliberately helped produce a Syrian leadership that is more Islamist and more Muslim Brotherhood-controlled than was necessary.....

The beginning of the end for David Cameron

The EU referendum is dead, for now.  Cameron ordered his party to oppose but saw one of the biggest revolts amongst his members.  However, it was not enough because the opposition parties were with him!!!!  

....The call for a referendum was defeated only because Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs also opposed it. The motion was rejected by 483 votes to 111 in the late-night Commons vote......

More here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Two things to like about Rick Perry .... so far

One ... intent to defund the UN. 
Two ... Does not use the usual PC stance re. Obama's birth certificate.

However, that's not enough to negate the islamic propaganda allowed in his Texan universities and the Mexican national anthems sung in his schools and not enough to negate the lackadaisical attitude he has shown re. illegal immigration

The two Terry Joneses

The two Terry Joneses. One is the pastor who spoke his mind, the other is a comedian who is willing to have his mouth sewn shut.  This is an article to read and chew on for a good few minutes.

The Muslims are not happy

The following is making email rounds this week. So true... everything in it !!  I am glad many people are waking up, even those who have no interest in politics and seldom move their arse to go vote during elections.  I received it from a friend who thinks the morons of The View speak from Mount Olympus.

They're not happy in Gaza.
They're not happy in Egypt.
They're not happy in Libya.
They're not happy in Morocco.
They're not happy in Iran.
They're not happy in Iraq.
They're not happy in Yemen.
They're not happy in Afghanistan.
They're not happy in Pakistan.
They're not happy in Syria.
They're not happy in Lebanon.

So, where are they happy?
They're happy in England 
They're happy in France 
They're happy in Italy
They're happy in Germany
They're happy in Sweden
They're happy in the USA
They're happy in Canada
They're happy in Norway

They're happy in every country that is not Muslim!

And who do they blame?
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.
Not their own lethargy.
Not their own lack of industry.
Not their own primitive social mores.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

More demonstrators in London demanding EU referendum than occupy nuts asking for .. I still don't know what exactly

Daniel Hannan knows which group will get more coverage in the media.   It's a foregone conclusion.

It's not clear exactly how many people are encamped next to St Paul's Cathedral. Most estimates put the number at between 200 and 400, depending on precisely what time of day you do the headcount.

What is clear is that there are presently many more people in Westminster demanding a referendum on EU membership than in the City complaining about capitalism. I have just spoken at a rally of the People's Pledge, at which more than 2,000 people were present. What's more, we know that those 2,000 are representative of the country as a whole. They are a fraction of the 100,000 whose signatures triggered Monday's proposal for an In/Out referendum – a proposal which, as a poll in today's Daily Express reveals, more than two thirds of voters want their MP to back. A further 80,000 have pledged to vote only for pro-referendum parliamentary candidates ........

Stuff from around the world

Thank God for small mercies this warmonger didn't get to be the prez. Sen. John McCain said Sunday that military action to protect civilians in Syria might be considered now that NATO’s air campaign in Libya is ending.....

Dead people rounded up to a neat little number with a "0" at it's end every single time by our esteemed "paid big bucks" reporters. With 50 residential buildings collapsing, those must have been some palatial apartment suites with just 30 or less residents in each buiding and most of them out at the time of the earthquake for the death toll to be only "as many as 1000".   As many as 1,000 people are feared dead after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck southeastern Turkey, resulting in the collapse of around 50 buildings in the province of Van.

The proud and arrogant can be brought down to their knees sooner than they think. Israel offers help but Turkey declines.

Somalian Al Qaeda cutter of heads wrecking havoc What else is new,eh?

Bangkok areas told to prepare for evacuation. No respite from flood waters.

Brace yourself for another downturn in the stock markets. Did you think the markets had recovered because of what you saw on Friday? The upticks are due to hedge sharks and shorters putting down their stakes for the expected downturn next week which will reap in huge rewards for those with that "disaster loving" mentality. The United States will likely suffer the loss of its triple-A credit rating from another major rating agency by the end of this year due to concerns over the deficit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasts....


HAHAHAHAHAH Karzai spits on the USA and NATO. .... "God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan," he said in the interview to Geo television." "If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan's help, Afghanistan will be there with you."....

HAHAHAHAHAH The Islamic State of Libya is born. NTC honcho says sharia will be the fundamental source of legislation in Libya, an "Islamic state" ...Mustafa Abdul-Jalil also told thousands of supporters at a ceremony on Sunday that Islamic Sharia law would be the "basic source" of legislation in the country and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified. In an address that set an Islamist tone for post-Gadhafi Libya, he said new banks would be set up to follow the Islamic banking system, which bans charging interest. "This revolution was looked after by God to achieve victory," he told the crowd.

