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Canada, Multiculturism and Tarek Fatah

Appeasing the various gangs of multiculturism chips away at good commonsense laws. When a body's immune system is damaged, all sort of viruses and bacteria can invade the body and within no time at all, a healthy person can be bedridden. Canada's immune system has been ravaged by the disease of political correctness.
Tarek Fatah is back with a vengence. The month of May has been one busy month for the guy. Good to see him victorious over the big "C".

Tarek Fatah writing at the TorontoSun:
When the history of our troubled adjustment to a multi-racial western society is written, I hope the role of guilt-ridden, bleeding heart white liberals shall feature prominently.

The quintessential example of such a person is Cheryl Bormann, the American lawyer for accused jihadi Walid bin Attash, who is charged in the 9/11 terrorist attack on America.

Bormann came to court dressed in an exotic full body Arabian cloak with a head cover that befitted downtown Riyadh rather than Guantanamo. If her affront to America was not enough, she then asked the judge to order other women in the room to follow her example.

Cheryl Bormann is not alone. Closer to home we have Barbara Hall, the head of the notorious Ontario Human Rights Commission. At one time Hall’s commission was advised by an Islamist who came to work dressed in full-body Saudi attire. Supporting this sharia promoting civil-servant was a revolving cast of multicultural/Islamic commissioners, one an Imam, the other an admirer of Ayatollah Khomeni with the former head of the Canadian Arab Federation to complete the mix.

Last week Barbara Hall and her commissioners forced the Ontario government and the Toronto Police to agree to allow Sikhs to wear a ceremonial dagger, the kirpan, inside all public areas of Ontario’s courts. OHRC had been pursuing this case since 2006 when a female college student on a class trip to Old City Hall was refused entry because she was wearing a Sikh dagger and refused to take it off when asked to.

The “grievance” of this woman was taken up by the World Sikh Organization, who were helped by Hall’s staff and lawyers.

So scared are the rest of Ontarians and their political leadership of being called a racist that no one dares challenge this medieval edict that makes it mandatory for all baptized Sikhs to wear a dagger at all times to protect their “honour.”Kirpan is made of two words, kirpa (mercy) and aan (honour).

To give legal validation to a 17th century edict without discussing the merits of that edict in the 21st century, is to surrender our heritage of rationalism and reason to that of medieval religion, be it Islam, Sikhism or any other faith.

The order to Sikhs to wear the kirpan was made by the tenth Guru of the Sikh faith, Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 at a time when the Muslim armies of the Mughals were terrorising the nascent Sikh community of Punjab. Had I been alive then, I too would’ve worn a kirpan and fought with my Sikh brothers and sisters, so brutal were the Mughal warlords.

Today, the carrying of the kirpan carries no significance other than symbolic. Why then not just wear a tiny necklace-like symbolic dagger? Why the need for a 7.5 inch blade?............

Glenn Beck's TheBlaze has a nice long article on Tarek Fatah, the link also has Fatah on Steve Paikin's show talking about his book "The Jew is Not My Enemy"

Canadian political activist, author, columnist and practicing Muslim Tarek Fatah has been described as a liberal Marxist who stands firmly opposed to radicalism Islam. While he disagrees vehemently with American conservatives when it comes to the economy, he may surprise you when it comes to fighting radical Islam.

Recently, The Blaze interviewed Fatah, delving deeply into his views about President Barack Obama, the American left and the ongoing need to fight extremism.

You may recall our coverage last year of his address at Canada’s Ideacity conference. During his speech, the practicing Muslim bravely proclaimed that “the religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a fascist force.” Additionally, he made some bold claims about the American government...........

Home grown Canadian ghoul

Wonder where this particular ghoul is hiding. The detectives on this case would do well to inform their counterparts in major cities of Canada and the USA to extend their search to sadomacohist joints. The clientele at these places would be only too willing to shelter this ghoul.

The latest news say this killer has flown to the EU.

A note attached to the package containing a severed foot sent to the Conservative Party warned the killer would strike again, according to a report.

The note, which arrived with the foot at the Tory headquarters in Ottawa on Tuesday also claimed that six body parts had been distributed, CTV reports. A hand was intercepted in Ottawa and a torso was discovered in a suitcase in Montreal.

"Canada Post and the police are now working, trying to find those ... other missing body parts," said the news organization's Ottawa Bureau Chief, Robert Fife.

“And that note also said that the suspect indicated he would kill again, and that is why the police are trying to find him, and fast. Police say there is no political motivation behind this, this was the work of a madman."

The news comes after police announced a porn star linked to Karla Homolka and horrific online videos is a suspect in a grisly Montreal slaying, in which body parts were mailed to political addresses.....

More and  more.

Sugar Nazi Bloomberg

In a contest for the "Most Looniest Mayor"  ... this madcap will win hands down.

New York City plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts, in the most ambitious effort yet by the Bloomberg administration to combat rising obesity.

The proposed ban would affect virtually the entire menu of popular sugary drinks found in delis, fast-food franchises and even sports arenas, from energy drinks to pre-sweetened iced teas. The sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee, and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March.

The measure would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks like milkshakes, or alcoholic beverages; it would not extend to beverages sold in grocery or convenience stores.

“Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands saying, ‘Oh, this is terrible,’ ” Mr. Bloomberg said in an interview on Wednesday in the Governor’s Room at City Hall.

“New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something,” he said. “I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.” ...............

h/t: Irene

You have heard of "Chinese Torture", but have you heard of "Sesame Street Torture"?

Live and learn.  Isn't  it fun  living in this mad, mad, mad, mad world?! 

Guantanamo Bay prisoners were reportedly tortured with the sounds of children’s Sesame Street songs, in an attempt to get them to talk-
Al Jazeera reports that Thomas Keenan, a human rights researcher, explained that:

“Prisoners were forced to put on headphones. They were attached to chairs, headphones were attached to their heads, and they were left alone just with the music for very long periods of time. Sometimes hours, even days on end, listening to repeated loud music.”

Christopher Cerf, the award-winning composer of the songs used to torture prisoners at both Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, was shocked when Al Jazeera broke the news to him that his music was being exploited in such a way. He stated that:

“My first reaction was this just can’t possibly be true…Of course I didn’t really like the idea that I was helping break down prisoners, but it was much worse when I heard later that they were actually using the music in Guantanamo to actually do deep, long-term interrogations and obviously to inflict enough pain on prisoners so they would talk.”.............

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Good riddance.... Pentecostal pastor meets his end

In the name of religion, many loonies loom.  Yup.. I will be the first to admit that the various branches of Christianity have their weirdos too.  But, they are nowhere as nutty as the muzzies and not a single one thirsts for human blood like the muzzie murderers do.

A "serpent-handling" West Virginia pastor died after his rattlesnake bit him during a church ritual, just as the man had apparently watched a snake kill his father years before.

Pentecostal pastor Mark Wolford, 44, hosted an outdoor service at the Panther Wildlife Management Area in West Virginia Sunday, which he touted on his Facebook page prior to the event.

"I am looking for a great time this Sunday," Wolford wrote May 22, according to the Washington Post. "It is going to be a homecoming like the old days. Good 'ole raised in the holler or mountain ridge running, Holy Ghost-filled speaking-in-tongues sign believers." .....

