Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sexual revolution has wrecked women's lives

The "Free Love" concept that the hippie generation wrought upon the West in the 1960s has caused untold harm to the character development of their offspring and the effects of the degradation of values are felt not only in the liberal communities of today, but sadly they have crept into even the most conservative households.

Good friends of mine, fairly new immigrants like myself, are the parents of a beautiful young girl of 20. They are devastated because their daughter has opted to not only set up house with her boyfriend but is further planning on having a baby out of wedlock. When pressed by her parents to enter into marriage, the girl confessed that her boyfriend is reluctant to take the step and she would rather die than force it upon him. When her parents begged her to leave the man and come back home and that if he loved her he would come to his senses and propose marriage instead of losing her,  her answer was:  "There are other women just waiting for me to break up with him."  What have women come to, to think so little of themselves?

Why has it become fashionable or the done thing to sleep around and to live together out of wedlock? I found the article below to be pretty accurate and I applaud the writer for correctly pinpointing the start of the downward slide in the degradation of women and the lessening of morals, by the women themselves. She rightly lays the blame at the feet of liberal minded individuals who have spread this virus of loose living even in countries which were known to be inherently abundant with the best of family values.

warning: link has an adult pic: via: Bourque: DailyMail UK - Sexual revolution wrecking lives of women


  1. You're a fairly recent immigrant? Where from? Your name is Portuguese.

  2. Adrain - We have been here now for almost 15 years, so I guess that is fairly new compared to the 2nd generation onwards Canadians.

    I am like a mix breed b***h. Yes, the family name Nunes is Portuguese. My forebears migrated to one of the asian countries centuries ago, so the only thing still intact are the Portugese family names, not the skin color. One thing is prominent in the entire family ... we keep on migrating and we keep on travelling, the lust for wandering the world is embedded in the family blood, even if there is only a minuscule of it left in the DNA. To pin-point the asian country, get the history from your wife. She will probably know the places the Portuguese conquered in the 16th/17th century. I like to keep a bit of a mystery about myself to myself. :} :}

  3. The obvious guess would be Macao.

  4. Balbulican - you know some of Portugal's wandering history, but not all.
    Anyway, Macao is great for gambling.

  5. I was playing the odds based on population. Second guess Goa, third Malacca.

  6. Balbulican - you are persistent.... keep reading. However, even if you hit the right button, I am not telling.

  7. Well, good grief, why on earth would I keep guessing?


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