We can continue laughing some more after Tunisia and Egypt go fully crazy with islam and Syria  soon follows  marching merrily onward to caliphate  the entire globe ... all with the help of the muslim prez of the USA in cohoots with  the UN with their overload of "caliphate dream" nightmare creators salivating for a muslim world free of infidels... that's you and me just in case you had forgotten.

But wait ... there's more.  Don't ever forget that Canada helped in the creating of the beginning of the march of the caliphate.

Oh .... what a lovey day ... just superbly lovely !!! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In which Diana West gets mail and Copts see the apparition of the Virgin Mary

DianaWest gets mail and a link to a video and links to info known out there only to a few. Watch the vid to see our partners-in-crime doing what they do best. What a proud moment, don't you think so? I had to share it with you all.

This is from late September: The government of Canada took an historic step yesterday by signing the Ottawa Protocol to Combat Anti-Semitism. By doing so, it recognized anti-Semitism as a pernicious evil and a global threat against the Jewish people, the State of Israel and free, democratic countries everywhere. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper has noted, "Those who would hate and destroy the Jewish people would ultimately hate and destroy the rest of us as well." ......... More here re. same issue Govt.of Canada news release

Hertz goes ahead and terminates muslim employees on suspension as they refused to clock out when leaving work premises for  prayer sessions. Excellent action. It's always a great idea to nick things in the bud before they turn into weeds strangling the rest of the good growth around it.

Syria cozying up to the Ruskies? If Asaad falls, the muslim bros, who are avowed enemies of the Asaad family,  will take over, and whe that happens ... think Al Qaeda and Saudi wahhabism... pure insanity and rabid hatred towards anyone not Sunni. Asaad, in spite of all his faults, is the lesser evil but guess what? He will be the next to go because the muslim bros want him gone and the mighty USA does too. Syria may start using the Russian ruble for banking transactions if the European Union bans it from operations in euros, central bank Governor Adib Mayaleh said today. As a first step, the Syrian central bank has begun posting the exchange rate for the ruble as well as the Chinese yuan on its daily bulletin, Mayaleh said in an interview with the Arabic-language Russia Today channel......

Warrior prez ending the Bush/Obama mess in Iraq and bringing back 39,000 troops.

Warrior prez ending the NATO Libyan massacre by Oct.31. Will our Al-Qaeda partners get "thank you" notes and goodbye bonuses ?  Of course they will.  They have been good little hackers of people, both good and bad.  Good deeds need to be rewarded.

This is so telling ! Jobs offered to Occupy Portland nuts but not a single taker.

When times are hard and gruelling, people are able to believe in anything to give them hope and peace. Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Alexandria. Who can say for sure that it's real or not ? If this gives the suffering Copts some relief, so be it.

h/t: Irene/SF/M

The kind of demented hierarchy the West bows down to as totally normal

Money rules the world in the maddest way possible.

...Prince Sultan was the seventh of the 36 sons of King Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, who united and founded Saudi Arabia in 1932. Like Nayef and the deceased former King Fahd, he was a member of the "Sudairi Seven," the powerful alliance of seven surviving sons of Abdul-Aziz and one of his wives, Princess Hissa Al Sudairi....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Open Letter from Phyllis Chesler

Open letter from Phyllis Chesler which is a must read.

Dear Good Liberal People Who Are Unconcerned With Occupy Wall Street’s Naked Anti-Semitism,

I am writing to you about a “contagious” and dangerous plague of “hatred” that threatens the survival of the Jews, the Jewish state, and of all civilization.

Even if you are not Jewish, even if you do not support Israel, you should see Gloria Greenfield’s Unmasked: Judeophobia. This film directly concerns you. It is the visual antidote to this false hatred, which visually through the internet, in films, in the media, emblazoned on t-shirts and signs at every rally (no matter the topic) scapegoats Jews for the world’s every sorrow. The Big Lies against the Jewish people — really, blood libels — are perpetrated and paid for by the very people who are committing the most horrifying crimes against their own people and humanity as a whole.

I’m with Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, whose words open this compelling and important film: afraid. For example, I have been told that very few Jews went uptown to confront the three day hate-fest against Israel which went on at Columbia in preparation for Israel Apartheid week. However, many New York City Jews and human rights activists of all ages are visiting or helping the Occupy Wall Street activists in Zucotti Park, perhaps an idealistic group which has unfortunately and increasingly been inundated with the hardcore Marxists who often display anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish slogans.