Muslim Bros eying Jordan

Syria is almost in their hands so now they eye Jordan.  And, why not.  They have lotta help from the USA's muslim prez and his witchy sidekick. Their endorsement to whatever the Muslim Bros want to do is a clear given and thus we will see more and more islamists gaining power in the Middle East. The Muslim Bros will solidify their power in that region and the next step will be to unleash their sleeper cells here for forcefully introducing Shariah laws thus crippling our own Western laws and then slowly but surely bringing on the Caliphate. The writing is all too clear for those not wilfully blind to read it.  The map is clearer than Google's best effort.... and yet we are not willing to embark on the battle to keep muslim immigrants out of  Western countries and especially out of Canada.

Is it too difficult to announce that all muslim immigration is halted for Canada?  Will the world come to an end if Immigration Minister Jason Kenney makes the announcement tomorrow?  Will a huge comet come and devastate the entire land mass known as Canada if we halt  muslim immigration to this country?

Khaled Abu Toameh writes at GatestoneInstitute:
Jordanian government officials say there are growing signs that the kingdom's powerful Muslim Brotherhood organization has plans to overthrow the regime.

The organization, according to the officials, has succeeded in hijacking the anti-corruption and pro-democracy protests that have swept Jordan over the past year.

Today, most of the anti-regime demonstrations throughout the kingdom are being initiated and led by Muslim Brotherhood supporters whose goal is to turn Jordan into an Islamic republic.

Many Arabs feel that President Barack Obama's endorsement of the Muslim Brotherhood has emboldened the Islamists and increased their appetite to drive moderate and secular rulers out of the Arab world.

King Abdullah has good reason to be worried about the Muslim Brotherhood's efforts to hijack the pro-reform drive in the kingdom. This concern was reportedly one of the main reasons that the monarch replaced Prime Minister Awn Khasawna -- a staunch supporter of rapprochement with Muslim Brotherhood and its Palestinian sister-movement, Hamas -- a few weeks ago.

In a bid to appease the anti-corruption and pro-democracy campaigners, King Abdullah has also taken a number of unprecedented measures against a number of senior government officials suspected of embezzling public funds and abusing their powers. The king has replaced three prime ministers since the "Arab Spring" began and has thrown a number of former officials into prison, but all this has not satisfied the Muslim Brotherhood.

What is clear by now is that no matter how much the king does to fight corruption and implement reforms, the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to argue that this is not enough......

The Solar Eclipse made them do it.... muzzies on an intense 3-day killing spree

I say the muzzies are not to be blamed.  All the killing that followed after the solar eclipse was because the Great Satan alongwith the Little Satan went to the sun and fired solar flares into muzzie peanut-sized brains. The longer the range, the better the accuracy to find those peanuts.  And, look folks, Pakistan has the most number of pea-sized brains.

2012.05.26 Iraq Badush  Three Iraqis are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.

2012.05.26 Pakistan Kharan  A 12-year-old boy and his uncle are brutally shot to death by suspected Muslim radicals.

2012.05.26 Nigeria Yobe  Two men are gunned down in their own homes by Islamic extremists.

2012.05.26 Kenya Dadaab Eight people suffer shrapnel injuries when al-Shabaab militants toss grenades into a refugee camp.

2012.05.26 Nigeria Maiduguri A local politician is assassinated by Boko Haram.

2012.05.25 Pakistan Kazi Ahmed Islamic 'separatists' murder seven passengers on a civilian bus.

2012.05.25 Pakistan Sukkur Two women are murdered by family members over sex

2012.05.25 Thailand Narathiwat Four Islamic militants ambush and murder a local cop.

2012.05.25 (Helmand, Afghanistan) - Sunni radicals kill three Afghans with two bombs.

2012.05.25 (Hazm, Yemen) - A woman and her three children are among eighteeen killed when an al-Qaeda suicide bomber plows into a crowd of Shiites.

2012.05.25 (Kazi Ahmed, Pakistan) - Islamic 'separatists' murder seven passengers on a civilian bus.

2012.05.24 (Galkayo, Somalia) - Radicals throw a grenade into a rival mosque, killing at least two.

2012.05.24 (Killi Chakar, Pakistan) - Militant Sunnis take down a Shiite in a targeted attack.

2012.05.24 Pakistan Lahore A Shiite is shot to death by Sunnis.

2012.05.24 Pakistan Kohat Terrorists kill a bystander with a bomb placed near a bus stop.

Trouble in growth-focused Africa ... thanks to the Religion of Pieces

Knowledgable blog penned by Matthew Tostevin, Reuters general manager for Africa. However, as usual, like most journalists do either outright or subtly, Tostevin too tries to suggest that poverty in the muslim communities turn them towards radicalism. These journalists never once venture into stating that it's lack of non-religious education that's keeping muslims in the cavemen era not poverty. His blog is dated Oct 2011. Since then we know how much more killing has happened in Africa.

Creeping from the periphery in Africa’s east and west, Islamist militant groups now pose serious security challenges to key countries and potentially even a threat to the continent’s new success.

The biggest story in Africa south of the Sahara over the past few years hasn’t been plague, famine or war but the emergence of the world’s poorest continent as one of its fastest growing – thanks to factors that include fresh investment, economic reform, the spread of new technology, higher prices for commodity exports and generally greater political stability.

Nigeria and Kenya, the most important economies in West and East Africa respectively, are pillars of the change in Africa as well as having the largest and most easily accessible markets for foreigners.

Both now face growing battles with Islamist groups; Kenya throwing troops into neighbouring Somalia in pursuit of al Shabaab fighters, Nigeria struggling with bombings and shootings by its homegrown Boko Haram sect.

Kenyan forces have pushed into southern Somalia to drive back al Qaeda-linked militants blamed by Nairobi for a string of border incursions and kidnappings, including the abductions of foreign tourists from coastal resorts which have damaged one of Kenya’s most important industries.

Shabaab has in return called for all out war on Kenya and “huge blasts” by its unknown number of supporters there. Grenade attacks this week have killed one person, wounded more than 20 and jangled nerves in Nairobi, where more than 200 people died in an al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. embassy in 1998.

Killings by Nigeria’s Boko Haram sect (whose name means Western education is sinful) had been largely confined to a remote corner of the semi-desert northeast and ignored by much of the country until bombings struck the capital Abuja a few months back. A suicide car bombing on the U.N. headquarters in August killed 24 people.

Boko Haram is now by far the biggest security headache for President Goodluck Jonathan in Africa’s most populous nation – which, if estimates of population and the Muslim-Christian balance are to be believed, might have more Muslims than any country in the Middle East....

The Best President that America has ever had ... according to numbskulls on the Left

If so, then definitely the Best President ever, The Most Intelligent President ever, The Most Articulate President ever, couldn't have made this gaffe unless his knowledge about Auschwitz and occupied Poland under the Nazis was minimal to say the least.  For a Prez of the USA, not to know that?  That's horrible !!

...Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk angrily demanded Wednesday that President Barack Obama explain his reference to "a Polish death camp" during a high-profile White House ceremony a day earlier, saying the remark smacked of " ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions" and amounted to "a distortion of history."

"When someone says 'Polish death camps,' it is as if there were no Nazis, no German responsibility, as if there was no Hitler - that is why our Polish sensitivity in these situations is so much more than just simply a feeling of national pride," the prime minister said.

Tusk bluntly rejected National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor's expression of "regret" for the remarks and acknowledgement that Obama "misspoke" as falling woefully short of making up for the mistake.....

What Syrian Girl has to say about Western propaganda media

Warning: Extremely graphic video.  Just listen, don't watch.

Selling of war is hard business. It requires the lying media, covert operations and above all it requires hardened murderers like Al Qaeda who have created the art of "shock" killing and fine-tuned it to perfection. Their skills are highly priced by warmongers in the West.

More of her messages here:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo dated 2003 of dead Iraqis is shown by BBC as dead Syrian kids from Houla

The BBC is a favorite slave of their Wahhabi masters. BBC = Bastards Bitches Corporation.  What are the chances that all this was hatched by our so-called leaders in the Chicago meeting?  What a scandal!  What a hoax!  What supreme propaganda on behalf of the worst kind of dictators in the Wahhabi nations!  Our Western leaders should hide their faces in shame.

Photographer Marco Di Lauro calls out the BBC for mislabeling one of his photos. At his facebook page he says:

"Somebody is using illegaly one of my images for anti shyrian propaganda on the BBC web site front page.
Today Sunday May 27 at 0700 am London time the attached image which I took in Al Mussayyib in Iraq on March 27, 2003 (see caption below) was front page on BBC web site illustrating the massacre that happen in Houla the Syrian town and the caption and the web site was stating that the images was showing the bodies of all the people that have been killed in the massacre and that the image was received by the BBC by an unknown activist. Somebody is using my images as a propaganda against the Syrian government to prove the massacre."

Al Musayyib, Iraq - May 27, 2003
An Iraqi Child jumps over a line of hundreds of bodies, in a school where they have been transported from a mass grave, to be identified. They were discovered in the desert.

Max Fisher writing at TheAtlantic:
We might never know who first entered this photo   into the social media currents, which sent it flying through Arabic- and English-language social networks (including my own Twitter account) until it landed on the BBC website's front page. Though it purportedly shows victims of Saturday's massacre in the Syrian town of Houla, sourced from the anonymous "activists" who have provided so many similar images throughout the Arab Spring, in fact it is from Iraq and nearly a decade old.

Its actual photographer, Marco Di Lauro, fumed on his Facebook page that "somebody is using my images as propaganda." The photo, he explained, was taken in Iraq in May 2003, shortly after the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein. According to its original caption, it shows bodies being prepared for mass burial in the town of Musayyib, where they'd been killed in the early 1990s by Saddam's forces as punishment for a failed uprising.

It's easy to see why Di Lauro would be upset, but the BBC's error seems like an innocent one, and is in some ways an inevitable result of the changing ways in which international media cover conflict zones. Places such as Houla, where Syrian forces killed dozens of civilians including 32 children under the age of 10, are often too dangerous to cover first-hand. Even when journalists can make their way in, as with New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks' trip to Syria in February, the visit must be brief, and even the journey to and from can be enormously risky; Times reporter Anthony Shadid died on the trip. .......

TheAtlantic's Fisher reads only the American MSM and does not venture into other avenues thus making his reporting insipid and half-assed. 

I always used to dismiss the stuff from PrisonPlanet as just conspiracies but of late they are being proven accurate in many areas....much more than the MSM.

All-knowing NATO and the UN readying to play God

At least, we the ordinary people, don't side with those who killed 3000 innocents on 9/11 and continue killing innocents to date. Let our governments tango with Al Qaeda and do the cha-cha with the Muslim Bros when they get in the mood for the vampiric sucking of  blood  from the milder  muslim dictators while hugging the worst of them.  Some of us, the less hypocritical citizens, will stay firm in our own convictions of Right and Wrong.

more here   and here.

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As if we didn't have a big problem with the muzzie invasion ...

now additionally we have to worry about this too. Just can't win.

vid via: FamilySecurityMatters

"Canada's Refugee Policy is a joke and the laugh's on the honest Canadian taxpayer"

I for  one totally agree. Something is broken somewhere. Refugees coming illegally into the country are costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and the Conservative govt. tries to keeps all that under wraps.

Trevor Lautens writing at NorthShoreNews: ...Having set foot on our soil, they are immediately entitled to full charter rights - a ridiculous ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada. Right away, these "refugees" naturally had to be housed and fed. Restaurants were reported to be providing them with their native foods. Within six months, the Toronto Sun calculated, the taxpayers' bill for the Sun Sea passengers was $25 million. Quite a bit more than a few shells fired from our warships.

This humbug has been going on for years. In 1994, the RCMP estimated that in the first half of the year, about one in six refugee applicants had been charged with or convicted of a crime. Bitter ideological (if not racial) disputes have divided the Immigration and Refugee Board, such as when its approval rate soared from 55 to 68 per cent after appointment of a deputy chairman who had been president of the Canadian branch of Amnesty International.

Gaming the system is commonplace even in the "legitimate" channels. Only in January the tough-talking Stephen Harper government confirmed that 22 per cent of Chinese applicants for skilled employment in Canada misrepresented their credentials or experience.

To be fair, allow Brownie points for the Conservatives' attempt to put some steel into our must-be-compassionate approach to anything where the word "rights" can be injected. Surprise: All opposition parties opposed it.

Why this travesty? The vested interests are huge. The bureaucracies thrive. Almost two years after the Sun Sea's arrival, three men have been charged after a vast, costly RCMP international investigation. Recently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave Thailand $12 million to combat such smuggling operations.

It's a joke, and the laugh's on the honest Canadian taxpayer......

via: CIReport

Mall fire in Qatar further proves that Wahhabis have lotta money but zero brains

What a shameful loss of  young lives.  No proper fire alarm system in the mall... just a tiny buzzer little louder than the buzz of a bee. Fucking idiots !!!  Corruption is rife in these Arabic countries. The contract for the construction and maintenance of the Qatari mall must have gone to a company that might have a British or American name but would be 50% owned by a local Qatari who in turn would have got the contract because of his lineage or bribes to the ass-kissers around the rulers. Moreover, the Qatari owner would insist that the employees are all Qatari nationals ... need I say more?

 ....Christine Wigton, an American who moved to Doha last year,    told CNN she was walking in the mall planning to buy some takeout shortly after 11 a.m. when she heard a buzzing noise. "As I walked back to where I had parked and heard a buzzer, not very loud, and a little bit of smoke, it looked like a store had had a small fire," she said.

"When I got a little bit closer I realized the smoke was just increasing and people were still shopping. And the smoke kept getting heavier and heavier."

Elementary school-age children were eating at some of the restaurants and no one evacuating, she said. "There were no sprinklers and there was nothing that would tell somebody that something was wrong."

Finally, the smoke became "too much, and I put my cardigan around my mouth" and went out to the parking lot. "My throat was burning," she said.

