Saturday, November 23, 2019

60 Minutes Australia's documentary on Jeffrey Epstein ... the most hard-hitting I have seen to date

 Proof that Australia's 60 Minutes outfit has done an excellent job with this documentary can be evident from the number of views it has already had.  Posted just a week ago, I am betting it's going to the 3Million views pretty soon. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Some of my tweets from November 15 to 21

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Some of my tweets from November 8 - 14

Yawn!! It's just another coup, just like the countless USA wars, school shootings, workplace and places of worship shootings, etc.etc.

Everything boils down to the dying empire and its citizens going stark raving berserk and lashing out in any and all directions.  

The latest is the coup in Bolivia.  Granted, Evo Morales should have been advised a bit more intelligently by his supporters to let some other person from his party rise to the leadership and not try to win yet another term in office... his fourth.  However,  as both Evo Morales' party as well as the opposition parties failed to keep him from running, the only reasonable conclusion one can come to is that the opposition parties were confident that he wouldn't win.  But he did and whether it was rightly deserved fourth term or not, it's wrong to remove him now.  The world can see that but not the USA and other supporters of the opposition. 

Get ready to see the indigenous population of Bolivia get trod on by the new government.  It's a given. AND, it's already started as you can see from the stuff below.

Vijay Prashad at DissidentVoice
Bolivia Does Not Exist

On November 10, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales Ayma was removed from office. Technically Morales resigned, but the conditions for his resignation had been set by the Bolivian oligarchy (egged on for thirteen years by the United States government, as Noam Chomsky and I indicated in this statement the day before the coup). Having won re-election for the fourth time, Morales faced an open insurrection from his opponent – former president Carlos Mesa – who lost the election conclusively. A team from the openly hostile Organisation of American States (OAS) arrived and provided legitimacy for the coup with a report on the elections that was long on accusations and short on facts. Using this OAS report – fully backed by the United States – as justification, the police mutinied, and then the army (which had remained neutral) told Morales he had to resign. There was no choice.
A coup is a curious thing. Those who make the coup never admit that they have made the coup. They claim that they are restoring democracy or that they are taking extraordinary means to establish the conditions – eventually – for democracy. This is precisely why the definition of the events are so fraught. But all coups are not the same. There are at least two types of military coups – the General’s Coup and the Colonel’s Coup.....


Leonardo Flores at Grayzone
US and OAS overthrow another government: Behind The Coup Against Bolivia's Evo Morales

The United States and the Organization of American States can add another coup to their scorecards, even if U.S. media refuses to recognize it as such.
This time it was in Bolivia, where President Evo Morales was forced to step down on November 10, following weeks of pressure and extremist violence.
Morales resigned under duress in order to avoid bloodshed, and emphasized that his “responsibility as an indigenous president of all Bolivians is to prevent the coup-mongers from persecuting my trade unionist brothers and sisters, abusing and kidnapping their families, burning the homes of governors, of legislators, of city councilors… to prevent them from continuing to harass and persecute my indigenous brothers and sisters and the leaders and authorities” of the MAS (Movement towards Socialism, Morales’ political party).
His resignation has yet to take effect, as it must be approved by the legislature. This did not stop opposition party member Jeanine Añez, the senate’s second vice president, from declaring herself interim president, further proving that what’s happened is a coup.....


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Some of my tweets from November 1 - 7

Empty Planet ?

Who to believe????   Some experts insist on telling us that our Earth won't be able to sustain the exploding population.  On the other hand, other experts like the Canadian guys in the vid below have data that seem to show that our population growth has begun to shrink.  
Whatever ... quite an interesting vid.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Some of my tweets from Oct 28 - 31