Wiesel never expected to see the return of anti-Semitism in his lifetime — and with such a vengeance...............

h/t: Pam

Shariah finance in Canada has to be put to sleep ... either painfully or painlessly

One year ago I had posted about the evil emitting from UM Financial, Canada.

Now, lo and behold they have gone into receivership. The people I would hold responsible for the bankruptcy of this shariahed institute would be not only the corporate heads but also the Ontario Department of Finance and possibly anybody else in the Federal govt's Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Canada who were complicit in issuing the licences for this entity to operate in shariah finance in a non-muslim country like ours. When you migrate to a Judea-Christian country, your financial transactions should be the kind used by the citizens of your new country. Shariah is not a practice in Canada.... you know where you can go if you have such needs !!

It's time for the Conservative Govt. of Stephen Harper to step up to the plate and dump shariah finance and all products linked to it.

Here are the numerous posts I kept churning out a year ago because even a novice like me, in financial matters more so, knew this was wrong and highly hypocritical.  Each and every Shariah product in Canada should be put to sleep for good. These products are not for us and instead of encouraging new muslim immigrants to assimilate and take on a Canadian identity, these products are doing just the opposite. Shariah finance and such stuff might be the done thing or the mandatory thing in muslim countries, not Canada. We are not yet a muslim country are we?  Let's try to keep our identity as a Judeo-Christian nation for as long as possible .... even against all odds.

Once again, let's watch the vid below to refresh our memories as to exactly what "shariah finance" means and entails. There are too many of us not aware of this evil practice and if we have to fight against the islamization of our lands, we HAVE TO learn about the numerous weapons of stealth jihad and how to deflect these often benign looking and usually invisible weapons of mass cunning.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In other news besides the death of a dictator

Simon Deng, former slave's message to  the Useless Nitwits conference. .

Unbelievable that french fries would be out of our reach if the govt. got it's way.  

Why is there an islamic history month in Canada and no month designated for Christian History, or Jewish History, or Buddhist History, or Hindu History, or Bah'aa History, or Zorastrian History or any of the multitude of other religions ?  Canada is on  the slippiest slope and going downhill at breakneck speed.

Shame on Israel says Dr.Pipes. Maybe the madness afflicting the countries around it has had a contagious effect. There are lots of people who think this was a fair exchange because it sort of  proves that one Israeli  life is worth 1027 of the worthless muzzies. That's missing the  point altogether.  It's a dangerous step that Israel has taken because now the IDF will be in much more danger than ever before.  Hamas will be keeping their eyes peeled to kidnap another soldier because Israel has shown that it can be blackmailed and is able to overturn the rulings of their court system not once but 1027 times. Total shame.

Slippery slope, Canada .... very slippery slope .... this needs to stop NOW !!

This has to come to a complete halt right now. Unbelievable! I had to pick my jaw from the floor after reading about this total  nonsense.   How can immigrants who entered Canada with the intent to become Canadian citizens still retain their rights to vote in elections in their old country? Also, that dual citizenship stuff is utter rubbish and it's about time Canada did away with it.  Either you come here to be a citizen of Canada or you stay put in the hellhole you hold so dear.  No two ways.  What irks me the most is that our politicians seem to think this stupid nonsense is fine and dandy.  Utter rubbish !!!!  Nothing but !!!

....Canada let citizens of 12 countries so far this year cast absentee ballots. Canada has even, in the rare case of Iraq's post-war elections, let a country's citizens vote in Canadian locations outside diplomatic missions.

But the diplomatic note drew the line clearly at that. It said Canada, as a matter of policy, "will continue to refuse requests by foreign States to include Canada in their respective extra-territorial electoral constituencies." The department also won't let foreign governments establish political parties or conduct election campaigns in Canada, the note said.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird released a statement Sept. 22, saying that "No one should represent Canada—or a part of Canada—as a constituency in a foreign elected assembly." The policy, he reasoned, is "a matter of Canadian sovereignty." ....

via: CIR

NATO and the UN's aggression in Libya is vomit inducing

Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of NATO because Qatar and other Sunni nations are with NATO in the  offensive against Gadhafi, are propagandizing on a daily basis that either one or more of the Gadhafi family have been either killed or captured. If you were to keep a tally then you would think that Gadhafi had more than 100 children and most of them have JesusChrist-like heavenly powers as they keep coming back from the dead. At least make the damn propaganda somewhat believable ! Today, it's Gadhafi himself lying in the coffin... if you were in a frame of mind to believe that mouthpiece. These tactics are becoming more like the story about the "boy who cried wolf" ... when it really happens nobody will believe the NATO propagandists and that would serve them right.  Deadbeats, to the very last count, every last one of them.