The mall advertises itself as "the newest and the largest entertainment center in Doha," with gondola rides, a 13-screen movie theater, a theme park, a skating rink, an artificial sky, restaurants and a bowling alley.....

United Church ... totally delusional and full of taqqiyah

taqqiyah = shit

Here's part of the report from the devil worshippers at the United Church: .... "Simply put, Israel is maintaining a harsh occupation that must end so peace can emerge. The occupation is damaging both Palestinians and Israelis. The occupation is being implemented by a democratic country and sustained and supported by Western governments, including Canada's," says the report. ........

Here's part of the response from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (IEJ)
...A longstanding disagreement over United Church statements on Israel burst into the open last week with Jewish leaders slamming a report by the church’s working group on Israel/Palestine.

The report contains “elements that are obscene to Jews,” it “trivializes the Holocaust,” questions Israel as a Jewish state, calls for a boycott and unfairly singles Israel out for condemnation while ignoring the plight of Christians around the world, said Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

The report also distorts history, and focuses on Israeli settlements as an obstacle to peace, ignoring several Israeli evacuations of settlements and withdrawals as part of bids for peace, he said.

The document will be debated and voted on at the church’s 41st General Council in August, which means it could be adopted as official church policy.

Forgel was particularly incensed with the document’s reference to the Holocaust. The working group stated that “the deepest meaning of the Holocaust was the denial of human dignity to Jews.” That statement was quickly followed by one lamenting the “loss of dignity” of the Palestinians, which the document asserts is due to Israeli occupation.....

h/t: Pam

Why there is a Christian exodus from the Middle East, including from Jerusalem

If you thought the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land was to do with the eternal scapegoats the Jews, you are, as usual, mislead by the leftish press and the leftish "60 Minutes" programme that was aired recently.

The link below has a radio show worth listening to if you want an indepth look into what's going on.

... So just why have scores of Arab Christians been fleeing Palestinian areas? Is it due to Israeli settlements and checkpoints, like 60 Minutes claimed? Or is there another more pivotal reason for their flight? And what is behind the dwindling Christian communities in the neighboring Arab countries?...

h/t: Pam

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Claire Lopez on the Religion of Pieces and the Pact of Umar

From the vid description:
Clare Lopez is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and The Clarion Fund. She is co-author of Shariah: The Threat to America with a strategic policy focus on Iran. She is a member of newly-formed Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security with a focus on EMP threat. She is a strategic policy & intelligence expert with a focus on national defense, Islam, Iran, & counterterrorism issues.

To learn more about the Pact of Umar go here.

These are some of the items listed in the document, this is what the dhimmis had to sign to and agree to obey in order to live with muzzies.

We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.

We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.

We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy, nor bide him from the Muslims.

We shall not teach the Qur'an to our children.

We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.

We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.

We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the qalansuwa, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair. We shall not speak as they do, nor shall we adopt their kunyas.

We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our- persons.

We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.

We shall not sell fermented drinks.

We shall clip the fronts of our heads.

We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists

We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall use only clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets. We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.

We shall not take slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.

We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims. .................

h/t: Simon

Saudi Arabia: "Our donkeys will be in the Olympics, not our women.'

Get ready to see donkeys in white gowns and red-checkered scarfs at the Olympics. Ugh. What I wouldn't give for a TV screen that warned people well in advance of upcoming vomit-inducing scenes which are more yucky than those we are normally warned about.

The board discussed the situation at length during a meeting in Quebec on Thursday that was their last chance to impose sanctions on the Middle East country but it broke without any progress having been made.

The IOC is now hoping it will be able persuade the Saudis to change their attitude on the issues, with a source saying “we are still optimistic the country will send female athletes to London”.

However, their approach is bound to provoke an angry reaction from international human rights groups.

The meeting on Thursday was supposed to represent the final deadline for Saudi Arabia to agree to women being part of their London delegation or they would be in breach of the IOC’s charter.

This was to be the first Olympic Games to have women in every national delegation participating but the Saudis have consistently resisted calls to send a female delegation.

IOC president Jacques Rogge, in the final stages of his 12-year presidential term, wanted to send a clear statement about the role of women at the Games, promoting female boxing on the London 2012 programme.

But that ambition hit a snag earlier this year when the Saudi Olympic Committee president Prince Nawaf bin Faisal said he was “not endorsing” female participation in London as part of the country’s official delegation.....

Cynthia Farahat's testimony at the HRC in the House of Reps, USA

This vid is from late last year.

Wanna play the "Obama's Life History" game?

.... But have you been able to trace the lies?

Today’s question is—How does the president really feel about being named Barack Hussein Obama in America?

Does he

A) Think the American people are such hate mongers that they will ignore his incredible job performance because they are so uncomfortable with someone with a different sounding name?

B) Think America is the land of opportunity, and his parents specifically gave him a different sounding name because the American people simply don’t care about such surface issues?

C) Think his parents believed the country couldn’t handle a name as different as Barack, so they changed it to help him fit in?..........

Go to link to check how well you think you know the US Prez.

Raymond Ibrahim's testimony at the HRC in the House of Reps, USA

The vid is from late last year

Iran is playing deadly games while we watch without much caring

Iran's regime lies just like Hitler fooled the world with lies about his intentions.  History is for the birds, not for us... we are too smart to be fooled by those stupid history lessons, right?

... Iran's nuclear chief said Sunday there are no reasons at the moment for his country to halt production of uranium enriched to 20 percent, a key demand of world powers, and Iran is planning two new reactors.

The West is concerned that the 20-percent enrichment could quickly be turned into nuclear weapons-grade material. Iran insists its nuclear development program is for peaceful purposes.

The nuclear chief, Fereidoun Abbasi, was quoted by the semiofficial ISNA news agency as saying that Iran will continue the higher enrichment level for a medical research reactor that produces isotopes for treatment of about 1 million cancer patients in Iran....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

More fragrant bouquets from the Religion of Peace

The clear winner in this 4-day killing contest is Yemen with 100 points, runner-up  is Nigeria with 11 points and Iraq in third place with 9 points.

012.05.23 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Islamic militants shoot a businessman to death on the street.
2012.05.23 (Khawezai, Pakistan) - A woman and her young son bleed to death following a Religion of Peace mortar attack on their residence.
2012.05.23 (Ramadi, Iraq) - Sunnis manage to take down three Shia pilgrims riding on a bus.
2012.05.22 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) - Boko Haram bombers claim the lives of four innocents.
2012.05.22 (Baqubah, Iraq) - Two mothers and four children are killed when two family homes are bombed by Sunni terrorists.
2012.05.21 (Sanaa, Yemen) - An al-Qaeda suicide bomber detonates amid a crowd of Yemeni soldiers, massacring about one-hundred.
2012.05.20 Nigeria Maiduguri Seven people are shot to death by Religion of Peace activists near a mosque.
2012.05.20 Pakistan Karachi A 70-year-old Shiite man is taken out in a targeted attack by Sunni gunmen.
2012.05.20 Afghanistan Tirin Kot Two children are among four people torn to shreds by a Religion of Peace suicide bomber.

via: TROP


Oh oh ... lookee here all. Our ally in the war against "dictator" Gadhafi bans Christian service

I bet this will make our Foreign Affairs Minister pretty proud. He praised Kuwait along with the other wahhabi fucked up nations not too long ago. Time for more flowery praises for Kuwait, eh Minister John Braid??  Come on, come on ... let's hear the taqiyyah once more.

