Saturday, December 26, 2009

There is probably much more than meets the eye.....

where the latest terrorist disaster was avoided. Here are some stories coming out from various sources. Wonder which ones tell the truth and which ones we can discard. (Emphasis mine)
via: Drudge With his wealth, privilege and education at one of Britain's leading universities, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab had the world at his feet – able to choose from a range of futures in which to make his mark on the world.
Instead, the son of one of Nigeria's most important figures opted to make his impact in a very different way, by strapping explosives to his leg – or even possibly implanting them in his thigh – and attempting to blow up a passenger jet as it came in to land over Detroit airport on Christmas Day. The high explosive was identified last night by the FBI as Pentaerythritol (PETN – a major component of Semtex).

NY Times      ABC News

This simply cannot be true. According to a witness the terrorist probably boarded without a passport. Heads will start to roll, if this claim turns out to be true.

Jasper Schuringa, modern day hero.

BostonHerald on how passengers fouled terror attack

I feel sorry for those muslims who hate these terrorists as much as the rest of us. I wish these muslims could stop saying their religion is peaceful and just give it up altogether and  convert to some other religion or become secular human beings. I know that if I was born into a muslim family, at the very first opportunity I would have converted to anything else just to wash myself from the ideology I was unfortunate enough to inherit from my parents.


  1. So, is it finally time to stop this stupid moral equivalence, politically correct "religion of peace" apologist nonsense and start PROFILING these abject morons at the airport? Label me racist all you want, as long as you can also label me alive at the end of my flight.

  2. Yeah - you can label me a "racist" too. I enjoy being one. Political correctness be damned, let the sissies wear it like a badge of honor, it is just a sign of cowardice and nothing else.


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