More on the "non-death" of Gadhafi from a non-NATO mouthpiece here   I am more inclined to believe.

In order to be rid of Gadhafi and his family, how can normal human beings, if they have an iota of conscience, even think of making excuses for NATO for bombing the country and it's innocent population? If Obama and his gang can send drones to kill American citizens in other countries, why was it difficult to hire hitmen to get Gadhafi and his family.  That entire clan were fond of travelling outside Libya all round the year and were easy targets for the worst of snipers.  You know that you are left with no other conclusion than the one staring you in the face.  NATO, especially France and the UK wanted their hands on Libyan oil and other resources.  We look down on looters during riots, however, when entire nations are doing the same we seem to give them a pass.

The news that I find most disturbing is the disappearance of hundreds of orphans and children from Tripoli and other cities. Rumors have been flying around that these kids were sold to porn lords for the entertainment or sale to paedophiles. If that rumor turns out to have even a grain of truth ... then Canada is complicit in this tragedy because we are flying over the Libyan skies with NATO. 

Where are these children now???  On his tweeter page, the Telesur reporter said that “several sources have affirmed that the 105 children were taken out of the country in a ship that could be Turkish, French or Italian....

The Telsur reporter referred to above is the Cuban TV reporter and journalist Rolando Segura reporting on his blog, with lots of pics, about the suffering going on in Libya, courtesy of NATO.  Don't you wish that Canada was not involved in this mess ?   What was the govt of Canada thinking ???   When Obama says "jump" our overlords, from all the parties in Canada, seem to be asking "how high?"

More on Libya here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rick Perry's Texan school kids being taught how to secede from the USA and join up with Mexico

What other objective can there be when kids have to sing the Mexican national anthem in their classrooms. Hard to believe eh!! Is it hard to believe that the most number of muslims in the USA reside in Texas?  Why do you suppose that is ?

Change the old-fashioned ideas you had about Texas and Texans just like we have to think anew of Alberta and especially Calgary over here in Canada. North America is going to the invaders in one big deluge and no sandbagging is gonna help keep the tidal wave at bay.

Move along now .... everything's honky dory .... just sing kumbaya

and leave it in God's hands. That's it !!!

Five men in their twenties, described as French-Moroccan Muslims, are being questioned by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and by officials of the Department of Homeland Security after they were arrested inside the 120 year old Bexar County Courthouse in downtown San Antonio shortly before 2 this morning, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Officials say three of the men crawled through a window to get into the 120 year old Courthouse, which is a landmark in downtown San Antonio, and theother two were found in a van parked in front of the building.

Inside the van, officials say they found "photographs of infrastructure" including photos of shopping malls, water systems, courthouses and other public buildings which they say were taken in cities nationwide.....

via: Drudge

Canada leads the way in the fight against terrorism

....The bill will take aim at the financial sponsors of terror who are rarely prosecuted successfully in criminal proceedings. By harnessing the additional possibility of civil lawsuits, the proposed legislation will open a vital avenue in interdicting and defeating terrorist funding. For unlike suicide bombers, the financial enablers of terrorism seek neither exposure nor martyrdom. They fear transparency and exposure, and are rendered vulnerable to both through civil suits. Civil action can hold them accountable by allowing seizure of their assets; exposing them to public scrutiny and preventing them from accessing Canada’s financial system. This bill will provide both accountability and deterrence – in a court of law.

C-CAT cofounder Maureen Basnicki, who husband was murdered on 9/11: “The Prime Minister is to be lauded for following through on his 2008 and 2011 election platform promises to bring this measure forward. Having just marked the tenth anniversary of that terrible day, I believe this decennial year is a truly appropriate time to enact this measure which will help frame this government’s legacy as an unyielding foe to terror and a stalwart advocate of its victims.”

C-CAT cofounder Danny Eisen who lost his cousin on Flight 11 on 9/11: “The justice we are seeking here does not require even a single bullet or a theatre of war – just a vote in Parliament and a court of law. That vote in parliament is now within 100 sitting days of becoming a reality.”

Cartoons on the cartoons of "Operation Occupy"

If only the occupiers' brains were also occupied with some coherent thought processes !!  We can hope, can't we?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Other stuff of interest

HAHAHHAH Hacker changes electronic road sign in Winnipeg.