....The eviction of a Christian congregation from a private villa used for worship gatherings for the past seven years has some observers speculating whether Kuwait's Islamist politicians are beginning to actively target non-Muslim groups.

An American contractor for the U.S. Army in Kuwait, also a Christian, contacted The Christian Post in mid-April, saying that The Lighthouse Church (TLC) he attends was having difficulty renewing its lease. The man, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, said the lease was then suddenly terminated without explanation.

A villa church tied to the TLC congregation was later told by the landlord it had to pay an exorbitant fine each month to use a facility it had been renting, according to the Christian contractor. Church leaders reportedly decided not to argue and moved out.............

via: TROP

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback understands the meaning of stealth jihad

Think of this new bill banning islamic law as re-enforcing the boundary around your house only because the new neighbours, unlike the old neighbours,  don't respect your privacy nor your property. Maybe now the new neighbours will think twice before they venture towards your fruit trees to bend the branches and pluck the fruit ... while you were sleeping.

...Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill aimed at keeping state courts and agencies from using Islamic or other non-U.S. laws when making decisions, his office said on Friday, drawing criticism from a national Muslim group.

The law has been dubbed the "sharia bill" because critics say it targets the Islamic legal code. Sharia, or Islamic law, covers all aspects of Muslim life, including religious obligations and financial dealings. Opponents of state bans say they could nullify wills or legal contracts between Muslims.

Supporters said the law will reassure foreigners in Kansas that state laws and the U.S. Constitution would protect them. Opponents said it singled out Muslims for ridicule and was unnecessary because American laws prevail on U.S. soil.

Sherriene Jones-Sontag, a spokeswoman for the governor, said in an e-mail that the bill "makes it clear that Kansas courts will rely exclusively on the laws of our state and our nation when deciding cases and will not consider the laws of foreign jurisdictions."

Legislators supporting the bill said there were many cases around the country where judges or state agencies cited sharia law in deciding cases, especially involving divorce-related custody and property matters where Islamic code differs from U.S. law....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Robert Spencer on the historical non-existence of Mohammad's existence

Very important that you listen to the entire tape. You won't be disappointed, especially if you are a lover of history.   All non-muzzies know that no religion espouses hatred towards other human beings.  Therefore, all non-muzzies know that the cult known as islam is not a religion but a text-book of instructions to soldiers in how to wage wars and enslave conquered peoples. It's a political book... nothing more, nothing less.

George Soros funded terrorist prodigy, the convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin

At TheBlaze today, they have given space to relating the scumbag's story with all the gory details of how slimy so-called "progressives" fund terrorism.

Be prepared to enter an alternate universe bizarre beyond any stretch of what you thought even possible. And then keep reading, because this may be one of the most important exposes published on The Blaze to date. It will explain in frightening detail what it means to speak the truth at the expense of losing all you hold dear. And will reveal how easy it has been for one convicted domestic terrorist — backed by George Soros and Barbara Streisand alike — to use the U.S. legal system, as well as less desirable channels, to silence those who have dared tell the story of one Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the “Speedway Bomber.”........

The scumbag hasn't given up terrorizing. If Soros's Tides Foundation, if Barbara Streisand, if Teresa Heinz ... if they had not enabled this terrorist to walk out of jail, the USA would have one less terrorist walking their streets.

Read about his latest terrorism tactics here, and here.

Here is more information on how this scumbag is playing dirty with another blogger's life. This time trying to frame with a crime he clearly did not commit.

How many others has he threatened with lawfare and worse?  And, this man is still free to terrorize law-abiding citizens?  Has America gone totally bonkers?!!!!  Does George Soros have the entire justice system in the USA in his pockets???

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XIX

191) Ali Zeinalazad, 32 , of Newmarket, is charged with:
1. two counts of Traffic in Cocaine
2. four counts of Possession of Proceeds of Crime
3. two counts of Possession for the Purpose Cocaine
4. two counts of Possession for the Purpose Cannabis (under)
5. seven counts of Possession for the Purpose Controlled Substance

192) Case of muslim rage with vehicle as weapon of destruction. A cab driver has been charged with second-degree murder after a skateboarder was run down Monday night.

Ralph Bissonnette, 28, of Toronto, was riding a skateboard downtown, when he was hit by a grey taxi around 6 p.m. He was taken to hospital with "very serious" injuries and later died, police said. "It's possible (this was a case of road rage)," Sgt. Mario Teixeira said Monday night before charges were laid. ...

...Tuesday morning police announced a second-degree murder charge had been laid against the driver, Adib Ibrahim, 43, of Toronto.

A skateboard broken in two pieces lay next to the curb, which was covered with blood. A black backpack believed to belong to the victim was also seen on the sidewalk. Gary Moore, 58, said the driver of a streetcar he was about to get on to appeared visibly shaken. He said the cab driver veered onto the curb. "(The skateboarder) cut him off or something. He was enraged and was screaming at the guy."

193) 5 more added to most wanted list. Omid Bayani, last known to be in Vancouver. Wanted for "serious criminality." Giorgio Cote, last known to be in Toronto. Wanted for "organized criminality." Hector Sebastian Gordon, last known to be in Winnipeg. Joleen Kelly Patterson, last seen in Toronto. Juan Carlos Pinto Ku, last seen in Toronto. Giang Thanh Vo, last seen in Toronto.

194) Two indictments and three new charges were filed Wednesday by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, dating back to the investigation which began in 2010.
Participation in the activities of a terrorist group is one of the new charges against Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 32, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 28.
They are also charged with conspiracy to facilitate terrorist activity and having or making explosives. The other indictment shows Khurram Syed Sher, 30, charged with conspiracy to facilitate terrorist activity.

195) ...The RCMP says it has dismantled a $100-million fraud ring that financed criminal activities abroad through the cloning of debit and credit cards.
The 61 arrest warrants in the Montreal and Toronto area make it one of the largest such busts in Canada. Suspects are accused of funnelling money to Tunisia, Malaysia, Australia and Europe....
....At least 45 people had been arrested as of mid-morning and a steady stream of suspects, mostly of Arab and Sri Lankan descent, were being booked in Montreal. Police plan to lay 368 charges including fraud and identity theft.....

196) .... The father, Manouchehr Abdolahi, 56, his wife Vahideh Hossain Zadeh-Darian, 56, son Mohammed Abdolahi, 22 and daughter Yasmine Abdolahi, 26 were arrested Monday by the RCMP Ottawa Airport Special Operations Unit.
Altogether, they face 62 charges, including trafficking a controlled substance, exporting a controlled substance and possession of property obtained by crime. The family allegedly exported cocaine to Australia, Russia, India, the U.S. and several European countries, RCMP announced on Friday.

Police seized more than 520 grams of cocaine and a large amount of American money after a search at an Ottawa home. More cocaine was also intercepted en route to foreign countries, police said. The quiet Greenboro neighbourhood was swarming with police activity on Monday as neighbours described seeing at least two family members arrested and officers cart out computers and bags of evidence. ....