BBC's reporter smuggles herself into Syria's Homs armed with a camera and gets to see a city and talk to the citizens.

Chavez likely has only two years to live.

The curse of multiculturism and diverstiy pushed on Russia and others. ...This bit of multiculti showbiz was ginned up by the City of Paris and the U.S. Embassy—which has gone so far as to lend the Stars And Stripes (see right) to the islamopropaganda—along with (what a surprise) Harvard University.The Institut's website says the Festival has been "organized through a partnership (réalisé en partenariat )between the City of Paris, the United States Embassy in France and Harvard University." Such réalisations always cost you money....

United Kingdom gone the muzzie way ... a photo tour

An excellent article at FrontPageMag from one of the GatesofVienna bloggers.  Yes, it is heartbreaking to see this once powerful #1 nation of the world going the way of the cavemen.  At the same time, you can't help but feel scorn for the wimps known as Englishmen. How could they let this happen?

This pic is from the ROP website titled "Not everyone in Britain seems ready to embrace dhimmitude. Here, an older Englishman tries to hang onto his flag even as his country slips away. "

When I arrived in London in September it had been more than forty years since I had last spent any time in the city. If I hadn’t kept up with recent events through my British contacts, the changes would have been startling indeed.

The most popular tourist spots appear much the same, and the commercial areas are still thronged with shoppers. No matter where you go, however, the presence of Islam makes itself felt. With the rapid increase in the Muslim population over the past decade, the capital of Britain has moved that much closer to becoming an Islamic city.

The process of Islamization is not always as obvious as in this poster, which appeared one morning last July at a bus shelter on the corner of Mission Grove and Carisbrooke Road, in the Waltham Forest area of East London...................

5Feet brightened up my doldrums-heavy day today

....In broken English, he asked my friend what he did for a living.

“When I told him I was a journalist, his face lit up. Then my wife found out he’d thought I’d said ‘janitor’ and was really impressed.”

My friend wanted help with his first garden, so he kept his mouth shut.

Now even our neighbours down south know about Huron University College's stupidity and stealth jihad

Cringe, cringe !!

Huron University College (HUC) in Ontario announced Friday morning the appointment of Ingrid Mattson, a professor at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut and former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), as the first London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at its Faculty of Theology.

The move validates widespread concern, as revealed in this Campus Watch article by Canadian journalist Barbara Kay and a letter from concerned faculty and friends at HUC, both published in May, that the support of several Islamist groups in funding the chair would lead to the appointment of a radical Islamist as the first holder. In Ingrid Mattson, the funders' wishes have been fulfilled....

How Muslim immigrants bring their horrid culture and ideology of hate to our lands

I know that the story below was reported on many blogs some weeks ago. However, I am posting it here for record keeping and also trying to clean up all my pending mail. This story is extremely important in order to gage the extent that the muslim immigrants will go to, to inflict pain and blackmail on other muslim immigrants whom they suspect of losing their muslimness or assimilating with the folks of their new country.  90% or more of muslim immigrants DO NOT AND NEVER WILL think of their new country as their own. Do we have to bear this horrid culture because of the 10% or less who might assimilate with the rest of us?  What utter madness !!  Why are our politicians such total wimps ???   Why can't we have these cavemen immigrants sign a document before they set foot on our soil that any number of things that they presume are normal and sane and we think are cavemen mentality and criminal, will result in their immediate deportation?  Can our limp-wristed politicians at least do that ??

A certain Arab author by the name of Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, an immigrant to the U.S. from Iraq, was attacked on August 14, 2011, by Muslims in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. They stabbed him and carved a Star of David onto the flesh of his back. His crime? He published an Arabic language poem titled “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust” on the website The poem expressed his love for the Jewish people and his sorrow over their fate in the Holocaust. The Muslim community in which he lived was outraged by this thought crime. He was called an infidel and received many threats for articulating his taboo feelings for the Jewish people. Alienated from the Muslim community, he continued to write his poetry, which contained the same themes which so upset his fellow Muslims.

In broad daylight and heavy traffic on Aug. 14, Alsaegh paid the price for expressing love for the Jews. And it happened in the streets of St. Louis, right here in the heart of America. Author and courageous freedom fighter Nonie Darwish describes the horrific event:
As he was driving at 10:30 in the morning on Compton St. near Park Ave., a small white car cut him off and hit his car, while another car stopped behind him. The occupants of the cars, some of whom wore security guard-type uniforms, quickly entered Alsaegh’s car, pointing a gun at him. They pushed his upper body down against the steering wheel, stabbed him and pulled off his shirt to expose his back. Then, with a knife, they carved the Star of David on his back while laughing as they recited his pro-Jewish poem..........

Do we really and truly need this program ....

especially when we are still in a recession and likely to remain so for years, and more so when so many Canadians are unemployed and willing to take up employment at salaries that a few short years ago we scoffed at ?

We must call for our overlords to throw such programs on the junk heap, at least for now,  and perhaps salvage them years from now when Canadians themselves are feeling more confident in themselves and the economy. It's unthinkable that the govt. would throw good money on non-Canadians when we ourselves need it the most.

What a waste of money and a waste of jobs that Americans or Canadians would fill gladly and immediately during this dire period of  hopelessness !   ...Critics of J-1 visas are using the incident to argue that the exchange program, created during the height of the Cold War to spread American values abroad, is now being exploited by employers who want cheap labor. (Employers save on Social Security and other taxes when they employ temporary foreign workers.)....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Italy's cops better find this destroyer or their name is mud

The masked man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary is probably a muzzie or a violent atheist. Shame on the Roman Catholic Italy for letting this atrocity happen in their city. Will this man be found, arrested and charged or has the entire Catholic nation of Italy turned into wimps ?  Where are the mafia dons when you need them !!
BTW, can you spot the Arabic scarf wearing protestor ?  Italy, and especially Rome is teeming with muslims.  Talk about suicidial tendencies !!! 

h/t: Irene

Sassying with the werewolf in Toronto

Canadian bloggers BlazingCatFur and SassyWire sauntered over to the Labor Unions-instigated protests and Sassy showed how sweet and nice she can be with wolves when they are in suits. Go to first link for more vids and pics on the protests going on in Canadian cities.... each and every one a result of incitement and instigation and covertly funded by Labor Unions, both Canadian and American.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

News bytes from here and there

No more spitting on the generosity of Canada and Canadian values. No sirreeee !!! The Canadian government is due to revoke the citizenship of some Lebanese, who have obtained their citizenship in fraudulent ways and have intentionally misrepresented their residence in the country, a government official said Wednesday. “The Government of Canada is in the process of revoking the citizenship of approximately 2,000 citizens including some Lebanese,” Jack Branswell, an officer at the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada told The Daily Star.

Glenn Beck has his say re. the Labor Unions-incited protests.

As one ponders the fate of Yousef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor on death row for refusing to renounce Christianity, it is well to reflect that, for all the talk that Islam is perpetually "misunderstood," it is actually immensely predictable and consistent; not only do its patterns cross time and space, but their manifestations are often identical. Consider: Muslims have no qualms proudly declaring the particulars of their religion for all and sundry to hear—no matter how absurd or how it reflects on them or Islam. Thus talk about the legitimacy of adult "breast feeding," pedophilia as marriage, insistence that the earth is flat, commands not to yawn (lest Satan flies down one's throat), the salutary effects of drinking prophet urine, the need to execute the "infidel" Mickey Mouse, and any number of other oddities and perversities are regularly evoked by Islam's sheikhs and clerics throughout the Muslim world.....

I am posting this Sep 18 article from the Toronto SUN re. the "slippery slope" of prayers in schools, because you just gotta read the comment from "Leafyankee".  

TheOtherMcCain writes about how some of Palin's biggest supporters took it on the chin from Palin haters and continued with their support for Palin without missing a step.

Michelle or Michael. Obama knows best or maybe his teleprompter does.

Shame on Syria. The youngest known convicted prisoner of conscience in the world is a Syrian citizen. Her name is Tal al-Mallouhi, and she has been in prison since she was seventeen years old.....

h/t: CIR /Irene/Simon/RO

Fox News turns against Christians in Egypt ...

why else would they sympathize with the Egyptian army responsible for  butchering and running over Christians in Cairo????   Most probably their news items have to be approved by the office of their biggest shareholder.... their Saudi Arabian overlord and master.

The right-wingers spread their wings only to have their enemies  cut them down with even the bluntest of weapons and with maximum ease.  Sad to see FoxNews network giving in to the evil side. SAD !!!

There was no need to tell us that: ...One soldier collapsed in tears as ambulances rushed to the scene to take away the injured....

That is called "stealth sympathy bot" purposely inserted within an article to show that the news item is speaking for both sides.  The speaking should have been on behalf of  one side and one side only.... the Coptic Christians,  tortured and suffering endlessly at the hands of  Egyptian muslims whether they be in the army or not.