197) ...The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Greater Toronto Area Commercial Crime Section, in collaboration with the Ontario Region Special Investigation Unit of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), charged Mohamed Sheriffdeen JAINUDEEN, age 53, of Toronto with offences under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and Criminal Code. The charges relate to allegations of fraud, false representations and the abuse of the bankruptcy process......

198) Police have released the name of the victim .... of a fatal long weekend shooting in Saskatoon.....

....Firearms charges have been laid against Zakaria Mahamod, 19, and Shamsa Noor, 25, both from Toronto, Hanad Farah, 21, from Edmonton, and 23-year-old Lauren Garand from Saskatoon. The four accused appeared in court Tuesday morning......

199) Crimes committed in the USA by a refugee seeker to Canada. What I find odd about this news item is that the man's wife and children have been accepted as refugees. Canada is too generous and one day that generosity will bite her in the behind by the very same people Canada is benevolent to. In this case, let's hope the mother can find gainful employment so this family starts paying their way instead of depending on handouts from the state.

...An Iranian man convicted of molesting three women has lost his bid for refugee status and will be deported to the United States where the crimes occurred.

The man, who has not been identified by an Immigration and Refugee Board,filed a claim at the Canadian border with his wife and their two children, who were accepted as claimants.

The husband was found guilty in absentia of three counts of sexual battery in Virgina, where the family had been living. “He admitted to having touched, grabbed and kissed three women,” the board said in a recent decision. “The panel found that the claimant was in a position of authority and trust. “He acted in a pre-meditated, predatory and serial manner and knowingly violated the physical and sexual integrity of three women,” the decision noted. “He used deception, manipulation and force.”....

Do you feel pity or scorn for victims of fraud?

Try as I could, I wasn't able to dredge up even an iota of sympathy for the "inheritance" victim in this fraud case. . Yeah .... I know, I know. Me one big bad bitch. 

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, members of the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit Toronto Strategic Partnership assisted the Peterborough−Lakefield Community Police Service in arresting a man in relation to a fraud investigation.

It is alleged that:
− a man convinced a woman that a relative had left her a large sum of money that was being held offshore
− the woman paid for a series of certificates and fees she believed would result in her receiving the inheritance
− in reality, there never was an inheritance and the victim lost a total of $217,300

Ikechukwu Victor Ozumba, 32, of Mississauga, a.k.a. Andrew Morgan, was arrested in a Toronto hotel while allegedly attempting to meet with the victim to receive more money. It is further alleged that he was in possession of a suitcase filled with stacks of blank bills, flanked by real bills, to give the illusion of the sum of inheritance.

He is charged with:
1) Fraud Over ($5000)
2) Possession of a Forged Document

Police believe there may be other victims.
Anyone who may have had dealings with the accused is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Cathy Kehoe of the Toronto Strategic Partnership at 416−808−7325 or by email at, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416−222−TIPS (8477), online at, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook.

What Wacky Wahhabis are doing to those who oppose them

Don't forget that Canada was jetting side by side with these clowns in the fight against "dictator" Gadhafi.  Total hypocrisy.

Saudi Arabia:
....The Saudi security services escorted Kamel al-Ahmed to an unknown destination without giving any reasons for his detention and without a warrant.

This is not the first time that al-Ahmed has been detained. He was harassed by the security services and detained for nearly nine years in the Kingdom’s prisons without clear reasons. His passport was also seized almost 18 months ago to deny him freedom of travelling outside the country.

In 2009, the Shiite activist Kamel al-Ahmed rejected the remarks of Adel al-Kelbani, the Imam of Grand Mosque of Mecca, judging Shiites as disbelievers. He was among a group of activists and writers who issued a statement holding the political authority responsible for the ongoing sectarian discrimination against Shiites and followers of other Islamic sects that are different from the Salafi ideology of the state, and the fatwas that charge them with infidelity. The activists attributed this policy to the government’s persistence in denying Shiites participation in the management of the state and excluding them from the process of decision making and the general policy of the country......

Twitterer Angry Arabiya aka Zainab sl-Khawaja ... interview here is a thorn in the Wahhibi flesh. They dream of cutting her into a million bits.

A Bahraini court jailed on Thursday opposition activist Zainab al-Khawaja for one month after convicting her of attacking a policewoman and taking part in an illegal rally, witnesses said.

The daughter of prominent jailed opponent Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who has been on hunger strike since February 8, had been charged with “using force against a policewoman and insulting her as forces of order tried to disperse an unauthorised rally” on April 21.

It said Khawaja, who has been active in holding anti-government protests since security forces quelled a month-long uprising last year, obstructed traffic on the same day by sitting in the middle of the main King Faisal Road in Manama.....

Who is Youcef Nadarkhani

Nobody important.  

His story is just another story that the leftish media ignores.

If not for activists like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, Youcef Nadarkhani might have been just a name on a tombstone by now.

And, in Saudi Arabia ... even whisperers of his name would have been executed themselves. At least Iran has still kept him alive.  Where there's life there's hope.

While we all acknowledge that the regime in Iran is evil, let's not forget that the people there, like the Israelis, are the most learned and advanced in that region. If the regime was overthrown, that part of the world would shine brightly because of the mostly secular Iranians.

Letter from Youcef Nadarkhani written from prison.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Quebec needs ...

is a South Korean police force tutoring Canadian police on how to earn their Labor Union big bucks.

vid via: Whatandever blogspot

Violent American terrorist, funded by George Soros, Barbara Streisand, the Heinz heiress and ...

other vile progressives.

Brett Kimberlin, known as the Speedway Bomber, has caused havoc in several lives. For some of his crimes (enough evidence was not found to convict him for the rest) he has served time in person .... but not the full term. As often happens, these dangerous criminals are lavished with sympathy and legal assistance from progressives with whose help they walk out of prison only to continue with their terrorist activities.

Now, this dangerous person has threatened the prominent blogger The Other McCain and his family. The threat has made the blogger uproot his family and take them and himself  into hiding.

I am sure George Soros, Barbara Streisand, Teresa Heinz Kerry (who happens to be the wife of John Kerry) are thrilled at the results the Speedway Bomber has achieved all thanks to their thoughtfulness towards terrorists.

May 25 is Blog about "Brett Kimberlin the Speedway Bomber" Day. Conservative bloggers should support each other.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Dynamic Duo ... Pam Geller and Robert Spencer on Stakelbeck

Two Toronto women killed in Atlantic City by an insane black woman

Why can't the USA keep these mad people locked up somewhere away from the general public and public places? America has billions to give away to the Egyptians and the Palestinians but can't have a decent program for their own drug riddled dangerous lunatics? Generosity should begin at home ... not in foregin lands, especially lands whose people want to destroy you.  How upside down can a country get ?!!

The subways and streets in their big cities are full of crazies and if you are travelling down south and using their public transport, be very careful.
....A woman arrested in the daytime stabbing deaths of two Canadian tourists near an Atlantic City casino laughed, frowned, grimaced and repeatedly asked where her lawyer was Tuesday as she was charged with murdering the women, one of them 80 years old.