FoxNews ... it's downhill for you from now on.... not only because of your stealth sympathy towards the Egyptian army, but also because you have not cared much about showing American disgust and anger at the Egyptian army and Egyptian muslims butchering Christians.  By refraining from so doing, you have sided with the butchers of Christians.  It will not be forgotten.

Goodbye islamized FoxNews.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can Obama win a second term?

Dr. Thomas Sowell thinks it's possible.
Remember how the loudmouthed said that if Sarah Palin runs against Obama, then he would win hands down?  Now that she has been banished to the Alaskan cold, are the chances of "anybody but Palin" winning the WH from the snake oil salesman any better?  The one person who had a fighting chance against the powerful leftish machine which is an endowment of Obama and gang. was ridiculed and criticized into acqueising to the wishes of the stupidly gullible but spitefully malicious multitude who wanted her out.
Well ... I hope they will be happy seeing their country fully destroyed by 2016.

Go to RightScoop to read comments

Regarding Libya ... just in case you want to know

Check out the "courageous" NATO-Libyan army. Look, look at those lovely checkered scarves, symbol of pally supporters. Gotta love the Al-Qaeda sense of style.. even in battle. But, don't you dare criticize our buddies-in-war.... don't you dare forget Canada stands with these guys.

Oh ... that reminds me. It's rumored that some of our pilots over the Libyan skies have refused to bomb civilian residential areas. Good for them. That's Canadian commonsense ... as Charles Adler would say.

More rumors are floating around that the pro-Gadhafi ordinary folks are taking up arms and have already taken back parts of Tripoli. Oh, oh .... what's the good NATO to do now???? tsk, tsk.

How do we know that the NATO partners-in-crime are rabid fundamentalists? Glad you asked. Nice, eh?!!  You ain't seen nothing yet.

And, here's what Assange had to say about the UN mandate re. Libya. The Wikileaks guy, whether you like him or not, is often proven right.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Other stuff

What's Canada's national motto?

Eleven Atlanta teachers and administrators implicated in the state’s cheating investigation have been barred from the classroom in the first formal punishment in the high-profile scandal.

Obama the warlord sends troops to central Africa so the oil fields of South Sudan can be safeguarded. I hate it when I have to agree with my lefty friends that the USA is after oil and nothing else.

Iran training suicide bombers ?

Yes ...according to BahrainViews. However, don't forget to take anything and everything from muzzie lands with a sackful of salt.

The Iranian leaders, furious over the Saudi intervention in Bahrain and what they call crimes against the Shiites of that country, have openly created centers to recruit volunteers for suicide bombings against Saudi Arabia’s interests worldwide:

Several grand ayatollahs in Iran have issued a fatwa for Muslims to come to the aid of their Shiite brothers in Bahrain, who they claim are suffering horrific crimes from their government in collaboration with the Saudi armed forces. They further emphasized that the people of Bahrain have every right to demand freedom and their fair share from the state.....

Syria's sins coming to roost

What the "Arab spring" means in Syria. This article is definitely worth reading. Moreover, a commentor named Antoine, on comments page 6, is letting loose with listing after listing of the atrocities committed on Christians in Lebanon by Syria with Hezbollah's help and goes even further to name the victims.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm gonna buy something Hertz whenever I can

Well done Hertz ! Rules are supposed to be  for EVERYBODY ... irrelevant of race, color and what have you.

So ... this is why we don't see the plague of Plague

Good news.... and we didn't even know about it. Fascinating read.

.....In its day, the disease killed between 30 million and 50 million people — about 1 of every 3 Europeans. It came at the worst possible time — when the climate was suddenly getting colder, the world was in the midst of a long war and horrible famine, and people were moving into closer quarters where the disease could infect them and spread easily, scientists say. And it was likely the first time this particular disease had struck humans, attacking people without any innate protection.

"It was literally like the four horseman of the apocalypse that rained on Europe," said study lead author Johannes Krause of the University of Tubingen in Germany. "People literally thought it was the end of the world."

In devastating the population, it changed the human immune system, basically wiping out people who couldn't deal with the disease and leaving the stronger to survive, said study co-author Hendrik Poinar of McMaster University in Ontario......

h/t: MF

Alcoholism and promiscuity in Iran ??? Come on......not possible !

...The survey did not mention the sample size nor the age range of those questioned. Moghadam blasted the results as "bogus," and promised to leave his post if they were proven, presumably because it would mean that he had failed at his job.

"The report that 80 percent of males and females have relations goes against the moral fabric of our society," ILNA quoted the police chief as saying...........