Antoinette Pelzer stabbed the women Monday morning as they were walking in an area where most of the city's casinos have their entrances and parking garages, authorities said. Pelzer's aunt said she has long suffered from mental illness.

Superior Court Judge Michael Donio read from a criminal complaint that said Pelzer, 44, stabbed the 80-year-old woman and tried to steal her pocketbook. "When the victim would not relinquish, the suspect stabbed her additional times," he said, reading from the complaint.

The judge said the older woman was stabbed in different parts of her body with a 12-inch butcher knife, and that the younger woman, 47, was stabbed in her lower body, hands and shoulder when she tried to help......

Sarah Palin with Hannity on various issues

part 2 here

ROM .. the Royal Ontario Museum becomes a mosque ... courtesy Dalton "sold soul for votes" McGuinty and ...

the Board of Trustees and the Governors of the ROM.  Either these people are dhimmis extraordinaire or they are outright traitors. 

To read the whole shameful state of affairs at the ROM go to BlazingCatFur here.

Dianne Lister is the President & Executive Director of ROM Governors and she was appointed to that post mid last year.Also involved as either Board Members, Trustees or Governors are Mohammad Al Zaibak a Harvard Business school graduate,Salvatore Badali, Chair of the ROM’s Board of Trustees,Wende Cartwright, Susan Crocke, Francisco Alvarez, Michael Prokopow.

The ROM website does not bother to show the public a list of names making up their Governors or Trustees. Supposedly they have 21 members to the Board of Trustees, 15 of whom are appointed by Dalton McGuinty's islamized govt.

Okay ...let's see if Syria's been handed over to the MB yet?

Come on Obama and Hillary, work a little bit harder on the Muslim Brotherhood's behalf and bring out the Syrian platter double quick. The MB are drooling all over the place, they can almost taste the Shiite dish.  Don't keep them waiting too long.  You know the story of hungry beasts turning on their masters, don't you.

For all things Syrian, Joshua Landis's blog is the "Go To" place. This link has Joshua Landis, Bassma Kodmani (spokesperson for the Syrian National Council), and Kamal Labwani (opposition leader who recently broke away from the SNC) discuss the Syrian opposition on aljazeera English. May 20, 2012.

Listen to the vid below for more accurate information,  information that the West  does not want to know.  I tend to believe the situation in Syria as related by Syrian Girl.  In the very last moments of the vid, Syrian Girl talks about an Alawite mosque being burned down in Australia which she is assuming rightly, is the cause of the sectarian conflict in Syria being carried overseas. This is the kind of trouble we have to expect in our own country too. As the muslim population increases in Canada, their hatred for each other and their neverending conflicts in the lands they never really leave behind, will explode in the kind of situations that Jason Kenney, the Immigration Dept. nor the entire gang of loudmouths in Ottawa would ever be able to even imagine happening here. But, it's gonna happen. As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West ... it will happen.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The new and improved anti-Christian Egypt ... courtesy of Obama the Warlock and Hillary the Witch

An Egyptian court sentenced 12 Christians to life in prison and acquitted eight Muslims on Monday in a case set off by religious tensions in the country's south.

The Christians were found guilty of sowing public strife, the possession of illegal weapons and shooting dead two Muslims in April of last year in Minya province, about 220 kilometers (135 miles) south of Cairo.....

....."The fact that the Muslims were acquitted means that the attorney general's investigation from the beginning was faulty and unfair because there was evidence to prove these men had burned Christian property," Ibrahim said.

The State Security Court, whose rulings cannot be appealed, handed down its sentence on Monday. The ruling military council is the only entity with the power to request a retrial.

Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's estimated 80 million people, complain that the courts and police often turn a blind eye to discrimination or violence against them. Some fear the surge of ultraconservative Islamists to power after Hosni Mubarak's overthrow last year could further curtail their rights.

Many more bloody pieces from the Religion of Peace

Wonder of wonders, it looks like May 16 was declared a day of rest .... constant killing can be exhaustive, just ask the folks at Criminal Minds. But no fear, the muzzies rose from their one day slumber all fresh and raring to go chop up more bodies. The winner in this round was Iraq with 26 points (heading towards civil war or already in one?), Afghanistan in 2nd place with 12 points and Syria in 3rd place with 9 points.

2012.05.19 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Two people are killed when al-Shabaab militants toss hand grenades into a market.
2012.05.19 (Khost, Afghanistan) - Two children are among at least ten civilians wiped out by a Taliban suicide attack on a meeting between police and locals.
2012.05.19 (Deir Ezzor, Syria) - A least nine people are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.05.18 (Baghdad, Iraq) - A family of five, including three young children, are murdered in their own home by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2012.05.18 (Kunar, Afghanistan) - Two women and a child are crushed in their own home by a Sunni mortar round.
2012.05.18 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Terrorists detonate a bomb at a restaurant, killing five innocents.
2012.05.18 (Azzeffoun, Algeria) - Fundamentalists bomb a Coast Guard barracks, killing two sleeping members.
2012.05.18 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Holy Warriors bomb a bird market, packed with shoppers, leaving at least five dead.
2012.05.17 (Quetta, Pakistan) - Two Shia police officers are murdered in a targeted attack by Sunnis.
2012.05.17 (Farah, Afghanistan) - Seven people are shot or blasted to death during a sustained Fedayeen assault on a house.
2012.05.15 (Quetta, Pakistan) - A Christian man is shot to death while walking home
2012.05.15 (Mosul, Iraq) - Seven Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.05.15 (Mombasa, Kenya) - A woman dies from a gunshot wound to the chest as Islamists assault a nightclub.
2012.05.15 (Quetta, Pakistan) - Two Shiite brothers are murdered by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen.

update: More bloody pieces found for May 19. With that the total for winner Iraq go up by another 3 points.

2012.05.19 Somalia Mogadishu At least five Somalis are exterminated by an Islamic roadside bomb.
2012.05.19 Pakistan Lahore A Shiite poet is gunned down by a Sunni terrorist.
2012.05.19 Nigeria On-Mbaagbu Muslim 'mercenaries' storm two Christian villages and slaughter seven people, including a 2-year-old boy butchered with a knife.
2012.05.19 Thailand Narathiwat Islamic 'separatists' murder an owner in front of his shop.
2012.05.19 Iraq Mosul Three local policemen are blasted to bits by Sunni roadside bombers

via: TROP

Obama's $600 Million Project to prove that Christians killed in Churches were not really Christians ...

they were aliens from the planet Amaboniessuhkcarab

...The violence in northern Nigeria is mistakenly viewed as a religious conflict rather than simply a tribal dispute over land, according to the Obama administration.

Despite the ongoing Muslim destruction of churches and the slaughter of Christians – including many murdered during worship services – the U.S. Agency for International Development claims that the misunderstandings make it difficult to administer aid programs.

....The cost of Obama’s new “knowledge generation, dissemination and management” initiative is $600 million.

The unveiling of PEACE comes as the slaughter of Nigerian Christians is on the rise.....

via: TROP

Discussion on Islam and Shariah by Nonie Darwish, Cynthia Farahat and Karen Lugo

Frank Gaffney hosts a long session with Nonie Darwish, Cynthia Farahat and Karen Lugo. Knowing how busy everybody is, I am jotting down the the points in time where you could skip if you want to catch only the most important stuff.    However, the entire tape is worth listening to.

Frank Gaffney introduces the first speaker Nonie Darwish. She's on for the first 14 mins.
Cynthia Farahat, formerly of Egypt comes on at the 15 mins mark to talk about what's happening in Egypt.
Karen Lugo is a lawyer and this is the first I have heard of her. She comes in at the 30 min. mark and worth your time to listen to what she has to say.
Very important to listen for a few minutes from about 52 min. mark to Cynthia Farahat in response to a question.
Other important points not to be missed are at 1.04 and 1.17 in response to questions from the audience.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Muslim Sudan, a much loved country of the UN, condemns a woman to death by stoning

Do you think the completely islamized UN will stop this barbaric event from happening or do you think they will buy ringside seats to watch it?

There's hunger in Africa, there's injustice in Muslim lands, there's death of Christians by Muslims in Muslim lands, there's sex slaves,(mostly underaged boys and girls) in Muslim lands, there's stoning of women and honor killings in Muslim lands .... but the blasted UN send their envoys to Canada to check on "food security" here in Canada.  Are you kidding me?!!!!    Will someone please send a map to Ban-Ki-Moon so he and his moonies can  map their course to Africa and in particular to Khartoum.... instead of losing their way and finding themselves on a fully paid vacation, living it up in the luxurious Canadian hotels pretending to be concerned about well-fed Canadians. 

Defund the UN ... they are completely useless and a total waste of our money. They should change their name to United Muslim Nations ... because that's what they do now ... they stand united for Shariah and islam.

.... A court in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has sentenced an unidentified woman to be executed by stoning for committing the “crime of fornication” under Islamic Shariah laws, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.
The sentence was handed down on 14 May by Judge Sami Ibrahim Shabo who presides over the general criminal court in Um Bada area, in the suburbs of Khartoum’s twin-city of Omdurman.

According to the privately-owned daily newspaper Al-Ahram al-Yawm, the court issued the sentence after the defendant refused to “retract her earlier confessions” that the child she gave birth to is from a man other than her husband.

The man she said she had a sexual relationship with has denied the charge and was therefore acquitted by the judge........

via: WomenAgainstShariah

Creeping Shariah in Virginia, Oregon, N.Carolina, California, Milwaukee, Minnesota ....

the list goes on..... and all that in the last few weeks.... and only the stuff that bloggers got hold of. Makes one wonder where else and how much more creeping has happened/is happening, that we are not aware of and might never know of.  Our only salvation, in fact our very last hope would be that the idiots who make up the governments of the USA and Canada, put a total stop to muslim immigration. However, deep down we know they don't have the balls to do that .... so prepare yourselves, your kids and grandkids for the coming Caliphate. You don't need a Sherlock Holmes to tell you how and when the invasion started and how it will end. It's a matter of demographics, dear Watson.  Continuing with the import of even more muslims is hastening the end of the West.

too much creeping, too little time.

There's one fascinating story from a commentor at the link:

A real life story witnessed first hand today, Tuesday, 06 March 2012. I was on my way from home and like I do many days, I stopped at the little convenience store closest to my home which is on the way, to pick up cigarettes, milk, etc. I… have long known that the owner of the little store, a convenience store, was from India, and had always assumed he was Hindu. This gentleman also ..................

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria and Kenya ... did you hear even a whisper of condemnation

from your supposedly Christian MPs or Ministers in Canada?  Don't forget that these guys are the same guys who are quick to sign their names to the millions of dollars of your tax money going to these countries in aid.  Aid for what and to whom?  To government that can't or won't protect Christians? Next time you get a call from your MP's office with their begging cup in your face ... don't forget to ask them what they have done to highlight the murder of Christians in muslim lands. 

Raymond Ibrahim writing at the GatestoneInstitue diligently continues with his monthly report on the slaughter of Christians in muslim countries and in countries with a heavy percentage of the murderers.  I have listed only two countries here.  Go to the link to see the entire list.

As Easter, one of the highest Christian holidays, comes in April, Christian persecution in Muslim nations—from sheer violence to oppressive laws—was rampant: In Nigeria, where jihadis have expressed their desire to expunge all traces of Christianity, a church was bombed during Easter Sunday, killing some 50 worshippers..............

The vid below is from 2 weeks ago. Many thanks to SDMatt2a for clipping to YouTube vids from the Canadian media that matters to all of us.

Kenya: Two separate grenade attacks on churches took place: 1) Muslims threw grenades into an open-air Christian church gathering, killing a woman and a boy, and wounding some 50 other Christians: Muslims had been holding a meeting near the gathering, and Christians could hear their preachers railing against Christianity right before the attack took place. 2) In a separate incident, a Muslim man pretending to be a worshipper at a church threw three grenades during service, killing a 27-year-old university student and injuring16. The terrorist, who, according to eyewitnesses, appeared to be of Somali origin, "looked uncomfortable and always looked down. He threw three hand grenades and only one exploded. He took off, and he fired in the air three gunshots."

Nigeria: An early morning attack on a Christian church service left at least 16 people dead: Jihadi gunmen on motorcycles stormed Bayero University in the city of Kano Sunday morning during a Catholic mass held in the school's theater hall, hurling improvised explosive devices, and opening fire as people fled. "The attack follows a string of violent incidents against Christians in the predominantly Muslim north."

Kuwait, our staunch ally in the wars against "dictators", imprisons blogger for ten years

Canada does keep good company, don't we?  We are so goody-goody and kissy-kissy with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. We are so open to their propaganda machine Al Jazeera.   Hey, did you hear our all-knowing Foreign Affairs Minister praising these countries and their governments?  I was good enough to not link to that vomit-inducing article....didn't want to spoil your weekend by making you see how much more stupid the CINOs have become.

How can members of the Conservative party of Canada even think of standing in the same room with the membes of the monstrous governments of these fucking arab nations?  

...ANHRI condemns the ruling upholding the 10 year imprisonment sentence and 1000 Kuwaiti Dinars fine of Lawrence al-Rashidi, Kuwaiti blogger, on charges of “insulting the Prince and his powers in poems uploaded on YouTube”. ANHRI considers this ruling an evidence that freedom of expression in Kuwait has become at its lowest

The case goes back to June 2011, when the general prosecution accused al-Rashidi of “spreading false news and rumors about the situation in the country”, “uploading visual and audio recordings prepared by him on YouTube”, “calling for the demolition of values and ethics”, and “calling the tribes to appoint a Prince of the country, demonstrate, confront the ruling regime, and bring down its transgressions”. Al-Rashidi is also being tried because of his posts on Twitter, deemed by the authorities as “an insult to the princely identity”.

It is worth noting that Article 54 of the Kuwaiti constitution stipulates that “the Prince is the head of state whose identity shall not be touched”. This Article contradicts international conventions on human rights that guarantee individuals’ right to freedom of opinion and expression. International conventions also do not put any one above the law or gives him\her immunity against criticism......