The intentional folly of Obama and gang

With the likes of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, keeping themselves from going into a daze long enough to vote once again for the useless prez, Obama might get re-elected in order to destroy not only America but the world as we know it.  I am not a religious person, not by a long mile, but someone pious I met recently said something that has stuck, it's a line from the Bible that says "whom God wants to destroy, He will first turn them mad" or something to that effect. And, if nothing else, we are seeing a lot of madness all around us these days.

Shortly after 9/11, many thought it was imperative to teach about and promote the heroes of that deadly day. One such hero whose life and example we can never learn enough about was Rick Rescorla. Originally from England, he came to America and distinguished himself as an Army infantry officer in Vietnam. Later he became head of security at Morgan Stanley, and, after the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, he knew the terrorists would go after the Twin Towers again. He warned the authorities continually; moreover, he led regular evacuation drills between 1993 and 2001. On 9/11, he successfully led almost every Morgan Stanley employee out to safety. He himself did not make it. His last known words were, “As soon as I make sure everyone else is out.” He said those words to another Morgan Stanley employee who had yelled to him that he had to get out too. Rick Rescorla’s remains were never found.

Rick’s life was not wasted; he saved a lot of people. But if the government had listened to him before 9/11, he would have saved even more. Rick was somebody who should have been posted at the top of our intelligence community, but he wasn’t. Today, we are still not listening to the most creative and prophetic thinkers among us. One of them is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum on Democracy. He is the intellectual Rick Rescorla of our day.

Dr. Jasser, a practicing Muslim, is a physician and former lieutenant commander in the Navy — someone who, like Rick Rescorla, served his country with distinction, and continues to do so both in his medical practice and in his public warnings and teachings about the dangers from radical Islam. One of his efforts has been to confront members of Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who continually denigrate America. Jasser’s view is that we should promote the virtues of American freedom and tolerance, which American Muslims enjoy, and should also publicize the way our efforts abroad have given freedom to Muslims in other countries.............

via: FamilySecurityMatters and ACTforAmerica

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The trickery of the pallies .... did they teach these monkey tricks to the CBC or vice versa ?

Anything is possible with both the pallies and the CBC. Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah, Taqqiyah is the name of the game for both entities.

Another exposure .... literally ... by Honest Reporting.

Photojournalism Behind the Scenes [ITA-ENG subs] from Ruben Salvadori on Vimeo.

The Olive Garden experience ...

worth giving a miss.

via: Drudge

Latest on Syria and Libya

Will Obama and Hillary add Syria  to their list of failures, like they did with Egypt?  Yes, they will.

Egypt is killing Christians, something that only Mubarak had been able to keep the mad muzzies from doing on the scale we are seeing now.   In Syria, it's the Assad govt. that is holding the nuts there from murdering Christians. If Assad's govt is overthrown, what's happening in Egypt will happen in Syria.... I am willing to bet any amount of money on that foregone logical conclusion. Any takers????

By now, we should know that our kind of democracy will never ever take root in even one of the blasted muslim countries. By now, we know that the guys we thought were dictators, were actually Mafiaso-kinda guys who managed to keep some semblance of law and order ... viz. Mubarak, Gadhafi, Assad. And yet we are willing and in fact raring to inflict more harm on those nations.  The Christians in Syria are going to become "collateral damage" very soon because NATO is bent on vanquishing Iran's allies in the Middle East before going after the big fish. Wait and watch.

The young journalist in the vid below has seen too many horrific things in Libya but I hope she will get over them and get on with her life. Wars mean  nothing but violence and death and we can pretty soon lose track of what's right and wrong.  The vid  will be removed by YouTube sooner than later ... wait and see. In a day or two YouTube will show a message saying "this video has been removed by it's owner. Sorry about that".  

Tens of thousands of Syrians thronged a main square of the Syrian capital and nearby streets Wednesday in a huge show of support for embattled President Bashar Assad, as he struggles to quell a seven-month-old uprising. Opponents charge such rallies are staged by the regime.

International pressure is building on Assad to step down over his regime's bloody crackdown on anti-government protests that the U.N. says has left nearly 3,000 people dead.

Wednesday's demonstration was intended to show that Assad still enjoys the support of many Syrians. The gathering was huge in comparison with frequent, almost daily anti-regime protests across the country since March which are often met by tear gas and gunfire from police and security forces.

Organizers said the Damascus rally was also meant to thank Russia and China for blocking a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Syria for its brutal crackdown. Their vetoes last week drew heavy criticism from the U.S...........